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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  January 19, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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ahead of the next big storm. we will take to you the santa cruz mountains to see some of the damage there. >> and we are just one day away from trump taking the oath of office for president. the big protest expected this morning at several bay area schools. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> nice look in to the city. looks very calm and peacefull but maybe the calm before the storm heading into probably the entire bay area. the first in a series of three storms has left a trail of december direction all over the bay area yes. see age lot of that. trees uprooted because of the winds in particular. plus a lot of stress from the drought over the years. one at least one damaged a building in san francisco. now the clean sup underway before this next storm moves in. it'srsday, january 19 pght. i'm pam cook.
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>> i'm dave clark. keep the umbrella close. steve is right here in his office. >> thunderstorm is going through napa right now. >> wow. >> yeah. we will get to it. take a look. reporting yontville. looks like its moving east rapidly. right there. this is the same cell that left hail on -- interpret they good rain and now you can see highway 29 heading out to 121. we do have thunderstorms in the mix here. there is kind of hit and miss. with rehabilitative get a break in the next couple hours but we aren't completely done. there is isolated cells continuing to retaste in. east bay nothing to heavy. out toward clayton. heading out to antioch and brentwood and then hit and miss. over to the -- you can see that. there is good rain there and look at this cell coming into wood side. that one came right over -- and so that's hitting them and then rain moving back in to the santa cruz mountains. 40s and 50s on the way.
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not completely but enough where we can get a break late tonight and tomorrow. 50s on the temperatures. >> all right. >> lighting up. >> good morning to you wal- mart reseeing a fair share of minor crashes. mostly so far. obviously we are starting to see some slow traffic in some of the usual spots. one of them would be highway 4. let me take you out will and show you that things a bit slow coming westbound on highway 4 out of the antioch and pittsburgh area. a lot more folks hitting the road right now in the 6:00 hour. i will show you highway 24 and things move agriculture long good right now. we are seeing heavier traffic volume. more people heading west on 24. no major slow downs to report just yet. to the maps. i still want to tell you about a couple of problems, a pair of crashes on 880 in the downtown oakland area. one is southbound 880. the others on the other side of the freeway. northbound 880 at oak street. the chp still dealing with those. could have youing you down.
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this morning drivers across the bay area, are you told to slow it down just a bit. rain showers still lingering in our area. the roadways could be wet and slick. live in the south bay where i know the ground is saturated. with rehearing about downed trees? >> reporter: yes. we have been monitoring the chp page as well. we came up here. we are in scott's valley. there was a report of three large trees down. we couldn't find them and had to stop to do this live shot. there has been all sorts of problem was mudslides. i want to mention it is raining here right now. its light and that's what people have to watch out for. also let's go to video of another big tree that went down. it was on mount hamilton roadt. came down yesterday. it ended up shutting down part of the road for a while. with a big tree.
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it's about -- very close to where allen rock road is in east san joset. took out power lines. the road is still partly closed. only one way traffic because of all the debris left out there. also want to mention what it leukemia on highway 17. while we were driving on it early their morning we ran into a car that spun out, hit a guardrail and was facing the wrong direction. it did slow traffic out there for a while. just watch out for that. keep your headlights on and watch automatic for little slides that may be happening in the area. for the past two weeks you know there is an area near the cat's restaurant there on highway 17 and the slides keep happening there. also want to mention some -- video that we will show you of pg&e crews. they have been all throughout the south bay and santa clara and san jose. they have been working 24 hour shifts. that started last night so they could better respond to outages. i also want to say back out
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here live. just in this last minute here it really started -- it started coming down. ly have to put a hat on here or get the umbrella. we just saw some pg&e crews. a huge line of them come down this road. you know it's very clear that they are ready to respond and we will check out to see if there are any outages. we will have the update in the next hour. back to you. >> get dry. thank you. >> she is checking in on outages there. was a big power outage in san francisco last night. this pg&e map showed the affected areas in red. at one time oaf night more than 10,000 homes and businesses south of market did not have po the areas affected include the mission district. and dog patch. pg&e said that it's still investigating the cause. the wind and rain caused promises. flooding still a big concern for sonoma and marin.
