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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  January 16, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> a lot of people are heading across the bay bridge, surprisingly, since it's a holiday for a lot of people. schools are closed. but still people are heading to the city this morning. thank you for joining us this monday, january 16th, martin luther king day. steve is is right in his office over there. >> we're segueing into this picture. for those maybe just tuning in, this was years ago at the bill graham civic, saw hall and oats, and hall had on blue shoes. it is a long time ago.
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that's too wild. there you go. and the girl i was with at the time, she was tapping on his shoes. that was probably them. anyway, thank you for playing along. let's get to it here. here we go. some fog out there. sunday was really tough, as you know. north bay, east bay, a little bit around san jose seems to are forming as well. watch out for that dense fog. look in the valley. that easterly breeze brings it back. so that will play into some, not for all, but for some. 30s on the temperatures, 40s for are a how. north, south, take your pick. 33 in morgan hill. a a saratoga, 39. there is your easterly breeze. that can make for some tough driving over the bridges. we get nothing until wednesday when our next system comes in. put today is about the fog,
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look for are he's today to be in the 50s. >> still quiet, steve. we don't have a lot going on. it's a holiday, and a lot of people have the day off. not everyone, though. but as we look that's commute here, you can see traffic is looking good if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza. so if you do have go, it's going to be than usual here at in san jose, we don't see any red, really, i don't see any slow traffic on the major freeways as you drive up to the west valley, so you can have a pretty nice drive. at 6:02, let's go pack to the desk. >> another shooting in the east bay has authorities worried this morning. this time a man was shot in concord, right along highway 242. janine, you're near the location where this happened. so what do you know now?
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>> reporter: dave, the chp is is looking for anyone who may have witnessed the shooting. the victim got off the freeway, and came here to this valero gas station, and that's where they called for help. this happened around 5:00 yesterday evening. two men in a black mercedes- benz traveling on highway 242 north of solano way. that's when someone fired at their car. one of then men was hit and suffered injuries. he is expected to survive. the other manner was not hurt. the vehicle with the shooter inside drove off into the city of concord. at this point, authorities don't have much to go on. >> one victim had been shot with a nonlife-threatening injury. at this time, it is an ongoing investigation. right now we're asking for the public's help, that if anybody did see anything to please call 1-800-tell-chp. >> reporter: they aren't sure in this shooting is related to others that have occurred in
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the bay recently. cently. there was a shooting in december on 580 in oakland on hairly son street. two people were injured in that shooting, but no arrests were made. we're go took checking back in with the chp to see if they have made any progress, and have an update at 7:00 a.m. back to you. well, happening today, cal train will host it's annual celebration train in honor of dr. martin luther king jr. day. what youthed to be called the -- what used to be be called the freedom train will arrive in san francisco at 11:00. the 54-mile ride is to remember the distance of dr. king's march from selma to montgomery.
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last night, the live manage jazz children's project opened an event that honored not only dr. king, but also marked how far the country has come in race relations and voter rights. congresswoman barbara lee was there presenting an award to glen upshaw, a youth outreach worker, and take bout the freeing controversy in washington over thomas's tweet slamming georgia congressman john lewis. >> you don't defiend him. he must not even know his history. john st. louis moral leader, a great humanitarian and civil rights leader. he's spot in just about talk. i mean, he represents a district, help helped past the votes rights act. he's a magnificent legislature. so donald trump just has no clue, i guess, butt it's a real shame and disgrace that he really took him on the way he did president not very presidential if you ask me.
