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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  January 20, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PST

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storms this morning. increasing worries about mudslides, downed trees and power outages. one county has declared a local state of emergency. mornings on 2 starts now. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. it's friday. january 20th. inauguration day. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. how do you like the weather? >> that was one the most intense drives in to work. i think steve was saying he agreed. i drove 40 miles an hour. >> it was scary. i never say that. >> right. >> usually it's like no big deal. i had both hands on the wheel. >> me he too many. >> look at that. that's my jacket. >> where is your rain coat? >> i was sprinting to get in here. >> where is your rain coat? >> my umbrella is in the car. it was scary. >> it was very scary driving. be aware. >> we have a line of thunderstorms coming in right
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now. there is also an urban and small stream flood advisory out. i'm the last one to say don't worry. this was intense. that's what is coming in. the line of thunderstorms going over san francisco. right there, san mateo coast. you can see the lighting detection. from nevado. that's heavy rain. heavy rain. be careful on that. maybe if you can wait an hour you may get a break. there appears to be a back edge here. i will broad brush. i will get out of the way. that leukemia a little bit of a break on the back side. if you can just hang on for a while. maybe leave in abhijit hour or two you may be better off. it's almost just not wortht. over toward it santa cruz mountains picking up there. the main storm is coming in. we have urban and small stream advisory. wind advisory out and for good reason. the gusts about 45 to 50. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. 28, gusts 30 plus. gusts 38. it is just roaring.
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same up toward parts of santa are rose anapa and nevado. a windy, wet morning. there is a back edge. we will get a break-in an hour or two. there is still more rain coming in this is a dynamic system. that's flying at us. it'll be a rainy day and a tough morning. welcome back, sal. >> this bug had me good. >> i tell you. get in line. >> yeah. here i am. among the living. >> back with the living. that's good. >> yes, sir. let's look at what we have as you said. this drive to work was no joke. i saw some lighting. i saw some lighting and that -- i never see that on the way. it was pretty close too. here in the east bay. almost right when i was in oakland. i saw it. westbound 580 looks good as you tariff through so far into livermore and pleasanton. continues that way through. that tracy super commute is not
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bad right now. let's look at interstate 880 in oakland. it's raining hard. we have seen some flashes in the sky. if you have to be driving right now i know you have too, just be careful. traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza also looking good. that rain is coming down. we do see fender benders and standing water out there. we will run that down for you. one of the main things i want to get to you is that it's raining pretty hard. 403. well can come back. because of all the dabbling caused by the stormy weather. contra costa has declared a local weather emergency. millions of dollars in damages have been reported and that huge gaping hole in the road in martinez may not be fixed for a year. that hole. flooding landslides have shut down part of morgan territory road in clayton but it may reopen next week. there is four inches of mud at the medical center parking lot
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in martinez. it is least 19 county offices have leaky windows and damage to their roofs and ceilings. >> majority of the damage happens on the road was mud runs and -- we have some erosion in the flood control channels and minor damage at our -- some of our facilities and buildings. >> now that emergency means the county can apply for disaster relief money. the count write board will ratify it in a special meeting next thursday. the santa cruz mountains have already been hit hard by the storms. look at the damage to this home. it's a deck in loss gatos. it collapsed along with the hot tub down the hillside. with the ground saturated property owners worried. the waves could reach 30 feet high in weekend at mavericks. the high surf warning runs