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in fact just 45 minutes ago a flash flood warning expired in sonoma. in marin there was a foot of water at a residential building in downtown san rafael. the garage and backyard were flooded. the landlord was forced to pump the water out. >> the water just calm off the -- the back property and just started coming down. it just -- started flooding more than what the sewer or anything could handle. we are having a lot of water. >> boy. >> we expect newer roads national monument to reopen after being closed yesterday because of the danger of fallen trees. a big redwood tree fell. the angers worried more trees may fall. don't forget down load the ktvu weather app before the next round of storms hit tomorrow. you can track heavy rain as it hits your neighborhood. search for ktvu the apple or google play store. the we are just a little more than 24 hours the inauguration of trump as the
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country's 45th president. the president elect made a surprise visit to his hotel in washington dc last night for dinner. inauguration event start this is afternoon with a wreath lay agent the tomb of the unknown in arlington national cemetery. then a concert at the lincoln memorial. trump posted a photograph showing him working on his inauguration address. analysts say the message he sends is very important. >> he has the capacity to surprise people. that's what he really needs to do. he has to make people take another look at him. the people not just his opponents but who are frightened. >> thousands of protesters also arriving in washington dc last night. a dance party was held right in front of the vice president's house to protest his position on lgbt issues. and the national guard is gearing up for the presidential inauguration. troops from michigan, rhode island, south carolina and oklahoma arrived in washington dc yesterday as well.
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the troop also be assisting local law enforcement with crowd control and traffic management. >> extra eyes and ears. the law enforcement will be in total controlf. they need help they will be there to assist. >> we will do pedestrian management. traffic control management. so that they can do -- the hard jobs. >> more than 6,000 national guard people will help with the inauguration. you can watch it live right here with us on ktvu fox 2. our coverage starts at 8! tomorrow. we will have live reports from wash cash dc throughout the morning. 6:10 is the time. it may cause delays this morning for san francisco drivers. the major closure of a busy street after a rock slide during yesterday's storm. >> and flames ripped through a san jose apartment complex. the great measure some had to take to get out. ?q
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victims was upstairs sleeping and woke township the heat and jumped out of the second story window. >> we broke in and all we saw interest whats a lady that jumped upstairs, down stairs. like to the floor. the guy -- the older man was burned from the face and hair. i mean -- you think they came out in time. >> the woman who jumped landed safely. her husband who as alzheimer's also made it out. he was badly burned but both were taken to the hospital along with a third person who suffered from smoke inhalation. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. time is now 6:14. this gets to you where you need to go. alex is for sal one more time. how does it look? >> you know we issues in oakland. the drive through oakland right now. not looking to good. let me put the maps up here. i will show you a trioo of crashes. two i told you about.
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one is southbound 880 at oak street. the other -- northbound 880 at oak street that. will tie you up on 880. now we have a crash on 580. that's westbound at grand. a lot of crashes here coming through the downtown oakland area that could slow you down this morning as you head out the door. now let's take you and show you a live look of the bay bridge toll plaza where we have a good back up this morning. extends not quite to the maze just yet. you still got a little bit of a window to get into san francisco before things really get snarled up. finally we will show you a live look at the san mateo bridge where it's starting to pick up. you are going to be a bit slow up to the poll tplaza this is the shot if are you going westbound over to the peninsula and you can see it's slow for a little bit but it frees up partway across the bridge.
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6:15. more storms moving through. we have some right now. we will get right to. there are multiple pieces of energy going through. some more rain here. not lying last night. up in scotts valley. the santa cruz mountains. yeah. yeah. you can see some of the rain coming down there. more wind event. they can't get a lot of rain. i think about two and a half inches of rain. you can see he that is root there going through parts of santa cruz mountains. highway 17. all the way overlooks like toward south san jose. monterey, highway and 101. there are multiple systems with in the system. some of the -- the heaviest wind was in the north. winds are four and a third. sleepy hollow three and a quarter. yontville two and a half. thunderstorms coming through in the last half hour. ben -- kempfield. socal had 1.73. this first system left four tenths of an inch. san jose had one of the last in
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line. there were three pluses. the next one looks three quarters to the -- one to four coming back anymore the wind yesterday. here is yesterday's antioch wind date a. sustained wind speeds. gusts to 50. i believe it all automatic out of the southeast. things have calmed down. that kind of a set up, some areas get wind, some don't. that kind of set up. roaring wind for brentwood and antioch. this is the cell that went through. left hail. also glenallen. the lighting detection picking up between highway 29. napa. thunder heading out toward vacaville. fairfield as well. there is a food lining moving through. some hints of a break. more cell that are rotating in. things have -- the worst has gone through. lake county but another round for parts of medencino. these just keep rotating through. same for parts of marin, many nothing to heavy there. over to the east bay.
