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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  January 19, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> good morning. thank you for joining us. live look outside. you can see pretty hazy. not that thick fog. it's not that pounding rain that we have had. little bit of a break today. it's all of that is heading back our way. thank you for joining us. thursday morning. january 19th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. steve is right over there. you want us to take the umbrella this morning? >> i would keep it for the next five-days. seriously. >> there you go. >> sometime ups it's not so great when the wind is whipping around. >> it disappears. >> the rain coming insideways. >> good cell coming in over san francisco. it looks like it's just now coming right by. watch sunset. mission district. there's heavy snow on 80.
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heavy duty snow up there. look at the north bay. n see a line there. there is a good line on the pen slamly get that in just a second. may be a snow mix for some in lake county if that's the case you can let me snow. line -- moderate to heavy rain from about lake port to clear lake over to hidden valley lake. over toward glenallen take age hit. we had hail report. you can see that system. that's moderate to heavy rain and hail in there. the peninsula getting hit hard here around half moon bay. from 92 over 20280 and then belmont. looks like san mateo. redwood. you can see that line forming right there. just to the north of wood side and west menlo park and then other cells starting to pick inspect santa cruz mountains. scott's valley to santa cruz and over to morgan hill and goal re. 40s. 50s on the temperatures. coot pattern on the peninsula. upper 40s. low 50s. san carlos 48.
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loss altos46. should turn more westerly later today. right now it's out of the south or the east for most. you can see that line right there. there is dryer air coming behind that. weak ridge there will save us for later this afternoon. the next system is fly across. that will be here on friday for round two. some rain maybe hail mixed in there. sun clouds, midwest weather 50s on the temperatures. >> all right. good cells moving through. >> yes . of moving through san francisco. i can see the rain on the toll plaza cam a. just be aware of that. we aren't seeing any major crashes. that's the good news. no major issues. we get that kind of rain coming down and the big bursts. it certainly can lead to problems. we haven't seen it yet he. we have our usual areas of slowing. we will show you the tracy super commute and the traffic starting to build more westbound on 580. coming down through the river more valley this morning. once you get toward downtown
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livermore. you should be okay and that's pretty good-looking drive this morning. ly tell you about the drive down south here across the san mateo bridge and you can see right there not raining in that picture. raining just to the north of there in san francisco and in the east bay. right there along the san mateo bridge you aren't seeing any showers and drive over to the peninsula is a pretty good one. in the south bay san jose, we aren't showing any major crashes or incidents throughout the san jose bay area. that's good news this is a live look at the drive along 280 coming up into downtown san jose. a nice easy ride here at 5:03 in the morning. as we have been talking about we get a break from the rain today. with more storms headed our way. so is the threat for more flooding and landslides. its been a huge problem in the santa cruz mountains.
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affecting drivers. how does it look right now? >> reporter: well we actually were driving up toward santa cruz and we ran into an accident on the northbound lanes. a car had spun out there. so we went and checked out. let me show you some video that we just took. you can see all the cars slowing down. they shut down part of highway 17 northbound. this was near redwood estates. a vehicle hit the guardrail and it was facing the wrong way. they were able to clear that a short time ago and -- move it to the right hand shoulder. chp, you know, they know that the rain yesterday and overnight caused these roads to be slick. it caused slide agriculture long 17. highway nine and on mountain road. i do want to show you video from mount hamilton road near allen rock and east san jose. a large tree fell across the road. it took out some power lines and this morning the road is still closed because of all the debris there. neighbors say that they are worried about the stability of
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another large tree nearby. starting last night pg&e crews started working 24 hour shifts to better respond to power outages. there are crews in santa clara and san jose. they are patrolling making sure that pump stipulations and drains are clear for the rain that will becoming but we will keep an eye out just as i was talking here the rain started falling. a light mist. it has been off and on. last night going to sleep. the rain was just coming down in sheets. very windy last night. we are just going to have to watch how to goes this morning. >> we heard the same thing. we were just talking about that and more of that is headed our way. thank you for that. flooding still a big concern in sonoma and marin. during the night a flash flood warning expired in sonoma. in marin wills what a foot of water in downtown san rafael. flooding this garage and the backyard. the landlord had to pump out
