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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 22, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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a computer glitch grounds all domestic flights for united ails for several hours. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> i'm amalia gomez. the domestic flights for united airlines is back up.
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passengers are experiencing major delays. >> reporter: yes, i checked the board. it looks as if they still have several details. one passenger plans to spend the night in a hotel because she would have arrived at her destination past midnight. she isn't the only one facing headaches at the ticket counter. united airline is in recovery mode after a computer glitch grounded all domestic flights throughout the county. passengers couldn't help, but be frustrated. >> reporter: we caught up with alyssa who was calling a hotel. her united airline flight was suppose to take off at 5:30 this evening. but because of numerous delays she wouldn't have gotten home until 1:00 in the morning. she is now hopping on a flight tomorrow. >> and then i got a hotel coupon, but the cheapest hotel
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is $89. that doesn't really help me because now i have to pay $100 for something that's not my fault. i don't really want to spend the night in an airport. >> reporter: her flight is one of many flights delayed across the country after the chicago- based company grounded all domestic flights too to a technical glitch at 3:00 this -- flights due to a deck cal glitch at 3:00 this afternoon. united airline began boarding flights just before 6:00 this evening. this flight among 230 total flight delays at sfo today. whether maintenance issues are also to blame. an sfo spokesman says they had 18 flight cancellations total. seven of those united airline flights. >> it definitely shouldn't happen. they caused so much destruction. i'm not the only person here who has been affected by this. >> reporter: ian rhetoric has had a rough day. his flight from los angeles to sfo was delayed missing his connecting flight to dublin,
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went on american airlines and to top it off he says it was a rocky flight due to the storm. >> the flight was horrific. >> it is one of the worse flights. >> reporter: the company did not provide many details about the technical glitch. the issue has been resolved and flights have been resumed. again those traveling in united airlines should check the status of their flight as they may experience additional delays with the trickle down effect. back to you. >> my understanding is if there is an incident that is weather related, for instance and not the airline's fault, they don't have to provide hotel vouchers or meal vouchers. but in this case it sounds like it is united's fought, some sort of a computer -- fault, some sort of a computer glitch. shouldn't she be able to say look i can't get a hotel for $89. you need to give me a bigger voucher. >> reporter: yeah, that is a
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part of her frustration. she was trying to call around. she said this isn't enough. they did provide her that hotel voucher. but again as she does realize it wasn't enough money. i'm not sure if she went back. but as she was one of many who were frustrated tonight. that is key advice for the passengers who travel a lot. go back to the ticket counter and say look, $89 isn't going to give me a room, you need to bump it up. it is their fault. passengers need to go back to the airline to say you need to make accommodations for this. it is your fault. >> reporter: good advice, yes. >> all right, thank you. and now to the other big story tonight. the weather the bay area has been battered with heavy rain and strong winds causing some serious damage. power outages, car crashes, and down trees. >> take a look at this new video tonight out of the east bay. a massive tree toppled on top of five cars outside an italian restaurant in lafayette. luckily no one was hurt. caltrans said officials have
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shut down interstate 80 for the second time tonight due to whiteout conditions there. it's been closed at the nevada state line. eastbound lanes have been closed at colfax. the california highway patrol said heavy snow and poor visibility lead to the closure. we are going to show you live pictures of the golden gate bridge. traffic hardly out there tonight, but the roadway is slick. the rain has let up at the bridge, but mark ibanez is here -- mark tamayo is going to tell us we will see more. >> reporter: more showers for your monday forecast. this is the third storm in a week. we've been talking about one, two, three moving in for today. we still have lingering activity behind it that will keep the showers going for the monday forecast. rainfall numbers are pretty impressive with over two inches of rain for santa rosa and san rafael. san jose with half an inch. we will be adding to the totals as we head into your monday forecast. a live camera outside looking towards the bay bridge. we are still tracking scattered showers across portions of the
