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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 15, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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a carried led -- a car riddled with bullet holes tonight. a highway shooting on 242. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. as of now no suspects, no motive, just a lot of questions tonight surrounding the shooting on highway 242 in concord that injured one man. the chp gave an update on this breaking news half an hour ago. the shooting happened around
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5:00 this evening on southbound highway 242 just north of solano way. the suspect's vehicle then drove off into the city of concord. ktvu rob malkin is joining us live from the scene of the shooting. >> reporter: yeah, it is still a very fluid operation here. of course the bottom line is two men were shot at and somehow they managed to get their vehicle through this -- valero gas station. that bullet-riddled car sat in this gas station for some time. chp responded to the calls of shots fired on highway 242 around 5:10 tonight. two black males were driving in that black mercedes southbound north of solano way. it's not clear who shot e them, if the other people who shot them were on foot in another vehicle. but it's not clear who the suspects are. but the driver was hit and transported to the hospital.
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the passenger has not suffered any life threatening injuries. now somehow they managed to get that car to the gas station. chp responded here to this valero gas station, which was a crime scene. it will be shut down for the majority of this evening from highway 4 and it could be all night while they work this investigation. guys? >> and rob, i understand that there has been talk of putting up the cameras? that is why they are asking for their help to try to determine who these shooters are? >> that's right. authorities don't have a whole lot to go on. they will be looking for surveillance video from this strip mall and also the gas
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station. they'll be working, it will probably take them all night if they go up and down highway 242 looking at shell casings and for evidence. but right now no witnesses and no idea how these two victims were shot. >> yeah, e well we obviously know one person has been taken to the hospital. the condition of that second person, do we know anything about that? do we know if they are cooperating with the investigation? >> yeah, we asked and they wouldn't give us much on that. we asked if that person is talking. they said right now they will give us updates on their websites and possibly tomorrow morning. but they didn't want to disclose a whole lot of information tonight. just right now their main goal would appeal to the public for help in trying to figure out if someone saw something. >> all right, rob malcon for us. thank you. in the meantime chp is looking for another highway shooting that happened in el cerrito. someone shot at a vehicle as it travel in the southbound lanes of interstate 80 near collison boulevard. no one was injured in this shooting. the people inside are cooperating with investigators. two people renting a three- wheel tourist go kart was hospitalized after a crash today. the go kart and a toyota ran
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into each other in the mission district. the people in the go kart were ejected, but cautious when paramedics arrived. their injuries are not life threatening. the go consider art ran a red light. police believe arson is behind a fire inside a store in antioch that injured an employee. customers told investigators just before 5:00 this evening they saw someone light something on fire inside the store near somersville town center and the flames quickly spread. as you can see here in this video, fire crews were actually pushing grocery carts full of burning material out of the building. an employee was injured trying to put out the flames and had to be taken away in an ambulance. no suspect has been named in connection with this fire. it was a night of musical tributes. thousands gathered to celebrate dr. martin luther king jr. the
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living jazz children's project opened the event singing let there be peace on earth. the event was not only to honor dr. king, but to recognize how far we have come as race relations and voting rights. the representative barbara lee was on hand to present the humanitarian award. tonight she is speaking out about the controversy mounting in washington, d.c. over president elect donald trump's tweet bashing the congressman of georgia. >> he must not even know what it is feeling like. he is a moral leader, a breaking humanitarian and civil rights leader. he is not just about talk and represents the district, helped cast the voting rights act. he is a significant legislature. so donald trump has no clue, i guess. it is a disgrace he really took them on the way he did, not very presidential if you ask me. >> lee says he is boycotting
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because of his comments. he took to twitter calling the civil rights icon all talk, no actions after lewis said trump was not a legitimate president. well now to the transition of power in washington where the controversy is brewing on another front. it comes as questions continue to swirl over president elect trump's relationship with russia president vladimir putin. the cia director telling fox news sunday he hopes the united states relations with moscow improve, but that the new administration should not let their guard down. kristin fisher with more from the nation's capital. >> reporter: the outgoing cia director didn't hold back in his advice to the president elect. he essentially told him to stop talking and tweeting and start listening to the expert in the intelligence community, especially when it comes to russia. >> i don't think he has a full and appreciation of russian capabilities, russian's intentions and actions that they are undertaking in many parts of the world. that's what the obligation is.
