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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  January 19, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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welcome to aulani it's hawaii with a touch of disney magic. for special offers visit or call your travel agent . good morning. yeah. see. raindrops on the windshield. spotty showers still popping up around the bay area right now. this is a look at some of the early morning showers haywood. if you are driving take your time. roads are wet the in many spots and give -- just leave -- you know how to take care of yourself. be careful out there. give yourself extra time. welcome back to mornings on 2. thursday, january 19th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. it does sound like a bit of a wreak break. >> yeah. >> before a lot of rain
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between now and sunday. >> the forecast model was spot on. the heaviest was in the north bay. they took the brunt of this one. no doubt. >> sonned like my roof was going to caven. it was coming down. >> sure that was the rain? maybe something crawling up there. >> it was rain. >> all right. thank you. some of the rain totals. give me time. my army of one, me, putting all these together. oakland, san francisco had about just shy of an inch for both. santa rosa over three. i know near nevado it was near hamilton. there was about three. yontville. i should add there was two to three newspaper medecino. santa cruz mountains. 2.44. kempfield, just shy of 2. i'm sure there was heavier amounts probably north of town. san jose with a .8. we are not completely done yet. you can see still some rotating
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through. nothing to heavy but you can get bursts of moderate to heavy rain. right back to cloverdale. then just -- going right through. look at that occiden ttal. santa rosa and back over to saint helena and yontville. some of these continue to rotate through and a good cell on the peninsula from half moon bay. highway 92. probably over to 280. san mateo. you can see san carlos. that's good rain right there coming in. then a cell just clipping near santa cruz over toward watsonville heading over to gilroy. some of will continue to work their wayn. we also have snow up in the mountains. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. even north bay temperatures in the 40s and 50s. look for a breezy day with highs in the 50s. a mix of sun, clouds, showers, next system tomorrow alex. >> the wind was --.
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>> it was up yesterday. boy. there was only a couple leaves left on the tree outside of my house. it was just howling. thank you. all right. we are watching the roadways. the drive throughout the bay area looking good. we are making some improvements after an earlier crash that we were telling you about that was right in the middle of the mcarthur maze. this was eastbound 80 just before pal street. you can see right now that the chp has cleared everything out of the way there. the roadway back open. we were telling you about that crash where a truck flipped over and caught fire. all cleared. you are good to go there as you travel through the maze this morning. let me take you to the maps and show you the solano super commute. very nice ride. no issues as you travel along interstate 80 from vacaville to vallejo. highway 37. things looking good there. no problems in terms of flooding or anything else in that area. finally we will give you a live
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look here down south. the san mateo bridge. no problems there. no slow downs up to the poll plaza and it's a nice, easy ride headed across the span in either direction this morning. at 4:00 '03 4 in the morning. >> thank you. with more rain headed our way you can expect more downed trees and power lines. work crews spent hours trying to cut up and remove a large tree. that one fell across mount hamilton road in san jose. neighbors say they are worried about the stability of another large tree nearby. the latest storm brought more snow to the sierras. drivers on interstate 80 are reporting the usual slow downs but say its nowhere near as bad as it was last week. still drivers being reminded to slow down, use caution right now, chains required on both 80 and 50. the storms are crossing
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dangerous conditions for boaters and beach go eras round the bay area. the marin county fire department shared these photographs. crews practicing water rescues in the rain. they picked those conditions because they never know what to expect when it's time for a real rescue. >> we have rescue watercraft, inflatable boats, fire boats working in bad conditions so when we do respond to the incidents we are prepared for them. >> cold temperatures, rain and the big waves expected along the coast from sonoma down to monterey through the weekend. the coast guard said boaters should have radios that work. also life ets. if you walk your dog down to the beach stay away from the water and tonight try to rescues your dog if they get caught up in the surf. waves bigger than 30 feet are expected at the site of the popular mavericks surf contest. still it's not likely that the surfing competition will be called. organizers waiting for the signs of perfect swells before
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they make the call to the world's best big wave surfersf. that doesn't happen by march 31st the competition will be put on hold until november. a grandmother is considering new security measures after people broke into her home. she said that she heard the sound of breaking glass while she was in the shower this week. she grabbed her bathrobe, ran to the kitchen and came face to face with an intruder. there five people, three who broke in, two waiting in cars. a neighbor's security camera caught them outside. she screamed and that scared them away. >> when i came here i saw him there with a black hood here then -- a lord jesus -- i go lord jesus. >> the intruders got in to the home despite six locks on the door and a dog. police say that the type of crime is common.
