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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  January 11, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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welcome back. scattered showers, and music in the background. >> i can't name that tune, i'm sorry. >> and you can't dance on tv either. >> what? >> but as we look around the
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bay bridge, we're listening to bruce springsteen. we are still having concerns about flooding and mudslides in the area. absolutely. >> what did you say, ken? oh, 10th avenue freeze out. >> got it. >> that's good. >> it's not freezing, but that is a good song. thank you, guys. >> thank you for joining us on mornings on two. it's the middle of the tweak now. >> i'm sure the first question you have this morning is the same question i had this morning, is, oh, my gosh, when is it go to stop. are we getting more today? >> a little more today, and then one more tomorrow morning, but not as strong. >> oh, good. we definitely need these breaks for those in the flood zones, napa, guerneville. >> we need a break.
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unfortunately, i only thing it's going to last to tuesday. if you haven't seen this video, take a look. the california highway patrol in truckee. i never saw him! well, yeah, no kidding. that's a lot of snow. a blizzard warning conditions until noon today, and then it will go into a winter storm warning. 50 degrees, very windy, and two inches of rain from this 24- hour period. that's a lot of 0 rain. there's still some rain in the mix here, but not heavy, heavy. hayes, over to half moon by a, san francisco. the biggest hills look to be around morgan hill down to gill row, and then a little bit now
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approaching, arizona if they need -- as if they need it be, into the santa cruz mountains. so flash flood watches are out. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. east bay temperatures will continue to be in the 50s here. wouldn't be surprised if we get a few upper 40s, and temperatures will he be in the 50s at benefit. one more system has to rotate through tonight, tomorrow. it will not be as strong, but will still give us some rain. 50s on the temperatures. all right. sal. where do you want to begin? >> we're starting in solano county, steve. if you're driving on 80 westbound, the freeways are okay 0. we do have a little bit of a commute for you. obviously there's a lot of standing water, but right now through vallejo, this commute is not bad. let's take a look at the vacaville fairfield to vallejo area. you can see the traffic is
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okay. but if you're driving to marin county, you're going to see a lot of standing water. there could be some detours in the area. just a lot of standing water in every area of the bay, and this area of the bay included. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, where traffic is normal from oakland to san francisco, and it's not raining right now. highway 17, some tough driving. even though there are some mudslides closed because of mud and rocks. let's go back to the desk. >> there were some scary moments for are a family in marin county after a mid-slide. four people were trapped inside a house on alima road in fairfax. emergency crews helped two children and their grandparents get out. no one was he hurt, but it does look like that house and car were severely damaged. >> time is 4:34.
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well, b.a.r.t. is back up and running this forecast after a really rough evening commute. b.a.r.t. was forced to shut town the tracks for almost four hours last night, after a train hit a tree that was blown down on to the tracks. fortunately no one was hurt. the passengers on that entire line had to michael the nat plans, and there were long delays. >> trying to get home, taking muni, trying to figure out how to get down to the peninsula. >> i probably won't be hope tonight until 11:30, due to the weather. well, the latest storms have brought enough water to fill up four of the south bay's
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reservoirs. people braced pounding rain to take a look at the reservoir. be careful running there. they are now releasing water through the spillways, and it is falling into the creek, and the creek is so full, the popular walking and biking trails have been closed, as they are expected to be under water. one couple we spoke to, though, said in spite it's all, they are happy for the rain. >> we haven't seen anything like this in about 10 years. >> yeah, we're excited that california is finally recovering from drought. >> some other people we've talked to said they aredy now for a couple of days of sunshine so the ground can absorb some of that water. >> several mud slight slides have forced the closure of niles canyon road. that road was shut down at 9:30 last night while crews started to clean up several mudslides in the area. police expect that road to be
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closed until sometime later this morning. one of the mudslides damaged a home. this photo was tweeted out by the alameda county fire department. it shows the bay area red cross helping the family who lives in the home, including five children. they were moved to a safer place following that slide. >> in sonoma county, a nonprofits organization that rescues dogs needs help itself because of the storms. it is in windsor, and was flooded by four inches of water over the weekend. they don't use ken els, but allow dogs to roam around free in their building, but a lot of the dogs didn't like the cold rain water on their paws. >> a little more surprised, and a little stressed for some of them. we had just pulled 19 dogs from four different shelters, and adopted them into our care on saturday, and it's not the warm
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welcome we had hoped in planned for them. >> damage to the shelter is is estimated at more than $20,000. the staff there is caring for the dogs 24 hour has day. they've been keeping them warm with blankets and jackets, but are worried that more rain late tonight, their efforts may be wiped out. the shelter has set up a gofundme account. they are looking for donations. we have posted a link to that site at >> santa cruz, a woman fell into the creek that crosses under ocean avenue. that water was about three feet deep at the time. rescue swimmers jumped into the water and hipped her downstream. that's when fire crews were able to lift her out of the water. take a look at that picture. she was taken to the hospital, and we do not have an update on her condition. >> the napa valley unified school district confirming as many he as 11 napa high school students took part in hazing
