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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 16, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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the orlando florida pulse nightclub massacre just arrested in the bay area. >> a contra costa deputy finds himself on the wrong side of the law. honoring the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. we will show you the events underway. ktvu fox 2 news afternoon starts now. good afternoon i'm gasia mikaelian the wife of the orlando nightclub shooter is in custody, noor salman was taken into custody in rodeo facing charges in florida including obstruction of justice, she is scheduled to be in federal court in oakland tomorrow. she moved to the bay area where she is originally from after her husband omar mateen was killed in the june 12 shootout with swat members at the pulse nightclub in orlando. this is video from when she was questioned, coming up. she told investigators she did
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not know anything about his plan but prosecutors say they believe she did know and did nothing to stop him. omar mateen pledged allegiance to isis during the standoff, 49 people were killed in the nightclub attack. stay with for continuing coverage on her arrest and follow us on twitter and facebook for developments. people are honoring dr. martin luther king jr. on this federal holiday. this is a live picture showing you san francisco as people gather just wrapping up the annual march from the caltrain station, one minute ago we took this video, you see the group arriving at the station in san francisco after arriving from san jose at 11:00 this morning. the train ride is being called the celebration train it used to be called the freedom train, the train left san jose at 9:45 this one.
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it is a 54 mile ride to remember the distance of dr. king's 1965 march in alabama, 1200 people showed up to ride, spirits were high. >> people are ready to celebrate the life of a great man, even standing in line people have been very friendly, the mood is great and the light. but also, people are remembering what dr. king did for the country in terms of civil rights and voting.>> the events include a musical performance in just over one hour, then there will be a film festival later this afternoon. nancy pelosi is in the bay area for dr. martin luther king jr. day she attended the community breakfast in san francisco, mer at the end other politicians were on hand, the
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labor leader was being honored for her service. >> historically, we are here to observe and honor dr. martin luther king jr. and in doing so it is what can i say everything to all of us. >> the mlk foundation hosted more events following the breakfast. in oakland people are gathering at the plaza outside of city hall, we will bring you a live picture easily hundreds of people gathering now, the group is organized by the anti- police terror project they are rallying right now at the plaza and then they will march to lake merritt the event is expected to last until 2:00 this afternoon. earlier today a brunch to honor dr. king. more on how attendees plan to carry on his legacy. >> this breakfast is being held
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in honor of dr. martin luther king jr., in the crowd is congresswoman dr. barbara lee and the former chairman of the black panther party they are here to celebrate the legacy of dr. king. he was an icon in the civil rights movement fighting for equality and justice for minorities. 's birthday is a known of a day of service. that is why social services wanted to put on the event to talk about the importance of community service. >> from this day of service, what better day to continue to provide community service and a challenge to individuals to go to the community and do something. >> social services helped economic disadvantage communities. they provide many services such as mental health counseling and help for domestic violence victims. a call for action is being made
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for the breakfast, organizers are asking everyone to commit to doing something for the community today to make it a better place. which is following in the tradition of what dr. king stood for, from oakland janine de la vega ktvu fox 2 news barbara lee joined the people for the 15th annual musical tribute honoring dr. king last night. >> the event is not only honored dr. king but also marked how far the nation has come in race relations since the 60s. congresswoman barbara lee presented the humanitarian award to gwen upshaw a youth outreach worker, she talked about the growing controversy in washington over president- elect donald trump street criticizing john lewis. >> you don't defend him. he must not know his history, john lewis is a great
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humanitarian and civil rights leader. is not just about talk. he represents his district he passed out the voting rights act, he is a magnificent legislator, donald trump has no clue. it is great he took him on. but not very presidential. >> lee is boycotting the inauguration of donald trump because of his comments and today she will be live on the ktvu news at 4:00. 23 house democrats have joined the boycott, seven from california along with congresswoman lee involving jared huffman and four others from southern california. joel waldman on more of the back-and-forth between the president-elect and congressman john lewis days from the inauguration. >> on mlk day a few to simmering between donald trump
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and congressman john lewis. the congressman says he does not view mr. trump as a legitimate president in part because lewis believes russia interfered in the us election. mr. trump turning to his weapon of choice, twitter. congressman john lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district which is in horrible shape falling apart not to mention crime infested rather than complaining about the election results. all talk, no action or results. that tweet as mr. trump's approval rating is lower than his three predecessors and his more than 20 democratic lawmakers say they won't attend the inauguration, team trump imploring congressman lewis to reconsider his comments. >> the president-elect would love to talk to him and anybody else that wants to further the goal of uniting the country. >> mr. trump fighting with john brennan questioning if he leaked the fake news about russia after the director
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cautioned the president-elect on fox news sunday about cozying up. >> mr. trump has to understand, absolving russia of various actions that have taken in the past number of years is a road he needs to be very very careful about. >> mr. trump is spending part of the holiday meeting with martin luther king the third the oldest living child of the civil rights leader discussing his father's legacy, joel waldman fox news. stay with us for coverage of donald trump's inauguration, we will carry it live on friday right here on ktvu fox 2 news chp investigating a shooting on highway 242 in concord. at 5:00 last night north of solano way, shots were fired at two men in a black mercedes, one was hit and suffered injuries. the other man was not hurt.
