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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  January 10, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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. good morning. another round of rain arrives near the bay area and there are serious flooding concerns up north. especially along the river. we will show you the scene there coming up. >> and we are keeping an eye on a massive rock slide on a popular road in napa county. how the situation could go from bad to worse with the new rain coming in. mornings on 2 continues. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. well can come back. taking a lack at the streets, some of the streets this morning. it is wet all over the bay area. you will see in a second. steve's map is -- . >> we are near jack london square. >> you can he see its cloudy, it's not going away any time soon. that is a live picture outside the studios here. thank you for joining us. tuesday, january 10th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. let's go to steve.
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steve and sal will be very busy. >> next three days. >> yeah. thank you. we have interpret they steady rain here form. one to twin muchses and looks like a good line is now moving through the santa cruz mountains. show you that in just a second. it's just a path of moisture. when that steady rainfalls it can all the sudden add up to two or three inches of rain. highway 9, 231 over to 17 as if they needt. they don't. this is -- area we will have to watch. i think the heavier rain does arrive tonight for the mountains. today and into tonight for the north bay. there is just so much moisture going through. flash flood warning out for the river at johnson's beach and then the napa river and then near napa. don't want to forget the burn areas newspaper to lake. i know he there is grass that's growing there but not much root structure. these are area that need to be watched wind advisory out coast and bay and then the higher elevations, high wind warning could be gusts to about 10
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tonight. we have a blizzard warning in the sierra nevada and rightfully so. white out conditions up there. it's no joke as we say up on 50 and 80 and upstate route 88. it's closed. 50s on the temperatures. the wind turning up. couple of systems. we will get the front tonight. possibility of thunderstorms on that back edge we are in a marginal area and then another low that to sitter the area wednesday night into thursday. then a break. until then i think three to six inofs of rain are in the mix for area that have received a lot of precipitation. when there is rain there is issues on the roads and many to discuss. we have a lot of things out there. we are going to try to get to as many as we can. in general i will say the drive for -- is not good because -- you will see a lot of slow traffic and standing water. northbound 680 they are
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clearing an zenned there. traffic is going do be busy highway 24 has been slow because ofn 't accident on the oakland side. photograph sick back up into or ind a. pretty soon into lafayette. we can look at the live camera that looks at the traffic here. so far so good. just over the hill is where the back up starts and it's going to be slow getting in to oakland though they have made progress in clear that crash from the lanes you can see the photograph sick backed up. this is a 20 to 25 minute delay and the steddy rain means more crashes. the river at gurnville is swole spent still over flowing its banks. it's a problem. alex savage live in the north bay to show us what residents dealing with in marin, sonoma
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and napa. good morning alex. >> reporter: yeah. of course more rain, a steady rainfalling up here in the north bay. let me first show you the scene. we are making our way up to the gurnville area. right now it's downtown. have a look here at highway 101. already very busy. very slow traffic headed southbound. not sure if this crash in this area here but obviously the rain playing a role. it's a good clip and everybody bracing for this next round of wet weather. especially folks along river. here is where the scene where people are going through water that's waist deep. late yesterday 3,000 were told to evacuate as the rain swollen river surged above flood stage.
