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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  January 18, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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>> and i'm frank summerville. over the bay area, we've seen a lot of rain across the area. the rain didn't keep folks inside but it doesn't look like they were lotterring outside either -- loitering outside either. >> trees were giving way because of the saturated ground. the park was closed because of the storm. >> life team coverage tonight where frank is in the bay where it's been raining hard for most ofs day . >> and justin is in the south bay where powerful winds are causing problems tonight but we begin first with chief meteorologist bill martin. >> we're gone macomb back to bill in a little bit. get the mic problem worked out and more on the rain. >> the rain has been pounding the area for much of the day. >> frank is live in downtown
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where flooding forced some people to evacuate last night. how is it looking tonight? >>reporter: i got to invest in new rain gear because it's coming down pretty good. better this time around because we'll get a break tomorrow and another one on saturday. it's not as intense but we got up here say around 11:00 or so. light rain most of the day. never really let up and around 4:00 right around that commute hour, it started coming down and it's coming down now as the north bay gets ready for yet another round of storms. here we go again, the first of three storms and the north bay once again with the bulls eye. >> this is good. this is good. i love the rain. >>reporter: only this storm comes with a whip of wind, 40- 50 miles per hour gusts in light of rain totals is welcomed news. shops are sandbagged ready but the creek is down a good eight
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inches that fell last week. >> it's been rough over the last five years not getting as much as we should but now that we're getting it, i'm kind of sick. >>reporter: fpg and e activated sandbags. ferries 15 boats all on time, parking lot packed . nothing like a boat ride on a stormy day. >> why would you want to take a ferry in the rain? >> it's pretty. it's convenient. >> refreshing. >> not too expensive. >>reporter: foul weather shut down woods and not a popular decision for these two ladies from wisconsin. they wanted to hug a redwood. you have a message for california? >> we're hard core cheese heads and they wouldn't survive with weather like this. >>reporter: we found an open house, a house for sale on a day like today.
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let's take a peek, shall we? >> 1, 120 square feet. three bedroom, two bath, and a killer view. all yours at a storm rated price of $950k. >> open the eighth, that mother of all storms and the rain was pooing and the wind was -- pouring and the wind was blowing and the i had a great turnout. .u how about today? >> little bit slow. little slow. >>reporter: never know when the buyer will pick up. they had five people come to the house today. nobbiers yet. if you're interested, got a killer view. pretty nice. take a look, this is san encelmo creek. the water was almost about a foot shy of the ceiling there so it's down a lot more but just in the last hour it's gone up a good foot so we're getting a good dousing here but we're gonna dodge the bullet this time around. that's the very latest, live up
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here at a very wet area, i'm frank, ktvu fox news. >> jessie is in san jose where the weather is also having an impact tonight. >>reporter: the impact decide me you can see the wind has knocked down this tree. the owner had 72 hours to start the cleanup but that began almost immediately cutting some of the branches inside fine almost twig like items right here that can be swept up and the trunk of the tree pulled off out of the roadway back onto the property in between the curb and the sidewalk. city officials worry more scenes like this as the wind and rain picks up tonight. >> we were expecting 20-30 miles an hour winds this afternoon so we got authorization for staff to take care of emergencies that come up. >>reporter: un-with of those emergencies came crashing down in the 2300 block of popular drive this afternoon.
