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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  January 16, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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in the newsroom with more on what happened. the feds say while omar mateen fired the shots that killed 49 people at that pulse nightclub. his wife knew about the plan and did nothing to stop him from carrying out the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. >> 30 ar-old nora salmon was arrested at her family's home in rodeo. she moved to the area after her husband omar mateen was killed in a shoot out in orlando at the pulse nightclub. f.b.i. agents swooped in the neighborhood about 7:30 in the mornings. this man says his dog started to bark and heard a commotion and car doors. he didn't realize salman was living next door. >> she had nothing to do with it and got arrested. it is weird. overnight, things can change like that. >> this is video of salman a day after the massacre. she originally told
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investigators she didn't know anything about her husband's plans to attack the nightclub but federal prosecutors believe she did know. i have learned that salman was charged with obstructing justice and providing support to a terrorist organization. her husband pledged allegiance during the stake out. omar mateen died in the shoot out. the family has not commented. this woman left the home ignoring questions and drove away. >> i feel like if you were married to somebody and have a child with somebody, she may have had some shots about this and if she said something she would have saved lives and she may not know anything and i hope that's the case. >> in a statement orlando police chief john meana said today there is some relief in
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knowing that someone will be held accountable for that horrific crime. salman will make her first court appearance in oakland and will be there in court and transferred to florida to face the charges there. frank and julie. henry, any word on what potential punishment she is facing if she is found guilty? >> she could face many years in prison but they have to take into account the sentencing guidelines, whether she had previous history and taking into county her level of cooperation with the feds if any. that has to be calculated to find out what the maximum sentence she will face if convicted. henry lee in our newsroom, thank you. a bay area tradition on martin luther king day was kept alike thanks to cal train. for 30 years the freedom train left san jose for san francisco. the 54-mile ride demonstrated the march from selma to montgomery alabama. organizations shut it down
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after dwindling attendance but cal train redescribed it. 1200 boarders were there. >> people are here to celebrate. people have been friendly and talking to one another. the mood is great. the group arrived at the cal train station in san francisco at about 11 this morning. after that, they marched to buena gardens for music performances and a film festival this afternoon. across the street the bay in oakland another group remembered dr. king's radical legacy. starting this morning they went on a two hour march through oakland before arriving at lake merritt. the crowd heard speakers and performers about the current state of race relations in the u.s. and for many people this is a day to remember dr. martin luther king, jr. sacrifice by giving back to their community. volunteers turned out to work on projects throughout the bay area. ktvu's rob roth went to oakland
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where hundreds honored dr. king with a day of service. for hundreds of people today at the rose gardens it was a day to help, help by weeding and pruning and getting this oakland treasure in its 3500 roses back in shape for spring. this is one of dozens of oakland parks where volunteers lent a hand on this day of service in honor of dr. martin luther king, jr. day. there is little things to could to get back around the corner. >> the civil rights leader said life's most persistent and urgent question is what are you doing for others? now some 50 years later there is an answer. >> martin luther king's most important legacy is service in any way, shape or form. mentoring or beautifying the area. >> the years span generations. >> i am 88 and my back is giving out but i am here. >> dozens of volunteers
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providing the oakland animal shelter with a landscaping facelift. some wanted to pass down dr. king's message. >> i think it is important for young people to realize that to make a community stronger you have to give out and be a part of what everybody else is doing fine helping people who try to help and make the world a better delays is good. >> the volunteers did in a day what would have taken week for a gardener to do. >> you can see in the timeline how fast the work got done and it is beautiful. >> more fortunate people should be willing to help out the less fortunate people. >> many people choose to attend rallies and demonstrations and marches on m lk day. people say it is important to help in other ways. >> what would you do if you weren't doing it? you have to ask yourself. >> rob roth. fox 2 news. house my minority leader
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nancy pelosi attended the breakfast today. mayor lee and other politicians were there. there was an honor for a woman being honored for her service. >> we are here to honor martin luther king, jr. and in doing so to honor delores suarte is everything to all of us for many years. >> the labor council and the mlk foundation hosted more celebration events following this morning's breakfast. the c hp is asking for the public's health in their investigation into the latest free way shooting on highway 242 in concord. the c hp says someone in a passing car opened fire on two men inside a black monday. one man was wounded and is expected to survive. the other person in the car was not hurt. they believe the gunfire came from a car last seen headed to
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concord. we will look at surveillance from here and hopefully for other directions and from pittsburg and other directions. it is not clear if last night's shooting is tied to any of the other recent shootings on eastbound highway. anyone with information on this latest shooting is asked to contact the highway patrol. still to come here, long time bay area congressman barbara lee will not attend donald trump's inauguration this week. she will join us here in the studio to talk about her decision to boycott the inauguration. after six days, part of highway 37 is still closed. why? beautiful weekend around here. a nice day today but the clouds are coming back and the rain is coming back. we will talk about it and how you can plan your week. we will see you back here.
