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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 14, 2017 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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i will i will they go of the cold, how long will it take? we have the very latest a armor all we were, but the shooter is this sinkhole sits in the shared parking lot. residents are concerned. >> it is huge. it makes it a pain to get to our house because we have to go around because the street is
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closed. it's a big. >> reporter: who would've thought a hole in the ground would cause so much excitement? this image me tell you why. >> it was a smaller hole about maybe 6 to 8 months ago and now it just opened up to the super big maybe 15 by, i don't even know what they say, but it's huge. it's scary. >> reporter: the residents -- are dealing with fences on edge marsh street as the public works department brought in heavy equipment to repair the sinkhole.>> it was there in the summertime, i think. they just build it with cement. with all the rain, it just sunk back in. >> reporter: some blame the rain, but others suspect a leak in a runoff by. >> i heard there was a creek or some water pipe that's running underneath it. i think it made everything think down. i don't know what's going on.
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>> reporter: crews have the area cordoned off for safety reasons. the work begins on monday. it could be the end of february when it could be fixed. pacifica just released a statement saying that the problem was caused by a drainage pipe that became misaligned with age. all the rain is a factor. residents wondering how long it will take to get fixed. we are hearing at least six weeks. rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2news. >> we can see you right in front of the fire station. is it affecting the traffic in around?>> reporter: the fire station has two entrances and exits. the fire station is using the other exit to get out of the building. >> rob malcolm live. somoni county -- sonoma county officials are assessing the damage from the flood.
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they are holding a form on where the counter he -- county needs to improve services. homeowners have a responsibility to keep trash from floating away.>> there's a lot of storage space underneath the houses. that includes paints and her herbicides and pesticides. we want to make sure we don't have that in the waterways.>> authorities have asked people to remove harmful chemicals in dumpster trash before the next rainstorm. there will be an emergency beach cleanup january 22 for debris that has already floated down the river. now we turn things over to mark tamayo. >> a lot of rivers are cresting above right around flood stage over the past few days. thankfully everybody coming down. we will hear a lot about the russian river. that has crested earlier this
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week. the critical stage, the flood stage is right about here. that's 32 feet to write about their. it crested wednesday afternoon, 37.8 feet. thankfully, this has been coming down. the latest stage at about 19 feet. that will continue to come down over the next 2 to 3 days and another series of storms will impact northern california. look at the rainfall totals. just first of january, santa rosa, over 11 inches of rain, concord, 5.70. san francisco adding up to over five, san jose over three. on the satellite right now, probably our biggest concern is not rain. it is fog. regrouping towards the central valley and already a batch of high clouds working closer to the region. there is a chance of a sprinkle or a drizzle, but look at all the energy developing out here in the pacific. this will be the key factor to our forecast headed through thursday. it's beyond all this activity.
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the main headline, the developing headline, return of significant rain. we will talk more about that and let you know how much rainfall to expecting your rain -- neighborhood over the next several days. fireworks coming from donald trump's twitter account. he is going after john lewis after the congressman says trump's presidency is not legitimate. peter ducey has the story.>> i don't see the president-elect as it legitimate president. >> reporter: a war of words -- a legitimate president. >> reporter: the civil rights leader says he does not consider the president-elect a legitimate president do a to alleged russian interference in the november election. trump tells lewis on twitter to focus on his own area instead of worrying about presidential
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results.>> democrats have historically drop -- block bills to repeal obamacare. with this unique wreck -- opportunity, we can move a bill through the house and senate to president trumps desk that cuts obamacare. >> reporter: the process was begun this week. the house of representatives is expected to quickly follow suit. democrats argue it's dangerous to move forward without a replacement. >> we have been waiting for a credible republican health care plan and none has been forthcoming. all you have is smoke and mirrors.>> reporter: officials continue to prepare for inauguration day next friday both putting tight security measures in place. thousands of demonstrators are expected to descend on dc for the festivities. peter ducey, fox news.>> lewis is considered a civil rights icon.
