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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  January 12, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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the estuary definitely rain all night. i heard rain all night. rain this morning onto wayn. it sounds like it's tapering off and we could tryout for the weekend. >> i know. steve has been busy. thank you for joining us thursday morning. january 12 pght. >> i'm dave clark. wow tell stiff i have my umbrella. >> good. i'm glad. i'm driving to pick up kids carpool and i see kids walking umbrellas. they are just inside out and blowing. >> tuesday was one for the books. we have rabe in the forecast here for the morning. let's face it. every system that's come by has produced rain. very seen other years where every system comes in and fall as part but not this year. we will get a break over the weekend but i hate to say it looks like rain returns tuesday
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night. more to the north but the pattern is just going to get a hiccup here and then we will be back into it. not a big system but a quarter to three quarters inch, breezy at times but no big deal. maybe a little snow mix. no doubt about it. this as a colder air mass associated with it. isolated cell around val johan. don't need that. martinez. palo alto. and -- there is another line approaching along the coast. highway 1. embedded with in that could be moderate to heavy rain. that's making a bee line toward the santa cruz mountains. you can see the circulation. that will be -- it's on its way to southern california. 40s on the temperatures but look for a winter storm warning. things are better but still will keep snow in the forecast for them through today and then it'll improve through the
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weekend. 50s onto temperatures. 40s in the higher elevations. upper 30s in the mountains sal. >> yeah. if there is ice it's obviously on the road. it's hard to it see. it blends in with the color of the pavement. >> there may be a mix. >> it's the weekend i'm worried about with the ice. >> just put that in the back of your mind. let's go out and look at the drives we have. for the most part its trouble free when it comes to major incidents. there there's slow traffic on westbound 580 as you drive westbound 580. driving up to the pass. you will see the traffic is going to be busy as you drive on 580 driving through the area. no problems to livermore but slow. there is an off ramp closed northbound 880 and that photograph sick going to be busyw. he will have that talked about in just a moment president so far the freeway is -- relatively calm but this is a
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serious situation and we will talk to her in a nt. let me talk about 880 be north and suspect. s good. it's a wet drive. careful as you drive through and also at the toll plaza you can see traffic is okay. this is the east shore freeway. traffic is good. remember highway 37 is closed between 1401 and atherton because of flooding. it won't be open any time soon according to chp. now let's go back to the desk. now to a developing story in fremont that sal you were just talking about. a portion of interstate 880 is closed at this hour because of a truck crash that may have spilled hazardous material on to the road. we have the the update from the scene. >> reporter: pam as sal said northbound 880. the mission boulevard off ramp is closed right now. that is because there has been a chemical spill here. we just heard from chp. they are saying is going to he
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about closed for another two hours. this was caused by a drunk driver according to chp who was driving that truck there you that see in the distance. a hazmat crew has just arrived. they are assessing the situation and will gyp their clean up process. at around one this morning that truck slammed in to the sand barrel set up at the off ramp. debris scattered all over that portion of the freeway. there were chemicals that spilled including possibly chlorine and acidt. appear this is was a truck halling pool cleaning equipment and as i said the pool chemical was on board. the chp estimated that about 25- gallons spilled. their concern is that maybe acid or chlor ind could mix. that is not good to inhale. that's why the chp has closed the off ramps that could cause problems because people use that exit to exec connect to 680 if they are trying to get township the east bay. we are waiting to hear how long
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this clean up will take. they had mentioned that portion may not take to long. really it is -- they want to get the sand barrels replaced and cal trans said we won't open it up until then. as i said they are estimating 7:00 p.m. the -- 7:00 a.m. they also said that driver that was driving has been arrested for driving under the influence. back to you in the studio. >> all right. thank you. one of marin's busiest roads is still closed because of flooding. highway 37 is closed between highway 101 and atherton near the stone tree golf club. floodwaters covered all ur lanes. it's about four feet high. some driver as ban donned their cars because water was to deep. we don't know when that road will reopen. >> there is nowhere for this water to go that's falling the sky. the ground is soaked. there is nowhere for the water
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to drain too. >> several days of rain have covered the ground causing the creek to over flow and at the same time the king tides pushed water up from san pablo bay. normally about 37,000 vehicles passed through highway 37 he day. it could take up to three weeks to fix a large sink hole that opened on a busy street in or ind a. it's 42 feet wide and 15 feet deept. opened on minor yesterday and city officials say that two section exwer pipes broke and will have to be replaced. minor road is shut down. the city has declared a local emergency after the reservoir over flowed in toya creek tuesday night. it flooded homes and the city's drainage system. it also forced businesses in the industrial park to evacuate. the emergency will allow the city to apply for state and federal aid. an appeals court threw out a california law that banned
