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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  January 12, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> good morning. thank you for joining us. see how it look itself see the estuary. still looks hazy, cloudy. still rain in parts of the bay area. i heard it all night. more rain downtown. nice shot around to show you what it looks like. i'm pam cook. >> stiff is right over there. >> take a look coming up from your new high definition tv. 65 to 80-inch. i know are you listening. some can't watch but watch right here. kirkwood is reporting now. we have to check out and see the assessment here on 9 feet of snow. that's at the top of the lift. >> my goodness. >> wait a minute. >> come on dave. i don't paint this or make it up. >> that's a lot of snow.
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>> man. >> nine feet. i know mammo oth. >> i'm not sure if that's coop. i think coop got buried under the snow. >> wow. >> at the top of the lift. how about that? >> nine feet. still snowing. if you haven't heard, we have victory. yes we have victory. for the first time since december 20th. 2011 the drought monitor analysis has all of california, north of i-80 out of the drought. >> wow. >> round of applause. that's good. >> get out of here and don't come back. >> the positive side of that. >> that's right. >> quarter inch much, three quarters inch. from today's system. not a lot. little snow. colder air is working its wayn. that's for sure. that will filter in. we do get off and on rain today. bursts of moderate, maybe heavy. some of that moves through san jose. palo alto. about we will have one more day. snow up in the sierra continues
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and then we will see a break out of the system. 40s on the temperatures. look at kelseyville. 35. that's a sign of things to come here. colder air works in. all right. had some good news there. not bad. you and i have been so busy that we haven't within able to take a break and talk sports like we normally do. >> that's busy. >> that's busy. that's busy. >> good morning. >> let's go out and take a look at highway 101 in san francisco. the freeways wet. it's raining and as we heard steve say, change later today. right now you will be dealing wet roads out there even if it's not raining where are you right now this is a look at northbound 101 approaching the 80 split and getting to that lower deck of the bay bridge heading over to the east bay. let's look at the westbound bay bridge toll plaza here. it's backed up for about a 15 to 20 minute delay. no problems on the bridge itself. it's a little slow at the toll plada.
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we he have been talking about this all morning. northbound 880 at mission boulevard. there is a chemical spill and this spill on interstate 880 as prompted chp to close a heavyly used exit that stem from a crash that happened overnight and now perhaps even another crash has happened. let's go to -- standing right there and i understand another crash just happened where you are. >> reporter: yeah. it was about five minutes ago. we heard the screeching and heard the crash and let me just show you what is going on here at the mission boulevard exit off northbound 880. right where you see that front loader there is a car next to. that's a car involved in the collisiont. hit another car. we aren't sure what happened. it's raining. it if it -- if they slowdown. got confused because this exit was closed it was -- it's closed right now. it has been for sour hours and that's because a truck that is on -- a tow truck hit sand barrels where you see that front loader. it's working right now to
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remove the sand barrel that it hit and it spilled a lot of chemicals here. let's go to video that was taken earlier this morning. this all started out 1:00 a.m. the chp said a truck with pool chemicals lost control while traveling on 880 and hit the sand barrels and the guardrail here. the driver was not injured but the chp took him into custody for driving under the club. the problem was he was carrying 25-gallons of chemical and two gallons of acid spilled on to the freeway. the fire department put out -- put out -- on hazardous material suits and wash away what they could. cal trans needed to call in a hazardous material crew that could do a complete cleaning. none of the temperatures went in. caltrans wanted to replace all the sand bare he that were hit by the truck and so right now back out here live that is what you are look at. they are removinged sand
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barrels that got damage from that earlier crash and then they are will have to wait until cal trans you brings out new sand barrels. this could have an impact just because a lot of people who are going up to the east bay though that is -- considered opposite drive. they go to 680. just watch out for this. this -- a secondary crash that happened in the last five minutes. that is not the only one that almost -- that happened here. earlier about -- i want to say 20 minutes before that. we heard a big rig scratching. its been a little scary to be here on the side of the freeway. we have our safety vests on. this cal trans and chp cars with a lot of lights out here. still everybody slow down. back to you in the studio. >> that's the best advice. it's tricky for everybody to give yourself plenty of time. one of the busiest roads still closed this morning because of flooding.