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the 25-foot holly oak which stood since the mid 60s now prone on the pavement because of high winds. >> i was in my bedroom and didn't hear it. my neighbors heard it. i didn't. >>reporter: the sounds of the next storm arrived earlier in the day. wind gusts increasing since the lunch hour prompting pg and e increasing their emergency acceptabilitier. >> we're expecting more heavier rain to come in and gusty wind. this means we can see a lot more trees falling bringing down power lines and causing outages. >>reporter: repair equipment is stacked and stored here and crews will begin working 24 hour shifts to better respond to outages. >> we've done this it the past and will be able to do this again to turn the lights back on for customers. >>reporter: santa clara county crews have been patrolling area ands same for san jose city crews. >> more than two dozen pumping stations throughout the city. low lying area in the area. make sure all of our pumping
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stations are ready for the season. >>reporter: residents flooded and evacuated from their homes today are sandbagging for the seconds time in three days all in preparation for the next round of storms. as dust turns to darkness, residents, the representatives, and service providers are bracing for more stormy weather. >> hopefully nobody gets hurt and prop owners call out to us, but we are paying attention to the weather, and we are well staffed. >>reporter: officials with the city, county, and pg and e stress that residents should make plans now in case they lose power or service in next round of storms. we'll have a track of what's going on in the south bay. she'll have a report for you on the 10:00 news. live in east san jose, jessie gary, ktvu news. more rain to come and three storms, this is the first one. what are we looking at later on
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tonight? >> more heavy rain in the next few hours then taper off. the heaviest rain moving through on the afternoon commute. just getting hammered out there and not just the rain but wind. wind advisory in effect and urban small flood advisory and rain's coming down and you're trying to get home or people you know are trying to get home. here is the rain now and it's widespread. from one end of the state to the other. it's raining in santa barbara and down in ventura. that flood advisory issued in the last hours. rain fall rates in the north bay got up to half an inch for an hour and the national weather service said we got to get on this because that rain will push through in the san jose area. little break upright now. we might be seeing heavier rain moving through this hour. rain fall accumulations south now have been relatively light. quarter inch, half inch. north of golden gate brimming, inch and a half, two inches in the urban areas and go out and
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check out brandtwood, walnut creek scattered showers. big time south wind blowing up the bay and it is hammering the richmond san rafel bridge, san mama tao bridge. sustained at 46. howling. last time i saw fairfield winds sustained at 46, i can't remember. gusts at 45 at half-moon bay. sustained at 26. i got to go back and look at that. sustained 46 at fairfield. winds howling and urban and small stream flood advisory in effect. that's the number one. we'll get on the other systems next time i see you. >> all right, bill, thank here's a quick look at th traffic conditions right now on this wednesday evening. tris moving pretty well on interin oakland where heavy rain is down.
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see t rothere and camera bumping around from the windy conditions out there at this hour. warriors play at 7:30 tonight so traffic in this area could pick up in just a bit. >> for anyone heading to the east bay, highway 24 at the 680 interchange, it's a slow go. headlights headed east at walnut creek. >> download free ktvu weather app. take bill's weather forecast with you including a live look at the radar and hourly condition where is you live. the widow of the gunman in the orlando massacre pleaded not guilty to all charges in court today. ally has more on what happened today and what's next. >> nora's uncle was in the courtroom for the arrangement and brought a bag of clothes for his niece with photos of hearth year-old son but not allowed to give it to her. she pleaded not guilty to charges of obstruction of
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justice and aiding and abedding a terrorist. she'll remain in jail for another two weeks. federal prosecutors accused her of helping her husband omar mateen carry out the deadly shooting in u.s. history. he killed 49 people in the orlando nightclub in june. he pledged allegiance to isis before police killed him. they accused her of lying to and misleading investigators of the shooting. he was arrested at her family's home nearly nine-hundredths after the shooting. if convicted, she could face nine months in prison. >> they're very serious charges but again, the government bears a very heavy burden and beyond any reasonable doubt. >> they give few details in helping her husband but more information could come to light at her bail hearing in two weeks. >> gonna be a pitch by the government arguing that she's a
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threat to the community which is anticipated. >>reporter: ultimately it'll be up to the judge to determine whether or not that's true. the case will move to florida eventually so it's likely that if she's sent to jail, she'll have to travel to florida or live in florida for the remainder of this case. in oakland, allie ktvu news. >> kardoza said she may have a tough time getting bail from a california court in two weeks. >> when i deal with federal courts, this of the state courts, states courts are marge richardson cone indian when it comes to bail. less likely to reduce bail. federal court, i call it the kinder gentler bail court. but in this case, i think they're going up a tough hill. >> cardoza said her fate will depend on what she says to
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police. if she told police she knew her husband might do something and tried to stop him, a jury would only hear i knew it was going to happen and did nothing. cardoza said that could be enough to sink her case. she faces the possibility of life in prison. days before the 45th president in sworn in, the 41st president is in the hospital. coming up next, latest on the health of george h w. bush and why his wife was hospitalized today as well. a bomb threat at a high school and other community centers across the country. coming up, the latest on what happened.
