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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 10, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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of rain and already it's causing damage with toppled trees crushing cars, damaging an apartment complex. dozens of people are forced to pack up and evacuate as well. day long.pread wind and rain all it's expected to intensify through the day. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm mike mibach. you can see the rain has already arrived. live look from our roof camera. >> we're tracking the storm with the team coverage. alex savidge is near the russian river where people have been evacuated. >> let's begin with rosemary orozco. >> it is going to be a messy one out there, dangerous at times. we're already seeing it at this hour and it is expected to intensify as we get into the afternoon. let's take a look at the radar.
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moderate rain falling over the east bay. the sierra snow continues to come down as well. let's talk about the advisories. we have several up. the winds are beginning to pick up. napa reporting a gust of 29. fairfield reporting 30 and novato 25. they're only going to grow stronger this afternoon. sfo with a gust of 33 is likely to hit 43, perhaps even stronger as we get into the second part of the day. the list of advisories, several. the shade of pink indicates a high wind warning for all of our local hills from the santa cruz mountains to the east ba hills and over to the north bay as well. that lasting until about midnight. as we shift a little bit, we've got that shade of green, indicating a flash flood watch that goes until the overnight hours for areas of the south bay
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along the coastline. we've been talking about king tides and flooding there this afternoon. if we shift north, this is where we had the flood warnings for the napa river as well as the russian river going all the way until about friday morning for that russian river area. a lot going on out there. we're talking about, again, downed power lines, trees falling and the rain is going to keep coming. a look here at several reports of things going down as well as wind and again a lot of flooding around the bay area. when i come back, i'll have a look at how much rainfall i expect we're going to get this afternoon before the system pulls through and the timeline on the system and when we'll finally get a break. >> thank you. we do continue to track the storm with alex savidge live in guerneville. >>reporter: good afternoon to you. the rain is steady up here, very intense. nonstop through the morning and
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that's causing quite a bit of concern for folks who live here along the russian river. that's drake road. this is one of many neighborhoods inundated by water and the russian river continuing to rise, already a couple feet above flood stage. a lot of concern about the flooding. there is concern about just how saturated the soil is in this area and it's already starting to give way in spots. have a look at this massive mud slide. this is just outside of guerneville proper. this is on santa rosa avenue, and you can see that mud, debris, rocks, even some large trees came pouring down this hillside right into a neighborhood. seven homes in that area all had to be red tagged. the sheriff's office decided it was not safe for people living in that area to remain in their homes. they were unstable.
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we talked with sheriff's sergeant a short time ago at the scene of that mud slide. he talked about their concerns. >> they come from several hundred feet up the hill. it's gone over three roads and it's very precarious to about seven homes. seven homes have been red tagged and occupants have left because it's unsafe. >>reporter: and then there was this scene at sandy beach. a mobile home community in monte rio and it sits right along the edge of the russian river. what we saw this morning was several people who decided they had their homes right along the banks of the river. they wanted to move the homes to higher ground. one woman, we talked with her and she called a tow truck company. they came in and towed her home. she told us the rain came steady all night and her home was surrounded by the rising rivers and she didn't want to take any
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chances. >> last night the water came way up here, so it just came violently, like in a science fiction movie. you know, you could watch it and there would be nothing you could do. >> you kind of saw that window closing to be able to move? >> i did. and i really saw how the river just -- that's what it does. >>reporter: now, according to the sheriff's office, there are no mandatory evacuation orders, but there are people living in hundreds of homes who are in low lying areas who are basically being advised that you may want to at least be ready to go because the russian river is continuing to rise. right now a couple feet above flood stage, which is 32 feet. and the water is continuing to move up. and what they -- the expectation is that the russian river likely is going to crest. now they're thinking above 38 feet, that should happen
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sometime late tomorrow. some folks are saying they don't want to take any chances. they're moving their homes to higher ground. others are packing up and sort of ready to go as the waters continue to rise in this area and the rain continues to fall at a very steady pace. back to you, gasia. >> alex, i want to ask you, it brings back memories of new year's day, 2006. and i remember, i believe the river got up to 41, 42 feet. because of that, the downtown area, all the businesses were closed. have you noticed today, are the businesses in the downtown guerneville area open or closed? >>reporter: yeah. and i heard about new year's eve, we were just hearing stories a short time ago. >> sure. >>reporter: but i did hear about the flood at that time. certainly, yeah, everything open in the downtown guerneville area. businesses are open, stores are open, restaurants are open.