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the water. >> water just came off the back property and just started pouring down. it just -- started flooding more than what the sewer could handle. we are having a lot of water. >> yeah. and the national monument expected to reopen today after being closed yesterday because of the danger of toppled trees. a big redwood tree fell. the rangers were worried others may fall too many. we are getting a break in the storms. there are still problems to deal with the rain and the wind that we have been having. we will see more of it. the antioch bridge was closed for more than five hours overnight. that's because of downed trees blocking a stretch of highway 160. crews were able to remove the trees at about 1:30 this morning. the chp reopened that bridge a short time later. a fallen tree is causing traffic problems in downtown oaklandt. crashed down last night near
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15th and martin luther king juneor way. the tree will be removed later this morning but it's big tree. it'll take a while. it's not clear if last night's storm caused power problems in san francisco. a age map shows the affected area there in red. at one time overnight more than ten thousand homes and businesses south market did not have power. areas through include the mission district and dog patch. the outage started at 11:15. pg&e said it's still investigating the cause but power has been restored. the weather did cause outage across the bay area in particular the east bay and then marin and sonoma. don't forget to down load the atvu weather app before the next storms hit tomorrow. you can track heavy rain as it hits your neighborhood. just search for ktvu on the apple or google play store. new this morning, one person was hurt in an overnight
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house fire in castro valleyt. was first reported just before 11:00 o'clock on higher avenue not far from crow canyon road. the fire caused major damage and a woman inside that burning house was treated for minor injuries. seven others got out safely. the cause of the fire is under investigation. we have new information this morning about a police shooting involving an unarmed man with a mental illness in san francisco. police released body camera video of the incident yesterday. the video shows sean moore yelling at officers and telling them to leave. that's when a confrontation happened. the officer tried to pepper spray moore but hit another officer instead. then moore allegedly punched the officer. that's when another officer opened fire. san francisco public defender said the officers needlesly caused the confrontation. >> this is a situation that could have and should have been
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avoided. the officers had they properly uses he deescalation techniques would have gone home. >> there was great restraint showed as you can hear the officers say he has something i >> at his news conference the interim police chief showed pictures showing injuries to both officers. he would not say if the shooting was justified saying it's still under investigation. a dramatic rescue in san jose after an apartment complex went newspaper flames. it was in the 2900 block of florence avenue in east san jose yesterday afternoon. ten people have been displaced. you have to see the pictures here. very intense flames there. neighbors rushed into save an elderly couple who were still inside. reportedly one of the victims was upstairs sleeping when she woke up to the heat and then jumped out of the second story window. >> we broke in and all we -- it was a laid yeah that jumped
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upstairs, down stairs like to the floor. the guy that was -- the older man was burn from the face and hair. i mean -- they came out in time. >> the woman who jumped out of the window landed safely in the back patio. her husband who neighbors say has alzheimer's also got out but he was badly burned. both of them were taken to the hospital along with a third person who suffer from smoke inhalation. the cause of the fire is under investigation. there is a warning this morning from a bay area grandmother. her home was broke then to while she was in the shower. >> and inauguration celebrations start today for trump. we will tell you more about the finishing touches for his big day. >> and the bay area drive looking good on this thursday
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morning. coming up here we will tell you about a few spots of slowing to be aware of and how the drive looks in the south bay. >> just had an impressive cell move through. it's now moved just over pat the bay bridge and intoal immediate a. you can see it right there. that's one. there is others on the peninsula and in lake county.
