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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  January 13, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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2. two. we have a special edition of the news starting at 5:00 tomorrow night. a deadly case of meningitis and the connection to a bay area soul cycle. we add scientific method to some of your favorite recipes. . >> i do not step on cracks in the sidewalk, i avoid going under ladders and never opened an umbrella inside. if something happens i throw salt over my shoulder. i cracked an egg with two yolks. i cracked an egg the other day and it had two yolks and i said to my toddler son, somewhere here is having twins so i'm a
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little superstishgs. . >> what do you do differently today? >> today, nothing because they always follow these rules. >> not superstitious. >> i knew it. >> when it comes to sports only. when the giants were in the world series i wore the same shirt for every game. >> when i played sports i was like that. that was a long time ago. >> not that long. of course it's friday the 13th and we welcome you to the nine this morning. we're asking you a question about this day. do you have superstitions on a day like today? are you superstitious all the time? share your thoughts on twitter or facebook. on this friday the 13th i'm superstitious and proud. let's move to the news of the day. marin county director of health says he's recommending members
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of a larkspur gym to contact their doctor. >> reporter: we are at the marin county public health department waiting to speak to the director on camera. i talked to him on the phone and he explained why he's so concerned. bacterial meningitis is a contagious deadly disease. there was a member in larkspur soul cycle gym who passed away from bacterial meningitis. marin county public health director says there's a slight risk other gym members may have been exposed to the disease. the gym has been thour rowly cleaned and open this morning. after they found out about the death from the gym they were told to contact their doctors which they did and some of the gym members were put on antibiotics from their doctors
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as a precaution. >> i got the letter from the county health department and i think they're doing a good job of keeping everyone informed and they do a really good job of keeping the place immaculately clean. it's a very sad situation to snow someone died of that unexpectedly. >> reporter: according to the cdc, bacterial meningitis is spread through exposure to sa saliva. it's less con shashs than your common cold or flu virus and symptoms can appear 3-7 days after exposure including headache and a stiff neck. the coroner has not released the identity of the person who died but a man who ie dent fied himself as a friend. they say it was a young father who lived here in marin county. the health director says health officials have notified the
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individual 's family and coworkers and their hope is to curb the spread and prevent the spread of the disease to anyone else in the area. . after a recent study found many children in oakland are exposed to dangerous levels of lead, health officials have stepped up efforts to test for lead in older homes. they test dust in the homes and use an x-ray machine to test layers of paint. they say most homes built before 1978 are presumed to have lead paint. they can offer the property owner up to 10 thousand dollars to remedy the issue. the county is exploring other options as well. >> there are discussions now underway with oakland as far as exploring the possibility of some type of universal testing
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requirement for high risk communities. >> right now the county is working with the city of oakland to develop a proactive inspection program. in the meantime their goal is complete 100 units of lead safe housing for children under the age of 6. if you would like to test your home, contact the county to see if you qualify for the lead hazard repair program. thank goodness it's not pouring outside but there's a lot of fog. >> yes, fog out there and the head line for most is how cold it is. temperatures are thawing out and we're going to have a fairly nice day. mostly sunny skies and temperatures on the cool side. let's take a look at what is happening with the temperatures first. around the bay a lot of low to mid 30s at this time. 43 in livermore as we get into the second part of the day, temperatures begin to warm. take a look at what's going on
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here. anywhere from 5-10 degrees colder at this hour than we were 24 hours ago and a little bit of fog out there this morning. visibility is good around the central bay and inner east bay and no problems there. as you look to the north it's fairly widespread, visibility down to a quarter mile around the napa area and half a mile in santa rosa. if you have an early morning drive, be prepared for that. here's a look at the afternoon highs. temperatures in the 50s. 54 for san francisco. upper 50s in santa rosa. dry for the holiday weekend. when i come back, i'll have a look at the extended forecast and what you can expect in tahoe for the weekend. bay area drying out after a wet windy week. the break between storms is good news for people living along the russian river. they have been dealing with flood waters the past week. yesterday the river receded by more than six feet and now back
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below flood stage. local businesses there coming to the russian river area this weekend. >> so we have been doing live facebook reports every day letting people know we're open here and the businesses are still running. >> this week's flood created quite a mess. home enners and businesses can go to six ent disposal sites to drop off trash and storm debris. the storm is still having an impact or effect i should say on a busy roadway in marin county. highway 37 remains closed this morning. a sheriff's department dive team worked with the highway patrol to tow several cars abandoned in the water. it affected the west highway 37 and 101. we continue know when they can reopen the highway. coming up, all morning long we have been covering flooding across the bay area in the north bay.