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chp found the men at a gas station not far from the freeway, the car with the shooter drove into the city of concord. >> hopefully, we will get surveillance and right now that is where we are on the freeway trying to plan out and get the map on what direction they came from. >> investigators are looking for witnesses, if you know anything called the chp. highway patrol trying to find witnesses for another shooting yesterday shots were fired at a car in the westbound lanes of 80 near carlson boulevard, no one was hurt chp says the passengers in the vehicle are cooperating with investigators. these are the latest of recent various freeways including a shooting in december on interstate 580 in oakland near harrison street where two people were hurt, both victims were in the same car. police are investigating a crash involving a small
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sightseeing car, a yellow car collided with a toyota at 24 street yesterday afternoon. two people in the golkar were ejected and taken to the hospital, the driver of the toyota says the car ran a red light but police are investigating the crash. repairs underway in the city of pacifica after a massive sinkhole opens up over the weekend. what may have been the cause. we check in with our meteorologist for your work week forecast and when the rain returns. a deadly shooting at a nightclub at a mexican resort, some of the details we are now learning about the victims.
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mexican police say a gunman has killed four people and wounded nine others at a nightclub in mexico in a resort south of cancun people ran into the streets to escape the gunfire, one woman was killed in the stampede and several americans are among the victims. officials say this was not a terrorist attack and at least two people were shooting at each other. the resort was holding a music festival that is popular with tourists, at least three people were detained. an investigation underway into a cargo plane crash.
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the crash killed at least 37 people and destroyed 23 out of the 43 homes in the village. many of those killed were on the ground, the plane went down in foggy conditions. one of the flight recorders has been recovered. the latest in mosul where iraqi special forces say they have liberated all of easternmost macbook today fighting broke out. farther north in syria a new front has been opened against isis. co paolo with the latest. >> iraqi forces taking the fight to isis in mosul trying to gain full control over the eastern half of the city. government troops reached the tigris river which divides the city, they are facing tough resistance from isis fighters but troopssay they are clearing the last isis remnants from the east now waiting on words across the river. >> after we have liberated the
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area we set up a new front line and are waiting for orders to move on. >> isis is running out of steam and the suicide bombers are in non-armored cars making them easy pickings for iraqi artillery, but the fight is taking a massive toll on the population many refusing to return to what continues to be an unstable situation. >> mortars were falling on us we were worried the children would get hurt. >> further west isis under pressure in syria, government troops opening a new front against the terror group south of rocca the self-proclaimed isis capital, tribal forces say they have isis on the run north of aleppo. >> the turkish brothers are helping us and they are providing us with a logistic information and the work continues to liberate the area. >> european foreign ministers
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are meeting in brussels hoping to coordinate humanitarian aid for civilians displaced from the fight. connor paolo, fox news. to meteorologist rosemary orozco. >> no rain today or tomorrow but we have rain coming back to the bay area by the second part of the week we had a good amount in january and the next series will come in storm number one on wednesday, number two on friday, number three perhaps on sunday. let's look outside we do have partly cloudy skies mostly clear started out with a little bit of fog this morning, most of it has cleared, looking at a little bit of haze there is a got with mostly blue skies and another from the d estuary as we look to the west mostly clear skies, visibility has improved i will look at your visibility in just a moment. let's look from up above a bit
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off in offshore breeze helping to bring in the fog from the central valley this money, over the north bay dealing with a little cloud cover and visibility anywhere from one to three miles in the area visibility limited in some areas but you shouldn't have any trouble driving through the area but a little bit of haze and a little bit of fog, 48 degrees in brentwood, 48 in livermore around the bay, low 50s in berkeley, san rafael, 48 , 41 degrees in santa rosa and to the south bay 50 degrees. as we get to the afternoon a lot of 50s for today, low 50s for the inner east bay, 54 in the north bay, 56 in san francisco to the south 57 for san jose into the second part of the afternoon, hopefully you have the day off. as we mentioned changes are