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. welcome back. time is 5:13. visitors arriving in washington dc where the preparations in full swing for tomorrow's inauguration. the viewing stands are up. rows of chairs in place for the guest. inauguration event also start today with the wreath laying at the tomb of the unknown soldier in arlington. that will be followed by a concert at the lincoln memorial. the list of democrats not going to the inauguration events keeps growing today. it includes nancy pelosi and barbara lee he. the mike pence says that president elect trump will have a unifying message. early their week we sat down with congresswoman lee. she doesn't agree. >> when you look at some of the nominees that he has presented such as senator sessions who has a history of voting against and working against civil and human rights for everybody you know i can't
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celebrate that. >> we respect the opinions of every american and their right to express their opinions. i hope they will turn an ear to the president elect's words in that inauguration address and give us a chance. >> more than 60 democratic lawmakers plan to boycott the inauguration. >> you can watch its inauguration live right here on ktvu fox 2. our coverage starts at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. we will have live reports washington dc throughout the morning. bart is getting ready for the huge crowds expected to attend saturday's women's marchs in san francisco and oakland. trains will run on the usual weekend schedule but they will be running longer trains -- the bart will be running longer trains to handle the people expected at the rallies on both sides of the bay.
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the women's march in downtown starts at 10:00 a.m. the rally at civic center starts at 3:00 in the afternoon. it is going to be busy. >> it is. time is 5:16. alex you will probably be busy today watching the drive. >> possibly. yeah. we heard steve talking about the fact that we still have some of these storm cells moving through the area. some of them dropping some good rain. you will want to be aware of that. steve will talk about that in a moment. the good news is we haven't seen a lot of crashes with the wet weather that's still lingering here this morning. let me take you first to the south bay and tell you about the goal are you super commute. and up into the san jose area you are problem free. i want to point out on the map you can see a crash still listed there on highway 17. northbound near the summit. it appears that it's out of the lanes there but be aware if you are heading through that area. let me show you the bay bridge toll plaza here.
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you can tell from this shot there that -- you look closely. the roadways wet and that's because that's right where a strong cell came through and just blasted everybody there. make that drive into san francisco. still showers out there. the roadways may be wet and there is still the possibility of standing water in some spots. that is still a good-looking ride getting in to the city this morning. finally highway 4. coming up and over the hill through bay point. that's a good ride. still a lot of people hopping on the roads here after the 5:00 hour. lue have quite a bit of company but no major slow downs as you try to get out of that area westbound on highway 4. steve, we will send it to you. where is the next cell coming in? >> alameda oakland and in the peninsula. some of the heaviest -- there was a report west of heels bugger and leesburg of six inches of rain. most i have seen was -- raymond there at three and a third.
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santa rosa with threet. was coming down as they say. into windsor. yontville. ben lomin. santa cruz mountains. kempfield just shy of wolf probably others that will be near that. san francisco, oakland had just shy of an inch and san jose only .38. there is double that. probably not faraway. there was a really strong cell that went through the city. mayry sheets of rain. cloud bursas round 4:46 a.m. that last for five minutes. yes. michael also wrote me and said the same thing. tenthth of an inch of rain in three minutes. there is the cell now over oakland getting hit with that cell. looks like it weakened a bit. there is a line stretching from wake county. through napa back toward parts of marin toward san escrows and the santa cruz mountainsw. rehabilitative zero in. up near upper lake.
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clear lake. hidden valley lake. that's very heavy rain. from right yontville and glenallen it looks like it was coming down like a frog strangle eras we say. heading over toward yontville. that's pretty good cellt. weakens as it moves east and on the pen slam are redwood. palo alto. right back over to fremont. you are looking over parts of the san mateo bridge. peavy rain and now starting to pick up. nothing to intense. highway 9. also 17 and some isolated cells taking aim just at the santa cruz coast in the last -- right there. just coming in. we aren't done yet. winter storm warning continues in the sierra until noon. there is actually a flood warping for the navarro river for those. winter weather advisory for others. 40s. 50s on the temperatures. peninsula temperatures 40s and other's. not as windy. no wind advisory but still a windy day at times.