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coming up, we're taking a look back at how the community coped with its last big flood 11 years ago. did the fbi damage hillary clinton during the election? the investigation underway into how the agency handled the probe into clinton's e-mails.
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snp and nasdaq slightly nt upside. >> a little steve miller there, switching to a more serious topic. new information about the health of two musicians with tower of power, a legendary band. they are recovering after getting hit last night by a train. alex, we work in this area and trains are very loud.
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is there any word as to how these guys couldn't notice the train was coming? >> that's the question here because from our understanding, the morning guards were down at the time this accident happened. so obviously investigators trying to piece it all together and figure out how the two men didn't see the train coming. the update from the hospital is that one band members underwent urge surgery to treat internal bleeding and the other has severe swelling in his face. they were walking over to the number for the tower of power show last night. as they crossed the train tracks here they were struck by an oncoming capital corridor train that happened before 8:00 last night and again, the crossing arms reportedly were down at the time of this accident. the men were thrown into the air in opposite directions. those two injured band members
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have been identified. they were both conscious after arriving at the hospital and this morning fans are stunned to hear about what happened. >> so i was pretty shocked. i didn't know it was actually the tower of power group. i used to be a big fan of theirs when i was younger. those were albums in my collection. really sad to hear. ♪ [ music ] ♪ of course tower of power is a legendary rb band formed in oakland in the late 1960s. biggest hits were "you're still a young man". in a statement that was put out this morning, the founder of tower of power said in part,
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"we appreciate the responses and prayers from our former band meats, friends,mates and friends and fans. doctors are optimistic both men will make a full recover. recovery. they're in the middle of a tour across the country. it remains uncareer at this point if upcoming shows may be cancelled as a result of the accident last night. for the first time in history, lady liberty will be depicted as an african american woman on a special gold coin. the ground breaking currency is being made in recognition of 225th anniversary. the 24-carat coin has a face value of the commemorative
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coins unveiled in the coming years. happening today the house of representatives expected to vote on a measure in its first step towards repealing the affordable care act. they are expected to pass a solution for repealing president obama's signature reform healthcare law. a growing number of republicans say they only want to repeal it when they have a replacement plan in place. james comey on capitol hill briefing lawmakers on allegations of russian interference in the u.s. presidential campaign. he is now facing an internal investigation into his actions ahead of the election. some democrats think the way he treated hillary clinton's emails the reason clinton did not win the election. now the justice department inspector general will investigate. >> i understand why democrats are bitter about all of this. but at the same time the media seems to be leaving out the
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fact there are unpleasant aspects of this investigation for democrats as well. >> the inspector general will investigate whether a senior justice department official improperly fed information to hillary clinton's campaign. 0 donald trump said on twitter hillary clinton is "guilty as hell". ". i'm pleased to award our nation's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom. [ applause ] biden was moved tears by the unexpected honor. he calls him a close friend and biden returned the compliment. >> i just hope history -- when
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my name is attached to this part of history i can say i'm part of this journey of a remarkable man who did remarkable things for this country. [ applause ] . >> the vice president is expected to focus on his cancer moon shot effort working to e rad cat cancer after leaving office. one of president obama's pets caused a minor crisis during the final days in the white house. the family's four year old dog sunny reportedly bit a visitor at the white house sunny is the all black dog in the video. it happened monday when the 18 18-year old went to pet the dog and kiss it. the bite left a cut causing stitches to the right cheek.
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the daughters of george w. bush wrote a letter to the daughters of president obama giving them advice. they wrote the open letter to the obama girls in time magazine. they recalled the day in november 2008 when they showed them around the white house. they say they watched them grow from girls to impressive young women with grace and ease. they say being a presidential daughter is an amazing experience and stand by as your precious presidents are reduced to headlines. they say they are rooting for them as they begin their next chapter. i was looking back at the first days and those little girls were so little and now they're turning into young women. it happens every time we get a president with young children. >> off to a new adventure. coming up next, changes coming to the san jose police department. details on the contract agreement between police and officers association. the bay area may be a hub
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for technology but many students are falling behind when it comes to computer education. we'll talk about the solutions to bring kids up to speed.
