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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 12, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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a new logo. >> and a break from the rain but the gray clouds are still looming. when the next round of weather returns. >> and a bit of good news from all that rain. update on what it means for california's drought. >> ktvu fox 2news at noon. starts now. good afternoon. >> the rain is letting up around parts the bay area as we take a live look outside. looking toward the bay bridge on this thursday afternoon. >> so beautiful. i don't see a ton of rain coming down. testify is here to tell us if the rain has stopped. >> do you know it's cold outside? >> i do. >> i'm sure you both know that. all right. let's first head off. take a look at pictures. this -- sterling sent this out. that blown color is his hot tub. look at that snow on top of that. my advice was to keep digging. keep digging. there is many reports of feet of snow being reported not up in the sierra nevada but also i
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should add lot of snow up toward lake county, now that the clouds have collar clear. you can see the mountains, the snow, thank you to karen for that and here is the snow at the geysers. thank you to joanna for that. watch out. you know what ha means in once we clear out you can see most of this done i think by now. there still could be some hanging on. still wrapping back from the low. that -- the low still triggering thunderstorm activity out in the valley. maybe a bit of heavy shower activity. you can so the circulation that means snow in the searchy. winter storm warning until four and there is a little bit of the disturbances continuing to wrap back around. look at the temperatures. 40s. kelseyville. 41 degrees. only upper 40s for some including leesburg at 47. napa at 48 degrees. missed on the rain it wasn't a lot. the most is in around marin. oakland, san jose, san francisco, quarter to a third of an inch and then a half
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inch, we still have one more system that has to kind of clear here later today. we are on the driver side. we are on the colder side. i think that's going to give for a lot of black ice in the next couple nights or admonish mornings. up in the north bay the rain has let up and the river is starting to go down in the gurnville area. >> alex savage live where things are slowly improving. still a long clean up ahead for everybody. >> yeah. a long road ahead for a lot of folks. its clear that hundreds of homes likely going to have some level. flood damage. a lot of cars have been left submerged by the rising waters of the river. the good news up here is that they are getting a break from the rain here and the waters of the river are beginning to go down here. you can see a lot of people still get around by boat today in many neighborhoods that have just been sort of cut off because they are overwhelmed by
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the water. again the waters are starting to recede and that's the good news up here. neighborhoods do remain under water in many spots. people using boats and canoes to try to get around and try to check on neighbors. we have seen some people delivering groceries to people who are unable to leave their homes. a lots of people did stay behind in their places. even as the river began to flood during the storms this week. the river crested yesterday at about six feet above flood le here say they are grateful the river stopped rising when it d. >> just a couple more feet would have been is significant for us. it looks like we are going to just get away with a bit of mildew now. we should be good. >> reporter: and most of the homes in this area have been raised up over the years because they have had so many serious flood events over the past few decades. floodwaters in most cases during this week's storms they came into those ground floor garages, a lot of people just
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got whatever valuables they had and moved them upstairs to avoid them being damaged. this was some of the worst flood that people say they have seen in about the last decade o as the recovery starts everybody knows they are not out of the woods. >> yeah. no it's a lot of winter left. we will see what happens. the ground is soaked and another big storm will do the same thing if not worse. >> reporter: and even though the rain has let up the fire captain with the fire protection district that i talked to this morning said that landslides are still a huge concern in this area because the ground is just so soaked. they had a serious mudslide a few days ago. that was on monday night. seven home hads to be red tagged. they worry they still could have more of that. we bring you back out here to a live puck church mere in this neighborhood -- right off
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highway 11. you can see that -- still some serious flooding in these neighborhoods but again the good news is that overall the river is going down and it's possible it could drop below flood stage or be at flood stage at some point later tonight. back to you for now. >> great news. thank you. one the north bay's busier roadway social security still closed because of flooding. highway 37 in nevado is closed between 101 and atherton near the stone tree golf club. floodwaters covered all four lanes and some cases three to four feet high. some drivers just abandoned their cars because the water was so deep. we don't know when that roadway will reopen. the storm has caused a lot of damage. it's turned deadly but its been good for the drought. >> officials saying all this rainfall is bringing part of california out of the drought. >> reporter: we are here at lexington reservoir and it's just a great screw. it used to be depressing to drive by on highway 17 because