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should turn more westerly later. morning rain. i think we will get a break. there is driver a and a weak ridge of high pressure. the next system being funneled in here. that will be late tonight in through tomorrow. 50s on the temperatures. low for some. midfor others. pretty gray day. mix of some sun but you get the sup. there is thunderstorm possibilities as well. should be a little bit calmer conditions this afternoon. we have had a couple reports of hail. rain and wind on friday. another round of sun, cloud showers on saturday and one more system sunday. s like a cold system monday. then we will get a break. >> i hear people complain it's to cold. >> it's january. >> it is january. >> six months from now they will say taillights to hot. >> you know the drill. >> i do. >> all right steve. a disaster in italy. at a luxury mountain hotel. the rescue efforts they all of that deep snow to get dozens of trapped people out alive. >> and the warrior won last
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night against the thunder. war of words today between them. we're told to live large, but with princess cruises
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. warriors fans you are celebrating morning after the warriors beat the oklahoma city thunder. kevin durant's old team. 121-100. clay thompson who was in portland early yesterday morning visiting his ill grandfather made it back in
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time for the game and he did play. durant had 40 points in and again dominated his team. the warriors won 121-100 but lost david west. rehabilitative be out at least two weeks because of a fractured thumb. tense moments in the second quarter. warriors center was charged with a foul for taking down russell westbrook. e game westbrook said that he was hit hard and he will get him back. the response was, its part of the game. he has done it before, he rehabilitative do it again when it needs to. the warrior ands okc will play again february 11th in oklahoma city. the sharks beat the la kings 3-2. they have won back to back games. it was the 11th time they have played in the past ten months. the sharks had goals brent burns, tommy and joel.
5:25 am
sharks won. 3-2. it's the sharks 7th win at staple center in their last eight trips there. a major postseason honor for a member of the raiders. defensive end mack named the profootball writers of american defensive player of the year. in his third year now he turned in a regular season for him. 77 tack manies, 11 sacks, three fumble recoveries and an interception. he created meyham for theo opposing offensive all year long. by the way is he the first raider to win that honor since at ward was created 25 years ago. it's 5:25. the body of a woman trapped in her submerged car since last sunday. now her family will have to wait until the weekend to recover her. >> i need my mom out the river. why do she deserve to be under water for so long? >> and keeping an eye on the
5:26 am
roadway around the bay area. some of them will be wet as you head out the door and there are some spots of slowing. we will tell you about those when we come back. >> we are not done. we are done with the front. that's for sure. now comes in the -- the unsettled conditions behind that. we are getting good cells. couple reports of hail. will lack at this system and what's in store for tonight and tomorrow. with the xfinity tv app, anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen.
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download the xfinity tv app today.
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. this is ktvu mornings on 2.
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good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2. thursday, january 19 pght. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. if you are just joining us we have a break in the weather but more is on the way. more of everything it sounds like. let's check in with steve. >> we are still getting rain this morning. >> we are. that's true. >> not like last night. >> we are in the suspecta cruz mountains. it's just starting to sprinkle. its hit and miss. not widespread that. will be back tonight and tomorrow. impressive cells continue to rotate through. there have been a couple reports of hail. also in the city. couple people said i think it hailed here. i wouldn't be surprised wal- mart he are getting morning rain. i think we will get the a breakthrough the city. now over oakland that's one cell that went by right there. over the bay bridge. now it's heading over toward the east bay. look at this line from northern lake. right through clear like over to hidden valley lake. middle town up to -- northern
5:30 am
napa. that's intense right there. very strong cell. glenallen. now it's fizzling out near yontvillet. will stop there and have lunch there today. can't say i blamet. fremont -- rain and then right back over to 84. palo alto. i'm sure am exwill -- maybe mention the dunbarton bridge. maybe it's pouring. just had a cell go through there and right over -- highway 1 it's intense cell. we have had a couple of those and now here comes more rain. it's starting to move in over her head in the santa cruz mountains. win interest storm warning until noon. otherwise a winter weather advisory. 40s. 50s on the temperatures. even toward the peninsula. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. a breezy day not as windy. windy at times so look for a mix of sun, clouds and what we call scattered shower; maybe isolated thunderstorms, next system late tonight.
5:31 am
tomorrow. 5:31. your screen showing nipping like that? >> the dunbarton one of my top five favorite bridges. >> without a doubt. the dunbarton is looking good. we will take a peek in that area in just a moment. overall we are not looking to bad around the bay area. good-looking drive. we should point out there will be standing water in some spots as you head out the door. as you heard from steve some strong cells moving through the area. here is the solano super commute. everything looking good as you travel from vacaville. you see a little note there on the screen. that's because the chp is reporting that highway 112 -- am i -- am i -- i should say highway 121 is what i believe. highway 121. highway 121 is shut down right at highway 12 in the sonoma area. that is because they have serious roadway flooding.
