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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  January 14, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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[radio communications] one minute! you can go all the way around. [helicopter noise] whoa, geez! [radio communications] we're moving, we're moving! ahhh! [explosions] no no no no! [clock beeps] welcome back to the state farm postgame show. >> curt: well, two years ago
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matt ryan got a new head coach in dan quinn. he was brought to atlanta from seattle to try and replicate on the field the defense the seahawks had. so far the student has beaten the teacher head to head. dan quinn gets the win. he's with pam oliver. >> pam: you set your team up for this. how nice is it now that it's happened? i know you have more work to do. >> for this city and for our fans, the connection, you feel it, so it's awesome for them. we get to have a playoff game at home, it's because of them so we are so pumped had to it. we knew this would be a hard battle and it for sure was. those guys are as tough as they come. we knew it would be tough and it was. >> pam: emotional for you? >> it is. mainly for our team. i know what we've put into it and where we can take it so we're ready. >> pam: thank you so much. good luck in the next round. >> jimmy: congratulations, dan quinn. this is a big win for him. his former team, seattle, struggled in the blocking today but that was nothing new. they struggled all year long. i think a lot of it, they
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depended on offensive line coach tom cable to fix this, but here jimmy graham, he's really not a blocking tight end. a lot of times because of the mobility of russell wilson, it covered up some of the blocking problems. i think john schneider, general manager, tried to work on it in the off-season, first-round pick ifedi but he's got to work on this and fix this offensive line. >> michael: when you watch the first drive by seattle, you thought oh, boy, their defense is going to have a tough day but once they settled down the thing i was impressed about was how physical they were on both sides of the ball and pretty much controlled the line of scrimmage. >> howie: they got punched in the mouth that first drive. >> michael: you thought, whoa, we may have a game here. my pick i was feeling pretty good about. after atlanta calmed down, they really took over. you have over 400 yards of offense, no turnovers and physical up front, you always have a chance to come out like they did. the thing they'll have to work on going into next week is special teams. that was hurting them today with
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devin hester. >> curt: we'll find out whether or not they play the cowboys or the packers. we will look ahead to that matchup between those two teams tomorrow, as aaron rodgers continues his hot play in the postseason. he'll try to. he's won seven straight. we'll find out what dak prescott can do as well. we'll talk about all of it when we come back. [ "let 'em say" by lizzo & caroline smith ] ♪ let 'em say what they gonna say ♪ ♪ they gon' feel how they gonna feel ♪ ♪ and i love it, ♪ i love it and baby hey, ♪ ♪ you should too ♪ so let 'em say what they wanna say ♪ ♪ they gonna feel how they gonna feel ♪ ♪ but i love it, yeah i love it, ♪ ♪ baby, hey ♪ burning, befoof diabetic nerve pain, these feet... kicked off my high school games... and helped those in need. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer.
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t minus 22 days until super bowl li on fox. >> curt: jimmy, the next step in the nfc goes to dallas tomorrow hosting green bay. >> jimmy: earlier this year dallas went to lambeau field and green bay had the number one rated run defense. esoutheast corn ezekiel elliott ran all over them. it will be interesting to see if green bay has shored that defense up. >> curt: the rematch happens tomorrow right here on fox. our coverage begins at 4:00 eastern time, 1:00 pacific. it's quiet right now. i guarantee you, it won't be tomorrow. it's chevy most dependable plays of the day. as the divisional weekend kicked
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off in atlanta, the falcons defended their home turf and sent the seahawks packing in what may have been the final game in the georgia dome. matt ryan was firing on all cylinders as he led atlanta to the nfc championship game, brought to you by chevrolet, the most dependable plays of the day. fox sports thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league. for nfl news and highlights, go to ollars o-way. yes to low fares with nothing to hide. that's transfarency. [sfx:]clap, clap, ding
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the play offs are in full swing and the match up between falcons and the seahawks and
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the highlights next as we count down to the super bowl just weeks away. good evening everyone. >> it's that time of year again. the n.f.l. playoffs just dominated seattle. >> we look at the game that just finished up, joe what is going? >> well, this is favorite time for a lot of people. this weekend. the weekend the falcons have been flying under the radar and now they're considered to be one of the better teams to be playing for the super bowl. the new head coach, in atlanta and the seahawks jump to the board first. russell to the line and the score 7-0 after the first