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bay area right now. as you can see for the satellite, the circulation up to the north. that produces a strong gusty wind out there. thankfully the winds have backed off a bit. no wind advisories, no high- wind warnings. but we still have this with the possibility of downpours in the forecast. that flash flood watch is in place until 6:00 tomorrow. so 6:00 p.m. they also have flood warnings as you can see closer to the county right around holster and -- hollister and up around here as well towards petaluma, out towards sebastopol as well. this is in place until 7:30 tomorrow morning. hopefully that will move up as well. but we still have rain showers to talk about. these are all the storm reports over portions of the bay area from earlier today. we just clicked on a few of these with a lot of hail reports for walnut creek at 3:52 out towards half moon bay. and out towards the beach at 2:37. so it seems like between about 2:00 to 4:00 we would have the most hail reports across portions of the region. right now we would have some
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dry spots. we still have rain showers on out there coming in closer as you can take it out. in fact they would elude the maps to the east bay right now. you can see the coverage towards at least right around hayward and alamo just to the west of san ramon as well. more developments out offshore and also towards the east bay as we just showed you. but also out to the west. pushing the maps to the south. most of the organized rainfall right now. in the santa cruz mountains closer to morgan hill and gilroy. still talking about rain showers as a possibility for thunderstorms tomorrow. but then eventually we will dry out and talk more about that and the change for the forecast in a few. >> as mark just mentioned the weekend storm is causing a lot of damage in the santa cruz mountains as expected. check out the affected areas and break down the damage for us. >> bernie donner spent sunday afternoon digging ditches to prevent water from running off to their neighbors below the
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hill. >> i mean come on, i will try to help us as much as possible. >> reporter: a landslide occurs once every winter. living up here for several years has prepared him for a lot of different weather. >> you are prepared. but there is always, you know, we have a leak in the roof. when we first built the house, they told us we didn't have to worry about the roof. well the wind blows the side up the roof. >> reporter: the wind on saturday night was pretty strong. >> the windows would go in and out. i mean they're maybe six by four windows and it blows so hard you feel it. >> reporter: when the rain came down so did a lot of other things. highway 17 was shut down by two landslides on either side of the highway. one lane was reopened by the afternoon. multiple trees and landslides also came down. bear creek road collapsed at two separate locations. eroded with the land.
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the san lorenzo river widened considerably in the past three days, taking trees down with it. locals say they have not seen it this strong in years. >> reporter: on friday the playground left dirt and debris on the basketball court. landslides are harder to manage than the river. >> highway 9 closed twice this week already. a car was struck by a tree. >> reporter: the clean up is taking a little longer with efforts complicated by the rain. that is why donner says it is best he works on the road now. behind that fence is a san lorenzo river and all the debris that's piled up on the chain linked fence is the water mark. that's how high the water got up to on friday when it took over this park here. besides the water, the town here had trouble with high winds. there are several down power lines and trees. pg&e says they are working to restore power to almost 700
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people. i'm leigh martinez ktvu fox 2 news. president donald trump reacted to the women marching in protest to his inauguration in washington, d.c. the president tweeted this morning after his first full day in power that peaceful protests are a hallmark of our democracy even if i don't always agree. i recognize the rights of people to express their views. yesterday's marches exceeded expectations with more than two million people around the world voicing their concerns. >> i can tell you president trump wants to be president for all people including every one of those marchers yesterday. i think overtime i think many of those people are going to be very proud of this president. >> the president made unity and healing a key part of his message after winning the election. the senate voting by large margins to approve former general james mattis to run the pentagon and form john kelly as the new secretary of homeland security. republican lawmakers are struggling to overcome some
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roadblocks as the president's remaining cabinet nominees wait to be confirmed. we have more from washington. >> reporter: president trump begins the first full week of his administration with only two of his cabinet nominees confirmed. defense secretary james mattis and homeland security john kelly. that leaves the president without key positions at the state and treasury department. central intelligence agency, and the department that will likely overhaul the healthcare system health and human services. republicans point out eight years ago the senate confirmed seven of then the cabinet nominees. democrats are slowing the process because president trump's selections given their experience in wealth need a more thorough review. >> it is unlike any other we have seen. we call it a swamp cabinet, billionaires and bankers. it is very simple. there are more people with huge financial holdings, which they