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former president george hw bush and his wife both in the hospital. he's being treated for pneumonia. the 92 year-old former president was then moved to intensive care. >> pneumonia is really common about 4 million americans get pneumonia each year and you add pneumonia with inflew wen santorum for people over 65, that's the number five cause of death for older people. >> barbara bush taken to the same hospital and was admitted after experiences fatigue and coughing and not feeling well for the past two weeks. nearly two jewish
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communities received bomb threats. no bombs found. ktvu cara tells us classes were disrupted and parents inconvenienced. >> 8:45:00 a.m., someone calls the marine county jewish community center and claims have planted a bomb inside. >> we were herded out of the school . >> to 1200 students i wack -- 200 students evacuated. >>reporter: students came out in the parking lot and stood in the rain before going across the street to the other school. >> waiting in the gymnasium and began playing a movie but being kind of stressed and worried and couldn't focus on the movie and worried about everyone around you, especially the kindergarteners who were young and didn't know what was happening. >> julianne's father was one of dozens of parents that had to leave work to pick up his child. this is one of 30 at j.c. c's nationwide. >> it's reality. that's where our world is. i wish it was different obviously for his sake and my
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other child's sake but the thing we do have is each other. >>reporter: sheriff's deputies said the school is a home to two schools k-8 and temple and community center. >> we're calling in a couple canines from neighboring law enforcement agencies. >>reporter: after three hours of searching, deputies found 2340 trace of a bomb. that's week seven bomb threats happened in 7 states. to do that number quadrupled. >> i'm not jewish but all my friends at the school are. i'm worried for them and myself that i was concerned for them because they're my school ands they're being targeted and so i am because i'm with them. >> similar threats to j.c. cs made this morning in miami, massachusetts, new jersey, and connecticut. the fbi office said it's monitoring the situation but will not intervene unless
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asked. tara, ktvu fox 2 news. we're tracking that rain out there. boy, it's right on the afternoon commute. it is causing problems. you got big wind, wind advisory, urban and small stream flood advisory tonight. snow in the mountain and kind of like, you know, talk about last night, this thing is hitting right on -- rained all day but hammering the afternoon commute. you can see rain from eureka and border all the way south of santa barbara. flood advisory and new development within the last hour indicating heavier rain fall rates around here and that's to be expected. ground saturated, all this rain falling just a live radar. all the rain falling is definitely starting to run off so check one of the storm reports up here by santa ros. they've had real heavy, flooding up in hills burg 305. really heavy rain fall rates so
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debris flow kind of spawn from that. santa rosa heavier rain and showers down around oakland. little bits of breaks here and there but get the idea. this is widespread rain on the afternoon commute. san jose getting a break new but not for long. down towards holster, you see heavy shower activity. talk about the winds being pretty strong. there's that sustained 46 miles an hour gust at fairfield, that's huge. wind advisory is verifying gusting to 35 in oakland. we got three systems. here's today, here is friday, and then here is sunday and when you notice there, there's no thursday -- not really a thursday or saturday storm. saturday would be here and thursday. that's the breaks and break richard sherman -- what we need. computer model, tonight at 8:00, back edge, keeps a heavy rain and by 9:00 looks like it's mostly threw and thursday
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morning, maybe a light sprinkle, something like that. most should be dying downgoing through the day thursday and that's your break day. tomorrow's kind of a transition day into the friday morning rain event or actually thursday night. wednesday, today's storm we could see three quarters to three inches. same on friday, storms are very same harrahs and then sunday looks to be bigger and see by the rain forecast there. five day forecast and you see this break and that's the whole deal. you get those -- got to have a break tomorrow. even though there's a few sprinkles, we'll have a break tomorrow, break again saturday, and a break on monday. it'll still be wet and not great but the real heavy rain like we're seeing now is gonna be followed by opportunity for the creeks to come down, for the streams to come down. >> that thing on friday and sunday, are they full days? >> not really, friday looks like thursday night into friday morning with afternoon clearing and then saturday, sunday one looks like more of a full day, slanted toward the morning as
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well. >> bill, thank you. less than 48 hours, history will be made and the next president of the united states will be sworn in. it's a bucket list thing where i've want today go. >> three people from the bay area say why they're traveling to the nags' capital to watch donald trump become america's 45th president. an emotional plea from a family of abe area woman kill inside a car accident last week after crews say it will still take several more days before they're a i believe to recover her body from a river. can't sleep, how am i supposed to sleep waiting. she needs us. she's waiting all night.
