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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  January 12, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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president, i am pleased to award our nation's highest civilian honor. >> vice president joe biden breaks down after president obama surprises him with the medal of freedom. "the four on 2" starts now. snow on mount hamilton in the south bay. temperatures are dropping as we prepare for a much needed break from all of this rain. welcome to "the four on 2". i'm ted rowlands. >> i'm heather holmes. we are starting to see flood waters slowly start to recede revealing the damage left behind during our recent storms. the russian river in the north bay surged to its highest level in a decade forcing a lot of people there to leave. >> now many are preparing to return home and they are facing massive cleanup. ktvu's tom vacar is in the sonoma county town of guerneville this evening. tom. >> reporter: why don't you take a look at this. yesterday the water was up to within one foot of those windows and that door. less than a foot actually.
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today it is down at least four, maybe five feet, and it's receding even more. now, that's important because as flood waters receded today, guerneville became a place for people to look around, get around, and finally stretch their legs. guerneville's homeless shelter is usually open only on winter nights for about 30 people. but since the flooding began it's been a 24/7 emergency shelter as well. >> we have been running 50, 55, 60 during the day and still running 30, 40, 45 at night. >> reporter: flood evacuee david gould just barely got his rv towed out of his lot as the water rose around it. he is using the shelter for a few days now. >> i use it for the showers and social services. it breaks up the monotony. >> reporter: mary hess came to check on her cat pumba.
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>> i had my bags packed ready to go but i heard the water is going to go down. obviously not quite yet. >> reporter: today was the first day david frye got to go to town since friday because his house, undamaged by the flood, still surrounded by a lot of water. >> we were prepared. we had plenty of food. you just get prepared. >> reporter: frye says the rewards far outweigh the occasional flooding. >> clean air, a lot slower. traffic nothing like santa rosa. it's like night and day. love it. >> reporter: and the folks at the coffee bazaar have done their level best to get this tourist friendly resort town's message out. >> we've been doing live facebook reports every day letting people know we are open here in the town of guerneville. the businesses are still running. >> reporter: message delivered. the folks here say they would love to see you up here asap. this town is open and doing
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business. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> tom thank you. rain is easing up around parts of the bay area but take a look at this. we showed it to you earlier. a fresh dusting of snow at the top of mount hamilton in the south bay. we captured these images this morning. let's check in with meteorologist mark tamayo to see where we are headed. >> you might be saying, will it be cold enough to snow? it feels like that. in fact that happened today. so a cooler part of the weather pattern, the dryer part is setting up. here is our live camera in the los gatos area. look at all that water spilling out. significant rainfall especially from saturday right on through tuesday with those series of storms, potent storms. definitely having an impact with the water supply and also with the drought situation. you can see the revised map with a good portion of the state actually out of the drought including the bay area. we just have a little bit of section here towards the east bay and the south bay not in the drought category but in
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this category here abnormally dry. so today 42% of california still in drought, mainly to our south. look at what the situation was compared to from 2016 at this time. 97% of california in drought. so we are shrinking at least in terms of the drought coverage. in terms of rainfall totals, in the north bay for santa rosa and napa those numbers really adding up. 171% of average. san francisco, everybody over 100% of average here. heading towards livermore and san jose still significant rainfall as well. nobody below average as you would expect. we actually have more rainfall in the forecast as we head into next week. now even bigger than our local rainfall of course as you always know is the snow pack. we've been hearing about this for years. the snow/watery qif lengths way up there, up to 187% of average in the southern sierra. so great news. today though we had some rain out there, that system moving
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through this morning. still a few pop-up showers this afternoon but right now as you can see, just some lingering clouds, maybe the chance of a lingering shower in the short term. here is our live camera looking out towards san francisco. we are expecting clouds to move out as we head into your friday morning. here is our forecast model in the short term. a few pop-up showers than but into the evening hours by 10:00 we should be completely dry. that will set the stage for a dry friday taking us into the rest of your day on friday with fair skies but still kind of cool. it is dry tomorrow. we are tracking one weak system that could impact your weekend forecast, then into next week could be more raindrops. in fact, could be another very active weather pattern into next week setting up. that is going to be an important situation. we will talk more about that in a few minutes. >> thank you mark. as mark mentioned the recent series of storms that rolled through the bay area helped pull northern california out of the drought. jesse gary is live in our south