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>> she said she is boycotting the inauguration of donald trump because of his comments. donald trump tweeted that the civil rights icon was all talk and no actions after congressman lewis said trump was not a legitimate president. >> she is also attending a breakfast this morning to celebrate the life and work of dr. martin luther king jr. it starts at 9:00 this morning. that event will also serve as a fund-raiser for allen temple health and social services. elaine brown will also attend, the former chairwoman of the black panther party. democratic house minority leader nancy pelosi is also in the bay area today, she will be speaking in san francisco at a breakfast at 8:20 this morning. san francisco mayor ed lee is also expected to attend that. time is now 6:06. now that we're just four days away from the presidential inauguration, the political divide in washington sames to
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be getting bigger and -- seems to being bigger and bigger. >> some democratic lawmakers are refusing to attend the inauguration. dug doug has more from -- doug has more from capitol hill this morning. >> reporter: this is the sitting ticket for the inauguration. we are about to be inundated with people arriving for donald trump's swearing in, and others arriving to protest it as we get closer and closer to the big day. this guy may not look like donald trump, but here in washington, they use stand-ins for the incoming president, first laid, and others to run through friday's program. a massive undertaking that takes place every four years here, and this is hardly going to be routine. the president-elect mean time talking trade with the london times. >> look, i won the election because of strong borders and trade. >> reporter: but trump on twitter taking on some other targets, including john brennan, who questioned trump's grasp of threats facing the country, and georgia congressman john lewis, who
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said that trump isn't legitimate, and has decided to boycott the inauguration, along with two some two dozen others. president obama on 60 minutes last night org 0ing that -- arguing that partisanship is out of control. >> the insent effects tore so sharply partisan have gone -- the incentives to be sharply part son have gotten out of hand. >> we went to the direction of the president-elect who said, look, i don't want to do that. it's not appropriate after what we went through. we need a more healing kind of an inauguration. we don't need a celebration of me, the victor. >> reporter: meantime, as far as the president-elect's twitter account is concerned, donald trump telling the times of london that he intends to
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keep his personal twitter account active even once he becomes president, and is handed the keys to the official at potus account. well, so far 23 house democrats have joined the inauguration boycott. seven of them are from california. president-elect trump will take office with a far lower are approval rating than the last three presidents at the beginning of their administrations. according to the latest gallup poll, mr. trump approval rating is right now 44%, compared to an 83% approval rate for president obama when he first took office in january 2009. 61% for george w. bush, right before his inauguration in 2001, and 68% for bill clinton in 1993. we're also following
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developing news out of mexico where at least five people are dead, 12 others are wounded after a gunman opened fire at a nightclub. this happened about 2:00 a.m. at a resort just south of cancun. this video show something people are panicked, they're running into the streets to get away from the gunfire. several americans are reportedly among the victims. the resort was holding an annual music festival, which is very popular with tourists. no word of any arrests or who the shooter might be, but people in the area have been told to shelter in place. >> a contra costa county sheriff's deputy on the wrong side is of the law. coming up at 86:30, the shoot -- 6:30, the shooting a at house apartment in sacramento that now has him facing charges of attempted murder. >> and a popular bar in walnut creek is cloweing doors. the ongoing battle with the city that the owner blames.
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we are getting a bit of a break here. we had it over the weekend. but then changes on wednesday, and that change equals rain.
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welcome back. happening today, it's community cleanup day in danville. the russian river has dropped enough now that people that own homes and businesses in the area can start to see some of the damage left behind in
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guerneville. guerneville is also asking for help to remove the mud and trash that was pushed downtown by the floodwaters. look at the amount of mud there. city leaders have told property owners to remove any chemicals and paint from under their homes, and low shelfing and storage areas that could help prevent chemical contamination if there is flooding from another storm. >> an arson investigation in antioch after a fire injured an employee. investigators said people said they saw someone set something on fire at the store, and the fire grew quickly. an employee was hurt trying to put out the flames, and had to be taken away in an ambulance. no suspect has been named in connection yet with that fire. >> san francisco police
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investigating a crash involving a small site seeing car. price say a yellow go car collided with a toyota at 24th street and south van eus yesterday afternoon. the two people in that car were ejected from it. they are expected to survive. the toyota said that the go car ran a red light, but the investigation continues. also happening today, we could learn more about the future of a long-time san francisco bar and restaurant in union square, the owner of lefty o' doole's will hold a mrs. conference this afternoon. he has been in a fight with the landlord over the rights to the restaurant. the property owner claims that he own this restaurant and all of it memorabilia. coggen sport's bar in walnut creek has announced it is cloweing after 39 years in
