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tv   KTVU Mornings Weekend Edition  FOX  January 22, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PST

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this is mornings on 2 weekend. >> good morning. welcome to mornings on 2. it is sunday, january 22nd. you woke up to rain pounding on your roof, you are not alone. good morning. i'm claudine wong. >> we have a huge storm hitting the bay area right now. we have learned at least one accident in oakland has turned deadly. we'll take a live look outside here. there's a high wind advisory in effect until 10:00 this morning. obviously you feel those winds even more so when you're on any of the bay area brings including the golden -- bridges including the golden gate. >> that's right. we do have flood advisories and watches. there's a warning in effect for parts of south bay and the santa cruz mountains, but there is the traffic map, not looking
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bad. >> not too bad right now, but we're keeping an eye on the situation on the roadways for you. the roads will be very wet, lots of standing water in many spots. we're hearing about the chp dealing with some pockets of flooding. we'll keep an eye on the traffic situation. if you take a look at that green over there on the other side of your screen, that actually is good news for the clearing and let's go over to rosemary right now. >> as expected, this system sort of plowing through the bay area and already moving out. we'll remain with scattered showers in the forecast, but the heaviest steadiest rain now entering portions of the south bay and will continue to push out the next hour or so. we remain with quite a bit of flooding and that's going to continue at least through the morning hours with a flash
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flood watch for the entire bay area through the afternoon. there's a look at the gloomy wet start of the day. we'll start with the advisories first on stormtracker 2 and the flash flood watch is for the entire bay area. expect urban flooding. expect if you're on the roadway, you'll find some of that on the freeways and near your home. the flash flood warning goes until 9:15 this morning for the napa area. our streams and creeks are full and flooding over and the sonoma county area, petaluma and as we get south, the santa clara area, santa clara county and santa cruz county, widespread advisory is in place here for urban and small stream flooding. if we get into areas of the santa cruz mountains, there's a warning here with flooding expected right along the river there from felton and it will
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continue to trickle down into santa cruz. this goes until 10:30 this morning. if you don't have to go out, it's good to be indoors. inaddition to the wind blowing out there, the rain continues to fall, but it is pushing out. this is a three hour time lapse and you can see how it's shifting this direction. so in the next hour or so it will move out of the south bay and we will continue with just scattered showers the rest of today. there's where it is widespread from santa cruz into san jose. if we shift to the peninsula, we have a few sprinkles here reported, after 10:00 maybe right around the los altos hills. shifting east we've got steadily light rain alongside 80 continuing east towards tracy. antioch reporting light rain and over the north bay we've got advisories for napa and sonoma county. we've got a few sprinkles reported here as well. when i come back, i'll have a timeline on the rain today, a look at your numbers and we'll
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continue to track any possibility of flooding. back to you. happening now a crash on northbound interstate 880 in oakland has turned deadly. the accident happened just after 5 a.m. this morning, 880 northbound near the fifth street on ramp between embarcadero and oakes oaks streets, so in the downtown area. >> we're still getting information on this. it came in as a solo vehicle crash, a van that crashed blocking the middle lane. the traffic is getting through. it's just going to be slow for a while while this clears up. now we're obviously watching the roads for you this morning. we have alley allie rasmus in
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the noters and we'll -- allie rasmus in the north bay and she'll have a live report coming up. in the los gatos area the winds got strong during the overnight hours and the weather may be to blame for this crash in san jose just before 2 a.m., southbound 280 over highway 101, one of a number of spinouts and crashes we've been hearing about across the bay area. people in san francisco, one particular neighborhood are bracing for more flooding today. on friday storm drain lids came loose along cayuga avenue and water tainted with raw sewage flooded at least a dozen homes in that area. people had to throw away contaminated items including some family momentos. maybes say this street has flooded at least six times since 2004. the city has helped paid contractors to help clean up, but neighbors want a more permanent solution. >> the sewer lines are real
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old. they tried putting new pumps and they've been working in this area for a few months day and night and still the same problem, same thing. everything gets flooded. >> the public utilities commission said the neighborhood is in a low lying area and that a permanent solution would cost taxpayers more than $2 billion. this problem marshall the subject of two lawsuits. -- has been the subject of two lawsuits. one of them is settled and one of them is pending. the snow has come down in feet in the sierras. a winter storm warning has been issued for the lake tahoe area in place until 4 a.m. tomorrow. when you look at these pictures, they are snowed in. we like snow, but this is certainly a lot. near lake tahoe has had a couple feet this weekend and sugar bowl has received 65 inches of snow this past week. coming up with we look at some
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of the conditions at vail through skype. white house chief reince priebus was a guest earlier in the week and topic was media portrayal of donald trump. >> a reporter shoots first, aims later. i just think the magnitude -- >> reporter: are you saying there's a conspiracy here? >> i'm saying there's an obsession by the media to delegitimize this president and we are not going to sit around and let it happen. we are going to fight back tooth and nail every day and twice on sunday. >> so one of the arguments was about a reporter that posted on twitter that the president had removed the bust of martin luther king, jr. in fact, the statue was actually there. the reporter couldn't see it at the time and later tweeted out that someone may have been standing in front of it, so  later corrected. new white house press
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secretary shawn spicer attacked the media during his first remarks from the podium at the meeting room. spicer was almost yelling at times as he read a prepared statement about how many people had shown up to watch president trump being sworn in on friday. many media photos showed these photos side by side of president obama and president trump's inaugural. >> this was the largest audience over witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe. -- to ever witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe. >> spicer did not answer any questions from the media. he said he'll give his official briefing monday. the turnout for the women's harms across the country exceeded expectations accord -- marches across the country exceeded expectations according to u.s. organizers. more than half a million men and women descended on washington d.c. many wore pink
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hats that have come to symbolize being against racism and xenophobia and the crowds say this is a time for women to be heard and show their power. >> even if you aren't sitting in the white house, even if you are not a member of the united states congress, even if you don't run a big corporate superpac, you have the power. >> protesters say they are worried the trump administration will roll back progress on equal pay for women, reproductive rights and immigration. the march and protest lasted well into the night. it was all peaceful. police say not a single arrest was made. some of the biggest marches outside the capital were in the bay area. an estimated 100,000 people marched through the streets of san francisco starting at the civic center and went to justin herman plaza. many carried signs and chanted for hours.