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the water level was so low that you could walk a couple hundred yards in to the reservoir. now look att. it's at capacity. many of the state's reservoirs swelling because of all the rain that is falling since january. the state's largest reservoir lake shasta is 81% full. in the sierra yesterday snow pack jumped to 158% of normal. the associated press said that the weekly drought report by government and academic experts showed 42% of california is now drought free. some are saying that the 2017 could turn out to be one of the wettest years on record. that is only if the rain continues. we spoke to a resident who came out to look at how full lexington reservoir is now. here is what he said. >> i wonder how long it'll last. this is what -- once in a decade kind of rain. yes, when i see that as -- i have only lived here for a year but never seen it that full in my life. it's really great to see. >> reporter: here is a look at just how much things have
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changed over the past year. the united states drought monitor released these before and after pictures of our drought situation. you can see one side shows what the state look like today with most of the extreme drought conditions in southern california. compare that to a year ago when you saw a lot of more dark red and orange on the map. all across the state meaning an exacceptional drought. even though the rainfall caused flooding and other problems the state needed the water. it sure brought a smile to a lot of the people who come out here to lexington reservoir to take pictures of the water. reporting from loss gatos. >> sounds strange but even with all this rain the city of santa cruz has declare aid water emergency. one of the largest water deliver are you pipes burst on monday. that deprives the city of more than a million gallons of water a day. santa cruz is asking everybody to cut back their water use by 30%. officials suggesting people take few fewer showers, do less laundry and use paper plates and compost them instead of
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having to wash dishes. crews working to repair the damaged pipeline. investigators looking for the cause of a suspicious warehouse fire in vallejo. this one broke out 6:30 this morning at the warehouse on florida street which was supposed to be empty. about half of the building was in flame when is firefighter as lifed. officials say that they think people were living illegally in the warehouse. nobody was found inside when they search that building. took about a half hour to put the fire out and crews stayed at the scene to put out the hot spots. right now the city councilmembers are meeting to discuss actions they say are designed to keep people in their homes. even if those homes aren't legal residences. >> we are live from city hall and are these actions in response to the deadly warehouse fire? >> reporter: yes. the mayor issued an exive order on this topic. the mayor said that because of what happened with the oakland ghost is ship fire the concern a lot of people are now being
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forced out of their unpermitted illegal warehouse spaces because their landlords are concerned about live and safety. happening now inside oakland city hall and some of the council chambers a committee is meeting to discuss and take public input on some of the measures the city wants to take. the mayor's order calls for the city's building inspection department and other city departments to take 60 days to work with landlords to make warehouses throughout the city safe tore live in instead of evicting the people who live there. last month 36 people died in a fire at the government ship warehouse on 31st and oakland. more than a dozen were living in that building that was not permit informed residential use and the fire happened when a crowd of people inside were at an unpermitted music event and that's when the the fire broke out. the mayor said the first priority in her order is directing city staff to get an accurate count of how many warehouses in oakland are being used as residential buildings. the mayor said some are now kicking people out because they
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are just now becoming concerned about the safety issues. >> we recognize that the fire created a high scrutiny on these type of spaces and that's why we are not only bringing these new tools, these nonregulations but also incentives and education campaigns so people know what their rights and they are nowitzki what the resources to get these spaces legalized and safe. >> reporter: she and some city councilmembers in support of increasing the fee landlords would pay if they try to evict their tenants -- that proposal -- the fee would nearly double what it is now from $6,500 in relocation for a tenant in studio or one bedroom and up to 8,000 for tenants in a two bedroom unit. now inside the city council chambers for this hearing there was a group calling itself the oakland warehouse coalition. some of the people who lived in the ghost ship are part of that organization. they say they -- they say that
