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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  January 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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c1 >> reporter: david garibaldi and the basist are in the hospital recovering. we learned that david is recovering from a swollen face and bruises and mark had surgery to stop internal bleeding and doctors are cautiously optimistic. i want to have the camera pan
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down to the intersection behind yoshi where we believe the accident happened around 8:00 last night. we understand that the two men were trying to cross the embarcadero, cross the tracks on the way to yoshi's. we understand that a union pacific train had just passed and the two men went around the arm gates that were down and did not see an amtrak train in the opposite direction. we were speaking with fans and a family friend who went to see them in the hospital earlier this afternoon and they say at least david, as far as we know, is okay and moved to a different facility. mark, on the other hand, was unable to speak with the friend who went to visit him. he did give a thumbs up, only had eye movement there but both men from what we understand, set to recover very soon. here's what the man had to say. >> i hear david's doing much better and he was moved to a different facility and he'll be
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fine. it will be a long recovery, and mark was alert, wasn't able to speak to me but he was able to gesture with his eyes, very positive and gave me a thumbs up. >> reporter: this legendary r & b band formed in the 1960s and they were playing for decades and hard to anyone who has not heard of tower of power. we understand that david was with the band since 1970 and mark was filling in last night for another bassist. the band leader has posted a message on the facebook page saying they are thanking the family and friends and fans for their prayers and ask for support. and we understand that they were going on a cross country tour, set to perform next wednesday in san diego. and i put in the call to the venue and they say that the concert is still on, and they may have other members in for the two roles but the concert is still on in san diego next week for tower of power as the
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two band members recover. julie. >> so many pulling for them to make a full recovery. improvements have been made to the lightrail vehicle based on rider input including a seating configuration to make it more comfortable and make it quieter and have improved doors and steps. the agency said this was a much- needed upgrade. >> the vehicles that comprise the muni metro are tired and we have an insatiable demand for lightrail in the city and this is the first of 64 cars added to the fleet of 150. >> the train will undergo seven months of testing to make sure all the bugs are worked out and all the new cars will be in operation by summer.
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they will eventually expand the fleet by more than 70%. a beautiful sight from skyfox 2 today. there were clear skies at mt. hamilton as our helicopter flew over the peak which is still covered with snow. highway 140 leading into yosemite national park is back open to traffic after shutting down during the storm. skyfox flew over the sierra near donner summit. this week's massive snow dumped feet of snow in the sorry doubling the snowpack in just a couple of days. the new snow is a great sight and it's a 3-day weekend for a lot of people, and we want to find out about the travel conscious. mark? great news as we head into the weekend and just perfect timing heading up to the sierra. you just heard about the extreme snowfall amounts in the past few days and in the past 7 days, they add up as you can
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see. the snowpack is coming up as well. so i'll get out of the way and show you, 97, 116 to 133" at kirkwood, a lot of fresh, steep powder and thankfully, the conditions are looking good heading into the weekend. lake tahoe, the roadways, no problems but watch out for ice that could cause issues out there heading towards 80 and 50. for saturday, partly cloudy skies and a high of 34 and sunday, a slight chance of snow, mid-30s and monday, great. lots of sunshine and temperatures on track to reach the low to mid-40s, 42 degrees. of course, with all the added rainfall and snowfall in the system we are still concerned with flooding out there, and towards sacramento, you can see a flood warning posted for portions of sacramento county extending today toward the bay area as well. we're talking contra costa and alameda counties, so all the water pushing into the delta with high tide levels as well