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>> he doesn't have a mandate to just bull over and not think about other people's rights. he doesn't have a man date to not respond to this stuff. >> the march was peaceful. there were no arrests. another 100,000 people marched through oakland streets yesterday, nearly four times as large of a crowd as expected by organizers. demonstrators say they're watching every move the new president makes and say they don't like what they've seen so far. marchers say they felt compelled to show up and make their voices heard. many brought their children to show exactly what they're marching for. >> we are trying to teach him that the good guys do win and that we need to stand up for ourselves and we need to stand up for people that are less fortunate than us. >> marchers made their way to frank ogawa plaza where they rallied, organized and pledged to continue to speak out and
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hold more demonstrations. in the mean time the scene was similar in the south bay you can see from the skyfox video. thousands of demonstrators on the streets packed downtown san jose. they gathered at city hall. they made their way to a rally at plaza decesar chavez. police estimate about 25,000 people took part in that march. there is video of all of the marches on our website on his first full day in office president trump phase a visit to the kraig, -- pays a visit to the cia, who he says is to blame for tensions between the intelligence community and himself. >> plus the dangerous conditions rescuers faced and the honest jumped in to -- and the witness who jumped into help. >> as we go to break, here's a live look from our walnut creek camera and you can see gray skies this morning. most of the rain is gone, but don't throw away your umbrellas
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a crash on northbound interstate 880 on oakland we told you about was a deadly accident. with now understand that crash has been cleared from the lanes. we'll put up a map. it thanked just before 5 this morning -- it happened just before 5 this morning along interstate 880 northbound near the embarcadero and oak street exits. that was a deadly crash. chp has been dealing with it the last couple hours, but now the accident man cleared from the lanes. -- has been cleared from the lanes. a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit deep under new guinea today. the quake hit deep in the ocean halfway between new guinea and
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the solomon islands causing blackouts, no major reports of damage or injuries. the solomon islands are located in the pacific's active ring of fire. a high surf, heavy sea foam and dark water made it incredibly dangerous and difficult to try to rescue two women who were pulled into the coast off san diego last night. a lot of people were along ocean beach when a wave broke on the cliffs pulling the women into the water. witnesses were stunned to see the women struggling in the water but didn't feel like they could do anything to help without endangering themselves. that's when a man who was taking pictures along the cliff jumped in the water. >> i don't know. i got her and threw her over my shoulder and tried to carry her in. then we got washed out again a little bit and then it kind of went back a little bit and gave my a minute and i carried her up and canned her to another guy. -- handed her to another guy. >> that man said he tried to find the second woman but
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couldn't see her with all this foam. lifeguards were called and after 40 minutes they were able to get the second woman out of the water. both women were taken to the hospital, but there's no update this morning on their conditions. two lifeguards also had to be taken to the hospital to be checked out because that water was so cold. >> very scary. let's head over to rosemary. there are warnings for folks here not even to try to see the waves up close. you want to stay far back because it's dangerous on the there. >> yeah. we've had a high surf warning in place all weekend long. we have a wind advisory and question have flooding going on across portions of the bay area especially north and south. giving you a live look from san francisco across the bay where you can see a lot of overcast sky. scattered showers continue to fall as expected. the heaviest portion of the rain moved through overnight and is now over the south bay and will continue to move out
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as we get into the next hour or so. in fact, take a look at stormtracker 2. you can see north bay, the peninsula and east bay actually not so bad. it's over the south bay. we'll check in on that in a moment. i want to talk about some of the reports of slides going on in and around santa cruz, scott's valley and socal reporting debris flow, rock and mood slides in the vicinity. in milpitas this morning some damaging wind there and a little flooding recorded early in lucas valley. we have the advisories with napa, sonoma into the santa cruz county area. if you live near a stream, creek, river, definitely be aware there's some flooding going on out there and we have minor flooding all over the roadways this morning. in the south bay we continue to
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see rain over areas of san jose. morgan hill toward highway 101 and gilroy heavy downpour is reported. to the east bay a few scattered showers and 580 livermore going out towards tracy you'll find it and antioch out towards the central valley there as well, discovery bay included here, brentwood and highway 4. a view into the sierra where snow levels have come up to between 4 and 5,000 feet but continuing to come down. we have an advisory here until early monday morning, so not a good day to travel into the sierra. we will continue to see on and off snow showers, another 2 to 4 feet expected on the back end of the weekend. the good news is this is the final round in a series of storms that we have seen come through this week. here's your futurecast model. in the afternoon, so it seems like oh, we're clearing out. no, we aren't done. 3:00 we get another round of
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significant rain. it will pass through and scattered showers in your evening hours. at 10:00 we're still not done. we do have scattered showers in the forecast for monday, looks like we'll dry out tuesday. we know it's been gusty at times, fairfield 12, concord and oakland reporting 9, so not so bad. it's breezier along the coastline and in our hills. upper 40s to 50 to start your morning and the afternoon highs 50s in the forecast. here's your extended forecast as we get back to work monday. we will be met with scattered showers, tout month, the possibility of a few sprinkle -- tuesday morning the possibility of a few sprinkles before we finally dry out. the dry weather looks like it's going through the weekend. >> keep the rain jackets close by, though, the next few days. in southern mississippi let's show you these fixtures because at least four people died -- pictures because at
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least four people died after a tornado touched down this weekend. dozens have been treated for injuries at area hospitals. more severe weather was expected overnight. parts of the state could see tennis ball size hail and wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour. after almost four decades sports bar and grill is getting ready to close its doors for good, what led to this closure.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the epa has announced settlement with 11 construction firms over failure to obtain proper certification over handling of lead paint. the largest settlement was $9,000 by zolman construction. the settlements were reached last year. the certification requires that people performing renovations are properly trained and certified and follow lead safe work practices. a farewell party is planned
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today for a walnut creek bar closing after 39 years. krog an's sports bar and grill will officially shut its doors tomorrow because of an ongoing battle with the city of walnut creek. the planning commission ordered the bar to stop serving and selling alcohol at midnight and close at 12:30 instead of 2 a.m. the commission says several complaints were made against the bar in the past several years because of fights and public drunkenness. well, you could call it a bittersweet end of an era, the final sugar ship to carry a load of sugar from hawaii to the bay area is making its final trip to them. the mokupahu sailed from the east bay for hawaii yesterday morning. last week the ship carried third thousand tons of cane sugar to the c and h refinery in crockett. a large portion of hawaiian sugar industry has disappeared because of foreign competition. c and h which stands for california and hawaii will now
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get most of its raw sugar from brazil and vietnam. the commerce secretary declared the 2015/2016 dungeness and raw crab season was a disaster which does clear the way for relief funds for commercial fishermen and other businesses. the season was delayed after high levels of toxic domoic acid were found in crab. a bill will be reintroduced to provide more than $138 million disaster relief. on paper it looks like a mismatch. the sharks have one of the best records in the record conference and won 14 of their last 15 regular season games against colorado. the sharks take an early lead, but colorado ties it up in the 2nd period. san jose answers with carlson deflecting the shot into the net. the avalanche tied it up again in the 3rd period hammering a loose puck past martin jones sending this sexual sending
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this -- into overtime. sharks win. face-off will be in denver. we'll find out which two nfl teams will play in super bowl li. the nfc game is first right here on ktvu. former calstar aaron rodgers will be taking his green bay packers down to atlanta to face off with the falcons. steelers head to new england to take on the patriots for the afc title. here's the schedule. mornings on 2, we continue until 9:00. then we switch over to ktvu plus and offer you another hour of news between 9:00 and 10:00 this morning. we have a special called the championship chase here on ktvu that gets underway at 9:00 this morning. that will be followed by fox nfl kickoff from 10:00 till noon. then it will be the packers and the falcons from the georgia dome. after that game ktvu sports
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wrap will air at 3:30 this afternoon. big day. >> there's a lot going on. >> rewind the dvr to check that. now the buffs of winston churchill is back, more on the changes made to the oval office. >> as we go to break, here is a live look from interstate 880 in oakland. you can see it's still wet out there, your full forecast when we return.