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they believe the mayor's action is a good first step but they declined request for on camera interviews. i had a chance to speak to a representative from some east bay landlords and she said that their position is that the order is to broad and doesn't make a difference between legal and illegal living spaces. a lot for the city to work on and the mayor said she live believes this will be passed. some of the relocation fee will be passed by the end of this month. back to you. >> thank you. fremont boulevard is back open. it was shut down because because of a deadly crash. several vehicles collided. the driver of a toyota correia was killed. the other driver was not seriously hurt. investigators are still trying to determine how the crash happened and exactly who was at fault. a section of interstate 880 and fremont is back open after being closed for hour this is morning because of a truck crash that caused a hazmat scare this happened at mission boulevard when a truck crashed
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in to the sand barrels. the driver was arrested but the truck was carrying 25-gallons of pool cleaning chemicals. the chp estimated that two gallons of acid spilled out. cal trans hazmat team was called into remove it. the chargers no more. after a break a live report from san diego as fans react to news that the chargers leaving. >> and senate republicans take the first step toward repealing the affordable health care act. over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st.
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visit today.
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. it's official. the chargers are a thing the past as the team took to twitter this morning to confirm they are moving up to los angeles and to reveal the new logo. >> jordon whitley in san diego at the chargers practice facility. she is live with more on how fans reacting. >> reporter: hello. yes. the rain is coming down. a storm is brewing and a lot is to come here at chargers park today. you are basically witnessing a funeral. a family here is mourning the loss of a team they have loved for over 55 years. speaking to a lot of these fans they are angry about the way they found out on the internet this he are angry that they don't get to fight anymore and they are sad that they tonight have memories to make in the future with their family. we have been here since about seven and were here when the
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news broke. we will take you back to this morning. take a listen to the way they found out and to their initial reaction which was shock and rage. >> i was shocked. i thought we were going to stay. i was here yesterday doing rehab and that's something we were talking about. we didn't know what was going on. now we know and we can plan with our families and get the ball rolling. >> we will be second fiddle up there. nobody will care about the chargers. we can't bring people to the stadium. up was at the raider game and 78% of it was raider fans. >> a lot of people don't agree with me but i don't blame them. i blame the city. >> reporter: why? >> they couldn't get anything done. they have been trying trying trying. the chargers have been asking for a new stadium for 15 years and then the city couldn't get anything done. >> they aren't going to be here. they aren't from here. they are politicians and made a politician move.
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dean, how dare you. >> sorry los angeles i won't attend no games up there. i represent san diego chargers. you guys enjoy i guess the games of the team. we will still represent san diego chargers here. >> reporter: that -- the first clip you heard was from orlando franklin. he is a charger many he came out of rehab earlier. we had a chance to talk to him. he found out like everybody else last night on twitter. we will be on stand by for more players to come owl. a couple are in there getting rehab. they will be for now doing their training in the off season right here. you know speaking to some of the fans earlier there is a lot of season ticket holders that are upset that they don't get the opportunity to purchase their season tickets in la. they are starting at -- i think it's a hundred dollars to get one. that's what is going on. >> quick question. here in oakland the owner of the raider social security lacking to move. vegas, los angeles, on at which time their morning when this came out i noticed that some
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raider fans -- i don't know where they are in california or across the country. they are talking about the possibility of the raiders going to san diego. do you get a sense from any of the fans there -- the charger fans, raider fans that they would be interested or open to the idea of the raiders coming to san diego? >> reporter: well this is a pretty anti raiders fan base. i can find out for you if you want me to ask. >> suref. you want. if there is someone willing to talk. >> reporter: hey guys -- just wondering if there is an option of the raiders coming here in a polite way is there a sense you would welcome a new team? >> i don't think so. san diego -- i mean -- for the longest time we have had the rivalry and -- just to have another team to come to san diego, especially the raiders. i would be -- no option. i know the raider have been faithful to their team throughout the years, many of them as they went to different