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secret grandees from determines if police officers involved in deadly shootings should face criminal charges. the state legislator passed that law back in 2015. it shifted the decision to file charges from a closed door grand jury to prosecutors. that followed nationwide protests after grand juries failed to indict police officers who shot and killed unarmed african american men. on tuesday the appeals court said that the law interferes with the authority of a grand jury that was established in 1879 by the california constitution. the appeals court said that the legislature would have to seek a constitutional amendment in order to keep that ban on grand juries in police shootings. a south bay construction work wore was laid off just before thanks giving pleading not guilty to burglary. prosecutors say that he tried to get even with a company that let him go by stealing nearly $9,000 worth of equipment. the mercury news report that he
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took power tools the menlo construction site. two other people were arrested. police in campbell say they have arrested a man who robbed the same bank twice. the chase bank on south winchester was the target. the first robbery was on october 28th. the second on december 20th. police -- police arrested the man who was on parole for robbery and lives just a block away from the bank. he is now at the santa clara main jail facing two counts robbery. san francisco's first pedestrian death of the new year is under investigation. it happened yesterday afternoon at union and buchanan. police say that a woman was crossing the street when a truck towing a trailer hit her. she was rushed to a hospital but later died. the truck driver did stay at the scene and is cooperating with investigators. meantime a muni investigation continues after a man's body was found on the tracks in an underground tunnel. the police are hoping
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surveillance video will explain what happened. its being investigated as a deadly collision. it was first reported at 3:00 p.m. the man's body was found between the castro and church street stations. that caused widespread delays for metro trains during the evening drive. an illegal gambling operation was busted with dozens of people inside. what police found when they went in. >> and the san diego chargers appear close to announcing a move to los angeles. what this means for the raiders future in oakland. >> good morning. we do have a look at a drive that is going to be busy and coming up we will take a look at the south bay because some of those freeways still closed. we will look at highway 17 to let you know what it's like for your drive in to the valley. >> not a gully wash but one more system is paying a visit that's giving us rain. you can see the circulation around that and elm bedded in
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so make the time... to take your time because one day just isn't enough. here, there is magic for days. . welcome back. it's 5:00 is it '2. during the night hours ago senate republicans took the first step toward repealing obama care. >> it'll be repealed and
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replaced. will most likely be on the same day or the same week but probably the same day, could be the same hour. >> that's what the president elect said yesterday about dismantling the affordable care act and early this morning the senate pass aid budget measure. a necessary step to begin the repeal process. the house will vote on the bill tomorrow. some republicans in congress are worried about setting the repeal effort in motion without having a replacement plan ready. the president of mexico is making it very clear that his country will not be paying for the wall along it's bored wetter united states. the president rejected the president elect's claim that mexico would pay for the wall. the mexican president said instead the united states should focus on stopping the flow of illegal weapons in to mexico which he said has fueled the drug violence in the country. just yesterday at his news conference trump said mexico would pay for the wall though he did say maybe not up front
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but mexico may reimburse the united states plater on. confirmation hearings start today for three of trump's cabinet nominees. james mattis for secretary of defense. ben carson for housing urban development. yesterday the secretary of state nominee started his hearing. he faced tough questioning. tillerson refused to call putin a war criminal without further investigation. in a move affect the raiders relocation the chargers could announce as soon as today that they are heading to los angeles. the team's owner has called an 8:00 a.m. staff meeting. he is expected to tell employee that he is moving the franchise
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to la where they will share a stadium with the rams. the chargers have been in san diego for 56 years. the plan is to play at the 30,000 seat stub hub center for the next two seasons until the $2.6 billion ram sady is done. the charmers move likely means the raiders won't go to la. however, raiders owner mark davis is still committed to moving to las vegas. he talked about his plans in a committee meeting yesterday. while he refused comment he the other owners said that davis is close to making a decision. the raiders have until february 15th to file relocation papers. owners say they could move to las vegas and build a stadium without the 650 million-dollar investment of casino boss who reportedly wants to own a part of the team. >> there is a lot to talk about pam. i know. >> i hate when teams of move. i do. the drive is moving.