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highway 37 in nevado closed between highway 101 and atherton. floodwaters covered all four lanes of highway 37. it's about four feet high. some drivers just the gave up abandoned their cars because of water was to deep. we don't know when that road will reopen. >> there is nowhere for this water to go that's falling the sky right now. the ground is covered. there is nowhere for this water to drain too. >> and the ground is covered after several days of rain. the nevado creek is over flow examining at the same time the king tides pushed war up from the bay. normally thousands of vehicles pass through highway 37 every day. good news for many south bay drivers. highway 71 is open again in both directions. just after midnight cal trans crews were able to finish clearing up a 50-foot mudslide. the problem started very early yesterday. the right lane of southbound 17 was blocked by mud and crews
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frequently needed to shut down the other lane to clean up the mess that. created a traffic nightmare. >> the worst ever. probably the worst since the 89 quake. him was -- probably one of the binger mudslides. its been a while since we have had one this big. >> people said they theiral drive is among the worse. senate dig sink hole that opened yesterday may take as long as three weeks to fingers. it's about 42 feet wide. 15 feet deept. opened on minor and camino pablo road. two sewar lines also broke. the road is shut down so delays expected in that area. also the city -- is cleaning up after the lake hermman reservoir over flowed tuesday night swamping some homes and the city's drainage system. the flooding forced businesses in the industrial park to
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evacuate. they have declared a local emergency which will allow the city to apply for state and federal aid. while the storm has been devastating it's good news for the drought. some experts say that 2017 could turn out to be one the wettest years on record. if the season continues to be at wet as it has been so far some say that it could bring california's five-year dry spell to an end. that's what steve was just talking about. it's only if the rain continues. some of the state's biggest reservoirs swelling the latest storm. the state's largest one at lake sthasta is 81% full. the snow pack jumped to 158% of normal. want to give a i look at how much things have changed oaf the past year. the united states drought monitor released this -- these before and after pictures of our drought situation. you can see on one side it shows the state -- how it looks today with most of the extreme drought continues in southern
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california. compare that to a year ago when you saw a lot more dark red and orange on the map all across the state. overnight senate republicans took the first step to repealing the president's health care law. the move follows a fiery news conference by trump. we have all the details washington dc. >> reporter: this vote in the senate was largely along party lines but it's the first step in a process to repeal obama karasch the trump take over continues. >> can you give us a question? >> you can give us a question? >> i wouldn't give you a question. >> you can state --. >> are you fake news. >> it was classic trump at his first presbyterian conference yesterday in almost six months. singles out in news outlets for the role they played in unverified report that russian intelligence agencies had embarrassing information about trump. >> that is something that nazi germany would have done and did do. >> reporter: charges on both sides as trump lashed out at
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the intelligence community. at an event where he had wanted to focus on these document that separate him from his business interests. immaterial finally obama care. >> reporter: he also spoke about his desire to repeal and replace obama care. >> debate is not allowed during a vote. >> you are stealing health care. >> debate is not allowed. the senate will be in order. >> reporter: over the objections of democrats republicans in the senate last night started to welcomer on the repeal portion. passing a measure that will allow them to eliminate critical part was the same party line process that democrats used to pass it in the law. >> is putin a war criminal? >> i would not use that term. >> reporter: trump's pick for secretary of state took fire from democrats and some republicans over his business dealing was russia during his confirmation hearing and three other possible nominees will also start this confirmation process today. secretary of defense, cia and
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ben carson for housing urban development. of those three ben carson may be the one who faces the most resistance. is he an acclaimed doctor but doesn't have government experience and that's something that democrats almost certain to focus on. in washington. fox news. time is 6:11. president of mention could making very clear that mexico will not pay for a wall along it's border with the united states. in comments yesterday in mexico city the president again rejected trump's claim that mexico would pay for that wall. mexican president said instead that he -- should focus on stopping the flow of illegal weapons into mexico in which he said had fueled the drug violence in the country. just yesterday at his news conference he again said mexico would pay for the wall but he said maybe mexico would not pay
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for the wall up front but would reimburse the united states later on. just before the president elect takes office more bay area schools declaring themselves sanctuary challenges. the bay area news group reports the college district granted, anctuary to its school that include diablo valley college. administrators will maintain current financial aid policies for undocumented students and they won't share their personal information to federal agencies including immigration and customs enforcement. last night the first lady appeared on the tonight show where she joined anytime a section of thank you note writing. >> thank you barack for proving you are not a lame duck but my very own silver fox.