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life is sort of moving along. but i think for most folks in this area, it's kind of in the back of their minds. they keep an eye on the water of the river. they listen to the latest models in terms of how high the water might go. 38 feet, a lot of folks tell me and speaking with the sheriff's office, they say 38 feet, the town can handle that. if you start getting up into the 40-foot range, you're going to have problems. you're going to have the downtown area likely inundated with water and that would be a huge problem. >> let's hope it stays below 40, then, for the next couple days. >>reporter: absolutely. >> thank you. let's go now to san francisco where several trees have come down. >> we have people in the sunny development. ali is there. >>reporter: they're takeing this tree apart branch by branch and finished sawing most of the tree
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that you see from the base. no one was hur. this fallen -- hurt. this fallen tree damaged two cars. it's about a 75-year-old monterey pine. this is on dale avenue. you can only imagine what would have happened if this tree had fallen in the opposite direction on to these homes. this man and his family never park their car under this tree because lately it was looking a little lopsided. 9:00 this morning, the tree came crashing down on his uncle's car parked across the street. >> it start squeaking and crunching. and it fell down and hit the cars. we started hearing a loud sound from the gas escaping from the floor. we started getting everyone out. >>reporter: pg&e crews are working to fix the gas main that burst when the tree came down. the san francisco housing
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authority says before the storm hit, the department identified eight to ten trees on all of their properties that needed to be removed because they're in danger of falling. this wasn't one of them and they're surprised it happened. >> you don't know how deep the root system is going and how stable they are. we're looking at it and doing our best we can with the resources we have. >>reporter: this is a look at the base of the tree. the root ball that was next to the gas meter and gas line that ruptured when that tree tipped over, this is tumly the second tree in -- actually the second tree in this housing development that fell in the past three days. on saturday a tree came over on brook dale around the corner. no one was hurt when that happened and the two families that were displaced, they have now found other homes. the housing authority was able to put them up in other homes in the same development. no one was hurt, but a lot of damage and a big mess for crews.
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back to you guys. >> thank you. 77-year-old man died after crashing his truck into a house this morning. he veered off interstate 680 in pleasant hills. he was transported to a hospital but later pronounced dead. chp does not know if he died from injuries or a medical conditions. alcohol and drugs do not appear to be a factor. jackknifed big rig on 880 caused problems at 9:00 this morning in the northbound direction near 7th street in oakland. the truck blocked lanes for more than an hour, but crews were able to clear it about an hour ago. however, there were still some delays about an hour ago. i want to take a livek right now and see 880 the coliseum. obviously much better now that it's three hours since that accident as traffic is moving very well in southbound and northbound directions. this latest round of rain is causing continued problems in
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the santa cruz mountains. janine de la vega has been talking with caltrans crews, talking about rock slides and mud slides and washed away roads. >> reporter: the hills are saturated with water. the rainfall along highway 17 is trick ling down the hill and it's happening all through the mountains and causing temporary road closures. we found this mess on old santa cruz highway off highway 17 and idlewild road. the slide was reported just after 7 this morning and blocked the southbound lane. the chp directed traffic around the mud and tree branches while they waited for work crews to arrive. officers have been going from call to call. there has been fender benders but for the most part they've been dealing with downed trees and slides. >> the hills are saturated. we've started in a rough way with the mud slides and i'm guessing we'll get a lot more. we've already had an accident at
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summit, a big rig versus sedan. around every corner is some obstacle. >>reporter: we received this footage from a boulder creek volunteer firefighter who was there when the road washed out from all the rainfall. it's been closed since sunday night. highway 9 is also closed at glenn gary due to a side in that area. there is a -- a slide in that area. there is a flash flood watch in the santa clara a valley. gilroy officials are concerned the creek may reach flood stage. the urban search and rescue team has done several searches and the crew remains on heightened alert. janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2 news. more than 100 flights today were canceled from san francisco as well. 143 more have been delayed. over at oakland, 26 flights were
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delayed, two were canceled. san jose is experiencing at least two cancellations and 28 delayed flights. keep up to date with us here and download our free weather. you'll find live radar and up to the minute forecast. president obama getting ready to deliver his farewell speech tonight from chicago. after the break what he's expected to talk about as his supporters reflect on his precedency. governor jerry brown releases his state budget proposal. what sectors are expected to receive the most funding and where cuts will be made. take one. directv now. stream all your entertainment! anywhere! anytime! can we lose the 'all'. there's no cbs and we don't have a ton of sports. anywhere, any... let's lose the 'anywhere, anytime' too. you can't download on-the-go, there's no dvr, yada yada yada. stream some stuff! somewhere! sometimes! you totally nailed that buddy. simple.