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bay bureau after talking to those who monitor the drought conditions. is it likely that behaviors might shift because of this? >> reporter: well, not if you listen to the people we talked to. in california, as far as the conditions, breathtaking, from parched beyond belief, to now rainfall, lots of it, and a rebound in a lot of areas. let's go ahead and take a look at our video. the graphic that you see on our screen is showing an expedited improvement over the past 12 months. you see the area of severe drought which had most of the state in its grip shrink to just southern california. officials at the federal drought monitor say near record rainfall the past few weeks has lifted 42% of the state out of drought. reservoirs such as the lexington and los gatos have not seen water levels this high in a long time. parts of the sierra have seen the snowpack double due to heavy snowfall. and area percolation ponds continue to collect rainwater
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allowing groundwater tables to be resupplied. >> if it was regular and repeatable, believe me, we would have figured it out a long time. we would be telling you about it. it isn't regular. it isn't repeatable. and there is the concern that the overall trend is going to be downward because of climate change. >> reporter: professor bridges says research models forecast more warming and drying in the years ahead. because of that many residents we spoke to today say they will continue conservation efforts even though the short-range picture shows an improving drought situation. >> i think we always should be cautious and aware of, you know, the fact that water is something we need to be careful with and preserve it as much as we can. >> reporter: live pictures now of thousands of gallons of water going out of the lexington reservoir at this very moment with sky fox overhead. if you are wondering about
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these drought restrictions, governor brown is the person who ultimately decides whether or not those usage restrictions will be lifted. aids to the governor say he is going to wait until after the current rainy season. take a look at the data and then make a decision as to whether he will ease the restrictions. guys. >> all right, jesse gary, thanks so much. appreciate it. investigators are looking for the cause of a suspicious warehouse fire in vallejo. it broke out this morning on florida street a half -- about half the building was in flames when firefighters arrived. fire officials tell us they think people were living illegally in the warehouse. however, no one was found inside when firefighters searched the building. it took half an hour to put out that fire. >> and we will stay on top of any potential changes in oakland and bring you any updates as they become available on air and on-line. that's in regards to a meeting that's currently underway in regards to possibly some new
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rules and regulations as a result of the ghost ship fire. coming up, lefty o'doul's is moving out of union square. we will have details as "the four on 2" continues.
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we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews
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out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. all right, it is official, folks. the san diego chargers now a thing of the past, the team taking to twitter this morning to confirm it is moving to los angeles and also to reveal the new lo go.
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san diego mayor kevin faulkner called the news extremely frustrating saying that the team made the wrong choice. you may remember that voters last year rejected a measure asking for more than a billion dollars to help fund a $2 billion stadium and convention center, something that faulkner touched on during a news conference today. >> at the end of the day, the chargers wanted a lot more taxpayer money than we could have ever agreed to. we could not support a deal that is not in the best interest of san diego. dean spanos made a bad dizzy, and he will regret it. san diego didn't lose the chargers. the chargers just lost san diego. they're losing out on our strong market placements they're losing out on our unmatched quality of life. and probably most importantly, they're losing out on 56 years of dedication of loyalty, of
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family. >> all right. so there had been reports that this move was coming so it's not a complete shock. still, though, chargers fans did not take this news well. >> i was shocked. i definitely thought we were going to stay here. i was here yesterday doing rehab, and that was one thing we were talking about. we wish we knew what was going on. so now we know what's going on and we can plan with our families and get the ball rolling. >> we're going to be second fiddle out there. nobody is going to care about the chargers. we can't even bring people to our stadium. i was at the raider game. 78% of it was raider fans. >> a lot of people don't agree with me. i don't blame dean spanos, i blame the city of san diego. >> why is that? >> the chargers have been asking for a new stadium and the city of san diego could not get anything done. >> they're not going to be here. they're not from here.