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>> the creeks and rivers, it's been a lot of flooding. we will get more rain. a couple of systems coming in. the upshot to the weather systems, we see some breaks in between the weather systems which is great. we won't get them 1, 2, 3. we will go one, break and 2, break and a break in between. here is the atmospheric river. it is not as potent as the last one but a good one. going back to the west coast and it will begin getting here by tomorrow night and starts raining on wednesday. that's the plan around here. as you look at satellite
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images. the clouds offshore. some valley fog this morning and freeze this morning and valley fog again and high surf is up and another kind of nice day. sort of a transition day. wednesday, it is going to be wet again. that is with the clouds coming in. san francisco tomorrow, 8:00 a.m. 47 degrees in the morning. clouds and we did have a lot of those. and we will have some more tomorrow. at 11:00 a.m. partly cloudy and tuesday your afternoon. the story will be wednesday, thursday, friday and maybe something on sunday too. here is the satellite imagery and the plan breaking it down. high pressure today and a little bit tomorrow. but then this track of weather system comes in and, of course, it starts to rain here an increased clouds on tuesday night and by wednesday sprinkles and maybe tuesday after midnight and then you get
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this break that is huge. because this will deliver rain. it will deliver a couple of inches of rain. this is the break. this one is going to deliver some rain too. and another break after that. the forecast high is tomorrow. lots of 50s and similar to today except you will have more clouds. the plan for wet wednesday commute, wet thursday commute and wet friday commutes. i think thursday will be wet. that is how it breaks out. the five-day forecast and there is sunday into view and another weather system. as you know, anytime you get the breaks you can manage it. we got breaks and some rain coming and boy it has been a wet january and it is going to continue that way this week. president-elect donald trump sent today's holiday speaking with martin luther king iii. the meeting comes after mr. trump is sparring with john
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lewis. the lawmaker says he does not view mr. trump as legitimate president. the president-elect donald trump fired back on twitter telling congressman lewis to worry about his own crime infested district. >> i am as john lewis a bridge builder. the goal is to bring america together. >> the president elect is getting into it with john brennan after he warned mr. trump about the repercussions of getting too close to the kremlin in russia. >> the boycott is growing. more than two dozen house democrats won't attend president-elect donald trump swearing on friday. many announced the decision on social media. you can see some of the tweets. boycotting three representatives from the bay. jarrett huffman and barbara lee. joining us is barbara lee.