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he marched with dr. martin luther king junior and was beaten in selma. there are at least 10 house members so far that are not going. among them are barbara lee and jared huffman. democrats are planning to go include former president bill clinton and hillary clinton. nancy pelosi and representative jacks beer will also be there. jennifer holliday has backed out of her scheduled performance at the inauguration. she says she face pressure from gay and lesbian fans when she announced she would sing. toby keith and others are still on the lineup. the star power does not come close to previous presidents but trump says that's the way he wants it. more on obamacare. lawmakers are busy chipping away at the affordable care act days before the president leaves office -- leaves office. the republicans passed a budget
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measure which allows them to dismantle the law. no democrats voted for it. since the senate passed the same measure, this clears the way for a vote to up -- to repeal obamacare. >> every mandate, every tax has to go. then we will have a chance to have the market work and that's part of the replacement cost simply getting rid of the repeal, getting rid of obamacare with repeal. it will bring down costs and provide affordable healthcare.>> 20 million americans gained health insurance through the affordable care act. donald trump has promised to replace obamacare with something better. what that is has not been revealed. edley is making a bow that san francisco will never participate in any muslim registry. he said he is 100% opposed to
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the creation of her over -- registry. he also said the city will provide another $1.5 million for immigrant services after trump becomes president. rex tillerson says he doesn't support a ban on muslim is entering the country but he hasn't said whether he is against a registry. two controversial's speakers withdrew from uc davis events after students rose up. the college republicans invited in op was to speak last night. he brought along martin shrilly. trail he was criticized after raising the price of a life- saving drug from $13 to more than $750 a pill. he made headlines when he band or was banned from twitter for comments he made about leslie jones. as the protest grew, the talk was called off. hour i was planning on talking
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about anti-feminism. i'm pro-feminism. i don't think these people know that. i was going to tear my low to shreds about he doesn't understand feminism. >> campus police say the protest did not prompt arrests. park is recovering after experiencing systemwide delays this evening. it started around 4:40 with a major medical emergency involving a person under a train in berkeley. the tracks were cleared about an hour later. the spokeswoman says the man was removed from the tracks alive and taken to a hospital with unknown injuries. it's not clear how he ended up on the tracks. new information in that vicious machete attack in a san francisco bart stationpolice ha the man said to be behind the attack. the suspects last a passenger at the civic center bart in
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muni station last friday night. the suspect is described as an african-american -40, 5 foot 11, 200 pounds. investigators say he used a large machete on a 29-year-old from southern california. the victims suffered serious cuts to his head and hand. no word on what provoked that attack. police are asking the public to help identify the suspect who is considered armed and dangerous.>> i wouldn't trust my ideas with somebody i don't know.>> a kidnapping scare the east bay. the bizarre string of events with a three-year-old child. coming up in sports, the football playoffs are in full swing. we will have the highlights including an upset in atlanta between the seahawks in the falcons. bowing out after a 150 year run. why ringling brothers will shut it's curtains for good. the news continues in 90 seconds.
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will they say -- stay or go? the future of the raiders remains unknown. is saying that mark davis plans to file relocation papers sooner rather than later, probably in a few days. nfl hall of famer rodney lot is leaving the group but still trying to keep the team right here in oakland.
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chargers owner dean spano's at staples earlier today to watch the clippers game. they are another san diego transplant.>> it really is great to be here. everybody has been so nice and welcomed me, my family, the chargers, we're looking forward to this season.>> they were booed when the chargers logo was flash. the family that owns raining blood there's -- ringling brothers is shutting it down after 145 years. it's advertised as the greatest show on earth. an announcement says the business is unsustainable due to rising costs and solo ticket sales. they suffered a dramatic drop after they retired the elephants last year. two currently scheduled shows will go on. the final date will be me seven in providence and for out of this world on may 21 in uniondale. president obama delivered his last weekly address, calling it a privilege
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to serve the country. he thanked the american people. >> all these conversations have kept me honest, inspired, and going. every day i learned from you. you may be a better president and you made me a better man. >> reporter: obama -- >> obama talks about going to chicago and giving a farewell address. he says he has seen the good this, the resilience, in the hope of the american people. about 20 -- 2000 activist mark -- marched near the martin luther king memorial today. caroline shockley has the story.>> reporter: they had to battle freezing temperatures throughout the day, keeping attendance numbers well below the 25,000 they had hoped for. the march is called we shall not be moved. put together by al sharpton's
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organization, the national action network, they say they're putting president-elect trump on notice that they want to protect the legacy president obama. sharpton said they kay -- came for four nonnegotiable issues.>> we come to say to the democrats in the senate and in the house and into the moderate both republicans -- republicans to get some backbone. get some guts. we didn't send you down here to be weak kneed and get in the room and try to make friends.>> many organizers are millennial's and so are the marchers. fur we are the now generation. my generation created them and made a national way. it's important that my generation has the tools to make sure these initiatives and causes are moved forward.