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a lot of folks pulling possessions from their homes and preparing to evacuate. >> if the water gets in to the house it's that's aboutt. that's what i'm worried about. i got as much as i can. you know -- >> reporter: what are you hearing about the next couple days if. >> that the river is supposed to come up and it'll get deeper. >> reporter: so far officials are describing this as moderate flooding in the gurnville area. compared to previous floods in previous decades that caused widespread damage. still there is a lot of concern, more rain on the way. obviously as steve has suggested. this system that's moving in right now is not expected to bring as much rainfall to folks up in the north bay but certainly they are going to watch that river. it's possible that it could go as high as 36 feet. about fewer feet or so above flood stage and there is a real
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concern for a lot of people in the area. we are headed that way right now. later on mornings on 2. >> thank you. search and are rescue teams in the south bay have been busy saving people trapped by rising waters. >> i would just is step right up on the roof guys. >> look at that. the san jose fire department has conducted four storm related water rescues this week in southern santa claire a. coming up at 6:30. we are out there. we will be live from the santa cruz mountains showing us the threats in the south bay. public works crews in napa are keeping a close eye on the same silv era do trail. >> it's bun of several areas of the bay area facing a big problem because of the rain. >> reporter: part of the trail was closed yesterday because of a mudslide. soil engineers expect more of
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that hillside near that area to give way because of all the rain expected today. the mud and rocks were cleared away by the evening. you can see they brought in heavy construction equipment to do that work. authorities closed the trail from deer park road to pope street. it remains closed this morning because they are worried that part the hillside above the roadway could continue to spill out onto the streets and the road below it. crews working to protect the water pipeline. >> going to come down. when we don't know. for safety purposes we will have to determine what we can do to remove it. >> throughout the bay area it's expected to be another busy day for pg&e because of all the ground. yesterday crews spent the day making repairs to wer line that were damaged by the heavy winds and rain over the weekend. today's rain could bring more outages because the ground is more saturated. there is also the possibility of more landslides which can
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bring downpour poles. complicating things more, king tides are expected for today and later this week. they are projected to reach seven feet that. could make flooding conditions worse and some of the areas that could be affected include traditional spots like san francisco, parts of alameda, mar in. a lot of things to be aware of in terms of problems because of all the rain. >> that's for sure. thank you. just a reminder. on the weights app lue find live radar, the current conditions and the latest on the forecast. just search for ktvu weather to down load that app. a confirmation hearing starts today for one of the president elect's most controversial cabinet picks. up next, the rare testimony expected against alabama senator jeff sessions. >> and you parents, better start saving of your money. new figure out now on how much it costs to raise a child.
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. welcome back. happening today the president is scheduled to give his farrell address later today in chicago. thousands of people stood in zero degree weather saturday mopping to get free tickets to.
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the president will give his address at the same venue where he he gave his 2012 election night speech. the white house said he will reflect on the accomplishments of the past eight years and look forward to the country's future. the rush is on in congress. confirmation hearings start for the president elect's nominees. >> he hopes to have most of them in place by august inauguration day but democrats trying to slow things down. doug is live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. not much time to play with here to get the folks confirmed before inauguration day. no doubt some of them, maybe all of them will make it through. two confirmation hearings today. jeff sessions for attorney general and john kelly for secretary of homeland security. the president elect expressing confidence. >> i think they will all pass. i think all of them will be --
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they are all at the highest level. . >> reporter: its session who is likely to draw the most fire. he is well liked by the parties but his nomination to be a judge back in 1986 was derailed amid allegation that he accused racially charged language, something never proven. that and his positions on issues like illegal immigration will lead to it tough questions and democrats are trying to slow things down with other nominees organizing that eighth i cans filings and background checks aren't complete for everybody. >> i think what they are hoping for is that in the paperwork they may find a financial problem or conflict that would force them to withdraw or that someone would misstate something. >> reporter: a hearing for one of his picks has been pushed to it next week. another controversial selection will not require confirmation. the president elect hiring his son-in-law to be a sewn your
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advisor. all of this as trump reprepares for a press conference and the president pulls out the stops for a massive sendoff rally in chicago tonight. and as far as this hearing concerned one thing to watch the testimony of another senator, cory booker certainly not unissue that a democrat would oppose a republican but what is unusual in the club atmosphere of the senate the fact that one sitting senator would testify against another sitting senator. gist part of the drama we are seeing today. >> thank you. north bay congressman jarrod huffman said he won't attend the president's inauguration. he announced that decision on his facebook page. he said he believe was trump as president the united states is entering a dark and very dangerous political chapter. he said they doesn't want to sit passively and applaud as it
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starts. he was reelected to a third term in november. his district stretches marin north to the oregon border. happening today thousands of employees at university of california campuses all over the state plan to walk off the job, sometime during this hour. its part of a dispute over pay and salaries. here in the bay area it'll be at uc berkeley, san francisco, the national lab and the office of the president in oakland. the employees planning to walk out include those who schedule medical appointments check in patients and send out bills. at the school campuses library assistants and financial aid worker also take part. this starts between now and seven this morning. the fight between the 49ers and the city of santa clara is
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getting stronger. they claim the city falsely accused of it vie evacuating its contract. they want a judge to settle the score by requiring documents saying no breach happened. it was filed friday. it's the latest between the them and it's include accusations of lying, with holding records and misusing public funds. we have rain, wet roads. with have had traffic issues on nearly every fleeway. all the roads littered debris from the storm president lieutenants start with san jose and 280 northbound. there was a stalled vehicle. they are trying to get out of the seven tore divide. help has arrived that left lane has blocked and photograph like be busy as we drive up the highway 17. the drive will be slow.
