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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  January 15, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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top near the official. and before the snap he gets the time-out. clear. so now mason crosby who hit from 56 for a packer record, hits from 51 but it doesn't count and he's going to have to do it again. >> troy: he sure is, and he sure nailed that one. it was a perfect snap and hold, and he drilled it. >> joe: this to send the packers into the nfc championship game. it is good! the packers are moving on! aaron rodgers has done it again! and mason crosby a hero for green bay.
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third down, troy, and 20. under 20 seconds to go and you're thinking after the sack aaron rodgers and the packers are going to think about overtime. they end up completing the pass to jared cook on a brilliant throw, and mason crosby absolutely clutch in this fourth quarter. >> troy: that ball when it was kicked, joe, it looked like it was starting to tail off to that left side with a little bit of a hook and then it just seemingly straightened back out and got inside that left upright. mason crosby with ice running through his veins comes through. >> joe: so they officially moved that ball back on the completion to jared cook. it goes down as a 35-yarder to set up the game-winning field goal. erin andrews, all yours. >> erin: well, you just said
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that was fun. take me through what was really fun with that third and 20. by the way, they said it was a 35-yard catch by jared cook, not a 36-yard. what are you thinking as he's in by inches? >> well, i mean it was a great catch by jared. you know, we took a time-out after that sack and tried a couple last plays that we have. it's just kind of school yard at times late in a game like that. lane did a great job, he's protecting me, jared just kept on coming. he made a hell of a catch. and mason makes the kick twice. unbelievable. >> erin: all right. well, you're headed to atlanta. we did that matchup earlier in the year, a shootout, great game. what are your thoughts as you get set to take on the falcons? >> we're just going to enjoy this game. we're going to enjoy the heck out of this game. unbelievable effort. i mean what a game. what a game. we're going to celebrate this and then we're going to move on to atlanta. they have got a good defense so
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we're going to enjoy this. >> erin: are you breathing at all? i saw you pacing quite a bit. are you breathing? >> barely. >> erin: joe, back up to you. >> joe: congratulations to aaron rodgers and the green bay packers. the dallas cowboys kept on coming, but we know this, on nbc tonight that matchup with the pittsburgh steelers at the kansas city chiefs on the air at 8:20 eastern, that's when the game begins. then next sunday the early game, the green bay packers at the atlanta falcons, two high-powered offenses, and then the winner of that game tonight at new england in the afc championship game. wow. the state farm postgame show is coming up. what a show these two teams put on in arlington, texas. congratulations, green bay, you're moving on.
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green bay wins on the final play 34-31. they advance to the nfc championship game where they will face the atlanta falcons. jimmy, whew. >> jimmy: what can you say, great ball game. aaron rodgers is fantastic. i wanted it to go to overtime, i didn't want it to stop. >> curt: i don't know if my heart could have handled overtime. >> michael: aaron rodgers is the type of player we sit here and marvel. you only seize these type of players every generation or so moving on the run. he moves the ball down the field, 35 seconds left, two time-outs, took a big sack, held on to the ball and led his team to field goal position. good catch by jared cook. those guys celebrating in the locker room. >> curt: unbelievable catch that one official said was not a catch and another official corrected, was a catch. jimmy, real quick here, here's the catch by jared cook along the sidelines. just amazing for him to hold onto that football and get his
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feet in. dallas, number one seed, first home team to lose in the playoffs. with the year that they had, obviously they're disappointed in this moment, but overall. >> jimmy: they're disappointed, but they had a great season. the main thing, the future is bright. they have some of the best players in the entire league. ezekiel elliott without question is the best running back in the league. with the young quarterback, they're going to be a great football team. they're on the right track. i know it's disappointing, but the future is bright. >> curt: the future is bright but the present is awfully good for the green bay packers, including the performance of aaron rodgers, which is our dodge top performer of the day. 356 yards, a pair of touchdowns and what a throw there to jared cook at the end. a last-second win over the cowboys. the packers move on to the championship game. aaron rodgers our top performer brought to you by dodge, domestic, not domesticated. so it is all set. next sunday here on fox the green bay packers and the atlanta falcons in the nfc title game. our coverage begins at 1:00
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eastern. it's a rematch of a game that was pretty darn good back in week eight, atlanta won 33-32. >> howie: two mvp candidates, mitt romney, who w matt ryan who was amazing. a lot of parallels can be drawn to that packer team. injury riddled, got healthy, got hot, carried it all the way to dallas and won the super bowl. >> terry: week in and week out there's no quarterback in the league that snaps it better than aaron rodgers. i've never seen anything like that. this is a team probably as well deserving having lost the last three years, two of those in overtime, one in arizona and one to seattle. i guess it's only fitting we get this kind of game and they take this shootout down to atlanta who's equally as hot. >> jimmy: credit to mike mccarthy who made some great adjustments. >> terry: congratulations, mike. >> curt: we will see you again next sunday. again, our coverage starts at 1:00 for the nfc championship.