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have to invest under law so they don't have conflict of interest. this takes a tremendous amount of time. many of these nominees did not submit their ethics report, they did not sub is mitt their fbi reports. they were poorly prepared. these are all manufactured reasons to slow down the process because they don't want this administration to be treated like other administrations. >> reporter: republicans have enough senators to confirm the nominees. three had withheld their support though of rex tillerson as secretary of state because of the deep relationship he established with the russian government as ceo of exxonmobil. two of those republicans announced they will support tillerson's nominations. lindsey graham says, "though we still have concerns about his past dealings with the russian government and president vladimir putin, we believe mr. tillerson can be an effective advocate for u.s. interests." it's still unclear if senator marco rubio will join them in
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support. rubio questioned tillerson during his confirmation hearing. in washington rich edson fox news. somehow this party was leaked out via social media. >> still ahead the party gets out of hand in the east bay. shots are fired by some uninvited guests. at 10:30 the string of events that sent one teen to the hospital. but first the death toll is rising. the dangerous storm that ripped through parts of the southeast. it's not done yet. more on the damage expected next.
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back to a developing story from texas where at least one person is dead tonight after a jewelry store robbery in a shopping mall. it happened this afternoon at the rolling oaks mall in san antonio, texas. police say two robbers held up a kay's jeweler store. on the way out is when the shooting happened. >> we encountered two citizens. we tried to intervene. one of those citizens were shot by the suspect. the other citizen who tried to intervene had a concealed carry license ask and he shot the suspect. >> police say the wounded robber is in critical condition. the other one ran from the mall firing his weapon and injuring a man and a woman and he is still on the run tonight. >> it has been a devastating weekend to the south as they brace for another round of severe weather. the governor declared a state
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of emergency after a tornado killed 11 people. another twister in mississippi is also blamed for four deaths and damaging hundreds of buildings. jonathan siri reports. >> reporter: more dangerous weather taking aim at the southeast. an apparent tornado leveled numerous mobile homes before dawn near adele, georgia. -- adel, georgia. resources were stretched thin. the georgia's governor has declared a state of emergency in several counties. many are dead especially in cook county where residents woke up to heavy damage and devastation. >> reporter: this system is the latest in multiple rounds of storms that started saturday afternoon. the violent weather is also being blamed for deaths in mississippi where early estimates show more than 300 homes and 30 businesses were damaged. >> we need to rebuild and stay strong. >> reporter: over the weekend there were more than 200 reports of severe weather and more than two dozen reports of tornadoes. in louisiana there have been
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numerous reports of heavy damage to homes in northern parish. in texas tonya baker showing cell phone video shot by the contractor building her new house less than two miles away after another possible tornado destroyed three homes. power crews have already begun work reinserting the utility polls that were toppled during the storm. as you can see from all the devastation behind me it is going to take residents and property owners a long time to pick up all the pieces. in cook county, georgia fox news. sledding across highway 37 in marin county will keep it closed for the night. this is what it looked like earlier today just east of highway 101. after last night's rain the freeway flooded as you can see there. in the same area that caused a closure last week. one driver got stuck in deep water and was rescued, but the car is still there. you can see it in that video submerged. there is marsh land on either side of the highway and levies in the area overflowing. >> there is so much water it is
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actually going over some of the levies. so right now really what we have to wait for them to do is allow this water to subside a little bit so that we can start pumping and getting some of the water on out of there. as long as they are coming over the levies we can't do anything. >> reporter: right now the westbound lanes of highway 37 are closed between lakeville road and highway 101. in the eastbound direction 37 is closed from 101. the marin chp will post updates on the highway on facebook and twitter. let's check in now with meteorologist mark tamayo with a number on how much rain we've got and the wind. >> yeah, the winds have been cranking up, but we still have downpours as a possibility for tonight and into tomorrow. wind speeds, they really have been ramped up yesterday. thankfully they backed off quite a bit and no longer a wind advisory or high wind warning. you can see some of the gusts over 60 miles an hour in the hills. san francisco 41 miles an hour. and fremont 37 miles an hour. outside right now looking out towards the bay bridge and