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that will cause a concern with the flood warning in place. let's take a look at the satellite as you can see. we are in the clear. no rain threat for tonight and we have a flood threat in the short term. all the areas shaded in green and a lot of water set up right here closer to the delta region. so keeping an eye on the areas right now and into the weekend. the areas in green, a flood warning in place until 11:30 saturday, martinez, pittsburg, antioch and portions ofality needa county as well. a small portion until saturday at 2:30 but the tide levels will drop off sunday into monday and we're talking for the most part, a dry weather
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pattern. we'll go ahead and show you the current temperatures. we have a dry weather pattern for saturday and a slight chance sunday and next week, get ready. we're talking about more significant rainfall. more on that coming up in a few minutes. and here's a live look at the holiday traffic, highway 24, the headlights there, wow, it's really heavy. the headlights are on 24 near the 680 interchange heading to walnut creek, le, concord, that area, very heavy but not very heavy in the other direction in the ldecott tunnel >> this is highway 880 through oakland near the oakland coliseum. the headlights, the cars on the left are heading down to the oakland airport and the right, to downtown oakland and more slow going in the commute direction at this hour. if you are heading to the sierra, here are the traffic conditions on 80 between vallejo and sacramento. actually, it doesn't look that bad. there are a few slow spots. though are the ones in red and orange but you probably can expect this to get worse as the
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full commute kicks in in the coming couple of hours. the house of representatives took a major step towards repealing the affordable care act voting to strip funding from major provisions from the health care law and this follows a similar vote yesterday in the senate also along party lines. 20million americans gained insurance through the act but republicans are calling the law a failure. >> this experiment has failed. this law is collapsing while we speak. >> we will not allow the republicans to make america sick again. >> president-elect trump has promised to replace obamacare with something better but what the new plan entails is unclear. plans are in place for the inauguration of donald trump a week from today. 700,000 to 900,000 people are expected and there are no no specific security threats but as in the past, the
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inauguration has been designated as a national special security event. 28,000 authorities from various law enforcement agencies will all be in place and special precautions will also be in place to prevent truck attacks like threcently in france and germany. >> more heavily fortified against unauthorized vehicles by dump trucks, heavy trucks, trucks with cement, buses. >> members of the media got a taste of what the inauguration day parade will be like with a preview from the u.s. airport marching band. about a thousand members are expected to take part in the ceremony. >> tell everybody that friday the 13th is not always a bad day. this is a good day for a nightmare for new parents that lasted 18 years, their baby girl kidnapped from a hospital nursery. coming up, an emotional family
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talks about finding their daughter nearly 20 years later. generations of people left this restaurant in alameda happy. why the 92-year-old owner said she has to be rebuild after an early morning fire destroyed the restaurant on the inside. plus, the storms are gone for now but trouble spots may remain. you may have a tough time getting around this weekend. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today.
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a california congressman is one step closer to becoming the state's next attorney general. the assembly voted to approve the appointment to the post.
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a hearing in the state senate is next week. the water-clogged town of guerneville is cleaning up after recent heavy rain. the russian river flooded earlier this week. homes and businesses who were overcome by water are a muddy mess. 12" of mud covered this driveway earlier today but the people who live there used a broom and power washer to push the mud and debris to the side so the driveway would be useable. and it's not just the north bay. spots all over the bay area have issues caused by the rain. tom va car is in orinda. >> reporter: yeah. a big, big sinkhole and this is just one of post-storm issues that could be worse going they don't get it fixed before the rain coming next week.