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isn't it your obligation as a congresswoman. >> i thought about this and didn't come to the decision lightly. i decided last week and put out my statement, last thursday that i was not going to attend. it is not an obligation to attend a celebratory event. i anyway with the peaceful transfer of power. i know that president-elect donald trump will be sworn in and i respect the office of the president but when you look at the inauguration and when you look at the continuation of this decisiveness and this bigoted approach and the nominees such as senator jeff sessions that has a history of voting against and working against civil and human rights for everyone. i can't celebrate that. when you look at the denigration of woman. and he is wanting to build a
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wall and impose a band on moslems. i can't celebrate that so i won't attend in good conscience and hope to organize the resistance to some of the policies that looks like will be moved forward. >> what moves you is the event but not wanting to celebrate the inauguration but don't you think that further perpetuates it by having 30 members of congress not attending something that celebrates the highest office in the land. >> we are celebrating the legacy and life of dr. king today. self of his speeches april in 1967 says violence is betrayal. some of us have to be clear how we will resist some of the very terrible backwards policy that this administration is proposing. we will would, to create jobs and do what we can do with the president if it makes sense for everyone.
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but for someone who is not going to support or who has not said very clearly he supports people of color and the poor, for someone that is putting cabinet members in that won't disclose their financial disclosures available and someone that has supported russian influence and having a foreign power the way the intelligence community has presented to us so far. we need to think about how we will move forward and i can't in good conscience celebrate this. >> if i reversed it and said we were going back to when president obama was being nominated and republicans came out and said the same thing that you are saying that i can't support this president in good conscience and i am going to boycott his inauguration, what would you say to that? >> let me tell you what happened, senator mitch mcconnell, you know and others, decided on that day that they were not going to support
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president obama in anything. >> but couldn't i argue that you are doing the same thing? >> i am not doing the same thing because i am not celebrating this inauguration. i am working to try to bring unity and resist an agenda that is going to be more divisive. i am trying to bring the lgtb community and the other groups to not allow us to move backwards and i don't think dr. king would not want us to do this. >> what about representative john lewis. we are talking about civil rights today. he is not attended the inauguration and skipping it and said if he doesn't see donald trump as a legitimate president. do you agree with that. well first john lewis is an icon. a civil rights leader and so when john lewis speaks the world listens. >> he is talking about the
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legtimacy of our next presidency. >> i don't know because we haven't had the investigation and i am saying we need to have an independent investigation by a bipartisan commission to determine how and what the level of foreign power and russian influence was in this election. once we know that, we will know. i was one of those that protested the certification of the electoral college and it was based on what the intelligence community provided which john lewis has laid out in terms of a foreign power interfering in this election. i am not prepared to say yes or no. i don't know but what i am prepared to say is that the american people deserve to know if, in fact, this presidency now will be influenced by the russian government. not a matter of who won and loss. >> i know you can't say if it is legitimate or not. my issue with john lewis and i
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am not taking anything away from him. i respect that man for what he has done but when he comes out and says that president is not a legitimacy president before the investigation has been completed i do have an issue with that. do you have an issue with that? >> john lewis is to applauded because he is a morale leader. he would note have said that if he didn't believe it. we have to look at where we are going. >> did you think that could undermine our president? >> i don't think so because we know that we need to have a full disclosure of what took place and i don't think that undermines. i think congressman lewis is right on point in terms of the foreign powers and the russian government influencing the election. i do say the american people deserve to know what the issues are and the facts. we need a full investigation. in the meantime the investigation, because that could go on for some time you
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are saying you won't go on friday but will you go to work because this country is divided and after friday's celebration, what will you do then? >> i'm a member of congress and i will represent my district and i will keep pushing for these independent investigations for the public to know exactly what took place. and thirdly, i will find ways to work with the white house in terms of you know providing economic growth and opportunities for those that have been shut out. and also fight against the budget cuts that are taking place and i think first thing we have to do is make sure that 20, 30 million people don't lose their health care so i mean we are doing that right now to try to prevent the repeal of affordable health care and cutting medicare. there is work to do. trying to prevent them from a
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woman not to choose and we will be working very hard to try to make sure that we represent our constituents in the best way possible. congresswoman we appreciate you spending your time with us. >> good to see you. panic rips through a music festival. how some of the victims died trying to protect the crowd. coming up at six. the raleigh to keep the dreams of dr. martin luther king, jr. alive. thousands marched in oakland in support of his equal for all fridays -- equal rights for all.