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still a lot of moisture on the roadway with a lot of pedals out there. we'll add more rainfall at least scattered rain showers as we head into your monday. right now on storm tracker 2 still some dry spots up in the north bay. but as you move the maps around the coverage is increasing for the past few minutes with a good portion of san francisco. so we still have moderate rainfall and maybe considered borderline heavy towards the east bay from san ramon down to hayward and union city. then down to the santa cruz mountains, morgan hill and gilroy and snow levels are up above 3,000 feet where you see a little bit of the white on the radar right now. even in san jose showing you the coverage towards the east foothills. now the russian river has really been rising. in fact all the rivers have been. but you see them at guerneville. they should be cresting just below flood stage for monday morning 5:00 a.m. 30.8 feet and flood stage is 32. well below flood stage. in fact coming down to right around 13.5 feet tomorrow
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morning. scattered showers for the forecast tomorrow. they could possibly be heavy at times as they head into your friday. here is the forecast model for your monday. it is not friday just yet, but your monday forecast showing you the scattered showers as a possibility of a thunderstorm. this is monday at 7:00 a.m. you will notice this is not completely over the region, but still moving through at 7:00 a.m. then at 12:00 and then into the afternoon hours by 5:00 we still have to hold on to the possibility of the showers or the thunderstorm. things will begin to change though late monday night into tuesday and headed into a bit of a drying trend. we will talk more about the big change for the weather pattern coming up in a few minutes. new tonight major league baseball suffers two tragedies and two separate incidents in the dominican republic at the same day. they are mourning one of their own the 25-year-old pitcher and the hard throwing pitcher was killed in a crash at the dominican republic. it is unknown what caused that crash as he played four seasons at the royals and appeared in two world series with the team.
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and just about 50 miles away the former major league baseball infielder died at a separate car accident. the car he was driving went off the road and hit a house. he played the final game for arizona back in 2014 and ironically he played against them for their team in the last game. but they did not face each other in that game. he was 33, playing for the braves, indians, and diamondbacks. it was a big day in pro football, but the games didn't quite live up to the hype. after the blowout victories, two new champions are looking ahead. super bowl li and later. >> it is all about getting kids and the community together. >> the young students are reaching out to help others half a world away. what some north bay children did to make school better for fellow students in india. with the xfinity tv app,
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sports director mark ibanez is here to tell us about the games that didn't turn out the way we thought they might be.
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>> can i say objectively they were kind of duds? >> yes. >> blowouts. >> of course unless you were a falcon or patriots fan. but really throughout all the playoffs if you think about it. i could only recall one close game the packers win over the cowboys a week ago. but today green bay did not have it going on. their win streak and the magic of that guy aaron rodgers didn't have it. not against matt ryan and the falcons. the momentum starts to swing it early. matt ryan with a nice flick in the wrist a two-yard touchdown. after a packers turnover, the falcons capitalize. matt ryan is not known for his wheels, but rumbles for the touchdown up 17-0. right before the half, matt ryan to haul quo jones. that is -- julio jones where they prove it is good 24-0.
10:25 pm
same trend, but julio this time showing why many think he's the best in the business as a wide receiver. get off me. down the sideline, 73 yards, falcons soaring over the packers 31-0. jimmy carter on hand, he likes what he says. the 74-year-old falcon owner arthur black. that is my favorite shot of the day. he is the founder of home depot having a good time. well, crummy weather back in new england didn't seem to bother tom brady and company as they go to it again calling it a revenge season for tom brady because of deflategate to start the year. 16 yards up top to that guy chris hogan undrafted wide receiver at 180 yards and a couple of touchdowns. second quarter, brady is hands off. deandre lewis tosses it back for brady again. it works. hogan off the flee flicker. two and a half left.