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rain has picked up begin for parts of solano. if you take that -- you can see some rain there. almost on the back side of it. it does let up a bit. had a really strong cell over wood side. looks like that's fallen apart. redwood. paloal do. getting a little rain and down toward santa cruz mountains. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. santa clara at 45. 47 also scotts valley. feldon. boulder creek. haywood in there as well. hit and miss. the bulk of the heavier one also be this morning and then a break. weak ridge and the next next system fly acrosst. will be here late tonight and tomorrow. a system on friday. one on sunday and a cold little low drops in on monday. after that a break but the next five-days its been my experience and probably yours. they over estimate san jose's rainfall. that's more toward the santa cruz mountains.
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look at santa rose amount even san francisco. we are still in for some moderate to heavy rain over the next 72 hours. 50s on the temperatures. low mid-- temperatures haven't changed much in a long time. they won't until probably monday. rain, wind, sun on saturday. others same temperature and then a cold system up north. low snow levels. it's cold outside. this is. >> fort weekend will it rain or snow? >> snow. >> that's good. that always causes a lot of problems. >> all right. students and teachers all across san francisco and parts of the east bay taking part in a day of action. they are protesting trump's inauguration. we are outside of a high school in san francisco so tell us more about what's planned today. >> reporter: about an hour from now dave students, teacher parents will come together to hold hands in front of the high school. they are going to hand out brochure was information about
6:20 am
the education system. they are doing this as part of a day of sax to not only show support for immigrant and lgbt students here at the school throughout the district but also to protest the inauguration of trump and particularly his choice for secretary of education. betsy has some of her confirmation hearings in washington early their week. her critics have complained she has no direct education experience even though she calls herian education activist. critics also worried about her support of private school vouch s which would give public funds to help families pay tuition at private schools. they worry that would take more resources away from the public school system. so the high cool is one of a dozen schools in san francisco taking part in this national day of action today. several schools in the east bay are also participating. things about to get started here about an hour from now and we will come back with a live report once they do. back to you. >> all right.
6:21 am
in san francisco. thank you. >> that will be busy. 6:21. body camera video. san francisco's most recent police shooting was just the released. >> get on the ground. get on the ground. >> up next more of the confrontation that led up to it and how both police in the city's public defend require reacting. >> and the moving truck outside the obamas newhouse in washington dc. what is next for the first family after they leave the white house.
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. some new information from san francisco. released about a police shooting involving an unarmed, mentally ill man. the police body camera video was released yesterday this video shows sean moore yelling at police officers, telling them to leave. that is when a confrontation started. an officer tried to pepper pray moore but hit the other officer instead. then moore allegedly punched the officer. that's when the officer opened fire. san francisco public defender who release that video said that the police officers needlesly caused the confrontation. >> this is a situation that could have and should have been avoided.
6:25 am
the officers had they properly use dehe is capacity lace techniques would have gone home. >> i think there was great restraint showed. you can can hear the officers say he has something in his hand. >> that was the interim police chief holding a news conference of his own. showing photographs showing injuries to both officers. the chief wouldn't say if the shooting was justified. he said that it's still under investigation. peta calling for the boycott of the upcoming movie a dog's purpose after a video showing possible animal abuse on the set of that mauve. the video shows a dog being forced into some rough water by its handler during the filming. the american humane association said a safety representative was on the set that. person has been put on leave while the dint is investigated. the movie's producers say the dog wasn't forced to complete the scene and that the dog is fine.