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coming here we are as we get into tuesday notice an increase in cloud cover there is storm number one knocking on the door, by midmorning on wednesday, wednesday could be wet and windy, thursday we do have scattered showers in the forecast, friday storm number two there it is as we get to saturday, saturday looks decent, dry with sunshine on saturday and then storm number three roles in early on. this will change but that is what we are looking at for the time being, by sunday night three to five inches possible of accumulation when all said and done with the three storms in the books. giving you a look at the extended forecast, mostly sunny skies in the upper 50s today, tuesday increasing cloud cover by late in the day, there is the first system arriving wednesday, showers on thursday, friday storm number two a bit of a dry day on saturday and
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then sunday storm number three, temperatures will be falling off and snow levels will be dropping down into the foothills for the sierra by the weekend which means we might see some snow here as well. pacifica crews begin major work on a massive sinkhole that opened in a shared parking lot between a fire station and a church, and aging underground drainage pipe is to blame, the sinkhole started on a much smaller scale but the recent rains have not helped, it is 40 feet across and 15 feet deep it could take to the end of february to complete repairs. cleanup underway after storms caused the russian river to overflow damaging homes and businesses, there are dumpsters set up so residents can dump waterlogged debris the city is also asking for help sweeping up the mud and trash that was pushed down by the floodwaters, today the community cleanup goes until 4:00 this afternoon.
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city leaders have told property owners to remove chemicals and paint from under homes and low shelf areas to prevent contamination of the water. coming up, and east bay restaurant bar is closing its doors because of a dispute with the city over where it is located.
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thousands across the country
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are showing their efforts to oppose repealing of the affordable care act. last week republicans voted passed measures paving the way for repealing the affordable care act. >> we need to speak up as californians and americans, as citizens, we need to heed the call we need to stand up and speak out. >> nurses gathered for a rally at richmond city hall, repealing the affordable care act could cause as many as 4.9 million californians to lose health insurance. in an interview with the washington post donald trump said the replacement healthcare plan he is working on will meet interns for everybody. the new plan will be much simpler and less expensive, he also said he will demand drug companies lower their prices and he said benefits will not
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be cut. he did not reveal any details. president obama talking about every -- advice he has given president-elect trump. >> the one thing i have said to him directly and i would advise my republican friends and congress, just make sure that as we go forward, certain norms , certain institutional traditions don't get eroded. because there is a reason they are in place. >> when asked what he plans to do immediately after leaving the white house present obama said he wants to spend time with his wife get caught up on sleep and not set the alarm clock. samsung will announce the results of its investigation into what caused some galaxy note 7 phones to catch fire early indications suggest it was the battery, they were
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forced to remove the smartphones from the shelf in october putting a big dent in its profits and a bigger strike against its reputation. samsung will launch the galaxy s 8 this year. mark zuckerberg is defending his company in a high- stakes technology lawsuit, it is claimed the oculus pbr was built on stolen technology. facebook bought oculus for $2 million in 2014. the social media giant says the lawsuit is without merit. we are expecting to learn more about the future of a longtime san francisco bar and restaurant. the owner is in a dispute with a landlord over the rights to the restaurant he says he plans to close the business and reopen it at a different location but the property owner says he owns the restaurant and the memorabilia
12:26 pm
inside. meanwhile, crogan's is closing after 39 years , they announced they will be closing monday, january 23, they cite an ongoing battle with the city of walnut creek. the bar was ordered to stop serving alcohol at midnight. this comes after hundreds of calls over the past four years for fights and public drunkenness, a fellow party will be january 22. still ahead, a deputy facing attempted murder charges , what the deputy did to force partygoers to detain him until police arrived. nearly 6 weeks after the deadly ghost ship house fire the last person to make it out alive remains hospitalized. we will hear about his long journey to recovery. with the xfinity tv app,
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a contra costa deputy has been arrested in connection with a shooting at a house party over the weekend in sacramento. >> police arrived to find other partygoers detaining the deputy. >> sacramento police responding to a small downtown house party after reports of shots fired. >> i saw the gun. >> 23-year-old kyle rowland arrested booked on five counts
12:30 pm
of attempted murder at the time of the incident, roland was a deputy for the contra costa county sheriff's department. >> we saw him creeping around the house and then we saw him come back after he left. >> here is video of kyle rowland being taken into custody but it was not police that subdued him, it was other people at the party. >> we saw him over here and my friend joe tackled him and i came down to get the gun out of his hand.>> police believe kyle rowland got his injuries when the men stopped in to stop him . >> it was in the moment, we just did it. >> the men were restraining kyle rowland when they arrived, they confiscated two guns but were not sure if either of those guns was his service firearm. kyle rowland not just a
