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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  January 12, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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they start sharing a new billion dollar stadium with the l.a. rams in 2019. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. a town hall meeting is being held to discuss an officer involved shooting. police responded to a call about a man violating a restraining order. >> police say there was a struggle, and officers ended up wounding that man at a home on capitol avenue. happening now, ktvu's cristina rendon is live in the city where the man's family says police didn't need to open fire. >> reporter: they are also upset that they didn't get answers from police on the day of the incident. they say they repeatedly asked police officers what was happening when they were talking with their relative, and they also said that they were told that their loved one was not harmed at all, and little did they know that the person had already been shot and taken to the hospital. so they're very upset. they also revealed their loved one is living with mental illness. we are talking about shawn
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moore. he lives here in the oceanview neighborhood. this incident happened last friday. police say he was violating a restraining order when they responded to the call. they got into a struggle and ended up shooting him. the family says that shawn moore was shot twice and was taken to the hospital. they are upset because they say that officers have had interactions with hill and they knew that he was living with bipolar schizophrenia. we're here a block from where the shooting happened. >> the police responsibility was to protect and serve the community, not to shoot, to kill people, especially when you know the person has a mental illness. >> reporter: the family has not been able to speak to their loved one. he is still in the hospital recovering but there is an attorney representing the family. he spoke with us briefly before this meeting saying that he was able to speak with moore today
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in the hospital and he is improving. he is -- he says that his client is now facing some very serious felony charges because of all this. they really want san francisco police to be trained with de escalation techniques that they feel weren't used. 10 minutes ago everyone filed into the building because that's where police are trying to give an update on their investigation. usually in these cases police remain very tight lipped because it's under investigation. but the family does hope to get some answers so we will step inside and bring you an update as soon as we get it from what police can say about this case. >> cristina thank you. now to the trump transition and confirmation hearings on capitol hill. for weeks now the president- elect has been feuding with the u.s. intelligence community and his picks for secretary of defense and cia director faced a grilling. joel waldman reports now from washington. >> reporter: the kansas congressman put on the spot
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about a very public spat between president-elect trump and the intelligence community. a recent report finding russia was responsible for a cyber attack leading up to the u.s. election. >> do you accept the conclusions of the ic regarding russia's activities? >> everything i have seen suggests the report has anne arundel lit cal product that is sound. >> reporter: just yesterday mr. trump blasted the intelligence community for allegedly leaking a document with compromising information about the president- elect himself which mr. trump dismissed as fake news. >> the leaks that occurred as well i consider to be intensely serious. >> reporter: retired general james "mad dog" mattis, nominated to lead the defense department, was also asked about russia, specifically nato. >> the most important thing is that we recognize the reality of what we deal with, with mr. putin, and we recognize that he is trying to break the north
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atlantic alliance. >> reporter: the retired marine also questioned about bans lifted by the obama administration limiting the role of women and the lgbt community within the armed services. >> i have never cared much about two con signature adults and what they go to bed with. >> reporter: meanwhile dr. ben carson up for hud secretary getting an earful from senator elizabeth warren who asked him to promise that not a single penny of taxpayer dollars goes toward any of mr. trump's businesses. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. new at 6:30 president obama sending the nation's longstanding policy of granting residency to cubans who make to the u.s. shores. in a statement the white house said that the move was made to normalize relations with cuba. the u.s. and cuba restored diplomatic ties in 2014 and president obama visited cuba last spring. in the past cubans entering the u.s. illegally were granted special status. under the new policy they now face deportation. san francisco supervisors
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are looking for ways to pay for defense attorneys to represent immigrants fighting deportation. the city's budget and finance committee approved $1.5 million yesterday to help nonprofits that assist illegal immigrants. that's less than the $5 million requested under a measure introduced in november that would have included money for public defenders. the full board will now to have approve the funding. the golden state warriors have dissolved their new relationship with former san francisco police chief greg zur. the warriors said they had put him on retain tore advise the team. but a few hours later the warriors issued another statement saying the warriors and suhr have mutuallily agreed discontinue his consultant arrangement. new at 6:30 police in mountain view are hoping someone will recognize two burglary suspects seen on surveillance video. the images were captured last month at a home on martins drive. you can see man walking into
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the living room. later you can see him going upstairs. not long after that you can see another man carrying three guitars. just before they are about to leave the first man sees the security camera and grabs it as well. still ahead tonight, lend ago helping hand. how two wealthy entrepreneurs helped a small band of nuns facing roadblocks in their mission to feed the hungry. i'm just so upset. i have been coming since the early '70s. >> up next why lefty o'doul's may be leaving its famous location at union square.
