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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  January 12, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> this is ktvu mornings on 2. thank you for joining us. it's thursday, january 12th. >> am pam cook. >> let's talk about the wait. immaterial saw rain comen. >> all the way in for me. >> windshield wiper was going. steve is right over there. >> one more system here. then we will get a break-in to the the weekend. some of the good news is this system is favoring more areas to the south and up towards the river. the river is crested at gurnville. that's good news. we will start to see that decreasing even today. there is not a lot here to the north. there will be more to the south. our system about a quarter inch much to three quarters. some good gusts but this is a far cry from anything we saw over the last couple days. it's still there and every system does make it and you can see rain is spreading in not that much to the north. we will take it. there is still some. any rain that falls won't help situations. looks like the heaviest rain
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around morgan hill to gilroy, the system will continue to work south throughout the morning hours. look for morning rain and then decreasing along with cold air by this evening. 40s on the temperatures. we are running cooler. that's for sure and breeze at times. the system is right there and it's on its way out. to the south and the santa cruz mountains that's where the heaviest rain will fall. 50s on the temperatures. cool day here. morning rain. sal, good morning sir. good morning to you. we do have rain and we do have a couple of things for the most part it is light drive right now. the bay bridge toll plaza and elsewhere. we are starting in tracy and looking at the tracy drive. you can see the traffic is going to be busy but not stop and go. you can see traffic is moving along well. we have an accident southbound 101 in the north bay. just seeing that come in. other than that we have traffic moving well.
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just west of north flinn. let's move along and take a look at rth and southbound. our live traffic cameras will show you wet roads out here this is in oakland. at the bay bridge toll plaza its light. let's go back to the the desk. we have some good news for many south bay drivers. highway 17 is open again this morning in both directions. just after midnight cal trans crews were able to finish clearing up a 50-foot mudslide on the road. the problem started very early yesterday. the right lane of southbound 17 was blocked by the mud and crews frequently needed to shut down the other lane to clean up the mess. that created a traffic nightmare during the evening drive. >> the worst ever. probably the worst since the 89 quake. >> this was one of the bigger ones. its been a while since we have had one this big.
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>> people say their usual drive is among the worst in the bay area but the rain and then the mudslide put it over the top. cal trans said the reason it took so long is because the mud was very messy. time is now 4:03. one of mar in county's busiest roads is still closed because of flooding. it's closed between highway 101 and atherton avenue. 37,000 vehicles passed through that area every day. cars became stranded in four feet of standing water. which don't know when that part will reopen. >> normally busy floodwaters have covered all four lanes of highway 37 and left it empty from sky fox the damage is clear. all four lanes covered and three abandoned vehicles. the police say that the problem started with reports of water on the roadway tuesday night. >> what we are seeing and
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what's behind me is flooding that has started on the westbound side, heading toward marin and has now crept in to the eastbound lanes. >> reporter: the chp shut down highway 37 between 101 and the stone tree golf club. days of rain covered the ground, swelled the river over its banks and the king tides pushed war up from the bay. now with more rain predicted this flood water isn't going anywhere any time soon. >> there is nowhere for this water to go. the ground is soaked. there is nowhere for it to drain. >> reporter: with 37 is shut down drivers detouring to nearby atherton. the two lane road packed with traffic, usually carried on a four lane highway. just off ath erton a towing company has been busy. they have seen one call after another. >> it's a lot of people getting stuck on the road.