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>> a nasty battle over lefty o'doul's shows no signs of simmering down. the owner or the tenant are backing down. tara moriarty got reaction from both sides over a lengthy battle. >> nick bobas removed the horseshoes over lefty o'doul's door. a somber moment for the man fighting for his restaurant. >> i don't care how rich the landlord claims to be or how much threat and how many people he threatens to my family and to my friends and tries to intimidate us.
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we will not cave. >> bobas says they bought lefty o'doul's in 1998. the building owner says he owns it because the lease is up. the cousin of the famous ballplayer says lefties wanted the bobases to have it and the spot for the down hold field of beef and bloody marries was run down but the bobases turned it around. >> it is amazing that owner of the building thinks he can steal the business because he wants it and he has lots of money. >> the battle between the two moved better. hanlerly refused to make upgrades to cost millions. hanlerly says he would renovate and take over lefty's himself. an. >> it appears we are living in a new society. greed versus property. >> jo gahealth the attorney says he is the rightful owner
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and has the trademark. >> the current manager has secretly and obtained trademarks. we dispute the validity of the trademark. we believe that lefty o'doul's is owned by the handerly family. >> a lot of the memorabilia has been removed. and some have been signed by barry bonds and one signed by sammy hagar. >> it is hard on me. >> bobbas is giving jobs at other restaurants until he can reopen. bobas is not giving up the fight and handerly says neither is he. five people shot and killed at a nightclub in cancun. eyewitnesses says someone started to shoot outside the
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blue parrot nightclub. hosting electronic festival. four men and one woman died in the attack. two security guards. 15 others injured including two americans. the shooting happened during the closing event for the ten day festival. the official death toll has climbed to 37 following a plane crash in kyrgyzstan. investigators are checking to see if thick fog may have played a role in the crash. the company that owns the ringling brother circus is closing down and they are
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making plans to preserve the legacy. >> the history will be reserved and be in a place that people can see it and enjoy it and appreciate the american substitution. circus managers are working now to place the remaining animals in habitats or sanctuary and trying to help employees find new jobs. the last circus performance is set for may. a week later in a key bay area road is blocked. coming up next. why the road is still closed even though there is no more flooding in the area. >> a massive traffic jam left one pizza delivery guy to use a different mode of transportation. coming up, the south bay folk hero that wouldn't let his customers go hungry. >> a first of its kind meeting on martin luther king day. how donald trump's election played a role in this day of
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flooding closed highway 37 in the north bay. a key connector from morin to vallejo. one part is still closed even though there is no standing water on the roadway. that's not the only troubled spot. tom vacar is here with a look at some of the other troubled spots. tom. frank, i want you to take a look. busy all day and now that folks
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are coming home from the long weekend, it is likely to be a lot worse and that's the story and here is how it goes. >> here in nevada the westbound highway 37 intersection with highway one is closed as it has been for six days now. this huge inconvenience has raised congestion has people seek to use rural roads not intended for heavy traffic so they can get to and from highway 101. the lanes are high and dry the median and shoulder pumping goes on and on. on commute daysthis has been a nightmare but even on a vacation day like this, folks found that the delays long. >> we took a stop by here to get a little fussy in the backseat after being in traffic for the last half an hour. >> with climate change cal tran has to get hold of what is going on here. simply can't afford to have the road this major shut down for six days or more.