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. thousands of people in chicago are planning to watch president obama deliver his farewell address there in the windy city. folks stood in zero degree weather on saturday to get free tickets to the speech. president obama will deliver his remarks tonight, reflecting on accomplishments of the last eight years. his supporters are reflecting on when president obama was sworn in as president back in 2008. >> he made a historic difference for america. i am so proud to been part -- to have been part of it and played a small role in it. to have been on the front row as barack obama served this nation.
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>> michelle obama and joe biden and jill biden will be there as well. you can watch here tonight at 6:00. north bay congressman huffman says he is not going to attend president-elect donald trump's inauguration. congressman huffman announced the decision to skip the inauguration on his facebook page. says he believes the united states is entering a dark and very dangerous political chapter. he says he does not want to sit passively and politely applaud as it begins. he was reelected in november and serves marin county north to the oregon boundary. hearings are underway for several of president-elect donald trump's cabinet nominees. jeff sessions was nominated by trump for attorney general and it's a controversial nomination. >> protestors dressed in make shift kkk costumes and faced jeff sessions as he entered the
12:18 pm
senate judiciary committee hearing this morning. after being nominated by president-elect donald trump to serve as the next u.s. attorney general. almost immediately his nomination stirred controversy among democrats over past allegations of racism. >> ultimately we must determine whether senator sessions can be the attorney general for all of our people. >> but republicans say sessions' record will show he is fair. >> if he's confirmed and i expect that he will be, senator sessions will shed his role as a legislator who writes law and he'll take on the task of enforcing the laws. >> sessions was denied a federal judge ship in 1986 after allegations his office, while serving as the u.s. attorney, chose to prosecute cases based on race. >> let me address another issue straight on. i was accused in 1986 of failing to protect the voting rights of
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african americans and of condemning civil rights advocates and organizations and even hor boring, amazingly -- harboring, amazingly, sympathy for the kkk. >> it's unlikely democrats will bible to prevent sessions -- will be unable to prevent sessions from becoming attorney general, though. a man has cleared the first step to becoming california's first attorney general. state assembly voted 6 -3 to support the nomination. he'll be considered by the full chamber now. he's served 12 terms in congress. he would replace harris, who was elected to the u.s. senate in the november election. he would be california's first latino attorney general. just an hour ago, governor braft released the first --
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governor brown released the first budget proposal. schools and colleges will receive the largest share of the budget. he does not take into account possible cuts to healthcare and other public services by the incoming legislature and u.s. congress. he made it clear that such cuts could have significant impact on the state. rain has been coming down from the overnight hours well into the noon hour. rosemary orozco is here to talk more about it. >> we're definitely going to be dealing with the rain and wind once again, the winds picking up at this hour and continuing as we get into the second part of your day. here's a live look into oakland where we have overcast skies and the rain just about everywhere. stormtracker 2 will show you just that from the north bay across the central bay and south
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bay. we have a few heavier pockets over portions of the east bay, antioch, discovery bay and shifting toward hayward. san mateo, you have moderate rain and north of santa rosa we've got moderate rain there. the sierra snow has been dumping and there are advisories. definitely not a good day to head up there. if you do have plans, see if you can wait it out just a bit. sfo reporting 33 miles an hour winds right now. 13 in hayward. 14 san jose. livermore 8. but the winds will continue to pick up this weekend into the second half of the of the afternoon with gusts expected to about 45 miles an hour, even stronger than that in our hills. that's definitely going to bring on the possibility of more toppled trees, power lines. when it comes to the rainfall over the next 24 hours or so, an inch expected over portions of the south bay. two to three inches for our hills as well as the north bay and the central bay right in between, one to two inches
12:22 pm
possible. advisories in place, we talked about this at the top of the hour, high winds and flash flooding a possibility along our coast, in our hills, and the russian river along areas of the napa river as well as. in the sierra, a blizzard warning goes until wednesday. four to eight feet of snow expected. snow levels will be dropping tonight down to about 4,000 feet. so again, the take away here is stay in doors if you can and if you are going to be outdoors, take it easy. it's going to be a rough one. here's a look at the forecast as we get into the afternoon when it comes to the wind. anywhere from 25 to 35 miles per hour and even gusting faster than that in areas like napa, picking up 143. san francisco near 40 as well as oakland and redwood city, 41. this is 4:00 in the afternoon. as i take you into the evening hours, it doesn't let up too much. maybe just a bit, but still gusting to 36 in napa. 30 reported in redwood city and 29 livermore. so wet and windy. here's a look at the timeline.
