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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  January 16, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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they will have to relocate and that's the third franchise to relocate in just the past combreer. st combreer. this is ktvu fox news
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mornings on 2, welcome to the 9:00 show. we have le bron james in town, that's a big story today. also sal, you were just talking about the hiring process for the fort -- 49ers. the patriot's offensive coach is out of the mix. changing to politics, about the lawmakers not attending the inauguration, i asked people on twitter, nine said it's okay,
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exactly nine said, no, it's not. is it the right thing to do? we will talk about that later on. we begin with events being held across the country today in honor of martin luther king junior. >> i have a dream. my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. >> that was from the i have a dream speech. five years after that speech, he was assassinated. martin luther king day is a federal holiday and also a day of service. thousands of people turned out in oakland for the 15th
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annual musical tribute honoring martin luther king. the event honored martin luther king but also marked how far the nation has come in terms of voting rights and civil rights. barbara lee was there talking about the growing controversy in washington over president- elect donald trump's tweet slamming john lewis. >> he does not know his history. congress man john lewis is a great leader. he is not just about talk, he represents his district, he helped to pass the voting rights act. he is a magnificent legislator. it's a shame that he took him on like it he did, not very
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presidential. >> the congresswoman is boycotting the nawg rawtion because of his treatment of john lewis -- inauguration because of his treatment of john lewis. what used to be called the freedom train is making a special ride to remember doctor king's march from selma to montgomeraalabama -- montgomery alabama. we got a break from the rain over the weekend. we needed to let the water levels come down. they are running high but they
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have come down, that helps a bit. fog is a big story. also rain is on the way, wednesday, friday, sunday and maybe next monday. it's not as wet as the last storm but it's impressive. fog is the big story in the valleys today. this is the leading edge of the system here. it's cold this morning. if you are in the fog it's really cold and foggy. look at that, it's nice eventually for the coast but it brings the fog over san pablo bay, it looks like the start of another wet pattern, the cold air is in place, today is mostly sunny after the fog. tuesday is nice. rain kicks in wednesday. then another system friday, then another system monday. there is not a lot on the
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wednesday system but the system coming in friday, look at that, two to 3 inches. then saturday looks okay. then look what happens sunday into next monday. if santa rosa gets 5 inches of rain, the russian river will have seven and a half inches. so, i hate to say it, but enjoy the break while you can, it looks pretty wet going forward. things need to be watched as we head towards the weekend. >> thank you steve. with the presidential inauguration four days away, the political divide in washington, dc is deepening. some democrats are refusing the attend the inauguration.
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>> reporter: here in dc, people are arriving to celebrate the inauguration, others are coming to protest it. here in washington, they use standins for the incoming president and first lady to run through the program. this is a massive undertaking and it's hardly going to be routine. >> i won the election because of strong borders and trade. >> reporter: but president- elect donald trump took on other targets including the director of the cia, john brennan and john lewis.