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quarter. but then it gets kicked in by julio generals and they kick a field goal for the 10-7 lead. russell trips and moves them away from the line of scrimmage. ben garland gets the credit for the sack, but russell was stepped on by his own guard. by half time the falcons are leading by 9 points and ryan to coleman, ryan throws 3 touch down passes for the day. burrowing in from the yard out here and 21-13. here's the day it was for the falcons. seattle desperate to make something happen, russell throws it and gets battered around and ultimately gets
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taken by jones and the falcons run down the clock and win it 36-20, they await the winner of the green bay-dallas game. well a very eventful game here after a season that saw them revive the dominate fan support, their ownership is still intent on moving to las vegas. the owner, mark davis has secured back up funding. the owner, would be responsible for roughly one third of the cost. we're conducting a twitter poll here and it's still going now, if the raiders move to las vegas, would you attend their games? if so, how many and overwhelming the response has
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been 70% saying no and they wouldn't go to a single game. well it didn't take long for the raiders to address the changes on the coaching staff. downing has been promoted to the offensive coordinator as he blossomed into one of the best coordinators of the game. he had been on jack del rio's team and his contract was allowed to expire and the defensive backs coach. he was hired to denver. meanwhile one name continues to few futilly -- talked about.
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gruden who has not coached since '08 turned down the 49ers and rams. one week into is surprise announcement that cal had fired the coach sunny dukes we're talking about that later. we're talking the new coach and a couple of segments when i see you then. all right, thanks joe. well, other top news, a tip helped find a missing boy today. a family friend took the minivan he was in and never returned. he was reported missing yesterday before 4:30 and a woman spotted the child and alerted the police. they found him safe in the van on santa clara avenue. investigators say that the boy's mother left him with martin and gave him permission for the van but thought they would return a short time later
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but they didn't. it's not clear if he will be charged with any crime. president-elect trump ignited a fire storm of tweets today calling out one of hiscritics. >> lewis said "i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president." >> trump says, he should spend more time on his district rather than complaining about the election results. all talk, talk, talk and sad. >> he was beaten by police during the march on salma back in '65. he's among the number of house members boycott, the
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inauguration. big name democrats who willattend will include the clintons and pelosi. backing out of her scheduled performance, holiday says he faced pressure from gays and lesbians when announcing she would be at the inauguration and starred toby keith and others and they're still in the line up. trump says that is how he wants it. washington, d.c. is getting ready for the march for women in d.c.. 200,000 people are expected to show up for support of issues of reproduction, gun-control, equal pay, immigrant rates, and
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gay rights. they have requested parking permits for the marchers. well today, san francisco honored martin luther king jr.. we look at the work that was done to a buttefy a beautify a park. >> reporter: they got warmed up in a hurry. they grabbed the rakes and shovels and wheel bare rows to -- clean up the park and more than a100 people showed up. both live here and they showed up to help and i wanted to be here today to be part of the change in the bay view. it just feels good to clean up the park. >> it's great to see it newly
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renovated and nice and new and bring happiness to my hearts. >> reporter: it was organized by the rec department and habitat for humanity of greater san francisco. >> every hand helps. >> volunteers spent hours scraping moss from these steps and pulling weeds from thebaseball diamond and their work has a huge impact. this area used to be overgrown, but they're cutting back the brush and transforming this space and trying to make it more welcoming. >> we're getting residents involved and cleaning up spaces that they're walking by and using every day and it's making an impact to the area they live and play. >> reporter: and the work doesn't end here, the city will
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do other park improvements in the coming days giving back to martin luther king jr. coming up, joe is back out here to tell you who the bears have tapped to have as their new head coach. and the weather, nice to feel that sunshine. one weak system on sunday and we'll talk about a major shift to the weather, a rainy forecast next. =