10:26 pm
roethlisberger hits jesse james 19-yard touchdown. but the replay shows he was down at the one. the fumble right there. all right. in the meantime third quarter brady back to pass. and julian ed l han for -- edelman for the score making it look easy. three touchdown passes. they are going to the super bowl again. believe it or not the ninth time the patriots and their franchise history go to the super bowl. all right, this is the way it will shape up right here on fox 2. falcons and new england. that will be the fifth of february right here on fox 2. kickoff right about 3:30. usually they say like 3:23. [ laughter ] there you go. in the meantime we talk about fun lopsided. warriors making it look easy on this latest seven-game winning streak they're involved in winning every one of them by
10:27 pm
double digits. orlando even with the 9:00 a.m. ball game up top. it is none other than aaron gordon from san jose with the dunk as the warriors get the aggressive play early. he had 13 points in 13 minutes, but we are tied at half. third quarter warriors break it open. beautiful nothing, but net. going to number one, seven threes and 23 points. it is nothing, but staff after that. the warriors just put it away. let the man go by, would you? man. the reload and the warriors are up 17. then this is is the one i like. curry, how many players would begin from that shot? and flash is good as he too has seven threes. 27 points for the game as they win it 118-98. and good to see the smiles on the sideline these days. more to come i'm sure. >> you can't -- you just can't snap them. >> they're not just winning,
10:28 pm
but they are rolling in and out. 38-6. >> fun to watch. >> got it. >> thanks, mark. coming up. >> yeah! >> from criminals to graduates in minutes. how local inmates are putting their time behind bars to good use.
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the latest storm rolled through the bay area packing quite a punch causing mud slides. the rain has tapered off, but they will return and could make for a messy morning commute. >> ktvu azenith smith is live in san francisco. >> it is not rainy routeing now. the roads are still very wet, causing cancellations here at
10:31 pm
sfo. tonight drivers are forced to can sell the closures. where alameda county sheriff deputies say a driver crashed her car plunging into alameda creek. >> nothing could be confirmed because we have not found the car yet. >> reporter: it happened just before 11:00 saturday morning. dublin chp said a woman was in a silver honda. her car crashes into a white honda before veering into the creek. >> a second witness saw the car going down the creek. >> reporter: the car nor the woman have been located as searchers have been relying mainly on drones and helicopters.
10:32 pm
>> they're making every possible effort to get into the creek. it's just with the weather right now we can't stop the flow of the water into the creek plus all the runoff right now. it is not safe to be in there. >> reporter: it is unclear what caused the woman to lose control of her car, but say the roadway was slick due to the rain. >> reporter: crews cleared up the large mud slide. the road closed, blocking access at summer home park road. at valley ford road in sonoma, more flooding, cars drove through standing water. one car had to be towed away. and i want to go back to alameda creek as searchers are hoping for a break in the weather. they plan to resume their search tomorrow morning. they also plan to close nile canyon road in fremont after the morning commute. back to you. >> all right, live for us in san francisco tonight. thank you so much. well the overnight rain shut down a major intersection in sonoma. the intersection of highway 121
10:33 pm
and 12 looks like a huge river. one resident says the intersection often floods, but it has happened several times just recently. >> usually floods about a good 10, 12 days a year. it's spread out over the months for rain. but this year is the worst. >> caltrans cannot provide a reopening time. it is just waiting for all the water to go away. shots rang out in san leandro early this morning at a house party. the house party was hosted by a 19-year-old at a home on anchorage court. about 50 people were invited, but the invitation was leaked on social media attracting a lot more. police responded and chased a car arresting four people after that car crashed.