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>> that responsibility is a part of the reason why brennan says the intelligence community felt compelled to notify mr. trump about that now infamous unsubstantiation. true or false it contains salacious allegations. if the intelligence -- it is the intelligence community's job to make sure trump was aware of it. mike pence call it had an act of irresponsibility. he then defended the president elect's stance towards russia. >> i think the president elect has made it very clear that we have a terrible relationship with russia right now. that's not all of our own doing, but a failure for america diplomacy and the success in the administration. what they are determined to do is explore the possibility of better relations. >> reporter: today mr. trump flatly denied any communication that has taken place between their campaign and russia and he described those allegations as nothing more than a distraction. but when director brennan was asked about it, he said he
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wouldn't confirm or deny it. all he would say is if the intelligence community did have information proving that kind of communication did take place and it would be handed over to the fbi. in washington kristin fisher fox news. >> the president elect and president leaders in congress say they are committed to repealing and -- repealing and replacing them. showing protests to rally supporters against the republican agenda. two would happen in san francisco and richmond and opponents say the clock is ticking. congress has taken steps towards a partial repeal of the affordable care act. but many here say trump care is not a viable option. >> we need to speak up as californians, as americans, as citizens. we need to heave the call. we need to stand up and speak out. >> healthcare. >> in richmond nurses would gather together to say the
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repeal could cause as many as 4.9 million americans to lose insurance to cost them $160 billion in federal healthcare funding. republicans have put forward a variety of replacement plan, but it's not clear what the final version will look like. the deadline is set for february 20. well the house took a first step on friday to dismantle the affordable care act. just one day after the senate passed the same measure. the speed in which they are moving is putting pressure to figure out just what they will replace it with. >> every mandate, every regulation, every single test has to go and then they will have a chance to have the market work and that's a part of the replacement, getting rid of the repeal or obamacare. seek in the market work to bring down their cost to provide affordable healthcare to the families across the country. >> in an interview last night with donald trump, he said people covered under the current plan, they can expect to have coverage under the replacement. he said this new plan will be
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much simpler and much less expensive. lowering drug prices will be central to reducing costs. mr. trump also said benefits for medcare will not be cut. in just five days washington, d.c. is going to be half party and half protest. preparations are underway for the 58th presidential inauguration. dress rehearsals took place today. stand-ins have been practicing the movements from walking down the steps to the flat bed trucks rolling in the parade. the mock up is key for identifying the possible issues that could arrive during the historic gatt -- historic gathering. michael pence will take the oath of office with a bible once used by conservative hero and former president ronald reagan. the oath will be administered by clarence thomas on the steps of u.s. capitol immediately after trump is sworn in to office by supreme court justice, justice john roberts. the vice president elect will be the first office holder to
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use the bible since reagan himself used it in his own inauguration as california governor and president. the bible will be open to second chronicles 714. that's the same biblical passage used by reagan in his inaugurations. in the meantime more house democrats have joined the inauguration boycott. right now 23 democrats plan to skip the event. seven of them are from california. now we mentioned east bay representative barbara lee and the north bay yesterday. now we learned mark desonye will not attend. four others are from southern california. ron wyden of oregon respects colleagues who are out the parties.e plans to att stittht plan gointo y d. tome t of the parties. >> he says he will also
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participate in the massive women's march in washington, d.c. that is set for the day after the inauguration. new at 10:00 a contra costa sheriff's deputy lost his job this weekend after an arrest on attempted murder charges. as reporter ben deser reports it was an off-duty incident that took place in sacramento. >> is there anyone injured? >> reporter: sacramento police responding to a small downtown house party after reports of red. >> i saw the gun. i told everybody to get out. >> reporter: 23-year-old kyle rollin arrested, booked on five counts of attempted murder. at the time of the incident rollin was a deputy for the contra costa sheriff's department. >> we absolutely believe the night was getting layered. likely under oath and stuff like that. then we saw him come back after he left. >> reporter: here is video of him being taken into custody. it wasn't police who subdued him, but other people at the
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party. >> my friend joe actually tackled him initially and i came down with joe to get the gun out of him. >> reporter: police believe he got his injuries when the men stepped in to stop him and take his gun away. >> honestly i was caught up in the moment. >> reporter: police say the men were restraining rollin confiscating two guns they believe belonged to rollin, but were not sure if either of them were his contra costa service firearm. kyle rollin is not just a contra costa sheriff deputy, but also a prominent blues musician in sacramento. lead singer and harmonica player. he was hailed by the west coast blues hall of fame as the best new artist for 2009. he plied frequently at a number
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of venues. well six weeks after the deadly ghost ship fire in oakland, a survivor of that tragedy remains hospitalized. tonight the man's parent talks about their agonizing day spent at the hospital. the two simple tasks their son still cannot do. hazmat crews respond today a private jet at a california airport. we'll tell you what the first responders found inside that plane. also this weekend we've been on the dry side with some areas of fog trying to regroup right now and push back into the bay and the inland valleys. coming up, we will let you know if the weather will continue for your monday forecast. some big changes and storms that will reopen. we will talk about significant rain.
