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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  January 16, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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massacre that left 49 people dead. henry lee has been working on the story. >> the feds say why omar mateen fired the shots that fired 49 shots, the wife knew about the plans and did nothing to stop him from carrying out the deadly mass shooting in u.s. history. noor salman was arrested in rodeo and moved back to the bay where she is from after her husband, omar mateen was killed in the june 12th shoot out with police at the pulse nightclub in orlando. neighbors say f.b.i. agents swooped in the neighborhood at 7:30 in the morning. this man says his dog started to bark and he heard a commotion. he says he didn't realize salman was living next door and was stunned by the arrest. >> when i heard last time she had nothing to do with it and now she got arrested. it is kind of weird. overnight.
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things can change like this. >> this is video of salman in a hooded shirt a day after the massacre. she told investigators she did not know anything about her husband's plans to attack the nightclub and federal prosecutors believed she did know and did nothing to stop him. i have learned that the u.s. attorney's office has charged salman with obstructing justice and providing support to a terrorist organization. her husband pledged allegiance during the standoff. 49 people were killed and omar mateen died in the shoot out with police. noor salman is being held in dublin. her family declined to comment. this woman left the home ignoring reporter's questions and drove away. >> i felt if you were married to somebody or have a child with somebody, she may have had some thoughts about this and if she had just said something ahead of time it would have saved lives and she may not know anything and you know i hope that's the case.
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>> in a statement, orlando police chief john meana said today there is some relief in knowing someone will be held accountable for that horrific crime. >> her attorney says she had no knowledge and that quote, noor salman has told stories of abuse and we believe it is wrong to prosecute her and that it dishonors the memories of the victims to punish an innocent person. salman will make her appearance in oakland and she will be transferred to florida. henry, most people that lived in the neighborhood had no clue that her husband was the person that did this massacre at the pulse nightclub? >> when federal authorities showed up, they knew then but neighbors had no idea that salman was back after that orlando tragedy. it looked like they had a boy in the picture. do we know what happened to that boy? >> he is about three years old
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and with extended family. salman lived at the house with her mom at least. and her mom did not want to answer any questions at all. >> we will learn about this tomorrow when she goes to court. henry, thank you. the chp is asking for the public's help in it's the investigators in the latest free way shooting in the east bay. it happened at 5:00 on highway 242 in concord north of celina way. the c h p says someone in a passing car opened fire on two men inside a black mercedes benz. one man wounded and is expected to survive. the other person in the car was not hurt. officers believed that the gunfire came from a car that was last seen heading to concord. we will survey from here and hopefully from any direction. >> it is not clear if last night's shooting was tied to the recent shootings on eastbound highway and that anyone with information on this latest shooting is asked to contact the highway patrol. a bay area tradition on martin luther king, jr. day was
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kept alive thanks to cal tran. for 30 years the freedom train has left san jose bound for san francisco. the 54-mile trip marked the distance of dr. king's 1965 march from selma to montgomery alabama. organizers shut it down last year after dwindling attendance but cal train redescribed it calling it the celebration train. an estimated 1200 rider were on board today. we are ready to celebrate the life of a great man. they are even standing in line here. people have been friendly and talking to one another and the mood is great. it is light. >> the group arrived at the cal train station in france about 11 this morning. after that they marched to buena guard ans for musical performances and an mlk liberation film festival. this is a day to honor dr.
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martin luther king. more than one hundred people showed up to help weed and prune and get the garden and 3500 roses back in shape for spring. this is just one of dozens of oakland parks where volunteers lent a hand on this day of service in honor of dr. martin luther king, jr. day. dr. martin luther king's most important legacy is service whether you are mentoring or beautifying the area or any type of service. oakland gardeners say the volunteers did in one day what would have taken weeks for a gardener to do. >> nancy pelosi is in town today attending the martin luther king community breakfast today. mayor lee and other bay area politicians were there. labor leader delores suarte was honored for the service. historically we are here to observe and honor martin luther
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king, jr. and in doing so to honor delores suarte that is everything to all of us for many years. the labor council and the mlg foundation hosted more celebration events following the breakfast. hundreds took to the streets in oakland in honor of dr. king, the group marched from city hall to lake merritt in the first of several demonstrations. cristina rendon has the story. cristina. reporter: julie, this event lasted all afternoon and wrapped up at 4:30 and kicked off 120 hours of action leading up to the presidential inauguration. >> a strong and peaceful walk of hundreds. >> took over oakland streets monday afternoon. it was an effort to reclaim the
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legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. while denouncing president-elect donald trump. it is going to get worse out here. >> we have to make a statement that is more in like the image and the values of dr. king as opposed to what we are seeing out of washington right now. not my president. >> not my president. >> there was a 3rd annual march down telegram to lake merritt. >> this kicked off 120 hours of direct action. we go from here to the inauguration and calling it hell inauguration. on both sides of the bay there will be film screenings and other things. this is day one of work that we got to do every single day for the next four years. and the next generation participated. parents brought their children here and it was more than one speech or march.