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california might be the home of silicon valley but future generations might not be prepared with tech companies moving forward. >> half a% of state high school students actually took the advancement placement computer science exam last year and the number of minorities and females interested in science and tech is also quite low. >> for more on this and ideas on how to turn things around, we're joined life by a computer scientist -- -- live. some of the numbers don't seam to be changing. there's a disparity between students of color and females in particular tend to lagging in math and science. this is a problem people have
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been trying to solve for decades. >> most recently it's something a lot of people are trying to get at. there's been a recent boom in technology. especially the westbound, everything is becoming westbound based so everybody is like we have to think about how to make our kids more prepared for this -- -- web. >> the thing is there's a lot of resources. the issue is access. one of them -- there's these chrome books in classrooms nowadays but not a lot of teachers who can actually facilitate a classroom of computer science. they do things on the chrome book but they don't go deep into coding and programming apps. the teachers don't really know how to do that so they're intimidate san diego. >> seems as if kids nowadays are always on their devices but
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this is something deeper. people might misunderstand this. they say the kid is always on the ipod but he's not doing coding. >> i'm talking blowing the lid of what they're already doing it. the large part is parents because the thing is it's dog to be a while before teacher i think are trained on how to teach programming and things so i think it's up to parents and kids to take it upon themselves ls to get on the internet and look at what they're interested in. >> so maybe me as a parent -- i don't know much about science. how do i teach my child about that? and maybe i'll steer him in a different direction i'm more familiar with. >> that's a problem, yeah, it's all our faults really. nobody saw it coming. we thought it was a fun thing they're doing but now they can get jobs doing this stuff. the first thing is to do it with your kids.
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there's actually mren/of textbooks that are really cheap. there's free stuff on the internet and different programs and things that you can try with them. that's the key, to do it with them. >> what's the bigger picture here? especially in california, the hub of tech, what future generation is taking that over? you would hope it's california students and others coming from outside the state is great but it would be nice to have those in our backyard be that next generation taking over. >> it's going to take a lot of -- well, the biggest issue as we said before was access and not necessarily access to the technology but access to the curriculum. the problem is also there's an issue of equity and there's a big issue with economics and equity. unfortunately a lot of scholars don't experience their first computer science class until college and it's too late at
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that point. >> is that because schools in neighborhoods are disadvantaged just having a hard time doing the basicallies? precisely -- -- basics. 0. >> there's no one that can utilize that. kids are already starting to think about this stuff. there's a lot of -- like have you heard of the game mine craft? mine draft -- there's a modification called learn to mod so a lot of kids are getting into that. they're making their own version. version. >> let's say we ride a roller coaster and i said that's someone's job was to think about how to create the roller coaster. let's say they see a cartoon
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but somebody that's their job is to make these cartoons so i try to weave math and science into fun things instead of throwing a big thick textbook on the table which doesn't work for them at this age. >> the kids are smart. >> something you're already doing, the math and science in there. and you can make money from that. 0. >> they don't want to sit in a cubicle all day. >> trying to find math and science in things -- even production there's plenty of science here. all this stuff with video and editing. getting them involved in anything they're interested in. ing to find math and science that's the goal. >> going back to the statistic,
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half a percentage of california students took the exam last year. if you had to pick to get that number up, what should it be at? >> 100% for me. i work for the center, we have a program called level playing field institute. so come check us out. we run a program called smash. i have a picture here. this is summer math and science honors smash academy and it's a five week intense program residential for high school students who are super motivated to learn anything in stem which stands for science, tech, engineering and mathematics and it's to get them engaged in this. the issue is they're not learning computer science in their school. they might be super motivated to do 3d animation and programming but they don't have anyone to teach them. looking for programs like smash
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. >> we'll link that to under links. we'll be riding in style for this year's chinese new year's parade. the movie" patriots day" about the aftermath of the boston marathon bombs is out today. what jk simmons and a police sergeant said about recreating the tragic day.