5:32 am
any way a shut down thereof highway 121 to be aware of. if you are heading through sonoma this morning. that's because of roadway flooding. let's go down to the area of the dunbarton bridge. i thought we were going to the san mateo bridge. no, another one of my favorites, the golden gate bridge. i apologize. here you go. this is the drive from marin coming in to san francisco on the golden gate. that is a very nice looking ride. now we head down to show you the san mateo bridge. it is -- bridge mania here this morning. the bridge a very nice ride. no have you downs to report. no accidents in that area. it's a nice easy ride coming across the span in either direction on highway 92 this morning. 5:32 is the time. thank you very much. i'm done. i will send it back to you. >> all right. thank you. time is 5:32. a threat of rock slides forced a busy road to be closed at the
5:33 am
diamond heights neighborhood. lee martinez said that -- city crews are trying to stabilize a hill. you are on -- good morning lee. >> reporter: good morning. this could be either a very big inconvenience or a very big headache for driver this is morning. it's blocked by public works down at the base of the hill going all the way up -- we are smack in the middle. we are not able to go any further. we are just told it's unstable at this point. san francisco's public works department decided on the closure wednesday afternoon after last week's storms caused a rock slide across from glenn canyon park. now the sudden closure caught drivers which surprise. public works said they don't want the huge rocks rolling down onto cars or pedestrians. some of the boulders could measure the size of a small car. the city brought in experts who said that more heavy rain this
5:34 am
week could bring more rocks down. >> what we will do the next couple day social security sending crews up there who will go down the hill knocking off all the loose boulders. >> and on -- we found some more damage. fire crews say the rain and wind brought part of a rooftop crashing down on to the pavement and nobody was hurt. back out here live you are looking at the closure -- again it's closed from the base of the hill all the way to -- and we have information here about the muni bus. the bus line 44 will be rerouted through mira loma neighborhood. we don't know how long it'll be closed for. they will bring in experts to look and look at how dangerous this will be and if more of these rocks will come down. >> in san francisco. thank you. with more rain headed our way you can expect more downed trees and power lines, especially with wind, work crews spent hours yesterday
5:35 am
cutting up and removing a rge tree that fell across mount hamilton in san jose. it took some power lines out with it. neighbors say that they are worried abhijit the stack of another large tree nearby. the latest storm brought more snow to the sierra. steve has been talking about drivers on interstate 80 will reporting the usual slow downs. they say its nowhere near as bad as it was last week. ending up nine feet in some areas. still drivers are reminded to slow down and use caution. right now chains required on both interstate 840 and highway 50. the storms are causing dangerous conditions for bay area boaters and watch goers. the marin county fire department took photographs of their crews practicing water rescue in the rain. they chose those conditions because they never know what to expect when it's time for a real rescue. >> we have rescue watercraft, inflatable boats, fire boats all working in bad conditions
5:36 am
so when we respond to these incidents that we are prepared for them. >> cold temperatures, rain and big waves expected through the weekend along the coast from sonoma down to moment ray county. have radio that work and take life jackets. if you walk your dog to the beach stay away from water. don't try to rescue your dog if it should happen to get caught up in the surf. and waves bigger than 30 feet are expected at the site of the mavericks surf contest. it's not likely the surfing competition will be called. they are waiting for the signs of the perfect swells before they summon the best big wave surfers. if that doesn't happen by march 31st the competition will be put on hold until november. a grandmother is considering new security measures after intruders broke into her home. she said she heard the sound of
5:37 am
breaking glass while she was in the shower this week. she grabbed her bathrobe, ran to the kitchen and came face to face within trueders. in total there were five, three who broke in and two waiting in cars. a neighbor's security camera captured the suspects there outside. she screamed and that scared them off. >> so when i came here i saw him there wear age black hood here. then i -- and then -- lord jesus -- i go lord jesus. >> the intruders got in to the home despite six locks on her door and her dog. police say this type of crime is common. a group of thieves targeting homes during the day think that nobody is home. no arrests have been made. two east bay s ib lings are making a plea to rescue crews days after their mother was killed in a car crash. the woman was driving to sacramento on sunday when her car went off highway 10 and crashed into the sacramento
5:38 am
river. her family said she was able to call the police and a passerby tried to save her but was unable too. sacramento county rescue crews were able to locate the car but because of bad weather the family said they were told that it could take days before they can recover the body from the car. >> i need my mom to get out. i need her out the river. she is someone. lakeia do she deserve to be under water for so long for so many storms. >> there is no reason why someone should just sit in some water when you know they are there. they have pinged the phone. they got the call. what more evidence do you knead. . >> the sacramento sheriff's department uses a volunteer dive team but said it has reached out the to nearby counties for extra resources this he are plan age recovery mission for saturday morning. now the -- her children would also like to hear from the person who tried to save her to thank them.