10:34 pm
>> all four people were ranging in ages between 16 and 20 coming from cities surrounding here in the bay area, but also from northern california. they are being held on suspicion of being involved in that shooting last night, which has left a man in critical condition in the hospital. >> police say they don't know yet whether people who were arrested were invited or whether the shooting had any gang connections. they're hoping to speak with everyone who attended that party and to review surveillance video to find out exactly what happened. south san francisco police say a man arrived home last week and surprised an armed burglar. it happened wednesday morning just before noon at a home on highland avenue. investigators sate burglar broke a window to get inside. police say the gunman ordered the victim on tot floor and left with jury and cash. the burglar is described as a man in his mid-20s wearing dark gray clothes. the suspect covered his face with cloth. anyone with information about
10:35 pm
the case is asked to contact the police. coming up vandals strike a mosque in northern california. in minutes the damage done all caught on camera. three stores this weekend. we are still talking about rain showers right now on live storm tracker two. the shower coverage on your monday forecast and how we could enjoy some sunshine. woman: college today. career tomorrow at the peralta colleges. sign up for classes today at one of our four colleges. berkeley city college, college of alameda, laney college and merritt college. classes start january 23rd. we have so many ways for you to get ahead. financial aid, thousands of classes to choose from, tutoring and so much more. college today. career tomorrow. sign up for classes right now at peralta dot edu.
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like your future at the peralta colleges.
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new at 10:00 members of a davis mosque are shaken after vandalism police are calling a hate crime. surveillance video recorded a woman breaking five glass doors and one window slashing tires and seats of bicycles outside
10:38 pm
the mosque. then draping vacant over the door hand -- bacon over the door handle. they believe this is a hate crime. sunday classes were canceled, but mosque leaders say they are not angry. >> we respond to crime with crime where we have hate with hate. we don't do it with our religion, but it is very peaceful. >> the same mosque received a hateful threatening letter last month. there's a $1,000 reward for information on the suspect. they may be accused of crimes, but a young group of men and women urged their diploma from behind bars. >> ktvu henry lee has more of tonight's crime files. [ cheering ] >> reporter: in san francisco 18 men and women all inmates of the county jail received their high school diplomas. one by one they walked across the stage at the hall of justice. their orange jail guard just barely visible underneath their growns. they are new graduates of the five keys charter school founded by the san francisco
10:39 pm
sheriff's department. >> they stepped out finishing with a restored of justice and english and science. that's bayically it. what goes through my mind is once again i'm graduated. i have finally graduated. >> reporter: joshua spencer is in jail for attempted murder. but they're proud of what he has accomplished while in custody. >> i know that when he transitions back onto the streets this will give him an opportunity to move towards the next step into his life. >> he's working hard. and he is going to resist back into the society. >> reporter: the graduate showed us his diploma, but wasn't uncomfortable telling us how he ended up in jail. >> and our optimistic goal, you moe. >> they operate out of the county jail in san bruno. focusing on five schools to the inmate success of education, employment, recovery, and family and community. >> we are going in and out of a jail every day.
10:40 pm
it could be kind of hard, you know, but you try to bring excitement and enjoyment to the classrooms, hope. >> well this is one of the best things i get to do to share and watch people graduate from high school. and to see the looks of their faces to get the thank you from their friends and family and maybe something they would never see these days. >> they walked in as inmates and are walking out as high school graduates for the first time. in san francisco henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. the sierra is is getting a whole lot of snow making it very difficult to keep the roads clear. they say that traffic is being held there apple gate and placer county to the nevada state line. the national weather service has also issued a winter storm warning for the lake tahoe area until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> last week storms dumped several feet of snow on i can ask resorts, seeing more than
10:41 pm
65 inches. it's not the one that would have the most, but some resorts have more than that. >> probably on top of kirkwood and all those places, yes. it is just in general everybody is getting significant snowfall. as you heard a winter storm warning is in place right now until 4:00 a.m. on monday. so take a look at these snowfall reports over the past five to seven days. these numbers add up. this is upday-to-day 77 inches, north star of 65 inches. squaw valley 63. that is actually recorded this morning about 7:00 to 8:00. so it will be interesting to seat numbers first thing tomorrow. it has been an active week of the storm series here across northern and central california. you talk about three storms all week long, going back in time and to reflesh my mind with the -- refresh my mind with the satellite. you have storm number one and thursday night and friday, today as you can see the storms for number three. we still have a lingering
10:42 pm
impact for tomorrow. with these storms pushing back for the region. forecast headlines for tonight, scattered showers in the bay area forecast. we are going to hold on to cool showers for tomorrow and still no possibility for thunderstorms. the extended play, finally they would get a chance to dry out with partly cloudy skies. outside right now live look as we can show you the bay bridge. we still don't know the rain showers. in fact they have been developing around san francisco for the past half hour over the past 45 minutes. and you can't see it right now on the satellite. still pretty active for the pacific as you can check out the satellite perspective. so there's that big circulation up to the north and towards the pacific northwest. we still have these clouds setting up offshore with instabilities. that's where we would have the thunderstorms for today. there is still a chance for some thunderstorms for tonight and into your monday. here is the coverage right now. in fact this has been a recent change over the past half hour with the rain showers in san francisco. north bay there's not too much happening.
