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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  January 11, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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a new study says that working out once a week may be enough. how medical [ indiscernible ] are medical expert ways in. check this out. a guy wake boarding in downtown martinez, so much water has come down over the past few days, so many cities around the bay area are dealing with flooding issues. >>that is something to look at. for many people it was another day of storm related issues from the flooding that you saw in martinez. scattered showers now continue to move across the bay area. i just spoke with our meteorologist and he said more rain will be coming in a few hours. >>so far a series of storms has created major problems across our region. residence are keeping an eye on the russian river. >>cleanup is underway in martinez to clean up the mud
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left behind by nearby creeks flooded city streets. >>in fremont crews are working to clear a mudslide. >>rescue efforts in the south bay going on right now to help residents evacuate from their flooded home in hollister. >>we have team coverage of the cleanup underway. >>let's begin with jesse in the south bay.>>reporter: portions of lovers lane is completely submerged. we have seen this scene all day, trucks and other vehicles with high clearance slowly making their way through this portion of the flooded roadway to ferry residents back-and- forth to their homes. it is the first step in trying to get back to normal. [ indiscernible ] is trying to remove the last remnants of a foot of water that was in his
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small one-bedroom home. mud caked the floor as the high water marks the line of damage. >>[ indiscernible ]. >>i don't know. we have to work on that and figure that out. >>reporter: this house sits on lovers lane. during the early morning hours a storm downpour sent the creek over its bank flooding this northern portion of the county. everything from farm fields to houses first floors underwater. 59 residence self evacuated, another 49 had to be rescued. officials say this is the worst flooding in nearly 2 decades and there is concerns that more rain can make this situation even worse. >>if it keeps raining it is going to get very bad and of course i am going to get flooded. pretty much it is a matter of
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time or days. >>there's a lot of agricultural field that may have been heavily eroded. there are a lot of barns, livestock, animals, we are going to look for anything and everything.>>reporter: sky fox was up a short time ago so you can get a sense of the damage and how much the water has receded. this is a shelter that has been set up at the vw post in downtown hollister for those folks who cannot stay in their homes and who do not have relatives. much of the field that you see here you normally would have livestock they are flooded, animals have been moved to the park for the time being. there is one dead cow a litter of puppies that drowned also. we will continue to update you and i will have another update, you can hear that noise in the background, that is a pump that they are using to try to pump the water out. there is so much water that pump will be running a long
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time. we will have an update in the next hour. incredible pictures. >>we continue to monitor the situation especially along the russian river. >>tom baker is live in [ indiscernible ].>>reporter: look at this, you will see what appeared to be five windows. on the left side of the building there are two windows. beneath them is a doorway. this water is at least 5-6 feet higher than it was at this time yesterday. since it is not raining right at the moment you say why is this not receding? because you have millions of acres of drainage which is known as the russian river basin watershed that is feeding water down here and it will continue to do so for quite some time. any coming rain will contribute more to that. this is the situation that has been very lucky. some homes have been damaged
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and some property has been lost. the reality is it has not gone to the vital areas or the big neighborhoods. if this rain were to continue for another 24 hours it would be quite a different story. this is the highest that i have seen since friday but frankly it is the highest i have seen in many, many years. at the rio theater there is one show and it is everywhere outside, right across the street. this is the staging area for pg&e contractors look like yesterday. today half the parking spaces are submerged along with a huge parking lot as well as a boat launching ramp 30 feet under the flow. it was a scary night for greg. >>my dog woke me up at about 1:30 in the morning, barking like crazy. i realize there was a couple inches of water in our house. about a half hour later that
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couple inches turned into a couple of feet, that fast. we had to scramble and get out fast. >>reporter: with a break in the weather we saw numerous boats, kayaks and rowboats taking a look at the damage are going for supplies were roads were impassable. >>this is the worst i have seen in years. we had a big rain a year when we first moved here 15 years ago and it was nothing like this. >>this was the most significant that i have seen in the past 11 years, the past 11 winters, i have not seen anything flooded to this extent. >>reporter: the owners of this row of homes previously raise them up to minimize damage and keep the federal flood insurance. just down the road this row of businesses that did not or could not raise their buildings up are paying the price today and for many days to come. on the long stretch of river road lined with vineyards both