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junior varsity football players back in november. the school administration is sent a letter that says: napa police received a report back in november saying some of the players held down their teammates, and then hit them, and that it appeared to be some kind of hazing ritual. >> some complaints about rv parking have led to new parking restrictions north of the golden gate bridge bridge. in marin county, an ordinance will allow park league instructions to be tail ored to specific streets. the first year to get the restrictions would be in san rafael. many people have complained about an increase in homeless people living in rvs parked in their neighborhood. it would give supervisors the option of banning parking at
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all times, or just in certain times and certain areas. time is 4:40. flood look something we'll talk about a lot he today, and the emergency question is pushed into service to help people stranded by high waiters. the russian river is expected to crest today to 6 feet above flood stage. >> also, adam 122 billion spending plan. coming up in three minutes, governor brown's proposed budget for california that includes a budget deficit. >> reporter: this is is highway 24 westbound. another crash near the tunnel. the second one since the morning commute began, is causing a slow down. well, the torrential rain looks to be moving out, but still pockets of very heavy rain, especially in the peninsula, down to the south bay. we'll take a closer look coming
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welcome back. the president of the san francisco police commission has resigned. susie loftus said she has a new job with the sheriff's as the c counsel. her resignation comes just before los angeles deputy police chief william scott officially takes over as san francisco's new police chief. well, governor jerry brown released the first draft of his proposed state budget, calling it the most difficult in years. four years ago, the governor declared california's budget would be balanced for the foreseeable future, but now the governor said the state is projected to run a $1.6 billion
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deficit by next summer, blaming that budget short fall on declining tax revenues. many experts specifically point to income tax. however, some republicans still found something to like about the governor's plan. >> sorry that the deficit is increasing, but we approve of the fact that we are not increasing taxes. >> governor brown said state law make verse to take a look at however money should go to schools, healthcare, social services, and other state programs then budget isn't finalized something summer. governor brain will prevent a revised budgetin may. california is not the only state getting bounded by a winter storm. take a look at this shot from oregon. there is a winter storm warning in portland after several inches of snow fell will. drivers having a difficult time of getting around.
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some have even abandoned their cars on the side of the road. oregon does not use salt on its roads when it snows, partly because of the environmental concerns, but the oregon department of transportation now said it is considering using salt as soon as it figures out where to store it. but oregon also doesn't get as much, portland doesn't -- they're not used to it, may thai probably don't have the snowplow prior equipment and everything that areas that are used to that kind of snow have. >> hey, sal, i came across that black ice this morning on highway 24, and i did a little skid. luckily there, no one else around. >> it's actually rushing water. water that's coming down. i tonight want to say it's been responsible for two crashes, but it is very suspicious that there have been two wrecks right in that area this
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morning, since got it here at 4:00. someone at fish ranch road. a car that lost control, totaled the vehicle. fortunately no major injury for the person inside. so if you are driving through the as tunnel -- caldecott tunnel, be careful. there was a big pot hole on grant line road near 580 that was supposedly caused a bunch of flat tires. 580 is already slow coming in from through the alta month pass. there have been no major problems once you get into the liver more area. let's take a live look at 24 in lafayette. it looks good, but if you're driving from walnut creek creek to oakland, right before you get to the caldecott, just be careful. keep that in the back of your
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mind. water coming off the hill is is coming down on to the road, and it's a big stream, it's a powerful stream. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. it's light. no problems on the bridge getting into san francisco. highway 37 in novato is closed at lakeville between lakeville and 101 because of flooding, and there are a lot of -- there's a lot of agree debris all over the place, so pleasing careful. let's bring steve in with today's weather. >> sal, i know the same is true on the other side for the first board, the furthest board to the right if you're going westbound. so let's say it's berkeley and you're going over to orinda, there's a lot of water that coming off of that -- that comes off of that side, too, but not as much as on the orinda side. that's a lot. all right. let's get to it here. some hoff the rain totals were just incredible yesterday. kristen, 2 and a third in
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downtown novato. year-to-date is 2161. last year's total was 22.06. how about that? that's pretty impressive. i was sitting in my good friend bob's house yesterday, and i don't remember it being that relengthless on the rain, but we just sat there and watchled the rain. i think he had three inches of rain in danville. pretty incredible. unfortunately we're not completely done yet.