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cities which is good. good for them. i don't think that would be the case here in san diego. we love the chargers ever since they have been here. i know [inaudible] they have been here for the most part and we have been supporting them. to get this news that they are leaving, i mean, i don't know if we could deal with another team. >> reporter: thank you. we spoke to younger fan and they said they would be open to a new team that. will be the next question we ask fans here moving forward. >> jordan. appreciate the report. >> she mentioned rain down there. a lot of what we saw is moving down south. yeah. they are getting rain down there. that system moves south and it's getting colder here. no doubt about it. black ice is going to be a huge issue here starting tonight. tomorrow, area that clear out as that cold air starts to filter in. there are breaks. there is still areas getting some light rain. not a lot. take a look at the satellite. you can see rotation going on. bands right there rotating down. also you can see out around
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sacramento. some of that rotating backn. to the north some this could certainly begin to work its way down from the north. we are not done. a lot of these cells. i have seen this before. this kind of pattern. you get these cells and they just kind of skirt the santa cruz coastline and then head down toward monterey. that's where they are going for right now. some of the rivers, all the good news. everything starting to recede. they have peaked out. saint helena1.7, napa15.4. these are all below flood stage. very slow churn here on the river. leesburg at 12. it has peeked out well below flood stage. look at gurnville. that's tough here. we are barely getting below but we have peeked out as alex talked about. it's coming down slowly but at least it's coming down. there is a satellite picture. still a few showers in the mix. we aren't completely done but we aren't get that continuous rain. it's cold out there. temperatures are really going to start dropping off the table
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fast. mid40s at best. look at blackhawk 45, concord -- only 44. same for lafayette and walnut creek. little bit a north or northwesterly breeze is in place here and that's really going to bring in the chilly temperatures over the next 24 to 36 hours. you get a great look at it. look at how that has carved itself out of the forth this is different from the last couple systems. those came outs of the south or southwest. they were warmer. this is a lot of cold air. at the same time it'll give us the one last -- if you will coming out of a roman candle. still a couple showers here in the mix until we can clear it out tonight. 50s on the temperatures. that'st. the big news going forward is yes we will be dry for a couple days. certainly through i think next tuesday night or wednesday. these lows, 20s and 30s will make for some pretty icy conditions. late night and early morning over the next couple days. >> make you feel the temperature change. >> no kidding. cuts rights through you. >> see you tomorrow.
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. the ep a is ceusing fiat of using software that lets deese ill emission that are higher than governmental standards. the charges cover some 100,000 trucks and suv's starting in 2014. fiat chrysler will reportedly
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fight the accusations and argue that its cars met environmental requirements. this after vw's emissions cheating case. take a look at stocks. they move loaner afternoon trading give back the market gains yesterday. you can see the dow has brought back some of its lows that we saw earlier on in section but it's still on track to finish about 10 points down. there is a new alternative to the epi pen that many rely on. today cvs announced will start selling the generic version. that's after mylan which had been the only make ear nounsed was increasing the price of a two pack of pens to more than $100. the new version will be made by impacts lob torrys and be called adrenal click and will sell for $110 for a two pack. mylan had a 300-dollar generic
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one. the family foundation of the late helen diller. depths the single largest gift in the history of the university. one of the biggest donations ever give tone the university to any university in the united states. helen diller was a san francisco native who husband founded a real estate company. it's aimed to support the staff and students of ucsf. a san francisco soup kitchen operated by nuns is getting support in their effort to move to a new location in the city's mission district. tony robins met with the nuns and their patron this is morning to voice their support this is a photograph in that meeting. right now the sisters soup kitchen is on tucker street but they are of nothing because of a steep rent increase. the new kitchen would be on the 1900 block of mission street. it is meeting some opposition from neighbors worry that it'll bring more homes to the area. the proposed move will come before the planning commission later this after. still ahead we have been
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temperaturing you about the chargers move to los angeles and after the break our sports anchor will be here to explain what this means for the oakland raiders. >> and the traffic congestion bean such a problem in the bay area. one city exploring a new way for people to get around without using the roads. over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today.