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steve is calling for steady rain and that is really sort of done a number on the drive already. it's very slow until you get past broadway. before you make it on to the bridge. again there are a lot of things going on when it comes to slow traffic and standing water. this is the morning where you need to leave nurse extra time. i think we can do a half hour show. >> we could. >> there is a lot going on. let's get to it here. with very a steady rain out there. sometimes you say that doesn't look like much. next thing you know about two inches of rain has fallen. up to -- mendecino. northern napa and marin. little band of moderate to
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heavy rain maybe moving through the santa cruz mountains. nine, 17, a little line there. rain. unbelievable plume of steady moisture continues most of the day. i think the heavier rainfalls to the north. this is from clear lake. lake port this is ricky. another inch and a quarter has fallen in the last 12 hours. clear lake continues to rise. it's that 7.2. they start to watch things at eight and nine is minor. we will watch that. it's slowly rising and i don't he see how that won't be avoided here over about the 36 to 48 hours. kevin -- 1.40. 24 hour rain rates. as of 6:00 a.m -- i think that will go up.
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oakland, airport two thirds of an inch. bennett valley. over an inch. saint helena and the oakland hims over an inch of rain. we have flash flood warning out for the russian river. johnson's beach. for the napa river. not only that but the burn areas in to lake county. even though you have some grass there. there is not much of a root structure. have to be careful for that. all the first, all those fires. wind advisories, gusts 40 to 45. a lot of the trees very stressed so more rain and gusts maybe to 60. a blizzards warning out until noon tomorrow. i mean it's just going crazy.
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they will measure in feet the snow over the next 36 hours. 50s on the temperatures. the breeze start sing really show itself and that's obvious going to get stronger throughout the day. the south-southeast. the warm sector coming in. cold front. possibility of thunderstorms. there could be heavy bands can coming in tonight. some of that colder air comes in and then another low has to rotate in. that will skirt us and then after that we will start to see improving conditions. heavy rain tonight. tomorrow, you are looking at another two to three or four inches of rain. just for these locations. that tells you can add a couple inches of that. also into marin and then down toward the mountains. by the time we get to thursday we will get a break-in to the weekend. 50s on the temperatures. we will need it big time. we will need about five-days to get things to calm down. rain on the way though off and on into thursday and then we get a breakt. will be colder but dry in to the weekend. >> that sounds good. little break would be good.
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. welcome back. we are getting some new details about a woman stabbed over the weekend near the berkeley campus. police say that the 27-year-old was found stabbed to death friday at her home on ashley avenue. she was the native of france. she hadda tended santa cruz and worked in lafayette teaching nature classes to school kids. her accused killer, is a uc berkeley student. investigators say that gomez killed her and stabbed another woman who was seriously wounded but she is expected to survive. >> it was brutal. very unusual. we have had stabbings -- they aren't unusual but this type of violence is unusual. >> the suspect was arrested in bur bank the day after that killing. a judge has ruled the city
6:25 am
of san francisco cannot be held responsible for the death of a woman who authorities say was killed by a man in the country illegally. the judge dismiss aid claim filed by the family of the 32- year-old victim. the judge said that the city and former sheriff did not violate law. she was shot to death in san francisco in july of 2015. her family claims mention saying the sheriff's department released her accused killer despite a requestly immigration to hold him. the dog management plan for the recollect craigs area which has been fought over for year social security on holden definitely. instead of approve what should have been the final n of the plan the national park service last night release aid statement saying that it'll delay any decision on when to put into action. the plan has been in the works since 2002. among the proposed changes the 2.8 miles of the area's beaches
6:26 am
will be open to it dogs. that compares to 7.2 miles that are available now. dog owners opposing the restrictions while park activists say it's needed to protect native plans and wildlife. a sacramento woman is suing ch," potle for two billion dollars. she claims that the restaurant has been using a photograph of her for promotional without her permission. she claims it was taken in 2006 while she ate at a restaurant if denver. she is upset that it was edited to include alcohol. she is now asking for two billion dollars an amount she claims they made from the photograph over the past ten years. if you are a parent it may be time to save some more money. the cost of raising a child is going up. according to the department of agriculture it'll cost you $233,610. that is from the time your baby is born through the age of 17. that comes down to about
6:27 am
$14,000 a year and that number doesn't include the yearly cost of college. that's up 3% from last year. the vice president addresses a tough topic during a visit to the bay area. >> i believe we are on the edge of fundamental change in our approach to fighting cancer. >> up next his commitment to cancer research once he leaves office. >> we are live in the santa cruz mountains where it's raining. we will have the update on the situation on highway 17 and the mudslides and we will tell you about the flooding. >> you may -- have some choice word when's you see this next picture. highway 24 is backed up from here into oakland. there have been not one but several crashes along the way and this is your drive get
6:28 am
ready. it'll be a very slow one. . >> and you may utter sweet choice word when's i tell you 26 inches of snow is falling at king vail on interstate 80 overnight. 26 inches of snow. blizzard warning is out for the sierra.