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>> it's chevy's most dependable plays of the day. jerry world was rocking today, but was quieted early as the packers built an early lead and were able to hold on in the second half as green bay advanced to the nfc championship game. the packers will face the falcons in atlanta for a chance to play in the super bowl. fox sports thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league. for nfl news and highlights, go to as low as 59 dollars one-way. yes to low fares with nothing to hide. that's transfarency. [sfx:]clap, clap, ding anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr
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the cowboys/packers game lives up to the hype. now just five teams left stangd. ktvu fox news at 5:00 starts now. good evening, welcome to this post game edition. we have a look at how the game went down, it was a great game. >> yes, last weekend we had four duds in terms of drama, yesterday, i knew who was going to win. but today, this was a playoff game. rogers was on the beam. he had to do without nelson. packers are down three -
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nothing in the fourth quarter. rogers 34-yard touch down and the packers take the lead. second quarter, 90-yard drive. then a 3-yard touch down, 14 - three, green bay. cowboys looking like they are going to get blown out. then it's prescott to bryant. in the third, packers get the drive, rogers to cook, 3-yard touch down. packers rolling then late in the third quarter rogers is picked off. 27 yards to the dallas 40 win.
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it was roger's first pick in the past 300 passes. then a 6-yard touch down, 28 - 20. four minutes left. 7 yards, beautiful, cowboys convert the two-point conversion and he runs it in. then one minute 33 seconds left. wow. 56 yards out. look at the replay, look, it was so close but the cowboys got an answer, nice drive, bailey, gameing field goal. he nailed it, 31 seconds left. but that's too much to leave rogers. it did not like he was
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going to get it done, but he did it. cook keeps his feet inbounds as the replay proved. that gets the first down. looking to confirm the replay, now it's all up to crosby with a 50-yard kick. not a lot of room to spare but the dallas cowboys are out. the packers peaking at the exact right time in the season, they are going to atlanta to take on the falcons in the nfc championship game. let me tell you what, we have a story with regards to the 49ers who are light years away from the post season. if you are a fan, this is
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scary. they interviewed tom cable who has had at least two to three after field incidents. he is currently with the sea hawks. they interviewed him to potentially take over the head coaching spot. no report as to how the interview went but it's hard to believe that anybody would think that cable wore a better coach than chip kelly. here some. of the other candidates, the offensive coach of the patriots. also the offensive coordinator for the falcons, he could be tied up for several weeks though. so those are the candidates.
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we have ann killian she's been spot on so far. we will talk with her about the raider's moves to las vegas and about the general manager spots. we coming back with more. now to the transition of power in washington. tensions continue to mount following president-elect donald trump's criticism of john lewis after he called president-elect donald trump's election ill legitimate. >> reporter: ripples continue to be felt in washington after democratic congress man john lewis said he does not consider president-elect donald trump a legitimate president due to russian interfifteens in the election. >> i do not see the president elect as a legitimate president. >> reporter: politicians chimed in on the growing feud.
5:20 pm
>> donald trump won the election fair ask square. 30 of 50 states, more county than any republican candidates since regan. >> i understand why john lewis feels how he does, this is a fearful divided nation and president-elect donald trump has not done anything to bring it together. >> i have the most respect for congress man lewis but i wish that the rhetoric would be toned down. >> reporter: this is happening as republicans are trying to repeal the affordable care act. democrats are arguing it will do more harm than good. >> it's as if you put 22 million people in an apartment
5:21 pm
hours, they were fine, then someone comes along and says, we are going to blow up the apartment house. >> reporter: the house of representatives is expected to repeal obama care next week. that move by congress to repeal the affordable care act prompted rallies all across the country. >> reporter: while president- elect donald trump and republican leaders in congress are committed to repealing obama care, democrats nationwide are committed to keeping it. we had rallies all across the country. on the steps of san francisco city hall, large crowds ralliesed in -- rallied in a national day of action. nancy pelosi joined other
5:22 pm
politicses. >> they want to reduce and cut medicaid. you have to understand that medicaid, medicine dmedicare and the aca are all together. >> reporter: the san francisco mayor, ed lee spoke about the human toll. >> we know high healthcare bills were the leading factor of personal bankruptcy. well, this repeal is just irresponsible. >> reporter: holding a vial of medicine, nancy pelosi drilled her message home. >> the cost of drugs is so high that people cannot sustain life without the affordable care act. >> reporter: nobody would know
5:23 pm
this better than nurses who also gathered in richmond. >> we need to speak up as californians and americans and citizens. we need to heed the call and stand up and speak out. republicans have put forward a variety of replacement plans but it's not clear what the final version will look like. thank you. the list is growing of house democrats that are joining representative john lewis in the inauguration boycott. seven of them are from california. east bay representative barbara lee is on the list. also others from southern california. president-elect donald trump's first day will be marked by a
5:24 pm
huge women's march in dc, organizers are expecting 200,000 people for the march. it begins at 10:00 morning near the united states capitol building. the route of the march has yet to be announced in the bay area, protests begin on inauguration day. bridge together begins on the bridge at 10:00 in the morning. there are other protests later in the day. on saturday, there is a women's march rally at 9:00. san francisco will have a women's march at 3:00 p.m. marchs are taking place in santa rosa and napa valley.