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they're politicians. dean spanos, how dare you? >> sorry, i won't be attending any games. i represent san diego chargers. >> so the team owner touted the move today as the beginning of an exciting era for the team. the sports anchor at our sister station in l.a. joins us now. liz, you spoke with spanos. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: he says he knows it is going to be a tough go here for a little while. they're going to try to take it one step at a time. he knows he's not going to win the fans over just by showing up. look, there's a lot of apathy in l.a. in l.a. you have to win to get a fan base. and there isn't a real strong fan base for the chargers here. i asked him about. that basically he just said, look, we have to work at this, and we know it. they don't have a head coach. he says it starts by hiring a good head coach and wing on the
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field. >> liz, what did he say about this whole idea of sharing the stadium? >> reporter: he says he and stan kroenke have a good relationship. he says this is going to be the premiere stadium, the best stadium in all of the nfl. that's what all of the owners believe. it was a year ago today that the nfl owners approved the rams' move here to los angeles, and it was all based on this new bells and whistles great stadium that's being built in englewood, california. that's down near the l.a. airport for those of you familiar with it. he said this is going to be the best stadium in football, and we're looking forward in being in that. he said we tried to stay in san diego for 15 years. there was another numerous ballot initiative and another ballot initiative just this past election cycle, and that didn't pass, either. looking for public money. here in california as we all know teams don't get public money to build stadiums. >> what about -- what did he say, sort of his lasting
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message to san diego charger fans? >> reporter: i think he feels bad about what has gone on. he said we've worked really hard at it but it is up to us to move forward now. he said that he moved his team. look, i flat-out asked him. look, a lot of people are looking at this as a move because of greed. is this because of greed? he said a lot of big fortune 500 countries aren't in small towns that they're in big towns. that's where the advertising base, the expenses, all of those things can be supported in a larger town. so i think he's just moving forward. does he feel bad? sure. i asked him what his darkest moment was. i think that was a long time ago when he had to make the decision to move up to los angeles. but now they're on a media blitz to get l.a. to love them, so they're staying positive. >> grade talking to you. thanks so much. so the chargers moving to los angeles. >> what does it mean for the raiders? >> that's right. >> los angeles was the raiders backup plan so now that l.a.
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is off the table it's kind of like full steam ahead with las vegas. that's the deal. expect mark davis to file his relocation papers soon to move to the desert, though he says he won't do it this week but he has plenty of time since the deadline is february 15th. now, assuming does he file for relocation, nfl owners will presumably vote on it in late march at the owners meetings in phoenix. 75% of the owners need to vote yes for it to pass so that's 24 out of the 32 owners at the nfl stadium and finance committee meetings in new york this week nfl vp eric grubman said the raiders progress on las vegas is, quote, impressive. patriots robert kraft, he's their owner, says, quote, i think it's a good possibility. and espn says of las vegas, i think it's not a question of if, it's a question of when. nonetheless, there are a few potential roadblocks, a few issues yet to be resolved
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before the raiders pack up and head to the desert. here they are. can mark davis and casino mogul sheldon adelson come to an agreement so that davis gets the $650 million adelson has pledged to build the stadium? adelson wants partial ownership, caves does not want to give that up. if davis gives up a chunk of the team there's a current rule that a casino owner can't on the part an nfl team. there's been talks that mr. davis is planning to move to las vegas even without adelson and his money. so how does he make up the $650 million, and what would that new investment group want? there will be a relocation fee of 500 or more. where does he get that money? and he can't leverage los angeles any more. so for owners would don't want the raiders in vegas they won't feel the pressure to vote for it since they can't go to l.a. now. many of them felt that wasn't a viable option for them to go back down to l.a. if all that is resolved and the owners do vote for the raiders to relocate mark davis is on
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record saying he will play the next two seasons here in oakland until that stadium in las vegas is built. in fact, he says he plans to bring a championship to oakland before he leaves. some consolation for raider fans. but this is picking up steam. a ways to go. but it does look like when he files those papers, it will be official, the raiders are saying, hey, we're going to vegas. >> and we'll get a vote from nfl owners this year, in the next few months you think? we'll know one way or another? >> the meetings in new york this week were sort of a fact finding mission for nfl owners. apparently they're impressed. there's a lot of clatter about vegas. in march, i think it's 27th, they're going meet in phoenix. and it is at that meeting that i think most people think that they will actually vote for it. again, they only need nine no's. so now without l.a. hanging over them, many of them were scared that the raiders might move back to los angeles. now that they can't do that then oakland would be the
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option. it doesn't seem to be a huge hurry because the raiders, if they're going the play two years in oakland anyway, maybe the owners think, hey, we don't have to vote on this right away. maybe that bays more time for the fortress group, investment group, or another group to put their stuff together a little bit more and get a better proposal out there because apparently they deem it as not viable. >> jason appelbaum, thank you. heavy rain in the bay area means blizzards in the sierra. coming up we'll get an update on what is expected to be a very busy weekend with a lot of snow.