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i'm at higher risktwice as likfor depression.troke. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat.
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i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive. . thank you for joining us. tuesday, january 10th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. time is 6:30. we will go right over to steve. the rain isn't letting up until at least thursday. >> probably. about thursday. >> okay. yeah. >> that's about right. the snow is really on the go in the sierra. blizzard warning there. white out forgett. 50 and 80. i don't see how it'll happen. you may want to wait this one out. its been a long time since we
6:31 am
had a blizzard warning. some of the rainfall picking up. especially over the santa cruz mountains. a little line over. over marin as well. the line you can see over santa cruz mountains. a burst of moderate to heavy rain. over saratoga. some of the rainfall continues to keep going and pick up later on. we talked about kevin leaving the area. rainfall rates of two thirds of an inch an hour. i would be willing to bet that would pick up to higher than three quarters of an inch later on. flash flood warning out. also near napa. wind advisories out. remember a lot of the trees now have been stressed by about five years of drought. now the ground is soaked and you get the gusts to 50 to 60. boy watch that with so much rain. blizzard warning out. we have high wind warnings out. flash flood watches and warning. 50s on the temperatures. rainfall will continue. the breeze continues to ramp up as well.
6:32 am
quamashes tells with in the system. we won't be done until about thursday, late morning or early afternoon. then we will get a break over the weekend. rain steady to heavy today. 50s on the temperatures. where wow like to start sal? >> i want to mention that the san francisco bay ferry, the 7:30 a.m. run from alameda and the 7:40 from oakland, to south san francisco have been canceled today. they are having trouble with their boats. just wanted to let you know in case you other the boats. highway 24 westboundw. relooking at very slow traffic. we had an accident. we had that much earlier accident in oakland and both those crashes. mainly the one in oakland have made highway 4 a serious mess. this is a lot of slow traffic. you know we happen to have people who work here who have been very late to work this morning because they take this freeway. you take highway 24. this morning. trying to get to work. are you going to -- look at
6:33 am
this are you going to be stuck in traffic that's barely moving. i could probably walk faster than that. that's how long it'll take you to get through this is normally a ten to 15 minute drive. you can count on an hour for this drive. one hour. that's just ridiculous. you may decide you don't want to go. let's go up and look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's backed up as well. 25 to 30 minutes this is more along the lines of normal. it's crowded. the rain has not helped our drive because there is a lot of standing water out there. this is 280 northbound. looks like they are trying to clear that car from the center divide after that earlier incident. northbound 280 is slow from highway 101. it's slow in a lot of places. with realong highway 17 with the update on that massive mudslide that happened in that area. >> reporter: sal about 20 minutes ago cal trans and the chp opened up northbound 17.