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. back now to today's news at the san diego chargers officially moving to los angeles. >> jason is here with what it means for the future of the raiders. immaterial la was the back up plan. so that's now off the table. it's no longer an option. the raiders have been laser focused on las vegas all long. expect mark davis to file relocation papers soon. you know mr. davis said in a text -- that he won't be filing those papers this week. he has a little time. they will possibly vote in phoenix. 75% of the owners need to vote yes for it to pass. that's 24 of the 32 owners.
12:31 pm
nflvp said that the progress on las vegas has been impressive and patriots owner robert can, are, a if, t on the nfl endorsing lease vegas, i think it's a good possibility. we have seen two teams move to la. that's an interesting point. maybe they wait and see how it goes down in la before putting another team if. >> not like the rams filling the stadium. >> no by the end of the season. they were 4-12 and aren'ting out. raider fans don't panic yet. it does look like the raiders one step closer to vegas. in addition to the votes though a lot of things have to be resolved. can mark davis and the casino mogul, can they come to some agreement to get that $650
12:32 pm
million that he has pledged. wisdom says that adleson wants to be a part owner. mark davis doesn't want to do that. he just wants to be a tenant in the building that adleson is build agriculture long with the public money in vegas. can they agree on something for that money? there is talk out of those meetings that mark davis could possibly try to move to vegas even without the money. there also currently a rule that no casino owner cans own an nfl team. steelers owner said it would be nice to be in compliance with those rules. there is also a matter of the relocation fee. charger are supposed to pay $650,000 to go. mark davis doesn't have that kind of money and the other thing is can oakland come up with a better plan. we know a lot about the fort tremendous group. >> like the only plan.
12:33 pm
>> currently. yes. >> we waiting on this stuff. mark difference has said while that stadium is being built in vegas and he plans to go that he would play in oakland for several years and he said i want to bring a championship to oakland. >> are you saying lue leave me in five years i dump you today. >> raider fans will still show up. >> it's such a sad scene playing out. >> just one quick side note. the chargers have no head coach. 49ers don't. does this play a role? if will coach saying -- maybe the 49ers get that coach. >> you know i don't know. the coaching thing. >> plays a role. >> i didn't know. the la chargers, the la rams both looking forehead coaches. the two la teams are both looking forehead coaches. the 49ers are the other team.
12:34 pm
there are three empty spots. the niners are down to a short list. several have opted to go with other teams. there is two or three guys on their list to be head coach. we will see how that happens the next couple weeks. >> thank you. fresh dusting of snow at the top of mount hamilton. nice to see out there in the south bay. you will get it there. let's show you how cold its getting. >> that's true. they need to work on that new chargers logo. >> yeah. looks like --. >> the dodgers. >> ripping off the dodgers. >> that would be a good place to start. >> mount hamilton snow. up in lake county. saint helena. you know some of this could start wrapping back around. things developing here quickly. we will show you what's going on just a second. you can see those -- the low. again has -- lot of cold air with it. we kind of forgot about that. these have been warm is
12:35 pm
systems. it's starting to is have the shower activity. that cold unstable air is coming in. you can see a lot of these are skirting the coast down toward monterey. it's cold out there and temperatures, 40s for some. upper 40s very low 50s. we will drop like a rock tonight. the good news, alex has been talking about this up at gurnville and the russian river. at least the crest has happened and now we are starting to see very slowly it recede. 35 feet at last week. we are starting to get it in all that. the flash flood watches and warnings are coming down rapidly if they haven't already. it's very high and slow to retreat. the napa river. that came down quick. we are looking for a very cold pattern here and watch our things popping up around livermore. the pass. little bit of snow looks like in some of the livermore hills. toward dublin. even into pleasanton. some of those are developing. also over the santa cruz mountains, just to the west of cooper tino and saratoga.