5:39 am
the governor's administration miss worked out the cost for the state medical program by $1.9 billion last year. that has added to the projection of a budget deficit. the governor wants more than $3 billion in budget cuts because of a projected $1.6 billion deficit. a spokesperson for the department of finance called the mistake a straight up error in accounting which we deeply regret. the spokesman said the accounting mistake isn't the only reason for the budget deficit. california tax collections were also below expectations. the labor department is suing oracle for pay discriminationt. may end up costing oracle millions in federal contracts. the lawsuit claims that ocal marks e pays white men more than women, african americans or asians with the same jobs. the labor department also ceuss them of discriminating in favor of asians for technical jobs.
5:40 am
or aclu a federal contractor for a software and hardware products. the lawsuit is asking that their federal crass be canceled until the company has complied with anti discrimination laws. we have the update on the health of george hw bush and his wife. he remains in intensive care in houston in the hospital as doctors treat him. he was admitted on saturday and this morning doctors say is he awake and alert. barbara is in the same hospital suffering bronchitis. she is on medication. a spokesman for the family said that the former president and his wife both in already 90s have stayed active in the community. >> it's that love of life, that democrattation to give back to help others and they believe that when you help others you get more out of it than the people that you help. >> earlier this month president bush sent a let to
5:41 am
trump saying his health prevent him from attending tomorrow's inauguration. theyated their 72nd wedding anniversary two weeks ago. time is now 5:41. this is the president's last full day at the white house as president before becoming the expresident. tomorrow. yesterday at his final white house news conference he talked about several topics including voting saying that the united states should make it easier for americans to vote. >> this is fake news. the idea that there are a lot of people who are going out there and are not eligible to vote and want to vote. we have the other problemw. very a lot of people who are elible to vote who don't. >> the president also talked about foreign policy saying that he supports the united states in russia working together unsharped goals but with american values at the front. >> this is a good example of the vital role that america has to continue to play around the world in saving basic norms and
5:42 am
values. >> the president did not talk about the dozens of democrats who are boycotting the inauguration of trump. he said all i know is i'm going to be there. right now it's 5:42 and we are just one day away until trump takes the oath of office. coming up at six the big protest expected to begin about the 90 minutes from now at several school around the bay area. >> and a common courtesy may end up costing bart a lot of money for repairs. up next the extra wear and tear that the is happening on the escalators at bart stations. >> and we are watching the roadways for you this morning. a good-looking drive i would say overall. not to many issues but we will tell you about a couple of crash that have just popped up in oakland you that need to know about. >> well we are almost done with the first system. there is to more on the way. still cell this is morning we will have to deal with. another system friday and one more on sunday before we can
5:43 am
get a break.
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. guess what? american airlines now has discounted tickets in order to compete with the lue cost airlines. american said it's new basic economy fare will cost less than other tickets. the low cost come was a restriction. you are only allowed to carry one personal item. it has to hit under the seat and tickets will be nonrefundable and they can't be changed. american hasn't said how much they would do. the cheaper economy farl go on sale next month. after 32 years bud wise certify saying good-bye to team usa. they have decided not to renew its partnership for the olympic committee. they had been a sponsor of the olympic committee since 1984.
