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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  January 14, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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a three-year-old boy goes missing after the child's mother asks the woman she just met to watch him. good saturday evening. >> good evening everyone, akidnapping scare. a toddler has been found in oakland. >> the police are thanking the amber alert and a quick thinking good samaritan for bringing this to a close. >> well, this may be far from over. investigators still have questions for the mother and the family friend that disappeared with the child. >> after a frantic search, the 3-year-old has been found.
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he was missing since late friday at 4:30 near this methadone clinic. >> the child's mother had just met her and had appointments and had given permission for miss martin to watch the child. it was only supposed to take a few minutes. she had given her permission to use the vehicle and the child was missing as well. >> nervous the mother contacted the police and searched through the night and finally issued the amber alert 12:00 p.m.. >> the minivan, we were able to find. so that along with the license plate and the amber alert cued up the good samaritan to alert
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us. >> the child was taken to the hospital for a check up and indicated that the 40-year-old woman, there's still questions about how this happened. >> as a parent, i wouldn't just trust someone that i really don't know, i don't care for what reason. >> now they're breathing a sigh of relief. >> just feeling a sense of gratification that this child is going to be safely reunited with his mother. >> so, certainly a happy ending. the reason that the amber alert was issued, was that the police didn't believe he was in immediate danger, but then had concern for his well being. >> i feel like there's a lot of unanswered questions and i'm sure you're getting to the bottom of. but the child was gone for hours and any inc. ling for what -- the child and the woman were doing?
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>> well, i think that a lot of people are baffled and their interviewing martin and still interviewing the child's mother as well. it's one of the cases that as a detective, he couldn't imagine what the parent would be going through in this hours. >> can't trust anybody, thanks a lot. >> thanks a lot, rob. president-elect trump is blasting one of his critics today in a twitter attack on congressman john lewis who criticized the election results. >> i don't see this president- elect as the legitimate president. >> helped trump get elected and destroy clinton's campaign on twitter, trump said he should spend more time helping his district which is in horrible shape and falling apart and crime infested rather than
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falsely criticizing the election. he's all talk, talk, talk, sad. well lewis is considered an icon during the salma, washington march. he's one of democrats that won't plan the inauguration. so far ten members won't attend. the big name democrats are former bill clinton and hillary. spear and others will also be there. well a broad way star has backed out. holiday says she faced pressure from gays and lesbians when announced she would sing. the country star and others on are still up in the line up. the star power for his inauguration doesn't rival that
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of president obama, but that's what trump wants he says. well, house republicans passed a key measure to dismantle the obama care law. >> reporter: republicans are calling this a critical first step. what they have done is make any future legislation immune to a philly buster. that's -- critical because it takes 50 votes to end a a filibuster. only 9 voted against the measure and no democrats voted for it. now since the senate passed the same mess a measure a day
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earlier -- >> every mandate and regulation and tax has to go and that's part of the replacement, getting rid of obama care with repeal, so you can have a market work and bring down the costs to people across the country. >> this also puts pressure on the republicans on what they'll replace it with. >> we have been waiting for a credible plan and none has been forthcoming. all you have to smoke and mirrors and the american people are getting ready to get screwed. >> but the house republicans said the americans voted and they voted to have it dismantled. the big question remains, what will they replace it with?
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county officials toured the area damaged by the storms last week. now they're looking to prevent further damage. >> we're live in forestville and one of the areas that saw the high waters, what is going on? >> reporter: well county leaders and department heads an volunteers have learned a loot and now they're trying to get ahead of this week's coming rainfall they tried to find and expose the holes during the flood times. some of the things discussed were reached out to newcomers to show them where the flood plain is. even maybe creating a shelter. they want to keep the garbage out of the debris and coasts.