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locals and visitors took pictures of the russian river way, way out of its banks. >>i vacation here in the late 80s and i saw a bunch of houses gone up and i have heard about the floods and that helps. >>it looks like there was serious flooding amongst people whose houses were not on else. -- stilts. stilts seem like a great idea. >>reporter: for many who have been through this before it is biting one's time. >>just take it one hour at a time now. >>reporter: this afternoon we got a couple of very quick brief rain showers and of course that contributes to this pile of water that still keeps coming down the russian river on its way to the pacific ocean. as you can see coming back live this water seems to be staying at this level for the reason that i said, so much water draining down from the russian
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river it is coming down and making a lot of problems here and downstream. the big question is will there be more rain. i guess there will be but how much. mark tamayo joins us with the forecast. >>it will be more than a few sprinkles but definitely guess that what we have experienced the last few days. january 2017 has been very productive in the bay area as you can see so far the first week we have been talking about significant rainfall. take a look at these numbers since january 1 coming up santa rosa since january 1 over 11 inches of rain, san francisco over five inches, san jose over two inches approaching three inches. we will eclipse that as we head into the forecast for tomorrow. all of this rain, that picture behind me is sugar bowl a couple of hours ago you can see
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those amounts are adding up. that's no amount has been increasing as well for sugar bowl, 77 inches. that is a to date total, kirkwood 71 and squat 54 inches. they have more snow in the forecast with a winter storm warning in place. outside right now let's take a live look outside toward san francisco, definitely clouding things up over the past few hours. a few scattered showers in place. thankfully nothing too major. you just saw tom at the russian river. the river will be cresting in the short term rough estimates right around 6 pm tonight you can see the current level out, 37.7 feet. toward the evening hours it will be trending down, it should be trending down later on tonight into tomorrow. napa river at [ indiscernible ] napa river has already crested and thankfully those water levels are coming down you can see the projected levels by tomorrow afternoon 14.2 feet in
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napa. radar covers there is not a lot just a few scattered showers. the bulk of this is not hitting the ground just yet but a few scattered showers in place. talking about flood warnings as you can see closer to santa clara county and santa cruz county as well. a lot of water settling in these regions without flood warning in place until tomorrow. up in the north bay up towards portions of sonoma county flood warnings are in place from 4:15 just outside of windsor and then this could be extended until 10:30 tomorrow morning as well. still scattered showers on the radar, here we are at 409 there is a light doppler sweep bringing that rainfall, not completely dry but thankfully no torrential downpour's. south and not too much coverage with partly to mostly cloudy skies. let's why not the view in the pacific, it is hard to pick out, this is not well defined
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but the neck system is developing in the pacific. it will be knocking on our door later tonight especially late tonight and early thursday morning adding to the storm totals. it has been so productive since january 1 in the past seven days these totals are adding up. these are the highest in the counties. those numbers as you can see are really up, monterey county, i had to double check that, 28.69 inches that is a seven- day rainfall total. and even up towards sonoma county an isolated spot with over 21 inches. the next system rainfall expectations about it order of an inch to three quarters of an inch. winds no advisories in place, winds may be 20 and 30 miles per hour. keep an eye on coastal flooding with high tide just before 11:00 tomorrow morning. here we go with the 4:00 there is not a lot of action because things will be ramping up with the rainfall intensity tonight and into tomorrow morning. 5 am and 8 am that will be the
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plan with significant rainfall, not with this storm but at least picking up as we head into early thursday morning. this is 5 am tomorrow morning it will be a factor for the commute. taking a closer look we will run this forecast model for the rest of the day and then finally friday we get a break. >>that seems long overdue. the recent storms have certainly revived california's reservoirs. sky fox was over the lexington reservoir [ indiscernible ] forcing the release of thousands of gallons into the creek. that storm also triggering rockslides along highway 17 causing a major backup in los gatos and other areas. not far away so no park is underwater. >>the city of [ indiscernible ] is declaring a local emergency. they posted these photos of the flooding at high tide at the end of fifth street at the