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a group of thieves targeting homes during the day thinking that nobody is home. no arrests have been maid. two east basin rings making a plea to rescue crews days after their mother was killed in a car crash. she was driving to sacramento on sunday when her car went off highway 160 and crashed in to the sacramento river. her family said she was able to call 911 and a passerby tried to save her but was unsuccessfull. sacramento county rescue crew was able to locate the car but because of bad weather conditions the family said they were told that it could take days before they can are recover the body from the water. >> i need my mom to get out. i feed her out the river. should he is someone. why does she deserve to be under water for so long, for so many storms. >> it's no reason why someone should just sit in water when you know they are there. they pinged the phone. they got the call. what else do you need? >> the sacramento sheriff's
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department uses a volunteer dive team. it said it reached out to nearby counties for resources this he are planning a recovery mission for saturday morning. the siblings will like to hear from the person who tried to rescue their mother to thank them. the governor's administration was wrong on costs by the medicaid program. that's contributed to the projection of a budget deficit. the governor wants more than 3 billionl dollars in budget cuts because of a projected $1.6 billion deficit. now spokeswoman for the department of finance called the mistake a straight up error in accounting which we deeply regret. they said the error is not the only reason for the deficit. the tax collections were also below expectations. the labor department is suing oracle for pay discrimination. it pay cost millions of dollars
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in federal contracts. the lawsuit claim that oracle pays white men more money than women, african americans or asians with the same jobs. the labor department ceuss them of discriminating in favor of asians for technical jobs. they are a federal contractor for software and hardware products. the lawsuit is asking that their federal contracts be canceled until the company has compli, d with anti discrimination laws. we have the update on the health of george hw bush and his wife barbara. the president remains in intensive care in houston as doctors treat him. he was admitted on saturday. this morning he is a wake and alert. barbara is actually in the same hospital suffering from bronchitis. him he are getting out when they get better. not a minute sooner.
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whatever that takes. doctors are not guessing right now. >> earlier this month president push sent a letter to trump saying his health prevented him from attending the inauguration. the bushes however were actually able to celebrate their 72nd wedding anniversary two weeks ago. >> 7 72 years. a fire in the south bay has left several families homeless. we will tell you about neighbors who made sure everybody got out alive. >> a common courtesy could be costing bart a lot of money in repairs. up next the extra wear and tear happening at station escalators. >> and the roadway around the bay area looking nice this morning. a good-looking drive in most spots. few pockets of slowing in the east bay. we will tell you about them when we come back. >> your ride into work may not be bad but your co worker will say it's pouring. hit and miss rain still here
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for the morning.
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. welcome back to mornings on two. time is 4:43. thomas keller plans to get into the hotel business. the wall street journal reports that he wants tobuild a small hotel next to his three star launch laundry restaurant. he bought the property a couple of years ago and said he plans to work on the hotel when advertise ten million dollar renovation of the french laundry is complete. the american airlines is rolling out discounted tickets. they said it's new basic economy fare will cost less than other coach ckets but the low cost come was restrictions. you are only allowed one personal item that can fit under the seat. ticket also be nonrefundable.
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they can't be changed. american hasn't said how much they will cost but the cheaper economy fare will go on sale next month. and after 32 years budweiser saying good-bye to team usa. they have decided not to renew its partnership with the united states olympic committee. they have been a sponsor of the olympic committee since 1984. the news follows disappointing viewer ship of the 2016 olympic games in rio. common practice among some bart riders may be damaging the escalators at bay area bart stations. it's considered courteous for those who take escalators to stand on the right so people in a hurry can walk up on the left. bart said that it causes uneven wear on the escalators which can cause more break downs. i didn't know that. bart said that it's -- it's not telling people to stop walking on them. they just want you to be aware of the problem. >> that's interesting.
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>> i stepped aside in the past. >> that's me. >> you, yeah. >> going by quickly where i am. but for on the roads. take your time on the roads. >> same thing on the roads. stay to the right and let anyone who wants to travel a little faster pass on the left. that's what we are all doing on the escalator. now it may be causing problems. >> very interesting. the drive around the bay area looking nice. a couple minor spots of slowing. this is the drive here. the tracy super commute coming westbound on 580. you will see a little spot where lue have to tap on the brakes. the drive through dublin and livermore looking nice. let's take you now and show you what the scene looks like on highway 4 as you come out of
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pittsburgh and bay point. it's a nice looking drive. no slow downs to speak of as you head up and over the hill. here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's a nice easy ride. an earlier crash on eastbound 80 right at the maze has been cleared out of the way. you are flow agriculture long nice and smooth at 4:46 in the morning. some of them interpret they heavy. up in the north basement i think you will notice it. there is still some areas. maybe getting -- good morning. then dumping buckets here for
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the last 15 minutes. hail mixed in as well. let's take a tour around. there are isolated cells here that are definitely worth noting. not as much north. over to hidden valley lake. highway 29. that does look like there is good cells there. watch right there going through sewastol. right there. that's what is he is talking about. over toward glenallen. yontville and half moon bayf. city over the sunset district. back over to san mateo. a closer look at this. over the sunset district and heading due west. there is some heavy rain associated with that. then also from half moon bay. back over toward san mateo. belmont. redwood city. skyline and 280. that's pretty heavy rain coming through. then just taking aim near santa cruz south but a couple of cells lined up taking aim closer to him. right back over highway 9, also