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still some move 0ing through. occasionally we'll get moderate to heavy burst offers rain. watch in the last few frames, right there. that he really heavy rain coming in. highway 9 and 17. blizzard warning is out until noon, and the snowfall is being measured in feet. 40s and 50s on your temperatures. and the wind will still be with us. a rather blustery morning, but at least getting a break in the precip. one more system has to come through the pipeline, and that will be tonight into tomorrow. and then we'll get a break until next tuesday, and not as much on this next system, and might even be about san francisco south as much as to the north. so the santa cruz mountains will be in line for more rain after we get past this system thursday, and then we will get a break for at least four or five days. 50s on the temperatures, kind of not really much of a factor here on the temperatures.
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one more system thursday, then dry but colder. look how much colder as we go into the week. >> colder. okay. >> all right, steve, thank you. >> 4:50 is the time right now. new home for george lucas's massive artery collection. find out the proposal that submitted the winning bid. and billions of our exclusive probiotic in every cup. now with an elegant new look. activia. it starts inside.
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millions of people waiting for a tax refund will have to wait a little longer. the irs is delaying tax refunds to 40 million low income families, so it can do a more thorough screening from fraud. the irs will start releasing the money by the end of february. >> time is now 4:53. san francisco mayor ed lee is challenging car manufacturers to produce enough electric vehicles to keep up with the city's fleet of cars. he joined mayors from l.a., and seattle, asking for more production of those vehicles. the three cities would buy more than 20,000 electric vehicles. san francisco has lost out once agun on the george lewisias museum. he the board has approved a plan to build it in south los
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angeles. thesan francisco lobbied to build he the museum on treasure island. it will preserve the film- makers collection of art and movie memorabilia, but, again, it's going to los angeles. >> you're running out of time to go ice skating outside. many of the bay area's outdoor ice rinks are shutting down soon, including union square's holiday ice rink, as well as the one in walnut creek, and is san mateo's ice in the park. they'llary close on monday. most of these ice rinks have been opened since november. residents in guerneville are preparing for the worst as the russian river continues to rise. we'll tell you how much higher it could go, and and what search and rescue teams are doing to try to be save people. >> also president obama said good-bye in his final speech to the nation last night. very emotional. we'll tell you what he had to say in front of a packed house
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in chicago. good morning. we still have plenty of problems on the roads, even though i it's not raining in many areas. we do have flooding, and this is a look at the mcarthur maze, where traffic is doing very well as you come around the corner. >> we need a bit of a break from the rain. we'll get somewhat of one today, but one more system we have to deal with tonight and tomorrow.
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welcome back to mornings on two. all around the bay area, trees are falling over because of the rain-soaked ground, and that includes one that trapped some people for hours. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2, wednesday morning, january 11th. >> i know you want to find out about our weather, how we look right now, and steve is in his office, right over there. >> a little break for some, but still some rain and actually some isolated areas of very heavy rain. bands are continuing to enhance, especially in marin
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county. take a look right there in the last few frames over san rafael. but watch down to portol he a valley. and otherwise, the santa cruz mountains unfortunately will have to deal with some. you can see that's heavy rain moving over 17. it's close tow the radar site, but, still, 50s on the temperatures, a few 40s. the wind will still be with us today, not as windy. but some gusts, maybe 25 to 30. one more system will drop in here late tonight, tomorrow, and then we'll get a break as we med towards friday and the weekend, but it will turn much colder, but still some rain and scattered showers this afternoon. 50s on the temperatures. all right, sal, what do you have, sir? >> we have a lot of slow traffic, and we also have traffic that's affected by the storms that have been happening over the weekend. let's start with he the tracy commute. we have slow traffic not only on 205, but also 580, getting
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through the alta month pass. it does look better once you get into the liver more area. highway 24, near the caldecott, both directions, really, watch for water rushing on to the road. that could make it tough. already a couple of wrecks have happened in that area, and it could be due to the water going through. musiong and taking a look a live picture of interstate 880, north and southbound, the traffic does look good as you travel past the coliseum. i want to remind you that on highway 37 in novato, between lakeville and 1001, that's closed for flooding. you can take lakeville to 101. and highway 17 is going to be slow. there's one-way traffic control
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in the granite creek area that is going to slow you down. now let's go back to to the desk. >> rivers and creeks around the bay area are overflowing. all of that rain. in in downtown napa, the napa river is approaching 26 feet, a foot over flood stage, and a flood warning is in effect until 8:00 this morning. flooding is possible in napa, american canyon, st. helena, and in calistoga. >> bigger problems along the russian river in the guerneville area right now. the russian river is four feet above flood stage, and is expected to rise even more, and could cause more flooding. we followed a rescue team going door-to-door looking for people in the floodwaters. >> reporter: in sometimes pouring rain, it's a trip made time attar time. russian river firefighters checking on residents who are


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