6:34 am
traffic is flowing now in both directions. the northbound and the southbound lane. we know that all lanes open now. before it was only down to two lanes in the southbound direction. let's take a look at the video of what it looked like and what they were dealing with. this huge mudslide. the hillside collapsed. it sent mud, rock, trees and a pole. this footage shows you how it crushed another television station's news van. the photographer was sent to the hospital with minor injuries. that clean up process took a very long time. also causing problems, other back mountain roads are also closed. highway 9 is closed near fel, ton. the rain has wash away part of bear creek road just north of highway 9. this morning cal trans and the chp are dealing calls of downed trees and power lines throughout the area. there is a flash flood warning
6:35 am
in effect through four tomorrow morning. there is a lot of water still coming off the hill. the whole hillside is draining down. it's bringing more mud with attempt if was akron manying, kind of/ing sound when it went. it was pretty sudden. >> reporter: and take a look at this footage from vied by the fire departmentt. shows the urban search and rescue team in a boat hoisting a ladder to a second story window of a home. it flooded sunday night this he rescued two people and a dog stranded because the creek flooded and the team ended up doing four rescues. they repain main on high alert because the creek may reach flood rage stage again today. sections of hector pass, highway remain closed and so is silvia's crossing there. are flash flood warnings in that whole area. the santa clara valley including san jose there. are sandbag stations that are open in case people need it.
6:36 am
>> thank you. time now 6:35. new this morn figure you have to catch a plane there are flight delays and cancellations because of our weather. right now at sfo you see the crowds. there are 12 flight delays and 16 cancellations. at oakland international reporting five delays and no cancellations. no delays on planes taking off and landing and just two cancellations. in any case call ahead. check on your flight to get the latest updates. here is the interesting impact. resulting the major storms hitting the bay area. the weather has now create aid water shortage in santa cruz. believe it or not city leaders say the wind and rain damaged the pipeline so that provides about one third of the city's water supply. that pipeline is now shut down,
6:37 am
repairs expected to take several days. businesses and homeowners in santa cruz are being asked to cut back their water use by 30% for the next week. east bay mud crossing its fingers hoping the neck storm also be something similar to this past weekend and not like what we had last month. back in december more than a million gallons of partially treated sewage leak from a sewage treatment plant and spilled in to the estuary. warning signs were posted for boaters to avoid any contact with the water. officials were worried the rain over the past weekend would cause a same kind of problem. east the bay mud said that they dodge a bullet. >> the rain didn't come down in the same wayt. was prolonged over a two day period of time. less intensity and short periods. we were able to manage the inflow in to the system. >> the part of the problem comes from cracked sewer lines people's homes. another problem those pipes
6:38 am
just old. while east bay mud is in the process of replacing miles of old pipe each year it'll take years to finish that job. there are more concerns about flooding today because of rain and king tides. tide is r projected to reach seven feet. that could be affected -- that could affect areas like traditional spot that see some flooding like -- parts of alameda, marin and sasoon city. people in san francisco will reportedly be asked to vote on the 350 million-dollar bond measure next year to fix e city's aging seawall along the area. a study done last year found that a major earthquake could cause serious damage. according to chronicle the 350 million-dollar bond would help with the repairs but the entire project could cost between two to five billion dollars. the vice president was in the bay area yesterday.
6:39 am
weighs at a health conference in san francisco talking about his cancer moon shot effort. is he trying to find a cure door cancer. he talked about the resuddenlies from the year long cancer moon shot mission but he was speaking as a father. his son died from cancer less than two years ago. his son died in 2015 of brain cancer. he was 46. he told the crowd at the jp morgan health conference how it's affected him and inspired his cancer moon shot efforts to find a cure for cancer. >> even if we couldn't save our son science, medicine and technology are progressing faster than ever to save countless other sons and daughters. there a need for a greater sense of urgency. >> the vice president will also announce that when he leaves office he will be partnering with others to form a group that will probably be called the biden cancer
6:40 am
initiative. in orlando florida there is a manhunt for a gunman who shot and killed a police officer. a deputy was also killed in a crash as he helped search for the killer. the 41-year-old is accused of killing deborah clayton yesterday outside a wal-mart. investigators say that the officer confronted lloyd who then opened fire. during the man shunt another deputy was killed in a traffic accident. the deputy has been identified as norman louis. a reward is offered for the arrest. still talking about all the rain here in the bay area causing major problems around the bay area. at 7:00 the concern after a mudslide on the silv era do trail. >> and the 49ers coaching search. the candidate who could be the youngest head coach in nfl history and his ties to ktvu. >> good morning. we have a lot of traffic out
6:41 am
there. i want to show you it's not only in the east bay. here in the south bay we have had a lot of slow traffic this is a live look at interstate 280 which is slow in downtown as well. we will tell you more about 280. 17, 101 and also the east bay drive.