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authorities continue their search tonight for a man accused of a vicious machete attack at a san francisco bart station. police released the images of the man said to be behind the attack. he slashed a passenger at the civic center bart muni station last friday night. the suspect is described as a black man, 30 to 40 years old, five feet eleven, 200 pounds. he use add large machete on a 29-year-old man from southern california. there is no word on a motive. the central marin police authority have decided on a new
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police chief. the authority announced today interim police chief michael norton will be appointed as chief next month. he took over as interim chief last august after former chief todd custamano stepped down. norton is a native who will take over the department on february 2. the authority serves larksburg, san anselmo. a baby was found alive 18 years later living almost 200 miles away in south carolina. now a woman is facing kidnapping charges. authorities say the 18-year-old victim and her long lost family can't even begin to comprehend it. >> reporter: a mixed of emotions as a woman kidnapped as a baby in 1998 hours after she was born outside a jacksonville florida hospital by a woman posing as a nurse. a massive search followed, thousands of tips came in. now 18 years later police say they found her in good health, but overwhelmed. >> without getting to a whole
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lot of details she had an inclination beginning a couple months ago she may have been involved in this some way. >> and you always hope every day you get up there is always hope, you know what i'm saying? i believe she would wake up to hope. >> using dna analysis, they confirmed she is former stolen baby. >> the former trial for this young woman, i'm not revealing her name, the name she has lived under for all these years. >> reporter: police have arrested 51-year-old gloria williams on kidnapping charges. for years she made the victim believe she was her mother. and now being extradited to florida if convicted, williams could face life in prison. >> i'm just glad she is back. i can't wait to see it, you know, i'm happy. >> reporter: in the meantime the woman's biological family is overwhelmed. they have spoken to her in a face time video chat. >> she was so glad. she told her mama she looked like her daddy and all it had and talking real. she is found. she sounds so i
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respectful and she'll be here to see us. >> reporter: kristin mcneary fox news. hazmat crews were called to the burbank airport after someone report add smoking bag. it was on a private jet and not clear tonight what was the item. but no one was injured and no commercial flights were affected. samsung is expected to announce later next week the results of its investigation into what caused galaxy note 7s to catch fire. but early indications are the battery. the tech giant was forced to remove the smart phone from shelves last october. putting a big dent in its profits and a bigger strike against its reputation. the world's biggest cell phone maker is expected to launch the galaxy s8 some time in the first half of this year. time to check the weather. we have a break from the rain, but mark it could be coming back soon. >> yes, the storm is getting reenergized for tomorrow still
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a few days away. actually we had stubborn fog out there as you can see the temperatures on the cool side only in the upper 40s for san rafael and those are the highs. a lot of 50s for san francisco and oakland and sans jose is the high today. you can't see on the satellite the storm track right now. but most of the energy is upping up to the north towards the pacific northwest. a dry forecast for us tomorrow and a dry one into tuesday as well. but the fog, the central valley fog has been regrouping. we have been talking about areas of fog with a thick blanket over the past couple of mornings. the main reason why, we traced in the surface winds here coming out of the north to northeast transporting some of the fog from the central valley close tore the bay area. so with that once again we could make up with the areas of fog for your monday morning. right now san jose checking in at livermore already down to
10:21 pm