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17. it's snow on the go. up in the sierra. they have winter storm warning until noon. 40s. 50s on the temperatures. livermore at 47. danville 47. 49 for brentwood. look for a mix of sun, cloud showers, about every half hours. arizona, we get a little dryer air. the next system is just fly agriculture long. it'll be here. there will be a third system. don't want to forget a cold system may clip us. after that it looks like the next five-days good rainfall in the mix. now we are getting another three. that will be six for them in san jose. that's more for the santa cruz
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mountains. rain and wind. rain and wind on sunday. a cold system could below snow levels on monday after that. then things will get a break. >> how low snow? >> 3,000. >> maybe. certainly up north. >> sounds good. >> thank you. 4:49 the time. a huge avalanche buried a luxury mountain hotel in italy early today. as many as 30 people may be buried under the snow. a series of strong earthquakes trigger that avalanche. we talked about them yesterday. one body has reportedly been pulled from the rubble. two people have been founda live. however there is no official word on the deaths. italian disaster teams are having a hard time getting to the hotel in a remote area of central italy. heavy snow has cut off the main roads as well. in india at least 15 children were killed early
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today after their school bus collided with a truck. police say that 14 other young students were hurt in the head on crash near the town. investigators say that dense fog may have played a role in that tragic accident. and in iran a high rice building engulfed by a fire collapsed today killing at least 30 firefighters. s many as 75 others were hurt. a state run tv network said they battled that blaze for hours before the coll. a china town favorite in real high gear for the lunar new year. we will take yoinside a bakery famous for its fortune cookies. that's what we come back.
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. happening today the start of the sun dance film festival in park city utah. created by robert red ford its launched some of the greatest the ind ie films ever made. moories like reservoir dogs and last year's manchester by the sea all as the resulted there. several month eves debuting there, they hit the big screen soon. can pixar seems to be confirming a fan idea years in
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the make that all of its movies linked by small little details. take a look. . >> what about the time with the dinosaur? >> that's a good one. >> this video posted on the official toy story facebook page runs through about a dozen films and links them. some films are connected by small clues, others by major characters appearing in different forms in other forms. look for other clues in the upcoming film coco which hits theaters in november. one of my favorites. smoky robinson brought a million dollar check to young museum isons in los angeles. >> we are meeting the president and it was so cool. >> bet it was there. is smoky. he showed up yet at the a
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middle school to deliver the check. the students also got new instruments. smoky robinson took time to take the stage and sing with the kids. he wants more museum next classroom. >> so -- blessed foreign because most schools don't have the programs anymore. it's a shame. i have spoke tone congress about it, about three times. >> the future of music. our kids. it's like the mute of everything else. >> that program already serves young musicians in 180 school across los angeles. the donation by smoky robinson will help pay for another 200 schools. a family owned business in china town has something special to celebrate. the city added the golden gate fortune cookie company it it's legacy register remaining its being recognized as a historic as set to the city. it opened in 1962 by a family from china. every day people from around the world visit that shop.
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>> this is san francisco invention. san francisco invention. san francisco pride. >> food, unites people. >> three machines churn out the cookies averaging 350 an hour. one by one they are pulled off the gridl while hot, paired a paper message and put into the shape of a cookie. they are be loo ahead to next saturday when they will be extremely busy for the new year. the owner said business usually increases by about 20% during the new year celebration. the new year parade in san francisco set for february 11th. you can watch the parade right here with us at ktvu fox 2. we will celebrate the year of the rooster and our coverage of the parade starts at 6:00. we always ride along -- we are ride agriculture long in the cable car and it's fun to see everybody out there. >> yeah. you saw the storm. one storm moved through the bay
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area. more storms lining up to take its place. we will show you the clean up going on today and when that next storm will hit. >> and a police shooting in san francisco captured on officer's body cameras. coming up confrontation as it escalated and the reason the man's family said that he didn't have to be shot. >> and a pretty good-looking drive out there. you may encounter wet the roadways. a very nice looking drive across the bay area this morning. tell you about a few little pockets of slowing when we get back. >> there is some isolated cells. one moving right through san francisco from the sunset district over the mission district. in fact you can see it right there. tenth of an inch of rain fell in three minutes. s
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. we will tell you about all the problems at the overnight rain caused here. >> also just over 24 hours now until the inauguration for trump as president. lue hear from local leader who are refusing to attend the inauguration. mornings on 2 continues. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2.
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>> good morning. thank you for joining us. live look outside. you can see pretty hazy. not that thick fog. it's not that pounding rain that we have had. little bit of a break today. it's all of that is heading back our way. thank you for joining us. thursday morning. january 19th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. steve is right over there. you want us to take the umbrella this morning? >> i would keep it for the next five-days. seriously. >> there you go. >> sometime ups it's not so great when the wind is whipping around. >> it disappears. >> the rain coming insideways. >> good cell coming in over san francisco. it looks like it's just now coming right by. watch sunset. mission district. there's heavy snow


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