12:31 pm
sheriff's deputy, also a prominent blues musician in sacramento, lead singer and harmonica player for the kyle rowland blues band. [ music ] >> held by the west coast blues hall of fame as the best new artist of 2009 and he played frequently at a number of local venues. >> the contra costa county sheriff's department says he joined as a deputy in october. he was let go of his duties after the arrest. two people recovering after a shooting in a popular shopping area around 9:30 saturday night at christie avenue and shall mont street, two people were found with gunshot wounds, the suspect's vehicle was a white or silver
12:32 pm
four-door sedan. central marin police have decided on a new police chief the interim police chief michael norton will be appointed as chief next month after taking over as interim chief last august. norton is a native who will take over the department february 2, san francisco police are searching for a man accused in a machete attack. police have released these images of the attacker slashing a passenger at the civic center bart and muni session -- station. he used a machete in an attack. you can see him holding the machete behind his back in the pictures. the victim suffered serious cuts, no word on a motive and we don't know if the victim knew his attacker. more and more guns are being confiscated by tsa agents. a report shows the tsa confiscated nearly 3400 guns at
12:33 pm
airports nationwide averaging out to about nine every day. more than 80% of the weapons were actually loaded, 30% more than last year and significantly higher than the first studies done. >> definitely frightening but you can't let it stop you from living your life. i won't miss a chance to travel because i think it might happen. >> aviation experts say people who know the rules and try to sneak weapons on their carry-on bags anyway. the increase is linked to stricter security by tsa. and arson investigation underway after a fire that injured an employee, investigators say they saw someone light something on fire at the somerville town center. fire crews could be seen pushing grocery carts full of burning material out of the
12:34 pm
building. an employee was injured while trying to put out the flames, nobody has been named in connection to the fire. the latest on the oakland warehouse fire tragedy, for the first time we are hearing from the parents from the last known person to make it out alive. >> samuel maxwell remains in the burn unit and he was forced into a coma. leigh martinez and spoke with his parents who say there is a very difficult recovery process i had. >> bill and wendy maxwell left their home in stockton two days after the ghost ship fire and they now spend every day at the st. francis burn unit visiting maxwell. they agreed to meet at a cafi near the hospital. >> he texted me and said i am out, i am alive. i had no idea. >> their son had been to the ghost ship party several times before the fire on december 2.
12:35 pm
he smelled the smoke and was helping the dj look for electrical problems when the lights went out and flames came through the floorboards. >> sam felt his way along the wall and got down and he knew his way well enough around to find his way back to the front door. >> sam was the last person to make it out alive. he had friends taken to highland hospital but he was transferred to st. francis because of the smoke inhalation. when he made it to the burn unit he found out his situation was much more serious and he would have to be induced into a coma. >> they put me through to his doctor immediately. she talked to me about what was going on and said they needed to ink a bit him because his throat was swelling. i said i haven't seen him or talk to him. she said how far away are you? she said i'm sorry, i can't wait. >> sam spent five weeks in a
12:36 pm
medically induced coma breathing through a ventilator. >> because of the different toxins and the different materials in the fire, whatever he inhaled, it affected his ability to process oxygen. >> sam is now awake but cannot move or talk. >> they put in a throat tube. >>'s recovery will be long so his family and friends have fundraisers on gofundme. >> he has to learn how to talk and reuse his hands every single muscle in his whole body. >> they don't know how much of the fire sam remembers but he does not know the enormity of the loss. >> he must have known and i'm sure his friends knew people had died. but they didn't know at that point the extent. >> he certainly doesn't know if his friends were trapped. >> they are grateful for the
12:37 pm
support of his friends and they don't forget how lucky they are to still have their son with them. in san francisco, leigh martinez ktvu fox 2 news. sad news from nasa, jean serna and an early nasa astronaut the last man to step foot on the moon died today, the news was announced in this tweet he was 82 years old, details are not known but he was the commander of apollo 17 in december 1972 the last lunar mission and when the final apollo flights. still to come, the 49ers continue their search for a head coach but there are now reports they may be honing in on a pick. the golden state warriors gearing up for a big game tonight, a rematch of the nba finals getting ready to host lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers. and we will check back with rosemary orozco for your
12:38 pm
weekday forecast and details on when the rain will return.