the 30s for this 10:00 hour. there is half moon bay at 31 degrees. a live look at the camera, just beautiful for your sunday night as we have partly cloudy skies for the most part to right now where the low clouds are probably redeveloped as we would head through the overnight hours. so with that partly to mostly cloudy skies for tomorrow morning, coolest locations are pretty cool, in fact. santa rosa and napa right around 30 degrees. san francisco 43. san jose 36. some fog, apparently good fog towards the delta out towards fairfield and closer to antioch. i suspect santa rosa as well. visibility showing you the real low visibilities out towards the central valley. but it's some of these patches that do develop here that could be dropping back down quite a bit. we should have improving conditions with respect for you. but the areas of fog becoming partly cloudy for the afternoon. temperatures for the afternoon highs are on track to reach the 50s. but here is the developing
10:22 pm
weather headline, the storm track as i mentioned redevelops and more significant rain for a good portion of the upcoming week. we will talk more about the timing of three storms headed towards the bay area. we will have more on that in a few thank you, mark. coming up it's down to four teams and the march to the super bowl. >> we're going to have highlights from the epic battle in beijing. and also that nail biter in kansas city.
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severe weather in dallas forced staff members to stay inside the at&t stadium after the cowboys lost to the packers. personnel advised everyone a shelter in place order has been given due to a tornado watch near the stadium. hundreds of people streamed back into the stadium as the storm arrived bringing heavy rain, high winds. >> boy that was something. i wonder if that trumps what happened there inside the
10:25 pm
stadium. >> what a finish today. we had a bunch of duds leading up to this game, but boy we had good football games after six blowouts to open up the nfl playoffs with some high drama today. we will begin in dallas, packers and cowboys aaron rodgers and the packers were red hot at just the right time. but he would be without his favorite target, jordy nelson. didn't matter in the first quarter up by 3-0. you know what rodgers likes to do. go up top 34 yards to richard rogers. touchdown second quarter it is ty montgomery capping off a 90- yard drive with a three-yard touchdown. he looks like he could be a packer blowout. but the cowboys rally from 18 points down, four minutes to go. dak prescott the rookie over the top to dez bryant with a huge game. converting the two-point conversion tied at 38. mason crosby, 56 yards out.
10:26 pm
it stuck -- snuck in. game tieing field goal attempt from 52 yards out. this one was no doubt about it. it would have been good from 60 tied up at 31. but still 31 seconds on the clock. looks like we will be headed for overtime. but then rodgers and the play of the game. boy this guy is great at buying himself some time. down neither sidelines. flips it to the receiver and his tight end jared cook. look at the footwork by the big fella. two feet in. 34-yard gain and that puts him in field goal range. 51 yards out and this one sneaks in the left and that's
10:27 pm
the game winner. packers will play the atlanta falcons. that'll be the last game in georgia dome history next sunday right here at noon on fox. the steelers and the chiefs. steelers in kansas city to take on alex smith and the chief. game was delayed seven hours due to an ice storm they announced that on friday. chiefs trailing 3-0. albert smith to alex wilson five yards and the touchdown. chiefs scored two touchdowns. steelers didn't have any and the chiefs still lost the game, very bizarre. that's because chris boswell scored all pittsburgh points today. six field goals. that's an nfl playoff record. steelers up 12-7 at the half. 18-10 now pittsburgh. personal foul on seth davis and that will set up spencer ware
10:28 pm
from a yard out to barrel in and that makes it 18-16 pittsburgh. so kansas city needs the two- point conversion much like dallas did and they go for it and they get it right here smith over the top. but wait, there is a flag for holding on kansas city. so now it's a 12-yard two-point conversion. nope. pass was broken up. and pittsburgh hangs on to win this one. bell rushes for a steelers record of 170 yards and alex smith can only wonder what could have been 18-16 steelers win ninth straight win. that will be a good match up first team in 10 years to win a playoff game with no touchdown. >> wow. >> good stuff. >> it was a day of gracefulness. we will have a lot more.