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homeowners also have a new responsibility. >> you can see there's a lot of storage space under beneath the homes and that's why people store things likes paint and paint thinger and herbicides and pesticides and i want to work hard to make sure that doesn't end up in the water ways . >> reporter: authorities are now out trying to remove the harmful chemicals before the rainstorm comes next week. now the sonoma coast has been hit by debris and garbage and we're hearing from officials from the coast. they do have a planned clean up scheduled for january 22nd. they also say they need to be working with the state authorities as well to get into the access of the state parks because some trails have been eroded and that's causing problems to get into those areas. >> a lot of work, but hopefully this next round doesn't make
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that work a lot longer. thanks for that. >> well a break in the rain and many people are heading outside. a live look at the bay bridge and the golden gate, it's beautiful out there now. you can see lots of people on the road enjoying this saturday night. authorities rescue a couple that went skinny dipping at the ocean beach. >> we have the civilians and they're on their way up. then we'll send you the rope. >> they say that a man and woman decided to venture out there naked in the 40 degree temperature. they found the couple stranded on the rocks below the cliff house restaurant. they used ropes to get them back to safety. >> this is treacherous water to say the least. it accounts for many rescues over the years and it's not a
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place that anybody should be attending at night let alone the day. >> the two swimmers taken to the hospital to get checked out and they were both alert and responsive. san francisco police released new pictures of a man that slashed a man last night friday. he's described as an african american and 200 pounds. you can see him here, he used a large machete on a 27-year-old man and suffered serious cuts. no word on the motive, but the police are asking for help from the public to identify him. a scary moment for a woman waking up to find a man in her room. it all happened at the school's
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international house. the intruder may have been trying to steal a laptop, but when student woke up that burglar just took off. he's described as a black man with a light complexion in his 20's. well a baby stolen years ago is found alive and now a face-to-face reunion with her parents. we didn't send you down here to be weak kneed. >> the civil rights activists today and their demands coming from the nation capital. wrapping up a very nice saturday and into the evening hours now and still mostly in the clear. a few high cloud have been increasing over the last couple of hours and we'll let you know what changes are coming up. we're talking a series of storms and significant rainfall
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in the five day forecast. =
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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all seems beautiful to me. new at 6:00 the facebook ceo will defend himself in a lawsuit. a company claims that facebook bought was based on technology stolen by a former company. they had bought it for two billion and now that's the same amount that the company is demanding. the lawsuit is without merit says facebook. a baby girl kidnapped at birth, now reunited with her bilogical parents. she was -- raised in south carolina and was a day that the
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parents believed would always happen. >> i never gave up, i always thought i would find her. >> th was kidnapped from a jacksonville hospital. the newborwas just 8 hours old. williams was arrested yesterday and now remains in custody. in washington, two thousandactivists marched near the capitol demanding trump be accountable. >> reporter: they came out and they had to battle near freezing temperatures and a brutal rain through the day. giving the attendance numbers well below the 10,000 they were hoping for. >> no justice, no peace. >> reporter: the march is called "we shall not be moved" they say they're putting trump
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on notice that they want to protect legacy of obama. sharpden said they came for justice rights and the affordable care act. >> we come to say to the democrats in the senate and in the house and into the moderate republicans, to get some backbone. get some guts. we didn't send you down here to be weak kneed and get into the room and try to make friends. >> many of the organizers are millennials. >> we're the now generation and the movement, we traded that and we made waves. so it's important for our generation to have the tools to these initiatives are called
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for. >> they urged the crowd to weigh in on trump's nominees for his cabinets. president obama delivered his last weekly address calling it a privilege to serve the country and thanked the american people for their support. >> all of these conversations is what have kept me honest and inspired and kept me going. every day i learned from you. you made me a better president and a better man. >> he always talked about going to chicago this past tuesday and giving his farewell address. he says over the last 8 years he has seen the goodness and resilience of the american people. the water level is rising rapidly and even with the opening of a dozen flood