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-- is cloweing after 39 years in business. the planning commission ordered the bar to start serving and selling control at midnight, and close at 12:30 until of 2:00 a.m. this comes after calling over the past few years for fighting and public drunkenness. happening today, it's a big day for are the 2016 world series champions, the chicago cubs. they are going to the white house to meet president obama during his final days at president. the cubs and the white house. >> reporter: had much time since october to plan this big visit, although the president is a white sox fan, he was quick to congratulate the cubs on their historic win. >> it's just a chicago connection. i'm sure it means more, even though obama is a white sox fan, he's a chicago guy, so he knows what it means and so i think maybe it's a little more special for them. the cubs could have waited
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and visited in june when they played the washington nationals, but after president obama's invitation, the cubs scrambled to make it happen been he left office. >> the cleveland cavaliers will be making their only reg already season appearance tonight at oracle arena in oakland. it will be a rematch of last year's nba championship. tickets are not cheap. one fan paid $52,000 for four courtside seats. $52,000. you can probably find less expensive tickets on secondary markets for seat is a little higher up in the stands, though. the warriors have the league's best record. lebron james and the cavs are 29-10. it has become a bit spentive to go -- a bit expensive to go see the warriors. >> and this is the rematch. >> definitely, yeah. sal, am i kidding? there's a lot of emotion around
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this one. >> absolutely, but it is still just a regular season game, so win or lose, everything is going to be okay opinion even if they were to -- okay 0. even if they were to lose. >> tonight say that. >> you can see traffic is is moving along pretty well if you are driving. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. at 6:18 on a regular monday, we have traffic backed up to the ma today is martin luther king jr. holiday, and most people will have the day off, all, so there are definitely people out there, but you will have a nice drive if you are go into work. >> what is the weather going to be like today? we'll go to steve. >> that's a very good question. it will be nice today. it will be nice today after maybe some of that thick fog
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pops up. yesterday was a lot worse on the fog, but between now and, say, sunrise, it does tend to thicken up a little bit. so watch out for patchy fog. a little coolle for some maybe out to the east -- cool for maybe some out 0 the east. light wind, and no fog in some lakes today. but very dense in some areas. this is the most fog i've seen in the valley in years. let's face it, we haven't had a lot of rain. 30s for some, 40s for others, 42 in the city. you know what else i noticed is since all of this rain, some locations now are not reporting anytime. they got washed away or
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something. we'll see if they update here. great news, they're at 37, glen allen 36. and 40 in mill valley. there is your easterly component. that bringing back some of that valley fog. so parts of napa county, contra costa can be very cool. now much change up in truckee. still 19 there. redding is at 31 degrees. that is a big-time producer of snow up on the front range, and freezing rain out of ahead of it. there is our system coming in, but it's still a day and a half away. that fog is playing into our forecast for some. and it's very thick in the valley. looks like a series of systems wednesday, and thursday. it's still going to be rather wet here as we head towards
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friday into sunday. you can see some of the amounts, three to four inch amounts. you know the russian river will probably have 6 to 7, so we'll keep an eye on that. and you know the santa cruz mountains can have a lot of rain, as well. wednesday, friday, and sunday will be the main systems, but it will not be dry in question. >> thank you, steve. 6:21 is the time. well, in an unusual rescue in southern california, the coast guard saved a young sea lion that had a fishing hook stuck in its mouth. the boat attempted to get closer at first the sea lion was not having, it but after about an hour, the sea lieon
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hitched a ride back to shore, and then the sea lieon is going through rehabilitation. aww, made some new friends. a rally to save the affordable care act. coming up, a big event in the bay area. also, the healthcare plan by prent-elect donald trump. and a story is is now have questions about an unusual pendant discovered at a nazi death camp. they say it's one that's identitile to one that belonged to an ann frank. -- to ann frank.
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welcome back. people are nervous in orlando, florida, because of that manhunt for an accused cop killer. police have been searching for the suspect, markieff lloyd. hundreds of deputies and officers have searched several places for the man who allegedly shot and killed officer deborah clayton. people are on high alert. lloyd was already wanted for killing his pregnant ex- girlfriend before the police shooting papelbon 100,000 reward has been offered to help catch him. meantime, over the weekend, a
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funeral was held for are officer clayton. thousands gathered to pay final respects to the 17-year police veteran. officer clayton was also pro mosted to lieutenant as a final honor. researchers excavating one of the most notorious nazi death camps and uncovered a misty. a small pendant identical to one owned by anne frank has, found. experts say the pendant belonged to a jewish girl named carolina cohen, but she tied at a camp 200 miles away. >> this was possibly one of her most private and inty mat belongings, dropby her or an acquaintance or relative on the way to the gas chambers, and i think this has historic
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relevancy. >> cohens pendant is identical to one belonging to anne frank, and they say they've never found any other pendants like theirs. now they're trying to figure out if there was any relationship between the girl whose were both born in frankfurt the same year. >> police call him armed and dangerous. the search underrer areway for a man who attacked a passenger at a san francisco bart station. also, incredible video of the roof of a brand-new sports arena collapsing in the czech republic. how the people inside managed to make it out just in time. >> good morning. we are looking at decent commute for this morning. you can see traffic is looking good on highway 24 as you head through the tunnel. >> mostically clear out there. some patchy -- mostly clear out there. some patchy fog creeping back in, but changes on the way for wednesday.