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i have a dream, that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the
12:41 pm
content of their character. i have a dream today. >> today is a federal holiday and a day of service to honor the memory of dr. martin luther king jr. as we have been sharing with you events across the country to recognize his nonviolent efforts to bridge the racial divide. >> kelly wright sits down with the daughter of dr. king to reflect on his legacy.>> the intercontinental hotel in dc is where dr. martin luther king jr. put the finishing touches on his famous i have a dream speech. it is where i sat down with his daughter, bernice to discuss her reflections of her father's legacy. >> one of the things my father was really trying to say to us not just 50 years ago, but 40 years ago all the way 45 when he was assassinated. he was really speaking about humanity and understanding our
12:42 pm
interconnectedness and interrelatedness. that is why he talked about sitting down at a table of brotherhood's, us understanding we are one huge human family. that is why he talked about the content of their character. >> what can you do to spur that kind of thinking again to have people refocus on the moral clarity and a courageous leadership and the unselfish service that your father championed. >> the thing about what happened in connecticut, that should have jolted us like nothing else, six-year-olds losing their life so senselessly. thinking about chicago and all the little boys and kids, the young people killing each other , what has happened to society can turn away from that kind of situation and not
12:43 pm
realize this speaks to who we are as a nation and it is a cancer in our society, the situation with trayvon martin there are several cases like that not just in the black community.>> he talked about extremism, he said you have a choice of being an extremist of hate and he chose to be an extremist of love. >> one of the most important traits in unconditional love is the capacity to forgive. it is very easy to become bitter and angry. it is easy to want to take revenge. it is the capacity to have the mentality that says i destroying them a part of me is being destroyed, because they are part of my humanity, my dad lost his life, look what the world has gained, even though communal, he didn't make it to see that promise land and everybody hasn't made it, but
12:44 pm
there are people that benefiting from the life and ultimately the sacrifice that he made. >> bernice king, dr. king once said i have decided to stick with love, hate is too great of a burden to bear.'s words still have meaning today. in new york, kelly wright, foxnews. looking outside, a break in the rain and for that we are thankful, the rain isn't done though. >> we have three storms coming our way as we get to the second part of the week storm number one expected on wednesday, number two coming on friday, number three on sunday, going to bring a total amount of anywhere from four to five inches. let's look outside right now we are enjoined a dry date hopefully it is a holiday for you. hopefully you get out and about.
12:45 pm
we have mostly clear skies today temperatures are cooling-off but i want to get to the next few days and then we will come back and look at your numbers for today. here we are this afternoon, no rain tuesday is considered the transition day, notice the clouds increasing and we have the storm insight. as we get into wednesday, things start to change, wet and windy for the midweek wednesday, thursday looks like a showery day and then storm number two arrives friday, saturday looking good, saturday if this remains we have sunshine for saturday we will be dry and then sunday the third storm moves in, when it comes to rainfall anywhere from half of an inch up to one inch for the urban areas, one to two for the northbay and two for the coastal hills, it could be windy for many anywhere from 20 to 30 miles per hour gusting up to 40 in the hills.
12:46 pm
snow levels will be dropping, in the sierra we start about past level on wednesday dropping down to 3000 feet by thursday, the second and third storm driving snow levels even further. giving you a view of the visibility issues from this morning we have cleared out pretty good about three miles or so and that is about it, no trouble on the roadway when it comes to visibility, looking at temperatures that are very cool in the northbay, low 40s in santa rosa where they are struggling to clear cloud cover. 48 in nevada, 56 right now in redwood city, 49 in san francisco. afternoon highs today a dry but cool day, 56 in hayward, 56 san francisco, 57 in the south bay, a look at your extended forecast, mostly sunny today, we start tomorrow with a near repeat and then we change into the evening with an increase in cloud cover, system number one on wednesday, number two on
12:47 pm
friday, number three on sunday. temperatures will be cooling-off and snow levels will be dropping perhaps all the way down to 2000 feet by the weekend which means a dusting at home and you will have trouble getting to the sierra. tonight the cleveland cavaliers come back to oracle arena. it is a highly anticipated game a rematch of last season's nba championship, tickets will cost a pretty penny according to espn one fan page $52,000 for four courtside seats tickets are going for $180 online right now. lebron james and the cavaliers are 29-10. and today is the last day to vote for the nba all-star game at last count, steph curry was leading the west followed closely by kevin durant and james harden.