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>> i don't know if they are getting it. >> it is important that we just don't celebrate a holiday as a day to go shopping or take time off but really as a day of action. now more than ever it is important to teach our kids about justice and right and wrong and the legacy of dr. martin luther king. the events continued tomorrow with demonstrations in oakland and san francisco. as people fight for the rights of marginalized people. cristina rendon in oakland. thank you. a nasty battle over san francisco's famous sports bar and restaurant lefty o'doul's is showing no signs of simmering down. nor the owner or the tenant is backing down. tara moriarty got reaction from both sides that could be a lengthy battle. >> nick bobas removed these horseshoes hanging over lefty o'doul's doors. he is fighting over his
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restaurant. >> i don't care how rich our landlord claims to be or how much threat and how many people he threatened with my family and friends and tries to intimidate us. we will not cave. >> bogas says his family bought lefty o'doul's sports bar in 1998, now that lease is up, the building owner's john handler says he owns it. he says the corned beef and bloody mary's was wound down. >> he thinks he can own it because he has money. >> the battle turned bitter last week when bobas announced he was moving lefty's to another location because handler refused to make the
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upgrades that would cost millions. but then he said he would renovate and take it over himself. >> we are living in a society called greed. >> handler's spokes person dismisses the claim that the other person has the right to own it. >> the family has obtained some trade marks. we dispute the validity of them. >> this includes the sports memorabilia. there is more than 400 pieces of sports memorabilia some from barry bonds and one is a guitar signed by sam hagar. >> this is hard on me. >> long time employees say bobas is giving them jobs until he can reopen. bobas is not giving up the
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fight and handler says neither is he. in san francisco tara moriarty, fox 2 news. a pizza delivery guy to the rescue. how the creativity filled the hunger of customers stuck in tie up on highway 17. i can't explain the joy that he came up with his skateboard and with a pizza and ranch dressing. it has been almost a week that the highway is closed. what is forcing the closure to stay in place even though the water has receded. tracking that next round of rain. not going to be here tomorrow but right after that. we got some series of storms. we will have the timing on those right after the break.
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in turkey, authorities arrested this man today as the suspect in a deadly nightclub attacknew year's eve. they say they caught the suspect in a special operations raid at a home of a friend in istanbul. accused of killing 39 people and injuring dozens more. turkish police say he used flairs and fired 180 rounds in the crowd. isis claimed responsibility for that attack in response to the operations in syria. continuing fall out from
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the major rain with a highway with morin and solano county and a sinkhole. >> this highway is closed as it has been for six days now. this huge inconvenience is raised traffic congestion as people are using other rural roads not intended for traffic to get to and from highway 10 1:00 p.m. the lanes are high and dry, the shoulder pumping goes on and on and on. on commute days this has been a nightmare. and even on a vacation day like this, folks found the delays long. >> we took a step here because my son was getting fussy after being in traffic. >> cal tran has to get a hold of what is going on here. simply can't afford to have the road this major shut down for six days or more. >> that is pretty long time to
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have it blocked off but we didn't know what the block off would be like. we came back from tahoe and we thought we could take a detour and it wouldn't be bad. it is worse than we thought. >> in pacifica repair crews spent the holiday on fixing a 15-foot deep sinkhole currently holding steady at 40 feet wide. the estimate to repair the gapping hole is 6 weeks and with more wet weather on the way, that could change dramatically. one neighbor says the city might have missed a chance for a people fix when the first problem showed up a year ago. >> it formed last year. and they poured a bunch of concrete and we didn't have much rain after that. so it wasn't evident what the concrete pouring would do. >> it held during the hot months and undone with the last fade of storms. >> i would think that going in and excavating with the backhoe