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in orinda, a 6-foot sinkhole caused the failure of two major pipes. that, in turn closed the problem in the sleepy hollow neighborhood. it will be weeks with the damage assess ment and road and pipe repairs to be completed. the pet lym you a river overflow developed a 30-foot breach which is over immediate repair. the danger of aircraft striking birds now is increased. and in pinole, a wash out of alhamabra valley road. this is a major contra costa rural and recreational road. >> i think it's used like a
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commute sometimes for cars but during the day, it's fantastic for cyclists. >> reporter: here's the problem w more rainstorms coming at least through february and possibly into march, it's going to be very difficult to effect a permanent repair here if any repair at all. the real solution may have to be a bridge. >> i wonder if there's even any money to fix this. there's a section out there a little bit further that was one lane where it washed out. that was about 10 years ago. that's not fixed. >> reporter: now, the most stubborn trouble spots is marin highway 37 near highway 101's interchange now closed for about three days now. floodwaters have left this major commute situation where they have to get off the freeway on to roads that were never intended, ever, for the kinds of traffic they are seeing right now and that's a big problem. the chp hopes to have 37 open this evening if only partially
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but this moment, it's not operating. tom vacar, ktvu, fox 2news. >> a lot of after effects from the storms. tom vacar in o orinda, tom, thank you. and you can see over the sierra, a picture-perfect postcard. the snowfall in the sierra 158% of the normal level after the biggest storm that the region has seen in six years. look at the snow. >> and it's dangerous with the avalanches and falling trees like in the bay area with so much rain but today, a break in the weather here, blue skies. let's go back to mark tamayo in the weather center. it was nice to see the sun. and unfortunately next week it looks active. you have a series of storms that set the table and then another one that could be more serious, and that's the case
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for wednesday, thursday, and friday of next week. outside you can see stormtracker 2, we are in the clear. but you will notice rainfall and thunderstorms in southern california and they have been getting active weather and pushing it out closer to the bay area. as i mentioned, we are in the clear. current temperatures, santa rosa, 56, and san jose, 53, and livermore, 55 degrees at last week, and here is the live camera looking toward sfo and high clouds out there in the distance and probably in the short term, areas of fog regrouping and a lot of dense fog. it's one of the deals if you are above 500, 600 feet you are looking at the fog deck. once the temperature drops down, the dew point, that's when you get the fog that typically forms and you will have that form around santa rose a possibly napa, fairfield, concord and around the bay itself. there's so much available moisture to work with so much
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rainfall in the past week. the coolest spots back down to the low 30s. san francisco 42 and san jose in the upper 30s. here's the deal in san francisco, 8:00 a.m. and 46 degrees with just a few high clouds approach the region throughout the afternoon hours especially mid to late afternoon, a few scattered high clouds paying us a visit, 54 degrees and as i mentioned, tomorrow is dry into sunday with a chance of a light shower or sprinkle primarily in the morning hours and monday will be dry. ed it will be dry. thing will change as early as wednesday into thursday of next week. here's what's happening right now, the forecast model painting in dense fog and the bay area for the most part, partly cloudy skies and patchy dense fog. saturday, increasing high clouds and early sunday morning, 4:00, 5:00, the clouds move out rapidly by sunday, but this high pressure protects us for tomorrow and keeping us on the dry side and then as we
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take this into next week we saw this last week, the return of the jet stream, the storm track and we're talking about significant rainfall wednesday, thursday, friday as well, likely have breaks, and we'll try and find them over the next few days and wednesday, we can count on the return of rainfall, and we are not talking about a few sprinkles, but significant rainfall throughout the next seven days, probably 3" of rain in santa rosa, and approaching 3" in san jose. as far as the temperatures for tomorrow, mainly in the 50s. and you are actually in the sunshine that felt nice out there this afternoon, and a look ahead, the 5-day forecast, and you can pick out with the exception of a sprinkle or on two or a light shower on sunday morning, it looks quiet and we're turning our attention to next week, wednesday, thursday, and friday, so that could cause more problems in northern california. >> will this break give us enough time to recuperate or the possibility of more
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flooding? >> the possibility of more flooding. this is nice to have but it won't completely clear things out but it will help us out and the tide levels have been extreme and they are coming down a bit. >> thank you, mark. an early morning fire destroys a restaurant in alameda. the 92-year-old owner shows us the damage and tells how she is determined to re-open.
