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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  January 19, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PST

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we'll give you an update on the outages here in in the santa cruz mountains. it's 7:00, taking a live look at the north bay. san rafael has clouds in the sky. i don't think it's pouring. i it wasn't when i woke up at my house but rain is still a factor in the morning commute. slick roads and fender benders, it's a busy day nationwide. tomorrow is inauguration dade. a lot of to talk about i'm
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gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm dave clark. bundle up today. >> yes, we do get a break here but rain totals and there's more on the way for friday. and another on sunday. some very heavy rain up near heels burg and winds are reporting anywhere from 3-4 west of town closer to selma county airport. there were very impressive numbers there. sleepy hollow, three plus in sand rose. -- -- santa rosa. there were three inch amounts around san rafael. san jose had fourth tenths.
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cobb three and a quarter. kelseyville was in there as well. redwood city an inch of rain. oakland almost an inch. concord very respectful. the next system is stronger. i another system on sunday which may be the strongest of the bunch. we have had thunderstorm activity and hail in runner park and the city around napa earlier. general rain now from mendocino county. looks like fairfield out to american canyon, also towards vallejo and heshg cluz. little hit and miss showers on the peninsula.
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towards santa clara valley over san mar teen, getting rain into the santa cruz mountains. much colder air coming in tomorrow night i should add. the breeze is still there. not that strong today. there are some breaks but still some cells rotating in off the pacific so we could get isolated showers and thunderstorms but we will see a break late tonight and tomorrow and the next ban comes in for another round of wind and rain. 50s on the temps. it's 7:03 your screens are showing what? >> steves they're showing us the commute overall is doing pretty good. especially given the fact we have rain out there in some spots and the roads are wet in certain areas. we have had minor crashes but nothing that is snarled up through the commute in any significant way. this is obviously an area of slowing. this is westbound 24 coming through lafayette as you leave the downtown walnut creek area.
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you're slowing down quite a bit. a lot of moeks making this drive. another pocket of slowing and you should be good getting through the tunnel. let's tell you about the ride into san francisco. as you're coming up the peninsula, that is a good looking ride up highway 101 coming up the peninsula and all the way into downtown san francisco. you're free and clear now. not showing any crashes. we will go to the south bay now and i'll put the maps up for you. you can see we're accident free. no major issues here. some slowing on 101 here coming up to the 680 interchange and slowing on 85 coming into sar toga. the commute looking good. 70 # is the time. at this point we're more than 24 hours away from the inauguration of donald trump as our country's 45th president. the president-elect made a surprise visit to his hotel in washington d.c. last night for
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dinner. the events start this afternoon with a wreath laying ceremony. then a concert at the lincoln memorial. he posted a photo on twitter showing him working on his inaugural address. the message he sends is important. >> he has the capacity to surprise people and that's what he really needs to do. he needs to make people take another look at him. not juhis political opponents but who are generally frightened. the u.s. capitol building is largely sealed off as visitors continue to pour into the city. the national guard is gearing up for the inauguration. troops from michigan, south carolina and oklahoma arrived in dc yesterday. troops are assisting local law enforcement with crowd control and traffic management. you can watch the inauguration live here on ktvu fox 2 beginning at 8:00 tomorrow morning.
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life reports from washington d.c. throughout the morning as well. time is now 7:06. parents and students heading to bay area schools this morning you may notice demonstration and a lot of activity outside the schools. a national organization has called for a day of action today protesting donald trump's incoming administration. ktvu allie rasmus outside of gal gallileo high school. >> reporter: a couple dozen people expected to be out here holding hands in front of the school and they say it's meant to be a symbolic gesture to show they are protecting the school and students in light of the incoming donald trump administration and so i'm here with this morning with susan who is with the san francisco teachers union. they are organizing some of
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these events happening not only here in san francisco but throughout the bay area. what do you have planned this morning? how many people are you expecting? >> the goal is to make it clear that we are educators because we care about students and we want to protect them and we're expecting a crowd of probably 40 or 50 people. we are here because we want to make sure that with the trump administration coming in that our children will be protected. we're worried about funding cuts and we're worried about the secretary for education. >> she had her confirmation hearing earlier this week. what are the specific things you are concerned about? >> we're worried about funding for public education. she has spoken in favor of vouchers and in favor of not providing federal funding for children with special needs and leaving it up to the states.
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we are talking about some of our most vulnerable students -- immigrants, children with special needs and we're worried about bullying and we want to make sure that our schools remain a safe haven for quality education in the united states. >> why do you think doing something like this makes a difference? what kind of message does it send? >> the message we're sending is we will be here for our students. we will continue to be no matter what comes our way and i think that anything we do to show that is important. we don't want families to give up. >> susan with the san francisco teacher's union, also the oakland education association and the teach every's union says there are several planned at oakland and richmond and fremont schools as well. so be aware of if they planning on heading to school taking their kids and they see activity in this case here, it's people who are holding
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hands in front of the school. in other schools i've been informed they're doing student performances outside the school and picket lines as well. keep in mind as you head to school. meantime, bart is preparing for the anticipated huge crowds expected saturday at the women's marches in san francisco and oakland. bart trains will run on bart's usual weekend schedule but bart will run longer trains to handle the thousands of people expected at the rallies on both sides of the bay. the women's march begins at 10:00 a.m. the rally in san francisco's civic center begins at 3:00 in the afternoon. a series of three storms left a trail of destruction all around the bay area. heavy rains, winds and storms knocked down trees and even caused damage to at least one building in san francisco. now the cleaning up is underway for the next big storm moves
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in. this wet weather overnight causing problems on the roads. in the south bay there's reports of slides and downed trees. . >> reporter: we're hearing of a mudslide off of summit road near highway 17. so we're heading up to check that out. just to give you an idea, even though it stopped raining you can see it's very muddy and wet up here in the mountains. the hills are sach waited from all the rain falling off and on all night in the south bay and santa cruz mountains and made the roads very slippery. the chp is out patrolling and responding to mud slides and pin outs on highway 17 for the past two weeks. we ran into a spin out earlier this morning and it stopped traffic in the northbound lanes near redwood estates for a while because a car there hit the guardrail and was facing the wrong direction. we also traveled to scott's valley this morning where we did spot a dozen pg and e
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trucks heading out to respond to several outages in the santa cruz area. last night crews started working 24-hour shifts to handle incidents. there's about 12 out annals affecting more than 500 people. other service providers are bracing for stormy weather because the rain is expected to last through the weekend. crews are still trying to take care of a ukiah lip tus tree that fell down taking down power lines. we checked with cal trans and there's only one way traffic on mount hamilton road because they're not done with clean up and repairs. we're continuing to monitor county roads as you heard from alex. nothing major, just fender benders in the area. the rain at least where we're at in the santa cruz mountains has stopped for now. >> that region has been hammered over the past two weeks.