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would have been smart because you have a broken pipe. >> fortunately this is several hundred feet inland and not along the coast. coastal erosion has gone on for thousands of years but any significant level rise threatens to accelerate the process. in the meantime the gapping holes needs to be fixed and soon. tom vacar, fox 2 news. it was a great day to catch a wave on the coastline. there was a video of surfers in pacifica. not bad? the surfers enjoyed this dry day but three storms are expected to hit now and sunday. the squalls will come up. it will be real big for the weekend and you can say are they going to run the mavericks contest and the answer will be no, because of the weather and the winds and the tide. the squall is what you wait for
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but when the south winds come in, southeast and southwest winds crew things up. the rains will come on wednesday. live camera and you see traffic, it is a holiday. but i was surprised quite frankly how many people were on the road. traffic outside not as bad as it typically is. you can see this bloom of moisture extending all the way back, an atmospheric river and the timing on this series of storms will be one and off and on and off. a day between. we can do that all day long. overnight lows in the 30s. valley fog and a lot of valley fog in the central valley. 99 and five as you go up the valley and down by marysville and modesto. this is oakland tomorrow morning. kind of cool and cloudy. first time we have seen more
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clouds than that. tomorrow is transition day to the wet weather. it won't rain but clouds will keep thickening up towards the day. by late tuesday night in to wednesday morning it rains and we get into a wet weather pattern that you will have an impact on the wednesday morning commute and wednesday afternoon commute. we will take the five-day forecast and the long range model and time it out. commander of the apollo 17 commission and the last institute to set foot on the moon. unfortunately he has passed away. a look back at the life and career of former astronaut gene cernan
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gene cernan has died at the age of 82. he was the most recent man to walk on the moon in 1972 died today. >> he was the commander of apollo 17 in 1972. the last lunar mission and one of the final apollo flights. john scott has a look back at his life and career. >> if you can let your imagination wonder and put are mind out there. that is what it is like looking back at the earth.
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>> apollo 17 captain gene cernan. the last american astronaut to walk on the moon's surface. >> there is a crater of this universe because i saw a small part of that creation and it is just too beautiful to have happened by accident. eugene cernan was born in 1934 in chicago. his dream of being a naval aviator was season at a tender age while watching newsreels doing world war ii and was accepted into the navy and in 1957 he earn the his wings and beak an attack pilot. the newly formed nasa announced 7 pioneer astronauts. cernan was fascinated. he wanted to ride a rocket ship into space.
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in 1963 he was selected for project gemini. >> his first fly was gemni. and his next flight was in 1969. he came within 8 miles of the moon's surface. >> we found problems and if they weren't corrected neal probably weren't created. i told him we painted the white lane to we wouldn't get lost. in 9172 he went back as the final flight to the moon apollo 17. he and fellow astronaut jack
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smith explored and collected data. of any mission, theirs brought back the moon rocks. >> i wish i could take everybody to the moon and let them look back at the earth. if i could do that, i think the world today would be a much different place. >> and again that was john scott reporting. >> in 1976 he became a consultant and active schedule and was a great proponent of future space exploration. i remember where i was when apollo 11 landed on the moon with neal armstrong. it was so amazing back then in the '70s when we kept sending those apollo capsules and landing on the moon.
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neal armstrong. buzz aldrin. alan shepherd. >> and seeing the pictures. one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind. >> the nation pauses to honor martin luther king. the war of words between president-elect donald trump and another civil rights icon. the bay area pizza man trading in his car to deliver pizzas to people stuck in a traffic nightmare.