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a well-known japanese restaurant in alameda was gutted by fire. >> but the 92-year-old owner said she will re reopen. she loves her staff and customers too much not to rebuild. >> there's a lot of water. >> be careful. >> i will be careful. >> reporter: insisting on checking out the damage for leers for what is left of the beloved kamakua restaurant she has loved for 35 years. >> oh, a lot of water. >> yeah. >> i want to see. >> oh, damage. >> damage, yes. >> reporter: from the outside, the restaurant looks untouched but inside, it's a total loss. this is a tour her son doesn't want her to take. he refused to take her there. >> pick me up because now, i
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don't drive. he didn't. [laughter] >> just the extent of the destruction will just kind of -- you know, i -- it would really be a mentally -- just too hard on her. >> reporter: but she had an employee take her to her business. turning 93 in march, she said the fire has only strengthened her resolve. why do you love this restaurant? why? >> why? because it's my life. >> reporter: it's your life? >> my life. i'm 93. we can fix. >> reporter: the fire at santa clara and broadway broke out in the morning and you can see the smoke through the roof in the fire department. >> they found smoke and fire towards the rear. it was going pretty good. >> reporter: firefighters knocked it down quickly and say some kind of electrical malfunction is likely to blame. >> it's likely back here. >> reporter: the owner's son,
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wayne yamato showed me where. this man brought flowers saying eating at kamakura was an experience like no other, celebrating customers birthdays and presenting roses on mother's day. >> the food is always good and surprisingly reasonable, and faith is always here to greet you. >> when you eat here, it's not like you are coming to a restaurant. it's like you're coming to her home. so that's why it's so special and so sad that it's been gutted by the fire. >> this is going to be painful for her because, you know, he's chomping at the bit to do something. >> she wanted to come and clean right away. >> reporter: for now, no more malibu salad or a -- alaskan fantasy, none of the dishes that made them a favorite but they will return.
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the family said that kamakura will reopen with the community and faith on their side. henry lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> she has such a nice smile. >> and she turns 93 in march. >> yeah. great that she will try and rebuild. coming up, an amtrak train slams into a car in the south bay. investigators are questioning why the driver stopped, leaving part of her car on the tracks. and you may have noticed ants, rats, and maybe mice in your home because of the recent rain and cold weather. who hasn't seen that sight, huh? how this may help to get rid of the pets -- pests in the future. as ceo of exxonmobile...
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in the south bay, investigators are trying to figure out why the driver of a mercedes stopped so the back end of her car was partially sitting on the rail road tracks. unfortunately, the amtrak hit her car and she was killed. this happened at agnew road and lafayette. and gary, that intersection just reopened? >> reporter: that's right, frank, and they just left so you can see traffic is moving freely. you can see the two cars come
5:32 pm
across. there's room enough for the cars to come across the tracks and wait for the signal to change if they are side by side but if one car is in back of the other, there's not enough room and apparently, that's what happened earlier today. skyfox was over the scene shortly after the collision around 10:00. withinssay that the drivers of a honda and mercedes were traveling east on agnew road and stopped in front of the traffic is signal at lafayette street. as the pair of drivers waited to make the left, amtrak train 151 from sacramento to san jose approached heading south. >> the gates came down and then the train within 5 or 6 seconds and it hit something because there was a shower of glass and the train stopped over there. so then i realized it must have hit something. >> reporter: the honda was clear of the tracks but the back end of the mercedes was clipped by the frontst front
5:33 pm
end of the train and the force of the impact killed the unidentified female driver. the train's conductor was blowing the horn. >> a train traveling, not able to stop short if there's someone in the way and unfortunately, the train struck the vehicle. >> reporter: police closed lafayette and eastbound agnew road as multiple agencies investigated. train passengers s.a. sat in their seats for a few hours and then were traferred -- transferred to a bus. most said they didn't know what happened. anybody feel anything? >> all i know is we braked really hard. >> reporter: officials stress that motorists should make sure there's enough room to wait for the light without exposing their back end of the vehicle to a track and oncoming train. >> i drive across it and when i do, i stay far back behind the
5:34 pm
line. >> reporter: people who live in the area may know the dangers of the intersection and know the cars need to be side by side instead of one in front of the other. it's unclear if the woman knew that, and the coroner has not released her identity. service has been restored along these tracks. jesse gary, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> jesse, how fast do the trains travel? >> reporter: a good clip, 30, 40 miles per hour and they do slow down and sound their whistle but it's a train. you can't, as they said, stop on a time when you have a train. you need a good mile braking distance. so when that car, the back end is just a little bit out on the tracks, by the time the train's engineer seeing that and blows the whistle, not enough time to stop the train, too much weight. >> and the driver seeing the train wouldn't have time to get