6:26 am
a form ebusiness manager for a singer admitted embezzling millions of classer from her. she is best known for her 1995 album jagged little pill. it sold more than 33 million copy around the world. yesterday business manager said that he stole almost $5 million from her over a four year period. that admission came as part of a plea burglar gain. he could still face a prison sentence of up to 23 years. we have some sad news to report. an avalanche at a luxury hotel in italy. we will tell you why it's so difficult to get information on the tragedy there in the italian mountains. >> and a major road closure in san francisco over growing fears of a landslide. tim coming uppity alternative routes for your morning drive. >> and the morning drive could
6:27 am
be a wet one in some spots. we will tell you about the ride in the east way bay and why you should be aware of a couple of crashes being worked on in oakland. >> not the completely done. still some showers going through. some of these are thunderstorms. a little bit of a break before the next system arrives late tonight and tomorrow. (vo) maybe it was here,
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. good morning to you. thank you for jenning us on a brand new day on mornings on 2. thursday, january 19th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it's coming up on 6:30 if are you just waking up. we have a break for the most part. there is a little bit of rain coming in in some some parts of the bay area. nothing like we are going to see i guess tomorrow. >> tonight. tomorrow and again sunday. >> tonight. tomorrow. >> okay. >> thunderstorms this morning. especially up in napa.
6:30 am
take a look at some of the rain totals. i could do 20 pages of these. i'm trying to get to them as quick as possible. winds are 4.35. sleepy hollow three and ia quarter. yontville over two and a half. they may have it by now. kempfield two and ia quarter. socal1.73. other totals coming in. cobb had three and a quarter. san francisco, 1 .21. redwood city over an inch. oakland almost an inch. san gees had a third of an up. . you and i know that's not representing what happened. lexington reservoir had almost two inches of rain. not to bad. the cell that went by. lying detection picked that up on 29. looks like its heading in to vacaville with some rain. maybe fairfield as well. we still have some hit and miss showers rotating through. it's a midwest pattern. sun, cloud showers, that's what we will get. cells go through.
6:31 am
they die off and then new ones come backn. nothing tony tense. we had a couple intense ones for a while. especially in the city and on the peninsula. looks like things just general rainers right now as we call them. this one has fallen apart on the peninsula. haynes tense around -- looked like wood side. more rain move moving in. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. south bay temperatures in the 40s or 50s. santa clara is at 45. there are breaks. look at this. it doesn't look as strong the until the next system comes in. we have had one. next one will be late tonight friday and then one more on sunday. highs in the 50s today. still got in issues in oakland. we want to it give people a heads fun they will travel through the downtown oakland area. lue want to know about some crashes, still being hand manied by the chp. they have cleared an earlier crash. northbound 880 at oak street this have cleared out of the lanes there. they are still showing on the
6:32 am
maps many could be folks still on the side of the road. be aware of that as you travel through oakland. northbound on 880. also on 580. there is a crash westbound near grand. that is still being worked on by the chp as well. some problems in oakland this morning. keep those in mind. they aren't causing major slow down as of yet. i want to talk about the slow traffic that you can see right here. westbound on highway 4 and this is normally what we see this time of the morning. it's very slow coming up and over the hill through bay point and into concord it frees up after that. now i will show you here the scene in the south bay this is interstate 280 and more and more folks hitting the road down in san jose and the traffic starting to slow just a bit as you head north on 280. coming newspaper to the downtown area. of course with the rain that he we have still lingering in the area today the threat of rock slides has forced a busy road to be shut down in san francisco's diamond heights
6:33 am
neighborhood. lee martinez is there live and telling us that city crews trying to stabilize a hillside. . >> reporter: good morning. experts have been making visits here throughout the night and what they found they don't feel good about them have closed the street here from the base of the hill all the way up to -- and we are told that public works plan on having it closed. keeping closed until friday. the san francisco public works department decided on the closure wednesday afternoon after of the lat week's storms caused a rock side. the sudden closure caught drivers by surprise. the public works said they don't want the huge rocks rolling down onto cars or pedestrians. some of the boulders could measure the size of a small car. the city brought in expert ands engineers who said more heavy rain this week could bring more rocks down. >> what we will do the next
6:34 am