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here is a look at today's top stories. the wife of the orlando nightclub shooter was arrested. 30 year-old noor salman had moved back home after her husband was involved in the pulse orlando shooting. 49 people were killed in that attack. salmon will go to court tomorrow and then transferred back to florida. hundreds of people marched from city hall to lake merritt and the first of several demonstrations this week. this event kicks off 120 hours of action leading up to
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friday's presidentialinauguration. it is to reclaim the legacy of of president obama and denounce president-elect donald trump. highway 101 has remained close for 6 days. a huge inconvenience causing congestion on rural roads as drivers get to and from the freeway. you are watching ktvu at 6:30. president-elect donald trump met with the eldest son of dr. martin luther king, jr. on this holiday devoted to the civil rights leader. >> he followed mr. trump's spew with john lewis that fought for civil rights rights in the 60s. joe waldman has more. >> i am a bridge builder. the goal is to bring america together. >> at trump tower, martin luther king iii discussing
6:31 pm
another civil rights icon. congressman john lewis. the lawmaker finding himself in a feud after saying he does not view mr. trump as a legitimate president. the president-elect donald trump firing back on twitter saying to worry about his crime infested district. the vice president-elect is coming to his boss' defense. >> i served with john lewis and disagreed with him on many issues but i was impressed by his interest the votes rights movement but i was so disappointed that he would make the statement that he made. >> lewis getting support from one of the nation's most popular democrats. first lady michelle barm that tweeted thinking of dr. king and great leaders like representative john lewis. may their example be our call to action signed michelle obama. in the meantime the president elect getting into it with outgoing c.i.a. director john brennan after the
6:32 pm
director warned mr. trump about the the repercussions getting too close with the kremlin. >> i don't think he will be soft on russia which is widely the public view now. the president-elect donald trump twitter tussles are taking a toll with at least 22 democratic lawmakers saying they will boycott the inauguration. in washington. joe walman. fox news. president-elect donald trump spent part of the holiday speaking with martin luther king iii. the meeting cups as mr. trump spars with a pair of public figures including civil rights icon john lewis. it began when the georgia lawmaker says he does not view mr. trump as legitimate president. president-elect donald trump fired back on twitter telling lewis to worry about his own crime infested district. >> i am as john lewis and many others a bridge builder. the goal is to bring america together. >> the president elect also got
6:33 pm
into it with outgoing c.i.a. director john brennan after he was warned about the repercussions about getting too lose to the kremlin. the inauguration boycott is growing. more than 2 dozen house democrats won't attend the inauguration on friday. many announced the decision on social media. you can see some of the tweets. they have been coming in. those boycotting the inauguration include three representatives from the bay area. north bay congressman jarred huffman and barbara lee. speaking of congresswoman lee she was our guest. she said this friday's swearing in of donald trump as our next presidential is no reason to celebrate in her mind. >> when you look at the inauguration and when you look at the continuation of this
6:34 pm
decisiveness and look at senator jeff sessions that has a history of voting against civil and human rights for everyone, i can't celebrate that. >> the oakland congresswoman is troubled by the comments of about mexican and moslems and other groups. 23 year-old kyle rowland was taken into custody after firing a gun. he was asked to leave the party and witnesses say he did but then returned a short time later with a gun. some of the men at the party restrained him until police arrived. well, we saw this here and my friend job attacked him and i got the gun from him. >> rowland was booked on five counts of attempted murder. well-known in sacramento among music fans. he frequently performed at
6:35 pm
clubs with the kyle rowland blues band and named as best new artist in twine. grogan's sports bar is closing after 39 years. the company posted on facebook that it is shutting down monday, january 23rd. the owner cites an ongoing battle with the city of walnut creek. the planning commission ordered them to stop serving alcohol after midnight and close at 12:30 instead of 2:00 a.m. it comes after hups of calls over the past four years for fights and public drunkedness. a farewell party is planned for this sunday, january 22nd. it was a nightmare commute for many people traveling on highway 17 last week. mudslides and other debris shut down the highway several times leaving people stuck in their car in some cases for hours. jesse gary has the story about how one man helped to make that wait manageable by delivering pizzas to them.
6:36 pm
>> pizza delivery driver daniel usually sits behind the wheel while making drops and his love of skateboarding paid dividends. >> i got called to come in to work because there was gridlock in downtown. >> the trouble for downtown businesses came from rain induced mudslides along highway 17. the roadway was closed inparts. >> it was closed down but i got on my skateboard. >> his creativity salvaged what would have been a slow night. >> he is dedicated to get pizzas to people. >> any way possible. >> motorists were stuck for five, five-and-a-half hours so daniel's deliveries were appreciated. customers would call from their
6:37 pm
cell phones and give their vehicle make and model number and he would skateboard by with a pie. one pair in particular was in need of food. >> he was complaining that he was hungry and i was thinking what is around here. >> laura brown's son, blade, had not eaten a bite since lunch. by 8:30 she considered to walk back to the pizza shop but she is a surrogate 9 months pregnant and a quick call and daniel jumped on his board and delivered a pie. >> i can't explain the joy when he came up on his lawn board with that pizza and four things of ranch dressing. >> i wasn't doing it for any reason but it was nice to see what it turned into. the next time you find yourself famished in the santa cruz mountains.