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>> fallon thanked her for being a good sport during her many appearances on his show. >> wow. part of gurnville still und coming up at 6:30 the big challenge ahead for the people living there once the floodwaters go down. >> we are watching the san diego chargers. they may officially affluence this morn that the team is moving out of san diego. up next where it may be headed how it could affect the oakland raiders and whether or not they will stay in oakland or move to vegas. >> well another system moving through. not a big one but still producing rain. we will see what's in store if you can get a break for the weekend. as ceo of exxonmobile...
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rex tillerson put exxon's interests before america's i'm not here to represent the us government's interest. instead, tillerson sided with putin. with billions in russian oil deals... he opposed us sanctions on russia... ...for war crimes
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forced to pay hundreds of millions for toxic pollution... ...putting profits ahead of our kid's health. tell your senators to reject rex tillerson. and protect american interests not corporate interests.
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no welcome back. happening today the police department will speak to people about the latest officer involved shooting. a town hall meet willing be held tonight to provide the community with an update on the investigation. that shooting happened on january 6th officers shot a man at caavenue at a home during the struggle. they were trying to act him about a restraining order violation.weigh treated for his one officer suffer aid head injury. the town hall meeting is at 6:00 at the -- at the recollect craigs center on capitol avenue. an appeals court threw out a law that bans secret grand juries from determine ifs police officers involved in
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deadly shootings should face charges. that state legislature passed the law back in 2015 that shifted the decision to file charges closed door grand juries to prosecutors. that followed nationwide protests. after grandees failed to indict police officers who shot and killed unarmed african american men. on tuesday the appeals court said that the law interfere was the authority of the grand jury established in 1879 by the california constitution. the appeals court said the legislature would have to seek constitutional amendment in order to keep the ban. our time is 6:17. the chargers may announce as soon as today that they are moving to los angeles. the team's owner has called an 8:00 a.m. staff meeting. is he expected to tell employees he is moving the charge he is to los angeles where they will share a stadium with the los angeles rams. the chargers have been in san diego for 56 years. reportedly the plan it for the
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chargers to play at the 30,000 feet subhub center just outside of la for the next two seasons until the $2.6 billion rams stadium is finished. the chargers move would probably prevent the raiders moving back to los angeles. however raiders owner mark davis said they still is committed to moving to las vegas. he talked about his -- he talked about his plan to a nfl owners committee. while he refused to make comments the other owners told reporters that dave is close to making a decision. the raiders have until february 15th to file relocation papers. the owners say the raiders canned move to las vegas and build a stadium without then 't vestment of a casino boss who reportedly wanted to own part of the team. want to go back over to sal to check in on traffic.