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venetia marina. it flooded homes, toppled trees and overwhelmed drain systems. everyone is encouraged to stay out of the flood zones in the closed off street. it also flooded a few businesses in the benicia industrial park. >>stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. you can download the free weather app where you will find live radar, current conditions in the latest forecast for your area. president-elect donald trump in his first news conference today since winning the election. mr. trump clashed with the press on how to handle his business interests and about those unconfirmed reports that russia has secret information on him. >>reporter: with a little over a week to go until the inauguration donald trump pushing back on reporters asking about leak the documents that would put the president- elect in a precarious position before he takes office. >>it is all fake news. it is phony stuff. it did not happen. it was a group of opponents
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that got together, sick people and they put that crap together. >>reporter: cnn published a story citing anonymous intelligence reports that russia may have compromising information on mr. trump. that was followed by the political blog buzzfeed going further and publishing a dossier of un-verified accusations of both financial and sexual nature against the president-elect. he and reporter scott into a fiery exchange during his first press conference since winning the election. >>you are attacking us. >>reporter: the president-elect announced that he will not divest himself of his entire business empire. instead his two adult sons and a business associate would take over the company and its investment. running them through a trust and overseen by an ethics advisor. the president-elect saying the decision was voluntary. >>don and eric are going to be running the company. they are going to be running it in a very professional manner.
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they are not going to discuss it with me. >>reporter: president-elect also said in his press conference that he expects to name a nominee to fill the supreme court vacancy within two weeks of taking office. in washington foxnews. coming up, don't feel bad if the only -- if you only exercise once a week. a new study concludes that may be enough for some people. >>also you heard part of mr. trump's news conference. up next we discussed the key moments from today's press conference and what today's appearance will tell him -- tell us about his presidency for democrats and republicans. hey julie, i know today's critical, but i really...
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it was definitely not your typical news conference. president-elect donald trump in a verbal wrestling match with a cnn correspondent sparring with other members of the news media as well. the back-and-forth seem to overshadow other significant news of the day including his statements on russia, a border wall in the supreme court. >>joining me now is congresswoman jackie speier. thank you for taking time out to talk with us. >>thank you. >>let's talk about what inspired trump's theory today. let's talk about that cnn report that claims that russia has information about trump's
4:19 pm
behavior and finances. what you think about that? >>i think that reporting is irrelevant to what he was saying today. what he was saying showed an irrational person. it established in my mind that he does not have the temperament to be the president of the united states. he has to get tougher skin. those particular statements that were made, that particular report that was provided is something that he should say is unsubstantiated. instead what he did was attack individuals. his whole modus operandi is to attack. he attacks the press, he attacks the intelligence community. i give him six weeks-two months he will start attacking the republican congress because they are not doing what he wants. he is not the king of the united states he is going to be
4:20 pm
the president of the united states. he is one of three equal branches of this government and i do not think he has read the constitution. >>i know that you question whether he has the temperament to be president but he is in fact going to be president. i want to switch to his comment today on russian hacking. he had a message for mr. putin. he said if in fact russia was doing this hacking that he should not be doing it and he said if he was president russia would have more respect for the u. s. >>first of all there is no question that the russians hacked our electoral process. it is the first time in the history of our country that any government has attempted to influence the outcome of an election. that is fact. he has had the briefing on that. there is an unclassified briefing that is very comprehensive. ordered it, putin wanted trump to be elected and he wanted to
4:21 pm
make sure hillary clinton was not. everything they brought out was against hillary clinton. they have plenty on the republicans they just chose not to put it out. in terms of actions taken, it was very significant that 35 of the diplomats that were expelled are russian agents that are not here and not collecting intelligence as a result of being expelled. they shut down to of their resorts or homes that they were using. that is significant. if in fact there is covert activity the president made it clear that is not something he is going to announce and that is something that will take place, if it takes place, as the president sees fit. >>final question. is there any path forward with mr. trump and his administration and a republican controlled congress as far as you are concerned? >>we have to look at ways that