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cars over flowing. . >> reporter: the chp said they have had isolated reports of drivers going around the barricades trying to tariff through the high water. a dangerous gamble. >> the three vehicles to my right over here are great reminders of why you shouldn't try to go through. once your engine gets the water it's done. it's not going to move. >> reporter: ktvu. it may take as long as three weeks to fix a sink hole in or ind a. that hole is about 42 feet wide, 15 feet deep. it opened on minor and camino pabl road. two sewer pipes broke. the road is shut down and delays are expected. and the city of benecia is cleaning up after the lake herman reservoir over flowed in to a locreek. that swamped homes and the city's drainage system. businesses in the area were forced to evacuate and a local
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emergency was declared so that the city can apply for state and federal aid. an appeals court threw automatic a law that bans secret grand juries for determining if police officers involved in deadly shootings should face charges. now the state legislator passed that law back in 2015. is shifted the decision to file charges from closed door grand juries to prosecutors. that followed nationwide protests after grand juries failed to indict police officers who shot and killed unarmed african american men. on tuesday the appeals court said that the law interfere was the authority of a grand jury that was established in 1879 by the california constitution. the appeals court said that legislature would have to seek a constitutional amendment in order to keep that ban on grand juries in police shootings. a south bay construction worker who was laid off just the before thanksgiving is pleading not guilty to
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burglary. prosecutors say that he tried to get even with the company that let him go by stealing nearly $9,000 worth of equipment. the mercury news reports investigators believe that he took the power tools from the construction site. it also said that police were suspicious when they saw a parked vehicle with the driver seat pushed back at the site. two other people were also arrested. they are all out on bail until court hearings next month and then in march. police in campbell say they have arrested a man who robbed the same bank twice. the chase bank on south winchester boulevard was the target. the first robbery was october 28 pght. the second on december 20th. campbell police arrested the man who is -- on parole -- he is -- he -- for robbery. lives just a block from the bank. is he now at the santa clara main jail facing two counts of robbery.
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san francisco's first fed death of the new year is being investigated. it happened yesterday afternoon at union. a woman was crossing the street when a truck towing a trailer hit her. she was rushed to the hospital but later died. the truck driver did stay there at the scene and is cooperating with investigators. a muni investigation continues now in san francisco after a man's body was found on the tracks in an underground tunnel. the police hope surveillance video will explain what happened. its being investigated as a deadly collision. it was first reported at 3:00 p.m. yesterday. the body was found between castro and church street stations and led to widespread delays for trains during the evening. right now it's 4:08 and an illegal gambling operation with dozens of people inside. the bust that landed 20 people in handcuffs. >> and the san diego chargers, they are poised to announce a move to los angeles. what this means to the future
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of the oakland raiders in oakland. >> good morning. it's still wet out there. its been raining and that means your drive is not going to be a great one this is a look at the golden gate bridge. you can see traffic looks good as you head south. >> another system has arrived its producing rain. nothing to heavy or crazy yet. looks like a rainy morning. we will see if there are any changes for the weekend that looks dry. woman: college today. career tomorrow at the peralta colleges. sign up for classes today at one of our four colleges. berkeley city college, college of alameda, laney college and merritt college. classes start january 23rd. we have so many ways for you to get ahead. financial aid, thousands of classes to choose from,
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. welcome back. republicans are taken the first step toward repealing the health care law. if will be repealed and replaced. we will most likely be on the same day or the same week but probably the same day. could be the same hour. >> that is what the president elect said yesterday about his vision for dismantling the affordable care act and early this morning just hours ago the senate pass aid budget measure. a necessary step to start the repeal process. the house will vote on the bill tomorrow. some republicans are worried about setting the repeal effort in motion without having a replacement plan ready. the president in mexico is making clear that his country will not pay for a wall along it's border with the united states. in comments yesterday the president of mexico rejected the president elect's claim
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that mexico would pay for the wall. the mexican president said instead the united states should focus on stopping the flow of illegal weapons in to mexico yesterday trump said mexico would pay for the wall though he said maybe they would not pay for the wall up front but reimburse the united states. senate confirmation start its today for three of his cabinet nominees. james maddis for secretary of defenseed head of the cia and ben carson for housing urban development. yesterday rex tillerson started his hearing. he faced several to you questions including rubio grilling him for not taking a hard stance against cyber attacks rushy. he also hit him hard on russia's role in the war in syria and the attacks on civilians by the rush man