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still talking about some roads that are closed. >> that's right. some roads are closed. other roads are just wet and the traffic is slow because of the wet weather. rehabilitative show you that highway 4 traffic will be busy over the hill. these are beginning to look like normal drives. after a while of so much rain people do get used to driving in the rain. they are get used to leaving extra time and the drive starts to -- get normal. drivers re is silent. they get used to things. we have had a lot of rain this say look at the toll plaza if you are driving there. it's backed up for 15 to 20 minutes. i also want to say that highway 24 is okay this morning. it's looking more normal. let's talk about the south bay drive. we have had northbound 880 of course. that pool chemical spill. northbound 880 at mission. there is a minor accident in that area. please give yourself extra time as you drive to the area. i want to mention that we have a look at the santa cruz
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mountains and northbound 17 traffic is going to be all open. all the lanes are open here. highway 152 out of watsonville on the way to gilroy. those lanes still closed i want to mention highway 37 in nevado still closed between 101 and ather it, o instructor because of flooding. at 6:20 let's bring steven. the man around bake -- he is -- he sends you -- fire information, he just sent me drone video. looking at the lake. unbelievable. >> really? >> yes. we will tray to get to that later during the show. >> i want to see it. unfortunately there is also some of the hillsides have given way. a lot of the roads are blocked. you cannot believe the lake level. you probably can believe now to be honest with you. i was just looking at that. if you haven't heard north of i- 80 the drought is over. don't you dare come back any time soon. i had enough of you for five-
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years. the system is getting some rain. not a lot but some in the mix. chris kimble, sleepery hollow in marin. january -- over 16 -- and a quarter inch muchs of rain. measurable rain. nine out of 12 days. 1 inches of rain. mount tam -- fairfax is close. 83. vallejo. two thirds of an inch. el sorito picked up a half inch of rain. these are little guys compared to where we have been. we don't want much more than this for now. mill valley three quarters. san rafael two thirds, ben lomin a half inch. socal a half inch. rodeo over a half inch. san francisco a third. oakland a third. san jose still only 19 one hundredths but that's okay. the system will three quarters of an inch -- isolated areas to an inch and a quarter. high tide. there is a little snow up here in parts of mendecino.
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cold air coming in for sure. i would not be surprised with some -- reports of snow coming in as well. north bay the not to bad. some areas okay. some areas are starting to pick up some rain there. are breaks here. this is more hit and miss. your garden variety. sometimes you get bursts of moderate. lexington hill. santa cruz. they don't need it but they are getting more rain and there is a winter storm warning out for the sierra. that continues until later this afternoon. 40s on the temperatures. cooler. east bay temperatures also in the 40s with lafayette at 43 degrees. you get that northerly breeze. that's bring manage some of the colder air. lue feel it. snow on top of snow up in the searchy. you can see how it's different from the last couple systems. it's coming down out of the north but it's on its way soup. morning rain will give way to some general clearing in the stop in the rain late their afternoon. low 50s for some here. watch out the colder air is coming in. at least we get a break but
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there will be all sorts of black ice over the weekend. >> okay. that could mean some dangerous driving conditions and the black ice could be in the bay area. a lot of places in. >> look how much water is coming out of the hills. i took a hike yesterday. >> me too. >> i went up and then -- i mean i'm seeing creeks running that i haven't seen run in a long time. immaterial were saying the same thing. >> there is a waterfall that is normally just a little bit of a waterfall. >> there is a lot of erosion taking place. the trail they walk on is usually pretty solid. it's -- there is a lot of -- a lot of divots. the water washed it away. a lot of the hillsides on the creeks which have been bone dry for years. >> and the water sitting on the roads then will freeze. ? >> of that up in the hills and over the bridges, yes. >> okay. >> thank you. its been very wet week with all the storms in the past few days. the reason people in santa cruz are asked to cut back on their
6:24 am
water despite all the rain. >> and scams targeting the elderly in some cases defrauding them out of their life saving. next a warning from melissa head of the san francisco lunar new year celebration. we're told to live large, but with princess cruises
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2. it's 6:26. a muni investigation continues in san francisco. after a man's body was found on the tracks and then in an underground tunnel. police hope video will explain what happened. now its being investigated at as a deadly collision. it was first reported at three in the afternoon. the body was found between castro and church street stations. that led to widespread delays for metro trains for the evening drive. san francisco's first pedestrian death of the new year is now under investigation. that happened yesterday afternoon at union in the cal hollow neighborhood. a woman was crossing the street when a truck with a trailer hit her. she was rushed to the hospital the but later died. the truck driver stayed at the scene and company rating. san francisco city laiders warning about possible scams ahead of the china lunar new