4:22 pm
we can work with them. we are going to stand by our principles. we are going to stand for the american people. he is not supposed to be enriched as the president of the united states in a financial manner. the [ indiscernible ] clause is going to cause great difficulty for him because he has all of the foreign dignitaries that will be enriching him by staying at his hotel and that violates the clause and again is something that congress is going to have to take steps to address. he cannot receive those [ indiscernible ] unless congress approves. >>thank you for taking time. obviously an unconventional news conference generating a lot of different reactions. let's get the other side. she is a republican surrogate
4:23 pm
-- trump surrogate throughout the election. first of all you take donald trump at the news conference he is confrontational. he attacked [ indiscernible ] from cnn. a couple days before he attacked meryl streep on twitter. when someone says something about him he seems to go into attack mode. is that a problem? >>for me that is not a problem. i don't see him as being confrontational, i see him as defending himself when he is being attacked. i think that is a quality that i respect in him. >>if you are in his inner circle would you say take your twitter feed away or do you want him to continue down the way he has a during this process where he immediately react to things at 4:00 in the morning. >>i follow him on twitter. no, i don't want him to stop tweeting. i don't find myself agreeing with every single thing that he tweets. at the end of the day i appreciate that he tweets what he is thinking and what he is feeling. it is a direct line from him to
4:24 pm
the american people. you are not going to agree with everything he says. i appreciate the fact that he shares his thoughts. >>what were your thoughts on his first press conference since the election. what stood out to you most? >>what stood out to me most was the fact that he is taking it so seriously to distance himself from his company. being the president of the united states there is no conflict of interest, he has taken a step above and beyond what is required of him to do and that is to distance himself. he is going to have his two sons run the company along with another business colleague. i appreciate that because that is what the american people deserve. we deserve 100 percent of his time and he is aware of that and he is taking every step necessary to ensure that we get it. >>obama care, the affordable
4:25 pm
care act, he said he was going to repeal it he said it was terrible or horrible. there is nothing concrete yet. are you concerned that the replacement will not take care of the 20 million people that now do have health coverage that did not before, before it was instituted? >>i can't speak to the policy. i do have confidence that he has heard the american people and he understands that obama care does work for some people. and for some people it is horrible. when he says he wants to repeal and replace obama care was something that works for everyone, i am confident that he has taken into account everyone's situation. >>your message to people that voted against him, do not like him and are fearful for the next four years. >>i would encourage them to listen to what he is saying. listen to the policies he is laying out in the people he is taking for his cabinet. take a couple of minutes out of your day and actually listen to
4:26 pm
the words that he is saying and not what they are hearing through a third-party. >>thank you for coming in. how expensive is san francisco? you may be taken aback when you hear about the average price for a fixer upper. i am talking about a fixer upper. we will speak with an expert about the soaring home cost when we come back. it is pretty astonishing.
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if you are looking to buy a fixer upper, san francisco may not be the place you want to go unless you have tons of cash. in the city homes labeled fixer uppers sold for an average of $920,000. the parallel [ indiscernible ] group commission to study. we have been talking about this for months and years but it is astonishing when you look at the numbers the amount of money it cost to buy a home in san francisco. what stood out most to you from this study? >>what is impressing is the market in san francisco cool down in 2016. of course prices are still -- that is crazy compared to anyplace else. a fixer upper is a very small part of a big report. the value of land is so high or the cost of land is so high in
4:30 pm
the city that it is what you can do with the property that is more valuable than what is on it now. we have a lot of older smaller houses in the city. people can buy that, $920,000 sounds like a lot, that is $400,000 below the median house price in the city. they buy it and they take a 1200 square foot house and turn it into a 3500 square foot house and that is where they see the value. >>we are looking at a graphic that talks about different things that are a part of a unit that cells from the wine cellar to the view of the golden gate bridge. the most negative thing that pops out is the tenant occupied scenario. that is where you could get a discount but the problem is with rent control you may never get to live in the house. >>hopefully you would get to live in the house. rent control and eviction in san francisco is a big issue.