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senator diane feinstein spoke about election hacking this morning on meet the press. >> the hacking was against both political parties but it was with the aim of hurting hillary clinton and if hillary clinton won, the aim was to weaken her. >> she said she participated in the classified briefings and she was astonished at the extent of russia's effort to derail the election. she said it's important to protect the future of america and democracy. coming up, mark is back to discuss the latest on the odds raiders and their possible move to las vegas. some stubborn fog but we are locked in a dry weather pattern for now, we will let you know when the storms will impact the bay area >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. mark is back and we are
5:28 pm
talking football. the raiders may make this move to las vegas official. >> it's got some momentum, we are going to discuss all of the topics not just the raiders but the 49ers. we are two weeks without a general manager or coach. we are with ann killaan. -- killian. topic number one is the raiders. the word is that they may not need that big mogul from las vegas and his money, they are talking to wall street. i welcome you to sports today. nice to have you with us. >> thank you for having me. >> you have been vocal, you
5:29 pm
have expressed a lot of thoughts, not just about the raiders but the nfl and overwhelming greed. just this year it seems like we have seen a recession in the ratings. a lot of empty seats. television networks are hiding that with their coverage. also the high prices, do you see this move, three years with a team moving, last year the rams, then the chargers and now potentially the raiders. >> it's terrible. the nfl has a knack for being tone deaf. they get their money from television contracts so they forget about the fans that have
5:30 pm
been buying products and seats for years, it's crazy, this desire for these palaces to be built for their teams. we see one like levi stadium that is not even full. now they are going to las vegas. it's like the 45th market in terms of size, an unstable economy. not a place where you would expect a home grown fan base, you are abandoning places like san diego and oakland. places that supported the fans for decades, and is -- it's just for the money. look at the georgia dome, it's 25 years old and it's going to be torn down next year.
5:31 pm
they are using tax money to build a stadium next door. it's crazy, the nfl has zoo much money and they go to say to the fans, unless you raise your taxes, not for schools but to make our billionaires richer, it's such a horrible business strategy, i feel like the nfl is at a tipping point and maybe people are getting sick of it. >> what do you make out of the casino mogul adelson. this is the guy that got the ball rolling on this, could they create a major enemy? how realistic is it that the owners will vote to move and
5:32 pm
where are we with the raiders moving to las vegas. >> if there is a backlash to the san diego move, la is going to have two mediocre teams now, they did not even want one, they are going to get some backlash. that could impact the owners' vote. they are not looking to do mark davis, the owner, any favors, he's not part of the old guard nfl. this recent development with financing is shaky. this has the potential of being a bad investment.
5:33 pm
adelson pulls out his money. even if mark davis files the relocation papers, who knows what is going to happen. this is not a done deal but the fact that it's something that continues to hang over the heads of oakland fans when they have been supporting this team for 14 years of dreadful football and now that the team is good they are talking about moving again, that was a bust. i am sorry, they moved for 14 years and they came back. they are at their most productive in oakland. they should stay but it's just part of the strategy. >> i wanted to know from you, ann, even in the world of jed york and poor decisions, could this be real about tom cable.