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noontime today through tomorrow afternoon. there is a possibility the titans of mavericks event haven't given the 48 notice for the start to the world famous mavericks surf contest. we are just a few hours from the swearing enough the 45th president of the united states. here is a live look at washington dc. security sweeps have been underway since 4:00 a.m. eastern time. the swearing in ceremony will happen at noon at the capitol. that's 9:00 a.m. our time. protesters expected to gagner downtown san francisco this morning to demonstrate against trump's inauguration. san francisco police say it could be similar to this post election march in november. this morning's rally and march set to start at 8:00 a.m. at justin herman plaza. there is also a rally planned in the financial district. the at the golden gate bridge people plan to make a statement forming a human chain across the bridge but organizers say this is not a
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protest. at ten this morning as many as three thousand are expected to hold hands. organizers called the demonstration a human bridge of togetherness. the people wearing the color purple. a sign of unity. they say there will be no disruptions to traffic, no banners and no speeches. >> it's a unifying moment. it's not a direct action against anything. it's not a protest. it's a first step in how we come together. >> since space on the bridge is limited organizers are directing any over flows to extend into a continuing line on both the north and south sides of the bridge. bus service has been added to get people there because a lack of park around there. at last check 4,000 people have registered for this event. there will be a demonstration in downtown oakland this morning due to start at 7:00 right outside the federal building on clay street. there have been several
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demonstrations in oakland. a response to the election of trump on city streets and even on the freeways. the police say they are ready if things should get out of hand. they have a clear message for anyone who plans to protest in oakland this weekend. >> this is a time to gather, to be heard, to listen, to share in a safe place and in a safe space. we want to encourage everybody to not participate in criminal activities. we may not catch you today or tomorrow but eventually we will. >> large protest is also planned tomorrow in downtown oakland. all days off have been canceled for oakland police officers this weekend. in san jose a protest and march is scheduled to start at 11:00 this morning. it's taking place at the plaza on park avenue and south market street. environmental groups, religious leaders and labor groups plan to attend. up in sonoma this evening there is an vent scheduled to
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celebrate trump's inauguration. the sonoma county ball set for 6:30 on 4th street in santa rosa. and then tomorrow thousands of people plan to participate in women's marches across the country. the biggest one is happening in washington dc. local marches are planned in oakland, san jose and san francisco. late last night we learned the editor in chief of the san francisco chronicle told staff that they should not take part in the marches. according to the berkeley magazine the editor said no newsroom employee regardless of job function or title can participate in political demonstrations of any sort. she said that such actions violate ethical, professional conduct. trump begins his administration with low approval ratings. the new fox news poll is out. it found 42% of voters have a good view of trump. 55% view him unfavorablely.
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in the meantime the president leaves office with a 57% approval rating. 25% of voters say that the new president's top priority should be the economy. 12% say health care. another 12% say he should unite the nation and 7% called national security the most important issue he should address. we have some school closings to tell you about. in the east bay. oakland's catholic church announced it'll close five school hats the at the end of the year because of low enrollment and a budget deficit. three of them are in oakland. they are saint jarleth, st. lawrence otoole and saint martin d -- also closing will be saint jerome and our lady of the rosary in union city. they made at enouncement in a letter to prince pams, teachers and the staff. the letters said staff members will keep their jobs for the rest of the school year.
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after that they will be encouraged to apply for other jobs with in the church. right now it's 4:10 and trump just hours away from being sworn in as the country's 45th president. coming up in the next half hour what he is expected to say to try to unite the country as thousands of supporters and protesters will greet him in washington. >> first a bay area man who won a ticket to the inauguration is now passing up on the opportunity to be there. the reason why he decided to skip out. >> it's wet out there and if you are planning on driving i think you should add extra time and be prepared. driving in heavy rain as we look at the east shore freeway. it's raining pretty hard. >> it's raining. there is also lighting and thunder and heavy rain for some. just slicing down toward south san francisco and the line here. you can see the lighting taking from san francisco over to oakland. also san mat oh,.