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thank you. don't forget to download our app before the next round of storms come in tomorrow. heavy rain hits your neighborhood. search for ktvu at the apple or google play store. the most expensive health in the country. we'll give you a tour of a home with two dozen bathrooms. also we'll take a look at the staggering price tag. ?q
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the heaviest by far was in the north bay. it came in right as advertised. the next system i think more rain, three quarters to four and last system on sunday with equal amounts. there were reports of thunder and lightning around napa. hail reports earlier at roanoke no contest park and san francisco. fairfield and american canyon and vallejo, some rain but not a lot south into the peninsula from highway 92 over to san mateo. good rain in here from gilroy going through san martina and over santa cruz again. the sierra winter storm warning continues until noon. there's a winter weather advisory up and down all week long. 40s and 50s. brentwood at 45. same for danville at 45. not as windy as yesterday thank goodness.
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it will still be a breezy day and the midwest weather. sun clouds and showers and possibility of showers. next system coming in and the one on sunday looks like they're giving us 4-5 inches of rain for some. be advised we're not done yet. 50s on the temps. if you're a fan of rain you'll like the next five days. we won't get a break until after monday. >> wow, that's a lot. >> a lot of snow too. >> yeah, steve, thank you. a police shooting in san francisco captured on body cameras. next the confrontation shown as it escalated and why the man's family says he didn't have to be shot.
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new information is being released about a police shooting involving an unarmed man with mental illness in san francisco. police released this body camera video of the incident yesterday. the video shows shawn yelling at officers telling them to leave. that's when a confrontation erupts. he tried to pepper stray r spy moore but the officer called him instead. the officer opens fire after being punched. san francisco's public defender who released the video says the officer needlessly caused the confrontation. >> this is a situation that they could have and should have been avoided. the officers had the properly used dees cue lags techniques. >> i think there was great
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restraint shown. you can hear the officer say "he had something in his hand". ures showing injuries to d both officers. the shooting is still under investigation. now a dramatic rescue in san jose after an apartment complex went up in flames. it was located in east san jose. the fire started yesterday afternoon. ten people are now forced to find somewhere else to live. you can see how intense the fire was. neighbors rushed inside to save an older couple still in the burning building. the woman was sleeping upstairs when she woke to the heat of the fire and then jumped out of the second story window. both people were taken to the hospital alodge with a third person who suffered smoke inhalation. the cause of the fire is under investigation. time is 7:26. the u.s. government is changing advice for pregnant women when it comes to eating fish.
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we break down the better, best and avoid categories. a major san francisco road will remain closed all day today because of a threat of a landslide. we'll have the alternative route coming up. another power house barrelled through last night. a break in the wind and rain now. another system is poised to move in tonight and tomorrow morning.
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we're actually doing something we don't usually do. we're going back to a picture we showed you not long ago. the colors in the sunrise are so vivid and not quite what we're used to. that's the sky, mother nature at work. some clouds and sun and streaks of bright orange. what a great way to start a thursday. a little bit of rain in there. >> good news from stanley clark. welcome back, i'm dave clark. steve knows all about the sky and weather. >> rock and roll, stanley clark, thank you. he's great known for that. >> yes. >> thank you, yes, cold and windy and wet, take your pick. we're getting a break but it's
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hit and miss now. another system coming in tomorrow. four and a quarter in the rain gauge from the last 24 hours since the second of this month, 18 inches of rain. 18 inches of rain. that's a lot of rain. a lot. still getting some scattered showers in here. it will be that kind of day. you will get sun, clouds, rain, and sun and clouds. could be snow in the higher elevations. you can see the mixed precip. nothing too heavy. reports of thunder and lightning earlier in napa out towards core deal ya and vallejo -- -- core burlingame, about an inch of rain has fallen there. gilroy and san martin. a good cell there going through. so not done yet they still continue to rotate in off the pacific. snow up in the mountains.
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a winter storm watch until noon. scattered showers coming in and should get a break here until the next system late tonight and tomorrow and looks like just as much rain on this one. some rain today, a mix of hail and thunderstorms but sun and clouds. 50s on the temps. what would you like to start with? >> i don't want to get ahead of ourselves. tomorrow morning's commute -- what are your thoughts? >> terrible. . >> heavy rain tomorrow morning? >> most of the day. >> okay let's talk about this morning's commute ar has done well overall. that's because there's been showers in some spots but not that heavy ch is what steve is saying is coming tomorrow morni here's a live look in oakland. you can see the freeway moving nicely in both directions moving past the coliseum this morning commute and it's a nice ride up into downtown oakland.
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to the south bay, live picture of highway 101 here and you can see it's moving along at a good pace. a few pockets of slowing moving through the downtown san jose area. no major crashes along the stretch. that's good news. also no crashes here in the east bay that would really make this a tougher commute. very heavy slowing westbound 4 out of pittsburgh. slow at 680 southbound at walnut creek. it's slow westbound on 24 through lafayette and it frees up there as you head west towards the east bay and san francisco. 7:the time. lee martinez is in the diamond heights neighborhood. the crews are trying to stabilize a hillside near pertola drive. >> reporter: just in the past couple of minutes we started seeing the morning commuters
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come down and they see the road closure here and some of them are turning around and going back up the hill. some of them do end up going over to portola. this is shut down from the base of the hill and we're told it's going to remain closed until friday. today crews are going to be repelling down the slif side to knock off the loose boulders. some could measure the size of a small car. the city brought in geologists and engineers yesterday who said more heavy rains this week could bring more rocks down and there's also concern about the surrounding areas as well in storms. . >> one of our big trees at our house knocked over fences and luckily no cars were there. >> we had in the last storm that came through about 300 trees came down which is a lot of trees.