10:43 pm
but actually up towards portions of marin county. san francisco extending across the bay out towards oakland with more development. and also out towards south san francisco. east bay some scattered showers towards pleasanton approaching the livermore area. down to south bay, thankfully the santa cruz mountains have a break right now in the bulk of this action headed to the east. but the snow levels you can see a bit of the snow up above 3,000 feet. so maybe a dusting of snow. at least across portions of the region. then here is san jose. there is san jose up towards fremont with a free scattered showers out there. current numbers most areas are in the 40s. out towards santa rosa and napa 46. san jose checking in at 48 degrees. here is the plan for you tomorrow. 8:00 a.m. the chance for some showers so the sky cast model is showing you here with the temperatures in the 40s. scattered showers at 5:00, then just a chance for the showers at 53 degrees. january as you know has been very productive. look at these numbers.
10:44 pm
santa rosa approaching 19 inches of rain so far this month. napa reporting 12 inches in san francisco. reporting nine inches as those amounts will taper off. but san jose would be impressive as well with five inches of rainfall for the month of january. here is the overall weather story. monday some showers. a weak system will move in late wednesday night and early thursday morning. and the extended, this is a big headline, it looks like the dry weather pattern is setting up. tomorrow though we're going to hold on to scattered showers with a possibility of some thunderstorms. then tuesday morning early there is maybe a chance for a leftover shower or a sprinkle. but look at that on tuesday afternoon. it should be dry and then here we go into wednesday and possibly this system is approaching the region. wednesday night into thursday morning. but it will not be strong, in fact it will be pretty weak out there. tomorrow though don't let the sky fool you because you might see some sunshine and go for a walk and you might get drenched with a downpour out there and a possibility of a thorned. but we are trending drier over the next few days. increasing clouds on wednesday,
10:45 pm
wednesday night and thursday morning a few showers. if you're making plans for the weekend, go outside. it looks like it will be dry for day six and seven. >> and we have all of february and march. >> that's a good point. we heed a chest for the water to go where it needs to go. >> enjoy those little breaks when we get them. >> yeah, for sure. >> thank you. welcoming up in about 15 minutes, mark and scott has got you covered in sports wrap. a couple of blowouts on the championship sunday. we will hear from the losers and get explanation from the winners. and we'll tell you why one local columnist believes kyle shanahan to the 49ers wasn't necessarily a done deal. sports wrap on the top of the hour. but first the north bay children are changing the lives of other kids thousands of miles away. how they established a connection to school children in the neighborhood.
10:46 pm
10:47 pm
10:48 pm
the north bay school children are helping with india. they brainstormed to help some students their age to live half a world away. now they say they can't wait to do it again. >> reporter: the students at spring hill school in petaluma aren't much different than other kids. >> they are hungry to learn about who is out there, you know, what are children like in india and other parts of the world? when you tell that story, they will start to realize what they have. and they start to think outside of themselves. >> reporter: jean hicks recently told her students about the school she started in the slums of india and how she was planning to return there over the holidays to check on things. that sparked class discussion about the simple needs of kids just like them.