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we're into the noon hour. as we get into 4:00, this is the front. we are still waiting on the heaviest part of the rain. by about 4:00 over the north bay and central bay just in time for the evening drive. slides into the south bay by 6, 7:00, takes until 10:00 before it is out of here. the evening drive is going to be a messy one. temperature wise not budging from here. we're in the 50s and will remain in the 50s. here's a look at your extended forecast. wednesday, thursday, wet weather in the forecast, although not as bad as today. today is definitely the big event. as we get into wednesday, thursday, a little bit of sun mixed with rain and perhaps a little breezy at times and finally drying out as we get closer to your bay area weekend. temperatures are cooling off a bit, but overall, finally going to see dry weather, which we definitely need at this point. coming up, personal assistants such as alexa or
12:24 pm
apple's siri are making huge strides. after the break, we'll take a look at the trade off between that convenience and privacy.
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12:26 pm
. yahoo says the ceo, marissa meier will step down when the sale a verizon goes through. verizon is set to acquire it m a $4 .8 billion deal. yahoo said the remaining business, which is largely made up of an investment in the
12:27 pm
chinese e commerce site would just change its name. the verizon deal is not closed, though. the dow is set to finish flat today making modest gains in the middle of the session. the popularity of digital personal assistants is growing with amazon apple and google. >> we take a look at the trade off between convenience and privacy. >> alexa, what's the weather? >> currently 36 degrees with intermittent clouds. >> alexa, play classical music. >> to playing music on cue, digital personal assistants like amazon's alexa and apple's siri can perform a growing number of tasks for you by just saying the command. >> it's good at isolating the person who is speaking. >> what's more, your voice
12:28 pm
prompts are often recorded, stored, and analyzed so help the gaj -- to help the gadget adapt to you. but the tech experts warn the convenience can come with a trade off. >> for an average user such as you or your friends, you would never know that it's recording. >> the small wifi enabled device may know so much about you it could even hold clues to an unsolved murder. authorities in arkansas have asked amazon for help after they recovered an echo inside a crime scene. >> they believe that it's possible that some of the events that took place in the night and the early morning hours of this murder could be -- could have been recorded. >> amazon says it will not release customer information from its servers unless the company is legally required to do so. it's a bit reminiscent of the fight over law enforcement and apple over unlocking the iphone
12:29 pm
belonging to the san bernardino gun men. >> it doesn't matter if it's apple, google, microsoft, samsung. the list goes on and on. anything with voice recognition software opens you up to privacy concerns. you can disable the features on the devices or the software, though. just check the manufacturer's website. that's the latest from dallas, fox news. still ahead, we check back in with meteorologist rosemary orozco as she monitors the storm. and we'll look at the road conditions on interstate 880 as well.