5:35 pm
out of her car, either. jesse, thank you. san jose police are investigating an early on morning homicide around 6: 6:30 on mt. pleasant road. the person was shot driving a silver mercedes and crashed on mt. pleasant road. the driver was dead when officers arrived and the speeder was nowhere in sight. officers looked for video from home security cameras. >> any time you have an increase in violence which is what we are seeing, it's concerning. it's something we will not tolerate as a police department. >> it's not known what led up to the shooting but it appears that the victim was targeted. this is the city's third homicide of the year. last year, san jose had 47 homicides, the most in 25 years. the city college of san francisco got some long-awaited
5:36 pm
news, a renewal for accreditation for the next seven years. in 2012, officials threatened to revoke it citing mismanagement. if the cold wet weather has driven you indoors, you are not alone. it's driving bugs and rats inside as well. they are seeking shelter and making pest control experts very busy. >> reporter: if you noticed ants marching 2 by 2 in the kitchen, you're not alone. the recent rainstorm is driving insects and critters and creatures indoors. >> it's wet and cold and that's it. >> reporter: swat pest control has been fielding ridiculous numbers of rat calls and raccoons, too, a natural product of this winter weather. still, he said that the spike will be short lived. >> it's a great phenomenon with
5:37 pm
the rain that it will kill a great deal of creatures that normally invade homes, ants, rodentss, and your gophers will die horribly because of the rain. >> we offer snap traps and the new glue board s which are popular, and it's not only rats and mice but a variety of other pets, and we are seeing an uptick in insect sprays. >> reporter: windex used and another remedy. >> soapy water. amazing what it will do. >> reporter: and exterminators are busy now but it won't last saying that the storm will have had a significant impact on the population. ann rubin, ktvu, fox 2news. the u.s. attorney general isn't holding back on the
5:38 pm
chicago police department. in a moment, the scathing report of the treatment of minoes. and a baby just hours old kidnapped by a woman posing as a nurse in the hospital. she is finally reunited with her parents after 18 years. coming up, the reunion made possible because of modern technology.
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the u.s. justice department released a scathing report
5:41 pm
about the chicago police department. the report found that chicago police routinely violate the civil rights of blacks and latinos. the u.s. attorney general loretta lynch said that the racial bias demonstrated by officers stems from systematic problems within the department. >> the department heard from countless officers who were themselves disillusioned and discouraged by inadequate training, poor oversight and inattention to officer wellness and safety. >> the 13-month investigation comes as the murder rate in chicago has reached a 20-year high. as a result of the report, chicago's mayor agreed to begin implementing reforms immediately. airbag maker takata will pay $1 billion in fines and
5:42 pm
restitutions, and three employees were indicted on six counts of conspiracy and wire fraud in the scheme to conceal defects in the airbag deflators. the u.s. started to investigate after the airbag deflators degraded overtime and then exploded in some cases. 17 deaths have been linked to the airbags. and new details about tesla. charging at tesla's network of stations used to be free for owners. the buyers of flew model s and xs will get 400-kilowatt hours of free charging a year. the company said that should be enough to cover most long distance travel. the cover after that will vary depending on the state. it's estimated that a trip from san francisco to los angeles will run you $15. a newborn kidnapped from a florida hospital at birth has been found alive in south carolina 18 years later. policesay kamiyah mobley was 8 hours old when a woman posing
5:43 pm
as a nurse took her in 1998. that woman, accused of kidnapping raised the girl and now is under arrest. the girl's family were holding out hope that they would find their daughter alive. now, 18 years later, they were reunited using face time. >> i tell everybody that friday the 13th is not always a bad day.this is a good day for me. >> reporter: kamiya mobley's family is proof that miracles can happen on friday the 13th. for 18 years, her parents and grandparents didn't know where he was or if she was alive. >> i am glad she's back. i am just happy. >> reporter: her grandmother told me she face timed with her. >> she was so glad. she told her mom that she looked like her daddy k and she sounds so intelligent and so respectful. and she said she'll be here to see us. >> reporter: her grandmother
5:44 pm
said it was prayer that got her through the 18 years without kamiyah. >> i listen to a pastor talking about a miracle that will help, that will come, and i said again, lord, let it be my grand baby. i had no idea but i thank god. i thank god. >> reporter: her dad said for him, it was also fate and believing that she was alive and okay. >> there's always hope. every day you get up, there's always hope. when i wake up, i believe that she was waking up, too. there's always hope. >> investigators used dna to confirm the girl's identity. she is in good health but understandably overwhelmed. >> on one hand, so happy and on the other hand, i would say be so angry that someone took my daughter and lost the 18 years but now you have her back and you couldn't ask for more.