10:29 pm
ian killian will announce their move. we'll have that at 11:00. >> a lot going on. >> absolutely. >> all right, thank you. coming up, he's the last- known survivor of the ghost ship fire. we're going to hear from the family of the man who is still in the hospital six weeks after that warehouse fire that killed 36 people. and just what's behind the surprise announcement from ringling brothers that the famed circus will face the final curtain after more than 100 years. with the xfinity tv app,
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download the xfinity tv app today. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. survivor samuel peaches maxwell suffers from severe
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heartbreaks. his family is speaking out about the tragic day that almost killed their son. leigh martinez has more on how they say their son survived that deadly fire and the difficult recovery in front of him. now they have spent every day at the st. francis burn unit visiting their son sam peaches maxwell. they agreed to meet us at a cafe near the hospital. >> he texted me and said i'm out, i'm alive. i had no clue what he was talking about. >> sam apparently felt his way along the wall and along the floor and got down.
10:33 pm
he had friends taken to highland hospital, but was transported to st. francis because of the smoke inhalation. when he made it to the st. francis burn unit, his situation was much more serious. that he would have to be induced into a coma. >> they put me through to his doctors immediately. i said i have not seen him or talked to him. she said i'm sorry i can't wait that long. >> sam spent the next five weeks in medically induced coma breathing through a ventilator. >> apparently because of the different toxins and all the different materials that were in the fire in the warehouse. whatever he inhaled affected
10:34 pm
his ability to process oxygen. >> sam is now awake, but still cannot move or talk. >> they put a tube and that is what he's on now. >> his recovery will be long, so his family and friends have fundraisers on ucaring and gofundme. >> how to walk and reuse his hand. every single muscle has to come back to life. >> reporter: they don't know how much of the fire sam remembers, but he does not know the enormity of the loss. >> i'm sure his friends knew people had died, but they didn't e know, at that point they didn't know it was sam. >> he doesn't know whether friends of his were trapped in there. >> reporter: they are grateful for the support of his friends. they don't forget for a second how lucky they are to still have their son with them. leigh martinez ktvu fox 2 news. >> and in emeryville two people are recovering tonight after being injured in a shooting
10:35 pm
near a popular shopping area. officers responded to christy avenue and shulmont street around 9:30 last night. one person was found at the scene suffering from a gunshot wound and another was located inside that store on christy avenue. a possible suspect vehicle was described as white or silver. a four-door sedan. the shooters have not been found. a school board has passed a resolution to protect undocumented students. according to the democrat, the school board voted to declare the district as a safe haven for immigrant families. that means no federal immigration officers will be allowed on campus without written approval from the district superintendent. the board president told the papers the resolution was prompted by their fears to build a wall between u.s. and mexico and e deport undocumented immigrants. ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus has made a surprised announcement. after nearly 150 years the show
10:36 pm
is coming down. executives say low ticket sales, high-operating costs, and a constant battle with animal rights groups prompted the decision to shut down. the company will cease operations in may. reporter will carr has more. >> reporter: ringling brothers first put up this big top back in 1871. the show went through the great depression, both world wars, a lot of changes in american society. but the beginning of the end came last may when under extreme criticism from animal rights group, the circus sends all their animals into a resort in florida. the greatest show on earth decided they could not go on. >> we are moving the elephants from the unit. we saw a much greater than anticipated drop off. that lead us to the decision because the decision is no longer sustainable. >> in a statement the parent
10:37 pm
company added the decision was more difficult because of the amazing fans becoming a part of their extended service family for years. grateful for making ringling brothers a part of their lives. reaction coming quickly. peta tweeting after 36 years of peta protests, showing the world of animal productivity, showing the saddest day on earth. pamela anderson tweeting, it's all over." and shaq is tweeting no, please don't close. the last show will take place on may 21 in union dale, new york. will carr fox news. still ahead the clean up is underway right now following a major ice storm that hit the plains and the midwest. plus, tonight's break from the rain around here, but that will change. meteorologist mark tamayo will be here to tell us when we will need those umbrellas again.