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you are watching everything. >> yeah. most of the drive is moving. there are some spot that are getting a little slower out there. let's go out to the gill "super drive and talk about the gilroy drive. between gilroy and san jose on 101 anyway photograph sick doing well there. are no major problems through more gain hill. i want to sashay highway 152 is closed between watsonville and gilroy. let me move the map so you can see better. you see the purple area there on the map. 1452 you aren't getting through because of flooding a lot of people are taking other routes. a bit of a longer way aroundw. relooking at the south bay here. between the santa cruz mountains and san jose everything is open for the first time in days where all the lanes are open and traffic is actually move agriculture long very well. i want to say that northbound 880 at mission boulevard off ramp. that will be closed for pool
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chemicals spilled and that means it's going it be there and chp said that it'll be there for another two hours. the freeway traffic disn 't seem to be affected to much at this time. and this morning's drive on 880 a fartheup in oakland doesn't look back. north and southbound the photograph sick move agriculture long nicelyf. are you driving to the bay bridge photograph sick right. usually at 5:30 is when it starts to change this is a look at the maze. you can see traffic looks good. 517. has to go on 680 and they heard you say mission boulevard but that's northbound. >> northbound on 880. >> 880. >> yeah. >> mission. that's because of that acid spill on that ramp. the freeway itself is actually open in both directions. >> okay. >> and just for you. >> yes. >> i went to the -- the periodic table and put the recipe there for sulfuric acid.
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>> very well played my friend. >> yes, sir. >> that is impressive. >> when will that get cleaned up? >> a couple of hours. >> thank you. we have -- a recipe here for more rain and that's the upper low which is dropping in. that's giving us -- another round of rain. nothing to heavy. i think the most i have seen is -- point reyes at three quarters of an inch. mill valley is close. a half inch from san rafael. down to ben lomin. so we are still getting more rain. it's just not -- continuous in the heaviest rain. there is not a lot of heavy rain to the north. so, the river -- which peaked out, crested at 37.8 is on its way down. that is good news. we will take it. the system again looks to be favoring areas from about marin southward. this is not a big system but still watch for the high tide as well at 10:44. the blizzard warning has been replaced only a winter storm warning that goes until four.
5:19 am
another five to 15 inches of snow. maybe down to about three thousand feet. i know mammoth had 6 feet. snow. that was yesterday. two days ago. two days ago. just incredible totals coming in. believe me, there may be a little more as well. this is a colder system coming in. not a lot though. mixed precipitation up to the north and also right around out toward vallejo, maybe cordelia, fairfield the 80 split. you can see a little bit of a -- activity around loss altos. had a series of systems coming through and there is the latest line through parts of the san mateo coast also moving in to the santa cruz mountains on its way to highway 9 and 17. a little bit of a break from san jose. they could use it because they have had enough rain almost with everybody else. our system will give us a round of rain in the morning. 40s on the temperatures.