5:45 pm
perfect conditions in the sierra this weekend as you can see from skyfox. a lot of fresh new snow, clear skies, and you can bet the lift lines will probably be pretties crowded this weekend. lake tahoe will be a very popular destination in the next few days. for the weather, a chance for a few sprinkles and then a major change. the storm door could be re- opening next week.
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sacramento county has issued an evacuation order near snodgrass slough. the leak was discovered on wednesday and the levee district was keeping a closer eye on it and a bigger problem was discovered on the east side of i-5. all the resources went there to try and stop that leak and then today, the crews discovered the leak at snodgrass slough had gotten bigger. you can see the crews trying to shore it up. >> we originally thought it was manmade because it wasn't growing at all for a good day and a half almost and this morning, it grew more. >> locals knew about the break before evacuations were ordered and many packed up belongings in anticipation. crews said it was difficult to try and stop the flow of water through the levee, and there are levee problems to the south of us as well. inspection teams in san benito
5:49 pm
county saw a breach and crews are hoping to shore that up before it gets more rain. a brilliant look from skyfox. we have been showing you this great video throughout the show, mountain peak after mountain peak covered with bright blue skies. many have received more than 10 feet of snow in the last week. the conditions were so severe many ski resort list to close. and they will be backed this weekend. as eric rucker tells us, all kinds of businesses in the sierra are expecting to cash in this holiday weekend. >> got it. >> reporter: for the martin kids from san jose, they feel like the king and queen of the hill. >> we don't get snow in our town. >> reporter: their dad knows they are not the only ones who came up the mountain after recent storms. >> sure. if we just had the slopes to
5:50 pm
ourselves, that would be great, but it's part of the fun. >> reporter: the holiday weekend means a rush of visitors and the money they bring along. >> that's great for us. we love having everybody come up and see us. >> reporter: luke bill is the owner of olde town tap in truckee and made sure he is staffing up for the weekend and doesn't expect much down time. >> we will be tomorrow and sunday and monday. >> reporter: at the ski and board shop, a large stock of equipment is expected to be severely cut into this weekend. >> parking lot will be full with a line out the door. >> reporter: but tourists and snow bunnys have fun and spend cash but for locals, it's a different story. >> we have lived here for about 13 years now and i would say this is probably one of the worst storms we've had. >> reporter: some truckee residents are without power and spent the week digging out their driveways. jim and his son got their power
5:51 pm
back. getting their satellite phone service back has been more difficult. >> you input your phone number and they say they'll give you a phone callback but they can't call you back because there's no service. >> well, we showed you the pictures just a moment ago that skyfox took in the sierra. if you want to see more of the pictures, we posted them on facebook. so much new snow up there and that guy talking about the satellite service, he just sounded cold. [laughter] >> 25 in south lake that low and remember just two years ago this time of year you go up in the mountains and it looked like the middle of summer. >> remember when frank gerke, the guy that did the snowpack survey -- >> there was no snow. >> amazing you go from one extreme to the other and things have changed in the past week or so. we have more rain and snow in the forecast for the next week and this weekend for the most part, we are in the clear.