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on60 minutes last night, president obama argued that partisanship is out of control. >> it's gotten so out of hand that we are weakening ourselves. >> reporter: back at the capitol, as we get closer to the event, the chairman of the inaugural committee said president-elect donald trump wanted something scaled back not a political rally. >> we went to the direction of the president elect who said, i do not want to do that, it's not appropriate after what we went through. we need a healing kind of an inauguration, we do not need a celebration of me. >> reporter: as far as president-elect donald trump's twitter account, he said he attends to keep the account active even after he gets the
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official potus account. 23 democrats have joined the boycott. seven of them are from california including barbara lee. she will be talking about her decision to us at ktvu fox news, you can see that interview live during today's 4:00 show. new this morning, president- elect donald trump will take office with a lower approval rating than the past four presidentsment right now his rating is 44%, that compares to 83 for president obama, 61% for george bush in 2001 and 68 for bull bill in 1993. we have our political analyst. president-elect donald trump is at odds are the nation's intelligence community and he
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has an interesting relationship with the press, mexico is not liking the idea of a border tax. >> you would never want to go in with a 44% approval rating but people are going to have to take time to see how this administration rolls out. if you start at the beginning saying, this is going to be a disaster, to use president- elect donald trump's word, it's a self-fulfilling prophesy. the american process includes giving the next president a chance to prove themselves. >> does this effect his inaugural address friday. >> i do not think it impacts that. the address sets the scene for the future. >> what is the tone? >> i think it's going to be lofty, he will take bits and
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pieces of other inaugurals in terms of setting the 16. >> will he write his own speech? he is not a conventional person. sometimes other presidents had people write their speeches, will he be conventional or will he wing it? >> i think he will not wing it, i think he will receive input. i knew one of the presidential speech writers years ago, it's a tightly controlled thing, even though he goes off script a lot, i think he will stick to the script here. >> is it a lawmaker's duty to witness the peaceful transition of power. >> i think that a lawmaker needs to follow their conscience but they have to
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remember that they are representing their constituents witnessing a peace of transfer of power, they are represents the democracy in america. i might take issue with it, understanding that people have to follow their conscience. >> we talked about the relationship with the media, the news conference, i will play a clip. >> not you, not you, your organization is terrible. not you. >> sir, can we ask a question. >> no. do you have any concerns going forward with the freedom of the press and the first amendment. >> every administration has problems with certain members
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of the media. how vociferous he is, it's of concern, eventually he has to change hi toner with the media, but make no mistake, there is precedents for all of these things of course president nixon had a list of enemies. so did the obama administration. >> that's censorship. you are censoring someone from asking a question. >> what is the difference, the president always has a select list of people they are going to talk to. if you are not on the list, they are not calling on you any way. to be honest, a lot of that is show, every four years, the american public does not understand it but when there is a media conference, they have preselected the people that are asking the questions. but he is abrasive.
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he has to talk that down, same with that twitter account. someone has to hide that from him. put it in the closet or something. >> thank you for joining us, we have been talking about the number of democratic lawmakers boycotting the inauguration, today we are asking, do you support their decision boycott, why or why not? >> foster said, they have the right to choose what they want but i support them not attending. another twitter user said they are small minded people. another person said, no support for boycotting, people need to be realize he is becoming our next president. >> you can share your responses at ktvu, the nine. coming up, a baby found
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after being stolen from a hospital 19 years later. >> the roof of a sports arena collapsing in the czeh republic. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. new at 9:00, the fbi said the wife of the man that carried out the mass shooting at the pulse nightclub in orlando florida has been arrested here in the bay area in connection with the shooting. her parents live in rodeo. she has been charged with obstruction. she told investigators she did not know anything about her husband's plans to attack the newt club but investigators believe she knew and did
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nothing to stop him. she is expected in federal court in san francisco tomorrow, this is a developing story we will follow it and have more information at noon. on friday, we told you about a baby stolen from a florida hospital being found alive 18 years later. now we are getting more information about the case, the wot she was with is facing kidnapping charge. the victim and her long lost family cannot begin to understand it. >> reporter: a mix of emotions for a woman kidnapped hours after she was born, from a jacksonville hospital. police said they found her in good health but overwhelmed. >> she had an idea, beginning a