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. breaking news happening on the roadways. a sig alert has been issued on northbound 101 in san jose at north first. a number of lanes are blocked. we know that one person is confirmed dead. also here in the east bay, the three right westbound lanes of highway 4 just before the port chicago highway are blocked after a crash involving three vehicles. so far no word on any injuries. here's a live picture of the backup. already traffic backed up past
12:33 pm
willow pass road. no word again on when those three lanes are going to reopen. but traffic westbound just before the port chicago highway already backed up because of a three car accident. now to the sierra where interstate 80 remains closed from colfax to the nevada boundary. truckee is getting more snow after already having 18 inches on the ground. a blizzard warning is in effect until tomorrow at noon. higher elevations could see seven feet of snow by thursday morning. highway 50 is open, but you need chains to get through unless you have a four-wheel drive vehicle with snow tires. yosemite is back open today after flood concerns. the merced river crested at 12 and a half feet yesterday morning and did not experience flooding. part of the park remains under a flash flood watch until tomorrow afternoon. the park has warned visitors that a rock slide is blocking
12:34 pm
one entrance as well. let's check in with rosemary orozco. >> we are not going to get a break. it's going to get worse this afternoon. in doors is definitely the place to be and off the roadways if you can today. we're looking at widespread rain across the bay area at this time and the front bringing the heaviest rains and strongest winds not even here yet. again, we don't have to spend a lot of time on the radar when it comes to the rain because you can see it's everywhere. from the north bay and central bay and south bay. we have pockets of moderate to heavy rain along oakland, hayward, 880, 680. north bay we have some over santa rosa and lake county. we have blizzard conditions in tahoe as well. wind and snow creating white out conditions and that is not going to let up through wednesday as
12:35 pm
well. we have the winds picking up at this hour. napa reporting 29 miles per hour gusts. novato reporting 23. fairfield sustained at 23 and the winds growing to perhaps 40, 45 miles per hour or so. take a look at all these advisories. the shade of pink indicating the high wind warning. the shades of green indicating flash flood. we're looking at advisories over portions near the napa river and russian river. we've been talking about it for some time. there's something going on right here as well with the warnings over petalulma stretching towards american canyon. again, take it easy out there. we have flash flooding going on. we have trees coming down because of the wind. stronger over portions of the north bay here. 43 miles per hour the gusts as we get into 4:00. this is when we do expect a front to begin to move through the bay area. 41 in redwood city and then it really doesn't get better as we get into the evening hours. i've taken you to midnight here
12:36 pm
and the winds still gusting to 25, even 30 miles per hour. so behind the front, they will calm down, but it's going to be treacherous later today and into the evening. rainfall from an inch to two inches expected, three inches for wetter spots and hills. let's go back to the future cast model. let's try to time this out. as we get into 4:00, the front is moving over the north bay, could be as early as 3:00. we're now into 5:00, talking about the evening drive that's moving through the central bay. 7:00 it's in the south bay, which is widespread rain continuing all the way through the evening commute. it takes it overnight before it moves out and tapers off. wednesday morning, here we are. here we are thursday morning. notice not as widespread, not as heavy. but we're not going to get rid of the rain completely into thursday night and friday. temperatures at this hour in the 50s and that's where we're going
12:37 pm
to stay. we're going to call for scattered showers and perhaps a little bit of sunshine object wednesday. rain and scattered showers on thursday. finally drying out as we get into your bay area weekend. but wow, we have another 12 hours or so where it's going to be really coming down and the winds are going to be strong. take it easy. it's very dangerous out there. >> rosemary, thank you. king tides also creating flooding around the bay area. i want to show you a photo of the blooding along the embark -- the flooding along the embarcadero. looking at twitter right now. marin county sheriff tweeted about an hour ago, caltrans closed the northbound connector from highway 101 to highway 1 in mill valley. it often floods when the king tides are in. these tides expected to reach seven feet in parts of the coastline. the next high tide 11:05 tonight. as you can imagine, crews are keeping a close eye on areas
12:38 pm
prone to flooding. the san francisco embarcadero and parts of alameda and marin county. more breaking news concerning the roadways, this time in oakland. there are reports of downed avenue and fruitvale exit. the what you're seeing here is 880 closer to them, farther south. you can tell traffic is backed up this far. it's apan of several miles. there are reports -- chp officers are telling drivers to stay in their cars. again, that there are power lines down across 880 to oakland. your inclination might be to get out and to escape the situation, but that is not the case. drivers being told to stay in their cars where they are safe as pg&e and other crews work to get ahold of the situation and get the power lines away from 880. >> we saw the camera angle flip there and now you're looking at southbound 880 trafficthe inter.