12:36 pm
that line and also into sap martin and gilroy. they have had heavy rain. last thing they need is more but there are signs of shower activity popping up. it's still snow until four this afternoon. winter storm warning out. 0's and 50s on the temperatures. it's cold out there. peninsula temperatures mid40s. san carlos at 45. only 48 stanford. loss altos. with 47 also at gilroy. you get some 50s finally down toward socal and santa cruz. santa cruz mountain also drop like a rock if they can clear out. we had upper 30s above 2,000 feet tonight and the direction is moving out of the west or the forth northwest and that's bringing in a chilly air mass here which will play into tonight's weather and then tomorrow morning. still some of this now can wrap back around. we are not completely done. you get a mix of subclouds and showers and cold temperatures here. 30s in the mountains and 40s out in the valley. sacramento only 46 degrees. look at the moisture continues
12:37 pm
to surge. that's moving south to north. on the back side our social security starting to move north to south. you get a good look at that cold air. the low is slow to move. eventually it'll. this is the last in the series until maybe next wednesday when it looks like another system will dropn. there is still a few showers and maybe a few thunderstorms in the mix to it get the system far enough south that won't be until later this afternoon into tonight. we get a break. that's the good news. the bad news is it'll get cold and we will have to deal with black ice certainly friday night into saturday with so much moisture that's falling over the last two weeks. we get a break until tuesday. next system will arrive on wednesday. >> all right. thank you. a former vallejo police officer has been arrested in roseville accused domestic violence. he was arrested this past saturday after a woman who was dating him called police to report the incident. officers responded to a home and founded victim with facial injuries. they were able to find him driving nearby about 15 mines later. he had been employed by the san
12:38 pm
pablo department at the time of the incident. is he now month longer with them. the oakland school district is looking to cut between eight and $11 million from its budget for the rest of this academic year. the superintendent is proposing to make the cuts about i putting a freeze on hiring worker who are not teamersoer essential district people. that could mean consolidating some school that share campuses but not administration. wilson said next school here another 20 million will be needed. the reason he said for cuts include a gap in state funding and declining enrollment. in the south bay mountain view is considering a future way to help traffic. >> the city council has authorized a study looking at the possibility of a high tech monorail. >> reporter: picture transportation that's automated and elevated. a private pod high above the ground that takes you directly where you want to go. because of companies like sky tram. the traction portation. the future may be here before
12:39 pm
you know it. or more specifically here in mountain view. >> what they are offering is -- it is -- really the only solution to the problem. >> reporter: the problem traffic. masses of congestion on the roadway and now mountain view is hoping for a silicon valley type of solution. >> we as a city are interested in looking at thing that are innovative. something other than expanding roadways. even more transit needs space on the roadways and we are out of that space. >> reporter: the city council has voted to spend $250,000 studying the feasibility of automated guideway transit systems. this could mean anything from the type of monorail you see at airports to something like sky tran. the hope that it would help keep people off the roads and help them get to work. >> we have a gap between that transit center and our north bayshore area. what we are trying to do with this study is fill that gap. >> reporter: the study will be
12:40 pm
conducted by lee and elliot and look at everything from cost and technology to regulatory concerns. sky tram doctor, c everybody o said he believing this is can be feasible. >> has to have the -- the sufficient speed to be able to move people around or people will continue to sit in their cars. >> reporter: and at least some who live and work in mountain view say they want to hear more. >> it's a cool idea. we have to like -- the last mile -- we have to drive. with that maybe we can get to that going the campus in lucrative minutes or so. it's great. >> you have such bright minds here. they are bound to come one something that is original and creative and could work. i'm all for trying anything that will help traffic. >> reporter: there are be a number of community outreach meetings and the study should be done by the end of the year. in mountain view, ktvu fox 2news. senate republicans have taken the first step to repeal the health care law. if will be repealed, and
12:41 pm
replaced. most like i be on the same day or the same week but probably the same day, could be the same hour. >> reporter: that's what the president elect said yesterday about his vision for dismantling at fordable care ability and early this morning the senate pass aid budget mess measure that is a necessary step to start the repeal process. the house will vote on the bill tomorrow. some republicans in congress are worried about setting the repeal effort in motion without having a replacement plan ready to go. >> reporter: nobody should ever be able to sinaean one of those things. that night i saw ten. >> reporter: coming up one firefighter's firsthand account of the grim work at the ghost ship warehouse and how he is trying to cope.