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this fox 2 weather report is brought to you by bank of the west. ♪take me to the river drop me in the water ♪ . >> oh, you got dark skies. you got rain clouds out there and the rain we're getting looks like a little break from what we saw early this morning, but rosemary will tell you there are more showers on the way later in the day, in the coming days, maybe a little break from the wet weather coming down the road, but kind of nice gloomy morning. >> you put some good music to anything and you can kind of hang out for a while and enjoy it. there's the oakland estuary for you this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us on this sunday morning. >> absolutely. thank you so much for joining us here, mornings on 2. we're
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over here, aren't we? >> thanks for the red light at the top of the camera. >> is that what that means? >> we're so glad you're here, alex. >> that's right. rosemary, good to see you. you've been busy, i know. the heaviest stuff has moved past us? >> moving out. the south bay is still experiencing it a little, but the north and central bay are improving, verified nicely with this last system here and as predicted, we are looking at the aftermath. that columns a lot of advisories -- includes a lot of advisories in place. that is sfo where we have wet roadways and runways but at least the visibility is not so bad. we are looking at advisories in places for most of sunday. first of all a flash flood watch for the entire bay area which means expect minor flooding in your neighborhood. you'll find it there and on the roadways and freeways and then we have a few areas where we
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have extra concern. we'll start in the napa county area where we have a flash flood warning until 9:15 this morning. our creeks and our streams and our rivers are really full and some of them are overflowing. we have a warning in place from see sebastopol to petaluma and the santa clara has pretty much a widespread advisory and at felton at the river there's some flooding going on trickling into santa cruz until 10:30 this morning. take it easy out there. hopefully you are indoors with no place to go. here's stormtracker 2 now pushing out of the south bay, morgan hill, gilroy seeing some pretty good rain right now. notice squeezing in closer it's light over the santa cruz and over san jose. into the east bay we have a few scattered showers reported, fremont, milpitass stretching towards pleasanton and
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livermore and along 580 through altamont and tracy, but the north bay and central bay, cloudy, drizzle but not like overnight. we continue with the wind advisory, although it looks like the coast and hills where we're seeing it really gusty, the rest of us 10 to 20 miles an hour. that's likely for the rest of today. could see 1/4 inch to 1 1/2 inches over the next 24 hours especially for our hills. so we aren't done completely. it's going to be soggy out there and the winter storm warning continues until tomorrow morning with snow in the sierra. later i'll have a look at the timeline and in the extended forecast a more prolonged break coming our way. i'll have your numbers for today coming up. a flash flood warning has been issued in parts of napa and sonoma counties. >> we have ktvu's appeary allie
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rasmus. -- allie rasmus. >> reporter: you can see the water moving at a pretty fast clip. we've seen some trunks and trees and large branches and debris, but it's not near flood bank stage and there's been no flooding in in area. so the residents around here are in good shape for now. this is sonoma creek near brookside road and cal -- caliene road. there was some flooding on highway 101 northbound in novato, the on ramp to highway 37 in that area was shut down due to flooding, so we had to take a round about way to get up here. we did catch up with sonoma public county works crews making the rounds a short time ago checking to be sure there was no flooding problems, seeing if they had to shut down
7:34 am
any side streets in this area. they told me they haven't encountered any flooding problems in this area in sonoma just yet, but oftentimes when you have heavy rain and flash flood warnings as there is one in effect in this area and the bay area until 9:15 this morning, sometimes near highway 121 and fremont drive in sonoma they do have some problems there. for now looking at sonoma creek behind us, it's moving at a fast rate, but no flooding to report. still the rain isn't over. we could see scattered showers and it's not raining now, but about 10 minutes ago we had another cell pass over us and it rained pretty well and then it moved on. that's kind of the story out here for much of the morning. people who live in this area are keeping an eye on creeks like this one. >> thanks. not just the rain, people are being warned this morning also about really strong winds with this storm system.
7:35 am
a high wind advisory is in effect for parts of the bay area. yesterday people had their umbrellas out along the embarcadero and san francisco, some running for cover. in many cases those umbrellas didn't stand up to the high winds. >> i grew up in oakland and this is a lot of rain. down south by santa cruz everything was flooding and the waves in the ocean we heard were getting up to like 60 feet. >> a large swell is bringing those big waves, strong rip currents and sneaker waves along the coast. be very careful if you head out to the coast line today. also we are starting to see some power outages in the bay area. obviously when you get the strong winds and saturated soil, it tends to bring down a lot of those trees onto power lines. here's pg&e's outage map this morning. outages aren't too bad, but there are some along the peninsula, but no major outages being reported at this
7:36 am
particular time. you can see just a few in the east bay, in the walnut creek area, concord area and obviously some in marin county as well. we'll keep tabs on those. in the north bay a few other outages but pg&e not reporting any major outages at least at this time. president trump was busy on his first full day in the white house. he attended a prayer service at the washington national cathedral before paying a visit to the cia. during his meeting with the central intelligence agency the president took time to build back some relations with an organization he's criticized in the past. >> i believe that this group is going to be one of the most important groups in this country toward making us safe, toward making us winners again. >> since crump criticized the
7:37 am
intelligence community following reports russia hacked the u.s. election, president trump blamed the media for causing a rift between himself and the agency. the bust of winston churchill is now back in the oval office. many reporters had noticed that the famous british leader's statue had returned as donald trump was signing executive orders shortly after his inauguration friday. president obama had that bust premoved when he took office and replaced with one of dr. martin luther king, jr. during his presidency. the bust of dr. king is still in the oval office. that statue of churchill has just been added to the collection inside the room. president trump has also changed the curtains from red to gold. mars and rallies were held across -- marches and rallies were held across the country for women's rights. you can see many of the pictures were taken near san francisco city hall. that's where tens of thousands of people rallied. demonstrations were also held
7:38 am
yesterday in oakland, san jose, walnut creek and several other bay area cities. the sheer number of people marching in the bay area required careful coordination by b.a.r.t. and a lot of patience from riders. >> here's how people handled the transportation crunch. >> reporter: most were here for the same reason and took the wait in stride. >> there's so many people that we can't even tell if the march has started. so we're at the end and more people are coming, but you can't really tell if it's moving. >> good morning and welcome, exits in either direction. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. station employees had to help out more than usual. >> it's been crazy, but it's been wonderful. >> reporter: an estimated 20,000 people exited the lake merritt station for the women's march in oakland. >> i thought we were early, so i was a little bit surprised
7:39 am
there were that many people. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. had an average 20 minute wait at each station. it didn't seem to bother riders who were not here to march. >> probably about a half hour. no. the energy was great and i mean i think it's wonderful. >> reporter: macarthur station in oakland had to stop people from overfilling the platform. >> today it's probably more than 10 to 15 minutes. >> reporter: riders say they appreciated their fellow marchers cooperating with b.a.r.t. employees. >> it was smooth. everybody is being nice and cooperative. >> reporter: once outside in a sea of other ping hats and sign holders the -- pink hats and sign holders the number of bodies on streets forced several local roads and 880's northbound off ramp to close. the tens of thousands of people at the women's march did not create any incidents for law enforcement. those marches and rallies extended into several counted it is overseas.