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welcome back. it's now 6:30, and we are following the events of martin luther king jr. holiday. i'm pam, and dave here. he'll join us in just a second. steve paulson, still a very important asset, because we have a lot of rain this week. >> it's on its way for wednesday, but not today. it's cold out there. a lot of 30s and 40s. a brisk 31 degrees here. rain returns. looks like three systems wednesday, friday, and sunday with some rain in between, as well. does not look to be as wet, but still pretty wet here already
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on the swollen rivers and creeks, we need to watch that. but watch out today, the fog is very thick, especially out to the valleys. 39 in concord, and walnut creek down to 30. danville is at 31. even 35 out at brentwood. that's cold. some of that fog being brought back in, especially around the bridges. that can get very thick, so watch out for that. you can see some of that fog creeping back in. otherwise, we get a break today. that's a major weather producer right there. there is our system, but it's not coming in until wednesday. 50s on the temperatures. maybe some upper 50s for a few. all right, sal. i know it's quiet so far. is that still true. >> yes, sir. it's quiet out there. i don't think there are a lot of people who are going to see slow traffic. now, wherever you're going, you're about to hit the roads. you're going to see light traffic at the bay bridge toll
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plaza, for example. it is much lighter than it normally is. a lot of people have today off for the dr. king holiday. but you won't see a lot of traffic on your way. we're looking at the south bay, and you can see for the most part, we don't have slow traffic at all. a couple of interchanges might be busy, but getting into that west valley where all of the jobs are, it seems, is doing very well. now let's go back to the desk. >> a contra costa sheriff's deputy south of a job after an arrest saturday on attempted murder charges. it was an off-duty incident that took place in sacramento. >> reporter: sacramento police responds to a small downtown apparent after reports of shots fired. >> i saw the gun, and i told everyone he has a gun, everybody guest down.
6:33 am
>> reporter: 23-year-old kyle roland arrested and booked on five counts of attempted murder. at the time of the incident, roy land was a deputy got for the contra costa county sheriff's department. >> we asked him to leave adam the night was getting later, because saw him creeping around the house, creeping on girls and things like that, and then saw him come back after he left. >> reporter: hear is video of roland being taken into custody, but it wasn't police who subdued him. it was other people at the party. >> well, we saw him because up here, and then my friend, joe actually tackled him, and i ca with joe to to get the gun t of his hand. >> reporter: police believe that roland got his injuries when the men stepped in to stop him and get hick gun away. >> i wasn't going to do that, untille we just did it. >> reporter: police said the men were restraining oh land when they arrived. i've roland when they arrived
6:34 am
-- roland when they arrived. roland is also a prominent blues musician in sacramento for the kyle roland blues band. roland was hailed by the west coast blues hall of fame as the best new artist of 2009, and had played frequently at a number of local venues. >> that was a report from sacramento. san francisco police still searching for a man accused of a vicious machete attack at a b.a.r.t. station. police have released these images of the alleged suspect. they say he slashed a passenger on the night of january 6. he is described as african- american, 30 to 40 years old, 5'11", 200 pounds. police say he slashed a 29-year-
6:35 am
old man with a machete. he suffered wounds on his arms and hands. thousands held rallies over the weekend opposing the republican efforts to repeal the affordable care act. nancy pelosi joined mayor ed lee for a protest on the steps of city hall. >> we need to speak up, as californians, as americans, as citizens, we need to heed the call. we need to stand up and speak out. >> nurses gathered together for a rally at richmond city hall. they say repealing the affordable care act could cause as many as 4.9 million californians to lose health insurance snap well, in an
6:36 am
interview with the washington post, president-elect donald trump said the replacement healthcare plan he's working on will mean insurance for everybody. mr. trump said the new plan will be much simpler and much less expensive. he also said he'll demand that drug companies reduce the prices, and he says benefits for medicare will not be cut. he didn't give on a specific details of that replacement plan. >> president obama talked about some advice he has given to president-elect donald trump in an interview with 60 minutes. >> the one thing i've said to him directly, and i would advise my republican friends in congress and supporters around the country, is just make sure that as we go forward, certain norms, certain institutional traditions, don't get eroded, because there's a reason they're in place. >> when asked what he plans to do immediately after leave
6:37 am