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>> and then on congo street last night we found more damage. fire crews say the winds and rain brought a part of a roof top crashing down on the pavement. luckily no one was hurt. if you need to get to work and you can't take that road, you can use monterey boulevard. if you need to take muni line 44 will be rerouted to a loman neighborhood. some geologists are coming back within the next hour to take another look at the cliff side. we're told this road is blocked all day today. >> all right, thank you from san francisco, lee. the time is now 7:35. developing news from italy. a disaster in central italy. earlier today a huge avalanche buried a luxury hotel. as many as 30 people may be buried under the snow. several big quakes triggered
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the avalanche. one body was pulled out of rubble and two people found alive. however, there's still no official word yet on casualties. the disaster team is having a hard time getting to the hotel because heavy snow has blocked the main roads. happening right now, in washington d.c. this is rick perry, the confirmation hearing for former texas governor as donald trump's nominee for energy secretary. the new york times is reporting when he first accepted the nomination for energy secretary he misunderstood the jop description. the paper says he thought he would be an advocate for expanding the u.s. oil and gas industry. however, the energy secretary's main job is to oversee the nation's nuclear weapons and research new methods for creating energy. this morning president- elect donald trump announced he plans to nominate former georgia governor sunny perdue as agriculture secretary.
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mr. trump says that he was raised on a farm and trained as a veterinarian and deeply in touch with concerns of american farmers and he will fight for their prosperity. the nomination completes donald trump's cabinet. today is president obama's last full day at the white house before becoming an ex- president tomorrow. the final white house news conference which we brought you live touching on a number of topics including voting saying the u.s. should make it easier to vote. >> this is fake news -- the notion that people want to go out and vote and don't want to. we have the opposite problem. people want to vote and can't. >> he was saying he supports the u.s. and russia working together but with american values at the forefront. . >> this is a good example of the vital role that america has to continue to play around the
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world in preserving basic norms and values. >> the president would not comment on dozens of democrats boycotting the inauguration. he said "all i know is i'm going to be there". >> julian assange appears to be back pedalling to turn himself in if president obama granted commute to chelsea manning. he accepted if manning was giving clemency however, julian assange's his attorney says the offer was for manning to be released immediately, not to have to wait until may. tomorrow's inauguration day is moving day for president obama and his family. the movers got a head start moving the first family into their home in washington d.c.. it's not quite the white house but not bad either. 8200 square feet of space and
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eight bedrooms and nine bathrooms. they have five hours to remove their mrongings and turn the white house over to the trump family. the obamas plan to head to palm springs for a vacation. last night people protesting vice president elect mike pence's positions on lgbt issues. they staged a big dance party right in front of the house where he is staying in washington. ♪[ music ] ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> i want to dance with somebody ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> they say they are worried about the policies he will promote as president and how they affect the lgbt community. mike pence does not support same sex marriage. once he said being gay is a choice that could signal the collapse of society. . mike pence has passed horrific anti lgbt laws and also taken stances against the
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lgbt community and we're not okay with that. >> the neighborhood where mike pence and his wife are renting a house is known as a liberal democrat stronghold. before the pences moved in hundreds of neighbors put up rainbow flags, a sign of their support for gay rights. the u.s. government is providing new advice this morning for parents and pregnant women when it comes to eating fish. the government has broken it down into three categories which are best choices for lower mercury fish and shell fish. the fda says nearly 90% of fish eaten in the u.s. falls into this category. there's blue fish, grouper and white tuna which they recommend one serving per week. the last category is fish to avoid. recommendations call for adults to eat 2-3 servings a week. the government found 50% of pregnant women ate fewer than two ounces of fish every week, far less than recommended.
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fish offers nutritional benefits important for growth and development during pregnancy and early childhood. protesting donald trump -- the protests at a san francisco high school and their message ahead of his inauguration tomorrow. also, big waves at beaches across the bay area, how this could create ideal waves and the reason the competition most likely won't happen. plus, keeping an eye on your roadwaysthis morning and things overall looking okay. no may problems for traffic. we'll tell you about the back ups coming up. this is called a weather tease. i give you a teaser so you will come back. there's more rain tomorrow, more than we had yesterday. i'll show you what is going on, coming up.
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michelle johnson of pittsburgh was driving to sacramento on sunday when her car went off highway 160 and crashed into the sacramento river. her family was able to call 911 and a good samaritan tried to rescue her but couldn't. the rescue crews were able to find her car. because of bad weather conditions the family was told it could take several days before they recover their mother's body from the water. >> i need my mom out of the river. she is somebody. why does she deserve to be underwater for so long for so many storms? >> no reason why someone should sit in some water when you know they're there. they pinged the phone and got the call. what re evidence do we need? doesn't make sense.
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>> the sacramento sherif department uses a volunteer dive team but has reached out tonearby counties for more resources. they plan a recovery mission for saturday morning. the woman's children would also like to hear from the person who tried to rescue their mother. a break in forced a theater in san jose to cancel a special event planned for tonight in an effort to fight intolerance. someone took out the glass panes from a door at the san jose stage company on north first street. the theater told the mercury news they're still trying to figure out what was stolen. the theater was going to take part of the ghost like project. it's a nationwide event where theaters shine a light on what they call the dark days ahead under a donald trump presidency. theaters vow to support the rights of all people including the lgbt community and undocumented immigrants. it's not pouring outside right now for most of us but alex you and i talked about the
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fact the morning commute is problematic. but it's still slick out there. i think people tend to let their guard down. the wipers aren't going crazy and the rain is not pounding as you're driving. you sort of let up a bit. there's also standing water in a lot of spots still even though for the most part the rain is subsiding, at least the heavier stuff. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it extends well through the maze and ride westbound on 80 coming through berkeley and also pretty slow now. highway 24, there you go, all jammed up heading westbound coming through lafayette and it will free up when you are coming through the tunnel. no crashes in the area. that's the good news.
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as we take you to the maps i will tell you about a couple crashes. sounds like it's a two car accident. northbound 101 at wood side in redwood city, a two car accident that just came on the screen here doesn't look like it's showing a huge back up there on the maps but we'll keep an eye on it. another crash if you're headed westbound on highway 84 towards the bridge east of the toll plaza. chp still working on an accident there. 7:47 is the time. a few more showers today. >> tomorrow is rain. >> tomorrow morning commute will be difficult like last evening. a lot of ponding on the roadways because more heavy rains coming in, we're getting -- he's been down for the count for three days but now he's back and dials up a nice shot.