5:34 pm
maybe they are just going through the motions with the sea hawks having lost yesterday, they are just interviewing him, is there legs to this? >> they interviewed him today and they let everyone know that. for those that do not know, it's a tone deaf action to take. tom cable has a history of being accused of domestic violence. this is an organization that has been plagued with domestic violence issues over the past few years and their handling of that has been inadequate in the eyes of most women's groups and support groups, for them to do that is a sign that they are operating in a bubble and thary not taking advice from wiser people. i also saw a report that said
5:35 pm
that josh mcd sarks niels is reconsidering -- josh mcdaniels is reconsidering whether or not he wants to leave the patriots. people are going to get in those guys' ears saying, i do not know if you want this. with josh, he already failed in denver and if he fails in san francisco, or if it's a bad situation, which it has been for most coaches, you do not usually get a third chance in the nfl so he has to be careful. >> tell me your gut feeling, who do you think that the 49ers are going to choose, i feel like they are not interviewing coaches, coaches are interviewing them to see if
5:36 pm
they want to come here. what are your thoughts about this. >> i think that their first choice is going to be josh mcdaniels, that probably means february sixth after the super bowl. who knows what he will think by then. >> thank you ann. >> thank you. she's always got strong opinions, there is so much going on in bay area sports, it's just incredible. some hot and touchy subjects. >> i think that she nailed it especially about levis stadium. so many fans are saying, i am done, i am not renewing the tickets. they had to pay huge fees for renewing their tickets and now they have a team that is going nowhere. >> she hit it on the head when
5:37 pm
she said tone deaf, even in regard to interviewing tom. if you think of where this team was, even four years ago, to now, it's amazing. >> it was clear when he said, i own the team. thank you. in other news crews in pacifica are keeping an eye on a sinkhole. it got big last week after the heavy rains we had. it measures 40 feet across and 15 feet deep. fixing it is expected to take six weeks to complete. >> one of the bright spots of ail of the rain is all of the snow in the sierras. this is expected to be a big
5:38 pm
weekend in the higher elevations. kirkwood has seen 150 inches of snow in the past few weeks. >> it seems like everyone that i know is heading north for the weekend. what about the bay area. >> we continue to get the breaks from the storms we had next week but there is more rain on the way, a series of storms is setting up shop to our west wednesday. we had some foog out there this morning, it held down the temperatures. 40s in livermore. san rafael, 48. 50s around the bay. here's the bigger picture. the storm track is here. the focus is in the pacific northwest. that's the case monday into tuesday action but notice as we come closer, look at this fog
5:39 pm
in the central valleys. it's impacting the bay area temperatures. when the fog heads towards places like santa rosa, it's going to impact the temperatures there too. right now santa rosa 48. san francisco 50, san jose 51, livermore 46. san francisco, you see the bay bridge lights in the distance, high clouds are increases, we are wrapping up a nice day sunday. tomorrow morning, areas of fog. even around the bay itself, we could have fog tomorrow morning. temperatures, bundle up, 32 to 45 degrees into the afternoon hours. partly cloudy skies later, highs in the 50s.
5:40 pm
fog scattered around the bay tomorrow. the key headline is this, with more rainfall in the next few days, we have our first system wednesday and then two more after that. we will update the forecast in a few minutes. >> we are learning about the remarkable story of a woman that was kidnapped as a baby. the emotional reunion she had with her biological parents 18 years later. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
. it's been a mystery for 18 years, who stole a baby from a hospital in florida. now that teenager has been reunited with her long lost biological family and the woman she thought was her mother
5:43 pm
faces kidnapping charges. >> reporter: this baby was stolen by a woman posing as a nurse. now 18 years later. the girl is in good health but overwhelmed. >> she thought when she heard the story that she may have been involved in this. >> there is always hope. >> reporter: police said they have confirmed she is the former stolen baby. >> i am not revoalg her name. the name that she has lived under for these years. >> police have arrested gloria williams on kidnapping charges. if convicted, she can face life in prison. >> i cannot wait to see her, i
5:44 pm
am happy. >> reporter: the woman's biological family is overwhelmed and have spoken to her in a face time video chat. >> she was so happy. she sounds so intelligent and respectful. she said she will be here to see us. the last person to make it out of the ghost ship fire in oakland is still in the hospital. tonight his parents spoke to us about how their son survived the deadly fire and the difficult recovery in front of him. >> reporter: they left their home in stockton two days after the ghost ship fire and spends everyday at the burn unit visiting their son. they agreed to meet us near the hospital. >> he texted me and said, i am
5:45 pm
out, i am alive, i had no idea what he was talking about. >> reporter: their son, an oakland book seller had been to the parties brf. -- before. >> he felt his way along the floor and he knew his way enough around to find his way to the front door. >> reporter: he was said to be the last person to make it out alive. he had friends take him to the hospital but he was transferred to santa francis. >> he found out he would be put into a coma. >> the doctor said they needed to intubate him. i said, i have not seen him or