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while rain has inundated the bay area blizzards have been pounding the sierra with near white-out conditions. some resorts have had to actually shut down for a few days during all of this snow. it is a good problem to. clear skies are coming this weekend. it will be a huge ski weekend. let's check in with our favorite ski bum, kevin the coop cooper. kevin, you have to be loving it up there. >> oh my god, it's one of those storms, it's unprecedented. we just crossed, for the season today, a lot of the resorts have the same numbers, but it's 277 inches. this storm topping out at about 126 inches. over 10 feet of snow in the last seven days. it's beautiful up here. from lake level to the summit,
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absolutely fantastic. and it's not just -- it's the quality of the snow, too. it's going to be really good skiing. i had my main man here. we went out for a hike, got a good five miler in. he was having an amazing time so bring your dogs, too. >> quickly, it did rain up there for a day, and did that affect the snow at all? >> well, it actually rained for about two days. six inches of day. it rained in lake tahoe a foot. it did affect the snow down at those lower levels, but it started snowing three days ago. but that rain was perfect. it saturated that base and then turned to snow in a very nice manner. instead of rapidly declining temperatures [inaudible] we've been working avalanche
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mitigation. >> all right, coop, we're losing you. even though you can't hear what he is saying, you can feel his enthusiasm coming from the is i era. it is going to be a fantastic weekend and a good weekend to drive up there. skiers, pack up and go. coop, thanks, if you can hear us. we'll check in later. all right, it is a restaurant steeped in tradition. lefty o'doul's has built a business off its food and community involvement. just a few months ago a ceremony was held for a retiring sfpd horse, the owners nailing the shoe above the door. lefty's is leaving its union square location after 60 years. chuck what do you make of the move? >> i had the pastrami.
4:26 pm
i'll say it right after that. i think it's time for a change. i think we'll find out it is not leaving, it is just going to relocate. a place that will be very near where they are now. lefty's and the golden gate bridge, those are institutions. >> was this a case about rising rents, which we have seen sort of push other businesses in that area out? or was this a case of a business owner, a property owner dispute? >> you would think it's rising rents. nick, who owns lefty's, said specifically he's paying 50,000 month for rent. he said we're making that pretty easily. it's not a problem. it reached the point, john handlery and he had a falling out. that was very ugly. they are not going to do that this time. each of them said it is time to move on. i think what he is thinking this is a location that would be great for maybe a retail
4:27 pm
shop, a restaurant. but again i think we are going to find that lefty's will relocate very near where they are now and we won't lose all those memories. >> but that area is changing. i remember doing a story on the jeweler there, and it was being pushed out because of rising rents. it now has a beautiful store at 150 post. you mentioned gold dust lounge. do you think there is more of this sort of thing to happen? >> we were just walking through the area the other day, my wife and i, and it's surprising how many open storefronts there are. but i think rents are rising. they're not making any more locations there, so it is difficult. but in this case i think because it has such a tourist business i think they were able to keep it going. they literally said -- i just talked to someone today. and john handlery and nick agreed, it's time to move on. >> this new location where it might be located, are we thinking it might open within a few months? is it going to take a year or two? >> i think not long at all.