6:28 am
year's celebration. they passed out flyers in china town. one particular scam is a so- called blessing scam. it targets older woment. involves thieves offering to ward ofay vail spirits by lessing a bag of money and valuables. in the end they switch out the bag filled with cash with an empty bag. >> we had a woman that was -- she worked in basically janitor services at a restaurant for over 20 years saving money for the education for her child. she had collected about $20,000. this is someone working for minimum wage all her life. she gave up her entire life saving during the blessing scam. >> police say that the cultural issues also a fear of being deported may kesome victims reporting crimes but city officials remind people, san francisco is a sanctuary city. they want crime victims to come forward regardless of their
6:29 am
immigration status. more than one month after the deadly oakland warehouse fire the order now issued by the mayor of oakland to improve the safety of other buildings in the city. >> plus entire neighborhoods in the gurnville area remain under water as the river surges over its banks. it's six feet above flood stage. we will tell you about the damage that's been done to homes and property here in this area and when the flood waters expected to begin receding. >> the drive from oakland to san francisco not a bad one but there is some more snow traffic building here. coming up around the corner. we will take a look at that silicon valley drive which is getting trickier. ?q
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woman: college today. career tomorrow at the peralta colleges. sign up for classes today at one of our four colleges. berkeley city college, college of alameda, laney college and merritt college. classes start january 23rd. we have so many ways for you to get ahead. financial aid, thousands of classes to choose from, tutoring and so much more. college today. career tomorrow. sign up for classes right now at peralta dot edu. like your future at the peralta colleges. . good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. thursday,
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january 12th i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. time is 6:31. i know you said you just peeked outside. >> it's raining. it's raining. it's cold out there. >> it's very cold. it's supposed to get colder this weekend. >> it's snowing parts of lake county already. >> in lake county. >> and even off highway 29 now. >> wow. >> here you go. >> tough driving. here you go. we are going from one extreme to the other. already reports come in, sure looked like it on radar and people are confirming right now. let's get to it right here. it's snowing up here on cobb mountain. love you all. thank you. of love that. i will tell you. cobb mountain represents very well. they do. >> where is cobb mountain. lake county. >> it's -- more souther lake county. not only that -- i think allen -- here can head to that. we are having heavy rain and hidden valley lake. reports of heavy snow on mount
6:33 am
saint helena. that drive will be a bear. that confirm that and there its. you can see on cobb hidden valley lake. that's snow. i'm sure there is some as well after northern lake. i would think around the geyser. you can see cobb and hidden valley lake. some of these bands rotating through. you get hit and miss on this not everybody is in on the rain but some areas are. napa back over to sonoma. dublin to pleasanton and back down to san jose. the santa cruz mountains and now the santa clara valley that. looks more ominous. also santa cruz and scotts valley. 40s on the temperatures. it's membership cooler. north wind coming in and that cold air on its way. you get a good look at it there. that's carving itself out. until then some off and on rain and colder with upper 40s. low 50s. you see that sal?
6:34 am
mount saint helena snow. some commute that. >> you said it'll get cold on the weekend and we will start seeing snow and ice and maybe here in the bay area people could be faced with black ice. this is correct. >> we will -- put that in your -- the back of your brain here. this a look at the maze. traffic -- will be slow as well. on the bridge. we have a large back up. itt. a lot of people are on the road. i want to mention -- all the lanes are open on highway 17. as we push in to the south bay.
6:35 am
the traffic moving along 880 north and southbound. 280. i don't want to get just to throw in that highway 37 we have a closure between 101 and nevado and atherton. it's still closed you will have to usthe detour. all right. thank you. in gurnville entire neighborhoods remain under water. people there are waiting for the river to recede. alex savage is in gurnville where -- it's the 4th straight day of flooding. you post someday amazing pictures yesterday. >> reporter: you have neighborhoods that are under water. a lot of homes. people have stayed behind. they have enough supplies until the water start sos recede. that is expected to happen at some point later on today. it'll take a couple of days anymore the water has gone down
6:36 am
in a significant way. the river crested yesterday at about 6 feet above flood stage. you may be able to tell from the live picture that we have a light rainfalling here. nothing to heavy though. certainly this area as you can clearly tell. doesn't need more water. check out the view from sky fox. these pictures taken late yesterday showing neighborhoods under water. that's leaving hommock acceptsible only by boat. and a lot of people have been trying to drive through the standing water. a lot of the cars have been stalling out and that's forced local firefighters to have to come in and rescue a lot of the drivers and one chp officer she is fed up with it.
