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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  January 12, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> one more system and then rain returns next tuesday night. may take us to the edged of the month. so, let's take this break and hang our hat on it. we will needt. low rotate around. painting rain over most of the area. not a lot with this system but quarter, three quarters, maybe an inch and a quarter for some. not a big wind producer. obviously with the high tide and rain. we understand what's going on. we have just had so much precipitation. this system will just give us a lighter rain. there may be bursts of moderate rain. at least things hit and miss. that's what we will have. some areas will get good rain. others will have cloudy skies and light rain. the system will keep us in an active pattern. then as it starts to move south we will start to see clearing but colder air. definitely on the way tonight and tomorrow. winter storm warnings out for the sierra. bad images in here. there goes the systemt. will give us morning rain and after that we will see
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improving conditions by this after one more day of precipitation and then a break over the weekend. 50s on the temperatures. we do have a look at the solano drive and we are looking at traffic that is mostly doing well here in so hugey no on 80 westbound. there have been no major problems in the area but the traffic is going to be affected by wet weather. it's wet out there in case you haven't looked outside. not a huge storm but wet -- that's hard to say. wet roads. it's damp out there. let's go out and look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's raining right now here or it has rained recently. the camera is wet. traffic will be okay on the bridge. there is been a new crash reported, northbound 880 at the off ram many which is the exit before oak street. i don't see anything on the freeway. chp is headed out to look at the off ramp. apparently there is some debris
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that was causing flat tires, caused one car to get into a wreck. as we look here the headlights coming toward us. that's traffic heading up to downtown oakland. i don't see any slow downs. so i think that the accident may be confined to one of the off ramps and not affecting the freeway. traffic is light. let's take a look at 280 in san jose. northbound 280 traffic is looking good. that's on the right of the screen with the tail lights get away from us. it looks good in to the valley. let's go back to the desk. the river in gurnville starting to go down a little but it's still causing problems in sonoma. several roads are still closed because of floodwaters but that hasn't stopped some drivers thinking i can get through. then their cars stall and then fire crews have to come and pull them out. some neighborhoods remain under water even though the rains shopped and the fire chief is worried about what will happen if there are more storms. >> this is only january.
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how much more winter will we have in this country is just loose. what [inaudible] everywhere you go there are slides. >> the fire chief said even when all the rain and flooding stop there is will still be a lot of clean up work to do. he said once the water pulls back the roads and hills will be covered trash if the floodwaters carry downstream. he said he is thankful nobody was seriously hurt. sounds strange but even with all the rain the city of santa cruz has declared a water emergency. one of the is city's biggest water deliver are you pipes burst on monday. depriving the city of more than a million gallons of water a day. santa cruz is asking everybody cut back on water use by 30%. water officials are suggesting people take fewer showers, do less laundry, use paper plates instead of having to wash dishes, the crews trying to repair the damaged pipes but can't say yet when that will be
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completed. all this rain means extra revenue for some bay area businesses. we checked out how some businesses are coping after a long wet week and anything that repels water is certainly been a big hit at local hardware stores. the lafayette roofing company said its getting many calls homeowners reporting leaky roofs. >> can you remember a time like this? >> no. i have been thinking back to the el nino and stuff that we have. we have more water i think in a short period of time. i don't -- i have never seen it like this in over 40 years. >> however the rain has put some people out of work. the stormy weather shut down the ttildon golf course and people who work at a car wash not seeing any business lately. people in truck eye are recovering after a massive snowstorm. their days of being locked inside some are able to venture out last night in some areas
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power is still out and crews working nonstop to make repairs. one man said that he lost power three days ago when a tree fell on his neighbor's house and took out some power lines. >> we have such a good community here that i have been at other people's houses. they have wood stoves and we can cook and stay warm and dry our clothes out. >> interstate 80 in the sierra is back open after blizzard conditions closed it for more than 24 hours. the combination of the storm and low visibility prompted cal trans to close a 70-mile stretch of the highway all the way from colfax in to the the nevada state line. chains are still required at this point on 840 and 50. and a road off interstate 80 wash away in the heavy rain in placer county. take a look at that. the sheriff's office tweeted out this picture. it shows what is left of morton road in the community of alta. that's just west of blue
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canyon. the alameda county sheriff arrested 20 people in an illegal gambling operation inside a filthy building that was supposed to be empty. yesterday morning's raid was at 7th in east oakland. a ktvu news crew was there. we had a close up look inside. take a look. authorities found 28 people living there illegally including a 5-year-old child. guns, drugs and the slot machines were taken. >> there are some very unclean and unsafe conditions in there. it just -- the smell alone is enough to make you want to leave that place. >> now officials say that just like the ghost ship warehouse this was an example of a supposedly empty building being used for something '. property manager said she was surprised to hear that people had occupied the building. the 5-year-old has been turned over to cps. a late night public hearing in livermore focused on a plan
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to expand the pumping many oil wastewater into an underground aq. >>announcer: ofier. a bakersfield company has filed to expand it's exelse from the federal safe drinking water act for the disposal of oil wastewater in the area. opponents worry it could contaminate drinking water or trigger earthquakes. >> injection activity is known to cause earthquakes so considering that we are looking at a project that is going to be injecting, using a barrier of a fault line when we know that injections can cause earthquakes seems like insanity to me. >> state agencies have granted preliminary approval of the plan saying that the ground water there is not suitable for drinking since it already contains natural occurring oil. state and federal authorities say they will weigh the public comment as they make their final decision. we expect more rain and the
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roads are wet. major highways and roads are wet. the effects on highway 37 and what the chp is calling the perfect storm. >> and a firefighter's firsthand account of the grim work of the ghost ship warehouse and how he is trying to cope with that. >> nobody should be able to see even one victim. >> and right now we are looking at a drive that's wet in case you haven't looked outside. it'll be another wet drive on this thursday. you may want to add re time ats bay bridge traffic is still light. >> and another system is paying a visit with what looks like a good line approaching the coast. right in the last few frames right there.