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>> reporter: rev. sharpton urged people to go forward in weigh in on trumps cabinet. in san francisco, 100 people took to the streets to give back in honor of martin luther king. they held a day of service and cleaned up apart -- park in the bayview me -- neighborhood. they pulled weeds, pulled back brush and other improvements. the weather beautiful today, the big question, will it last through tomorrow? >> mark tamayo has more for the weekend forecast. >> tomorrow, shaping up to be a good day, little different than today. we'll start out with some clouds. we have been watching this system to our northwest. it could generate rainfall to our north and maybe some drizzle or sprinkles especially co-side just for tomorrow morning. we have a rain band here, i
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would deftly count on some clouds. you will have some areas of fog to contend with, especially towards the central valley. even right around the bay. santa rosa checking in, 40 degrees, san francisco, 47. san jose, 45. livermore, 38. alive camera, beautiful, looking toward san francisco. scattered high clouds working their way back into the region for tonight. also as we head into your sunday morning. overnight lows will be the cool spots, back down to the 30s. santa rosa in napa, san francisco 45 degrees. i painted and fog towards fairfield. santa rosa, napa, even scattered fog around the bay. tomorrow morning, high clouds as well for sunday. san francisco, 8 am, temperatures in the upper 40s. into the afternoon, partly cloudy skies by 12:00.
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52. by 4:00, a lot more sunshine. temperatures right around 54 degrees to wrap up the afternoon. we are talking about a return to the wet weather pattern. we talked about the significant rainfall last week. we have this breakout there that more rain developing into next week as you can see it will be targeting portions of the north coast. the rain line will be spraying -- spreading to the south. the first system will be wednesday and that could generate strong gusty wins back and possibly a wind advisory. we will talk more about that system and how much rainfall you can expect in your neighborhood because the rainfall numbers could be coming up. wells fargo is pulling the plug on more than 400 branches.
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they will close by 2018. the bank says they are being shut down because of online in multiple banking and not because of that recent scandal where the bank was creating fake accounts. wells fargo says new accounts have plunged recently although shares rose yesterday on wall street, beating estimates. american apparel is closing all of its stores nationwide and laying off thousands of workers. at one time in 2007, the los angeles retailer was valued at $1 billion. it ran into a host of problems and filed for bankruptcy in 2015. a canadian company bought the company last week for its assets. all 110 american apparel stores will now be shut down by april and up to 3400 employees could be out of work. scary moments for uc berkeley student who woke up to find a man standing in his room. in minutes, what police are looking for. plus a woman who is kidnapped as a newborn 18 years ago is found alive. up next, the face-to-face reunion with her biological
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it was a packed house in orlando for the funeral of the police sgt. gunned down while chasing a murder suspect. thousands turned out to say farewell to master sergeant deborah clayton, a veteran of the force. -- for 17 years. [ music ]>> she was shot while pursuing marquee lloyd, in orlando man accused of killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend. colleagues spoke about her character and highlighted her work with the community. >> she was an admirable label -- lady with realistic views about what was going on in our neighborhood. a woman that stood her ground so the individual could see what a real role model looked like.>> deborah clayton was also promoted to lieut. the suspect is still at
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large. the two cleveland police officers involved in a shooting of 12-year-old tamir rice will face disciplinary action for departmental violations. rice was playing with a pellet gun outside a recreation center on november 22 of 2014. officers confronted him, they say they thought the gun was real and fired when the boy refused to raise his hands. a grand jury declined to bring charges in 2015. what officer failed to report his arrival time and drove his patrol car to close to rice. the other officer had a mission on his job application. a baby girl kidnapped at birth is reunited with her biological parents. it is happening at a police department in walterboro, south carolina. the child was born in florida with the name come i am mobley but she was raised in south carolina as alexis many go. the real father says this is a day he always believed would
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happen. >> i always thought i would find her. i always thought i would find her. >> police say the 18-year-old was raised by gloria williams, posing as a nurse and abducting the baby from a jacksonville hospital in 1998. that newborn was just eight hours old. williams was arrested at her home in south carolina yesterday and remains in custody. pope francis met with palestinian president mahmoud abbas, ahead of the inauguration of the palestinian embassy at the vatican. officials say they spoke about the middle east peace process and to bring an end to violence in the region. the opening of the new embassy highlights the recent recognition of the state of palestine as an independent country. they are on their way out. >> coming up, a cliff rescue. the stranded couple saved at ocean beach. a toddler found
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safe and sound tonight after an amber alert. his odyssey straight ahead.