thick white house, president obama said he wants to spend some time with his wife, get caught up on his sleep, and not set the alarm clock. >> happening today around the country, national parks are waiving entrance fees. it's in honor of martin luther king jr. day. more than 120 national parks and monuments will be fry to everyone. the list includes miles an hour inner woods web and san francisco mary time park, and yosemite. it's the first of 10 free days being offered at national parks this year. people across the bay area will be volunteering today in honor of dr. king. in richmond, volunteers will beautify a park and plant trees along the richmond greenway. there will also be a commemoration ceremony and a moment of silence after the community service projects. that event begins at 9:00 this morning. in honor of the martin luther king jr. holiday, members of a church tried to
6:38 am
provide warmth to those living on the streets. members of the evergreen baptist church gave out about 100 blankets last night to homeless shelter and handed out bagged lunches to those in need. >> we think it's very important, special through this time of year with the rain and cold, to give back, because it could be one of us, and the need has grown. last year, we had a lot of people. this year, it's even more. >> well, this is the 6th year for the blankets and blessings events. it is paid for by contributions from the community. >> many churches in san francisco, oakland, all over the bay area, are holding many events in honor of dr. king. >> yeah. >> time is 6:38. meantime, a search forrancers and a suspect in a freeway shooting in the east bay. we'll tell you what led up to highway 242 being shut down in concord. but first. >> he texted me and said i'm out, i'm alive. >> he was the last person to get out of the oakland ghost
6:39 am
ship warehouse fire alive. up next, we'll hear about a surviving victim and his long road to recovery. that's still ahead. good morning. i think that you're going to like the drive, if you do have to go to work. other people are going, too, but a lot of people do have this day off, and that's making it a lot easier. >> also easier that there's not as much fog this morning as we head yesterday. still a little bit. but a nice day. don't get used to it, though, changes are on the way.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. no to the latest on the oakland warehouse fire tragedy. we're hearing from the parents of the very last person to get out of that warehouse alive. samuel maxwellle still in the burn unit. he suffered severe smoke inhalation. he was put into a medically induced coma. his parents say the road ahead will be hard. >> reporter: swim wendy maxwellle left their home in stock two days after the ghost ship fire, and now spend every day at the saint francis burn unit visiting their son, sam. they agreed to meet up with us at a first half fay near the hospital. >> he nexted me and said same out, i'm alive, and i had no idea what he it was tossing about. >> reporter: their son has
6:43 am
been to the ghost ship parties several times before the fire on stem 2nd. he smelled the smoke, and was helping the d.j. look for any electrical problems when the lights went out and flames came up up there the floorboard. >> sam apparently felt his wade along the wall and the floor, and got down, and knew his way well muffle around to be able to find his way back to the front door. >> reporter: sam was said to be the last person to make it out alive. he had friends take him to highland hospital, but he was transferred to saint francis because of his smoke inhalation. when he made it to the saint francis burn unit, he found of it his situation was much more serious, and he would have to be indeuced into a coma. >> they put me through to his doctor immediately, and she said they needed to intubate him, because his throat was swelling, and i said i haven't seen or talked to him, and she said how far away are you? and i said about an hour and a
6:44 am
half, and she said i'm sorry, i can't wait that long. >> reporter: sam spent the next five week nbc a medically induceed coma, breathing through a ventilator. >> because of the different toxins and materials that were there in the fire, in the warehouse, match he inhaled -- whatever he inhaled, it affected his ability to process oxygen. >> reporter: sam is now awake, but still cannot move or talk. >> they put in a trachea tube, so that's what he is on now. >> reporter: his family and friends have fund-raisers on guy fund me. >> he has to learn to reuse every single muscle in his body, has to come back to life. >> reporter: they tonight know of know how much of the fire he remembers, but the didn't doesn't know the efor me of the loss. >> -- enormity 067 the loss. >> at that point, nobody knew
6:45 am
the extent. he certainly doesn't know whether friends of his were trapped in there. >> reporter: they're grateful for the support of sam's friends, and they don't forget for a secretary how lucky they tore still have their son with them, in san francisco, lea martinez, ktvu foxborough news. >> a big -- fox 2 news. >> a big volunteer effort to reduce fire dangers over the weekend. about a hundred people gather at the north oakland sports filed and with shovels and rakes, they cleared debris for an area known to have a high fire risk. they say that area has not been maintained properly since the oakland hymns fire in 1991. >> in terms of the fire risk with the rain we've been having, it will make the grass and the wides, the invasives and the vegetation grow quicker to reduce fire risks.