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couple of months ago, that she may have been involved in this. >> there is always hope, i believe that there is always hope. >> reporter: using dna analysis they believe she's the stolen baby. >> i am not revealing her name, the name she's lived under for all of these years. >> reporter: police have arrested gloria williams on kidnapping charges, she could face life in prison. >> i am so glad, i cannot wait to see her. >> reporter: the woman's biological family is overwhelmed and have spoken with her. >> she was so glad. she looks like her daddy, she sounds so intelligent and
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respectful and she said she will be here to see us. >> just incredible. a whole lifetime. >> imagine getting that knock on the door, your mom is not who you think she is. new video showing the moment a roof collapse inside of a sports arena in the czech republic. everyone was able to make it out safely. they were inside of the arena for a sports event. this event was the first one to be held inside of the building. >> first event? wow. coming up next, after 40 years in business, a popular bar in walnut creek is closing its doors. >> it could mean the difference between life and death to a
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family. >> a state trooper is getting a lot of attention on social media, the creative way he communicates with the public to keep people out of jail and alive. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. after 150 years of entertaining people. the ringling circus is going out of business. we have more on this story. >> reporter: the circus first put up it's big top in 1871. the snow went through the depression and a lot of changes in american society put the beginning of the end came in may after they retired their
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elephants because of conflicts with animal rights groups. then they decided they quo not go -- could not go on. >> we had a sharp drop in attend answer, that led us to this decision. >> reporter: the parent company of the circus said the decision was more difficult because of the amazing fans that have become part of your family over the years, we are grateful fo the families that made us part of their lives for generations. peta tweeted, after 36 years, we her ald the -- herald the end of the saddest show on earth, shaq tweeted, no, please do not close. the last show will take place
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in uniondale new york. the cleveland cavilers will be making an appearance tonight. tickets are not cheap. one fan paid $52,000 for court side seats. you can find less expensive tickets on the secondary market, in other words, scalpers, for seats higher up in the stands. happening today, the chicago cubs are going to be at the white house meeting president obama for one of his final days as president. the president is a white sox fan but he was quick to
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congratulate them on the win. >> it's a chicago connection, if means more, even though he is a white sox fan, he is a chicago guy, it's special for him. >> they could have waited, but they wanted to make it happen before he left office. ticket prices are already falling for the super bowl. the prices dropped minutes after the cowboys lost to the packers. before the game, the cheapest ticket was $4,000. minutes after the loss, it dropped to $3,300. it's going to be played in huston, four hours from dallas. a trooper is getting a lot
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of attention on social media as i has been sending messages about safety. he uses emojis. >> if i can get people to not drink and drive or to wear their seat belts, because i make a creative tweet, it's a win/win strks he said he is already starting to treem about emojis because he -- dream about emojis because he tweets so much. coming up, he was the last person to get out of the deadly oakland warehouse fire alive. we hear about his long road to recovery, ahead. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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so make the time... to take your time because one day just isn't enough. here, there is magic for days. . welcome back, we are checking twitter, our question
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of the day is about some lawmakers not going to the inauguration, boycotting it. do you agree with the decision? the responses are split. one man said, he needs to be there to represent me. >> another says, i too have serious doubts about the legitimateness of the election. >> another said, a president is your president, like him or not. another said, they should follow their conscience and boycott trump. >> one woman said, their duty is to respect the people. everyone needs to realize that
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trump is becoming the president. >> you can always reach us on twitter, just use ktvu as a hashtag. at feast five people are dead, a dozen are wounded at a shooting in mexico. it happened at a resort south of cancun. people ran into the streets to get away from the gun fire. one woman was killed in the stampede. several americans were among the victims. officials are saying, this was not a terrorist attack, people were shooting at each other inside of the club. at at least three people have been detained and the investigation is just beginning. here at home, california highway patrol is investigating after a man was shot in a
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freeway shooting on highway 242 in concord. it happen north of solano way. one man was wowppedded but his injuries are not life threatening. california highway patrol found the men at a gas station near the freeway. the suspect's car drove off into the city of concord. if you have any information call the california highway patrol. san francisco police are searching for a man accused of a vicious machete attack at the civic center bart station on the night of january sixth. the suspect is african american, 30 to 40 years old, 200 pounds. the man was attacked with a large machete, he had serious cuts on his head and hand.