5:46 pm
talked to him. she said, how far away you, i said an hour and a half. she said i cannot wait that long. >> reporter: he spent the next five weeks in a medically induced coma. >> because of the materials in the fire, what ever he inhauled, it -- inhaled effected his ability to process oxygen. >> reporthe is awake but cannot move or talk. his recovery will be long so his family and friends are having fundraisers. >> he knees to learn to walk, to reuse his hands, every muscle in his body has to come back to loif. >> reporter: they do not know how much of the fire he remembers but he must know the
5:47 pm
magnitude of the loss. >> at that point nobody knew the extent of the fire. >> he does not know if his friends were trapped in there. >> reporter: they are grateful for the support of his friends and they know how lucky they are to have their soon with them. a massive exodus out of mosul, the dangers that iraqis face as they make their way out of the city. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
5:48 pm
5:49 pm
. new video released today shows turkish military jets hitting sites in syria, this comes as the iraqi military made
5:50 pm
strides in retaking mosul. but that victory is tempered by the desperate measures that civilians are taking to flee the city. the united nations estimates that 140,000 people have left the area since the government forces launched a military prawtion months ago. a northern california reservoir rises 30 feet in 10 days, we look at folsom lake and the transformation from last year. >> it's been an active week in north california. nice to have a break this weekend. coming up, another round of significant raining showing up in the five-day forecast. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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5:53 pm
normal. folsom lake has risen 30 feet in 10 days. >> reporter: a stream trickles down the boat ramp at folsom lake. >> we have two and a half times for water today than a year ago, almost 300,000 gallons have been added recently. >> reporter: the lake rose by 30 feet in just 10 days. >> we knew the storm was coming so we increased our releases in the past tep days. >> -- 10 days. >> reporter: look how high the water is now. so with all of this new way, does that mean that boaters can have a full boating season.
5:54 pm
they hope so. >> it looks like we have a lot of snow up there and a lot of water in the lake so it shobe a >> reporter: but experts say it's early in the year, we have several months of the wet season, it could change at any time. we are looking at a wet pattern but if it turns dry, that's going to influence everything. thank you, it could change but boy, those are dramatic pictures. >> mark, i understand that most of our rez voice are -- reservoirs are full. >> yes. we had a good rainy season before last week, then last week happened. it's nice to have that break now. today we had some fog to deal with but still, nice, but we have a return of significant
5:55 pm
rain wednesday. a series of storms are coming to the bay area. we have some high clouds approaching northern california right now, the storm track is coming in later in the week. fog this morning, especially towards the central valley. some of that came into the bay area adds -- as well. fog closer to santa rosa and napa and forfield and vallejo. -- fairfield and vallejo. right now san francisco 49, san jose 51 and livermore 46. beautiful looking towards san francisco. you can see all of the nice city lights for your sunday night. tomorrow is dry but the developing headline has a storm serious coming in wednesday afternoon, it could be heavy at times, a chance of showers
5:56 pm
thursday another system for friday and then another one a week from now, as i mentioned, it's dry monday and tuesday, the first system comes along board wednesday. the heaviest rain is from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. winds could be at 5 miles per hour. tomorrow, some areas of fog to start the day and partly cloudy skies, tuesday, dry but increases in the clouds. wednesday, rainfall to the north will spread to the south by the afternoon hours. the rain fail numbers are adding up. you can see rainfall potential in the bay area. more for the coastal hills, morning fog tomorrow, skies are partly sunny, temperatures are in the 50s.
5:57 pm
for a look ahead, the five-day forecast is busy. chance of showers wednesday into thursday and morning rain thursday into friday. then by the weekend, the strongest storm is coming. we have to watch the flood potential in the next week. >> thank you mark. >> thank you for joining us, more news coming up at 6:00, see you then. see you then. take one. directv now. stream all your entertainment! anywhere! anytime! can we lose the 'all'. there's no cbs and we don't have a ton of sports. anywhere, any... let's lose the 'anywhere, anytime' too. you can't download on-the-go, there's no dvr, yada yada yada. stream some stuff! somewhere! sometimes! you totally nailed that buddy. simple. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen.
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large crowds rallied in san francisco as part of a national day of action. nancy pelosi joined other officials criticizing president- elect donald trump's plan to repeal the affordable care act. ktvu fox news at 6:00 starts now. good evening, democrats are gearing up for a fight in congress over the repeal of the affordable care act. the efforts include several protests across the country to rally supporters against the republican agenda. two of those happened in the bay area. >> reporter: while president- elecdo


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