couple day social security sending crews through who will go down the hill, nothing off all the loose boulders. >> reporter: there is condition certain about surround rounding areas, nearby on stone crest. the higha wans and rain brought down a large tree on to the road and on conga street we found more damage. fire crews say the winds and rain for a part of a rooftop crashing on to the pavement. nobody was hurt. now what will you do -- if it's closed you fled to get around. you can use diamond heights or monterey boulevard. then -- if you need to take the muni bus, 44 we are told. that line is going to reroute to the miraloma neighborhood. pam, back to you. >> thank you for that information. update from that. there is also some other problems. tied to the the rain and the wind. the antioch bridge was closed for more than 5 hours overnight
6:35 am
due to a dozen downed trees that were blocking a stretch of highway 160. crews were able to remove the trees at about 1:30 this morning. the chp reopened the bridge just a short time later. a fallen tree also causing traffic problems in downtown oakland. it crashed down last night near 15th veto and martin luther king juneor way. you can see how big that tree is. it uprooted the sidewalk. knocked downpour lines and it's going to take a while. they say it'll be removed later this morning. not sure when. developing news from italy. of a disaster in central italy. early today a big avalanche buried a luxury mountain hotel and as many as 30 people may be buried under the snow. several big earthquakes triggered the avalanche. one body reportedly was pulled out of the rubble and two people were found alive. however there is no word on
6:36 am
deaths. disaster teams are having a hard time getting to that hotel because heavy snow has blocked the main road. we are hear that the president elect plans to no, ma'am knight former georgia governor sonny purdue to seven as agriculture secretary. he served on trump's advisory committee during the presidential campaign. his nomination completes trump's cabinet. he was governor of georgia from 2003 to 2011 and gained national attention when in 2007 purdue prayed for rain on the steps of the state capitol during the drought. and this morning former texas governor rick perry has his confirmation hearing as trump's nominee for energy secretary. according to the new york times when he first accepted the energy secretary nomination he misunderstood the job description. he thought he would be an advocate for expanding the united states oil and gas
6:37 am
industry. the energy secretary's main responsibilities are to oversee the country's nuclear weapons and research new methods of creating energy. today is president obama's last full day at the white house as president before becoming the expresident tomorrow. yesterday in his final news conference he talked about several topics including voting saying the united states should make it easier for people to vote. >> this is fake news. the idea that a lot of people can't vote and want to vote. we have the other promise. we have people who can vote who don't. >> if the president also talked about foreign policy saying he supports the united states and russia working together unsharped goals but with american values at the front. >> this is a good example of the vital role that america has to continue to play around the world in preserving basic norms
6:38 am
and values. >> he did not talk about the dozens of democrats who were bo coating the inauguration of trump. he said all i know is i'm going to be there. assange appears to be back pedalings his pledge to turn himself in it the president granted clemency to chelsea manning. he will stay in ecuador in london. he highways been there since the summer of 2012. he said he would go to the united states if manning was pardoned for passing on military secrets to wikileaks. he said it was for manning to be released immediately, not for manning to have to wait until may. tomorrow's inauguration day is also moving day for the president and his family. this week the movers can and the moving trucks got a head start moving the first family there to their new home in
6:39 am
washington dc. it's not white quite the white house but it has 8200 square feet, eight bedrooms and nine bathrooms. tomorrow morning the obama family are will have five hours to take out all of their belongs and turn the white house over to the trump family. the obamas then plan to go to vacation in palm springs. >> they probably -- thought they were going to chicago but their daughter has to finish school. she probably wants to stay. protesting trump. coming up at 7:00 the protests at a san francisco high school and their message ahead of the inauguration tomorrow. >> also. >> we -- a loved one in the water. that's -- you know you can't see past that. >> a family's desperate plea to rescue crews day as ever their mother's car crashed in to the sacramento river. >> and the morning drive getting busier here and we have some pockets of slowing especially in the east bay. we will tell you about those
6:40 am
when we return and tell you what it'll be like trying to get into san francisco right now. >> well our first system did azotized. about one to four inches of rain. there is another on the way for tomorrow and i'm afraid this one looks heavies action maybe heavier for some. ?q
6:41 am
6:42 am
. two east bay s ib lings are making an emotional plea days after their mother was killed in a car crash.