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there is no word on a motor if the victim knew his attacker. thank you. in washington, dc, on this day of service and reflection, people are gathering at the martin luther king national memorial. the memorial is within sight of the lincoln memorial, the location of the famous i have a dream speech in 1963. the reverend alsharphon and corey booker were in attendance. we are live from a breakfast where a lot of people
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have gathered to moner martin luther king. >> reporter: this breakfast just kicked off, hundreds of people are here, they are celebrating the life of doctor martin luther king junior. in the crowd is congresswoman barbara lee and the former chairman of the black panther party. martin luther king was an icon of the civil rights movement. his birthday is also known as a day of service. that's why they are putting this event on, to talk about the importance of community service. >> on this day of service, what better day to lift up the necessity to provide community service and the challenge to individuals to go out to their
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community and do something around community service. >> reporter: the center provides mental health counseling and help for domestic violence victims and veterans. when the event ends organizers are asking people to do something for their community today, trying to make it a better place, in honor of what doctor king stood for. a bar in walnut creek is closing its doors after hundreds of complaints of fights and
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public drunkenness. a final party is being how old for crogans tomorrow. we have been following another story, from lefty's restaurant. >> reporter: the building's owner and the restaurant's owner say that they own the rights to lefties, that means the name and the famous memorabilia. lefties has been here since 1958. the owner, whose family has run in since 1998, decided to not renew the lease because the building is in need of repairs, he said that the building owner is not willing to make the repairs. >> there is a lot of
9:37 am
maintenance and, it would cost several million dollars to bring it up to code. they are hoping that they can bring the charm but not the backed up toilets and the leaked ceilings someplace else. >> reporter: the owner said he plans to relocate but the landlords said he owns the rights to the name. it looks like the case will be heading to court. there is a press conference happening about the restaurant at 2:00. it's been six weeks since the deadly oakland warehouse fire that took the lives of 36 people. we are hearing from the parents of the last person to get out
9:38 am
of the fire alive. of the fire alive. samuel eaches the last person to get out of the fire. we spoke to his parents. >> reporter: his parents left their home in stockton two days after the fire and now they spend everyday visiting their spend everyday visiting their son, samuel eaches they agreed to meet us at a cafe near the hospital. >> he tepghted me saying, i am out and i am alive. >> reporter: their son had been to the ghost ship several times before the fire, he smelled the smoke and was helping the dj look fosh electrical problems when the lights went out. >> he felt his way along the wall and the floor and he got down, he knew his way around and he found his way to the front door. >> reporter: he was set ob the
9:39 am
last person to make -- said to be the last person to make it out alive. when he made it to the burn unit, he found out his situation was much more serious than he thought and he was put into an induced coma. >> they said they needed to intubate him because his throat was swelling, he had not seen him or talked to him. they asked, how far away are you, i said an hour, they said they could not wait that long. because of the materials that were in the fire in the warehouse, what ever he inhaled effected his ability to process oxygen. >> reporter: sam is a wake but
9:40 am
cannot move or talk. >> they put in a trachea tube. >> reporter: his recovery will be long so his family and friends are having fundraisers. >> he needs to learn to walk, to reuse his hands, every muscle in his body has to come back to life. >> reporter: they do not know how much of the fire he remembers. >> he must have known, his friends knew that people had died but nobody knew the extent. >> he does not know if friends of his were trapped. >> reporter: they are grateful for the support of sam's friends and they do not forget how lucky they are to have their son with them. coming up next on mornings on 2 mornings on 2, who is in the running to take home an
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academy award. >> president obama opens up on his discussions with president- elect donald trump and his plans for he and his family to move out of the white house >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. in pacifica today, some work is expected on a massive sinkhole that opened up. the city said an underground drainage pipe is to blame. the hole started out on a smaller scale but the recent rains opened it up to a massive
9:44 am
size. visitors saw an amazing phenomenon at yosemite national park. it's called frazzle ice, the crystals made the water look like a giant slushy. nancy pelosi joined san francisco mayor ed lee for a rally on the steps of city hall, it was against repealing the affordable care act. >> we need to speak up as california i i -- californians and citizens. >> they said repealing the
9:45 am