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10:40 pm
parts of the plains and the midwest cleaning up after an ice storm. freezing rain caused power outages, down trees, at least six deaths throughout that region. the governors of oklahoma and missouri have now declared states of emergency. the national guard was activated to both missouri and kansas. in illinois many were caught off by the strength of the ice storm. >> i started looking out the window. the next thing, you know, there was one large limb. i came out to assess it. i went back out and decided to wait it out. >> there was a puncture in the roof. it's a bit more extensive than what i expected.
10:41 pm
>> officials across the region are now urging residents to take precautions to stay off the roads until crews could treat those roads and until the conditions improve. well so far this weekend we have talked about dry weather patterns across the bay area, but things will be changing as we head through next week. your forecast headlines for tonight right now we do have this fog trying to regroup. if i regroup overnight between 2:00 to 5:00 in the morning and then as we head through tomorrow. the overcast and skies between partly cloudy. the extended storm series. that will be a big factor as you can see. we will take a look at the projected rainfall amounts where the is it true cities are -- where a few cities are coming up on the map to the side of me. the rainfall is sliding to the south. here you can see santa rosa and san francisco and san jose. look what happens when you put this into motion and that rainfall moves in. those numbers are really ramping up, probably changing quite a bit. but you get the idea we're
10:42 pm
talking about significant rainfall once again. not just a few sprinkles or a few .1 inches of rain, measuring in the amount of inches. four to six inches towards next week. let's take a live look right now. we will show you this and show you the bay bridge. looks pretty good out there right now. just patchy fog trying to regroup with higher clouds out there as well. but the main storm track to the north of the bay area here. you can't see right now with the storm track towards the pacific northwest. we have areas of fog trying to regroup and we'll have areas of fog first thing tomorrow morning. it's kind of that cool, felt like a refrigerator out here today because we would have the northeasterly winds setting up. we will transport the valley fog closer to the bay area happening again tomorrow. we still have the same wind pattern out there. current numbers, you definitely want to bundle up. santa rosa 36, san francisco 46. and fremont 42 degrees. so we are talking about the storm series still setting up way out here in the pacific. first storm is going to be
10:43 pm
wednesday. another one into friday. and then a stronger storm, the strongest of the series could be a week from now. and the winds will be up there as well around 40 to 50 miles an hour. there is a renewed chance of flooding and more down trees and power outages over the next few days. at least tomorrow and tuesday, we are dry. but you could see a dry forecast for monday and tuesday and that first one will move into the region on wednesday and the heaviest rain could be by mid to late afternoon into the evening hours. king could be approaching, in terms of the rainfall you could see for friday and saturday until we would ramp up those numbers from a week or so. possibly for the coastal hills, we could have amounts topping 16 inches over the next seven days. here is the forecast model on wednesday and the first will move in. thursday might be a break out there and then thursday night and friday morning the second one. and then this is the one i'm
10:44 pm
really concerned with right now, the projected map here for sunday and this could be packing some heavy rainfall a week from now. temperatures for tomorrow in the 50s. patchy morning fog. skies partly sunny out there. a look ahead to your five-day forecast with increasing clouds on tuesday with the rainfall amounts for you on wednesday. thursday could be a break day and another round on thursday night and friday and we'll have to keep an eye on sunday as well. that sunday deal, that is still seven days out. a lot could change between now and then and that's the one right now that could be a bit of a concern for flooding and rising waters and even the one before that. there is so much standing water. >> i was going to ask you about the ground saturation. will we have more concerns about the potential mud slides? >> absolutely. last week's deal helped set us up. each passing day, each passing storm beginning on wednesday. >> it will close up for another danger level. >> the fact this won't be any sprinkles, but a little more
10:45 pm
significant. >> the one on send will be trending down, but at least right now it's pretty strong. >> thank you, mark. all right, it is all about their nfl playoff action and the road for the super bowl. >> a preview of what's to come on tonight's sports wrap. championship sunday, how a gutsy call ended the steelers game. why aaron rodgers said this win was extra special. how about tomorrow? warriors and the cavs. how big of a deal is it really? is it actually a rivalry? we'll have different opinions coming up. up next a tourist is injured after the bus plunges into the creek. how this bus lost control. take one.