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>> that's pretty long time to have it blocked off but we didn't know what the block off would be like. we came back from tahoe and we thought we could take a deter so it is obviously a lot worse. >> in pacifica. repair crews spent the holiday fixing a 15-foot deep sinkhole holding steady at 40 feet wide. the estimate to repair the gapping hole is six weeks and with more wet weather to be on the way, that could change dramatically. one neighbor says the city might have missed a chance for a permanent fix when the first problems showed up a year ago. >> it formed last year. and they came and poured a bunch of concrete and we didn't have much rain after that so it wasn't evident what the concrete pouring would or wouldn't do. >> it held during the hot months but undone with the last storms. >> i would think excavating like they are doing now with a
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backhoe would have been smart because you have a broken pipe. >> fortunately this is several hundred feet inland and not right on the edge of the coast and coastal erosion has happened here for many years and that continues to go on. but this inland creates a hold different set of problems. tom vacar, ktvu. i just asked bill martin how much rain we are getting and he is saying four or five inches when all is said and done from the new batch of storms. what will that mean for highway 37. i have to tell you they are pumping it because they know the storms are coming. they are pumping out of the median and pumping out of the shoulder and trying to pump that into a creek. this apparently is some sort of a bowl. it doesn't em easily so i think they are trying to get as far ahead as they can so when the next rains come they won't have
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this problem and no one from cal train can estimate when the thing will open. we did see a cal train truck going down to check the pumps but if they were going to open this road soon we would see more activity from the lanes and they are dead still. >> we are looking at the traffic behind you. tom vacar in vallejo. thank you. martin luther king, jr. was honored across the nation today and washington d.c. there was a replaying ceremony at the memorial honoring a slain civil rights leader. his daughter bernice king spoke at the ebenezer baptist church. john lewis is now in a war of words with donald trump. and bernice king is trying to talk about it. >> evil will still be here.
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wrongdoing will still be here. and the children of light have to continue to fight against injustice and evil and wrongdoing. >> president obama and his wife spent part of the day painting a mural at a family shelter in washington d.c. it features a large rendering of dr. king's face surrounded by butterflies. there was a first moslem catholic event of support and friendship as ktvu ann reuben explains strength in numbers and peace through unity. though they never met before the group, half catholic and moslem found peace over a solemn meal. >> i want to be here and if there is a registry. i will register as a moslem. >> i will do the same. >> thank you. >> that is great. >> in fact it was at least in
5:37 pm
part the incoming president's talk of moslem registries of building walls to spur this and joint catholic event. organizers believe it is the first of its kind in our area. >> this will give them hope and courage. to have hope and courage to lead to good things. >> leaders from local mosquings were joined by bishop mcgrate. >> we can treat other as brothers and sisters. >> and hoping to go through the country. we have an opportunity to tell a different story in san jose. not a tale of a divided city. >> they realized that they knew people in common. >> i think the point is that we
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are breaking down barriers. >> this group of women says this may have been the first joint catholic, moslem event, they will make sure it is not the last. >> you get to know each other better and no discrimination. >> they plan to form a moslem catholic council to include clergy and educators and members of congregations. there was a huge turnout in sacramento to celebrate martin luther king day. thousands of people marched through the city to show support for civil rights and to stand united for the nation's becoming prepared for the new administration. one person says it is the largest walk he has ever seen in sacramento. >> this is so beautiful. it makes me feel good. >> we are standing on the legacy and need to do it now more than ever because of the situation we have with the leadership and with donald trump. while some people say the holiday is all about honoring
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those that gave their lives for civil rights. others say it is a way to show that they are ready to fight for those rights once again. still ahead. president obama's final formal event at the white house. it was with a rival. coming up, the back and forth between the lifelong chicago white sox fans and the world series champion, chicago cubs. remembers the last person to leave their footprint on the moon.