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, so joe is back with more football and this time we're talking about the bears. >> well, nothing changes around here, i guess we're looking at coaches around the area, that's what it is about this time of year. one week after the announcement they had fired sunny, they have named justin willcox x. a tight
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end is his brother and justin was the defensive coordinator at wisconsin and sent three years at cal under jeff ted ford. well a sweep of the washington schools in basketball and taking on washington state and clay thompson one of the most famous cougars in the house. nobody ran away in this game. malachi flynn's three will tie the game at 50. here he is beyond the arc. bird had a bad day for the bears and one for 7 for the field and here's the one. his three with 54 seconds put
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them in front by four and they go to win it. they're 13-5 and 14-2 in the pack twelve. both the gales and -- are both undefeated and the difficult venue of spoke kane. spokane. >> basketball is jordan's second love, his first -- >> i was a chess champion in california when i was in kindergarten and second grade. i trained probably 30 hours a week. >> now, he's playing the board and has become a fixture here. >> we had one chess game here
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going and we figured he was a two time champion and i think that everybody wanted to challenge him, but weren't toosuccessful. >> well, you actually beat him? >> one time and he was a bit distracted. i think it was a war of nutrition that i played him so many times. >> the connection between chest between chess and basketball might not seem to be linked. >> well, it's like a chess board with strategy and making moves. >> well, we put up a problem and we need to find the solution or put it on the clock and make them do it quickly. >> reporter: and another connection, they both get the competitive juices flowing. >> yeah, there's a lot of trash
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talking. mostly by ford, because he's the one that can back it up. >> it's a source of pride. we know, we're here and on the court and can make it happen and who has beaten who and how much they lost by. >> reporter: project tilepawns -- not with standing he's king in one regard. >> well, a lot less likely not to get injured. >> no chess injuries, yeah,. >> are you sure, check mate? wow, so they're not playingchess tonight, but we'll have the highlights tonight from the game. >> very talented. >> very cool. >> a well rounded individual. >> thanks a lot, joe. we're returning to weather now and the forecast a lot
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better this weekend. we're looking at the details. >> nice to have sunshine out there. remember last weekend, we were talking clouds and the rain, significant rain over the last week, and a great day to be outside. you can see the active storm patterns in the pacific. the high clouds increase and there's a chance we could have drizzle tomorrow. we have rain to the west of the cape and there's light shower activity there. let's come in closer. we'll see the numbers here. 50 in san francisco, 51 in livermore and napa in the low 50s as well. here's the live camera, you can see the real thing with the clouds from the west. so at least partly cloudy tonight and still dry.
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for the most part sunday is dry as well. lots of 40s here to start out to day. the coolest locations in the 30s out towards napa and san jose. livermore 36 for tomorrow for the start. mostly cloudy and 47 and then we strip away the clouds and it's shaping up to be a mostly sunny and temperatures will approach the mid-50s in san francisco by 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. here's the forecast model. we had areas of fog out there this morning and probably the same deal tomorrow. then the bank to the east and some of those high clouds paid us a visit. look at what happens into the afternoon, more sunshine by 3:00 p.m.. over the next couple of days, the return of wet weather and
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we're talking a series of systems here and the flood chances increase on wednesday through friday of next week. coming up, we'll talk more about the big weather change and update the 5-day forecast in just a few minutes. coming up, new developments on the fatal shooting of a young cleveland boy and the disciplinary action against the two officers involved in tamir rice. and we're looking at the incoming administration and trump. =
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care. sonoma counties toured the areas hit by the storm last week. they are looking at what could be done to prevent further damage. >> one of the areas that saw the rivers rise, what are the
5:31 pm
big problems that need to be tackled out there? >> reporter: well as of right now, we're in forestville. earlier we were there and officials there are saying that the main concern is keeping them clean for the next event. a lot of garbage and debris went down river and now ended up on the coast, a very sensitive environmental area. so you can see the area that drained out and this was under water. it's been years since they experienced a significant flood. this weekend, the department leaders and crews surveyed what needs to be done. >> they're trying to keep their eyes open for another flood and cleaning up. >> we have too much junk out there, you know that chris, you have seen that stuff. now the water has brought it