5:52 pm
you request see -- can see high clouds moving into northern california and hail reports in southern california as well. so they have an active weather pattern with rain showers and showers and thunderstorms in that part of the state. for us, we are in the clear and nothing too extremely chilly just yet. santa rose a 56. san jose, 53 and san francisco last check, reporting 50. isn't that nice for a friday evening looking toward the bay? the bay bridge and san francisco out there in the distance, so crystal clear skies at least in the short term. first thing tomorrow morning, we could have patchy dense fog once again. that was the case this morning, so much available moisture that could transform into fog. santa rosa, 31. san jose in the upper 30s to start out saturday morning. this cold pool of air is setting up camp over the past 24 hour and begins to move out of town this weekend. with that, skies becoming
5:53 pm
partly sunny for tomorrow and once again into next week, a developing headline. tuesday, clouding things up and rain turns on wednesday and colder rain expected on thursday and possibly i don't understand -- i beyond as well. and tuesday, we'll thicken up the clouds with the storm track to the north and here we go on wednesday, the rainfall likely that could linger into thursday morning. hopefully, this break sets up later on thursday, thursday afternoon and then we take it into friday, and we could be talking 2 to 3" of rain and we won't go severely dry for a long time, just a break for saturday and for the most part of sunday. temperatures tomorrow, mainly in the 50s for highs and a look ahead at the 5-day forecast, a chance of a sprinkle sunday morning, partly cloudy skies into monday and the first of
5:54 pm
what could be many rain clouds by wednesday. we'll bring up the danger level once again in terms of flooding wednesday. >> enjoy the break while we have it. >> yeah. >> thanks, mark. trying to influence the election may go beyond russia. the latest on the investigation into fbi director james comey. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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it's not just russia being investigated for possibly influencing the election.
5:57 pm
the justice department is investigating fbi director james comey. >> this stems from the handling of the hillary clinton e-mail case lasts year. >> reporter: it appears that the russians may not have been the only ones that influenced the 2016 election. james comey is under investigation by the inspector general for his handling of the probe of hillary clinton's email server. >> i think hillary clinton lost in a variety of reasons, and in large part because donald trump was a for -- formidable opponent. >> reporter: the fbi investigate said they turned up nothing, and then 11 days
5:58 pm
before the election, the bureau re-opened their inquiry. but that was shut down when the new information turned out to be old. democratssay this 11th hour stunt by director comey was political and damaged clinton in the polls. >> i hope i demonstrated i am tone deaf when it comes to politics and that's how it should be. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump instead points the finger at clinton and her surrogates tweeting this morning, what are hillary clinton's people complaining about with respect to the fbi in based on the information they had, she had never have been allowed to run. guilty as hell. reporterrers reporterssay they should also look at attorney general loretta lynn who met privately with bill clinton before recusing herself from
5:59 pm
the case. on capitol hill, republicans take the first step to repeal the health care plan. >> we will not let the republicans make america sick again. >> good evening. i'm julie haenor. >> and i'm frank somerville. a budget resolution was approved on a near party line vote of 227-198 and gives republicans the ability to proceed with plans to repeal and replace obamacare. the senate already approved the measure yesterday. it gives the gop the ability to prevent democrats from using a senate filibuster to block plans. >> reporter: this isn't change a single word of the affordable care act but make its easier to change in the future. it paves the way for
6:00 pm
republicans to repeal and replace obamacare without the threat of a filibuster. to come up with a replacement, that will be even harder still. >> pennsylvania, 53%. nebraska, 51%. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan listing state where is health insurance premiums skyrocketed since the affordable care act in 2010 making the case for why obamacare must be repealed and replaced. >> this experiment has failed. this law is collapsing while we speak. >> reporter: the debate going on for hours with lawmakers laying out their case for and against the passing of the bill. >> 64 times, they voted to repeal affordable care act. they still do not have a replacement. >> we're going to do this right with input from our neighbors, the folks we go to church with, our families and our communities. we are not going to


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