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. welcome back. on segment two this morning the firsthand account of a firefighter who had the horrible job of recovering bodies at the ghost ship warehouse. >> the fire lieutenant sat down with us and opened up about how this tragedy is a effecting him including finding the two pewho were arm in arm when they died. . >> i knew that it was going to be a tough day. the lieutenant arrived on sunday morning the day after the fire. he would not return home for three days. >> getting in to the building was just -- it was just the a maze. there was pianos, and just so much stuff stacked. ten, 20 feet tall up to the second story. >> reporter: the lieutenant
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said there were so many instruments that he lost count. firefighter hads to clear out narrow paths to move around. the lieutenant knew there were bodies inside and it didn't take long before they spotted one. >> as i made my way in i was greeted right there with a body -- victim 26. nobody should be able to see even one victim. that night i saw ten. so i have to turn affects me. >> reporter: the most difficult moment was when they found alex vega and -- alex had his arms wrapped around her as they died. they were on a couch on the second floor when the floor collapsed underneath them. the couch dropped rolled over and then crashed through the top of this rv that was parked inside the warehouse. firefighters used power tools to cut in to the rv and when they turned over the couch
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that's when they found the two bodies. >> almost looked like they were -- they knew they were going to die and he was embracing her for some weird reason my mind goes right to my wife and that's what i would do in that situation with my wife is protect her to the very end. that was a really hard one. that's exactly what he was doing. e very d. protecting her to the arm in m. r:one point the tenant said tha in room and ed his flash light and for a brief moment he was horrified by the arm that he saw hanging the ceiling because in the dark they looked very real. >> all of the sudden i saw a hand and i saw another hand and i see another hand. i saw four hands and again my heart just stopped and i called in the coroner and we went in
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there and they were mannequin hands. >> reporter: most thought awful the victims would have been burned because of the intensity of the flames but that was not the case. >> everybody thought it was -- that they would be just unrecognizable and it was the opposite. so that was the tough part. the tough part was seeing that and recognizing that this is someone's loved one and then going home and watching the news and seeing the faces of the victims that we removed that was a hard -- that was very hard. >> reporter: when the first respond s found a victim all work would stop. the coroner would be called in and they bo take the body out. it was all done in a very respectful way for the families. the firefighters worked in three hour shifts because of the mental and physical strain and one of the hard parts for them now is when something reminds them of what they saw while they were inside.
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>> there was a woman that had a piece of -- article of clothing on weeks later, probably about a week later over in san francisco and i saw that article of clothing on a woman. it's called a trigger where my hand starts sweating and my heart starts racing and i start -- i just need to get out of there. >> reporter: this picture was taken out side the warehouse right in the middle of the recovery operation. that's the lieutenant with three comfort dogs. he said it was the only time in three days that he smiled. >> and i went up to them and i just knelt down and they came right up to me. just started petting them. it was just the a nice moment to -- it was almost like you are in -- just another world. >> reporter: it's easy to think of first respond s as the people who run toward danger while everybody else run away from it. first respond s are also human. being inside the warehouse and
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finding those 36 bodies took a toll. >> i have a close group of friends, of guys and i say for the first probably two or three weeks i gave each of them the assignment to call me every day and if i said i was doing fine i told them to say no, tell me how are you really doing. >> reporter: the lieutenant said imagine all first responders have an imaginary backpack on and eve time they see something it goes in to the backpack. if they don't deal with those things pretty soon the backpack gets very heavy and starts to weigh them down. >> i always tell my crew, every once in a while open up that backpack. do it with a hand, a therapist, someone and just take out one of those issues and deal witht. >> reporter: that's what he is trying to do now by talking about the bodies of the young people that he saw during those three inside the hous
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and how their familiesin now. >> just so sorry. just -- my heart goes out to you. i wish that this never happened and -- i'm just so sorry. >> and that was frank reporting. yesterday oakland mayor issued an order aimed to improve building safety after the fire. under that order owners of building that are not zoned for residential use will have 60 days to bring them up to code. the only exceptions building was hazards that are considered life threatening. the mayor wants a city council to approve an emergency ordinance to strengthen tenant protections and protect artists being evicted. if you want to read the mayor's order we posted it at right now it's 4:47. want to go back to sal. still a lot of roads closed
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because of mudslides. i know gilroy and there is still a lot of problems out there. >> yeah. you did mention the gilroy area. ly mention highway 152. closed both directions. skipping to marin, highway 37 is still closed in both directions 1401 to atherton. we are looking at the pass and the tracy drive and we have some slow traffic here already on 205 and on 580 heading out to the pass. no major problems in livermore but it's slowing as you drive through the pass. i want to mention northbound 880 at mission at that exit. it's closed because of pool chemical that spilled. doesn't sound like anyone was hurt but that ramp is closed. until they can get an expert or a person who is -- people who are good at cleaning this up. it's not causing a big traffic jam on the freeway yet. with we have a crew on the way.