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gatesthey have cut the boating season short before because of to lower water levels. it's too soon to tell how it will be here in the spring. >> we have a few more months before then, and it could change at any time. >> they will continue to release water for the preparation for the next storm. we're lucking out this weekend with a dry weather pattern and next week we're talking wet weather and it could cause problems again with the floods. so this is some what of a concern here with the first system moving in. you can see the active weather pattern here out in the pacific. we'll continue to hold to a few extra high clouds in the short term in the next 12 hours or
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so. we'll check in on some of the current temperatures here. oakland 59 and san francisco nice, 50 degrees. outside now, here's the live cam looking toward the bridge here and you can't see it here. we have had lots of sunshine here, is what i'm trying to say. i'm looking here and i'm seeing some fog trying to regroup here. it's hard to see, but the fog is working its way back into the picture. for tomorrow, mostly cloudy and some areas of fog and the chance of sprinkles. the temperatures to start out in the 30s and mid-40s and a very weak system and the shower potential remains to the west. 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, mostly cloudy and temperatures in the upper 40s in san francisco. then we scale back more with
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the sunshine by 3:00 p.m. and temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. so once again, we have a storm series in the pacific. in the short term most of this energy here will head to the north. here's the deal, first storm on wednesday and winds will be an issue. we could have them topping 50 miles-per-hour. showers into thursday. i think we'll scale back on the intensity of the showers and then rain likely on friday. we could see the rainfall up to 1 to 4 inches for the coastal hills. so that could cause flooding issues once again. for tomorrow morning, we'll have clouds out there and fog and higher clouds as well. into wednesday, here's what happens with that first system. the heaviest downpours from 3 to 8:00 p.m. and that could be a big factor for the evening commute as the core moves in. at least for tomorrow, lots of
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clouds and then fog. later in to the day on sunday looking good and partly sunny on monday and tuesday. over the next five days, we're not talking a few sprinkles out there. these numbers will change quite a bit, but another round of significant rainfall, 5 to 6inches of rain for the north. san jose, 57 and half moon bay 53. here's a look ahead, make the most of tomorrow, monday and tuesday. get ready then, because another round of rainfall and flooding last week, we saw set the problems for the next couple of days. unfortunate that's a reality for us. >> so these breaks are nice. >> thanks a lot, mark. well, california high speed train is running into problems.
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just one and a half miles in, about 1.3 billion over budget and over schedule. building bridges and via ducts in the central valley could cost 10 billion. it was originally budgeted for 4 billion. now it will be completed in the year of 2024. lags of record keeping and continued failures to get land have been the issues. a new football coach. and the falcons and the see hawks fight it out -- sea hawks. we'll see next in sports. =
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big day in football. joe joins us now in sports. >> quite a game, the falcons and the seahawks. i was expecting the seahawks to move on. >> i have liked atlanta and they proved that today. the falcons have managed to stay under the radar. after today's performance, they have to be considered as good as any for the super bowl 51. one of the candidates to be the
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49ers new head coach. leading in the second here,backed up to his own goal line russ sell trips and he's -- down. matt ryan to coleman in the back of the to end zone. ryan those 3 touchdown passes for the day. seattle desperate to make it happen in the fourth quarter. the ball gets batted around and gets grabbed by the falcons and they run out the clock and win it 36-20 and await the green bay, dallas game. well one week after the surprised announcement the university had fired sunny, they named wilcox the new
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coach. wilcox comes from a pretty good linniage -- his father with former coach and his brother a player for the saints. he has spent three years at cal for the linebackers coach under ted. playing today, seeing his old team, seattle take on cal. ivan gets the offensive rebound and gets 2 of his 14 points. nobody ran away in this game. watch this long three here, this ties the game at 50. the cougars lead -- here's the one from the field, his three with 54 seconds and the bears
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go to win it 58-54. and the big game tonight at st. marys, we'll have it for you at 10:00 p.m. on the sports wrap. coming up tonight, condemning president-elect trump's muslim registry. >> the legal services. >> that does it for us tonight at 6:00 p.m.. we'll see you tonight at 10:00 p.m.. >> have a good night everybody. = afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. free, thbefore me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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