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they're going to have to put all that grit and gram on the wall to make it an authentic lefty o'doul's. but i think we'll have a new location soon. i wouldn't expect it will take long. >> i think that's good news for a lot of people. chuck, always a pleasure to have you here. thank you so much. now we have some news coming up including some information. senate republicans now taking the first step towards repealing the affordable healthcare act. >> this also gives the internet one last chance to talk about our bromance. >> it is a bromance that began eight years ago. the special honor given to vice president joe biden today by president obama.
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after a contentious marathon session the u.s. senate voted to approve a resolution that would lay the groundwork to repeal the affordable care act. fox news correspondent rich edson has details about the vote from the nation's capitol. >> the yeas are 5 1, the neas are 48. >> reporter: the senate working into the early hours of the morning approved the blueprint that would allow republicans to eventually repeal the affordable care act, or obamacare. the senate passed the resolution 51-48 largely along
4:32 pm
party lines with democrats trying to halt that effort. >> this is not -- >> debate is not allowed during the vote. >> you are stealing healthcare from americans. i vote no. >> the senate will be in order. >> reporter: the early morning vote allows republicans to eventually repeal obamacare by a simple ma junior tee, 51 votes instead of 60, though republicans have yet to decide how to replace obamacare. >> it is short-sighted to start anew. they need to work with us to improve upon what we already have. >> repeal and replace has only alliteration going for it. it's not realistic. >> reporter: there are issues about the timing of the replacement. house speaker paul ryan favored a slower approach, then president-elect donald trump prodded lawmakers to pick up the pace. ryan now says he is confident the republican alternative will be ready when obamacare is repealed. >> we have a responsibility to step in and provide relief from this failing law. and so we're going use every
4:33 pm
tool at our disposal to do just that. >> reporter: the president- elect says he is going to work with congress on a plan to replace obamacare. several republican lawmakers have released proposals. however, they still have billions of dollars in differences to resolve. in washington, rich edson, fox news. confirmation hearings were held today for three cabinet nominees for the trump administration. james mattis was asked whether he would reinstate on bans for military service for gays and lesbians. >> unless a service chief brings something to me where there's a problem that's been proven, then i'm not going in with the idea that i'm going to review these and right away start rolling something back. >> now before he could join the cabinet congress must approve a way for allowing a military officer out of uniform for less than seven years to leave the pentagon. at a separate hearing cia
4:34 pm
director nominee mike pompeie said it's clear that russia was behind an effort to disrupt the election. >> i have no doubt that vladimir putin was behind this effort to suggest somehow that american democracy was not unique. >> one vice president electric trump's former rivals also appeared before a that it panel today. dr. ben carson has been nominated to head phepbt the department of housing and urban developmentment. >> new information in the controversy over the justice department's handling of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. today the justice department's inspector general announced he will look into whether fbi director james comey properly followed department policies. democrats have blamed comey's handling of the investigation and particularly the late release of new information about the case as a reason for
4:35 pm
hillary clinton's loss to donald trump. now to combating a wave of fake news. those false stories became a real issue during the presidential election, and now a california law make hear introduced a bill to help spot phony news stories. joining me now is jimmy gomez of los angeles. thank you, assemblyman, for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> tell me about your proposed measure. >> so my proposed measure, ab- 155, is meant to help educate california's youth so that they can be able to tell between an on-line news story that is real and one that is fake. and specifically what it does is bring civic on-line reasoning to california schools by instructing the commission to develop the necessary instruction. and i believe that this is the best way to combat what is fake news crisis going on. not to limit free speech, not to infringe on the freedom of press but to make sure people
4:36 pm
have the tools and resources that they need and the skills to basically be able to tell what is real and what is fake. >> so how do you anticipate this curriculum might look? >> so what we do here is that i don't try to be very -- i don't try to mandate exactly what it is going to be, but we're saying the commission should work with experts and education on how do they develop the curriculum so that the students will have those tools. what is a credible site, what is backed up research. if you see something on-line, is it inherently real? but we're not going to impose a one-size-fits-all curriculum. we're going to have the commission that's responsible for it to work with the experts in education on how -- what's the best way to develop the curriculum and what it will look like in the end. >> and what are we talking about? students of about what age do you think should be taking this curriculum? >> everybody from middle school
4:37 pm