5:20 am
they are running a little cooler here. some of this wrapping back in could trigger isolated area. maybe three quarters of an inch to an inch. we aren't done yet but we will be by tonight and over the weekend a break. there may be a weak system on sunday. overall colder air is on the way as well. watch out. this is going to cause some ice issues. no doubt about it. as we head in to the weekend. especially in some of the rural areas. over the bridges. >> yeah. all right. thank you. >> you are welcome. four people have now died from the coin portland oregon since e beginning of the year. the latest victim found yesterday near the waterfront. investigators thought he was a homicide victim. the forest. he had been living he may have died days before he was found. the city of portland is adding shelter beds and they are asking people to call the police if you see someone who is homeless and they look like they need help. there are a lot of flooded
5:21 am
areas now and some people are taking advantage of it. take a look at how a man in martinez was wake-boarding in a submerged parking lot. >> and hundreds of employees laid off. the action being taken by pg&e and why they are doing it. take one. directv now. stream all your entertainment! anywhere! anytime! can we lose the 'all'. there's no cbs and we don't have a ton of sports.
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. welcome back. it's 5:23. san francisco officialing warning abhijit
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in china town. one particular scam is a blessing scam. it targets older women. thieves offer to ward ofay vile spirits by blessing a bag of the victim's money in their other valuables. instead they swap out the bag full of cash with an empty bag. >> we had a woman that was a -- she worked in the janitor services at a restaurant for 20 years, saving for the education for her child. she had collected about $20,000. this is someone working for minimum wage all her life. she gave up her entire life savings during the blessing scam. >> police say thcultural issues and also fears of being deported may keep victims reporting a crime. city officials remind people san francisco is a sanctuary city. they want crime victims to come
5:25 am
forward regardless of their immigration status. vw freed to a record breaking settlement in the emissions cheating scandal. they agreed to pay $4.3 billion. the biggest fine imposed by the government against a car maker. the penalty comes after prosecutors found vw rigged more than a haul million vehicles to cheat pollution laws. six executives are facing criminal charges. pg&e is laying off hundreds of employees. yesterday pg&e said that 450 support job also be cut. 60 of those employees being moved in to new jobs. the company is also cutting 800 contract jobs and said that it'll not fill 500 open positions. pg&e said that it's reducing costs to invest in safety initiatives and renovating their grid. they say they expect to save
5:26 am
about $300 million a year. fedex and walgreens are teaming when you it comes to picking up and dropping off packages. fedex said its customers will soon be able to drop off and pick up packages at thousands of walgreens around the country. that's expected to begin in the springtime. right now its not clear how many walgreens will take part in the fedex program in the beginning but walgreens said it should be available at nearly 8,000 stores by the fall of 2018. passengers on jetblue airline also get to surf the internet, stream videos and use messages apps for free. they will get to enjoy the new perk on each of its 227 planes. it said theunited states airlines to offer free internet spur the entire flight on every plane. other airlines offer wifi connections for passengers but most charge a fee for it.
5:27 am
all jetblue planes some have that free wifi in the next few weeks. flooding and mudslides, sink holes and downed trees. you will see more of the damage and the clean up from another round of heavy rain. >> and in the waving the warehouse fire more protections needed to keep tenants in their homes. just how much more landl would have to pay under a proposed ordinance the mayor is supporting. we will tell you about it coming up. >> it's a wet drive and we are looking at the south bay. we have had a lot of closures. this is a live look at interstate 280. it looks good. we will check in with the santa cruz mountains and see how that freeway is doing.