12:39 pm
a few cars slipping by there,t d traffic. it's stopped. the southbound lanes, not many vehicles. you can see a couple along the frontage road and another on the interstate. very dangerous situation there. this was at the fruitvale avenue. >> yes. on 880. >> we'll continue to monitor that situation and bring you up to speed with details as they come in. happening today, thousands of workers at uc campuses around the state are holding a one day strike. uc berkeley, uc san francisco and the uc office of the president in oakland campuses are going through strikes today. the library assistants and financial aid workers at campuses are also participating. vice president joe biden spoke at a health conference yesterday in san francisco about his initiative to find a cure for cancer. he announced results from a year long mission known as the cancer
12:40 pm
moon shot mission. he lost his son to cancer less than two years ago. his son died in 2015 of brain cancer at the age of 46. vice president told the crowd how that inspired him to help find a cure. >> even if we couldn't save our son, science, medicine, and technology are progressing faster than ever to save countless other sons and daughters. but there is a need for a greater sense of urgency. >> vice president biden announced when he leaves office he'll be partnering with others to form a group likely titled the biden cancer initiative. the feud between the san francisco 49ers and the city of santa clara is intensifying and now the team is suing the city. the 49ers claim city leaders falsely accused them of violating the levi's stadium contract and wants a judge to require to require the city to
12:41 pm
sign documents verifying no breaches occurred. the lawsuit which was filed friday is the latest development in the feud between the 9ers and the city, which has included accusations of lying, withholding records and misusing public funds. federal judge ruled the city of san francisco cannot be held liable for the death of a woman who authorities say was killed by a man who was in the country illegally. a lawsuit was dismissed that was filed by the family of kate steinle. steinle was shot to death on a pier in san francisco. her family claimed negligence, saying the sheriff's department released her accused killer despite a request by u.s. immigration officials to keep him behind bars. police are investigating a deadly shooting last night on interstate 880. it was about 7:10 last night when the call came in. they found evidence of a shooting but the victim was not there. just a few minutes later a man with a gunshot wound arrived at
12:42 pm
the hospital where he later was pronounced death. we're getting dwe tails about a yung -- details about a young woman fatally sta an the u kreshgs berkeley campus. -- uc berkeley campus. she was found stabbed to death friday. she was french but grew up in san luis obispo. her accused killer is a uc berkeley student. gomez killed her and stabbed another woman who was seriously wounded but expected to survive. >> it was very brutal. and very unusual. we've had stabbings. they're not uncommon, per se, but this type of violence is uncommon. >> police say in this case the victim and suspect did not know each other. the san francisco 49ers search for a new head coach and general manager continues. our sports guy jason will be here with who is being interviewed today.
12:43 pm
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. back now to breaking news we've been covering from oakland. a major mess on 880 as a result of downed power lines across that freeway at the 29th avenue and fruitvale exits. there are reports chp officers are on the scene telling drivers to stay in their cars where they are safe. it does appear a driver hit a power pole on city streets and that power pole went over and therefore the lines are on 880. you can tell from these pictures here, it is northbound 880 that is all backed up well past the
12:46 pm
coliseum. it looks like southbound very few cars are getting through. again, avoid 880 through fruitvale and oakland if you can at all. we move to the san francisco 49ers where the head coach and general manager positions are open. >> jason is here with the latest. >> they are casting a very wide net. they're eight days into the search. they fired head coach chip kelly and general manager a week ago yesterday. they've interviewed five candidates for each position, ten in all. they have a few more to go. here's the latest on the interviews today. in fact they just completed this morning the interview for general manager of this man. he's currently an espn analyst. we know a lot about him because he's on tv now and talking and giving opinions. he's on record saying if he's offered the job, he'll take it. secondly since he's paid to give opinions, he's been outspoken
12:47 pm
about the 9ers situation. he says they need a complete overhaul. he also suggested if he is hired as general manager he would want patriots offensive coordinator as the head coach. he played seven seasons in the nfl as a defensive back, was an executive with washington and philadelphia for 13 years before he joined espn. the 9ers tweeted they are currently interviewing sean mcdermott, the carolina panthers defensive coordinator. that's the latest on the coaching and gm front. no timetable. but as you said, some of the guys, like josh mcdaniel and maybe sean mcveigh and mcdermott, they could get snagged up by someone else. >> but if they pick a coach first, you think riddick is out? >> yeah, i think so. they want them to really get