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showing islamic state sites being targeted. the jets hit a dozen sites in the region coming as the iraqi military made new gains in their fight to liberate mosul from isis militants. gaining full control of mosul university, which is a major step to retake the entire city. well diplomats from more than 70 countries met today in paris. they got a jump start, the peace process in the middle east. they are urging israel and the palestinians to recommit to a peaceful settlement. as connor powell tells us, refraining from any one-sided actions. >> reporter: today's paris conference is clearly a warning to both israelis and palestinians. it comes among rising tensions between the two after the u.n. passed a resolution condemning israeli settlements. 70 countries including ones from key european and arab nations reaffirm their positions. the only way to bring about peace in the holy land was in negotiated two-state solutions. the paris conference was lead
10:49 pm
by the french president francois olan. it is threaded, he said by increasing israeli settlements. threatened because of the progressive weakening of those in favor of peace. israeli prime minister benjamin called it useless. coming as many world leaders fear that president elect donald trump's policies will exacerbate the conflict. he has vowed to shift the embassy from tel-aviv to jerusalem. if policies have the potential to fracture their support for
10:50 pm
israel. they tried to cross the mediterranean sea from libya. 200 were jammed into one small rubber dingy. two people died, their boutades were brought to -- their bodies were brought to shore looking for a better life. a rescued coordinator says smugglers are bringing them across in bad weather and with poorly made boats. time for another e deadly prison riot in brazil left ten prisoners dead. prison authorities say the fight broke out between rival gangs. several inmates were decapitated. brazilian prisons are almost double their intended capacity. inside the cells have no bars and the prisoners rule themselves. so far this year have -- there have been 100 deaths from prison riots in brazil. in new zealand, several tourists were hurt in a tour bus crash.
10:51 pm
the bus went -- went down an embankment. the bus was carrying 14 tourists when it crashed. most of the victims are in their 60s. their injuries would range from minor to serious. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. she was shot back in 2011 and left paralyzed. but boy she has come a long way since then. up next the once unthinkable milestone she and her family are now celebrating.
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tourists get an icy reception and they're loving it. it's a vine covered archway that's not completely covered with icicles. now it's a real eye catcher, but we heard this is more of an ice sculpture and not something that happened naturally, but still gorgeous. it's in the entrance of a beijing suburb. six years ago a shooting left a minnesota girl paralyzed. her tragedy turned into inspiration. as jack hideburger explain she and her loved ones celebrated a
10:55 pm
milestone her high school graduation. >> reporter: in the back room of a minneapolis bank a celebration worth more than any safe. the future for 19-year-old guadalupe hernandez was once, anything but bright. shot and paralyzed in 2011. her life was nearly lost. >> it was really hard. i was really depressed and very sad. >> reporter: but in the years that followed despair turned to inspiration. >> she defied the odds because she kept that energy going. >> reporter: a recent graduate, she now has her sights set squarely on college. >> i want to be a teacher. >> for the people who have rallied around her, hernandez is a reminder of the work that still needs to be done. in 2016 the city of minneapolis recording 37 murders with gang
10:56 pm
violence a big reason why. >> you cannot just do something and ruin somebody's life. >> we have to stop it. we can reduce it and it has been done before. >> reporter: if anyone symbolizes the impossible it's hernandez. her life showing us what it means to hope. reporting in minneapolis, jack hiburger. >> not only that, but hope and to continue on and succeed that's incredible. >> all right, mark we have a little break, but more rain on the way? >> yeah, these breaks are so important. this weekend has been dry. even tomorrow will be dry. tuesday as well, but then the first storm on wednesday. then again on friday and then again sunday. >> friday and sunday. all right. >> batting down the hatchets. thanks for joining us. have a good night. >> good night everybody. sports wrap is coming up next.
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divisional sunday in the nfl living up to the hype. >> the packers are moving on. >> how some of the league's biggest stars shine on the big stage. >> well, it depends who you ask and why monday's showdown is more important than you might think. the 49ers are considering switching to cable. >> i don't know if this is an organization you want to work for if you want to tie your reputation to. >> why this coaching search is more complicated than some. please try to remain calm when push comes to shove you'll get a kick out of sports wrap now. fox 2 nissan sports wrap starts now. >> hi everybody welcome to the the show. scott reiss hanging out with gasia mikaelian, nfl championship sunday -- jason appelbaum, nfl


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