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game night is our daughter allie's favorite night. and knowing that her favorite general mills big g cereals are gluten-free, like honey nut cheerios, rice chex and lucky charms, she can enjoy it her way.
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you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal. general mills big g cereals hear you. that's why we say "yes" to whole grain as our first ingredient. and "no way" to high fructose corn syrup. so no matter what your favorite is, you can feel good about general mills big g cereals. . happening today the members of the san francisco police department are set to speak with residents about the most recent officer involved shooting and the latest on the investigation. the shooting happened last friday on january 6th at a home on capitol avenue offer officers tried to contact a man act a restraining order violation. the man was treated for his injuries. one officer had a head injury as well. the town hall will start at six. the body found on the tracks of a underground tunnel yesterday afternoon has been identified as a 57-year-old joaqu in barnes. he was found between the ca is
12:45 pm
stro and church street stipulations. its being investigated a deadly collision and police hope a surveillance video will help. we are hearing a firsthand account from a firefighter who had the job of recovering bodiys at the ghost ship warehouse. >> he hoped up about how he wassa falked including finding the two people who were embracing when they pass away. >> reporter: i knew that it was going to be a tough day. >> reporter: lute tate arrive at the warehouse on sunday morning the day after the fire. he would not return home for three days. >> getting in to the building was just a maze. there was pianos, and just so much stuff stacked, ten, 20 feet tall up to the second
12:46 pm
story. >> reporter: he said there were so many instruments that he lost count. firefighters had to clear out paths to move around. the lieutenant knew that there were bodies inside and it didn't take long before they spotted one. >> as i went in i was greeted right there with a body, victim 26. nobody should ever have to be able to see even one victim. that night i saw ten. so i have to turn ofbut still affects me. >> reporter: the most difficult moment was when they found two, one had his arms wrap add round her and was holding her as they died. they were on a couch on the second floor when the floor collapsed underneath them. the couch dropped and rolled over and then crashed through the top of this rv that was parked inside the warehouse. firefighters used power tools to cut in to the rv and when
12:47 pm
they turned over the couch they found the couple. >> almost looked like they were -- they knew they were going to die. so he was embracing her. my mind goes right to my wife and that's what i would do in that situation with my wife is protect her. to the very end. that was a really hard one. that's what he was doing. he was protecting her to very end. arm in arm. lieutenaaid he walked into this room and shined his flash light. and for a brief moment he was horrified by the arms that he saw hanging the ceiling because in the dark they looked very real. >> all of the sudden i saw a hand and another hand and at hand. >> i saw four hands and again my heart just stopped. i called in the coroner and we
12:48 pm
went in there and they were mannequins. >> reporter: most thought all of the victims would have been burned beyond recognition because of the flames but that was not the case. >> everybody thought it was -- that they would be just unrecognizable and it was quite the opposite. so that was the tough part. the tough part was seeing that and -- recognizing that this is someone's loved one and then going home and watching the news and seeing the faces of the victims that we removed that was a hard one. that was hard. >> reporter: when the first respond s found a victim all work would stop. the coroner would be called in and they would take the body out. it was all done respectfully for the families. the firefighters worked in three hour shifts because of the mental and physical strain and one of the hard parts for them now is when something reminds them of what they saw
12:49 pm