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a contra cost ta county sheriff has been arrested for attempted murder. he allegedly fired a gun at a party. people say that the officer was asked to leave. witnesses say he did and returned later with a gun some of the men restrained him until police arrived. my friend tackled him initially. >> rowland was booked on five counts of attempted murder and fired from his job at the contra costa sheriff's department. he is well-known at music clubs. he was name by the west coast blues fans as the best new
5:43 pm
artist in '09. this company posted on facebook that it is shutting down monday, january 23rd. the owner cites an ongoing battle with walnut creek. they were told to close at 12:30 instead of two a.m. it comes after hundreds of calls over the past four years from fights and public drunkedness. a farewell party is planned for january 22nd. the last man to walk on the moon has died. former astronaut gene cernan. on his 3rd space flight and he set foot on the moon's surface in 1972. he was one of the dozen of astronauts that have walked on the moon. president obama has been a loyal chicago's white sox fans
5:44 pm
but today he honored the world championship chicago cubs. president obama held his last formal event at the white house in a celebration of the cub's first world series victory since 1908. the president says that while he city loves the white sox. the first lady is the cubs number one fan. when they won, the next day she says this is the best day of my life. and i said what about me winning the presidency? what about your wedding day? and she is like no. this is the best. >> all righty then. the cubs presented president obama with a number 44 jersey and a lifetime pass to wrigley field to the entire obama family and one of the team's signature w flags. a group of friends on their way to college ended up stuck and stranded overnight. the long night and the last ditch effort to free their car. this is when the families
5:45 pm
started to worry. traffic conditions forced him to trade in his car to order pizzas. talking about rain. a beautiful night, but rain coming. snow in the mountains and i will see you back here after the break.
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it was a mess on highway 17 last week through the santa
5:48 pm
cruz mountains. mudslides and rock slides and falling trees were tumbling in the roads blocking drivers. highway 17 was shut down several times with long lines of cars stuck until the road reopened. the cars stuck were getting hungry and ordered pizzas but the delivery guy could not get to them until he came up with a solution. jesse gary tells us what he did to get them their food. reporter: pizza delivery driver daniel sits behind the wheels while making drops but his love of skateboarding end up paying dividends. >> i got called to come in to work because there was a gridlock downtown. >> the problems came from rain. the roadways were closed creating a backup stretching to
5:49 pm
downtown las gatos. chris jensen turned to his skateboard. >> his creativity salvaged what would have been a slow night to a busy night. >> we are dedicated to getting pizzas to people. >> anyway possible? >> yes. >> motorists were stuck for five-and-a-half hours and daniel's deliveries were appreciated. customers would call from the cell phone and give the vehicle make and model and skateboard with a pie. one pair in particular was in need of food. >> he was complaining that he was hungry and i kept thinking what is around here. >> laura brown's son blade had not eaten a bite since lunch. by 8:30 she considered to walk back to the pizza shop but a
5:50 pm
surrogate 9 months pregnant and chris jumped on his board and delivered a pie. >> i can't explain the joy when he came with the pizza and ranch dressing. let me tell you. >> i wasn't doing it for any reason but it was nice to see what it turned into. she was happy about it. >> so the next time you find yourself uck in the santa cruz mountains, know a new hero is only a cell phone away. >> pizza call. something like that. >> in las gatos. jesse gary. fox 2 news. i have not seen on a skateboard delivering pizzas. >> that is serious ingenuity. >> i like that. >> i feel like the tips must have been impressive. didn't talk tips. >> and i am sure the customers were happy to see him. we got more rain coming. you may have to get back on the
5:51 pm
state board for friday and sunday. here is the bay bridge with the lights. clear out there and the clouds will come in. a beautiful sunset. nation's mid section getting hammered with ice storms and they are a big deal because they do shut down airports and they do cause big problems. you can see the ice, right? that purple stuff. they are brutal. chicago, o'hare. you may be having problems and the nation's mid section, that whole circle will progress to the east. just if you go to boston and new york, check your carriers tomorrow because the ice storms will continue especially in that northern tier. and for us, we got a nice tropical tap and an atmospheric river and a good solid rain producer and get some flood advisories to bring the creeks and what have you back up.