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new at 6:30 a bitter landlord dispute a forcing a famous union square restaurant and bar to close its doors. lefty o'doul's was founded by baseball player lefty o'doul and has been serving up its famous cocktails for years. >> the owner of the building and the owner of lefty's are in a nasty battle over who owns the right to that restaurant. >> reporter: lefty o'doul's a union square restaurant famous for its annual christmas toy drive is shutting down. >> i can't believe it! >> it's -- you're losing part of the soul of the city when
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you lose places like this. these are san francisco treasures. >> reporter: over the years it has attracted sports fans, cops, tourists, and locals. >> i'm just so upset. i've been coming since the early '70s with my parents from santa cruz when we would come and see a play we would come and get lefty's. >> reporter: lefties has been at 333 geary street since 1958. the owner, whose family has run it since 1998, decided not to renew the lease because the 102- year-old building is in dire need of repairs that the owner says was not willing to fix. >> there's a lot of deferred maintenance, i guess you would say, and would it cost several million dollars to make it up to code so they're hoping that they're going to be able to bring the charm but not the backed up toilets and the leaks in the ceiling. >> reporter: it may come as no surprise that the owner and landlord were unable to come up with a lease agreement seeing is as five years ago the gold
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dust lounge was evicted to put in a clothing store. the bar has since relocated to fishermen's wharf but bovis says handlery was destroying a landmark. >> it's like an extended living room. >> their macaroni and cheese and corn beef sandwich. >> reporter: lefty says plans to relocate, but in a twist, this statement. the decision not to renew the lease with mr. bovis was mutual. lefty's will be refurbished and will reopen at its current location on union square setting the stage for a nasty showdown over who will actually open the next lefty's. >> my concern is that they keep sort of the hodgepodge kind of improvised kind of slightly rundown feeling that makes sought dark and cozy.
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>> reporter: in san francisco tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. the recent storms that hit northern california are raising concerns among farmers. up next tonight the impact the heavy rains and flooding are having on agriculture. and in weather a few rain showers lingering into the afternoon hours. we are setting up a break as we head into your friday. but then another active weather pattern. we will break down the changes coming up in your five-day forecast coming up. ?q
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hofbrau,. two wealthy entrepreneurs are lending a helpy hand to a soup kitchen. tony robbins came to offer support to a small band of french nuns who are having trouble with their mission of feeding the homeless. the landlord on turk street was doubling the rent and the soup kitchen was being forced out. but tony robbins stepped in, negotiated with the landlord and then bought the nuns a new space on the ground floor of a condominium complex on mission street near 16th. they also provided financial help. >> this project was project of love because these sisters are so dedicated. >> i think there's nothing more important today, especially today, that we all do something, we all do something to take care of those who are less fortunate. >> the condo owners don't want the soup kitchen located there. they asked the planning kitchen not to allow it the planning commission sided with the nuns. opponents can appeal but the nuns say if all goes well the
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soup kitchen will be up and running by the summer. in the central valley all the recent rainfall is causing concern for farmers. the rain is needed especially after years of drought, but sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. >> just a few days ago you were looking at vineyards and almonds. now you are looking at pretty much a lake. >> reporter: joe says the storm is causing concern for their crop. >> we have been sandbagging for the last week or so. a couple of ranches are completely underwater. and again it is a matter of how soon that water is going to be there. it's a lot of water. >> reporter: he says with vineyards underwater there are less days left for pruning. the ag commissioner said there is not only concern about rain but wind in the county. >> almond trees, because their roots are very shallow, so with the saturated ground and high wind they can knock -- the trees can be knocked down. >> reporter: he says these
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crops in lodi should survive. but this land may be another story. >> it is completely underwater. again, it's just one huge lake. >> so much water. >> yeah, a lot of water. let's bring in our meteorologist mark tam that. more rain on the way. >> more rain especially next week. as that story referenced just a couple years ago we were worried about no water being delivered to them, now it's in abundance with those storms setting up a big punches at least in terms of water supply. a lot of rain. it's been very priskt over the past week. on storm tracker 2 you can see a little bit of a circulation setting up. we had a few wrap-around showers in the bay area, and still we have some snowfall to talk about up in the sierra. these are some of the snow reports up there as you can see. still, they had all the snowfall over the past few
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days. they're still adding to the. this was the report from kirkwood this morning, 7:00, reporting over a foot of snow, 18 inches. still some more snow in the forecast, at least in the short term. here is our radar over the past three hours. things are starting to wind down with a few lingering clouds in place. some pretty cold numbers out there as well. in fact, we talked about earlier in the newscast with the snow levels coming down to around 3,000, 3500 feet, we saw that dusting of snow toward mount hamilton. right now 45 degreesen santa rosa, san francisco 47, san jose 49. walnut creek in the mid-40s. 45 degrees. so the sierra has been almost an historic week with that deep powder. the big totals over the past few days. just a few resorts were open today. a few more opening for tomorrow. it is going to be a great weekend in the mountains with that fresh, deep, soft powder. on the satellite right now you can see this big cold pool of air over northern california. that's why we have cooled off a little over the past few days.