5:32 pm
all out. >> reporter: cleaning up is the top priority. >> we have the motorhomes and the other people out there, we have to do more abatement. >> reporter: no one called for rescue thanks to flood education, but a new problem. lots of storage space under the houses. >> that's what i really want to work hard, making sure we don't end up with that stuff in the water ways. >> reporter: while crews are out cleaning, they're trying to get people to move the potentially harmful chemicals to move them some place higher. they only have a couple of days to do it before the next rainfall. there's a lot of community efforts out here too in the
5:33 pm
next couple of days. two huge community clean ups, on sunday and monday from 10 to 4:00 p.m. at the gernville plaza on sunday and monday. >> so, so much rain out there a few days ago, how is it looking now? is everything back in shape or do they have a ways to go? >> reporter: well the water has definitely receded. we can see the water line on a lot of homes and peoples' yards are covered in mud at this point. so at this point, they're worried about the contamination. people were storing fertilizers and paints in the bottom portion of their homes and they're worried about that going down stream. so it's a concern about the
5:34 pm
downstream. they're hoping to get the community effort under way. january 21st there's a clean up at the beach. >> all right, at least the immediate danger is over. rice was playing with a pellet gun on november 22nd back in 2014. when he was contented by police officers they thought it was a gun. officials say that one officer drove his car close to him and failed to report the time he arrived on scene that day. the other officer involved had a letter about being emotionally immature. civil rights activists are
5:35 pm
demanding equality from trump as he prepares for his inauguration coming up on friday. caroline has the story. >> reporter: they came out and had to battle near freezing temperatures and a brutal rain through the day. keeping the members well below they were hoping for. the march can called "we shall not be moved" they want to protect obama's legacy. voting rights, justice reform and the affordable care act. >> we come to say to thedemocrats, in the senate and the house and to the moderate republicans to get some backbone. get some guts.
5:36 pm
we didn't send you down here to be weak kneed and try to make friends. >> reporter: many of the people are millennials. >> we're the now generation. my generation did movements and made a national wave. so it's important that we continue to have the tools to make these initiatives are called for. >> reporter: he urged them to weigh in on the nominees for thecabinet. coming up, details on a terrifying or deal for a young woman in a fatal accident in the recent storms. also this cliff rescue that saved two swimmers in san francisco. =
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i'm at higher risktwice as likfor depression.troke. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes.
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no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive. today authorities rescued a couple that went skinny dipping
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at the civilians beach. >> we're going to send the rope down to you and help you up. >> they were called to the scene before 1:00 a.m.. a man and woman decided to venture out in 40 degree weather and found them in the water near the cliffs restaurant and pull them to safety. >> this is treacherous water to say the least. it has accounted for many rescues over the years and not a place that anyone should attend at night let alone during the day. >> the two swimmers taken to the hospital to get checked out,they were both alert and responsive. a woman who was in a crash
5:40 pm
on wednesday night, the news paper said she was driving her car when it went over an embankment and her friend was able to get out of the car but her friend didn't make it out. she was able to grab on tree branches and spent the night clinging to that tree and helped by a driver. authorities say that a suspect slashed a passenger in san francisco on friday night and the suspect is described as an african american man and he used that large machete on a man that suffered serious cuts to his hands. no motive for the attack and if you know this man, give the
5:41 pm
police a call. he's considered to be armed and dangerous. coming up, the high speed rail service is getting more and more expensive. what is behind the cost overruns? [ music ] and we'll show thank you festivities already under way for this year's lunar new year. =
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in the year 2024 and issues included the environmental problems and the land. a 15 year land celebration. many people go to buy gifts and flowers and food. this is the 25th annual bazaar as we head into the year of the monkey. still to come, we look at the snow totals and why today's launch from the air force base is considered an important milestone. great day to get outside today to enjoy that sunshine. a few high clouds working their way back into the area. we'll break down the sprinkles for the sunday forecast and a
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big change on the way. = lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile.