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new details in a kidnapping scare. after less than 24 hours, a three-year-old toddler has been >> police are thinking a quick thinking good samaritan for bringing the ordeal to a close. rob malcolm has the story.>> reporter: after a search, tarkanian brooks junior has been found. he was missing since friday at 4:30 near this methadone clinic. the child's mother let her son ride to the store with a woman she just met.>> the child's mother had some appointments to attend two. she had given permission for miss martin to watch her child. it was only supposed to take a few moments. when she returned to the area she saw her vehicle, who she
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had given permission to use, was not there and the child was missing as well. per -- >> reporter: the mother contact police. they searched through the night and issued an amber alert. they thanked good samaritan for spotting the missing minivan.>> we were able to have a license plate and the vehicle was a 99 honda odyssey, blue with specific damage to the rear. it had a black trash bag covering the window. that along with the license plate and the amber alert prompted the good samaritan to contact us.>> tarkanian was taken to the hospital for observation. police have interviewed tami martin's. there are still some questions on how this could happen. >> as a parent, i wouldn't trust my kid with somebody that i really don't know to go to the store. i don't care for what reason. >> reporter: police and the family are breathing a sigh of relief. >> feeling a sense of
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gratification that this child is going to be safe and united with his mother. >> reporter: authorities told us that the reason the amber alert was issued so late in the afternoon was that they didn't believe that the child was in immediate danger. as the hours war on, there was concern for his well-being. rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2news. police in fremont are asking for the public's help to find a man suspected in more than 50 car burglaries. eddie news was indicted last year by santa clara county grand jury. he has a $1 million warrant for his arrest and collection -- connection with if the counts of auto burglary and conspiracy. fremont officers were called to a burglary in process. they announced him -- recognize them as the suspect but he got away. scary moments for uc berkeley student who woke up to found of my -- find a man in his room. it happened at the international house on piedmont
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avenue. the intruder may have been trying to steal the sleeping students laptop. when he woke up, the burglar took off. the suspect was described as a black man with a light complexion, in his 20s, 5 foot eight with short hair and a mustache. authorities rescued a couple who went skinny dipping at san francisco's ocean beach.>> we have the civilian. they are on their way up. they are going to send a rope to you. we are going to help you up.>> the firefighters were called to the sea at 1:00. they say a man and a woman decided to venture out into the water naked in the 40 degree weather. when they found a couple stranded in the water near the rocks below the cliff house restaurant. this is firefighter video of police using ropes to pull that man and woman to safety.>> this is treacherous water to say the least. the cliff face accounts for
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many rescues. it's not a place anyone should be attending at night, let alone during the day. >> they were taken to the hospital and were both alert and responsive at the time. a woman survived the crash in mendocino county that killed her friend by clinging to a tree for 12 hours during this week's storm. the crash happened wednesday night on highway 101 between late bill and willis. according to the hand -- san jose mercury, santos was driving and went over an embankment. her friend was able to get out of the car as it filled up with water but santos did not make it out. the paper says griffin was able to grab onto tree branches and spent the night clinging to that tree. she was later able to get back to the highway where she was helped by a driver. track repairs will cause delays on bart this weekend. the repairs are causing trains
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to run it reduce speeds. riders could see delays in 20 minutes. full-service should be restored in time for the monday morning commute. once the repairs are complete, bart should notice -- says passenger should notice smoother rides. california's high-speed rail project is running into money problems. the first 118 miles are $3.5 billion more than projected and seven years behind schedule. the la times says -- obtained it confidential analysis. the railroad to stray she should says -- association says it could cost $10 billion. it was originally budgeted for $6.5 billion. it was supposed to be finished by this year. now it's estimated to not be complete until 2024. ordered to pay up some cash to its customers. how one san francisco-based drone company failed to deliver.
