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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  January 23, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PST

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we're talking about your weather. steve polanco is busy -- paulson is busesy, because we have rainy weather again. >> well, the worst is over, just still some hit or miss guys to come through here. we'll have a little more into late tuesday night, maybe even wednesday. not a lot, but things are sweeping in. you can deadly weapon get some brief heavy down -- you can get some brief heavy downpours, and some hail. of course offshore, it's just a smattering, if you will, but a the bulk of this is now starting to slide a little bit more to the south. you can actually see that. we're on the northern edge of
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it, but the upper low up here has to slide through, and that's going to go mara let me to the coast, and -- parallel to the coast, and that's impressive. rainbow weather. 50s on the temperatures. 4:01. hello, sal. >> good morning, steve. well, here we are, and traffic is off to a decent start, early in the morning here on the altamont pass. let's talk about the traffic that's moving along very nicely, on 205, 580 be, coming in over the altamont pass. no major problems on the trayvon -- tracy soup is commute. -- tracy super commute. when you get to the bay bridge right now, traffic is light on the way to san francisco. at 4:02, let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal.
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and as steve just mentioned, more wet weather is expected this morning after the latest storm caused a number of problems across the bay area. that's one of them. a huge tree crashed into is five stars just outside of a restaurant in lafayette overnight, but luckily, no one was hurt. the search continues in the east bay for a driver missing after the storms. the chp said the drive ore of a silver honda went off the road and plunged into a week. the woman is now propped downed -- is presumed drowned. >> they are making every possible to get in that creek, it's just with the weather right now, we can't stop the flow of the water into the creek, plus all of the runoff right now, it is not safe to be in there. >> well, emergency crews are hoping for a break in the rainy
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weather as they resume their search this morning. we're following developing news the says -- sierra, two cars caught in an avalanche. the slide was 200 feet across, 12 feet high. the food news is, no one was hurt -- the good news is, no one was hurt. people are being told to stay alert because of the risk of avalanches. this is the highest snow level the sierra has seen in 20 years. the pile is piled up so high in some areas, it reached up to highway overpasses, and that has caused some road closures, and winds in some places reaching 154 miles an hour, and closing several ski resorts to close. >> for the second time in a
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week, highway 37 in nevada is -- moss is closed. -- noah is closed. west -- novato is closed. >> american airlines a blames a
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computer problem for ground something flights -- united airlines. while the problem is fixed, united says passengers expect delays today while they still recover from all of the delays and cancellations yesterday. many passengers we talked to were frustrated. >> i was here on time. i was here early, and just to get, like, a voucher doesn't really help me out. >> it definitely shouldn't happen. it's causing so much disruption. >> united airlines apologized to customers for the inconvenience. it's not the first computer glitch to affect airlines. back in october, united flights were delayed for are hours because of a computer problem, and that caused a social media firestorm. happening today, san francisco's new police chief will formally be sworn into
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office. 52-year-old william scott comes from the handle police department. scott tells the chronicle that he feels his biggest challengele is earning the trust of the -- challenge is earning the trust of the rank and file officers as an outsider in the city of san francisco. scott replaces the chief who resigned last year following a series of controversialle police shootings in the cities. >> president donald trump begins his first work week in office today, and already has a very busy schedule and a very aggressive agenda, and is also closely watching capitol hill. >> president donald trump has a number of irons in the fire today, but his team is not yet complete, and that is going to add to the drama here on capitol hill. >> young americans looking to fulfill their dreams. >> reporter: president donald
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trump attending the swearing in of his senior staff, setting the stage for a busy monday. there will be meetings at the white house with business and labor leaders, meetings with congressionalle leaders, and signing executive orders, some which may begin to undue president obama's agenda. >> it's going to be a full week, and this president is going to work hard. i've never seen any work harder or are have more energy than this president. >> reporter: sean spicer, along west his boss, sparred with the the media over crowd size reports at the inauguration. >> don't sob overly dramatic about -- don't be so overly dramatic aboutis, chuck. they're saying it's a false hood, and sean spice iser gave other evidence to that. >> reporter: the trump administration will have to work to get cabinet nominees confirmed by the senate.
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two are likely to be move forward today. rex tillerson access of state, and mike pompao as a director of the cia, but they are slow is walking others. >> we call it the swamp cabinet, billionaires and bankers. >> i'm optimistic we'll get every member of the cabinet. >> reporter: and look for the president this week to spend a fair amount of time talking about trade and immigration. he has arranged leaders with -- arranged meetings with the leaders of boat mexico and canada. >> a watchdog group is going to file a lawsuit accusing president trump of violating the constitution by allowing his businesses to accept payments from foreign governments. they say he is violating a klaus glaus the constitution that prohibits his businesses from receiving anything of value from foreign governments.