7:40 am
an estimate -- countries overseas. an estimated 100,000 people turned out in front of the united states embassy in london. in paris there were more than 40 feminist and anti-racist organizations marching. we're told the event was peaceful and positive. in berlin hundreds of people demonstrated at the brandenburg gate. protesters performed speeches against president trump. some are hopeful because so many took part in demonstrations around the world. in san francisco there was the 13 annual walk for life. demonstrators met at market and powell street and walked to justin herman plaza. this march is held every year around january 22nd, the anniversary of roe v. wade, the decision legalizing abortion bill the u.s. supreme court. the search is continuing
7:41 am
for two people in monterey and why it had to be called off. >> plus more on a tragic story out of italy where a bus carrying 54 people crashed. among the people who were on board in in deadly accident were high school -- in this deadly accident were high school students returning from a ski trip. artoo, thrusters! they're closing in! i'll guard the base. for every family that lives star wars, this is the place where star wars lives. where a galaxy far, far away... closer than ever before. move along. come join us...during season of the force. now at the disneyland resort. and right now you can save on premium rooms at a disneyland resort hotel.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. hungary's foreign minister said it could take several days to identify the 16 people killed in a horrific bus crash in italy. two others are still in critical condition as well. the bus crashed into a barrier and then rammed into an overpass just before midnight friday on an italian highway near verona. more than 50 people were on board the bus including two hungarian drivers and most of
7:44 am
the passengers were high school students who were coming back from a ski trip in france. the cause of this crash is still under investigations. tomorrow has been declared a national day of mourning for the victims of that accident. time is 7:44. let's head over to rosemary for a check of the weather. we've got some of the rain gone, but we've got these flash flood warnings, high surf. it's still going to be kind of a treacherous morning for folks. >> take it easy if you have to be out and about early this morning. we have minor flooding reported. many roadways and freeways, just checked with the airport, sfo not reporting delays at this point. l.a.x. is reporting delays due to the weather. giving you a look over the east bay hills where we continue with gray skies and a little rain, but the brunt of the
7:45 am
downpours are moving from the area. we'll have scattered showers and first let's look at totals. 1 to 2 inches for our urban areas in some spots and in our hills more than that. ben loehmann reporting 2.7 so far with rain falling over portions of the south bay, san rafael 2 inches. areas like oakland and concord about 1/2 or so, .43 inches in and around livermore. stormtracker 2, three hour time lapse and early on it probably woke you up even. we had some pretty good rain moving through the bay area. at this point it's pretty much over the south bay, widespread over morgan hill and continuing south, moderate downpours reported along highway 101. shifting closer in you'll find it at its heaviest. for the rest of us the scattered showers on and off, a little drizzle with gray skies is what we're seeing at this point. milpitas 88, a wet one -- 880,
7:46 am
a wet one there, livermore towards 580 it's wet and towards altamont pass and antioch. levels are up in the sierra and it is winding down a bit. it will continue through the next take or so. the winter storm warning goes until 4:00 tomorrow morning for 2 to 4 feet of snow a possibility by the end of the weekend. your futurecast model will take you through sunday, early afternoon, a lot of the same, gray skies, pockets of rain, dry weather in between. by 3:00 or 4:00 another round is coming. sunday night it's lingering and scattered showers in the forecast for monday. the winds we're seeing anywhere from 5 to 10 to 15 miles per hour for most of our urban areas. in the hills and come along the coast line it's breezier.
7:47 am
i'm seeing some winds gust to 30 and 40 miles per hour in our hills. for most of us we are looking pretty good, not so bad. 53 degrees in oakland and san francisco, afternoon highs today low to upper 50s. here's your extended forecast. showers will remain for monday. we may have a few sprinkles tuesday morning and then we dry out and we're looking good at least through the weekend. back end of january looks fairly dry, so that is some good news. is that that's nice. -- >> that's nice. we need some time to dry out. the soil is really saturated everywhere. >> lots of standing water in all sorts of places driving in today. it doesn't take very long. >> can't take anymore. >> thank you, rosemary. we are less than a week from the start of the chinese new year. one family owned businesses in san francisco has -- business
7:48 am
in san francisco has reason to celebrate. >> it's now recognized as a historic asset. ktvu's amber lee talked to the family behind that business. >> reporter: tucked in an alley the golden gate fortune cookie company is small in size but rich in history. nancy chan sits by the machine where she makes the cookies and greets her valued customers. what is in this? >> oh, flour, sesame, water, sugar. >> reporter: visitors today came from florida, kansas, singapore and france. the business now relies heavily on foot traffic. online reviews help bring in people. >> people tend to like to watch how we make because it's a factory. >> reporter: this is once a business built on supplying restaurants. now many no longer buy mrs. chan's cookies. she said the high cost of
7:49 am
ingredients meant the loss of some customers and a slim profit. three machines churn out the cookies averaging 350 an hour. one by one they're pulled off the griddle hot, paired with a paper message and then plied into the shape of a fortune cookie. >> this is a san franciscan invention. >> reporter: kevin says business increases about 20% around chinese new year. the special occasion attracts locals and visitors. >> food unites people, you know, in many different ways. >> reporter: norman fong is executive director with the nonprofit chinatown community development center who helped the cookie factor and other businesses receive recognition from the city as a historic asset. the designation gives them relationships with land lords to keep them from being driven out by high rent. a new year and a new lease on
7:50 am
life for the fortune cookie factory now going on its 55th year. mrs. chan has a simple business model. she's happy when her customers are happy. >> you see the cookie. you buy some cookies. eat a cookie, very happy. >> reporter: the chances hope the year of the rooster will bring them continued good fortune, a legacy business that mom wants to pass on to her son. in san francisco chinatown amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> here's the benefit of that story. amber brought fortune cookies back for everyone in the newsroom and they had fun little ktvu messages in them. the chinese new year parade you can watch here on ktvu or come down to san francisco and watch on the street. we'll all be out there in the parade, always a good time. >> it's a blast. >> hopefully it will stay dry. we've done it no matter what.
7:51 am
well, flu season is underway and we are being hit hard. we'll tell you what state is hit worst in several years. >> here's our instagram pic of the moment with the caption juneau underestimating surf today. we'd love to see your photos and you can see them on our air just like this one. we'll be back in a few.
7:52 am
7:53 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. hayward police are trying to find a missing man and asking for the public's help. he was last seen the night of january 20th at his home in hayward and hasn't been seen since. he's indian with brown eyes, 5' 11 and weighs about 162 pounds.
7:54 am
police are concerned because he has some medical conditions and can become disoriented. you have seen him, call hayward police. this flu season is turning out to be one of the worst we've seen in several years in california. state health officials say more people have been infected earlier in the past and more of them are ending up in the hospital in. california there have been 14 flu related deaths reported in people under the age of 65. it's too soon to know why this season is worse than in years past, but it could be due to the strain circulating. we have plenty of people in our newsroom sick. >> a lot of people were sick last week, the ktvu bug going around. >> this 1 seems to have hit people very hard and they can't even -- some people struggle to come into work, which you shouldn't. they can't even do it. they got to go home. >> a lot of folks had trouble needing several days to just
7:55 am
recuperate. >> if you're sick, feel better. >> absolutely, anybody out there. if you want to stay out of the rain today, there are plenty of movies to keep you entertained. >> vin diesel is reporting to super spy vander cage. here's the rundown of what is new in theaters. >> you could have just asked me. >> reporter: vin diesel back in action for the return of xander cage for another chapter. in time cage is on a mission to retrieve a weapon capable of controlling every military satellite in the world and as he does so, he recruits a new group of thrill seeking friends to join him. >> right here. >> the new scary movie suspense thriller is courtesy of m night
7:56 am
chavelon as he introduces split, a guy with associated identity disorder who kidnaps three girls and as he wrestles with the personalities within, they fight to find a way to survive. >> there should be a mcdonald's everywhere. franchise the damn thing. >> michael keaton leads the founder based on the true story of ray crock who franchised a little family owned restaurant called mcdonald's. the film follows the corporate battle that ensues as the burger joint became a worldwide chain. >> as gifted as i am with a mom, i'm 10 times better on stage. we asked all cast members be christians. i am one. >> reporter: plus a new faith based stone called the resurrection of michael stone about a former child star doing community service who pretends to be christian to get the parted of jesus in the church play and learn a -- part of jesus in the play and learn a
7:57 am
lot about himself in the process. >> being a kid seems like the hards thing. >> reporter: expanding to -- hardest thing. >> reporter: and expanding to theaters nationwide, the story of a single mom raising her son with the help of two other women, one an artist living in their home, and the other their teenage neighbor. >> are you helping him? >> i'm always a little behind on the new movies. >> it's hard to keep up. i do not get to the near the very often. >> i was just telling you -- theater very often. >> i was just telling you i saw hidden figures the other day and it was fantastic. put it on your list. >> it's a long list. it's on there. he did not take questions from the media, but the white house spokesperson talked a lot about the media in his first press conference at the white house and it is safe to say
7:58 am
yeah, he wasn't happy. >> outside your doors this morning it is a soggy sunday. we do have advisories in place, some areas experiencing some flooding and the winds are still blying in many spots, what you can expect -- blowing in many spots, what you can expect coming up. ♪ who amongst you goes by the name fenwick? tell me and the rest of you will be spared.