6:42 am
heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask
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breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care. this is the place where star wars lives. move along. come join us...during season of the force. now at disneyland resort. (from x-wing) hyperspace! . we want to take you live to the big board, new york stock exchange. pretty big hit yesterday. today they are headed low eras
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well. not a lot but the live look at dow jones off 35 points. less than a quarter percent. the s&p500 down slightly. 1.62. the nasdaq also down very slightly to 5530 this morning. the man accused in the deadly mass shooting at that airport in fort lauderdale florida was in court for the first time yesterday. the 26-year-old is facing federal airport violence and firearm charges. if convicted he could get the death penalty. is accused of killing five people and wounding six others during that shooting at the fort lauderdale airport in the baggage claim area last friday. two months before the shooting the fbi said that it opened a file on him. >> he walked in to the fbi office to report that he was being mind controlled by united states intelligence agencies.
6:45 am
>> earlier in the day florida congresswoman debbi schultz led a moment of silence. we want to check in with a look at what's coming up in the next hour. >> good morning. when i join new just a few minute there is are some big changes on the world soccer field if you will. fifa will expand the world cup to 48 teams adding 16 extra countries to the 2026 tournament which is strongly favored to be held in north america. the plan that was just approved and what the additional matches will mean for fans and of course the financing. when the governor releases his opening budget proposal we will learn how he plans to deal with worry about federal funding for public services from the president elect and republican led united states congress. how especially covered california could suffer and the negotiation that will follow today's initial proposal. these stories and of course the
6:46 am
weather and traffic when i join new just a few. >> yeah. weather and traffic all morning long. the clemson tigers got their revenge beating the crimson tide last night to win the college football national championship. it was an exciting game. alabama was up 24-14 in the 4th quarter. the tigers clawed back and scored three touchdowns. the last touchdown happened with just one second left in the game. watson found renfro in the end zone to win. clemson wins against that team that beat them last year in the title game. winning the rematch made that national championship even better for clemson fans. the college campus in south carolina erupted in celebration. most of the students of course weren't born when the tide won
6:47 am
its last national tight until 1981. today the 49ers will interview a possible head coach and possible gm. you may know the gm candidate. is he louis riddick. he was drafted by the 49ers as a defensive back in 1991. he never played a regular season game with the 49ers but he did have a long nfl career including with the raiders. the 49ers today will also talk to panthers defensive coordinator sawn mcdermott. yesterday they interviewed a 30- year-old sean mcveigh. there he is. he turns 31 in two weeks. now he has deep roots to the 49ers and also to us here at channel 2. his grandfather, john mcveigh is a form executive on the super bowl champion 49ers and his tad used to be gm. of ktvu.
6:48 am
when a snowstorm brought several inches of snow to the east coast the georgia tech swim team took mutineers to their own hands. >> go. go. go. go. go. >> yeah. the swim team was stuck in lava when their meet was canceled because of the weather. so they decided to make best of it. they took some very cold laps in the snow. >> there is no response to that. >> i know. i do kind of remember a big -- a big thing 234 college. i don't know if -- where you would sid in the spa and someone would dare someone to jump into the snow and -- it's a crazy college thing. >> those college kids. >> crazy. >> crazy. >> crazier than you. >> carefree college students. good morning. let's go out and take a look at this drive. very slow on highway 4 this
6:49 am
morning. we had a couple of earlier issues. one in oakland. one in lafayette. the one in oakland is is the one that did the number on the drive. it's taken about an hour to drive from walnut creek to oklahoma land. one hour because of the earlier crashes. all the lanes open finally bah it took them a while to do it. one war was on fire at one point. people have been showing up late because they use highway 24. bart is doing okay. this drive will stay that way for a bit. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza where it's backed up to the maze. 25 to 30 minute delay. no problems on the brimming itself. i want to mention with the other bridges san mateo and dunbarton not that bad. 880 is moderate from haywood to union. 680 is slow out of the dublin pleasanton interchange here heading south. i want to take a look at 280 and san jose northbound. that is still slow. they still have a vehicle up in the center divider.