10:49 pm
>> reporter: nishan's family is from india and has been there many times. the seeds of an idea germinated to raise money not just to help the school. >> it makes me think they should have the same things we do. they are the same, except they live if a poor country. >> reporter: but the students themselves for paying for mental and dental checkups that most of them have never had. >> i think it is unfair we get a good life and they just, you know, live bad. >> spring hill students also tend to their own garden and thought maybe the students in india would want to grow their own food and flowers. the petaluma seed bank donated seeds suitable for the climate in india. >> it is all about getting the kids and the community together. helping the movement of growing your own food along the best we can. >> reporter: with fundraising complete and donations
10:50 pm
gathered, half a dozen spring hill teachers and parents along with nishan traveled to the school this month to deliver more than $2,000 so all 86 students there can get checkups. they not only donated the seeds, but they helped plant them. >> everybody laid their own brick and help -- everybody helped remove trash from the dirt and to help make this space beautiful. >> i feel good about it. i feel we were helping people who probably don't have a good life. we should all have the same rights. >> maybe we can keep going. we could help them even more. >> reporter: their teacher says this is a learning experience for students on both sides of the world. >> these are children in the slums. they have a wonderful look. >> and it makes me think more
10:51 pm
about how i have this life and other people don't have the best life. it makes me stop wanting more. her and her students have focused on one specific need that school and they're doing something about it. now the kids are also talking about doing stuff here at home trying to help the homeless to clean up some rivers and help the environment. kind of gives you a little faith in the future. >> fourth grade? >> yeah. >> first through fourth grade. >> wow, they have that kind of sense of humanity. that feeling that they want to help and they want to do more, it is a beautiful story. beautiful to those kids helping out. >> all right. coming up, yahoo is under fire for another major data breach. why the timeliness has been exposing the issues at the center of an investigation.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
for millions of baby boomers there's a serious virus out there that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. one in 30 boomers has hep c, yet most don't even know it. because it can hide in your body for years without symptoms, and it's not tested for in routine blood work. the cdc recommends all baby boomers get tested. if you have hep c, it can be cured. for us it's time to get tested. ask your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. it's the only way to know for sure.
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new at 10:00 authorities have in-- have launched an investigation into yahoo. the wall street journal reports the securities and the exchange commission is looking into why yahoo took two years to disclose a breach in 2014 that the company says exposed a personal information of 500 million users. yahoo has not publicly revealed why they kept quiet for so long. they call for companies to promptly reveal when they have been hacked, that breach, and another exposing information about one billion yahoo users may have an effect on their sale to verizon. new information to samsung revealing why the batteries and the galaxy note 7 cell phone spontaneously catches fire. the south korean company says the term is relatively large batteries that don't fit well into the phones and there isn't enough insulated material inside. the company is recalling more
10:56 pm
than three million note 7 phones estimating the problems will cost more than $5 billion through early 2017. and car maker hyundai is trying something new. creating an entire super bowl commercial during the game. hyundai will shoot, edit, and produce their ad during super bowl li. the ad will capture the best off-the-field super bowl moments. this isn't the first time a company has used same-day super bowl footage for marketing. reebok sliced in footage from the cowboys and the bills game while the game was still underway. just a few weeks away from the super bowl. >> looking forward to it. falcons and patriots. >> falcons and patriots who felt are you -- patriots, who are you rooting for? >> the falcons. >> me too. >> nine times that's enough. mark ibanez is next with sports wrap.
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
from deflated to elated. >> tom brady puts it right on the money. >> how tom terrific starred in yet another patriots day. >> matty ice just as impressive. >> there is something that kicks in. >> why this super bowl could be a classic. the final audition for the new 49er head coach. you had to get up pretty early in the morning to catch the warriors. >> nobody does that better. >> reporter: how they recalibrated their body clocks just in time. sports wraps getting that groove on now. >> fox 2 nissan sports wrap starts now. how is it going everybody? i'm mark ibanez. >> i'm scott reiss. >> he is scott reiss. for >> yes, you


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