through high school. hopefully they can include it in civics, history, science, mathematics, because a lot of the content on-line, a lot of it deals with healthcare. it's like, oh, if you eat this type of food, you are going to cure x, y, and z. so fake news isn't just about politics, although that's where we got most of the attention, because of the 2016 election. it's also about basic facts in science and math and history. so we want to make sure that students, when they see something, and they start being able to question, is this real, is this meant to mislead, or is this paid for, or what's the motivation behind it? >> i know your measure is aimed at students but i've got to tell you, assemblyman, there are a lot of adults out there that believe some of these stories. is this something that we're looking at maybe broadening to all californians? >> i don't think we can do that, but the students are oftentimes the ones that lead
4:38 pm
the way. what we've noticed, when students in school are learning about, you know, climate change or not smoking, they often talk to their parents about what they're learning, and there is a trickle-up impact on their parents. and we want to make sure that the students can go and talk to their parents about what they're seeing on-line. i wish we can have everybody learn about it. but it is complex, you know. in today's world, you can't really tell what is real and what is not on-line. it's very confusing not just for kids but for adults, you're right. >> all right, assemblyman jimmy gomez, thanks for taking the time. this is obviously some legislation that we will be continuing to follow and see just what happens with it. again, thinks again for your time. lots of emotion at the white house today. president obama paid tribute to his vice president with a big surprise at the white house. >> i am pleased to award our nation's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal
4:39 pm
of freedom. >> a tearful joe biden clearly touched by the unexpected honor. president obama called his vp an extraordinary man with a big heart who has become a close personal friend over the last eight years, and biden returned the compliment. >> i just hope that the asterisk in history that is attached to my name when they talk about this presidency is that i can say i was part of, part of the journey of a remarkable man who did remarkable things for this country. remarkable things. >> following the ceremony the biden family gathered on stage. joe biden is expected to set up his cancer moon shot effort to eradicate the disease after he leaves office. stick around. this week's edition of "the
4:40 pm
verdict" is coming up next. we're going to sit down with our legal expert, michael cardoza, to talk about a number of issues, including a new round of evictions. >> in weather still some lingering clouds. we had some rain showers for today as that system moved through, but look at that beautiful scene. a little bit of light hitting the golden gate bridge. we have a break from the raifnl the short term, but long term it looks like the rain is going to make a comeback. we'll talk more about that coming up.
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time for this week's verdict. we're joined by legal analyst michael cardoza. let's start with san francisco. they are starting a round of evictions in the wake of the ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. and there's a huge concern about unsafe living conditions, but there's also now some concern about displacing people and maybe for the wrong reasons. >> well, it's the age old san francisco. rents keep going up, people keep being driven out of san francisco. this is about perspective. if you are a landlord, why do you buy a building? you buy a building to make money. you buy a building to charge tenants rent. when you rent a warehouse, you rent it to them, in this case to do their artistic work, not for them to live there. not to cause you possible
4:44 pm
liability. >> do you fault the landlords for pushing them out? >> say that again. >> do you fault landlords for pushing them out? >> it's a balance, ted. the city, the government has to get involved because people have to have places to live. >> do they have any rights, the renters? >> some rights, but do they have a right to live where they're not supposed to live? for example, in these warehouses? they rent them to do their artwork, not to live in. >> right. >> and their lives could be put at risk. that's why the city went in to look to see if they were code compliant. that's what we're waiting to hear. if they are, then what do the landlords do? i know everybody says the landlords will try to drive them out to drive the rents up so they make more money. but for landlords, that's what it's about. >> let's switch gear. assisted suicide case in vacaville. a guy, i'm probably pronouncing his name wrong, but he assisted his mother in killing herself
4:45 pm
with gawfnlt did he not shoot her, but he either supplied the gun or did something. we do not know the details but he was arrested for basically helping somebody commit suicide. your thoughts on this. california did pass an assisted suicide law but that's physician assisted. >> keep in mind what that assisted law talks about. you have to have a terminal disease. you have to have a doctor say you are going to die within six months. then a doctor can prescribe medicine that helps you commit suicide. but you have to go through those steps. in this case, i don't know enough about the facts to know whether this woman was in such pain, but not terminally ill that she herself wanted to take her life. i think the police have already said in this case, look, he's not a danger to society. we don't expect any great punishment to be done to him, but we need to arrest him. we need to present it to the d.a. >> and their hands were tied.