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this area of high pressure tries to rebuild as we head toward the weekend so with that it looks like a dry weather pattern. the latest models trying to bring a chance of a few sprinkles first thing sunday morning. nothing too significant but it will bea cloud producer for the second half of the weekend. look what happens next week. the latest long range maps are setting up another active storm track that will be impacting northern california and the bay area bringing significant rainfall. this could cause more problems into next week. i'm thinking right now the chance of a few showers primarily in the authority bay as we head towards tuesday night rain likely into wednesday. this could be heavy at times. thursday still some lingering rain chances. beyond thursday's still too far out there but potentially could be talking about more raindrops out there. lucy those numbers really adding up. we're taking this over the next seven days. we're not talking about a few hundredth of an inch. possibly over two inches of rain for san francisco, santa rosa. even up over three inches for
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the north bay, mendocino county. as far as tomorrow we'll gate break. sunshine, temperatures will be tenth low to mid-50s for afternoon highs. after some patchy morning fog and here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast. nice to keep the rain cloud off the five-day forecast into the weekend. maybe a sprinkle sunday morning, and next week a chance by tuesday night and then get ready wednesday another round possibly and more significant rainfall here in the bay area. >> kind of like what we just had? >> probably not as extreme but still that delivered so much the past few days and we had a more on top of that. >> thank mark. coming up next the 49ers now the only team in the nfl that hasn't filled their head coaching vacancy. >> mark will tell us who is still in the running for that job coming up next in sports.
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mark is here. we were all talking during the break. sean mcvay hired as the new coach for the rams. his dad used to be the general manager here. he must be so proud of his son right now. >> you have to reserve a little bit of judgment because we don't know who the 49ers are going to hire for their coaching job and general manager but i tell you what, from the outset it looks to me like they missed a huge
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opportunity. i when make a prediction. that guy, sean mcvay, is going to be a big star. i see him as kind of grudenesque. he's very intelligent, obviously has the football acumen where a team is going to risk putting a 30-year-old man in charge of their organization. the rams, they want to make a big splash in l.a. that is sean mcvay in the middle, named officially the coach of the rams. it's a five-year deal. we don't know how much money quite yet. probably in the $3 million to $4 million range right now. he's been an offensive coordinator with the redskins. would have been a natural for the 49ers. his grand father was john mcvay who was the president of the 49ers during their glory years of the '80s. don't know what transpired in his interview with the 49ers with regard to how it went, but i tell what you that guy is going to be a star. other big doings for the chargers, they move to a new city, and they hire another guy who probably would have been a good fit with the 49ers.
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used to be a running back with them. anthony lynn leaves his job as an offensive coordinator with the buffalo bills. he is officially now the head coach of the san diego chargers? no, the l.a. chargers. i've got to get used to. that but tess chargers head coach. josh mcdaniels would appear to be the leading candidate to take the 49ers job. the 49ers now the only team with a vacancy that has not been filled. mcdaniel is biz he would the patriots over the weekend. they take on the techs answer. meanwhile another candidate who would again seem to have good lineage with regard to a connection with the 49ers, that man, kyle shanahan, his dad of course was with the 49ers as a quarterback coach, an offensive coordinator. that would be mike shanahan. went on to win a super bowl with the denver broncos. he is currently the falcons coordinator. they take on the seahawks this weekend. he's got a great job with a
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very good team, and's got no pressure on him to leave even if the 49ers offer him the moon. >> definitely not something that i have to do. i love it here. i love the situation here. i love the team here. when you are in a pretty good situation and you're very happy where you are, not just professionally but also in your life with your family, there's got to be a really good reason to leave. >> i'm going to go through this week again. i should know but i haven't asked. i've got to see when the rules are, when we would have an extra day. we possibly could have eight days next week so i really don't know that situation. that's not something i'm concerned about. >> of course he's got to play it cool right now. he's still with the falcons and he doesn't want the 49ers to think he's too anxious. talk about the golden state warriors. a huge week ahead. they play the cavs on monday. they also play okc and the houston rockas well next week. and oh yeah, they have a game tonight against detroit. don't forget about that. they will be at the oracle.
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steph curry working on some of his yoga moves right there. and one piece of good news for the warriors, they will have back in the lineup klay thompson popping away from the outside. he took a scheduled day off in the last game which they were victorious in. clay, you know, played in the olympics. worn out after going to the time last year. they wanted to give him a day off, and it looks like it is going to pay off. >> i think i've got enough time off after the olympics. i think it's more a mental break. it's been a long couple of years so i think it is going to help me a lot. i'm excited to play tonight. this sun familiar for me, missing a game so i'm really excited to get out there. i'm happy our guys took care of business, too. it's just good timing for me to have one night off. justin thomas at the sony open in hawaii shot a 59 today. we will show you some highlights of that great round
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of golf.
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