5:46 am
this follows disappointing viewer ship of the 2016 olympic games in rio. a common practice may be damaging the escalators at bay area bart stations. it's considered courteous for people who take them to stand on the right so that people in a hurry can walk up quickly on the left. bart said this causes uneven wear and tear on the escalators which can cause more break downs. they aren't telling people to stop doing it, they just want problem. be aware of the >> never thought about it. >> that happens on them everywhere though. they the airport. it's what you do. you move over and let people who are in a hurry go by. >> let's november over to alex. >> same thing on the freewayless. you stay to the right if you are driving slower. let folks pass on the left. interesting stuff from bart. that could cause an issue. to the roadways we go. couple of crashes just popped up in oakland that we are
5:47 am
watching for you this morning. nothing major but we will show you on the map. one of those crash social security southbound 880 at oak street in the downtown oakland area. that's a solo spin out crash here. no serious injury. the second crash on the other side. northbound 880. also at oak street. a pair of crashes through the downtown oakland area on 880 that could slow you down. we will take you to the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see the metering lights ticked on a short time ago. you have -- a bit of a back up there. nothing to exerciser as you try to make your way through the bay gates in to san francisco. finally a live look in the south bay at interstate 280 coming newspaper to downtown san jose and it '280 flowing freely in both directions this morning. no major crashes reported in the south bay at this time. 5:47 is the time and be had scattered to storm cells.
5:48 am
>> lying near yontville. some of the rain totals coming in. we talked about this yesterday. look like a north bay event for most and that's what happened. winds are four and a third. came in, thank youer to that information. sleepy hollow. have to fix that. three and a quarter. chris on that. santa rosa. three and 16 one hundredths. yontville at two and a half. kempfield just shy of two. not to bad here. just me. another 14 to 16 inches of snow overnight. then a long time since we have seen multiple storms leaving snow in feet. i would concur with that. 2010 probably. and there is guess what? a lot more on the way. a lot more on the way. win interest storm warning continues until noon. could be another ten to 20
5:49 am
inches. snow level coming down. blue canyon. truckee. all reporting light snow. coming down good. that's coming down. not coming down there. coming down there. coming down there. once in a while. the snow is good. we will take that. there is rain in the southern california. even into arizona. everybody top to bottom . if you haven't heard oregon is just been paralyzes. ice storms this he are getting unbelievablely cold ice up there. we are getting the rain. we are getting more rain than they are. they are -- just shut down. the gorge. to much ice. look at this -- through parts of lake county. it's now pushing east out toward arbuckle. out to the valley and i-5. thisaway intense there for a while. yontville heading out toward 121, 129. you can see the lighting strike there. that stretched to glennal spent just went through yontville. general area of rain.
5:50 am
mount diablo. concord and then stretching back toward fremont. i'm sure the grade getting hit. fremont back over to -- down to millpedas. back over -- look at this cell coming right in off just south of half moon bay. heading right toward wood side. that is intense. probably some hail embedded with in that. if you get you that can let me knowt. looks like it to me and starting to pick newspaper the santa cruz mountains. you can see scott's valley up to boulder creek. highway 9 and 17. win interest storm warning as you saw until noon that. will come down but it'll probably hoist another one. 40s, 50s on the temperatures. even onto the peninsula. 40s and 50s. the wind advisory has ended. it was roaring last night as you know. still gad gusts many a windy day. we get morning rain. there is hints of dry air in late morning, early afternoon that. will verifyw. rehabilitative get a bit of a break. you can see the rain in southern california and into arizona. this is a good system and the
5:51 am
next one is romeing alongt. will be here tomorrow and one more on sunday. then a cold little low drops in on monday. after that i think we will get a break until early february. you can see some more rainf. santa rosa gets another three inches they just had three plus. are you talking about three even now and monday night. tuesday. a lot of rain for the river. san jose. over forecasting san jose. the trend for the mountain social security probably right. there is still good system that haveo roll through here. one out of three. 50s on the temperatures. lue see a mix of sun, clouds, some rain, embedded with if that could be hail. rain, wind for friday, kuhn slows, more shower activity. a cold one on monday. >> all right. steve. nothing to do with the weather. >> very been doing this for a long time. when it's a dry year it's a dry year. when it's a rain year it's a rain year. the forecast models keep wanting to build a ridge in and they always over extend it. they break down much faster
5:52 am
this year. only in early 23406 have we had a stretch of longer than two weeks. november -- december, january. >> any reason why it'll stop now. >> i was just going to ask you that. no ending soon. >> anyone who lived out here for eluent length of time knows march can be a scary movement. >> january, february, ose two are normally --. >> bone dry or wet. >> yes. thank you. a huge avalanche in italy buried a luxury mountain hotel and as many as 30 people may be buried unthe snow in a remote part of central italy. several big earthquakes trigger that avalanche. one body reportedly has been pulled out from the rubble. two people were found alive. however there is no official word yet on deaths. look at this disaster teams having a hard time get together hotel because the heavy snow cut off the main roads to the hotel. >> gosh. i wish them well.