4:46 pm
>> they are. this is one, ted, where everybody is right. the police have to make the arrest. the big question is will the d.a. prosecute it. i tell you what, if i were representing him i would take him to trial and put it to a jury. you have someone you love that's in such pain, and you provide a weapon to commit the suicide, are you going to get convicted for that? it will be an interesting moral question. >> absolutely. michael cardoza, that's this week's edition of "the verdict." mark tamayo, the verdict we are waiting to hear is the rain is gone. >> when we go to break, that's the verdict in the short term. things will be changing. in the long term, beautiful shot from our camera. chopper picture looking out toward mount hamilton, 4200 feet. that's a nice dusting of snow. the clouds kind of block the view, but we have a nice perspective here of the snow covered hills up toward mount
4:47 pm
hamilton. snow levels generally up above 3,000, 3500 feet, but significant snow in the sierra. we have a nice dusting here in the bay area. as far as the rainfall we did pick up some rain over the past 24 hours and even into the afternoon hours as well. san rafael, .6 2. san francisco .4 2. these amounts feel like nothing compared to what we have picked up over the past week. san jose just under a quarter of an inch. concord .15. on the satellite you can actually see a clear area just offshore so that's good news. we are setting up a break for tomorrow. still leggerring showers rotating through the bay area over the past few hours. this is just the radar loop over the past three hours. still a little coverage with that current image but nothing too major, nothing too extreme. we've been seeing some pictures of some rainbows popping up with the clouds and the raindrops. current numbers, it is chilly out there. we showed you the snow covered hills above 3,000 feet. closer to sea level we had temperatures on the cool side
4:48 pm
in the upper 40s, san jose 53, livermore checking in at 46 degrees. overnight lows, we're expecting near freezing. santa rosa, near napa, i think we could have some patchy fog. we've sod much rainfall. you can get the formation of fog in the valley locations. so we'll be watching out for that first thing tomorrow morning. in san francisco 8:00 a.m., friday, partly cloudy skies, 46 degrees. just fair skies throughout the afternoon hours. lots of sunshine out there. it still remains chilly. those temperatures only in the low 50s for afternoon highs. so here is the cold pocket of air kind of setting up across northern california. this area of high pressure is rebuilding just offshore. this will send in a dry weather pattern right on through saturday into sunday. there's a weak system that will generate some clouds and the slight chance of a few sprinkles sunday morning. then some bigger changes setting up. we don't like to see this especially after this week. we could have the storm track kind of push its way back into
4:49 pm
northern california, and, once again we could be talking about significant rainfall. tuesday the chance of rain in the north bay. rain likely into wednesday that could be heavy at times. it's still a ways out. chance of showers into thursday and beyond thursday we could be talking about raindrops as well. here tomorrow morning we will have the areas of fog in the central valley then more sunshine for the afternoon hours. then into saturday we'll increase high clouds by teaching hours. here we go into sunday. a chance of a few sprinkles sunday morning. decreasing clouds sunday afternoon. the sierra, still quite a few resorts were closed for today but i'm sure they will be reopening with big smiles first thing tomorrow and into the weekend. patchy morning fog for your friday morning. temperatures mainly in the low to mid-50s for afternoon highs. and a look ahead. your five-day forecast, quiet into saturday. once again we are tracking maybe the chance of a few sprinkles country say morning. partly cloudy skies into monday. tuesday we'll thicken up the
4:50 pm
clouds. beyond tuesday it looks like we could be talking about the return of rainfall. we don't want to see that so we'll try to fine-tune that forecast. looks like we're not going to go completely dry. maybe a few days. >> now that the drought is over here we can actually cheer against rain. >> yeah, i know. you want to figure out which team you want to root for. julie joins us now with a look at some of the stories for 5:00. the sierra is seeing an incredible amount of snow. >> it sure is. with all of that new snow it is causing the potential for avalanches. look what happened at alpine meadows. there is a house under all that snow. tonight at 5:00 we will talk with the homeowners about all the digging they are having to do now. >> boy, those are incredible pictures. also, san francisco taking steps to try to keep people safe. >> firefighters are inspecting buildings following last month's deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. coming up at 5:00 what inspectors are finding and what housing advocates are hoping