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nicky haley were all on the hot seat today. the confirmation hearings continue there are reports tonight that much of donald trump's national security team could be confirmed on friday. inauguration less than two days away and a number of people from the bay area planning to attend the ceremony. >> ktvu rob ross spoke to some who are going. rob, i imagine they're pretty excited. >> alameda county sheriff rick
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carter said he and his family are catching tonight's red eye to washington dc. he's looking forward to being at friday's presidential inauguration. >> i've never got to do anything like this before. i've watched inauguration on tv. this is the first time i've attended one. >> southwest asia service medal. >> decorated former service marine sergeant voted for president elect donald trump but plan today go to the inauguration no matter who won. >> it's a bucket list thing. always wanted to go. >> tom who served in president reagan and bush administration flew out tuesday. >> i'm 71 and very excited. >> they're prepared for 91,000 people. they'll see donald trump sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. >> a lot of things he campaigned on aligned with my values so that's the why i
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went. >> he oversees three courthouses for the alameda county courthouse. >> it's not cheap because you can't plan ongoing until you know who won, well, by that time, all the hotels have raised their prices, airlines raised their prices. >> former marine sergeant emmaerson flies a trump flag outside hiss home and has a flag display with all those killed on 9/11 on his wall and leaves tomorrow for dc. >> to me it was all about history. i'm either gonna go with a guy that i supported, trump, or for the first woman in the history of our country to be a president. >> he's the former regional director for the department of health and human services. friday will make the sixth inauguration'will have attended. >> it's always wonderful to be there and a part of it and to celebrate our history. >> each is aware of how unpopular trump and the
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protests planned. >> everyone on my street voted for hillary and i get it. to answer i'd say give him a try. >> president elect trump is a person that's proposing a lot of change, which is what president obama did so you adjust according toly and do the best we can and hope for the best . >> when each returns home next week, they'll be able to say they witnessed democracy in action, the peaceful transition of power. >> rob, thank you. stay with ktvu for the continuing coverage of the presidential inauguration. live coverage begins on 8 in the morning on friday on ktvu. dramatic new video from an officer's body camera released involving a recent new shooting in san francisco. up next, why the victim's mother said the shooting didn't need to happen. plus, discrimination claims against oracle. why the labor department filed
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a lawsuit against the bay area company. it's beautiful. was it a hard place to get to?
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back no the impact, all that's having on the commute, this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, this is the non-commute direction heading into san francisco and you can see it is completely jammed up,
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looks like a morning commute. my guess would be the meters lights are on as well. slow going into san francisco as well. >> san mateo bridge and commute heading east is slow going. little bit better but heavy in the westbound direction heading toward the peninsula. a former sheriff deputy pleaded not guilty today at channels he fire add gun at a house party in sacramento. kyle roland was arranged today and charged with assault with a deadly weapon and carrying loaded weapon with intend to commit a felony. police say roland was drunk at a party and fired his gun at being told to leave. folk was hit by the -- nobody hit by the gunfire but investigators were trying to determine if the gun used was his duty weapon want he was hire inside october and fired after his arrest. roland is due back in court february 28. the labor department is suing oracle for alleged pay
5:33 pm
discrimination and may end up costing oracle millions in federal contracts. the lawsuit claims that oracle pays white men more than women, blacks, or asian employees who have the same jobs. they accused oracle of discriminating in favor of asians when it comes to technical positions. they're a federal contractor for software and hardware products . the lawsuit is asking that oracle's federal contracts canceled until they comply with antidiscrimination laws. the commonwealth club in san francisco today. tom baker was there where she talked about the strength of the economy. >> pointed by president obama three years ago, federal reserve chair janet has another year on her term and plans to stay. president elect trump criticized her for keeping interest rates too low for too long. she did not mention mr. instrument much by name, she
5:34 pm