6:50 am
of traffic is slow after that even getting up to highway 17. 17 northbound has reopened. it's slow in the santa cruz mountains. let's bring steve in. i-80 westbound. at the california state line is closed. >> yeah. 80 is closed and 50 is being held for avalanche control from twin bridges to myers. its being held. its being temporarily stopped. so it may not last for long. boy not advice going to the snow right now or from the bay area leaving to go up there. >> i bet it lasts a long time. >> right. >> also 26 inches of is no you at king vail. blizzard warning is out. it's legit. seriously. the wind combined the snow and the white out conditions. forget it. i mean they are measured in feet. maybe about eight feet above the passes. at lake level. three to five feet is certainly
6:51 am
possible here. you remember. great droughts replaced with great blizzards and floods. it looks like we are heading in that direction. a lot of rain has to go through. you can see what's happening in the searchy. forgett. 50 and 80 not happening today. some pretty good rain through part of the south bay. san jose, campbell and also on the peninsula from half moon bay over to redwood city and san carlos right there. looks like wood side as well. san mateo getting good rain and here is an area i'm concerned about. marin. when it starts to stack up that's a very intense line many that's beginning to form right there. justike to the west of mount tam that. can add up. lake county and northern sonoma. look at that. that's very heavy rain around calm, hidden valley lake. highway 29. eight inches of rain over the weekend. vincent martin is in between
6:52 am
santa rosa. i think he is about a thousand feet up in the hills. two and a half inches of rain in the last 12 hours. two and a half in the last 12. it'll be an interesting day is what he said. i think you can double that. i'm trying to add up the rain totals. kempfield. yontville an itch and a quarter. look at ben lomin. san rafael almost an inch. lexington. an inch. and a quarter. oakland now it is the 63,100ths. other areas, over two in -- heels bugger about two. middle town 1.85. bennett valley. the oakland hill as the 1.17. flash flood washings are out as you may imagine for the river. gurnville at johnson's beach and the napa river. the burn areas need to be watched up in lake county as
6:53 am
well for some valley fire, rocky fire, those areas will take a lot of water and we have wind advisories. so much stress on the trees in the last five-years and snow you get gusts of 50 we could have issues. blizzard warning, flash flood warning, high winds out for us. that will continue today. that stronger wind will show up tonight. the heavier rain tonight. thunderstorm activity on the back side of this. the heaviest rain tonight into tomorrow and then it'll start to give a break. one more system has to come through late wednesday into thursday. so here he we go. maybe another two to five inches of rain in the mix here. 50s on the temperatures. we will get a break, friday, saturday and sunday. california water supply finally bouncing back with all that rain? we will tell you what the resent rains mean for the state's reservoirs.
6:54 am
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. welcome back. while the storm may be dangerous all the water is gad news for the water supply. a wording to the east bay times the storms have added 350 billion-gallons water to the reservoirs across the state. action period of times say that is something that we have not seen in years. the dam operators have been
6:57 am
forced to release water to reduce the rick of flooding. the warriors will host the heat. red the guard sean livingston and ian clark visited a middle school in the north beach. as part of the future leaders program. they told the kitteds abhijit the importance of having a career and also handling their money. >> it's important to educate them on the experience with have as professional athletes with taking care of your money. >> about 150 students were at that eventt. was broken out into small groups so they could learn and understand better. coming up next in ou7:00 hour more flooding and mudslides across the bay area. the concerns continue. we will take to you the north bay where thousands urged to evacuate. >> good morning. the traffic is going to be very
6:58 am
slow including in the east bay as we take a look at the mcarthur maze. a lot of slow traffic. with rehabilitative have more when we come back.
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> good morning. we are tracking yet another storm hitting the bay area right now. look at the map. what you need to know if you're about to head out the door. there's major flooding in the north bay that has forced people to hop into boats to get around. how they're preparing for the next round of storms as thousands are urged to evacuate. mornings on 2 on continues. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> boy, more rain is falling across the bay area, adding to the problems we already have from this weekend's storm. many areas dealing with flooding and mudslides. in the sierra, conditions are serious with more than two feet of new snow overnight. look what is happening at san francisco international airport. if you're heading to fly out or picking someone up, keep in mind there are several delays and cancellations out of sfo because of the weather. oakland airport is also reporting


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