12:48 pm
the starters will be announced on thursday and the reserves will be announced the following week, the all-star game is february 19 in new orleans. the 49ers say their search for a new coach continues, they interviewed tom cable yesterday he is currently the seahawks offense of line coach. he sat down with the team owner in seattle but the 49ers appear to be focused on falcons offense of coordinator kyle shanahan. mark davis won't wait long to file team relocation papers he is asking the league to move to las vegas soon, the deadline is february 17 but davis will file in the coming days, league owners seem to be more open to let teams relocate. we know which teams will face off for the conference championships after both road teams won
12:49 pm
yesterday. the nfl delayed the chiefs and steelers matchup because of a severe ice storm, the steelers never had a touchdown in the game sounds like a losing proposition but chris boswell had six field goals, which is an nfl postseason record. the fourth quarter spencer ware scores they decide to go for two points and it was caught but there was a flag on the plate after the penalty assessed the second attempt on the conversion, no good. steelers win now face the patriots in the afc championship. earlier in the day the cowboys hosted the packers green bay reeled off three scores before dallas could answer. bryant running it in, in the third earn rogers throws it to jared cook.
12:50 pm
in the fourth quarter, the cowboys tied it up at 28 the teams traded field goals and the packers get one more field- goal to send the packers on to face atlanta on sunday. the 2016 world series champions chicago cubs visited the white house. >> they said this day would never come. here is something none of my predecessors ever got a chance to say. welcome to the white house, the world series champion chicago cubs. >> they have had -- not had much time to visit and even though the president is a white sox fan he was quick to congratulate the cubs on their win.
12:51 pm
the team scrambled to make it happen before he left office. the curtain is coming down on the greatest show on earth, why the ringling brothers barnum and bailey circus is closing and how animal rights groups are responding. a quick peek at the roads on this holiday, it has been smooth sailing but we did find one problem. jammed up on westbound 84 after a multi car crash, the roadway is open but it is slow going. keep that in mind as you make your way around. .
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protein. protein proteiny protein. proteiny protein? protein proteiny protein. at least 14 grams of protein. 100 calories. new greek 100 protein. from yoplait. after 150 years the curtain is coming down on the greatest show on earth, ringling brothers barnum and bailey circus made the announcement citing low ticket sales high operating costs and battles with animal rights groups. >> the company will stop operating in may. >> ringling brothers put up the big top in 1871 the show went through the great depression both world wars and changes in american society but the beginning of the end came in may when under extreme criticism
12:55 pm
the circus retired all of its elephants sending them to a reserve in florida. while they continue to showcase other exotic animals, profits dropped to a point where the greatest show on earth decided it could not go on. >> removing the elephants we saw a sharp drop in attending -- attendance. much greater than we anticipated and that has led us to this decision. >> in a statement, the parent company said the decision was more difficult because of the amazing fans that have become a part of the family over the years. we are grateful to the millions of families who have made ringling brothers part of their life's. reaction on social media coming quickly, peter tweeting after 36 years of peta protesting they herald the end of the saddest show on earth, animal rights activists tweeting it is all over.
12:56 pm
the last show will take place on may 21 in uniondale new york. in southern california the coast guard says a young sea lion had a fishing line stuck in its mouth, after about one hour he jumped onto the boat and hitched a ride to short -- short. the animal is now undergoing rehabilitation. the wife of omar mateen set to appear in an oakland courtroom tomorrow morning. today we are hearing from neighbors of noor salman, what we are learning about the charges coming up today at 2:00. thank you for choosing ktvu. we are keeping an eye on all of the events happening around the bay area, more information on
12:57 pm throughout the afternoon.
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>> today, seafood shenanigans. shrimp anden buying scallops all wrong? the dirty little secret you may be paying for. make your kitchen your kingdom. the best gizmos and gadgets of 2017. it's time to throw down and forpound twins fighting their lives. can they be saved? coming up next. ♪[music] >> we'll save lives today! to getguys ready healthy? [cheering] dr. oz: today,


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