6:37 am
>> they were pulling people out of roads so flooded that it went over the roof of their car. so there is all of our emergency crews are going to this kind of thing. >> >> reporter: while the flooding bad some of the worse in the a decade one local fire chief said people in this area are lucky. the water stopped rising when it did. these communities not out of the woods yet. this is only january. a lot more storms to come in the coming months. bring you back out to a live picture. if you have a floatation device. a boat. again the water beginning -- will begin to go down hopefully at some point later on today. that will be a slow process until it starts to come down in any significant day. >> and then the clean up of course continues before the next bit of rain comes in.
6:38 am
>> yeah. certainly. have you to consider there is -- going to be a significant amount of water damage to homes. i have seven rv's and people's cars submerged. obviously there is will be a lot of damage done in this area. it could have been worse if the river had gone up a couple more feet. >> right. right. thank you for keeps us update oddn 't that. it may sound strange but even with all the rain. santa cruz has declared a water emergency. >> one of the city's biggest water pipes busker on monday cutting off more than a million gallons of water a day. santa cruz is asking everybody for a 30% cut back in water use. take fewer showers. do less laundry. eat with paper plates. the crews are working to fix the damaged pipeline but can't say how long that will take. >> people are still recovering as well after a massive
6:39 am
snowstorm after days of being locked inside some locals able to venture out last night. some areas -- the power is still out. crews working nonstop to try to get that back up. one man said he lost power three days ago when a tree fell on his neighbor's house and took out power lines. >> we have such a good community here that i have been at other people's houses this he have wood stoves and we can cook and -- stay warm and dry our clothes out. >> interstate 80 in the sierra is back open after a blizzard closed it for more than 24 hours. the combination of the storm and low visibility prompted cal trans to close a 740-mile stretch from colfax all the way to the nevada state line. chains still reirreasonable doubt on interstate 80. you can always head over to the website for full coverage of the storm damage. plus you can also get the very
6:40 am
latest on the forecast again the website. oakland mayor said that the deadly ware hour fire has led to people being forced out of spaces. we are live and the mayor has endorsed an idea to make landlords pay more if they want to evict tenants. >> she also -- executive order on this subject yesterday. but 36 people died in the oakland warehouse fire last month. part of the fall out has -- on unpermitted warehouse spaces also beg forced out of their homings. landlords are concerned about safety and use that as a reason to king people out. more than a dodd people were living in this industrial warehouse known as the ghost ship when the fire happened. many of the people who died were inside enjoying an huh-uh permitted music event and the
6:41 am
fire broke out trapping people unstairs. yesterday the mayor issued an exive order calling for building inspection departments and other city officials to take up to 60 days to work with landlords to make warehouses like the ghost ship safer to live in so that tenant cans remain in those homes. landlords, the idea is to have landlords avoid using safety concerns as a reason to kick pomp out. according to the chronicle he is endorsing a measure to increase the fees landlords would have to pay in order to evict tenants. the fees would nearly double from what they are now to $6,500 in relocation or one bedroom unit and 8,000 for tenants in a two bedroom unit. the mayor said that of course the idea is to discourage landlords from using live and safety concerns as a reason to move people out of their homes. back to you. >> all right. thank you.