7:59 am
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this is mornings on 2 weekend. >> good morning to you. it is sunday, january 22nd. good morning. i'm claudine wong. >> we have a lot of wet weather moving through the bay area. give you a live look of mount sutro, cloudy skies and the heaviest rain has kind of moved through our area now, but that doesn't mean we're out of the woods yet, lingering showers throughout the area and also a big concern with flooding in many spots, especially in the north bay and santa cruz mountains. >> that's right. every time this happens we think oh, we're out of the woods because the rain has stopped and not true because we still have a lot of advisories in place. this is a live look at san jose, highway 101, santa clara county fire tweeting engine 84 is on the scene of the old santa cruz highway.
8:01 am
it's closed. there's a big tree that is down they just tweeted there. >> also let's put the traffic map up on your screen there. there are some spots of flooding. we should first of all tell you that you don't see it here, but highway 37 in the north bay is shut down between highway 101 and atherton. highway 37 is closed due to being flooded entirely. this actually flooded a week ago, i believe, when we had another powerful storm in the bay area. highway 37 shut down in the novato area. also in the south bay we just got word highway 17 northbound at vine hill road, caltrans says all lanes are blocked because of another mudslide there. they've had several. >> it's men pressie and wet and highway -- been messy and wet and highway 121 and 12, allie
8:02 am
mass rasmus is there. are we going -- rasmus is there. are we going to get an actual dry out break? >> we'll have to wait a couple days. how about slow improvement coming our way? we do have a lot of advisories in place this morning. we have wind, flash flood watch, sierra has its own advisory and some of our local creeks and streams near flooding and over flooding in a little bit i'll show you those advisories. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. that's a beautiful shot actually. we saw the heavy downpour, steady rain sweep across the bay area early this morning. it's on its way out, but scattered showers will remain in the forecast for your sunday. don't put away the umbrella. here's the flash flood watch that goes until 6:00 this afternoon and it is for everybody. everybody included in there means urban flooding. the roadways, freeways, just be careful out there. it's messy of then you have
8:03 am
certain areas in the north bay and the santa cruz mountains where we're dealing with flooding along of? our streams, creeks, rivers. the flood warning here goes through areas of napa county until 9:15 this morning, includes sonoma and areas of just farther south than that, american canyon area. this was supposed to expire at 7:45 this morning. it's now posted until 7:30 tomorrow morning including petaluma. be prepared if you live in this area, you'll find a little flooding especially near creeks and streams. how about into the santa cruz mountains where we have the river actually causing flooding in and around felton area into the santa cruz area. this goes until 10:30 this morning. we still have a lot of runoff coming down from the hills and the topography in the bay area
8:04 am
lends itself to create that flooding even after the rain is gone. here's stormtracker 2 where the rain pretty much looks gone, but we are continuing with scattered showers today. morgan hill and gilroy continuing to see steady rain and closer to the east bay we have just scattered showers reported for milpitas stretching towards highway 580, livermore, altamont pass a little light rain. the north bay and central bay looks good, a lot of cloud cover and moisture in place, some drizzle, a few pockets of light rain. at 3:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon it's coming back. as we get into 10:00, we're still dealing with wet weather, scattered showers in your forecast for monday. when i come back, i'll have the numbers for today. we'll look at the extended forecast and i'll show you why the dry weather is expected to move back in coming up. the rain moved in overnight. here's new video showing that steady rain falling in the
8:05 am
south bay. this is video that was taken in los gatos about 1:30 this morning. you can also see the strong winds during the overnight hours and the pounding rain that came down in that area. also the wet weather may to be blame for this crash in san jose before 2 a.m. this morning on southbound 280 near highway 101. this was just one of a number of crashes that the chp has been dealing with across the bay area. this morning two people are missing in monterey county after falling into rough surf. this happened yesterday off pebble beach near 17 nile drive and bird rock road. the two people were swept off the rocks and into the surf. the search was called off last night because of unsafe weather conditions. the coastguard wants to remind everyone to stay away from the ocean and off of rocks when we have this kind of high surf. part of highway 121 in
8:06 am
sonoma is closed now because of flooding. >> that's right. we have ktvu's allie rasmus there at that scene with more on what's going on. good morning. >> reporter: you can see for yourselves, this intersection has a virtual river flowing through it at route 12 and highway 121 in sonoma. the sonoma creek overflowed its banks and is pouring out into the intersection here. you can see the traffic signals are inundated with water. in this case green doesen mean go because this road has been closed. caltrans workers are out here. we asked them about when this happened and they said 10:30 last night is when the san pablo creek overflowed its banks and this state route highway started getting flooded. so you're taking a look right now, this is millerick road.
8:07 am
this is usually a dirt road and you can't see. it's just water always far as you can see. i asked caltrans how deep this water was. you can see it's flowing at a pretty good clip. he said he wasn't about to go out and find out. it's deep enough for it to be dangerous in this area and that's why they've shut this down. this isn't the only road closure in the north bay. this is sonoma, but in novato northbound highway 101, the on ramp to highway their 7 -- highway 37 is also shut down because of flooding there. the north bay dealing with a lot of rain and flooding this morning, again highway 121 and state route 12 in sonoma. the sonoma creek has overnight its banks. -- has overflowed its banks. sonoma creek is about 150 yards west where we're standing, so water from that creek
8:08 am
overflowing into this intersection and there's no estimated time for retomorrowing. obviously all this water has to recede before they can do that safely. >> there's nowhere else for the water to go. it passes over a bunch of fields, but those are just saturated, right? >> reporter: right. the rule of thumb is less than a foot of water, i think about 6 inches of water, that's enough to push and carry cars and small vehicles out of the way and even suvs. that's exactly why they've shut this down. you can even see the current going through where the creek is overflowing into the street out here. so it looks like it's moving pretty fast, definitely would not be safe to drive, let alone walk through it. >> can i ask, i know that's a fairly rural sort of area where you are, but is there any impact to homes or businesses in that area in terms of the flooding? >> reporter: well, there are some wineries and some
8:09 am
vineyards in this area. when we were driving here, we passed through some flooded vineyards, but it looks like that's a church in the distance there. i think they are obviously closed because of what's going on here, but we can't get to the other side and immediately look to see if there's any residences. there is a flash flood warning still in effect until 9:00 this morning. so people throughout the north bay got the warning via radar, on their cell phones that if they live near these creeks, san pablo creek being one of them to, find higher ground because flooding was either happening or imminent. >> thank you very much. earlier this morning on fox news sunday here on ktvu white house chief reince priebus was one of the guests and the topic was the media's portrayal of donald trump. >> a reporter shoots first, aims later. >> reporter: are you saying
8:10 am
there's a conspiracy here? >> i'm saying there's an obsession by the media to delegitimize this president and we are not going to sit around and let it happen. we are going to fight back tooth and nail every day and twice on sunday. >> so one of the arguments is over a reporter's post president trump had removed the bust of martin luther king, jr. from the oval office. the statue was actually there. that reporter later tweeted he just couldn't see it at the time. new white house press secretary shawn spicer attacked the media almost yelling as he read a prepared statement about how many people had shown up to watch trump be sworn in as president. many media outlets showed side by side photos like this of the crowds during the 2009 inauguration of president obama and at president trump's inaugural. >> this was the largest
8:11 am
audience to ever witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe. these attempts to lessen the enthusiasm of the inauguration are shameful and wrong. >> so the question is not number but whether this was the largest. the national park service does not give official numbers for crowds, but d.c. metro reported fewer trips had been taken on this inauguration than obama's in 2009 or george w. bush's in 2005. we should mention spicer did not answer questions from the media. he read that prepared statement and said he'll get his first official briefing monday. pope francis this morning says he is not going to form an opinion about the new u.s. president just yet. the pope told a spanish newspaper he doesn't like what he called judging people early. pope francis says he'll see what president trump actually does before he makes any decisions about him. the pope was asked about populous style political leaders emerging in europe and
8:12 am
the u.s. and he said people should not seek a savior in times of crisis. he added in the 1930s adolf hitler was voted for by the german people and then he destroyed the people. an update on former first lady barbara bush, her road to recovery after being checked into a bay area hospital. >> there is a winter storm warning and travel up to the mountains is treacherous. we will talk coming up here with kevin cooper, spokesperson for vail resorts, to see how those resorts are handling all that snow. where are they putting it all?