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thank you kevin. go back to sleep now. i kouled him the other day and said, how are you feeling? he's back and good to see him again. ridge wood area, rain gauge overflowing yesterday at 6 p.m. with five inches of rain pouring all day. we talked about this. i thought sonoma county north would get the most and they did. kelseyville 3.29. the heaviest by far was north of the golden gate so there's our first system. there's isolated 3-4 miles but the next is heavier. the one on sunday is right on par with that as well. there's a cold low dropping on monday and we should get a break until early february. most of these breaks don't last that long. hit and miss on this but nothing too heavy. although they pop up quick.
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could be snow mix and higher peaks, next 24 hours keep an eye on that. some rain there moving through again. a general rain and good cells moving through napa early this morning. san ramon to hayward, looks like the canyon heading up 580 there. getting good rain, castro valley had about an inch. right back over to 92 a little bit on the foster city and san mateo side. right back over towards south of morgan hill, gilroy, 152. # 4 in brentwood. it's cold and there's cool air coming in. winter storm warning continuing up in the mountains until noon. 28 in truckee. reports of 6-16 inches of snow in higher peaks. it's all snow being reported now in bear valley and south lake tahoe. even niac had good snow.
7:50 am
we get a break and another route, you see these lines coming in. you can get isolated thunderstorms and reports of hail. here's the next system just moving right in and developing. it has a lot of support again and i think we'll get another round of moderate to heavy rain tonight and tomorrow. there's breaks today. a mix of sun and clouds. tomorrow rain and wind and sun and clouds on saturday. cold little system on monday to get snow levels up noshth. north. the storms are causing dangerous conditions for bay area. boaters and beach goers. the marin county took pictures of their fire kraus in the rain. they're expected through the weekend along the coast from sonoma down to monterey. the coast guard reminds boaters to have radios that work and also life jackets. waves bigger than 30 feet
7:51 am
are expected at the site of the mavericks surf contest near half moon bay. it's not likely the suffering competition will be cold. organizers are waiting for perfect swells before they summon the surfers. if it doesn't happen by march 31st the competition will be put on hold until november. the sierra picked up more s storm. drivers on 280 dealing with slippery roads but not as bad as last nowstorm. drivers are reminded to slow down, be careful and chains are required on both interstate 80 and highway 50. the time is 7:51. he wants his music to get back where it belongs. up next, paul mc cartny's lawsuit involving him and sony music. one bay area company under
7:52 am
fire for alleged job discrimination.
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doctors are treating george h.w. bush for complications with pneumonia. doctors say he's conscious and alert. barbara bush is in the same hospital being treated for bronchitis. she's taking antibiotics. a spokes person says the former president and his wife both in their 90s now and have been very act tiff in the community -- -- active. >> it's the love of life and determination to give back when you help others. when you help others you get more out of it than the people you help. >> george h.w. bush sent a letter to donald trump apologizing for not being at tomorrow's inauguration. the couple celebrated their 77th wedding anniversary two
7:56 am
weeks ago. oracle may have to pay millions of dollars in federal contracts. the lawsuit claims they pay white men more money than women, african americans or asians with the same job. they accuse them of discriminating in favor of asians for technical jobs. they are a federal contractor for software and hardware products. the lawsuit is asking the federal contracts be cancelled until the company is complying with anti discrimination laws. the warriors beat the oklahoma city thunder. 121-100 last night. clay thompson who was in portland yesterday morning visiting his ill grandfather made it back to oakland in time for the game. kevin dur rant dominated his old team with 40 points. they won 121-100 and lost david
7:57 am
west, a fractured thumb out at least two weeks. time is 7:57. time to check in with frank and gasia mikaelian. everywhere you look in washington there's a fence. the final preparation underway for the guration of donald trump. more rock slides and damage across the bay area. why we're getting a break from the storm and when you can expect more hard rain to come. there's been some rain out there this morning. the roads are wet in some spots but overall the commute is looking good. obviously your usual spots are slowing. we'll tell you about the areas where you're hitting the brakes, coming up. while the north had the most rain yesterday, we get a break now and it came across mom moth mountain. there's more snow on the way -- -- mammoth. ?q
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0. we'll show you the events and demonstrations happening in morning before donald trump's inauguration. mornings on two continues with how to prepare for the storm. welcome back. what is that? >> i think the sun. >> oh my gosh. it's made a chicken return. don't get used to it. won't be there long. welcome back everybody, good morning, welcome to mornings on two. it's thursday january 19th. . >> happy to have you here. i'm gasia mikaelian.
8:01 am
let's talk about the weather and traffic. this is a brief break in the rain. steve has been telling us there's much more to come. >> the information is coming in from the mountains on incredible snow totals. ma'am mouth have just had their snowiest january so far. there's another system tonight and tomorrow and one more on sunday. 16 inches of snow -- is that noticeable in the sierra? north star sitting at 293 inches -- that's nearly 25 feet. that's up to the top of the lift. many many reports coming in like that. also some good rain here but the snow continues up in the sierra. at least until probably early this afternoon. you can see it's still at south lake tahoe and truckee. they're all reporting more snow and for us, really good rain. cottages at point rays 40 inches of rain.