made -- mr. trump binet, she made no apologies that the economy is just about on the right track for continued growth. >> we think it's close. the economy's come a long way since the financial crisis. >> recent increases have been made to keep it from getting overheated. the trick now is to find the right balance, keeping the economy strong by raising rates without raising too much, which would kill the economy. >> we're expecting to increase our federal funds rate target a few times a year until by the end of 2019 it is close to our estimate of its longer run neutral rate of 3%. >> she does not expect the economy to grow much more than 2% a year, far less than what the president elect says he'll produce. the on of the president elect came when the dean of uc berkeley school of journalism asked her about
5:35 pm
interaction with federal people. mr. trump is not her boss suggesting they will have little direct interaction. >> a very long tradition dating back many decades is the fed chair and the treasury secretary regularly meet and discuss the economy and a range of issues where we have common >> at the moment at least, she believes the economy is doing well, growing slowly, and likely to continue to create jobs. she cautioned however major changes in economic policy, something president's in congress have a lot of say about could change her assessment very quickly. tom, ktvu fox 2 news. dramatic new video released today of aplites shooting in san francisco of an unarmed man. that man's mom said he's mentally ill. our crime reporter is at police headquarters with more on this. henry. >>reporter: frank, the san francisco public defender and
5:36 pm
police released officer body cam videos showing confrontation that ended with sean moor getting shot. moore was seriously injure inside an incident his family said could have been avoided. >> what's going on. you show up out here at this time of morning. >> i got a call for service. >>reporter: police body cam shows sean moore yelling at officers on january 6. a neighbor called police saying moore was banging on a wall and violating a restraining order. from behind a gate at the top of the stairs, moore yells profanities at officers telling them to leave. a short while later, kenneth sprays pepper spray accidently dousing fellow officer. a while later, he kicks officers. a little later, moore still agitated emerges again with something in his hand and a
5:37 pm
confrontation erupts. moore punches officer before offer cha open fires hitting him in the groin and stomach. jeff released the video said the officers needlessly kawed the confrontation. >> this is a situation that could have and should have been avoided. the officers had they properly used deescalation techniques would have gone home. >> my son is not a very vicious person. he's just struggling every day with mental illness. >> moore's mother says he has bipolar and schizophrenia. >> my son did not need to be shot. >> the police union blasted the department for not allowing officers to use tasers. >> if tasers were available is beside the point if it would be a different result. >> that contact happens a loath in san francisco. >> at his own use conference,
5:38 pm
interim police chief showed pictures showing injuries to both officers. chaplain would not say if the shooting was justified saying it's still under investigation but the officers responded according to training. in this case, i think great restraint atz you can hear the officers say he has something in his hand. >>reporter: now, sean moore is out of the hospital and in jail charged with assaulting those officers as bail was set at $2 million. live in san francisco, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. still to come, berry bonds will have to wait at least another year. he fell well short for the number of votes for the hall of fame. three player who is did make it for the 2017 class. also ahead, five would be thieves break into an east bay home while homeowner was in the shower. what was caught on surveillance
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once again, berry bonds did not make it into the hall of fame and neither did roger clemmons. results released today and first baseman jeff bagwell, outfielder tim reigns and catcher ivan rodriguez were the only three. they all received more than 75% of ballots cast.
5:42 pm
bagwell got 86.2 percent of vote and this was his seventh attempt. reigns got 86 percent of vote. tenth and final year of eligibility and rodriguez receives 76 percent of vote. his sixth year. berry bonds got 53.8. roger clemmons got 54.1 percent. every year their numbers going up but well both short -- both well short of the 75 percent needed to get into the hall of fame. oakland raiders defensive end canzeri khalil mack named defensive player of the year. he was the fifth pick in the 2014nfl draft. the 25 year-old spent time on the field as defensive end and outside linebacker. san francisco city leaders came together today to take a stand against what they call an illegal bike sharing service. aaron joining members of the san francisco bike coalition and others and the company blue
5:43 pm
go go plans operating in san francisco and worries the bikes will be left throughout the city and create a public knew sense. >> we're sending a message today to blue gogo that their lawlessness will not be tolerated, we'll confiscate those bikes, impound and sell those bikes and news that money in order to start cracking down on bike chop shops. >> spokeswoman for blue gogo said the company requires them to leave in public racks and will not litter the city. nor snow means more dangerous conditions, chain control, and all new snow is causing new worries for people who live there. and some impressive rain totals out there now. talk about those and the next round of rain that's due to hit the bay area.