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in weather, nice to see the sunshine for today. tracking fog tomorrow morning. eventually the storm door swings back open. more significant rainfall in your five day forecast.
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this is my jam. [ laughter ] what kind of cheap thrills are you getting into tonight? >> i'm getting back to the city from oakland. >> taking a live look at downtown oakland. it saturday night. hopefully people are heading out in about. some cheap thrills, good night out on the town. mark tamayo will have more in just a minute on what to expect
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later on tonight and tomorrow. in the rain we are expecting next week. >> still looks beautiful. a drone company is ordered to repay millions of dollars to its customers after failing to deliver. the court in order -- court order says lily robotics never delivered one drone despite a years worth of orders. the company also falsely advertised its products and engaged in unfair business practices. mark zuckerberg will defend his company in a high-stakes technology lawsuit. a game maker claims that accompany facebook bought was built on technology stolen by an employee. facebook bought the company, oculus be our, for $2 billion. that's the same amount cinemax is demanding from facebook. facebook says the lawsuit is without merit. weather, nice to see the sunshine across the bay area after a very active weather
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week in the bay area. look at january 2017. as you can see we start out the month with the dry conditions. i will step out of the way and show you the rainy days we've had so far this month. it is been so active and we are already tracking another storm series that will approach the region beginning wednesday, thursday, possibly friday. it looks like things will be are up again for a wet weather pattern as we approach next week. as far as the overall winner of pattern, here it is. it still developing out here in the pacific. a dry weather pattern setting up for sunday, monday, and tuesday. good news with that, because we have more development setting up in the pacific. as far as the changes for tomorrow for san francisco, we will have clouds out there for the morning hours with skies becoming partly cloudy did afternoon. temperatures will be in the low to mid 50s for afternoon highs. outside right now, we will take a live camera look towards the
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bay bridge. lights looking nice. we have been flouting things up over the short term with the clouds working their way back into the reason -- region. the high clouds and lower clouds as well showing up nicely on the satellite. we have overcast approaching cape mendocino and rain showers here. we are going to hold onto babies of drizzle or sprinkles tomorrow morning. here's a closer look at the satellite. the fog will be a factor especially towards stockton, tracy, patterson, the fog working its way to the bay area. high clouds into the morning hours as well. current numbers, we are cooling things off. fairfield, 39, santa rosa, 40. san francisco, 47. san jose in the mid-40s. this first storm in the pacific will be heading up to our north. behind it is what we're concerned with. we need a break in the rainfall. we haven't this weekend for the most part. first storm setting up wednesday, could be very windy.
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we could have that wind advisory catch -- kick in. thursday could be a break day. rain likely once again into friday. once again we will start out with overcast first thing tomorrow morning. then the first system comes on board wednesday. heaviest rain potential he still a few days out. this could change quite a bit. 7:57 pm, wind gusting to baby 50-55 miles an hour. with that still the possibility of downed trees and some power outages. we put this into motion, here's the central valley fog regrouping. we will have clock -- high clouds offshore. into the afternoon, we scale back on some of the overcast but maybe lingering chances to get temperatures closer to the delta. into monday, we do it all over
10:42 pm
again with fog in the morning. skies partly cloudy for the afternoon. by tuesday we will pick up the high clouds. rainfall forecast, backed up a little bit on the projections throughout the week. these numbers were higher earlier today. the latest models backing off. we will see what happens. they are going over an inch. a safe range would be one him to 3 inches throughout the next seven days. keep an eye on those numbers and find to them as we approach midweek. temperatures tomorrow, lots of 50s for afternoon highs. san jose, 57. half-moon bay, 53. the look ahead at your five day forecast, maybe a sprinkle or drizzle tomorrow morning. mainly clouds out there to start out the day. if you want sunshine, wait for the afternoon hours. if you want the rain, we could use more of her break. that comes back in wednesday, especially by the afternoon and evening.>> we want the sunshine.>> especially after last week. it's nice to see that big light in the sky. that doesn't for us on the 10:00 news.
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coming up next, cal football names a new head coach. the patriots in texans battle for a spot in the afc championship. sports wrap with joe fonzi is next.
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