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military. tillerson wouldn't call putin a war criminal without further investigation. >> i understand there is a body of record in the public domain. i'm sure there is a body of record in the classified domain. i think in order to deal with the serious question like this --. >> [inaudible] >> i will seek --. >> rmed before advising the president. >> is he a long time head of exxon. he has had many business dealing was rushy. they lost millions when the united states imposed sanctions on russia for annexing crimea. in a move affecting the raiders relocation effort the chargers could announce as soon as today that they will headed to los angeles. the team's owner has called an 8:00 a.m. staff meeting will tell employees he is moving the fran chase to loss where they will share a stadium with the rams. the chargers who have been in
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san diego for 56 year also play at the 30,000 seat stub center in carson california for the next two seasons until the $2.6 billion ram stadium is done. the chargers move would likely prevent the raiders returning to los angeles but san diego could now be in the mix however -- raiders owner mark davis is still committed to moving to las vegas. he talked about his plan to -- the -- the nfl owners committee yesterday in new york. davis refused comment the other owners said that davis is close to making a decision. the raiders have until february 15th to file relocation papers. the owners say that they could move to las vegas and build a stadium without the 650 million- dollar investment of casino boss -- he reportedly wants to own a piece of the team. i know it's rough for you to read that changerrers story. >> i'm not happy about it. no. san diego has very loyal fans
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like san francisco and to have them move -- not nice. >> we will see. sal is right over there. >> i'm not happy either. >> yeah. i didn't grownup san diego like you d. i don't like when teams leave their fans. >> they are very loyal. when the chargers one time went to the super bowl people painted on their cars and houses. they go even when the team is bad. >> and same for oakland. >> yeah. >> if the team leaves. >> very loyal. >> i'm still upset that the colts left. >> i know you are. >> i am. >> good morning. let's go out and take a look at gilroy. traffic is moving along okay. if you are driving on northbound 101. there is a lot of standing water. it hasn't risen to the level of being closures but if you drive in the area you know some area that will be just a little bit dicey. take it easy. steve will be here in a moment and steve has slightly better
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news about the break. ly let him break that to you. let's go about closures. highway 35 at bear gulch road. it's still closed in this area. it'll see some standing water. highway 152 is closed in both directions in e becausof fl. let's move along and take a look at 880 north d southbound. it's not bad here at the coliseum. at the bay bridge toll plada traffic is move agriculture long okay. it's still raining a bit and another wet drive for this thursday morning. let's bring steve in. if you are trying to build a stadium for 15 years and make no progress what will you do? >> i understand. i get it. i just don't think that the fans who have no real control --. >> correct. if a stadium gets done. i feel for the fans. >> i agree with you on that. >> the other people okay. the fans get the raw deal. >> i agree. thank you. all right. we have one more system here. it looks like a break won't
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last long. rain may return by next tuesday night or wednesday. we have some rain moving through and there is the low which give it credit, every system has produced some rain. some heavy rain this one won't do that. the river, napa river have crested out and they are on their way down. the heavier rain won't fall in the north bayt. will fall more toward the santa cruz mountains. they are in line for it today. not a lot of rain. there may be the isolated area. nothing to crazy on the wind. high fide at the golden gate 10:44. seven feet. there is the system. not a lot to the north. there will be embedded, occasionly heavier bursts of rain and that will be with us. for the morning and you can see down toward morgan hill, santa cruz, there was a line that moved. noun to holister there were pockets of heavy rain. the system still moving through. you can see the circulation there as it starts to work
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south. the advisories for snow, winter storm warning is out for the sierra and then flash flood watches or warnings continue for obvious reasons. 40s on the temperatures. a cooler air mass. 42 up in yukia. some snow. last check south lake tahoe and getting bad images here. that's what you are seeing. there is the is system president the heaviest rain will be to the south and temperature also be on the cool side. 50s. maybe upper 40s in the higher elevations. one more system then we can clear it out. i don't think it'll be sunny, sunny. always a couple systems could sneak through. the trend is for colder lows but at least a break as we go in to the weekend. >> we could use more of a break. yesterday was welcome sight to let things dry up a bit. >> correct. >> thank you. police in oregon say four people have died from the cold in portland since the first of the year. the latest victim was fo yesterday in a neighborhood