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a very real looking mass casualty drill. >> the scenario involves a bomb full of hazardous materials ex- ploiding at the arena. the bomb squad all responded and students from manatee game warden high school volunteer today act as victims. >> this gives us a chance to see what everybody's capabilities are, what the different agencies can bring to
5:47 pm
the table when needed during emergencies. >> the seconds half of the drill involved disarming a man with a bomb strap today his chest. each agency compared notes and the goal is to learn from each other and fix any problems that arose during the drill. >> it is a tough commute through the sierra with wind and know slowing down traffic. a portion of i80 closed east of truckee. max has more on the conditions there in the sierra. >>reporter: on interstate 80, fresh snow, same set of rules. chain laws in effect for much of the sierra. >> come up heprepared, drive slow, you know, that's the most important thing. >>reporter: keep an eye out for cal tran workers. >> get out there in full e 24 hours a day and push the snow, scrape up the pack with
5:48 pm
grater ands blow it off with snow blowers. >>reporter: new concerns with multiple rounds of snow this week. >> we urge residents to be cautious about the amount of snow on the roofs. >>reporter: heavy snow on hopes built prior to 1960s under a different set of snow requirements could be vulnerable for cave ins. >> watch for cracks around the doors, ceiling, where the corners are, doors windows harder to open and close than they have been historically. >>reporter: keep an eye out for gas line ands propane tanks. the builder manager cautions they can crack. >> if you smell gas, leave the area immediately and call 911. >>reporter: if you have concerns about snow loads, consulta professional. they recommend an engineer or contractor if you're worried about the integrity of your home. >> just mounds and mounds of snow. it's snowing nonstop up there in the mountains. back to bill in the weather center. >> it really is and starting
5:49 pm
now but continue through the bay area weekend and that means, they could get six, seven feet of new snow easy. at the elevation and lower elevation. we've seen significant rain fall totals. check out santa rosa to the north. two and a half inches of rain. that's impressive accumulation. san francisco much less about under a half inch in san jose and san jose two tenths of an inch. we've had wind gusts up to 50, 55 miles an hour and it is windy out there. all the bay area bridges, wind advisories right now. this is interesting here. you can see the rain band extends basically from seattle all the way south. i think about a thousand miles of coastline the entire west coast getting hit right now. snow levels running not that low but lower than they were in a couple storms ago. above grass valley and colfax,
5:50 pm
snow rain mix. scattered showers, santa rosa seeing heavy rain in this area. scattered showers down around san francisco, lafayette, i mean, afternoon commute is just a wet one. all the way down into the sunnyville and get more rain down towards morgan hill and gill roy. aerial coverage is significant. this is the last pop of the storm. it moves through and then we get a break, scattered shower heavy rain break. maybe a few showers in the morning, maybe a thundershower in the morning. then we break off in the afternoon so storm, our break day then get into friday and bang, this is friday morning early or if you will thursday night late. this is significant rain. this is system number two, which will be very similar to this system. timing not that far off either. see the heaviest rain fall here around 5:00 a.m.