affordable care act could cause 4.9 million americans to lose healthcare. president-elect donald trump said his new plan for healthcare will be easier and less expensive, he also said he will demand that drug companies will lower their prices but he did not reveal any deals on the replacement plans. president obama has spoken about advice he game president- elect donald trump in an interview on 60 minutes. >> the one thing that i said to him directly and i would advise my republican friends in congress, just make sure that, as we go forward, certain norms, certain institutional traditions do not get eroded because there is a reason that they are in place. when asked what he plans to do immediately after leaving
9:46 am
the white house, he said he wants to spend time with his wife. get caught up on sleep and not set the alarm clock. the san francisco 49ers said the search for a new head coach continues but the list of potential candidates is shrinkink. josh mcdaniels said he would rather stay i with the patriots. there are more reports that the raider's owner mark davis is not waiting long to file papers to move the team to las vegas. he will file in the coming
9:47 am
days, league owners seem more open to allowing teams to relocate. it will be the third franchise to be relocate in the past year. the chiefs and steelers matchup was slightly delayed because of ice in the area. late in the fourth quarter. the second touch down of the game. there was a flag on the play, was it a hold? an aggressive call. then the conversion was no good. the steelers win it and they face the patriots. the cowboys hosted the
9:48 am
packers this a nail bite -- in a nail biter. in the third quarter rogers sends the ball to cook, a wide open touch down. then the cowboys tied it up. later the two teams traded field goals, then the packers get the game winning three pointer just a second before the time expired. we were all yelling at the tv. >> it was crazy. crosby is the first kicker to make two field goals, 50 yards or longer, in the final minutes of a post season game. >> i will leave now so you can
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geek out. i was on a walk when the game was on. i did not see a second of it. coming up next, prom season comes early for teenagers in southern california. a special celebration and the thing that they have in common that brought them together. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break s after the break with the xfinity tv app,
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. now to an unusual rescue in southern california. the coast guard rescued a sea lion. after an hour, he hopped on to the coast guard both and hitch a ride to -- both and hitched -- boat and hitched a ride to shore. brie larson and jennifer hudson will be announcing the academy award nominations. the presentation will be live streamed. jimmy kimmel will be hosting
9:53 am
the show. >> i like the live performance. national parks are waving entrance fees in honor the martin luther king day. it's a first of 10 free days being offered at national parks this year. around the bay area, people will be volunteering in honor of martin luther king. in richmond, people are planting trees along the green way. there is also a moment of silence after the community service project. the event starts at 9:00 this morning. >> also in honor of martin luther king, an oakland church, the ever green baptist church tried to help the homeless. they gave away blankets and toilet toiletries to those in
9:54 am
need. >> this could be any of us and the need has grown. we had a lot of people last year, this year it's more. >> this is the sixth year for the blankets and blessings event. prom season has come early for some teenagers in glendale, they all share one trait. >> the music, the dancing and the makeup. >>orter: all of these children have one thing in common, they all have kidney disease. >> i did not go to my prom, i did not want other teens to miss this coming of age event and i wanted them to come to a place where they felt accepted and where they could create
9:55 am
friendships that last a lifetime lifetime. >> reporter: these two friends met in chej. >> i needed a kidney, she had one. >> i did not know we were going to be a match but it came together. that's how we knew that it was meant to be. >> reporter: now they are more than friends, they are family. >> when she has babies i will be one third their mother. >> reporter: this 15 year old received her kidney from a deceased little girl. >> i knew that god was with me. >> this was what she looked like before her transplant, her mother said she was near death. >> it was a miracle. >> reporter: the event featured
9:56 am
actor, jack black. >> it year's theme is fantasy magic so i brought my magic wand. >> reporter: he seen stayed and took pictures and signed autographs. >> how could you say no to such a great cause, they get to have a prom, otherwise they could not. >> reporter: doctors say diabetes and high blood pressure are the biggest reasons for kidney failure in adults. a man in oakland was shot in the chest after a robbery. he was told he would never walk or talk, now he is doing both. we have going to talk -- are going to talk with him
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tomorrow. >> very nice. thank you for watching everyone, have a great rest of your monday morning. see you back here at noon. e at noon. at ikea, we believe everyone should be able to afford a well organized closet. mama, my throat hurts. and a few extra minutes in the morning. you've got ten more minutes. make room for what matters. woman: college today. career tomorrow
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