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space x., successfully launched their rocket today from the air force base. it's a first launch since a similar one exploded months ago. they identified the reasons for the explosion and have taken new measures to prevent it from happening again. it launched today and it put 10 satellites up into space and then landed just 8 minutes later. >> cool. >> that's an important milestone valued at 10 million now. well a major storm is hitting the central plains with the ice and snow. downtown wichita, more than 20
5:48 pm
vehicles involved in a pile up. it happened near the business district, but fortunately no major injuries. they are looking for the icy conditions until noon tomorrow. snow continues to fall here and the snow fall totals are feet above 8,000 feet. they haven't seen snow like this since 8 years ago. this week, 200 inches of powder has fallen and it's a same story at the ski resorts through the sierras. >> this weekend, looking a lot different. >> yeah, we get a chance to dry out and head outside. last week, we were talking gusting winds and the rain, but not the case today. a lot of sunshine and people out there making the most of
5:49 pm
it. enjoy tomorrow as well, but there's changes comes into the play. as far as january, so far here in the bay area it's been a soggy start. concord and napa and san jose, we're going to added to the totals. still a very active pattern out here in the pacific. you can see all the storm developing out here. most of us in the short term will be heading to our north. things are getting organized again and we're going to talk more rainfall as early as wednesday and maybe even tuesday night in the north bay. we have the clouds increasing up the coast and in the north bay as well. we'll check the numbers out there and we've seeing the 40s and 50s. oakland 54 and san francisco at 52. looking at the golden gate
5:50 pm
bridge and just a beautiful scene here towards ocean beach. looking nice for saturday evening. not much in the way of fog, just some scattered clouds. we are dry for the most part sunday you from tuesday and then ramping up by wednesday and come down on thursday as we're between systems. then we could see heavy rain on friday. so the storm series are setting up here and in the pacific. that's setting up for wednesday through friday. potentially, right now, it's still a ways out, but the rainfall around 1 to 4 inches in the coastal hills. so we don't need anymore rainfall now, because we're still dealing with the past week, but that's a reality and flooding will be a concern as well as we head toward friday. here's what will happen on wednesday, the rainfall picks up from 3:00 p.m.
5:51 pm
to 8:00 p.m.. that's the timing of the heaviest rainfall and the winds will be a factor as well, over 50 miles-per-hour. here's the fog tomorrow morning and then looking good into monday and also into tuesday. so we still get several days to dry out, but the numbers are really adding up. especially in the north, we're not talking a few sprinkles, but significant rainfall and heavy rainfall moves back into the picture later for the week. mainly in the 50s, so enjoy that sunday. we'll have the decreasing clouds by the afternoon. monday is not too bad and then we thicken up the clouds and there's that rainfall. it's going to mean business as we head to wednesday and beyond. >> well, if you have a chance
5:52 pm
to be outside, make use of that. >> don't tell me twice. well, coming up, a historic deployment of troops. >> where they're being stationed and why russia is condemning the deployment. =
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5:54 pm
back now, 5:54 the pope met with the palestinian official. they spoke about the peace process and an end to the
5:55 pm
violence in the region. the opening of the new embassyhighlights their rec cognition . rob explains this all comes between tensions between therussia and the u.s. continues. >> they welcomed thousands of troops and marks the deployment where they have been on the eastern plank. >> a combat ready, highly trained u.s. armored brig grade with-- our most best equipment.
5:56 pm
>> the greatest army on our soil. >> it's part of a plan, to beef up the eastern europe allies. poland requested the troops after russia's an exization of crimea. >> -- to maintain combat readiness, these soldiers will conduct realistic training and exercises with our alleys. >> together we're safe and -- proud of the effort that guarantees the safety of europe. >> it's seen as a time of high tension between the west and russia. russia is calling it a threat to russian security. the deployment is the largest in decades with thousands of troops arriving with the
5:57 pm
operation "atlantic resolve." a toddler found safe tonight after an amber alert. >> that does it more us tonight at 5:00 p.m.. we'll see you in just a few minutes coming up at 6:00. >> we'll see you then. =
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♪ ♪ ♪ all the care your family needs. all connected for you.
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a three-year-old boy goes missing after the child's mother asks the woman she just met to watch him. good saturday evening. >> good evening everyone, akidnapping scare. a toddler has been found in oakland. >> the police are thanking the amber alert and a quick thinking good samaritan for bringing this to a close. >> well, this may be far from over. investigators still have questions for the mother and the family friend that disappeared with the child. >> after a frantic search, the 3-ye


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