5:53 am
china town favorite in high gear for the lunar new year wal- mart he will take you inside a bakery that's famous for its fortune cookie when is we come back.
5:54 am
5:55 am
. welcome back. today's health check we are talking about the cold and from you this is the time of year you see a lot of sick calls at
5:56 am
work. kids home from school. doctors estimate that most adults will catch at least two or three virus ace year and then keeping your kids safe can be even more of a challenge as they go to school and dare area and you try to deal with them. what should we do to fight off the germ around us? fox medical team is live from atlanta. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> first of all i have to can is it to late for a flu shot? >> it is not to late. we are seeing pretty high levels of flu starting to spread across the united states. we are getting sort of into that kind of late window. that 11th hour. if you can get a flu shot as soon as possible it takes a couple of weeks for your body to build up that immunity. it's really a good idea if you can do it. they are expecting -- we could be in for more of a rough flu season this fall. another thing i would urge, especially when it comes to colds is a lot of hand washing.
5:57 am
avoid touching your face. make yourself aware of don't touch your face, eye, because that's how you pecuniary up the germs and sort ofingest them. our co workers falling like flies. the on air, everybody. what should we do? are there immune things we can do? >> well i would just practice really polite avoidance. someone you know is sick. then really again that hand washing. if you do wake up and you think you may have the flu or you may have a cold, stay home. that is the time when you need to be a couch potato. you need to give your body what it needs to be able to night the virus. you want to be able to make sure are you staying hydrated even if you don't feel thirsty. drink as mitch as you can and try to eat even if you are not feeling hungry because you are
5:58 am
feeling sick because that is giving your body the energy and fuel that it needs to fight off the virus there. is no sort of treatment unfortunately for a flu virus or cold virus that can really sort of knock it out quickly. >> one more thing before -- yeah. before you go, speaking of medication. when we do -- i hear a lot of people saying should i go to the doctor. what are the signs when you should see a doctor? >> that's a great question. if you have a fever of 101 or higher. if you have been sick for more than a week or you start to get better then you just have your feet knocked out again. those are all signs you could have a bacteria infectionf. all of your symptoms in one place like your ear or throat or your chest. you may have a secondary infection that is coming in on top of that infection. that is when you need to see a doctor and for children if you have -- if you are a parent and the child is lethargic, turning blue, having trouble building that's an, r visit.
5:59 am
get medical help quickly. >> okay. great advice. beth. from our fox medical team. thank you for that. dave back to you. >> that was really good advice. time is 5:59. a family owned business in san francisco's china town has something special to celebrate. the city added the golden gate fortune cookie company to it's legacy registry meaning it's considered a historic as set to the city. the company opened in china town in 1962 by a family who immigrated from china. every day people from around the world visit that shop. i love fortune cookies. always fun. we crumbling up on the 6:00 hour. en with more rain headed our way retalking about downed trees and mudd slides. the widespread storm damage across the bay area this morning after yesterday's powerful storms. >> and ahead of his inauguration the surprise visit trump made to his hotel in
6:00 am
washington dc. there is a place, like no other. where a walk down main street, can fill you with wonder. and the smile of a mouse can spark joy. where magic is spread with every touch, and always leaves you wanting even more. so make the time... to take your time because one day just isn't enough. here, there is magic for days.


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