while they were inside. there. was a woman that had a piece of -- article of clothing on. weeks later. over in san francisco. i saw that article of clothing on. it's called a trigger. my hands start sweating my heart starts racing and i start -- i just need to get out of there. >> reporter: this picture was taken out side the warehouse in the middle of the recovery operation. that's the lieutenant with three comfort dogs. he said that it was the only time in three days they smiled. >> and so i went up to them and i -- i -- just knelt down and they came right up to me. just started petting themt. was just a nice moment to -- it was almost like are you in -- just another world. >> reporter: it's easy to think of first respond s as the people who run toward danger while everybody else runs away from it. first respond s are also human. being inside the warehouse and
12:50 pm
finding those 36 bodies took a toll. >> reporter: i have a close group of friends. of guys and i say -- for the first probably two or three weeks i gave each of them the assignment to call me. every day. if i said i was doing fine i told them to say no, tell me how you are really doing. >> reporter: the lieutenant said that imagine that all first responders have an imaginary backpack on and every time they see something it goes in to the backpack. if they don't deal with those things interpret write soon their backpack gets heavy and starts to weigh them down. >> i always physical my crew, every once in a while open up that backpack. do it with a friend action a therapist, with someone and just take out one of those issues and start to deal with it. >> reporter: that's what the lieutenant is trying to do now by talking about the bodies of the young people that he saw during those three da
12:51 pm
milies doing now. how their >> just so sorry. just my heart goes out to you. i wish that this never happened and i'm just so sorry. over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage.
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. just a few minute away from the opening bell. taking a look at the dow in the red down 64 points. the nao down 17 points and the s&p500 also in the red just down five. ? stars turning dinner parties in toya competition. it's a new cooking reality show that premieres tonight at nine right here on ktvu fox 2. >> we have more from some of the contestants and judges of the show my kitchen rules. >> i'm the boss of me. >> in the kitchen i'm the boss. >> reporter: star duos show off their cooking skills on the new show my kitchen rules. >> each each of you will host a dinner party and cook for us. >> reporter: the chef ask judge explain the rules of the show. >> very scar star that get to bring one person with them and each week they will through a dinner party. they get a turn. and who is judging them are cutsis i and the other the
12:55 pm
contestants. they get to do it next week. >> reporter: lance and diane bass, plus brandy -- and others who want people to know this is one challenging show. >> i -- i'm a great cook. this will be a -- if i can survive house believes i can do anything. i thought it was really going to be a cake walk and it was -- one of the hardest things i have done. >> reporter: it's not just about difficult recipes. there is also plenty of drama a. >> we tried to get along. >> i tried. >> i tried --. someone has to take the lead. >> no. it's 50/50. >> i tried to take the lead and delegate. >> take the lead and delegate he thought i was a soix chef. we are were all yelling. it was -- it was so much drama that i kind of tried to block it out. >> reporter: the chef and judge
12:56 pm
said that it's entertaining just to have a seat at one of the dinner tables. >> it's like -- seeing the most fabulous parties unfold. all of the contestants, all of the other stars are the guests. the dinner party conversations are ridiculous sometimes. very entertaining and watching the couple in their ride homes sometime social security amazing as well. >> reporter: in hollywood. fox news. at his first news conference the president elect sparred a reporter over what he called fake news. >> and now a california law make certify taking steps to make sure that high school students learn how to source news and tell between real content and fake news. we will have more today on the 4 on 2. >> home we are watching the good-bye between the president and vice president watching a live feedw. rehabilitative have that for you coming up more of this. coming up on the 4 on 2. it appearance they are both in tears. i'm thinking back to his
12:57 pm
farewell speech in chicago. a lot of -- damp eyes in that audience as well. >> one more week to go. >> saying good-bye to one president and welcoming the new. all part of what's happening in washington and right here at home. thank you for joining us. more information on lane as always and meet us back here for the 4 on 2. ,,
12:58 pm
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