4:31 pm
over the last few years the city has taken several additional measures to discourage the eviction of tenants. if someone is selling a tenant occupied property typically they have to offer it at a significant discount to attract a buyer to go through the hassle and aggravation and additional cost. >>where are the hotspots in the city? >>it is interesting the markets in the last year and a half has shifted to the more affordable areas, more affordable by definition only. that is mostly in the southern and southeastern neighborhoods, sunset, parkside, bayview to [ indiscernible ]. these markets are very hot as people look for a place where they can buy in affordable house. >>affordable is relative.
4:32 pm
patrick carlisle with the paragon real estate group. thank you for joining us. >>my pleasure. >>truly staggering numbers. more pictures of storm damage as we get ready for more wet weather. crews at the scene of a road closure after a rain swollen creek causes the road to literally collapse. a sinkhole in the east bay causes all sorts of problems. storm coverage continues after the break.
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we have pretty dramatic pictures to show you of what is happening at this time in nevada. if you take a look on your screen you will see one, two, three cars abandoned right there in the middle of the road due to flooding. you can see that the cars in the drivers apparently were making their way into this flooded roadway and got stuck and left their cars right in the middle of the road. these pictures are coming to us from sky fox. this is along highway 37 in novato. we are working to learn more about the situation. looking at these life pictures you can see an awful lot of water here on highway 37 and at least three cars abandoned right there in the middle of the road. >>we really are seeing remarkable damage from these latest storms.
4:36 pm
here is [ indiscernible ] were a portion of alhambra valley road completely washed away. sky fox flew over it earlier today finding bicyclist making their way alongside the roadway tiptoeing over to the other side. alhambra road is used as a shortcut between pinole and concorde. >>right now to [ indiscernible ] it could be a week for a sinkhole is patched up it opened up this morning after heavy rain washed away part of the culvert.>>reporter: about 15 feet deep, 30 by 30, i would guess. we will take out this whole roadway and it will be this road is one of our five main roads. it impacts schools and a lot of residence.>>reporter: the public works inspector said it will take at least a week to patch up the road and replace
4:37 pm
the sewer line that burst underneath it. some of the sewage spilled in tucson pablo creek. a creek pours into [ indiscernible ] reservoir. workers tested the water this morning to find out how much sewage had leaked. >>this is a tough one. >>reporter: the problem started last night heavy rain flooded the intersection of minor road and [ indiscernible ]. >>the water was about maybe 75 feet wide. it covered that little bridge completely. we could not see any of the bridge it was a lake. >>reporter: this neighbor said no one noticed the sinkhole until the water receded around 8:30 this morning. that is when firefighters drove up to the intersection and stopped when they noticed a whole 50 feet deep. >>they were coming to check on the neighbors and they saw the sinkhole just before the fire engine ran into its. it could have been a lot worse. >>reporter: a representative from the water utility said they got the results of the test that they did on the
4:38 pm
water. they found no dangerous amounts of sewage in san pablo creek and they think the reason may be because there was so much rain and water flowing through the last 24 hours that the amount of sewage that spilled from the 15 inch pipe was really negligible. the entire region getting hit. in sacramento county a river levy has broken. the break happened about 5:15 to 20. sacramento emergency services said residence are not in danger at this point because most of the water is spilling into agricultural fields but the roads in the area are closed due to flooding. no evacuations are in place but you can see dramatic pictures coming in from sacramento county. >>anyone driving to and from the sierra will feel the effects of the storm. interstate 80 has recently reopened between colfax and placer county in the nevada state line. it is still very hard to see. visibility right now is about
4:39 pm