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. welcome back. it's 4:13. continuing our inauguration coverage. president elect trump is waking up this morning right across the street from the white house. >> is he starting the day today just about an hour from right now attending the traditional preinauguration prayer service at a church in washington dc. our reporter lauren blanchard live from washington to tell us about the day ahead. lauren. >> reporter: good morning. it's a day that trump
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supporters have been looking forward to just less than five hours from now he will raise his right hand, take the oath and assume responsibility as a leader of the free world. >> i'm just a messenger. >> reporter: trump arrived in washington thursday evening and started making appearances around town, first speaking to supporters at a well coming concert at the lincoln memorial. then to a black tie event for political donors. all of this ahead of giving his personally written speech today after being swornn. if it really pours that's okay because people will realize it's my real hair and that's okay. it's okay. may be a mess but they will see that it's my real hair. >> reporter: there will be tight security throughout dc with hundreds of thousands of people expected. the secret service and fbi are also preparing for demonstrators trying to disrupt the event. it doesn't matter who won or lost. when you come for our
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communities, when you come for us and when you try to violate after rights we will resist. >> reporter: though some democrats will skip the inauguration we will see some former presidents and first ladies including bill and hillary clinton. back to you. >> all right. thank you. the president made his final major act as the commander in chief during his last day in the oval office. the president cut short the sentences of another 330 nonviolent drug offenders. that brings the total number of pardons during his eight years to 1715. more than any other president in american history. most of those involved nonviolent drug cases. as we have been reporting the inauguration is just a few hours away now and one bay area man is passing up the opportunity to witness this historic day in american politics. free lance -- won a ticket to
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attend the inauguration through a lottery held by the office of his congressman. his e-mail confirmation is dated december 16th 2016. >> this is the -- before the vote on the 19th. that point i held out hope that the college will would do the right thing and honor the wishes of the founding fathers and refuse to elect someone who isn't qualified. >> he contacted the congressman's office urging him to boycott the inauguration. the can congressman responded that while he understands the boycott he feels he has a duty to attend today's inauguration. you can watch the inauguration live right here with us on ktvu fox 2 and join us at 8:00 a.m. on ktvu plus for continued weather and local news coveragew. he will be running both events and the news as wellf. you are away from your television you can watch the ceremony as it happens live streaming on the website. it's nice we have both channels. if you want to watch it you
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can. sal, a lot of people will watch -- want to watch news and weather and traffic because it's very intense driving out there. i would say it's -- it was kind of an adventure just driving. i don't drive that far but it was raining hard. there was lighting on my way in and it was flooding everywhere. because its been raining for so long. let's talk about some of the drives. see if i can dial it up to the gilroy drive. northbound 101 between gilroy and san jose. not a bad drive right now. as a matter of fact drive continues to look good as you drive through morgan hill. we are don't see major signs of flooding but there will be standing water there as you drive in to the main part of san jose. let's talk about 280 and san jose northbound. you can see traffic is moving along interpret they well so far. at the bay bridge its raining pretty hard. this is the hardest we have
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seen it rain. look at sheets of rain coming through. traffic is light. 418. let's bring is steve? . it was sideways the rain right before -- on the or ind a side. sideways. >> look that way at the bay bridge. >> let's get to it. there is plenty to get too. a linecuming through right now. glenn park, b ib lical rains and a lot of lighting in glenn park san francisco. there is your line. we will showt. i will put in storm tracker. look at right there. stretching -- now starting to curve away from marin. stretching oakland back over now toward highway 92. right there over to haywood and then back over to the peninsula. there is there is the line of lighting. you can see the oak lapped back to san mateo. there are many reports coming in. rapidly and i will just broad brush here to the forth. there is a line there. looks like a back edge. cloverdale moving over santa
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rosa in the next half lawyer. to the east of that it is very, very heavy rain. you can see out east as well. as our director ken lawrence said usually when i leave the house and get here there is breaks in the rain. there wasn't one this morningt. was heavy all the way in. if you can wait it out i think in an hour or so it'll be better. this line is now moving right through the peninsula. there is a lot of reports of lighting, that and very cold unstable air mass. this will go through in the morningw. he have advisories out. urban and small stream flood. maron and sonoma. we have had gusts to 45 to 50. some 40s and 50s on the temperatures. howling breeze out of the south until this system goes through. then we will get some colder and unstable air. this is the front coming in. i mean it's just painted here with 25 to 40 miles an hour. be careful. look at san jose. gusts to 45. line will go through this
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morning. most intense again and then a break. look at the moisture coming. it'll be a day of rain and then saturday a break and then sunday will be the last in the system. i just saw lighting in the monitor there. there is going to be very heavy rain totals over the next couple days. after monday night, early tuesday we will finally get a break. very cold system coming in monday and tuesday with maybe some low snow levels. morning heavy rain. then we will see cloudy skies with off and on rain. showers on saturday. one more system sunday and some low snow levels are certainly possible monday night, tuesday. after that things look like they will quiet down and we will need it. >> just to repeat because this morning's drive we are all talking about. it's dangerous out there. >> i would agree. it's dangerous. if you can wait like an hour or two the worst will be over. >> [inaudible]. >> we have nobody on the
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roads. wait until it picks up. >> and evening drive. what will it be like? >> not as bad as this but probably still the leftover there be there. >> thank you. >> all right. a truck driver from indiana who drives through the bay area is now suing the board that oversees the coliseum because he was shot and wounded outside the coliseum in 2015. the chronicle reports the 73- year-old was making a nighttime deliver are you during a concert. he was used to parking his truck in the parking lot and then sleeping in the truck there overnight. he claims that security guards wouldn't let him into the parking lot that night and told him to park on the westside of interstate 880 opposite the stadium that. night someone smashed his truck window and shot him. his lawsuit ceuss the authority of negligence. is he seeking damages. an armed men homing a
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mother and daughter at gun point while robbing them. the new video police want you to see.