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we're asking you if you're like me or sal, are you superstishgs?
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superstitious. we are so different. this one, he and i share a couple more similarities. >> when it comes to sports. when you're watching the giant do you have a special shirt you we are? >> not really. special cap or anything. >> i go to another. 0. >> i'm superstitious every day every way. confess that at the beginning of nine. audio one saying friday the 13th is overrated: tomorrow is never guaranteed, why be superstitious. >> natalie says i got my driver's license on friday the 13th and i did see a brak cat this morning blash . another question, we're trying to pick up the nba games
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should be cut back, the chess club says all replays need to be abolished. there you go. . we have been hearing the fog horns here. the rain is moving out but fog is here. you're right, low clouds overhead, san francisco visibility issues over portions of the north bay. tough to see this shot but we're taking a full screen and there it is. you can see it has swallowed up the golden gate bridge. 0. >> we talked about at the top of the hour dealing with fog. thick in some spots other areas of santa rosa. visibility good here. you get closer to the airport, visibility down to a quarter of a mile.
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patchy fog and it's thick the next half hour. clearing out and sunny conditions, here's a look at the winds. very calm out there. remaining light winds for today and back it up and show you the overall picture going on. the storm track has pushed a bit to the north and we're going to be dry for your bay area weekend. southern california still seeing scattered showers and that will continue to push out as well. here's a look at future cast models into the weekend. friday mostly sunny skies cooler afternoon. taking a look at your numbers here in a few moments. i want to show you into saturday we're still dry and mostly clear. look at what rides the coastline as we get into sunday. cloudy year and cooler and just a very slight chance at a few scattered showers. not a big deal. continue don't cancel plans. we could wake up with drizzle on sunday morning. tracking it between now and then. here's a look at the tahoe forecast. that same system bringing us a
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slight chance at a few sprinkles early sunday morning along the coastline. a chance for sdaterred showers into sunday for tahoe. partly cloudy for saturday, cloudy skies and a very slight chance at a few showers on sunday. not a big deal and mostly sunny skies for mlk day. temperatures in the 30s and 40s for the afternoon. so it's chilly but mainly dry. look at the temperatures outside our door. 39 in santa rosa. 45 in oakland and 45 san jose. into the afternoon mix of sun and clouds and temperatures on the cool side. 55 for hayward and 54 in san francisco to the south bay in morgan hill. here's a look at your extended forecast. overnight lows chilly tomorrow morning sinking to freezing perhaps a tad below inland spots. afternoon highs not changing a whole lot. on the back end we warm up a bit. temperatures in the upper 50s and near 60 degrees.
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sunday, monday, tuesday future cast bringing rain back to the bay area by wednesday. cold start to the weekend, thank you. all week long we have been covering heavy rain causing flooding. on this flash back friday we're taking a look at the last time things were this bad. . >> it's pretty quiet out here to me, it's somewhat of an eerie feeling because you know the water is rising and you can hear it and you can hear a shout of someone saying hello. there are search and rescue crews still going on. >> crews were at it all afternoon motoring through homes and cars and businesses. many taking in massive amounts of water. >> some people sound like their homes are surrounded by water. >> it's to get inside my house.
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main difference there between this january and that january, got up to close to 42 feet. this time around was 38 feet. you don't think that could be a difference but a lot more damage to the homes up there. so that was -- we're up there for three days and became trapped up there. we couldn't get out. we were basically trapped on an island using the canoes and people decided to stay and there's more rescues. all the restaurants and businesses closed so food was limited. when we first went up there we thought we were coming home the next day and we wound up
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staying. >> alex was up there this week and you mentioned the new year's day flood and people are still talking about that what they're experiencing this week. >> so a mighty rushing river. for more, let's go to dave clark in the newsroom. here are some of the top stories we're following. police in santa jose right now investigating the third homicide of the year. there was a shooting on mountain pleasant road about 6:30 this morning. when police arrived a man had been shot at least once who later died there at the scene. homicide and crime scene investigators are there now looking for clues and a suspect. meantime the city of an jose has a tentative agreement on a new contract with the police officers association. it includes a series of pay raises over the next 3.5 years and also includes a 5 thousand $5,000 retention bonus for the current officers. the police union still has to ratify it and then it goes to the city council to get final approval in february.