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near the waterfront. at first investigators thought he was a homicide victim. now they say the 29-year-old had been living in the forest and may have been dead for days before he was found. the city is adding shelter beds and asking people to call the police if they do see someone who is homeless and looks like they need help. >> yeah. some people are taking advantage of flooding. a man in martinez that was wake- boarding in a parking lot that was under water. >> coming up hundreds of employees laid off. the actions being taken by pg&e and the reason behind it. s
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. welcome back it mornings on 2. vw agreed to a record breaking settlement in the emissions cheating scandal. they agreed to pay $4.3 billion. the biggest fine ever imposed by the government against a car maker. the penalty is after prosecutors found vw rigged more than a half million vehicles to cheat pollution laws. six vw executives are facing criminal charges for their alleged roles. pg&e is laying off hundreds of employees. yesterday the utility said that 450 support job also be cut. 60 of those employees being moved in to new roles. pg&e is also cutting 800 contract jobs and said that
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it'll not fill 500 open positions. pg&e said that it's reducing its cost to invest in safety emission. the company said the total saving is be about $300 million a year. jet the blue passengers will now get to surf the web, stream video he owe for ee. a domestic travelers will get to enjoy the perk. it said it's the first united states airline to it offer free internet during the flight on every airplane. other airlines offer wifi connections for passengers usually comes a fee, all jetblue planes should have it with in the next few weeks. health insurance sygna said it won't cover the epi pen, only a lesser priced generic version that came out last month. it's used to help stoppal letter going reactions. a two pack costs more than $100
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as we have been reporting. the generic version costs half that. fedex and walgreenss teaming up. fedex said its customers will be able to drop off and pick up packages at thousands of walgreenss around the country. it's expected to start this spring. right now its not clear how many will participate in the program in the beginning. walgreenss said it should be available at almost 8,000 stores by the fall of 2018. san francisco city leaders warning people of possible scams ahead of the new year celebration. police direct attorney and community leaders passed out flyers in china town yesterday. one particular scam that they want people to be on the look out for is the so-called blessing scam. normally targeting older women. it involves thieves offering to ward off evil spirits by blessing a bag of the victim's money and other items. in the end they swap out the bag full of cash with an empty
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bag and steal the person's money. >> we had women that was -- she worked in the janitor service at a restaurant for over 20 years saving money for the education for her child. she had collected about $20,000. this is someone working for minimum wage. she gave it up during the blessing scam. >> police say that cultural issues and fear of deportation may keep victims from reporting crimes but city officials are reminding people that san francisco is a sanctuary city and they want crime victims to come forward regardless of their immigration status. flooding, mudslides, sink holes and downed trees. the damage and clean up from another round of heavy rain. >> and guns and slot machines. sheriff's deputies say a raid on an illegal casino landed 20
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people in jail. >> good morning. traffic is moving along well if you are driving on the freeway. even though it's wet out there. that may slow you down as you drive to your destination. >> one more system here in the pipeline until we get a bit of a break over the weekend. it's producing rain, heaviest rain looks to be to the south. not so much to the north. we will have more coming up.
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. welcome back. thursday, january 12th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. rained all night. rain this morning. when will it stop? we have to ask steve. >> okay. >> for the most part on the weekend. there may be a small system sunday. >> all day drive will be interpret they wet. >> not all day but morning and early afternoon. yes. some.
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>> all right. >> one more system and then rain returns next tuesday night. may take us to the edged of the month. so, let's take this break and hang our hat on it. we will needt. low rotate around. painting rain over most of the area. not a lot with this system but quarter, three quarters, maybe an inch and a quarter for some. not a big wind producer. obviously with the high tide and rain. we understand what's going on. we have just had so much precipitation. this system will just give us a lighter rain. there may be bursts of moderate rain. at least things hit and miss. that's what we will have. some areas will get good rain. others will have cloudy skies and light rain. the system will keep us in an active pattern. then as it starts to move south we will start to see clearing but colder air. definitely on the way tonight and tomorrow. winter storm warnings out for the sierra. bad images in here. there goes the systemt. will give us morning rain and after that we


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