500 feet. everyone out there should make -- should not make the drive unless it is totally necessary. highway 55 is open between pollock pines and myers after they finished avalanche control work. chains is required between myers and [ indiscernible ] in el dorado county unless you have a four-wheel-drive. >>between 2-4 feet of snow fell in the lake tahoe region in the last couple of days. this forced ski resorts to shut down early yesterday. there have been blizzard conditions and most resort operators remain closed today. that includes a squaw valley, diamond p, heavenly, kirkwood and [ indiscernible ]. nfl owner meeting in new york city. one of the main topics to discuss a potential move of the oakland raiders to las vegas. we will talk about that coming up after the break. and whether it is nice to have a bit of a break in the
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are we getting more rain? >>one more system. this is what we are used to not this much rainfall but an
4:43 pm
active weather pattern this time of year. it has been so dry the past three or four years but it looks pretty good. you can see with the clouds and the raindrops hitting the lens we do have rain showers in the forecast. it is nice to see all of the green hills. we will be talking about more rain first thing tomorrow morning there is are camera looking out towards san francisco i believe that aerial shot was over lafayette. still clouds out, activity on the radar. not all of this is reaching the ground but things will increase throughout the evening hours but especially late tonight. up in north bay not as much coverage but out towards napa a few scattered showers. we actually have a dry set up in the south bay down towards san jose even down towards santa cruz mountains. as we expand the view the neck system develops out here in the
4:44 pm
pacific this will bring us more rainfall as we head towards tonight in early tomorrow morning for thursday. five day rainfall totals we are adding them up, santa rosa approaching nine inches, napa over 5 1/2, redwood city over four inches. san francisco 3.73 and even san jose over two inches. as you know we have had explosive storms the past few days with heavy rainfall. this next one setting up out here in the pacific. rainfall expectations most areas about what of an inch to three quarters of an inch. a few spots approaching one inch. wind gusting to 30 miles per hour. no wind advisory. high tide at golden gate tomorrow 10:44 once again with those extreme high tides we have flooding out there near the coast in the bay. in terms of the rainfall timing there is not too much happening in the short term. things wrap up tonight into thursday. heads up for the thursday
4:45 pm
morning commute especially for the early morning commute we are talking about more downpours. san francisco 8 am rain likely 48 in the sky cast as you can see scales back on the raindrops. sun and cloud mix as we head into the afternoon hours. partly cloudy skies by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon with a chance of an isolated shower. here is the forecast model we will put this in motion as we take this into 4:00, the early portion of the commute if you are waking up we could have some raindrops. there is even a chance of an isolated thunderstorm. this is 6 am and you will notice the covers begins to back off by the afternoon hours. there is still a chance of a pop up shower. for the most part most of the organized activity moves into the region first thing tomorrow morning. look at this we can smile and enjoy this break on friday with mostly sunny skies after patchy morning fog. temperatures tomorrow lots of 50s out there with afternoon highs and a son cloud mix for
4:46 pm
the afternoon hours. it looks like we get a dry break it is looking nice for friday and the weekend partly cloudy skies and cold overnight lows but we deserve that break heading our way on friday. thank you. now we want to talk about what happened today in new york city and the nfl meeting to talk about among other things the raiders potential move to las vegas. >>are sports director is here with more on this big meeting. every time something happens it shifts the ball towards a vegas. >>the momentum could be headed that way but it does not seem like we are always here talking about a potential move for the raiders? the nfl meetings began today although don't expect any major news to come out of it. i think they are very concerned right now about the san diego chargers situation. they are talking about whether or not the chargers will move to la. today here's the scene. we did see mark davis and jed york. of course jed would love mr.