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if it's approved, that agreement would be pretroe active to january 1st. san francisco police and community members met last night for a big town hall meeting in ocean view. it was about last week's police shooting where a man was pound was wounded. the family of the man shot says he has mental problems and if the police need more training when it comes to the mentally ill. moore was shot by police last friday as they responded to a report he was violating a restraining order. there was a struggle and moore was shot twice. one officer was injured as well. those are just some of your morning headlines from our newsroom. mike, sal, gasia mikaelian, back to you. a school has been evacuated in san francisco as a precaution because of reports of a gas odor. this was the tweet sent out by the fire department that says
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gas odor at mrin elementary school. -- -- flin. no injuries. this is not far from bruno heights park west of 101. a bitter dispute forcing a famous bar to close its doors. >> lefty's founded by a baseball player has been serving up famous cocktails and corned beef dishes for decades. more on how the owner of the building and lefty's are battling over the restaurant's future. >> reporter: a restaurant famous for its baseball memorabilia and bloody marries to hot plates of corn beefed and pa tram my to its annual christmas toy drive is shutting down -- -- mary's.
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>> i can't believe it. >> you're losing a part of the soul of the city. these are san francisco treasures. >> reporter: it's attracted sports fans, cops, tourists and locals. >> i'm so upset. i've been coming since the early 70s with my parents from santa cruise. when we would come see a play we would come get lefties. >> they have been here since 1958. the family has run it since 1988 decided not to renew the release. the owner says he was not willing to fix the repairs. >> there's a lot of maintenance and it would cost several millions dollars to make it up to code. they are hoping they can bring the charm but not the backed up toilets and leaks in the ceiling. >> it may come as no surprise that the landlord were unable to come up with a lease
9:40 am
agreement seeing as five years he was evicted the lounge around the corner to put in an express clothing store. the bar has located to fishermen's wharf. >> it's like an extended living room. it's a san francisco thing. >> their macaroni and cheese and corned beef sandwich. >> reporter: they plan to relocate later this year but in a twist the spokes person for the building's owner released this statement. 0. >> my concern is that they keep the hodgepodge improvised slightly run down feeling that
9:41 am
makes it so dark and cozy. . that's a big dispute going on. i was pretty mad about that just being a faye tive and all these retail stores popping up -- -- native. >> i would appeal to mr. handler for the sake of us san francisco people to work out a compromise to keep it open. i don't think the ordinary person in san francisco cares but keep it open for our sake and hopefully they can reach a compromise i know it's their business and they can do what they want but tourists come down and want to sing. >> santa is there. >> at the piano bar. >> he's starting a petition. >> i've never been in an express so maybe i should check it out.
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>> all female clothing? >> i don't know it's been 20 years since i've been in one. let's talk about the super bowl. airing super bowl 51 right here. new at 9:00, the first super bowl television commercial is out. 0. >> the 30 second ad starts new england patriots quarterback tom brady and promotes our every day activities it was viewed at different angles in slow motion and 360 degrees virtual reality live. >> i've always wanted my personal announcer to announce me walking into a room. [ laughter ] all right, the most talked about movie of the new year opens in theaters across the country today.
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0. >> "patriots day" is the story of the 2013 boston bombings and intense manhunt that followed. a water town police sergeant became a hero of this tragic incident. i spoke to the sergeant. i asked them why they chose not to film the movie in water town where the movie took place. >> there was a large number of residents on the street in the neighborhood where the final confrontation happened. but there were some that i guess say suffering from post
9:44 am
traumatic stress and they just felt they were too traumatized and as a result peter burg and the rest of the organization were putting this film together decided it was better for the residents to not go through it again. . >> we asked him what it was like to play the police officer on the big screen. >> i got to spend enough time with him and do a midnight to 8:00-shift with him and just soak up the general vibe of water town and of police work in general in a jurisdiction that most of the time is a pretty peaceful community. but again, to be playing a guy that you never know when you have to respond to a situation like he had to respond to that night.