8:02 am
54 overcast and all come now in innerness. n county up to mendocino was the bullseye yesterday. scattered showers coming in yesterday. you can get reports of hail and snow in higher elevations more likely tomorrow night. colder air comes in over dublin. that one over hayward and castro valley is coming down good on the san mateo foster city side. although looks like it's falling apart and still rain rumbling through areas around santa cruz and gilroy getting hit again. 40s and 50s on the temp. s. scattered showers today but the next system is on its way for another round of rain statewide. 50s on the temps. all right, alex, are things improving or getting worse? right about where they have been all morning. we caught a break here i think. because the heavier rain as you
8:03 am
pointed out tapered off. there's pockets with showers but overall no major crashes snarling up the morning commute. usual slow spots -- here we go with one of them. the traffic is picked up here over the last hour. you can see there's some ing northbound especially on 880 coming the coliseum and the slow stuff extends up to downtown oakland this morning. now i want to show you the scene in the south bay and you can see this is a live look at interstate 280 and you are going to find slow traffic southbound 280 leading up to the 17 connector, that's quite heavy in the area. i'll show you maps here, a big picture look at the east bay. heavy traffic westbound four coming out of pittsburgh and over the hill into concord. that's slow and also heavy traffic westbound 24 coming through lafayette. 8:03 is the time. gasia mikaelian back to you. more than 24 hours away
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from the inauguration of donald trump. new video to showof a motorcade escorting him in new york city. he's on his way to the airport where he will then flay to washington d.c. for his inauguration ceremony tomorrow. already the u.s. capitol building in dc is largely saled off as visitors continue to pour into the city. inaugural events start this afternoon with a replaying at the tomb of the unknown sollier and concert at the lincoln memorial. the national guard is gearing up for the inauguration. they all arrived in washington d.c. yesterday. the troops are assisting local law enforcement with crowd control and traffic management. you can watch the inauguration live here on ktvu fox two. coverage begins at 8:00 tomorrow morning. you will have live reports from washington d.c. before the inauguration throughout mornings on two. teachers concerned about that you are future under the incoming trump administration. some are taking part in a day
8:05 am
of action in san francisco and other cities across the bay area this morning. allie rasmus is live in san francisco with what's happening. . >> reporter: the event here wrapped up 15 minutes ago. the teachers who had taken part in the demonstration outside the school have now gone into class. let's show you the video from earlier. there were 30 teachers from gallieo high school to protect their students and institution of public education. the vice president says members feel as though they're under attack by the incoming trump administration particularly because of his choice for secretary of education. the confirmation hearing was held in washington d.c. earlier this week. . >> so far our president-elect has not -- has chosen to be
8:06 am
somebody the secretary of education who has absolutely no personal experience with public education and is anti public education. she's in favor or privatizing through vouchers. >> reporter: the vouchers would allow families to use public taxpayer money to pay for tuition at private schools. this day of action was called for by the alliance to reclaim our schools. a dozen other schools in san francisco and oakland are participating. this is the scene outside brett heart high school. teachers and students have planned spoken poetry and performs and picket lines. . our question of the day, are you par tis #35i9ing in a
8:07 am
protests or ignoring it or just going about your day? >> my page is blowing up. we'll read those later -- -- participating. three storms left an area of destruction in the area last night. causing a lot of damage to one building in san francisco and now the clean up is underway for the nks big storm moving in. wet weather overnight is causing problems on the roadways in the south bay. live in the santa cruz mountains where there's reported land slides. >> reporter: yeah, we just came up from one of the mud slides. two of them off of highway 17 and summit. there were several trees down and we saw part of a hillside collapsed. here is new video that we just took in the last 30 minutes. someone in the backyard came
8:08 am
crashing down in this mudslide and looks like it's part of their backyard. you can see the decks destroyed and a hot tub that was sitting up there also slid down the hill. the road is closed and for good reason. you can see further down another mudslide happening overnight and it's a big mess there. there are signs warning people to stay away because it's very slippery. the santa cruz mountains have been hit hard with rain these past couple of weeks so the hillsides are sach waited and the trees and land underneath is giving way. the rain overnight kept the chp quite busy. they have been responding to slides and crashes on highway 17. we ran into a spin out earlier this morning stopping traffic in the northbound lanes for a while because a car hit the guardrail facing the wrong direction. the downed trees have taken down power lines throughout the south bay. we know last night pge crews started working 24-hour shifts. we just checked and there's
8:09 am
still 12 outages affecting more than 500 people. a lot to be aware of and of course service providers everywhere and crews responding to emergencies are on alert. this rain is expected to last through the weekend. there's high surf warnings beginning tomorrow. residences in downtown san rafael dealing with a foot of water. we have a look at it this morning after it was shut down because of toppled trees and high winds. don't forget to download our weather app before the next round of storms roll in.
8:10 am
an avalanche disaster at a luxury hotel. why it's so difficult to get information on this morning's tragedy in the italian mountains. first, police shooting in san francisco and it's all captured on body camera. why the man's family says he didn't have to be shot. a busy commutnd the bay area. a lot spots of slowing, especially in the east bay. we'll tell you about this commute coming through oakland. we're in one of the patterns where you just wait five minutes. sun and cloud and heavy rain leaving. that's what we're having today. tomorrow it's back to the rain.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
new information being released about a police shooting that involves an unarmed man with mental illness in san francisco. police released this video of the incident yesterday showing shawn moore yelling at officers telling them to leave then the confrontation erupts. the officer tries to pepper spray moore and hits the other officer instead. he punches the officer and that's when shaw opened fire. the public defender released this video saying the officers needlessly caused the confrontation. >> this is a situation that could have and should have been avoided. the officers had been properly using techniques would have
8:14 am
gone home. >> in this particular case there was great restraint shown as you can hear the officers say he has something in his hand. >> at his own news conference the pohief showed pictures showing injuries to both officers. he will not say the shooting was justified or still under investigation. peta is calling for the boycott of the upcoming movie "a dog's purpose". the video shows a german shepard being forced into rough waters during filming. that person has been placed on leave while this inincident is investigating. the producer says the dog was not forced to complete the scene and dog is fine. a dramatic rescue in san jose after an apartment complex went up in flames.
8:15 am
the fire started yesterday afternoon and ten people are now without a home. you can see how intense the fire was too from this video. neighbors rushing to save an older couple still inside. the woman upstairs sleeping when she woke up to the heat from the fire and jumped out of the second story window. >> we broke in and all we saw was a lady that jumped up to the floor and the older man was burned from the face and hair. >> the woman who landed safely, her husband who neighbors say has alzheimer's made it out but badly burned. a third person suffered smoke inhale united nations and the cause of the fire still under investigation -- -- inhalation. one person injured in a fire in castro valley. it was reported last night on higher avenue.
