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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  January 17, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> tensions are growing. the marches and rally that have people protesting against trump here in the bay area and across the country. mornings on 2 starts now. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. tuesday morning. january 17 pght. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about the weather for tuesday. steve is right over there. things about to change. >> they are. slowly. >> tonight or tomorrow morning? >> tomorrow. >> okay. >> tomorrow. >> fog out there though. >> yeah. >> sal there is fog out there. as long as he hears me. yeah. >> i hear you. >> have i mentioned there is fog? clouds will increase throughout the day. still partly sunny and then mostly cloudy. rain on the way but not until wednesday. there you go. you can see clouds starting to work in. we have a way to go. this first system is more show
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go. the second will set the stage for probably about three systems. 30s on the temperatures. 39 in berkeley. it's cold. 31 kelseyville. northwest napa. lot of 30s and low 40s. can't loose the east breeze. should turn souther whichly tonight. there it is. nevado showing one. west of santa rose a. watch out for that fog. then we will turn cloudy. tomorrow we will talk about -- or even late tonight rain to the north. 50s on the temperatures. warmest temperatures, peninsula, south bay or the coast. coolest north to east. it's 4:01 sal. hello steve. >> hello sal. >> i heard that fog horn. i know we will be -- oh my. all right. there it is. >> that will wake you up. >> of course. good morning. let's go out and look at what we have. you can see the westbound 580. still looks good. we are going to have a nice
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country. i don't think it'll be as good as it was yesterday. i think everybody is back to work today. lue see more and more people on the road is morning. won't be light like yesterday. when you get to the east bay drive on 880 it looks good in both directions. and a look at the toll plaza may be the best it looks this morning. it's nice and light up to the pay gates. let's go back to the desk. in just the a few hours the wife of the orlando nightclub shooter, arrested yesterday at her family's home, is due in an oakland courtroom. the 30-year-old is scheduled to make her first appearance in oakland federal court. she was arrested at her family's roam in rodeo with charges of obstruction of justice and providing material support to a terrorist organization. deborah tells us that she was first questioned seven months ago an her husband killed 49 people at the nightclub. the deadliest mass shooting in american history.
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>> i want to let you know i'm in orlando. i did the shooting. >> reporter: during his attack on the nightclub the suspect talked to police. his voice, his vow supporting isis on 911 tapes. >> my pledge to the islamic state. >> reporter: now his words to his widow are under scrutiny. did they text during his rampage? did she try to talk him out of storming the club? >> they are a very private family. their blinds always closed. >> reporter: neighbors knew she has been under suspicion since returning to live with her son, mother and younger sister. she was taken in to custody monday. >> when they heard last time she had nothing to do witht. now she got arrested. it's kind of weird. overnight things change like
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that. >> reporter: she has said she now he was radica lized but not his intentions. his attorney says that it dishonors the memories to punish an innocent person. at the home a woman rushed out and passed news crews ignoring questions before leaving. neighbors rarely if ever saw her or her son. she remains as big a mystery as the questions around her. >> she may have had some thoughts about this. if she had just said something ahead of time it would have saved lives and she may not know anything. you know, i hope that's the case. >> reporter: the 29-year-old suspect called himself an islamic soldier but no link to terror groups was found. pulse regulars say he may have been struggling his own sexual
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identity. >> i wish it was something nicer that was happening here but it isn't. >> reporter: for a long time residents this sudha tension seems surrender real. a neighborhood linked to america's deadliest mass shooting. >> in a small town with this whole world it has to land right here. it's weird. it really is. it's a shame. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2news. this morning there will be what's called an anti racist rally at oakland city hall. that rally is being organized by a group called shooing up for racial justice. it's scheduled to start at nine. organizers say they want to express outrage at the agenda of the president elect's administration. its part of a nationwide movement called 120 hours of direct action leading up to friday's presidential inauguration. another protest that's part of the 120 hours of direct action is taking place outside san francisco city hall. the demonstrate administrators
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have pitched tents and they are promising to stay there until the inauguration on friday. they say they are protesting a variety of issues including police shootings. 120 hours of direct action kick off yesterday with a march in downtown oakland honoring dr. king. >> not my president. >> not my president. >> now the anti police terror project led the march. they wanted to reclaim the legacy of dr. king while at the same time denouncing the president elect. >> we have to make a statement that's more in like -- the image and the thought and the values of dr. king as opposed to what we are spreeing washington. >> the peaceful march included drummers and dance performances. about a thousand people were there including some young children. the oakland city council will vote on a measure in support of children known as
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docka students. they are studented who registered for the deferred action for childhood arrival program establish bid the president. they came here as children without immigration papers. oakland city councilwoman has a resolution calling on the president to take action that would protect those students from being deported even after he leaves office. the 49ers may have zeroed in on a new head coach. their top candidate is reportedly kill shanahan. since his team is still in the playoffs nfl rules prohibit them from naming him as head coach until the falcon season is over which could be another two and a half weeks if they make it to the super bowl. the other candidate is tom cable. the top choice was reportedly josh mcdaniel but he withdrew his name yesterday. he told reporters that he was impressed by the presentation but that he didn't want to move
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his young family across the country at this time. former 49ers head coach chip kelly may not be out of work for longhe interviewed the their open offensive coordinator position. the sharks won last night. they beat the jets 5-2 after losing five of their last seven games. joel ward got things going. slipping in a goal midway through the first period. meyer kept it going with another score in the second followed by another unanswered goal by brent bu the sharks just three points out of first in the pacific division. they are right behind the ducks. in san diego lifeguards rescued a man from a cliff side who apparently wanted to send out a political message. the rescue happened over the weekend near the sunset cliffs national park. lifeguards say the man was drinking. it's not clear what he was
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doing before being rescued but in the end he was not arrested. today is ground breaking day for the new warrior as renea in san francisco. in the next half hour who will be at today's big event and when the arena is scheduled to welcome it's first visitors. >> first, final plans coming together for the president elect's inauguration in washington dc. how the fbi and other agencies are planning to keep things under control. >> good morning. we have a good drive out there. right now traffic is looking good on 80 westbound as you head out to the mcarthur maze. >> and the the weather is look good. watch out for pockets of thick fog and clouds will be on the move here.