6:46 am
there's a huge amount of fuel in this year, and we're trying to reduce the fire risk. >> the oakland scape committee organized the event. all right. right now, it is 6:46. it is time to check in on this mourn morning with gacia. what is coming up in our next hour? >> so much. first, more and more guns we've found are being confiscated by tsa agents at american airports, with agents taking an average of 9 guns from travelers every day, and the vast majority are loaded. how these numbers compare to what we found a decade ago, and why the sa thing -- why the tsa thinks more and more people are trying to sneak in guns on to planes. >> and ringling brothers is
6:47 am
shutting down the greatest show on earth. what led to the decision, and the reaction. of course today is martin luther king jr. day, as well. i'll seal you in a few minutes. >> well, the san francisco 49ers say their search for a new head coach continues. they interviewed former raiders head coach tom cable yesterday. he is currently the seahawks offensive line coach. he sat down to talk with the team owner, jed york, in sales. they are also interested in talking to the offensive coordinators for are the patriots and falcons. there are more report that raiders owner mark davis won't wait long to file team relocation papers. both the nfl network and espn said that davis is expected to ask the league to let him move to las vegas soon. league owners seem to be more
6:48 am
open to allowing teams to relocate. if the raiders move is approved, it would be the third franchise to relocate in the past year. new video to show you the moment that a roof collapsed at a sports arena in the czech republic with 80 people inside. take a look. you see people running out of the building fast. that roof slowly is caving in. everybody made it out safe. wow. they were there in that arena for a team floor ball tournament. it's like hockey. the arena just opened three weeks ago. this event was the very first held inside that building. >> 6:148 the time. let's check back in with sal. we thought it was going to be pretty slow, allle though there were more cars on the bay bridge from our last shot than i thought there would be. >> yeah. you know, it is light this morning. a lot of peopletial don't work on holidays, and martin luther king holiday, a lot of people
6:49 am
have the day off, it's apparent by just looking at the toll plaza. you can see that the traffic is light coming into is san francisco. so if you do have to go somewhere is, it will be a light commute for you, and perhaps you're going to work anyway, it's goi light drive. this is 880. we t have a lot g on here, but there were people out there. holidays aren't what they used a lot of people do work anyway, even though the masses don't. let's talk about the south, where traffic look very well is good. what about today's weather? let's bring steve paulson in. >> yesterday was a lot worse in the fog department. that's for sure. some areas, you can run into is a wall of that fog, but otherwise, we're mostly clear and cold this morning, 30s and 40s, butt it's almost time for sunrise over them big city. a nice day, moistly sunny, on tap today. probably about the same on tuesday, and then we'll bring clouds and rain in on wednesday. so some 30s showing up there, and some of that fog, again, not -- nothing compared to what
6:50 am
we had yesterday. there will be some areas that will be hard-pressed to get over about 50, especially out to the easter ands will be pushing the mid-to-upper 50s, especially that offshore breeze we do have, put the big news continues to be that dense fog. dewpoint has he has been very high because we've had a lot of rain here in january, and more rain is on the way. that's for sure. but not until tension. year okay today. probably tuesday, as well. look at the footprint of fog go out to the valley. that's the most i've seen in a long time, five years, for obvious reasons. we've had a of rain here. system that's on its way is still a couple of days away. before that, we had a lot of lows to deal with in the 30s. 32 at the napa airport, 40s for some. 38 in concord, 30 at walnut creek. so there's some rather brisk readings here. there is your due east wind, the direction the wind is coming from. that fog can be brought back over the bridges, so be careful
6:51 am