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picture is frozen. ly tell you that traffic is light so far at the toll plaza. 4:49. let's bring steven. >> thank you. let's get to it. we have another system here. it's not a whopper but any rain on top of already the soaked ground is not goodt. will be with us for the morning and then work its way south by later this afternoon. then by tonight we will be on the colder, dryer side. maybe isolated area of an inch or so. few gusts but no wind advisors. the high tide at 10:44 and system is mainly produce a little bit of snow. some of the higher peaks will start north. you can see the mix, precipitation in there. probably more rain than
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anything else. also out toward o, hercules. isolated areas, fairfield picking up a bit. also a line -- palo alto. they have been hit hard. it looks like another repeat here performance as we get another line moving in and then the best line that i can find is just approaching the san mateo coast. probably with in the the hour that's unfortunately going to make it up to highway 9. highway 17. there is a break from san jose to morgan hill to gilroy but some pockets moderate to heavy rain with that. the system is a slow mover but it's here. also a winter storm warning out for the searchy. not the blizzard warning. nordon had 54-inches of snow. how about that? you are talking snow and 54-
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inches. the winter storm warning will continue and then the system. the low on its way south. it'll keep rain in the forecast through today. morning rain. clouds -- maybe sun peeking through. looks to be down right brisk. clouds -- next rain tuesday night. wednesday. >> ice over the weekend on the roads. we can see dusting. >> moisture for that. >> the concern will be next wednesday and beyond. >> another big storm. >> okay. time in between to prepare. thank you steve. >> 4:51. a man said he loves to wakeboard and found a flooded
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parking lot to tempting to resist many especially said he took about ten trip across the submerged lot. >> pam. >> yeah. >> friend pulled him down the street there. most likely a lot of debris on the roads though so this is not really considered a very safe thing to do. >> wow. i guess if it's there and you have that --. >> okay. tack manying traffic jams by thinking outside the box. the bay area city now studying monorails. even gondolas for moving people around.
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. welcome back it mornings on it '2. more crab will soon be at the store across the bay area as we have been reporting crab fishermen plan to return to the water this weekend. the popular crab now expected to be back at local stores and restaurants by early next week. fishermen in the northern part of the state went on strike on december 30th in a dispute over the pricing. san francisco crabbers joined the strike. we are learn that the last fishing grounds closed in mendecino due to high levels of acid but will open next week. the a future way to -- help traffic is being considered in mountain view. the city council has authorized a study to look at the
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possibility of a high tech monorail. they are have voted to spend $250,000 to study the feasibility of out mated guideway transit systems like this one. they will also look at -- the hope is that the transit system would help keep people off the road and still get them to their workplace. an investigation underway in seattle after new video shows a drone crashing in to the space needle. it happened while crews were preparing for the fireworks display. you can see it flyingright before crash landing right there on the top deck there. police say these kind crashes happening more often and it's a big concern. in fact that was a third drone related crash at the space needle in recent years. >> gosh. we are coming up on the 5:00 hour and an emergency was declared in benecia.
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the flood that amped several homes and businesses. >> and a vote to repeal the affordable health care act. the late night vote in the senate that is the first step to dismantling obama care. >> good morning. it's wet out there and that means the traffic is going to be a little bit slower today as we take a live look at your drive into the city on the bridge. you can see its getting crowded up there. . >> more rain in the the forecast here this morning but it looks like after today we will find the break but there is some areas of rain moving through fast. the last few frames.
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. we are live where chemicals have spilled onto the freeway. we will tell you about the traffic impact and why the driver responsible for this is in trouble. >> and how san francisco subway service came to a halt after a body was found inside a muni tunnel. mornings on 2 continues. . good morning. thank you for joining us. if you are just waking up little look outside.
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the estuary definitely rain all night. i heard rain all night. rain this morning onto wayn. it sounds like it's tapering off and we could tryout for the weekend. >> i know. steve has been busy. thank you for joining us thursday morning. january 12 pght. >> i'm dave clark. wow tell stiff i have my umbrella. >> good. i'm glad. i'm driving to pick up kids carpool and i see kids walking umbrellas. they are just inside out and blowing. >> tuesday was one for the books. we have rabe in the forecast here for the morning. let's face it. every system that's come by has produced rain. very seen other years where every system comes in and fall as part but not this year. we will get a break over the weekend but i hate to say it looks li


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