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. it's41:12. the number of house democrats who say they are boycotting trump's inauguration on friday has now grown to more than 40. five are from the bay area. oakland congresswoman barbara lee is among them. she said trump's swearing in ceremony is nothing to celebrate. >> when you look at the inauguration and when you look at the continuation of the this dividing and b," goted approach to government and when you look at some of the nominees such as senator jeff sessions who has a history of voting against and working against civil and human rights for everybody i can't
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celebrate that. >> congresswoman lee said she deeply is troubled by trump's comments about muslims, mexicans and women. another congressman said he decided not to attend because of what he called the president elect's disregard for government ethics boundaries. >> the way he described how he will diehl with ethics. we don't get to died how we deal with ethics. we work with the government ethics folks. i hope he will still do that. >> he also criticized trump's stance toward the news media, his vow to repeal at fordable care act and the nominees for his cabinet. on the website you will find our compete interviews. just look under videos. we a better idea of how friday will play out. >> the preparations well underway mp's cabinet no, ma'am he knees continue to make their way to capitol hill.
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that's where doug is as well with more on this morning. >> reporter: you take a look at the map of washington -- c and membership of how this inauguration plays out. it's the same every four years. the swearing in the at capitol. pat raid route down pennsylvania avenue to the white house. it's impossible to ignore this time around just how contentious it may be. the final touches now as we get closer and closer to friday. the scaffolds and viewing stands almost ready to go. just as washington prepares for this event this time around some of the focus will be on who won't be here. a growing list of democrats refusing to attend. following the lead of john lewis. >> we hope these democratic members of congress reconsider. they are welcome to the inauguration. >> reporter: inside the capitol trump's cabinet no, ma'am he knees continue to face scrutiny. while most are expected to make it through possible education
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secretary could face a grilling later today with democrats expected to target her support of charter schools and vouchers. >> [inaudible] those are what you fibbed in nuclear weapons. . >> reporter: fbi agents showing off some of the tools they will deploy this week as a massive inauguration operation center has taken shape. housing federal and local agencies. all preparing not just for the inauguration but protests as well. >> the smaller scale, more simple attack is something that's much higher now verses four years ago. in terms of our approach to it it's -- we are considering thinking about and planning for and look out for the whole spectrum of threats. . >> reporter: a whole spectrum and not just during the inauguration themselves but also during the many protests and the biggest one may happen on saturday. the day after inauguration day.
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in washington fox news. monica crowley wednesday accept a major communications role. her announcement yesterday came after allegations of plagar ism. she had been picked to seven in a high profile post but she has now decided against taking the position after allegations that she had plagarized key passages in a book that took a critical look at obama. as doug was just telling us a large protest is scheduled in washington dc the day after the inauguration. its being called the women's moran washington and as many as 200,000 people are expected to show up in support of several issues. among them are reproductive choice, gun control, climate change and equal pay. organizers say they also want to show support for right for immigrants, the lgbt community and workers this he have requested parking permits for more than one thousand tour
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buses. happening today san francisco is expected to approve a practice on weekends that's known as parking for god. the transportation agency will vote on a 16 month pilot program officially letting drivers park next to medians in the middle of delores street in the mission district. while the parking right now illegal there people going to churches in the area have been doing it for decades. neighbors complained about traffic. they say church goers getting special treatment. now this proposal will allow the parking friday night, saturday admonish morning and all day on sunday. let's check in with sal. could be busier drive because people are back to after the holiday. >> that's true. we have a good drive out there. no major issues. let's go out and take a look at
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the gilroy drive. driving in from gilroy to san jose. does look good. it continues to be a nice looking drive through morgan hill and into the valley. we don't have a lot going on here as you drive through the valley here. a little bit of slow traffic. we see a little bit of red but nothing major. looking at interstate 880 oakland. the traffic here looks good. i think we will have more people on the road but right now it's early enough so that its light. at the bay bridge toll plaza its light. the fog isn't a big issue here as you drive to the toll plaza. let's bring steve in. we have pockets of fog coming back in and increasing clouds will be in the mix later on today. system is getting closer to lead the rain. not today but tomorrow with snow up in the mountains. patchy fog. it's cold. rain returns tomorrow. it looks like the first of three systems which will take us into sunday night, maybe monday morning. the cloud cover is on the move