on that. can dance around a little bit. that bridges it right back across. so 1923, direction reno, down to 43. same for santa barbara at 43. lots of fog in the valley. that's not going anywhere until you get some rain or wind. it will be with us, and also tomorrow, a whopper of a low, impacting the front range with snow and freezing rain above it, severe weather to the south of it. there's our system, but has a couple of days away before it arrives. cold air is in place, but we'll wind up with mostly sunny skies today, temperatures beginning to bump up a little bit. showers, coulder on thursday, and then another system on friday, looks like one more on sunday. not a lot of rain until we get to the weekend, but there will be some 3 to 4 inches amounts. so 50s on the temperature lobes
6:52 am
50ss out towards eastern contra costa county, maybe solano county, as well, but otherwise, look for another day of about the same tuesday, and the rain starts wednesday. it will go off and on, another system with wind on friday, and then into sunday, pam. >> oh, boy. okay. thank you know, steve. 6:58 is the time. a popular are sports bar is cloweing it's doors. when it will shut town, and the reason why it's closing. >> also, at least 37 people killed in a deadly plane crash in asia that killed half of a small village. because one day just isn't enough. here, there is magic for days. i am a first responder tor and i'emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here,
6:53 am
so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. new this morning, a cargo plane crashed into a village in the central asian nation, 37 people were killed at least. the crash of that turnish airplane destroyed 33 of the 43 houses in that village. many of those who tie $were on the ground. the plane went counsel in foggy -- down in foggy conditions. one of the plane's flight record errs has been recovered, so we expect to get more information about what happened. meantime, the cold winter storm that is making its way east across the u.s. is now blamed for at least six deaths on really icy roads in kansas, oklahoma, and in missouri. the storm has been blasting parts of the central u.s. in
6:56 am
waves since friday. the freezing rain is has contributed to many accidents and crashes on the roads. national guard troops have even been activated in kansas and in missouri. at one point last night, heavy ice from the storm left 35,000 people with no power from texas to oklahoma. we now know which teams there face off for the nfl conference championships after bother road teams won yesterday. very exciting football. the nfl delayed the chiefs and steve steelers match-up because of a severe he's storm in kansas city. the steelers never had a touchdown in the game, which sound likes they would loose, bus butt chris boswell had six field goals -- but chris boswell had six field goals. the chiefs went for two points later in the game. it was caught, but there was a flag on the play, and the second attempt on the conversion, no good. the steelers won, and now face
6:57 am
the patriots in the afc title game next weekend. in the earlier game, green bay rolled off three scores before the cowboys could answer, but then prescott finds bryant in the end zone. and then rodgers sent the ball to a wide open cook in the end zone. the packers appear todd be on a row. in the fourth quarter, the cowboys tied it tied it up at 28, the teams shaded field portfolios, and then but the packers got one field goal to win e game. time is 6:57. another east bay free way shooting to tell you about. this time it happened on highway 224 in concord. we'll tell you what we're finding out about the investigation that's underway. >> a lot of people have tickets for the inauguration. i'm doug in washington. we'll have more on how d.c. is
6:58 am
preparing coming up. tell me and the rest of you will be spared. i am fenwick. i am fenwick. i am fenwick. hey, fenwick, have you seen my shield? this one's got vertical stripes and mine had horizontal. wanna get away? now you can with southwest fares as low as 59 dollars one-way. yes to low fares with nothing to hide. [sfx]:clap, clap, ding that's transfarency.
6:59 am
is a man is recovering after
7:00 am
being shot on an east bay free way which we're live in concord with the investigation. free at last. free at last. thank god we're free at last. celebrations and other events being held in memory of dr. martin luther king jr. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. [ music playing ] it's a monday morning and martin luther king jr. means that a lot of people are not rushing off to school or work. what a pretty picture. i don't see rain, and we're not going to see it for a few days. we're going talk about the return coming up. welcome back this monday morning january 16th martin luther king jr. day. >> i am dave clark and steve is right here and ready to talk about the weather this week.


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