8:16 am
the flames there causing major damage. one woman living at the home taken to the hospital after suffering some minor injuries. seven others got out of the burning home safely. investigators still looking for a cause of the fire. 8:16. driving around the bay area has been problematic this morning. >> it certainly has. good news is we haven't had major accidents to mess up the morning commute and thankfully the rain kind of let up in many spots. we are the bay bridge toll plaza, a live look at it. you can see a significant back up extended to the maze and well beyond. once you get on the bay bridge i should also point out you will encounter slow traffic across the span. coming through oakland it's been difficult here this morning not necessarily because of any crashes i'm showing but you can see here the northbound 880 is jammed up from about the
8:17 am
coliseum up into the downtown area and your alternative is 580 westbound also very slow. we're showing slow traffic from westbound and it frees up once you get to grand. now, finally here, let's take a live look here at the san mateo bridge and you can see traffic moving along okay. the folks on the right hand side headed westbound towards the peninsula. you see slow traffic about half way across the span. 8:17 is the time. steve is here. the rainy forecast. >> that is correct. thunderstorms going through half moon bay now. a closer look at that coming up. mammoth mountain recorded at the main lodge. we hit 165 inches in january alone. our season total is now 268 that's a record for mammoth
8:18 am
mountain in january. two # three inches of snow in this season so there's more on the way. there's mammoth getting some. there's more towards tahoe and truckee. that's the cell that went through half moon bay. so here we go again. the possibility of not only more thunder and lightning but reports of hail coming in. highway 1 heading towards wood side and redwood city. they tend to weaken but they're there. it's like getting a paint brush. so we get sun and clouds and showers. the same is picking up. another cell near heldz burg chlth this whole month they had the most we saw over the last 24 hours. a good cell went through hayward over to castro valley. now into livermore heading to the at mont pass.
8:19 am
-- -- altamont. rain beginning to pick up in advance of the next system. gilroy is getting their fair share. it's been relentless for them down there. 40s on the temps and very cold for some. not cold enough for snow yet. there's still some cold air that has to swing in here along with scattered showers. a mix of sun and showers. more rain and in fact, i think it's heavy for some. there's rain in southern california. everybody is getting beneficial rain and there's snow in the mountains for everybody as well. rain and wind arrive on friday, similar saturday to what we're having today and another system on monday. >> steve, i got to thank you. i was live yesterday. get ready, it was coming down. >> where did you finally end
8:20 am
up? >> we went through mills valley. >> three inches of san el samo. it was a star studded night in los angeles. up next, highlights from last night's people's choice awards. stay with us. ?q
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
this goes to the co-stars aye had except the rock because he hasn't helped me at all. my talent has went down since you have been in my life. >> kevin hart thanked everyone for dwayne the rock johnson. other awards including justin timber lake for favorite male artist and the bay area's own tom hanks won for dramatic movie actor. he talked about one of his heroes, the late raiders quarterback kenny "the snake" stabler. >> a friend of mine says may you sleep in peace and wake in joy. thank you very much if you work hard enough you can. >> other winners include e len
8:24 am
de-degeneres who won her 20th award. over 250 songs paul mc cartny wrote with john len non. he's been trying to get the beatles songs back since the 1980 when michael jackson outbid him for the rights. they sold the songs to sony last year. a fan theory years in the making that all movies are linked by some small little details. the company has posted a video on its facebook page that shows links in more than a dozen films. . >> well that's very nice.
8:25 am
. >> you know what? i'm actually excited about this. there you go, some films are connected by small clues and others by major characters. look for other clears in the upcoming pixar film "cocoa" hitting theaters in november. a true passion for firefightering and he's only five years old. >> i'm going to hold the flashlight here. >> logan is planning to be a fire chief when he grows up and he has his gear as you can see. it's no surprise when the boy out of pennsylvania rushed to help when a fire broke out across the street from his house. >> there was a fire so i was willing to fight it. i got dressed and put on my gear. >> for logan fighting fires is a family apair. his dad is currently a firefighter in the city of
8:26 am
chester and pennsylvania's grandfather just retired after fighting fires for 30 years. he's well on his way. time is 8:26. developing news out of italy after an avalanche buries a luxury mountain resort. the challenges crews are facing. a major san francisco road is closed all day today because of the threat of a landslide. we'll tell you the alternative routes coming up. slow traffic around the bay area. we'll tell you about the commute in the east bay and also tell you how the ride looks in the south bay as well. there's a mix of sun and clouds but a very strong cell over mon ter row and half moon bay. looks like it's heading to wood side and redwood city. we'll show you that coming up.
8:27 am
increase speed, full throttle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target. what are you guys doing? artoo, thrusters! they're closing in! i'll guard the base. for every family that lives star wars,
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bright clouds in the sky. sun bouncing off the sky. >> is that blue? >> yes, all that rain we have been getting over the past two weeks, this is a brief break and i stress that word "brief". steve is back to talk to us about continued rain through the weekend and when we first get our nice few good dry days. >> today is a good day to take a breath. >> take it easy. it's a busy day. glad you're here. >> i'm frank malachi and let's go to steve to find out about
8:30 am
round two. >> we have 1a, there's thunderstorms on the san mateo coast. half moon bay and el grenada. this is heading towards redwood city on wood side. this could have hail embedded in that and some reports of thunder at least so far. a couple reports coming in and eventually it's heading to loss al toes. maybe the southern edge is san jose. it's also rainbow weather. what a morning. thunderstorms and downpours and two rainbows in napa so far. also reports in sonoma. sun and clouds and scattered showers. we can get more rain. i'm sure we will. cells keep rotating in so that's throughout the day. 40s and 50s on the temps. cold air as well is beginning to filter in. snow continues up in the sierras so the winter storm
8:31 am
warning there, our next system developing late here tonight and tomorrow for another round of rain and one more system on sunday. i would think alex some of that on the peninsula, some of the red there on the traffic. >> i'll take a peak at the map there. 280 yeah. there's slow spots there. i'll keep tabs on it absolutely. the rain popped up in different spops around the bay area and as we know when it gets to heavy rain, we tend to see crashes popping up on the maps here in the traffic center. we haven't had anything major as of yet. nothing really messing up the morning commute. a lot of the usual slowing. you can see from this live picture in lafayette. the rain not falling in that area. depends on where you are and where your commute takes you. westbound on 24, heavy slowing coming out of walnut creek. in the east bay here, this is a
8:32 am
live look at the east shore freeway. the folks are headed westbound moving along okay westbound along interstate 80 heading towards the mac arthur maze. usual back up at the toll plaza and slowing across the bay bridge into san francisco. finally here i'll show you on the maps what the ride looks like on the peninsula where steve was talking about cells moving through there. northbound 101 you will see slowing coming up into redwood city and also slow through san mateo. we'll keep tabs on that and see if there's crashes or anything that pops up here. 8:32 is the time. back over to gasia mikaelian and frank. the threat of rock slides has forced a busy bay area road to be closed. >> lee tells us city crews trying to stabilize the hillside. she joins us live with an update. how are we doing? >> reporter: we did end up
8:33 am
moving up here to get a better look. they have the spins up here and no cars are allowed. you can see the big rocks up there. i don't know if you can see the crews up there. we're told the area they're in is where the danger zone i guess is where they have to take these rocks out and some crews are repelling down the hillside to kick out more rock. some of these boulders could measure the size of a small car. more heavy rains this week could bring rocks down and they want to keep them from falling on to vehicles or pedestrians. this rod is closed from the base of the hill up to portola and public works says it's until friday before it will be reopened. it's closed off to cars. no timing yet when this will be reopened.