6:43 am
she was driving to sacramento on sunday when her car went off highway 160 and crashed into the sacramento river. her family said she was able to call 911 and a passerby trade to save her but was unable too. rescue crew was able to locate the car but because of bad weather conditions the family said they were told that it could day days before could rerecover her. . >> there is no reason why someone should sit in water when you know they are there. they pinged the phone. they got the call. what more evidence do yoneed? >> >> a volunteer dive team is used bow they have reached out to nearby counties for help with some extra recourses. the woman's children would also
6:44 am
like to hear from the person who tried to rescue her so they can thank them. storms are causing dangerous condition for bay area boaters and beach goers. the marin county fire department took photographs of their crews out practicing water rescues in the rain. they picked those conditions because they never know what to expect when it's time for a real rescue. >> we have rescue watercraft, inflatable boats, fire boats all working in bad conditions so when we spend to stints we are prepared for them. >> the cold temperatures, the rain, the big waves, they are expected through the weekend along the coast from sonoma county down to monterey county. the coast guard said boaters life jackets. hat works and if you walk your dog to the beach stay away from the water. don't try to rescue your dog if they get in the water. and waves bigger than 30 feet are expect at the site of
6:45 am
the mavericks surf contest. sometime knots not likely the surfing condition test will be called. originals waiting for perfect swells before they summon the best big wave surfers. if it doesn't happen by march 31st the competition will be put on hold until november. a break-in forced a theater in san jose to cancel a special event planned for tonight to fight intolerance. someone removed the glass panes from a door at the san jose stage company. the theater said that they are still assessing what was taken. the theater was going to take part in the ghost light project. it's an event in which theaters would shrine the light on what they call the dark day as head under a trump administration. theaters supporting the rights all people including the gay community and undocumented immigrants. time is 6:45. warriors fans are celebrating. they beat the oklahoma city thunder. durant's old team. 121-100. clay thompson who was struggling yesterday morning
6:46 am
visiting his ill grandfather made it back in time for the game and he did play. durant had 40 points and he dominated his old team. the warriors won 121-100. guess what they lost david west. rehabilitative be out two weeks because of a fractured thumb. then there was this tense moment in the second quarter. the warriors center hit with a foul. he knocked down russell westbrook. now arch the game westbrook said that he weighs had the haired and he will get him back. the response was its part of the game. he has done it before. rehabilitative do it again when it's necessary. the warriors and okc will play again february 11th in oklahoma city. 6:46 is the time. that means its time to check in with a look at seven. good morning. >> good morning. when i join you in just a few
6:47 am
minutes one day ahead of the inauguration a prosecute test in mike pence's front yard in maryland. who gathered for this event that was not your usual form of protest and the specific laws and ideas pence has backed that they are so against. also the united states government is changing its advice for parents and pregnant women when it comes to eating fish. we will break down the better, best and avoid categories and tell you how many servings of fish a week uncle sam said we should all be getting. these stories and more. ly see you in just a few minutes. >> all right. thank you. let's check traffic. alex savage. you are staying busy. >> we are and be have some significant slowing in a lot of the usual spots this morning. things starting to pick up. obviously one of those spot social security going to be the drive into san francisco from the east the bay. let's take you outside and we will give you a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see. a lot of company there as you
6:48 am
make your way in to the city right now. the back up extends through the maze at this time. the drive westbound on 80 through berkeley not all that bad right now. that's good news. i will show you the san mateo bridge. it frees up for most of the trip across that span. finally you have very slow traffic. through bay pointt. frees up there heading in to concord and then another pocket of slowing if you are traveling southbound on 680 through downtown walnut creek. time now 6:48. here is steve and still some showers out there. they will continue most of the day. heavy rain coming back for tomorrow. we will take whatever break we can get here. yesterday was about the wind and the rain. there was gusts of 50 miles an
6:49 am
hour. out toward brentwood this is -- this is from yesterday. neighbors trampoline ended up in our backyard. they are a little jumpy out there. antonio object yesterday. some of the heaviest rain was up to sonoma and marin there. was isolated areas over four inches of rain. there is the first system. tomorrow three quarters to four. there could be maybe four and a half to five and then another system on sunday. then we will get a cold little low dropping in on monday. after that we should start to see a brfor at least five or six days. i don't trust any of these breaks. you can see some of the scattered shower activity. had lighting, thunderstorm,
6:50 am
yontville. over 121. now it looks like it's over fairfield. back toward american canyon. getting reports. crockett with an inch of rain last 24 hours and good cells through lake county. around hidden valley lake. they had that now. now looks like general rainer social security what we say. nothing tony tense. same here back from fairfield. napa. then over san pablo bay. and san rafael. coming out of the pass. starting to move out toward the valley. some of that in the east san jose foothills and general rain. san bruno, san rafael. there were a couple of strong cells earlier. looks like things calming down. we get rain. could get still some possibility of thunder, lighting reports of hail. you can see -- rain moving through. gilroy, morgan hill. assistanta clara valley and some up in the santa cruz mountains. kind of cold out there. there are a few breaks in the clouds. north bay temperatures.