4:51 pm
for. we're work on these stories and much more all coming up tonight at 5:00. >> thanks julie. next on "the four on 2" a pharmacy is saving customers' hundreds of dollars with its new version of a life saving device. stay with us.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
the environmental protection agency is now accusing car maker fiat chrysler of using software that allowed diesel emissions that are higher than governmental standards. the charges cover 100,000 trucks and suv's starting in 2014. fiat chrysler will reportedly fight the accusations and argue that its cars meet
4:54 pm
environmental requirements. there's a new alternative to the epipen that many people rely on for life threatening emergencies. today cvs, the pharmaceutical outfit, announced it will start selling generic versions of the treatment. this is after mylan announced last year that it was increasing the price for a two- pack veep pi pens to more than $600. this new version will be made by impacts laboratories. these will sell for $110 for a two-pack. milan did introduce a generic version. that has a $300 price tag. we have certainly been seeing lot of damage from the most recent round of storms. coming up, a person caught an entire section of road washed away right before their eyes, and he caught it all on camera. that's coming up next right here on "the four on 2".
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creamy swirls of pure indulgence. silky sifts of total transcendence. tempting accents of sheer pleasure. introducing "unicorn whispers." this should be the name. or something more like "golden gold." or maybe, "mmmmmm mmhmm." but, with 20% of your daily fiber, its actually fiber one. so delicious, it should have another name. erosion is just one of the problems that we have seen as a result of our recent severe weather. >> reporter allie wolfe has an extreme case of a road collapsing, and it is all caught on camera. >> reporter: a chunk of asphalt breaks off and crashes into the water in cell phone video taken by the chp.
4:58 pm
normally mellow canyon creek in alta is now a raging river. >> water built up and ended up washing the entire roadway away. >> reporter: the late washed out late tuesday night. now there's a steep drop-off making life complicated for anyone on the other side of the creek. >> said, hey, you are going to be here for awhile. >> reporter: brandon murphy got trapped. >> pretty much total devastation. >> reporter: he was in the foothills waiting for conditions to clear up before heading to donner lake when his exit route came crumbling down. luckily his camper was fully stocked. >> i was safe and dry and cozy in my truck and my camper and i had groceries so i knew i was going to be fine if not getting really barred. >> reporter: the chp says there are 15 to 20 homes which can now only be accessed through treacherous back roads through private property. >> this was the only way in and out. as of right now they're trapped
4:59 pm
in there. >> reporter: murphy made it out by driving his truck and camper through those muddy winding roads. the washed out road created an unexpected frightening twist to his already grueling ride to the sierra and left a dangerous hole in a road used by many in this rural area. on the left a map that shows california's disappearing drought. in one year the state has gone from 0% of the state being drought free to 40% of the state now beg drought free. on the right, the reason why. and tonight cleanup efforts are still underway because of all of the flooding. good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. the wild weather isn't over yet. our crews caught the rare sight of snowplows on mount hamilton in the south bay today. the mountain saw a fair bit of snow as temperatures drop. we've seen snow on the peaks a few times already this year along with a big dose of rain.
5:00 pm
>> elsewhere many places in the bay area are still cleaning up from the heavy rains this week. here is a look from sky fox over the campground near point reyes in marin county. you can see the entire area practically underwater. the creek runs right through that area. >> we have live team coverage. jesse gary has the details about the now drought-free northern california. meteorologist mark tamayo will show us the incredible rain totals that dragged us out of the drought. >> first we start with tom vy karen guerneville where the russian river has receded now by several feet. >> reporter: well, i want to show something. i am standing right here right now. had i been standing here right now a day ago this water would have been up to my neck. i want to show you something. this water is still 18 inches deeper. so it's got a ways to go to get rid of all the water. yesterday could you hardly see the tops of those windows in that door over


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