8:34 am
if you have to drive use diamond heights or monterey boulevard. muni line 44 is being directed. so not getting on this road until sometime on friday. >> thank you, leigh. there are plenty of other problems tied to the stormy weather. the bridge closed five hours due to a dozen downed trees blocking a stretch of highway 160. kraus were able to remove the trees around 1:30 this morning. a fallen tree also causing big problems in downtown oakland. a crash down last night near 15th street and martin luther king jr way uprooting the sidewalk and knocking down
8:35 am
power lines. the tree will be removed later this morning. following developing news just out of central italy today. we just received new video of the rescue efforts following a deadly avalanche at' luxury resort hotel. as many as 30 people may be buried under snow. just a short time ago one man was pulled out of the crumbled building. there's believed to be two other survivors. a er raze of avalanches triggered the snow. . . rick perry addressed his previous statements that the department of energy should be abolished. >> my past state made over five
8:36 am
years about abolishing the department of energy do not reflect by current thinking. after being briefed on so many of the vital functions i regret recommending its elimination. he said he wanted to eliminat three agencies but could only remember two of them. the one he forgot was the energy department. donald trump plans to nominate former georgia governor to serve as agriculture secretary. he said purdue having been raised on a farm and trained as a veterinarian is deeply in touch with the concerns of american farmers and will fight for their prosperity. his cabinet is complete with this nomination. today is president obama's full day at the white house before becoming ex-president tomorrow. he touched on a number of topics including voting saying the united states should make it easier for americans to vote.
8:37 am
>> this is fake news. the notion that there are a whole bunch of people out there going out there and not eligible to vote and want to vote. we have the opposite problem -- a lot of people are eligible to vote but don't. >> the president also spoke about foreign policy saying he supports the u.s. and russia working together on shared goals but with american values at the forefront. . >> 2 president would not comment on dozens of lawmakers boycotting the inauguration inauguration of donald trump. he said all he knows is he will be there. wikileaks founder julian assange will remained holed up in the ecuador embassy in london. he's been there since 2012. he tweeted he will accept
8:38 am
extradition to the u.s. if obama grants clemency to chelsea manning but he says the term was that he would be released immediately, not having to wait until may. moving the first family into their brand new home in washington d.c. got quite the start today. 8200 square feet and 8 bedrooms and nine bathrooms -- it's big. tomorrow morning the obama family will only have five hours to remove their belongings and turn the white house over to the trump family. they then plan to head to palm springs for a much deserved vacation. warm weather instaid of dc weather. big waves at beaches across the bay area, how it could create ideal waves for the maf ricks surf competition but the reason it most likely won't happen. lots of slow traffic around
8:39 am
the bay area, especially in the east bay. i'll tell you about the ride coming out of the walnut creek area and the commute trying to get to san francisco this morning. a thunderstorms rumbling through the peninsula now starting in half moon bay over 280. it's going right into the redwood city. we'll tack a closer look at that coming up right here.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
0 oofrments breaking news in here. federal investigators have closed a probe into tesla into the accident that happened in florida last may. they have closed their investigation without issuing a recall according to a number of news agencies. we'll stay on top of this and learning more. pam cook is joining us with more in money and business. the united states federal investigation into the auto pilot death of a man in a tesla vehicle has been closed and there does not appear to be a recall issued. more from pam cook on this in minutes. on to the weather now, the storms are causing dangerous conditions for bay area boaters and beach goers as well. the marin county firefighter department took photos. they chose these conditions because they never know what to expect when it's time for a real life rescue.
8:43 am
>> we have rescue water craft, inflatable boats and fire boats all in bad condition so when we respond to these incidents we have to be prepared for them. rain and big waves expected throughout the weekend. the coast guard says boaters should have radios that work and of course life jackets as well if you walk your dog to the beach,stay away from the water and don't tray to rescue your dog if it gets caught up in the surf. right outside of half moon bay, still unlikely the surfing competition will be called. organizers waiting for the perfect swells before they some mon the best surfers. if that doesn't happen by march 31st the competition will be put on hold until next november. more snow into the sierras. the usual slow downs and slippery roads but they say it's nowhere near as bad as it
8:44 am
was during last week's big snowstorm. still drivers are being reminded to slow it down and use caution. right now chains are required if you're heading up to the sierra on interstate 80 and highway 50. two east bay siblings making an emotional plea to rescue crews days after their mother was killed in a car crash. her car went off highway 160 and crashed into the sacramento river. her family says she was able to call 911 and a good samaritan tried to rescue her but couldn't. rescue crews found her car but the family says they were told it could take several more days before they recover their mother's body from the water. >> i need my mom to get out -- i need her out of the river. she's somebody -- why does she deserve to be underwater for so long? >> no reason why somebody should just sit in some water when you know they're there. they got the call, what more
8:45 am
evidence do we need? doesn't make sense. >> the sacramento volunteer department uses a dive team. they are planning a mission for saturday morning. the woman's children would also like to hear from the person who tried to rescue their mother. break in forcing a theater to cancel a special event that was planned for tonight to fight intel rans. someone removed the glass panes. the theater tells the mercury news they are still assessing what was stolen inside. the theater was going to take part in the ghost like project. theaters shine a light on what they call the dark days ahead under a donald trump presidency. theater support the rights of all people including the lgbt community and undocumented immigrants. slick roads, not a ton of rain coming down but still it's been a rough morning commute. >> a lot of slow traffic in many areas. good morning to you and one of
8:46 am
the spots still having difficulty recovering is the bay bridge toll plaza. a live look there. the back up still extends to the maze. i can tell you that interstate 880 westbound coming through richmond and berkeley is actually doing okay. the ride across the span itself into the city is actually showing signs of improvement. now let me take you to and d up north that your all past coliseum and the back up extends about up into the downarea this morning so things are crawling along there through oakland. lastly we'll show you on the maps the peninsula where steve just talked about one of these storm cells moving through the peninsula and we haven't seen any serious crashes thankfully but we're showing slow traffic 280 northbound coming up from daly city. the back up extends to the 101 interchange. it is slow as welcoming into
8:47 am
downtown san francisco. 847 tim similar is the time. here he is, a strong cell going through there now alex from half moon bay. heavy rain and thunder here in redwood city. there's your cell through grenada. it's been pouring seeing reports in half moon bay. redwood city and san mateo heading towards palo alto but looks like burlingame and wood side. there's the storm track there. so it's heading over towards menlo park and eventually towards milpitas. highway 84 is getting rain and also picking up on 92 i would think on the foster city side that's intense.