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every subaru is built to earn your trust. because we know what you're trusting us with. subaru. kelley blue book's most trusted brand. and best overall brand. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. . good morning to you. thank you for joining us. welcome back to mornings on 2. thursday, january 12th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. time is 5:30. we want to check in with steve. everybody wants to know what the weather is like. are you the most popular person around. >> i don't know if i'm popular right now. people saying all right enough is enough. >> are you in demand. . >> it's nice to be in demand. you mean for weather. >> yes. >> okay. a little bit of acies temperature here. not a big one. rain on top of rain. point reyes three quarters of
5:31 am
an inch. one with a lot rain. vallejo. san jose at 190,000ths. a line is of monthing in. they don't really want more rain moving in. that's in the santa cruz mountains. on skyline. 35, 17 look like another round of rain is approaching right there. not a huge system but enough to give us quarters of an inch. see that from point reyes and mill valley and maybe a little snow mixed here in some of the higher elevations into lake. over cob which has just had incredible rain. 20 plus this month. i mean you could use a break. you aren't getting it today. lue get it tonight and tomorrow. then the colder air comes anymore the rain filtering in. nothing to heavy. isolated area around castro. haywood, that looks to be one and then another around wood
5:32 am
side, over to palo alto. pockets of moderate rain and then the line moving in right now. starting to pick newspaper the santa cruz mountains. boulder creek. highway 17 and highway 9. here we go againn. sierra be loose like the snow level around 3800 feet. it'll go down to about 3,000 feet by tonight. there is a winter storm warning out. not the blizzard warning. 40s on the temperatures. breeze out of the north. a good look at that. watch how the low is out. that's what is coming over us. it's on our way to southern california. morning rain for us and decreasing throughout the day. rain in the mix here. 50s on the temperatures. maybe a little bit of sun later. small bit. small bit. >> we have -- a lot of closures. we have a look at the solano county drive. westbound 80 as you drive out to the solano county drive. not a bad drive here as you head over to solano county.
5:33 am
already its beginning to get busy as you drive into vallejo. you see some stop and go traffic through a lot of vallejo getting to the bridge. we are looking at highway 37. still closed and -- between 101 and atherton this area is flooded and as you heard the c hp officer say on -- our news a little while ago there is just nowhere for the water to go. just have to wait for it to go down. they are can't reopen that stretch until that happens. i want to say there is a hazardous material spill. acid northbound 880 at mission boulevard in the santa cruz mountains photograph sick move agriculture long well from santa cruz over to loss gatos. all the lanes open this morning. let's go back to the bay bridge toll plada area. the maze, not a bad drive here. the traffic continues to move
5:34 am
along well. the mayor of oakland is calling for new measures to protect people in warehouse spaces. >> we are live from the fruitvale neighborhood which is the site of that tragedy that killed 36 people. >> reporter: the mayor refer specifically to the ghost ship warehouse. what happened here saying because of the fire here tenants under high scrutiny and a lot of landlords are forcing tenants out because of safety issues and live in these unpermitted live work spaces like this warehouse was here behind me. you recall december 2nd. 36 people died in the warehouse fire called the ghosh ship this is on international and 31st. more than a dozen people were living inside the warehouse and a crowd people were packed inside a second floor enjoy age unpermitted dance party. they called for the building inspection department to take
5:35 am
60 days to work with landlords to make these warehouses safer to live in instead of resorting to evicting the people who live there. according to the san francisco chronicle last night they enforce aid measure to increase the fees that landlord was have to pay to relocate tenants this he would nearly double from what they are now to $6,500 in relocation for a tenant in the studio or one bedroom unit and 8,000 for a tenant in a two bedroom unit and the mayor said the idea is to discourage landlord from using live and safety concerns to force people out of their homes even if they are -- those homes unpermitted warehouse spaces. back to you. >> that's such a tough issue. it'll take a while. the river in gurnville starting to go down a little but still causing problems in sonm. several roads are closed because of floodwaters but that hasn't stopped some from thinking i can tariff there