5:51 pm
and that's just ahead of the morning commute and then kind of clear and look at friday afternoon kind of a break. that's huge. saturday you get a little bit of break too but get hit sunday. snow levels running around 4,000 feet in the central sierra. lower in the northern see area ya and look at the five day forecast, we've got boy, just break, when i say break, it's gonna be raining a little bit in there. rain on thursday, rain on monday but it's a break from a treenen kind of what -- torrential what we're seeing now and friday morning. >> i can't believe all the snow in the sierras. >> the avalanche danger will be the story probably going into next week. >> it was scary next week. can't imagine it keeps snowing through the weekend. >> i wouldn't be surprised if you hear someone say 8-10 feet up there. >> keep us posted. heavy rainstorms causing flooding in parters of southeast texas. parts of houston under water
5:52 pm
after several inches of rain today. flash flood warnings for several parts of the city and as roads filled with water, some people dot stranded. we have video of a baby being rescued today with her parents. crews also rescued three people who were stuck in a flooded bus. >> at first i was confused. i was worried, i was scared kind of like what's gonna happen because it was just the three of us on the bus, myself, there's this other guy, and the bus driver. >> the rain came from a series of thunderstorms that swept through the area and left other areas relatively dry. a woman in the shower hears breaking glass as would be thieves break into her home. what happened when she confronted one of the men in her kitchen and what a neighbor surveillance camera revealed. an emotional plea of a bare area woman kill inside a car crash last week after crews say
5:53 pm
it'll take several more days to recover her body from a river. >> this is her spirit and it's asking for us to please get her out that water and bring her to her family.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
the woman is speaking out
5:56 pm
in an effort to warn neighborings that the burglars are still out there. >> norma was in the shower when she heard the sound of breaking glass at her hayward home. grabbed her bathrobe, ran to the kith and be came face to face with an intruder. >> i saw him wear ago black hood and ahhhh. lord jesus. >> as it turns out, there were five would be thieves scared off by screams. a neighbor's surveillance camera showed them all. one who knocked at the front door, who who crouched down while running to the back, and two drivers one in a white suv and another in a white sedan. another shows her in her bathrobe running outside seeking help. >> i go out, help, help, help. i did not know anything.
5:57 pm
>> hayward police respond add short time later saying these type of crimes are not uncommon. the burglar strike in daylight targeting homes they think are vacant. >> those are the one that is doe homework on locations and try to pick an easy target. >> her house actually had six locks on the door plus the dogs so that didn't stop thees. authorities recommend alarms and surveillance cameras and even building a camera data base they call eyes which lets law enforcement knows in a neighborhood might have helpful video. >> relatively inexpensive and used as a presential tool but an investigative tool. >> norma moved her from the philippines in october and was glad her daughter and grandson not home at the time and relieved nothing was taken but terrified this crew might strike again. >> my first time encounter this kind of problems. it scares me. >> in addition to the extra locks and the dog, the family's
5:58 pm
now considering getting cameras here at the house. anyone with information on the case is asked to contact hayward police. in hayward, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. heavy rain, high wind and slick roads. tonight, the first in another series of storms is barreling through the bay area and all of that could cause problems for areas still recovering from all the storms last week. good evening. i'm frank. >> and i'm julie. it's been raining hard for most of the day and we're seeing effects of the rain where a park is shut down till friday. crews are working to stabilize a cliff side where rock ands boulders came luis during last week's storm ands crashed on the roadway there. >> in the north bay, sky fox captured this picture of a giant tree that fell. the park was closed for the day because of the storm. >> not just rain that's causing concern, check out conditions in oakland. people are holding on tight to
5:59 pm
umbrellas due to high winds today. >> chief meteorologist bill martin starts our coverage from the weather center. we've got storms on the way? >> number one and two more to go. we got rain today especially in the santa rosa area. two and a half inches of rain. napa, about an inch but that will change quickly. a look at wind advisory, it's verifying wind gusts up to 50, 55 miles an hour in some cases. that wind advisory in effect past midnight tonight. this just in, a flood advisory for the entire bay area, a product of the intense rain fall rates if you will. there's the weather system we're tracking and you can see the heaviest rain kind of up in the north bay, north of the sacramento area as well. you can see in the bay area here, we've got rain pretty much on the entire commute and what we can do here is check out some storm reports.
6:00 pm
this is down by san jose so 325, a bit of a flooding situation. could be a small neighborhood flooding, something of that nature. here we are at 5:00, this is the model. we're getting a few showers in here. at 8:00, that system will be winding down and as we get towards the morning, we'll get that nice break but meantime, it's raining right on the afternoon commute. in the north bay neighborhoods, still recovering from last week's storms. they're getting ready for more wind and rain from next two coming in. frank reporting live from san encelmo. >>reporter: it's been raining steadily since we arrived up here a under 11:00. it's really started coming down around 4, 5, and 6 as the north bay gets ready for yet another round of storms. here we go again, the first of three storms and the north bay once again with the bulls eye. >> this is good. this is


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