4:47 pm
davis to move on to las vegas and have the bay area to himself. there you go. if they do meet, like i say the have to figure out the san diego situation but want to make it clear that mark davis did make his presentation today. however he is not officially filed for relocation approval and may be waiting to see what unfolds for the la and charger situation in san diego before making a move. he wants to keep his options open perhaps have leverage. however as been reported the raiders vegas idea is gaining momentum amongst nfl owners at least there is certainly no obvious vocal nfl owner public opposition. jerry jones son stephen is the ceo of the dallas cowboys says quote it seems doable but he wants to look into a further. perhaps the number one owner in all of the nfl that would be
4:48 pm
robert crafted the patriots says i think it is a good possibility. you are not hearing anybody come out and say vegas it is not going to happen. of course in months prior you were hearing there will never be a franchise in vegas because the owners would not want to get that close to gambling problems and all of that. but that seems to have subsided a little bit and the potential is there. again i repeat no vote was taken. he has not even officially filed for approval from the league and we are waiting to see what transpires. it is a situation that is looking more and more viable at this time. i want to caution they do not have a stadium site in vegas, they have not built anything. >>even if it happens it will take years. >>the fact that so many owner say it is impressive and they like what they see it is telling. >>yes. let's repeat you do need 24
4:49 pm
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there are some questions today about mammograms. a new study shows that one in three women with abnormalities that were detected by a mammogram may never cause health problems. our medical expert is here now. dr. larry, we talked you before the segment, this challenges what a lot of women have been told. what you make of this study? >>years ago, 14 years ago when
4:52 pm
i was a medical's goal we studied mammograms. they are not perfect, we know that. talk with your doctor, individualize it based on you like what you told me family history, you had cancer before, how old are you, should you start at 40, 45, 50, you have to individualize that. mammogram is an x-ray of the breast. when we see a white spot sometimes we biopsy it and do things with turns out to be not cancer. we have to know you and your comfort level. >>your real concern is unneeded treatment, unnecessary treatment. that is something that obviously we have to way as well. >>this has been known in the medical community for a while. sometimes we should not test and treat and we do overdiagnosed in over treat. again, a good trust the doctor can help you sort that out to figure out what is right for you.
4:53 pm
>>i want to switch gears to a new study on exercise. i actually found this surprising. are you telling me that i only have to go to the spin class or yoga class once a week and i am good? >>nice try. >>that is what the study says. >>that is not what it says but that was a nice try. something is better than nothing. one of them was 15 minutes three times a day compared to doing nothing and you will live three years longer. i think this one with the weekend warriors, what i say for people who are like i don't have the time, i have not come anywhere close to five days a week it is not worth it if i do anything on the weekend, 40 percent reduction in risk of death that is meaningful. >>it is really not about scaling back, it is really at least making the one day a week a priority. >>like i said something is better than nothing. is one day a week going to get to the weight loss or your diabetes better?
4:54 pm
probably not. does it make a difference? yes. >>perhaps if you get on a one day a week routine eventually it will move to two or three and that is better, right? >> >>always great to have you on. surprising studies on both ends of the study. we will be right back.
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i never dreamt i would see in my lifetime. >> a 12 person bus. . >> you have to give your seat up to the next person waiting, although it's so much fun. >> then arma heads back where it came from, back and forth all day long for the next two weeks. >> i don't care where you live, if you're visiting town, you can come down on this. >> we could see more self- driving shuttles downtown. >> wanting to get the responses from our ridership, we certainly want to talk with them but from my perspective, that's what we want to have. we have a preliminary map in mind to move people in and around the heart of the city.
4:59 pm
>> for now, it's just for one, driverless armadillo and a whole lot of curiosity in downtown. >> i rode it and it was fun and i wasn't even scared for one minute. ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 starts now. >> reservoirs overflowing. emergency crews rescue dozens of people from rising flood waters n some places, watt inundated the first floors of homes and boats become the only mode of transportation in this north bay city. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. we begin with dramatic video of a huge sinkhole in the east pay. a portion of alhambra valley road has completely washed away. sky fox flew over the area this morning and found bike riders carrying their bikes and making their way over pinole creek alongside the roadway. >> take a look at this mess on
5:00 pm
blossom hill road is totally under water. you can see the playground and what looks like a muddy mess. >> and employees at hardware stores are very popular right now. the lafayette roofing company has been inundated with calls from homeowners with leaking roofs and on the other end, it's been tough for the tilden park golf course and the car wash that only saw a handful of cars today. >> we have team coverage of the flooding and the aftermath. ktvu's tom vacar is in the north bay keeping an eye on rising water levels. >> we begin with jesse garry who's in unincorporated san bernardino county where dozens of people had to evacuate or be rescued today from flood waters. >> reporter: that's right. they're starting to filter back and as they do, they're finding water and mud and a mirky mess waiting for them. i'll move out of the way. you can see portions of lovers lane where we're standing inundated with water, submerged,


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