8:13 am
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these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive.
8:15 am
we were rocking in the overnight hours with wind and rain and giving you a live look out our doors this morning, we're still covered in gray skies. showers are in the forecast still today with advisories for our creeks and streams. i'll look at what you can expect for today and in the extended forecast dry weather coming our way, more on this in a bit. let's talk about the snow. you know i love the snow and love to ski, but the sierra getting a lot of snow this weekend. i don't want to say too much, but right now a winter storm warning is in effect for the lake tahoe area in place until early tomorrow morning. >> joining us by skype right now kevin cooper, spokesperson for vail resorts, and morning
8:16 am
to you. how you doing? are you at the south shore? >> yeah. >> what's going on? >> last year we talked about the godzilla el nino. i think it was delayed about 365 days till right now. it's actually snowing heavily snow, just started to move in about four hours ago. since 5 a.m. this morning it's already snowed 6 inches. do the math on that. we'll be getting 2 to 4 inches in the next 12 to 24 hours. in the last 72 hours you guys, 51 inches. that is a lot of snow. >> it's crazy. i was just saying i don't want to say too much. we love snow, but there are some real concerns about avalanche danger. we saw kirkwood yesterday morning on 2 and it looked like it took a while to get those chairlifts up because of safety issues you have to deal with. >> it is definitely. the avalanche center issued a
8:17 am
high avalanche advisory for the sierras. it went from moderate to considerable to high. this has happened over the last month. january has been impressive. i think right now we're probably at the most snowfall ever in january. i believe last week was the most snow in 24 hours that we've had since 1982. so it is very, very high avalanche danger right now. if you're doing backcountry, don't. stay home. play scrabble. >> not to get too technical, but when you ski off trail a little bit into the trees, those tree wells, people can get really stuck. the buddy system and all these things we haven't really had to employ the last couple of years really matter out there on the mountains. >> yes. yesterday i was at heavenly skiing. kirkwood at highway 88 was closed. skiing about 36 inches and in the lower elevations and that was my speech was ski with a
8:18 am
friend. make sure that you be aware of tree wells and deep snow out there. that is what we're having right now. the beauty of this is wow. the water tables in the state of california and monday, tuesday into wednesday and the month of february is going to be absolutely fantastic, but don't even bother coming to the sierra today, tomorrow. right till monday, tuesday. >> i'm glad you said that. >> i hope you recorded this. >> that is news right there. >> i guess along with the skis and snowboards once people head up to tahoe area, they also should bring a snorkel, i guess? is that right? >> when it's cold enough to snorkel, that is the difference today from yesterday just to today. yesterday the snowplowed and it was 11% and today it's about
8:19 am
14%. that's the sheer layer being built. temperatures will drop. we'll have to do a lot of avalanche safety and mitigation. caltrans is on the road as well, but when it's snorkel time, the avalanche danger is high. >> how did you take that back picture? allie was convinced it was photoshopped. >> you drop your hip into the snow and just smile, smile, smile. >> and get your buddy to pull you out. >> how did you get out of there is the better question? all right. kevin cooper. >> be careful on the roads out there. you're always smiling and i know you're a plant guy, but it does look miserable out there right now. when you're telling us to stay away for maybe a week, you know it's miserable. >> chess or scrabble today. >> know you've got a great season in front of you. thanks so much, as always.
8:20 am
>> see you. >> he's always the best. anyone else doing that little skype from us would be miserable and covered and it's cold, but he's still grinning. that's coop. >> i said coop, you send us reports morning, noon and night do. you ever get cold? he said never! yes indeed. he loves the snow. we, of course, need the rain and are lucky to have it, although it's causing some trouble out there and the scattered showers will remain in place for your sunday. giving you a view, beautiful sky. we won't dry out completely. the steady heavy stuff is gone, the main event, the front, the strongest winds. that has passed through, but we continue with advisory in place for today. in fact, the whole shade of green is a flash flood watch for the entire bay area. you can expect minor flooding
8:21 am
in your area if you live in the bay area. allie is in and around the napa valley, our streams and creeks really full. just be prepared. you may find flooding on the roadways or near your home and in the petaluma area to rohnert park all the way through tomorrow morning. in the santa cruz mountains near felton along the river we've got flooding and it's cruising down into santa cruz. so that's for you folks there. here's stormtracker 2. a three hour time lapse shows you the rain moved out and we're just seeing it on the southern edge of areas like morgan hill and gilroy and highway 101 and hit or miss scattered showers for the rest of us. we won't dry out completely. 1/4 inch or so is expected for our urban areas over the next 24 hours and our hills could pick up 1 to 1 1/2 inches. a wind advisory is in place, really breezy along the coast and in the hills and breezy
8:22 am
conditions through afternoon and not a good day to be up or driving toward the sierra with the pop pop in place until 4 a.m. tomorrow. 12 mile-per-hour winds reported in fairfield, 6 in oakland, 5 in novato, 7 in napa. it will remain breezy, 53 in oakland. 1 redwood city and chilly in the north bay, santa rosa 43, 48 in napa. south bay locations 50 degrees, mostly cloudy skies, a few scattered showers in san jose. widespread 50s, low to mid-50s, a few upper 50sing pockets of rain many and out, possibility of a -- 50s, pockets of rain in and out accident possibility of a thunderstorm or two -- out, possibility of a thunderstorm or two. looking at scattered showers and into tuesday we begin to dry out, just getting word in my ear from our producer we do have a new flash flood warning
8:23 am
in place for portions of santa clara county. >> all right. i saw a warning about flash flood warning for the silberanes burn area. it doesn't seem like the rain is falling at least not when we've talked to allie, but you still have to be concerned about the rushing water. the water is still there. >> think about all the hills that surround us and all this water is still coming in. >> i know neighbors are all looking at trees, too, like is this the time this one can go? take it easy. it's been a very busy couple days for president donald trump. we'll have breakdowns in key moments from inauguration day, executive orders and women's marches. >> and also a fatal paragliding accident in pacifica, what
8:24 am
rescuers think happened.
8:25 am
it's beautiful. was it a hard place to get to? (laughs) it wasn't too bad. with the chase mobile app, jimmy chin can master depositing his hard earned checks in a snap. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master.