6:51 am
leesburg at had 43. very heavy rain. to the west of them in the last 24 hours. there will be breeziy conditions. not howling wind. you will see some windy conditions, snow on the go. win interest storm warning until noon up there. had reports of a foot, six inches to a foot. temperatures will stay on the cold side here. the next couple systems have a lot of cold air. rain into arizona and southern california this rehabilitative get good rain. the next system has good opportunity to give us another interpret they good system here on friday and then again on sunday. after that we will start to see a break. the next five days. the only thing that's over forecast is san jose here. i don't think that will happen. in the mountains yes and santa rosa yes. san francisco up -- sacramento. there will be some three to four inch totals. 50s on the temperatures. rain, hail. sun, clouds, more rain friday. about the same saturday as we get today. >> all right.
6:52 am
more to come. 64:52 the time. it's the most expensive house in the country. we will give you a tour and tell you just how much money you will have to spend only this amazing house. . >> also, wear and tear on bart escalators. the polite actions of bart rider that may be contributing to it.
6:53 am
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. welcome back. it's 65:00. we have an update on the health of george hw bush and his wife. the president remains in intensive care in houston as doctors treat him. he was admitted on saturday and this morning doctors say he is a wake and alert. now barbara is actually in the same hospital suffering bronchitis. she is on ned indication. >> they are getting out when they are better he. they don't want to come out and we don't want them out until they are better. not a minute sooner. whatever that -- whatever that takes. doctors are not guessing right now. >> rlier this month president bush sent a let tore trump saying his health prevented him from attending tomorrow's inauguration but the bushes were able to celebrate their 72nd wedding anniversary just two weeks ago. american airlines now has
6:56 am
discounted tickets trying to compete with the low cost airlines. american said it's new basic economy fare will cost less than other coach tickets. the low cost comes with restrictions. you are only allowed to carry one personal item that can fit under the seat and the ticket also be nonrefundable. they cannot be changed. how much will they cost in american airlines hasn't said yet. the cheaper economy farl go on sale next month. a common practice among bart riders may be damaging the escalate thors. it's considered courteous for people who take the escalators to stand to the right so that people who are in a hurry can walk up quickly on the left. bart said this actually causes uneven wear and tear on the escalators which can cause more break downs. bart said it's not telling people to stop doing it they just want you to be aware of the problem. family owned business in san francisco's china town has something really special to
6:57 am
celebrate. the city added the golden gate fortune cookie company to it's legacy registry meaning it's now recognized as a historic asset to the cityt. opened in 1962. a family when came to the country from china. every day people from around the world visit the shop. the company is now planning look ahead to next saturday. it'll be he very busy for the new year. the owner said business normally goes up by about 20%. the new year's parade in san francisco is on february 11th and you can watch the parade right here on ktvu fox 2. we are celebrating the year of the rooster and our coverage will start at 6:00 p.m. it's to early to is ask steve. we will be there rain or shine for that parade. >> speaking of rain more republic slides and damage across the bay area. we are getting a slight break from the storm today. we will tell you what you can expect in the coming weekend. >> and washington dc almost
6:58 am
everywhere you look there is a fence. final preparations underway for the inauguration of donald trump.
6:59 am
lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile.
7:00 am
we'll give you an update on the outages here in in the santa cruz mountains. it's 7:00, taking a live look at the north bay. san rafael has clouds in the sky. i don't think it's pouring. i it wasn't when i woke up at my house but rain is still a factor in the morning commute. slick roads and fender benders, it's a busy day nationwide. tomorrow is inauguration dade.


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