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. fremont police hope surveillance video will lead to an arrest in a disturbing home invasion. it happened in the city's cam reason hills neighborhood on december 8th. police say four masked gun men in a car followed a mother and daughter to their home on sunrise drive. they then got in to the the house through the open garage
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door. once inside the armed men ransacked the home, stole cash and valuables and repeatedly attacked and threatened the two victims. >> you know pushing them around through the house, grabbing their hair, holding the guns to their heads, threatening them. it's horrible. >> it feels random. it doesn't feel targeted. there is nothing about this family at this point in time that makes us believe they were a target. >> police say that the mother and daughter were shaken up by the ordeal but were not seriously hurt. anyone with information on this case is asked to contact fremont police. new information on that deadly avalanche at a ski resort in italy. the associated press reporting six people were found alive today in the rubble. two days after the disaster at this luxury hotel. at least two dozen more are still missing. heavy snows hurt the rescue efforts at the hotel this is in the rugged mountains of central
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italy. several strong earthquakes triggered the avalanche. there is good news this morning about the health of george hw bush and his wife barbara. a family spokesperson said both are on the up swing. he cautions they are not out of the woods but their doctors optimistic. the couple remains -- they are both in a houston hospital. the 92-year-old former president suffered complications -- the former first lady is on medication to treat bronchitis. obviously we are still following today's inauguration in washington dc of donald trump there. are still questions about the lack of diversity in the president elect's cabinet. coming up the argument from the man who would be the first agriculture secretary without a latino in nearly 30 years. >> also this morning the second of three powerful storms arrive in the bay area. we have christian up in the north bay tracking the
4:27 am
conditions. >> good morning. it's raining hard and we have had accidents happen. this is a look at the golden gate bridge. traffic looks okay here but interpret they heavy rain this morning. >> well national weather service has issued a special weather statement for the line of thunderstorms moving through right there. looks like its moving off toward the east. i -- line storm tracker show itself moving over san leandro. walnut creek and san ramone.
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. welcome back. it's a stormy friday. january 20th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. we can't say that enough because of so much water on the freeway as steve was talking about. it was scary. it was a scary drive in this morning but you are saying if you can hold off a little bit. >> there is a back edgef.
4:30 am
you can wait an hour or two the worst will be east of us. >> okay. like 6:00. >> yeah. if you can. if you can't --. >> stay with us. grab another cup of coffee and hang out at home. >> or if you say i have to go now i understand. >> okay. >> at 3:15 -- i got to go out that door too. i get it. tense line of thunderstorms. thunder, lighting, raining, you can see the line right there going on san francisco. now its centered more toward haywood over toward the east bay and the peninsula. there is two bands. there is the lighting detection and showing some of the heaviest rain moving over haywood. looks like san lorenzo and then heading over to the east bay. walnut creek and concord have had reports of lighting. you can see the back edge to that. there is some -- cloverdale. bodega bay. this line is moving. what's over you if it's the right there is verien tins. there is one


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