12:48 pm
along. i think he would work with anybody, but he would want josh mcdaniel and i think he's probably at the top of a lot of lists. >> are the 49ers an attractive destination? >> they have the second overall pick in the draft. jed york wants to win. a lot of folks don't think he can the acumen or the qualifications to interview some of these candidates. we know he wants to win, we know they have a high draft pick and we know about their storied history. speaking of that, national championship game last night. holy cow. let's talk about the game a little bit because this was a great performance. the nation's best defense was on tap last night. i was talking to a guy who is a gu ru on draft things. he says all of them will go to
12:49 pm
the draft in the nfl. look at his face. calm, cool, and collected. this was two minutes to go. down 31-28. he led a 9 play drive that culminated in this two yard touchdown pass with one second to do. 420 yards passing, three touchdowns, no interceptions. it was an outstanding performance and then if you watched him, you thought man he would be a nice face for a franchise if they take him. he declared after the game i'm going to the draft. i'm going to forego my final season. that's one thing. we asked our twitter followers. we asked do you take him with that second pick in april's draft and 65% said heck yeah, grab him. everyone is fired up about the game, he had a great performance. you say that three months ago, maybe it's not 65%. we understand. i'm saying if he's there, we
12:50 pm
like him. >> sometimes you can trade the pick and find a gem in the second or third round. >> or even later. >> or tom brady. what was that? >> seventh quarterback taken in that draft. yeah. thank you, jason. we'll be right back after the break.
12:51 pm
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. just a few minutes away from
12:53 pm
the closing bell. you can see the dow jones down 11 points. nasdaq is up 20 points. s&p 500 up one point. back to storm coverage as more rain falls across the bay area. we've been showing you areas dealing with flooding and mud slides in the sierra. the conditions are dangerous with more than two feet of snow overnight. an iconic giant sequoia was one of the casualties. >> it had a giant hole cut in its base for people to go through. the tree stood for 2,000 years before coming down. >> erika is an elementary schoolteacher in stockton. >> we heard about it this morning and we were sad. we loved that tree. >> each year she takes her first grade class to see the iconic pioneer cabin tree. >> talking about the natural resources in our area and we
12:54 pm
love taking them through that tree. >> it draws thousands of visitors to the big tree state park to walkthrough the tunnel and snap a picture. this year her class won't be able to see it after it toppled over in sunday's storm. >> i had mixed emotions. i was devastated that this fell, the piece of history has fallen. by the same token, it's human history. >> you can see when the tree fell it exposed the tops of the cabins and each walls, but also graffiti dating back to the 1800. >> based on yosemite getting all these visitors, they wanted a piece of the action. they cut a hole in the tree and made it look like a cabin. this is still a habitat, a home, giving off carbon monoxide and helping with the environment. >> the park department is encouraging people to come see
12:55 pm
other attractions while they're still here. >> i don't think it will impact visitors. there are so many things, the dance hall, huge tree stump and just the magnitude of the trees around here. there are so many things to offer. >> kcra3 news. while the storm may be dangerous, all the snow and the rain very good news for california's water supply. according to reports, the past week of storms has added 350 billion gallons of water to reservoirs across the state, something we have not seen in years. in santa cruz, aul the rain is korea -- all the rain is creating a water shortage after damaging the pipeline which provides one-third of the city's water supply. the businesses and homeowners in santa cruz are being asked to cut back water use by 30% in the
12:56 pm
next week. today at the 4 and 2 we will have team coverage from around the bay area from impacted areas due to the flooding, trees down, downed power lines. tune in today on the 4 on 2. back now to that problem on interstate 880 northbound specifically, where there are power lines down across the roadway at the fruitvale-29th avenue exit in central oakland. you can tell the backup stretches far south, well past the coliseum, it's a bad enough commute in the afternoon on a rainy down and it's going to be a really rough ride probably into the afternoon and evening commute for that matter right now. if you know someone who has to commute on 880, give them a buzz and tell them to maybe take the san mateo bridge as a possibility to go around. take 580 to the bay bridge. those are a couple alternates. >> something we've seen the chp do, sometimes they'll open up
12:57 pm
interstate 580 to big rigs. >> right now big trucks cannot go on 580, but that switch may be made because this is happening not at the heart of the afternoon commute, but still a terrible traffic day. >> we heard this did go down because of an accident, not because of strong, gusty winds. our coverage continues at right now.
12:58 pm
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