9:45 am
0. >> we were on the air here april 15th for a long time we will remember that. just saw a story here. the associated press is reporting about the story "stolen at birth" police have arrested the woman who raised her. stolen at birth found alive 18 18 years ago. that again, this tragedy associate press bringing this information. coming up next, tv interview confusion. the hilarious answer one australian woman gave when a reporter asked her to spell her name. also i said i promised not to freak out but no guarantees. the man behind the website i rely on to make the most of my precious time in the kitchen is here.
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if you want to be a better cook stay tuned and how to make a mac and cheese with three ingredients that is so much better than what comes in the box.
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san francisco's chinese new year parade will pay tribute to its path. she won the title back in 1958 in san francisco. >> my mom and dad flew out and never been to california before so it was such a blessing. especially coming from a place where there's no chinese. >> next month june will kick off the parade by lighting a string of 30,000 firecrackers.
9:49 am
we are a proud sponsor and will show the parade live on air. as reporters we have all been there. you interview someone and at the end you say can you spell your first and last name so we get it right. for one australian reporter he took the request literally. >> can you spell your name? . >> i meant your first and last name. >> i'm so nervous. >> he could not be cuter and sweeter. he was doing a story about exercise and the woman said she made the mistake because she was so nervous for her first television interview so it's funny we asked people to guf a mike check and they say 1, 2,
9:50 am
3, and very cute. coming up, a guest so excited i'm so excited about, a three ingredient mac and cheese with a chef that will help you be a better cook at home. i'm running over there now. at ikea, we believe that everything, from your lamp to your couch, should work as hard as you do. that green living is something everyone can afford.
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that you can sacrifice everything but a good night sleep. and we believe your furniture should last happily ever after. make the dream yours with ikea.
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welcome back. if you're a dedicated cook who wants to get better without stressing yourself out, i hope
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you found the website. the food lab better home cooking through science a new york times best seller. kind si lopez whipping up a familiar favorite you say is easier than going to the box of macaroni and cheese. >> it's fewer ingredients and takes less time. >> and it's way more delicious yauzing real cheese instead of the powdered stuff. -- -- using. >> once in a while it's okay. >> i made this the other night and love the economy. you're using very few ingredients. when i boil my pasta i get a huge pan and a ton of water and you're telling me it's not right. >> the secret is you start with pasta and cover it with cold water and boil it until the water is almost completely dry.
9:54 am
it's very similar to the way you mac a ri sew to. >> -- -- risotto. >> you look at the water it's very starchy. >> it's barely wet. >> there's a nice thick coating of starch that's good for the pasta. that's what you want. that's what's going to help your cheese sauce bind. >> i would love to grate some cheese. he said he made a mac and cheese. he said he couldn't remember. your not getting the powder. >> there's starch added to pregrated cheese that can affect the sauce so grate it yourself. >> do you use fancy cheese. >> this is store bought, equal parts pasta cheese and evaporated milk are the three
9:55 am
ingredients. pour in the milk. >> the recipe i use takes like three cups of milk. this does the work for me in the can. >> yeah, you don't have to add extra flour because the starch from the pasta itself to cook. the vaped milk can help the sauce bind better. >> this can be in my pantry forever. >> these ingredients are in your fridge so ready to make. it's just as convenient as the blue box. all we do was cook down the pasta. 0. >> kay can't wait. i want to pop up some of this information.
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it's called "the food lab". >> it's been my bedtime reading for a lock time. information on as well as this recipe which is so simple. it's all waiting for you in the section of mornings on two under our tab. i'm going to call the gentlemen over, mike and sal if you would like to join me. sal, i know you're a bit more of a home cook than mike is. is this something you think you can tackle? >> yeah, especially these ingredients. >> that's okay. i don't know if i dare stick my fingers in there. this is the key. grating the cheese yourself, you switch sides. i have to say i'm honored that you're here because you have helped me be a better cook without spending a ton of effort in the kitchen. >> that's the goal to help you learn the science and technique behind cooking so you can make your cooking your own. >> all of us want uk cess.
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success. when i fail it hurts my motivation. >> sports have arrived let's do it. thank you so much kinsey for joining us. macaroni three ingredient recipe. thanks for joining us. thanks for joining us. >> i like that technique watching the water boil.
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." [ cheers and applause ] now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: fabulous. thank you. welcome.


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