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here. may be hazy sun in the morning but won't last long. clouds will continue to roll in. 30s on the temperatures. fairfield. 32 degrees. nevado says 31. half moon bay is 39. 34 near the pavilion. san ramone. if it feels cold it is. that east breeze continues for now. should turn southerly by this evening and take news to tomorrow. that front approaches. few locations picking up that south wind. 1626, tracking south lake tahoef. you are going to the mountains today is probably your best bet or tomorrow morning because the snow will start to return. these are colder systems coming in. the snow level will start to work down as well as we head toward the next couple days. by the time we get to wednesday night and thursday. not a big system but the problem is -- or the challenge will be could be keep enough rain out of the area that are already experiencing to much rain? you can see by sunday you are getting four, five inches of
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rain near santa rose a. you know that's eight to nine into marinf. san jose gets four and a half they will be double that in the santa cruz mountains. we need to watch that into the weekend. increasing clouds. temperatures in the 50s. some of those areas in the fog will be hard pressed to get above 51, 52. rain on wednesday. then kind of a showery thursday morning. next system sunday. >> tonight's evening drive should be okay. >> i think we will be all right. >> thank you. they captured a suspect in the deadly new year's eve shooting in turkey. details of the raid that led to his arrest and the evidence against him.
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. welcome back. almost three years after it disappeared the search for flight 370 is officially over. the governments of australia, china and malaysia announced today. this after crews finished searching a part of the indian ocean without finding any sign of the plane. the plane was on its way to china when it disappeared with 239 people on board. investigators determined it veered off course but they still don't know why. while the under water search was not successful about 20 pieces believed to be from the missing plane washed on shore. after more than two weeks
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on the run the suspect in a deadly new year's nightclub attack in turkey was captured. this is a picture of the home. this is outside istanbul. officials say the suspect is from the area and trained in afghanistan. they say that he admitted to carrying out at tack and his fingerprints matched those at the scene. the suspect is accused of killing 39 people and injuring dozens of others during a party. isis claimed responsibility for the attack in revenge for turkey's military operations in siry. an 18-year-old from denver colorado is reportedly among the five people killed in a deadly shooting inside a nightclub in mexico. a go fund me page has been is the up for her. she was with several friends when the shooting started on sunday night. one of her friends was injured in the attack. he was shot twice in the arm but was able to return back home to texas last night.
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>> right now i don't know how to get over this. i haven't slept. i keep thinking of my friend and i'm just in shock still to be honest. it's like i don't know how to take this in right now. >> investigators say that the shooting happened when security guards tried to stop a man with a gun from entering the club. three of those who were killed are security guards. no word on the 5th victim's identity. 15 people were hurt in the attack. the gunman escaped and police are still searching for him. mexican authorities not calling this an act of terrorism. the last man to walk on the moon, has died at 81. he was the commander of apollo17 the last mission going to the moon. he traced his daughter's initials, tdc in the lunar dust where you can still see it today with a high powered tell scope. he said getting back to the module to return to earth was the hardest thing he ever had
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to do. he made three trips in to space. he spent 73 hours on the surface of the moon. he died at a hospital in houston at the age of 82 after several health problems. peace through unity. the reason two religious groups gathered together here in the bay area. >> a basketball coach goes above and beyond. surprising award he received. >> good morning. we see the traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area. this is a look at the golden gate bridge and traffic looks good. >> if you are heading up to the sierra win interest storm watch starts tomorrow. not today. it'll take wednesday into thursday. snow level will go to four thousand feet by thursday night.
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. ♪ [ music ] pam, no dancing. we are on tv. >> get it started in here. >> yeah. live look across the estuary. labbing straight at oracle arena in oakland. live pictures. in the meantime city leaders later today will break ground on the new warrior as renea. all this after the warriors last night beat one of their top rivals. the cavaliers. it was a game. welll come back to mornings on 2. it's tuesday. it's january 17th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. it doesn't necessarily mean anything. >> it did. >> it did. yeah. >> just to beat them. the rain is coming in tomorrow. >> tomorrow. >> in time for the morning drive or later on? >> probably later on. >> okay.
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maybe north but not -- the main one will be later. >> a lot of rain in the next few days. >> lot between wednesday and sunday. unfortunately we have -- needed the break. we got the break. it'll continue for one more day. that will be today. then everything starts to change. snow pack is -- just been fantastic. we are going to add to that here coming up over the next four or five days. all the way down to the southern sierra. that's key to get that much moisture, water and we will be adding to that as we said. rain and snow returns tomorrow. takes us into looks like three systems for sure. wednesday, friday and sunday. clouds are starting to move in advance of that. we are getting good fog. system won't do much here. it's back here that it's on its way. colder air will not arrive until thursday. 30s on some. 40s for others. it's cold enough for some on the peninsula. right atwood side 32. menlo park 33. that east wind in pl


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