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life... is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care. welcome back to mornings on 2. a paraglider has died after being pulled off the coast of pacifica 10:30 yesterday morning. the map had been pair gliding but had some -- paragliding but had some sort of a problem. he was pulled from the ocean by bystanders who tried to give him cpr. firefighters were not able to revive the man. his name has not been released
8:27 am
yet. a high surf warning remains in effect for bay area beaches today. at ocean beach wave heights have been between 25 and 30 feet. that includes check out these photos. the sea foam can happen during times of high surf, very pretty but watch from far away. officials say there will be large breaking waves, strong rip currents and sneaker waves. beach goals are ad vialed do not -- beachgoers are advised do not go near or in that water. we're coming up here on 8:30. president trump this morning reacting to yesterday's women's marches that took place across the country. up next hear what he is saying on social media about those big protests. >> we're seeing blue skies in north bay right now, but heavy rain overnight leads to flooding and road closures. we'll tell you the areas you need to avoid.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2. heavy rain through the bay area overnight which means several areas are soaked right now. you're taking a live look at some of that rushing water in the san anselmo creek that crested around 4 a.m. >> it looks pretty good. you can see the high watermark there on the concrete pillar. obviously we're doing pretty well all in all. >> not all creeks are doing as well, though. good morning to you. i'm claudine wong. welcome to mornings on 2. >> good to be here. frank is off today and we're taking care of weather for you and it is still going to be wet
8:31 am
for a good portion of the day even though the strongest parts of this storm system have kind of moved through the bay area. >> that's right. the moisture will linger as we get into sunday afternoon, even monday. looks like we'll have scattered showers in the forecast as we get back to work. let's look at what's going on outside our doors this morning waking up with plenty of ucla, a little drizzle still falling. -- cloud cover, a little drizzle still falling, moisture sunday. we have a good round of showers late in the afternoon moving through. let's look at what is out there right now. you can see north bay, central bay and now the south bay drying out pretty good. it was downright heavy and windy in many areas in the overnight and early morning hours, but now it's moving out. a debris floe was reported earlier this morning in scott valley, mudslides and rockslides, wind damage reported in milpitas earlier
8:32 am
this morning as well. to the north bay through lucas alley there was a little flooding reported. we have advisories in place, a flash flood watch for the entire bay area continues into the afternoon. be careful out there. you'll experience some flooding along the roadways and highways and we have a few shades of green and red to talk about. in the napa valley we have flooding in and around our streams and creeks for napa and sonoma until tomorrow morning, petaluma, rohnert pack and sebastapool. felton flooding reported near the live trickling -- river trick hundred trickling toward santa cruz and steady rain 2 to
8:33 am
4:00 -- trickling toward santa cruz and steady rain 2 to 4:00 in the afternoon. a high wind advisory for the coast and bay areas. right now fairfield is reporting 12, oakland reporting 6. it's still gusty at the coast and hills. we'll have a look at your numbers for the afternoon today and in the extended forecast which the dry weather will be moving back into the bay area coming up. >> good to hear the winds are letting up a bit. they were a concern overnight it. here's the video from san francisco. there was a high wind advisory that was in effect for some part of the bay area. people had their umbrellas out along the embarcadero in san francisco last night. the umbrellas didn't do much to help with those high winds. >> i grew up in oakland and this is a lot of rain. we were down south by santa cruz and everything was flooding. the waves and the ocean, we heard they were getting up to like 60 feet. that was pretty crazy.
8:34 am
>> we talked about dangerous conditions along the coastline. a large swell is bringing big waves, strong rip currents and sneaker waves along the coast line. a woman in ukiah was killed when a tree fell on her home when she was sleeping early yesterday morning at an apartment on rio street. the 125-foot tall tree likely uprooted because of the heavy rain and saturated soil. the woman who died was 36 years old. her boyfriend and a 3-year-old boy were able to escape that apartment unharmed. part of highway 121 in sonoma is closed now because of flooding. >> we have ktvu's allie rasmus there now to show us an entire intersection has been shut down, allie. >> reporter: yes. that entire intersection is underwater. the traffic signal behind us, this is highway 121 and state
8:35 am
route 12 where they intersect in sonoma, water flowing through that intersection because the sonoma creek nearby overflowed its banks and you can see the water pouring out into the middle of the intersection. the traffic signal still works but not safe for anybody to drive through here. we don't know how deep that water is in the middle of the intersection. caltrans was out here this morning making sure vehicles didn't drive through this area and i asked the caltrans worker how deep is this water? he says, "i have no idea, but i'm not about to find out." i can tell you in in area there are some vineyards. we've seen some flooded vineyards. there's a winery down the road. this is millerick road next to us. this used to be a dirt road that drives to a tasting room. you can skee -- see the sign out here tasting room closed today for obvious reasons. the sonoma creek is probably
8:36 am
150 yards west of where we are give or take. over here you can see is where it's overflowing its banks. we put this marker out here, this block of wood. this is where the water level was when we got here probably about 45 minutes ago. so you can see the water has receded quite a bit, but there is still a flash flood warning in effect for this area until about 9:15 this morning. also want to point out what's around us here at this intersection. that building over there, it looked to me like it was a church, but that's actually the shell vista fire station. we've reached out to them this morning to see if there were any evacuations in this area, if they had any flooding. a public works crew member mentioned this morning this is an area that typically does flood when you have a lot of
8:37 am
heavy rain. we reached out to the fire department, but obviously you can't just walk over and knock on their door. highway 121 and 12 shut down because of the flooding out here since 10:30 last night. >> if you're watching, call allie. >> reporter: i've called and sent e-mails. >> stop ignoring allie. prepare i need a boat. >> where is the ktvu canoe when you need it? >> we saw a little debris behind you? are you seeing a lot of that? sometimes that can be an indication of what's happening. >> reporter: i noticed that, too, like a smallish tree trunk carried away by the water out here. that was the first i'd seen of a large piece every debris. you can see the blue skies out here. the rain has stopped, so maybe the worst is over. now it's just a question of waiting for the water to recede before this road can open up. >> looking pretty good out there.
8:38 am
thank you very much, allie rasmus live in sonoma county. the heaviest part of the storm moved through the bay area overnight. a lot of the intense rain moved through the north bay. >> joining us now is officer andrew barclay from marin county. how is marin county doing? >> we've seen drier days. >> i know there's some road closures going on? >> we have quite a few, but the most notable is the highway 37 closure. this is the same closure that we had last week that actually lasted almost a week. so the exact same area between highway 101 and at novato creek is completely under water. >> is this again, officer barclay, a combination of the intense rain and high tides in that area? >> right now we're not really
8:39 am
looking at high tides. what we're seeing is on either side of the roadway is a lot of marshland and there has just been so much rain over the last couple weeks hat water has nowhere to go. so -- that the water has nowhere to go. the water is sitting and as we get more rain is comes up higher and higher and goes into the roadway. >> nobody was trapped. last week quite a few cars were stuck in highway water on highway 37. >> we have one vehicle stuck out there around 5:30 this morning. yes. we received a call this morning of an individual stuck. that vick is quat a ways underwater, as you can see. the fire -- that vehicle is quite a ways underway, as you can see. the fire department got him out. that was the only vehicle. >> that's good. i guess the question is, there's no e.t.a. because you have to wait for
8:40 am
the water to go down and kind of keep people clear of the area, right? >> right. working now can caltrans and that same image off to the right-hand side you can see one of the pumpsizationed there. we -- pumps stationed there. we are told there's so much water coming out of the marsh areas and going over the levees. we have to allow the water to subside to start pumping and getting some of the water out of there. as long as it's coming over the levees, we can't do anything. >> officer barically giving us the update -- barically giving us the up-- barclay giving us the update from marin county at highway 101 interchange and atherton avenue. >> thank you very much. we appreciate your time. >> any time. let's talk politics.