8:48 am
there's a line of showers rotating through and there's more stacked up now lining up on the marin coast. a good cell here, over to highway 29 there could be snow mixed in there later on tonight and tomorrow. also berkeley, you can see a cell there going parallel to highway 24. that's the main cell which is popped up there in and that line is heading over towards fremont and east bay as well. not done yet. snow up in the sierra, the winter storm warning until noon. some totals coming in are incredible. 265 for the season at ma'am mom moth. 165 inches in january for mammoth mountain. this is a rainbow type of weather pattern. suns and clouds and heavy rain. our next system is taking shape and beginning to move towards summer.
8:49 am
thunderstorms and mix of hail. there's more rain and wind on friday. one more system on sunday. the weather department is busy the next few days. >> we're dancing as fast as we can, that's correct. >> well done. okay stooe. coming up, the u.s. government is changing its advice for parents and pregnant women when it comes to eating fish. we're breking down the better, the best and what to avoid category, stay right there.
8:50 am
8:51 am
this is one cabinet member with a direct impact on businesses and stocks. more on that, let's check in with pam cook. >> i've been watching this in our newsroom this morning. the confirmation hearing going on now. steven says he's going to work with the irs to close loopholes in the tax code.
8:52 am
that's one thing he's promised. the nominee for treasury secretary was a partner at goldman sachs and coowned west bank. during the senate finance committee he addressed democratic attacks with his history of foreclosures. he's also been criticized for offshore accounts and his tax practices and the potential for the trump administration to reduce taxes on the wealthy. we'll continue to watch this confirmation hearing and more throughout the day on ktvu. also new information about the tesla investigation. gasia mikaelian was just talking about this ten minutes ago. the federal government has completed a probe into a deadly crash last may in florida. you might remember it. it involved a tesla model s in auto pilot mode. authorities did not find evidence of defects. they will not issue recalls because of this however, there's some criticism of the company.
8:53 am
the feds will hold a news briefing at the top of the hour on tesla. more on that. netflix shares are up strong this morning. we talked about it yesterday. they were reporting earnings of almost (9)400-0000 subscribers worldwide. it issued a strong guidance for the current quarter. they admit they have more competition ahead particular ri from hbo. they predict its rival will offer a full season of shows released on demand before they air on television. tell watching definitely changing. the u.s. government providing new guidelines for pregnant women when it comes eating fish. there's the best choices which are lower mercury fish and shell fish such as salmon, shrimp and pollock. 90% of the fish eaten in the u.s. fall into that category. ten there's blue fish, grouper
8:54 am
and halibut. the last category is the fish to avoid. recommendations call for adults who eat 2-3 serves of fish a week and kids should have 1-2 servings. say family owned business in china town has something to celebrate. they recently added the golden gate fortune cookie to the company. it hoped in china town in 1962 by a family that immigrated from china. every day people around the world visit their shop. the company is looking ahead to next saturday when they will be busy for the new year. . you can watch the parade in san francisco on february 11th. our coverage starts at 6:00 with julie and ben and
8:55 am
hopefully too early to ask steve. rain or shine, everybody comes out. >> are we on cable cars? >> yes, we are. >> that will be my first we'll teach him waving. onbay area company under fire for job discrimination. ?q ♪ ♪ ♪ all the care your family needs. all connected for you.
8:56 am
we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
8:57 am
an update on if former george h.w. bush. he remains in the icu in a houston hospital. doctors say he's conscious and alert. barbara bush in the same hospital suffering from bronchitis. she's now on an antibiotics. the former president and his wife now both into their 90s have stayed active in the community. >> they don't want to come out and we don't want them out.
8:58 am
whatever that takes doctors are not guest malting right now. >> earlier in the month, president bush sent a letter saying his health prevented him from attending tomorrow's inauguration. the bushes were able to celebrate their 72nd wedding anniversary two weeks ago. the labor department is suing oracle for pay discrimination and it may end up costing them millions of dollars in federal contacts. the claim is they pay them more money than african american men and asians and women. the lawsuit is asking that oracle's federal contract be cancelled until the company has complied with anti discrimination laws. the miscalculated costs by 1.9 $1.9 billion last year that has contributed to the governor's
8:59 am
projection of a deficit. a projected $1.6 billion deficit and a spokesmen for the department of finance calls the mistake a straight up error in accounting which they deeply regret. california tax collections were also below expectations. golden state warrior fans are celebrating after the warriors beat the oklahoma city thunder. kevin durant had 40 points and the warriors win 121-100. tense moments of the warriors center was charged with a foul for taking down okc superstar russell westbrook. after the game he said he hit him hard and "he will get him back" but he says it's part of
9:00 am
the game and he's done it before. the warriors and okc play again february 11th in oklahoma city. today at 9:00, local protests today and through the weekend as donald trump prepares to take office. mud slides and downed trees as another storm moves through the bay area. plus, turning bad times into stand up comedy. the local comedian making his way to the national stage. the big rain coming back, this is a dry moment across the bay area. get out and do the things you have not done for the past two weeks. >> take advantage, yes. >> once again, i'm joined by a alex savage. mike and sal are sick. we were joking they better be at home sick. we're glad you're joining us here on the nine. we'll get to the i


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