6:42 am
in the meantime after the deadly oakland warehouse fire inspectors in san francisco have ordered evacuations at three san francisco warehouses. according to the san francisco examife, rethis -- one of the building hads a basement packed with beds and styrofoam walls. the fire department has investigated 15 complaints regarding the illegal use of warehouses after the warehouse fire. 6:42 the time. we continue to follow a developing story in fremont. there was a chemical spill on interstate 880. coming up what one of the drivers is accused of doing just moments before the crash. >> and an illegal gambling operation busted in oakland. raid at an empty build that ended 20 arrests. >> it's -- wet morning drive. where have you heard that before? we have slow photograph kick at the maze it seems to be slow
6:43 am
come around the corner to a crowded bay bridge. . mount saint helena and down around 2500 feet for some. here come that colder air. points north will get a dusting of snow.
6:44 am
6:45 am
welcome back. it's 6:45. the sheriff's office arrested 20 people in an illegal gambling operation in oakland
6:46 am
inside of a filthy building that was supposed to be empty. yesterday morning's raid was at 67th and bancroft in east oakland. a news camera got inside, got a close up look. authorities found 28 people living there illegally including a 5-year-old child. guns, drugs and slot machines were taken. >> there is unsafe conditions in there. it just -- the smell alone is a enough to make you want to leave that place. >> officials say that just like the ghost ship this is another example of a supposedly empty building being used for something else. property manager said she was surprised to hear people had occupied the building. the 5-year-old was turnover to cps. right now it's confuse 46. time to check in with the news at seven. >> good morning. when i join you near just a few minutes coffee prices going up
6:47 am
and are asking you how much do you spend on coffee? do you go for the free stuff at the office? are you like me or do you splurge and see some problem spending five to six dollars on a good cup. a new report said some adults are spending more on coffee than they are saving for their retirement. he we will break it down. and the mayors of san francisco and seattle meet to discuss what is a big problem in both those cities. homelessness. why they say it's not just affordable housing crisis but an addiction crisis as well. what the mayor lee pointed to as the most promising way to help the homeless in san francisco. an idea by the way seattle has borrowed. these stories and more when i see you for mornings on 2. it's 6:47. it is throw back thursday. we are looking back at our news team in the early days of our news careers. >> take a look at what we found. >> our dave clark standing by
6:48 am
live outside the criminal courts building in downtown los angeles where that news conference will take place. dave. >> yeah. it'll take place on the 18th floor of the criminal courts building as of right now. it's not started wal-mart we are told -- they will give us a two minute warning they are ready to start. we are monitoring. >> that was 22 years ago in los angeles. >> your mustache and glasses are bigger. >> i know. >> they had just said oj simpson was a fugitive from the law. he was suspected of killing two people. nobody believed what we had just heard. they just said -- dave get in front of the camera and tell people what happened. all of these people gathered around my live truck looking at the camera saying what did you just say? i had a big crowd around me. we still hadn't seen the bronco driving around . none of that had happened. >> very intense moments. if was extremely intense. that was 22 years ago. i was one of the first
6:49 am
reporters on tv talking about it and then i went onto cover the entire trial. it was an incredible time in my life. indictment you have to take a break to think is this actually true? >> who would have thought? >> eyeing right? >> who would have thought. around -- it was the trial of the century. i remember it like it was yesterday. >> wow. thank you for share that. while is nah. >> that's a golf tournament i played in. you remember that? >> way to go. >> with we are playing in a charity golf tournament benefiting firefighters and -- east contra costa back when the hair was pulled up. >> you still look good and you are a great golfer too many. >> still trying. we will see more of our throw back pictures of our news team. you can see them at ktvu. look under the mornings on two. you can shower your pictures on
6:50 am
facebook or instagram with the the hash tag ktvu and i'm talking object you to sal. i want to see your pictures. >> i hate to give the people who could -- stiff and i have been here -- they can go back to a throw we did 15 years ago. okay. >> we may look just a little different. just a little. >> okay. >> not much. let's go out -- there is a routineer the field too. you can see some of those. this is highway 24 westbound. you can straff sick normal. this will be slow traffic there. will be some delays. it'll be more normal. than it was the last few days. we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's back. here we go. the bay bridge toll plaza camr. it's backed up for a 25 to 30 minute delay. we are getting fill in here in the silicon valley drive. 85 to -- are all very slow.