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know a new hero for grumbling stomachs is a call away. the decision to close down a show for over 146 years. the story when we come back.
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>> it is the end of an era.
6:41 pm
ringling brother circus is closing up. it is an american tradition since 1871 but after 146 years, ringling brothers and bailey circus will be folding up its tent for the last time. the company that owns the company says this will be the last season. >> the history will be preserved and be in a place where people can see it and enjoy it and appreciate what the american news is. >> the company says it was a tough decision. citing high costs and a big drop in ticket sales as the main reasons for the closing. working to replace the remaining animals in habitats and say they won't abandon the hundred of circus employees and their families as production winds down. >> some of those services that will be provided will include job placement, housing,
6:42 pm
interview preparations and resume preparations and those kinds of things. >> meanwhile stunned fans are saying it is the end of an era. many are vowing to catch the few shows with their kids and grandkids as they say farewell to a uniquely form of american entertainment. >> it is a shame. it doesn't have to be. >> no clouds anymore. no trained dogs anymore. i just think this is part of america is gone. >> there is 30 shows left and it will followed it's the big top in new york this may. in miami, steve herigan fox news. a drama rescue after an apartment building in stockton goes up in flames killing one person. why officials say an arsonist is to blame for the fire which left a dozen people homeless. we will time out the next series of storms heading our way and they will impact the
6:43 pm
commutes coming up this week.
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this portion of fox 2 news brought to you by your northern california lexus dealer. >> a deadly fire in stockton took the life of one personality a downtown apartment building. the fire broke out before 7 at the avenue inn on east minor avenue and north hunter street. transients would break into rooms to get out of the cold. more than a dozen people had to be rescued by firefighters. we couldn't get out. and saw black smoke at the door and we stood at the window and the fire department got us out by ladder. >> officials say the fire
6:46 pm
appeared to have been deliberately set and being investigated as arson. no word on the victim's identity. a happy ending to a dramatic ordeal for three college students from sacramento. a trip that adam wong won't forget because he almost didn't make it home. wong and two friends were on their way to humble state university but as they were driving on state route 2 99 they hit a roadblock. the highway was shut down because of a mudslide and they tried to make another road and they got stuck in the snow. >> i had the possibility that we wouldn't make it off of the mountain. >> no cell phone service and less than a quarter tank of gas and half a bottle of water. panic sat in and 18 long hours later the sun started to melt the ice and they were able to free their car and head back home. scary. luckily they are all okay. a lot of snow in the mountains. let's go to bill in the weather center. a good day today but rain is on
6:47 pm
the way. >> it is as it should be in january. and january is shaping up to be one of the wettest januaries we have seen in san francisco and if it continues the way it has, this january could be in the top ten of all januaries in san francisco. that says a lot. 1857. records go back to the old database. we are getting rain not tomorrow, it will be about clouds increasing and the weather to the west, break on thursday and rain on friday and rain on saturday and rain on sunday. this is the ice storm that is going on across the nation's mid section. not pretty. it is worse in terms of air travel and in terms of what it does to power lines and trees because it ices on trees and it gets heavy and breaks. these ice storms in more urban areas, eastern new york right now, really is shutting things
6:48 pm
down. pay attention if you travel. especially in that northeast tier of states. here is the satellite loop and you can see the clouds offshore and no rain now. and the radar when it is spinning on tomorrow night when i am back here, it won't be raining but you will see green to the north. temperatures overnight chilly and the fog is everywhere and it will be around tomorrow morning especially in the central valley. the pattern sets up for a wet wednesday and kind of unsettled thursday and wet friday and so it goes. this is the atmospheric idea that you just tapped into a big string of moisture and it will continue to feed storms at us but with a daybreak that is great. here is the valley fog. you can see it here. that's tomorrow morning. here is tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow is about valley fog in the morning and kind of a mild day and partly cloudy and hazy sunshine kind of a day. as you get in the evening, we will see radar in the north. and then here is wednesday
6:49 pm
morning. wednesday morning commute, a little bit wet and wednesday afternoon wet. especially around five or six or 7:00. it will deliver rain. wednesday afternoon may be a good day to avoid the commute. thursday we get a break and it gets going on friday. daytime highs tomorrow 50s. tomorrow is transition and wednesday is your wet day and thursday is your break. maybe a sprinkle but not much. and then friday gets going and saturday is your break. perfect. textbook if you want to get rain in the reservoirs and snow in the mountains, necessary the way you want it to come exempt if you are getting home from the mountains. the mountains are crazy this weekend because it is a holiday weekend and everybody went up to enjoy the snow and i her stories of people going from truckee to squaw valley and taking two hours. two hours?