5:52 pm
doesn't seem to have that same punch as that last system, that last series of systems. even though it will be wet around here, we get the breaks too. anytime you get a break that's good. that is crucial. forecast for oakland. 7:00 a.m. 50 degrees. a few clouds tomorrow. that is the transition day where the clouds move in and we get ready for rain on wednesday. and there is some more clouds. today was beautiful. weekend was beautiful. here is the model. that's a great shot. you know you always can tell morning fog there is the delta. this is the lowest lying spot. and that is going to be nasty travel tomorrow morning on 99 and on 5. so if you travel in the valley be ready for that. a little patchy fog around here tomorrow night. and now we go to wednesday morning, got some rain in the morning commute. a little break at lunch and bam. afternoon commute gets wacked.
5:53 pm
that's the wednesday weather season. the five-day forecast. there are the breaks. i was so happy to see that. all weekend i checked the models and looked. the minute you go to thursday and it becomes rain it is trouble and as long as thursday exists we will be fine. several inches? >> varied areas in the foothills,crossal and you will get maybe a half foot and maybe 8-inches of rain. this city maybe two-and-a-half to five inches and it is hard to say. over the course of the entire week. how fast the problems happen. it doesn't take long or much. the thing is that we will have a few more mudslides as opposed to flooding because the ground is saturated and things will move and we are seeing that already. stranded on a trip to humble state and no way to call for help. >> i started to think about my
5:54 pm
family and started to think about my friends. coming up. that long night that ended with one last ditch effort to free their car. tonight at six, marching in the streets of oakland. thousands gathered to honor and remember dr. martin luther king, jr. among them parents trying to instill an important message. now more than ever it is important to teach kids about justice and right and wrong and the legacy of doctor martin luther king. we need to build our beloved community
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a happy ending to college students. they were stranded in the sierra with no food or water. >> and no way to call for help. joe khalil spoke to one of the students safely back home. >> this was the moment before we got stuck. >> a trip that they would never forget. one from which he almost didn't make it home. >> i did have the possibility to think that we would not make it off the mountain. >> they were on their way to humble state university. about 249 miles into their journey. next to big bar. the highway was shut down after a mudslide. so they rerouted on a small
5:58 pm
road through the shasta trinity national forest. >> the car hit an ice hole and immediately got stuck. >> they tried for about an hour to push their prius out and no luck. stranded. >> on less than a quarter tank of gas ... >> a few cookies and half of a water bottle is all they had to get through the night. >> my phone was dead and my two iend's phones had no service. we couldn't call 911. i thought about my family and friends and pet and this house. just the simple things, the hot bowl of soup. when the sun came up, adam went for help and he hiked fob miles and saw a house. he used the phone to call for a tow truck and was told the driver would not risk his house
5:59 pm
so he hiked back. >> i got back and my friends thought i left them. >> the sun started to melt the ice and they tried to free the car and it worked. a few hours later, they were home. >> a lot of angry love. what do you do up there? why did you put us through emotion. >> adam doesn't regret the experience and putting the most important things in his life in to perspective. ktvu fox 2 news at six starts now. the wife of the orlando nightclub shooter arrested this morning right here in the bay area. what we are now learning about her arrest and the charges that she is facing. good evening everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. 7 months after her husband went on a shooting rampage in a gay nightclub in florida. noor salman was arrested in rodeo. facing charges tying her to the
6:00 pm
massacre that left 49 people dead. henry lee has been working on the story. >> the feds say why omar mateen fired the shots that fired 49 shots, the wife knew about the plans and did nothing to stop him from carrying out the deadly mass shooting in u.s. history. noor salman was arrested in rodeo and moved back to the bay where she is from after her husband, omar mateen was killed in the june 12th shoot out with police at the pulse nightclub in orlando. neighbors say f.b.i. agents swooped in the neighborhood at 7:30 in the morning. this man says his dog started to bark and he heard a commotion. he says he didn't realize salman was living next door and was stunned by the arrest. >> when i heard last time she had nothing to do with it and now she got arrested. it is kind of weird. overnight.


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