6:51 am
northbound 880 is a little slow past mission where they have closed a ramp because of a pool chemical spill. we still have slow traffic on 880 southbound from hayward. if you want your hair to turn gray fast you become president of the outser work this shift. you know what? when we started this my hair was black and yours was brown. >> that is correct. right. brown blond. >> right. watch it. >> look what happened. >> look what happened. all right. look what happened. look what is happening. it's snowing. up on mount saint helena. also reports of snow. kind of a cold rain mix, snow near kelseyville is what i'm hearing. if anyone is up by upper lake or getting snow maybe hidden valley lake. let us know. some of the higher elevations maybe northern napa. new see any snow, hear about it. everything is rotating through.
6:52 am
another low moving in. not that strong but it's still producing rain and you can get moderate rain. ill will tell you marin, has just again crazy. kevin -- 84 one hundredths. the beat just keeps going. i did see a little more of mount tam but close. same for fairfax. vallejo, two thirds of an inch. felton. el sorito. 24 hour totals, mill valley. san rafael. ben h -- rodeo. val johan at a half inch. san francisco a third. oakland a third. san jose 19 one hundredths. still critical flood stage. not a lot of rain up toward the river today or gurnville. looks like crest has been reached but it's certainly a slow trend down over the next couple hours or even into tonight and then friday. the good news is the heavier rain will not be a factor today. maybe a quarter inch much to three quarters. still gusts about 25 to 30 and high tide at the golden gate at
6:53 am
10:44. you can see -- maybe back over to american canyon. highway 37. out the vacaville and fairfield. here say good line that's going through near the pass. 580. i know it's on the back side. that's mount diablo. dusting of snow on the higher peaks. then around to the east san jose foothills and in to the santa clara valley and the santa cruz mountains which doesn't need more rain. they are getting some this morning. there is that line and then the winter storm warning out for later today. at least the blizzard warning overf. you haven't heard, feet of snow is being measured its getting colder and will continue to get colder. 40s on the peninsula. that north wind is bringing in a cold air mass. you can see how this carres itself out. the last couple systems brings a zonal pattern this one is more from north to south. this is why we will get colder here. morning rain. could be isolated thunderstorm.
6:54 am
i think the message is we will get a break from the rain. with this cold air there will be ice. late nights early morning. be careful. >> all right steve. thank you. >> you are welll come. tackling traffic jams by thinking in to the future. the bay area city now studying monorails for moving people around. as ceo of exxonmobile...
6:55 am
rex tillerson put exxon's interests before america's i'm not here to represent the us government's interest. instead, tillerson sided with putin. with billions in russian oil deals... he opposed us sanctions on russia... ...for war crimes forced to pay hundreds of millions for toxic pollution... ...putting profits ahead of our kid's health. tell your senators to reject rex tillerson. and protect american interests not corporate interests.
6:56 am
6:57 am
. no mountain view they are considering a future way to help traffic jams. the city council is voting to spend $250,000 to study the feasibility of high tech transit systems like these pods called sky tran. looks like a future movie this he will look at monorails. they want to come one acies temperature to help keep people off the roads and get them to their workplaces. they plan to have a series of outreach meetings on the tom i can and it'll likely be done by the end of the year. the legal fight over the future of the last remaining mobile home park in palo alto will continue. the city council approved a plan to appeal a court ruling about the park. the city had approved a plan for the own tore shut it down. a range of payments for each of the 117 housing units. the judge rejected the plan saying that the city has to
6:58 am
determine the exact amount it would cost to relocate each of those mobile homes. the oakland school district is looking to cut between eight and $11 million from its budget for the rest of the school year. the superintendent is ordering a freeze on hiring worker who are not teachers or other essential district people. wilson has other spending cuts as well. the school board said that could mean consolidating school that share campuses but not administration. next year another $20 millions in spending cut also be needed. we are still following developing news from fray moment. with very been talking about a chemical spill out there on interstate 880. up next a live report from right there with the latest on the investigation. >> and one of marin's busiest roads has been impact bid the flooding. what you need to know to get around the highway 37 closure.
6:59 am
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