5:36 am
there and then the cars stall and then fire crews have to come rescue them. some are still under water even though the rain has stopped in some areas and the fire chief is worried about what will happen if there are more storms. >> this is only january. how much more winter will we have? how much more rain? this country is just loose. what -- three or four slides. eve where you go there is slides. >> he said even when it all stops there will still be plenty of clean up work to do. he said once the water pulls back the roads and the hill also be covered trash that the flood water carries downstream. said is he happy nobody was seriously hurt during the most recent rounds of rain. the city of santa cruz has declared a water emergency despite all the rain we have been getting. some of the cities biggest water delivery pipes burst on . santa cruz is asking everybody to cut back on their water use
5:37 am
by 30%. water officials are saying people take -- fewer showers, do less lawns re. use paperer plates instead of plates have you to watch. crews working to fix that damaged pipeline but can't say how long it'll take. all this rain means extra revenue for some bay area businesses. we checked in with some businesses in the east bay to see how they are coping after a long wet week and any business that sells -- water, tooling, things to repel water was a big hit at local hardware stores. the lafayette roofing company said its getting many calls homeowners reporting leaky roofs. >> can you remember a time like this? >> no. i have been thinking back to the el nino and stuff we have. this is more water i think in -- a short period of time. i don't -- i have never seen it like this in over 40 years. >> the rain has also put people out of work the stormy
5:38 am
weather shut down the golf course for three days this week and people who work at car washes certainly not see age lot of business. people in truckee are still recovering after a massive snowstorm. days of being locked inside and then local was able to venture out last night and enjoy each other's company. areas still without power. so nice to get out kenji power as well. crews working nonstop to make repairs. one man said they lost power three days ago when a tree fell on his neighbor's house and took out power lines. >> we have such a good community here that i have been at other people's houses. they have wood stoves and we can cook and stay warm and dry our clothes out. >> interstate 80 is back open after blizzard conditions closed for more than 24 hours. the combination of the storm and low visibility prompted cal trans to close a 70-mile stretch of the highway from
5:39 am
colfax all the way to the nevada state line. chains still required on both 80 and 50. and the road right off interstate 80. look at that. just washed away rain. that's in plac, r. the sheriff's office tweeted out that video and picture. it shows what is left of morton road in the community. that's just west of blue canyon. >> 20 people arrested in an illegal dam gambling operation. yesterday morning's raid was at 17th and bancroft. a news camera got a close up look inside. authorities found 28 people including a 5-year-old child living there illegally. investigators say that the bad smelling conditions were on clean. guns, drugs and slot machines were taken. >> i will tall this a victory. this was a recipe for disaster
5:40 am
here that was averted. >> officials say that just like the ghost ship warehouse in oakland this was another example of a supposedly empty wilding being used for something else. the property manager said sh was surprised to hear that people were in the building. the 5-year-old was turned over to cps. it's now 5:40. a look at california today compared to a year ago. coming up at six we will show you what the recent storm means for the state's drought. >> and an oakland firefighter gets a firsthand look of the grim work at the ghost ship warehouse. >> nobody should be able to see even one victim. . >> good morning. we see a wet drive out there and part of it is -- responsible for the slow traffic on 24. it doesn't look bad as you head to the tunnel. >> still rain rotating through. one more system to deal with.
5:41 am
that will be through today and another round moderate to heavy rain to the santa cruz mountains.