8:41 am
president trump was busy on his first full day in the white house attending a prayer service at washington national cathedral before taking a visit to the cia. the president took time to try to build back relations with an organization he's criticized in the past. >> i believe that this group is going to be one of the most important groups in this country towards making us safe, towards making us winners again. >> tensions have been high since trump criticized the intelligence community following reports russia hacked the u.s. election. trump blamed the media for causing a rift between himself and the agency. the bust of winston church him is now back in the oval office -- churchill is now back in the oval office. many noticed the famous leader's statue had returned as president trump was signing executive orders following the inauguration. president obama had the church hill bust removed and replaced
8:42 am
with a bust of dr. martin luther king, junior. the bust of dr. king is still in the office. the statue of churchill has just been added to the collection in the room. trump also changed the curtains in the oval office from red to gold. president trump tweeting about the meeting with the cia. around 4:30 a.m. he said had a great meeting yesterday at cia headquarters, packed house, longstanding ovations, amazing, people win despite the criticism of the rift with the intelligence community. he also tweeted about the women's marls yesterday and talked -- marches yesterday and talked about the peaceful protests. he said, "i recognize the rights of people to express their views." earlier he said watched protests yet but that was under the impression we just had an
8:43 am
election? why didn't these people vote? celebs hurt that cause badly. madonna was one of them he referred to. she said express yourself and scarlet johansson asked for people to support all women in the fight of equality in all things. alicia keys tweeted directly at the real donald trump saying americans are all colors, faiths, culls and genders. -- cultures and genders. we have faces and believe in the dream. former first lady barbara bush could be released from the hospital today. both mrs. bush and george h.w. bush are at the same hospital in houston. the former first lady was admitted for little bronchitis.
8:44 am
a spokesperson for the -- -- admitted for bronchitis. a spokesperson for the bushes said they will be there a couple more days. we're talking about the women's marl, president trump's visit to the cia, his -- march, president trump's visit to the cia, his tweets about those topics coming up. ♪
8:45 am
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all right. it has been almost 48 hours since donald trump was sworn in as president of the united states. here's a live look at the white house this morning. >> joining us this morning to talk about the first 48 hours in office here and what is to come for the 45th president of the united states, we are joined this morning by ktvu political analyst brian sobel. >> it's 46 hours and counting. i would say just the first 48 hours has been sort of tumultuous in a sense. most administrations start off this way, but this particular 48 hours has been interesting, already a lot of people arguing
8:48 am
, the people on the streets, all sorts of stuff. >> it seems to me so much of the focus so far for this administration has been how big the crowd was at donald trump's inauguration. is that where the administration wants the focus to be? >> we would hope not. there are tons of really important issues. i think there's just a distrust of the media right at the get go and i think the media, first of all, trump administration needs to raise their game around the media and i think the media needs to respond. worrying about whose bust says in the oval office -- bust is in the oval office to me is of little significance or consequence against all these other issues. >> but you go to the press conference yesterday, he was very angry i think is a fair assessment of his tone, but he says it was the most attended inauguration ever and that creates a back and forth as
8:49 am
well. then you have trump tweets about the women's march which i want to see if we can pull those up. one of the first ones he said this morning around 4:30 our time was he talked about the celebrities being there and that didn't i win the election? is that the right response? he later tweeted about peaceful protests being part of democracy. is that the right response when you have so many people out on the streets? he said watched protests yesterday but under the impression we just had an election. why didn't these people vote? celebs hurt the calls badly. as to the response of the number of people in the streets, what do you think about that? >> number downing is sort of a ridiculous thing and again to be fair, everybody is doing it. the national park service quit counting people for that very reason. >> they didn't want to be involved. >> exactly. was it 300,000? 350? who cares. the important thing is people came out to express their point of view.
8:50 am
that's a good thing. i think that later tweet reflects that. i think at the same time the trump administration is getting not concerned. they're tired of hearing the nitpicking about the legitimacy of his win and they're going to fight back on that. >> sure. let me ask you about president trump's visit to the cia headquarters yesterday. that was his first official stop after taking office. he went there to basically make amends and sort of build a bridge with the intelligence community that he had spoken poorly about in the recent past. do you think he did enough to build a bridge with that community and make amends? >> well, the cia and intelligence agencies are resilient in terms of what is said about them. presidents have always had a
8:51 am
contentious relationship with the intelligence community because they're taking things in acting off of information that comes. some presidents have better relations with the intelligence community than others. donald trump has been highly critical of the cia and other agencies around the weapons of mass destruction which frankly so did a lot of american people have concerns about, but at the end of the day every day he gets a briefing about world events by the cia and he's going to have to come together with the intelligence agency on some level. >> some of them did come back and say he shouldn't have been there and talking about the wall. do you believe it's a perceived rift or does it really exist? >> i think they'll work through it. i think in the first 48 hours we're seeing a lot of the scabs ripped off for a thousand different reasons and everybody
8:52 am
has a little angst. i think what's going to happen over the new folks days and weeks and months is people will settle in to what is actually going on. for example, the first issue around the affordable care act or executive order, you read it or looked at it, it was totally symbolic. it was an effort to say hey, watch the expenses around the implementation of this act, but it's going to be weeks and months before a replacement comes in and so people just need to -- everybody would benefit from kind of cooling their jets a little bit. >> it seems as though president trump and the administration is still campaign mode. >> yes. >> when do you think president trump will give on the to this presidential mode? >> yeah. i'm hoping soon. i think 0 will drive it is --
8:53 am
what will drive it is 48 hours in we haven't had the first international crisis, but it's right around the corner. when it happens, everybody has got to really focus on the problems. i've been saying for a long time the difference between campaigning and governing is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug. you know, if you think about it, there's a monstrous difference there. so now he's the president of the united states. so all this ancillary stuff needs to kind of go away and i think events will make that happen. >> look at the first 100 days and see how that shakes out. thank you foryour insight. stay with us. when we come back, we'll talk about this very different type of super bowl ad. hear what hyundai is planning to create for the big game.
8:54 am
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if you want to get on a flight, southwest airlines is rolling out a few new flights from the bay area. starting june 4th you can go nonstop from san francisco to portland or san jose to reno, tickets starting at 40 bucks one way. carriers will offer seasonal nonstop flight from oakland to newark, new jersey. can i put in a request for somewhere warm? carmaker hyundai will be
8:57 am
creating an entire super bowl commercial during the big game itself. hyundai will shoot, edit and produce its ad during super bowl li. the carmaker saided ad will capture -- said the ad will capture the best off the field super bowl moment. this is not the first time the company has used same day super bowl footage for marketing. in 1994 reebok spliced in footage from the video that was already underway. hyundai will create its entire ad during the game. >> no pressure. everybody is trying to make it different like how do you surprise people anymore? >> yeah. something new, something different. got to one up the last person. how is weather? is it going to one up our last couple weeks here? >> rain winding down, widespread rain. we will have scattered showers in the forecast today and we've talked about advisories all morning long. i've given you a quick view of the golden gate bridge where at the moment nothing is falling from the sky, but the roadways
8:58 am
will be slick and be prepared for minor flooding with a flash flood watch in place for the entire bay area. folks are tweeting me a saying i've got the wrong county where allie is. i kept calling it napa. it is sonoma. thank you so much. we're headed over to ktvu. we've got news and weather for you. i can show you the world shining, shimmering, splendid
8:59 am
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