6:50 pm
>> super bowl to truckee two- and-a-half hours. truckee to squaw is like ten minutes max. >> it takes the fun out of your holiday week. >> everybody was up there and the traffic was horrible. if you are up there talking about this weekend won't be as bad except sunday, snow in the hills. coming up. the 49ers search for a head coach took a hit today. this as the potential candidate bows out of consideration. joe is going to tell us who is in the mix for the job in sports.
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6:53 pm
ktvu fox news, the bay's area choice for traffic. we are going to talk about the 49ers head coaching possibilities in a moment but first we will start with hockey. your favorite. >> which is what we should be starting with. you got your wish. a matinee duty for the sharks that spent this martin luther king day hospitalsing the winnipeg jets. peter's team had fallen to 3rd place. the jets on a power play. joe ward comes out and he will take it down the right side and the shot deep and michael hutchinson. 1-0 sharks. ward to stewart and it costs the jets.
6:54 pm
that allowed chris tierney to pass to mier and he makes it a 2-0 game. and then still in the second, the sharks score another unusual goal. watch brent burns as he drills one and goes off of the skate of hutchinson and into the winnipeg net. the sharks win 5-2 and the sharks back into 2nd place he points behind anaheim. the search for a general manager continues and the field is narrowed still without either position being filled. it had been reported that the head coaching job was josh mcdaniels. the new england offensive coordinator with drew his name from consideration. earlier mcdaniels preferred the coaching destination was the 49ers if he left new england. but at the press conference
6:55 pm
mcdaniels said it is best for my family and myself to remain here in new england and focus on this year's playoffs and finish out the year however it turns out. that leads offensive coordinator kyle shanahan as the only candidate who the 9ers have interviewed. kyle shanahan would not be able to accept the job until the falcons season is over. the only other known candidate is tom cable and possible that 49ers most recent former head coach won't be out of work long. chip kelley interviewing for the jacksonville jaguars. they hired doug marrone for that position and kelley has not worked so well, the eagles
6:56 pm
and the 49ers. if they did such things 108 years ago. teddy roosevelt would have been welcoming the chicago cubs to the white house in one of the final ceremonies of his time in office. president obama welcomed the 2016 world champions. the white house sounding like wrigley field. the president is a well-known chicago white sox fan. the first lady likes the cubs. the cubs title made sports history and gave the president some good material. when they won the next day, she said this is the best day of my life. and i said what about me winning the presidency. what about your wedding day. and she is like no. this is the best day. >> he had good timing on that. yes, he did. >> going back to the 49ers, are
6:57 pm
you getting a sense that they are looking to hire a coach before a general manager. you would think that common sense would be you would hire the gm first. i am getting the sense that i am not sure what the 49ers are doing as we all are. we would discuss this, if you talk about the general normal hierarchy the way the things are done. you hire a general manager that works in concert with the front office and the general manager hires a coach. they have said since they fired chip kelley that they were looking for both and not necessarily in any order. have you heard any names as the possible gm candidate? >> the ones that we have heard have gone elsewhere so right now it is about coaches and we have not heard gms except the guy in new england that did not talk to them. >> i could see why josh mcdaniels wants to stay in new england. what a greatly gig. our coverage continues at 7 on ktvu plus. you have a great night.
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we will see you later.
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