5:42 am
5:43 am
. welcome back it mornings on 2. an east bay firefighter sat down with frank to talk about the grim task of recovering bodies the warehouse. >> nobody should ever be able to see even one victim. that night we -- i saw ten. so i have to turn of it's it st affects me. >> reporter: for the first time the lieutenant opened up publicly about the tragedy and how it has affected him. is he the one who spotted that couple clutching each other arm in arm when they died. >> he was embracing her to the
5:44 am
very end. so, it just takes that one -- inhalation of smoke and you basically go to sleep and that's it. >> the lieutenant said first responders burdened by imaginary but emotionly powerful backpacks he calls them. they are backpacks filled with stuff they have to deal with. he tells his crew from time to time open that backpack and tell a friend or a therapist what they are dealing because the ims died e inhalation. their body was still recognizable. the lieutenant said that it was heart wrenching to see them and then to go home and turn on the news and see the faces and the families all suffering from that horrible tragedy. >> we can only imagine. we will get to you where you need to go this morning. sal is watching our drive and it's busy already. >> it is. i'm looking at some of these
5:45 am
drives here. especially in tracy and on the pass. we could start there. the traffic will be busy if you are driving out to the drive hear on 580. i want it say first though that northbound 880 as you drive up to mission boulevard. that's closed because of acid that spilled from a truck involved in a wreck. with rehabilitative go live to that scene coming newspaper just a few minutes here. that ram suspect closed. of traffic is still moving well on the freeway. i want to say westbound 580. the tracy super drive is getting pretty busy here as you drive into the pass and on 205 you will see a lot of slow traffic here. the traffic is going to be more like normal. unlike the last few days where we have a lot of rain related incidents. it's raining out there but for some reason today just looks more like a normal drive.t's go 880 oakland. ures here this in front of the -- you can see
5:46 am
traffic moves well. it's still wet here. if you are driving to the bay bridge we don't have a big back up here at the toll plaza this is from our emoryville camera near the mcarthur maze. you can see the photograph sick of month agriculture long okay. there is a small delay. the metering lights have been turned on. let's bring steven. >> thank you. here is the next system. arrived late last night. with us this morning and looks like more of a morning event than anything else. it's producing bands of rain. you can see not continuous or solid but it'll keep weather weather in the forecast through at least the late morning, early afternoon. then it'll start to work toward southern california. soaked i would think so. last 24 hours only a third of an inch last five-days over 12. equal to half our yearly rainfall. currently 39. windles and rainless. it's cold. some of the rainfall coming in. not a lot form. san jose -- oakland a third.
5:47 am
san francisco a third. half inch of rain. point rey es seems to have the most three quarters but there is higher amounts on mount tam. socal also a half inun. got news is we peeked out on the flood stage. gurnville. johnson's beach. crested out. it's on its way down. that will continue to go down. this system won't give them a lot of raint. may give them some. more on the category of something they can handle which is a quart tore a half inch. high tide at the golden gate 7:44. the blizzard warning over but now there is still a winter storm warning until four today. another five to 15 inches of snow. won't be measured in feet this time but i know it's around 3800 feet. the snow level and we mr. get down to 3,000 feet as we head into tonight and tomorrow if there is any available moisture left. unbelievable amounts of snow as you may imagine. some of the totals still coming
5:48 am
in. i think mammoth is over 1 feet for the month. for the month. if you didn't hear nordon had 54-inches of now this one day. greatest the ever. so, we are talking some heavy rain and here in heavy snow up there. still ney be a mix up in lake county. looks like around cobb mountain. some of the higher elevations. maybe over highway 29 as well. some of the rain picking up for a few but not for all in the north bay. there are breaks. isolated areas around castro toward dublin. a pocket of moderate rain. same on the peninsula. palo alto. sunnyvale and in to the santa cruz mountains. little deceiving. sometimes it looks worse than it is. banding but it's still raining raining in highway 17. highway 9. boulder creek. lexington hills. there is another round of rain for them and now in the mountains. 3800 feet.
5:49 am
40s on the temperatures here. mid40s for some but some 30s now showing up kelseyville at 36 degrees. 43 -- and there is a northerly part to that breeze. watch out the system car vexer s out. then it has more cold air with it. that is going to start working its way and starting tonight into tomorrow. yes we will be dryer but we are going to get colder. certainly on the lows. there could be a few isolated 20s. that in turn may equal ice. i would think so in to the weekend. today one more rain day and then a break. >> and have you seen some of the picture that the ski resorts have tweeted out? >> over their heads. >> the cars, i had to look at this one picture at squaw and -- it was a parking lot but you could only see small bits of cars. >> feet of snow. >> feet of snow. him weekend --. if will be a break up there.
5:50 am
no rain, no snow. >> if there is any its week on sunday. >> yeah. >> not a big deal. >> thank you steve. >> all right. a man many martinez said he loves to wakeboard, found a flooded parking lot and he just couldn't pass it by. he went wake-boarding right there. he said that he took about ten trips across the submerged amtrak lot in martinez on tuesday night. he looks good too. that's mostly a lot of debris from the roads out there. that's not considered a safe thing to do. it looks like he was having fun. >> certainly having fun. good thing he didn't get hurt. >> right. tack manying traffic by thinking outside the box. the bay area city studying monorails for moving people around.
5:51 am
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 55:37:89 one elementary school is turning exercise into science and it's teaching all kinds of lessons as well. fox medical team joins us now to explain. this is really exciting. good morning. >> reporter: it is funny pam because when we think about sitting at school all day it sauced to be you get hit with a ruler. now we are notice that teach res starting to change the
5:54 am
thoughts about moving at school and they are find that it helps kids learn better. this is interesting. we went to an elementary school. this is a protyty approximation e. the kids get on the bikes. they call them the green machine and the kids pedal away and get pumping that action gone up this their brain bah they are learning a really good science lesson. ly let gabby explain. >> we eat food and that is chemical energy in our body. when we pedal it turns in to mechanical energy which is stored and when it turns on it turns into electrical energy. >> there you go. the kids can actually on the bikes -- they can power up to ten things president that's how they sharpen their pencils. this they are looking to maybe go into mass production on
5:55 am
them. there are programs throughout the country, these ride and rate room that teachers starting to incorporate into elementary schools or middle schools or high schools where kids go into i a room and sit on a bike and do reading or do something school related but also be move around to help energize. they find that test scores go up when kids are able to do that. >> i would imagine. they are really getting it by living that -- that science testament they are getting how it works. i would think is this is something that schools could maybe get grants or something because it meets all the stem that we are i can tag about. the requirements. >> reporter: are you right. you aren't opening a text book and reading about converting chemical energy. it's -- hands on and it's benefiting the kids so -- and as we continue to start -- to push kids toward the stem courses, it's a perfect thing. >> that's so great.
5:56 am
thank you so much for that. very interesting. in mountain view they are considering a future way to help traffic jams. the city council approved a new study on high tech monorails. city l will spend $250,000 to study automated guideway transit systems like this one called sky tram. they are looking at monorails hoping to find ways to keep pomp off the roads but still get them to their jobs. >> good news. more crab will soon be at the store across the bay area as we have been reporting. crab fishermen plan to return to the water this weekend. the popular crabs now expected to be back at local grocery stores and restaurants by early next week. now fishermen in the northern part of the state went on strike back on december 30th in a dispute over crab prices. the two sides were able to meet in the middle. we are also learning the last fishing grounds close -- because of high levels of that
5:57 am
harmful acid. that they will be back open next week. more crab. that's the end result. >> i like it. we are still watching fremont and a developing situation involving chemicals right now, a freeway ramp is closed. a truck carrying danger chemicals crashed. we will bring you the latest that scene. >> and more trouble from this week's storms. the busy highway that is still shut down this morning because of severe flooding. ♪
5:58 am
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5:59 am
. we are live in fremont on 880 where there has been two crashes and a chemical spill. we will tell you about the traffic impact and about an arrest. >> and cars stranded. the busy highway in the north bay that's still shut down this morning because of the floodwaters. >> and it's a first step in congress toward repealing the affordable care act. the overnight vote in washington aimed to dismantle the president's signature program. all head on admonishings on two. this is ktvu mornings on 2.
6:00 am
>> good morning. thank you for joining us. see how it look itself see the estuary. still looks hazy, cloudy. still rain in parts of the bay area. i heard it all night. more rain downtown. nice shot around to show you what it looks like. i'm pam cook. >> stiff is right over there. >> take a look coming up from your new high definition tv. 65 to 80-inch. i know are you listening. some can't watch but watch right here. kirkwood is reporting now. we have to check out and see the assessment here on 9 feet of snow. that's at the top of the lift. >> my goodness. >> wait a minute. >> come on dave. i don't paint this or make it up. >> that's


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