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because he did not divest his businesses, they say he is gets gifts from foreign go.s through guests at his hotels, leases in his buildings, and real estate deals abroad. a spokesman for president trump said there is no conflict of interest. all i can tell you is, it was laying in bed and felt like i was in a blender. >> a trail of destruction in the south. the threat is not over. up next, the severe storms that killed at least 18 people in multiple states. >> still a decent commute out there, if you are driving, although it is wet. we'll see some wet roads northbound 101 looks good, approaching the 80 split. ?q
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more than 20 tornadoes were reported, hundreds of homes were flated. >> i never did hear a tornado siren or nothing. >> we have to stay strong for each other out here. >> and we expect more severe weather with north florida and the carolinas expected to get hit the hardest. >> well, a rock slide is create
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something dangerous conditions on a popular hiking and biking trail outside of sacramento. rocks and mud came down on the path near folsom dam during the recent storms, and is park rangers say many are unaware of the danger. some joggers and cyclists have been fine with the mud, and some parents even letting their children play on the rocks. >> right now, it's not safe. the hillside and the rocks are very unstable, and we just warrant to make sure that everybody is safe, and to use -- want to make sure that everybody be is safe, and to use a different route right now until it's cleared up. >> some people coming to the scene were taking pictures. investigators are looking what yahoo's two huge data breaches should have been reported sooner, the sec wants to know why yahoo took two years to report a breach in 2014 that the company says
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exposed the personal information of 500 million users. yahoo hasn't publicly said why it kept quiet for so long. that breech and another that exposed about 1 billion users, could have an impact on it proposed sale to to verizon. >> samsung is explaining how it's batteries caught fire in the samsung 7 phone. the company blames manufacturing problems, and a design flaw that caused the batteries to overheat, and then catch fire. they're estimating the problems will cost more than $5 billion through early 2017. >> happening today, b.a.r.t. will begin offering guaranteed parking spaces to people who car pool to the dublin pleasanton station. it was funded by a federal grant, and a partnership with b.a.r.t. and an app called scoop that
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matches people with car pool driver. b.a.r.t. said there are plans to expand the program to other stations in the future. for people who use the scoop app with b.a.r.t., parking slots will be guaranteed until 10:00 a.m. every day. >> how was your drive? >> drive was fine. i had to use my windshield wipers a bit, but not a lot of standing water. >> sal, how is it looking out there right now? >> it looks okay. right now traffic is doing well. let's go to the gilroy commute. northbound 101, traffic off to a nice start here from gilroy to san jose. no major problems along that stretch. as a matter of fact, it continues to be a nice-looking commute through morgue were hill all the way -- morgan hill all the way into san jose. also looking at traffic in the east bay, and it's off to a good start. no delays really at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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golden gate bridge traffic looks good. nice clear picture here. let's bring steve in. >> thank you, sal. good morning. we do have kind of a hit and miss pattern here on some of this, but we're not out of it yet. have to 28 until about tuesday night, and weak little system on wednesday, but the stronger systems gone. outside, you get a mix of some is stars, and then it's going to be raining, and then back to stars, and we'll see the same thing this afternoon. some clouds and some hit and miss rain. possibility of some thunderstorms, showers. i mean, take a look at some of the snow totals. as dave mentioned here earlier, just incredible amounts, and theytonned a up. santa rosa -- add up. here is look at santa rosa's
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rain totals. embeded within this, still occasionally you can get some pretty good showers, but, again, hit and miss on a lot of these. some of these come through and dump some pretty heavy rain. so some of the higher elevations, certainly helene in the mix for some possible snow, and thunderstorm activity will continue, just rotates in. the bulk is staying more to the south. you can see how these rotate in. there's still plenty here, but the majority of these are favoring areas in southern california, but the upper low has to go parallel to the coast, and as it does, it's on its way south. that will keep us right into the window today and tomorrow. so some clouds and rain, cool, not very warm. that's for sure. temperatures in the 50s. more of the same tuesday, starting to get rid of most of it by wednesday, and then thursday is the transition day, and then it looks pretty good
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going into the weekend. >> okay. thank you, steve. >> you're welcome. >> 4:18 is the time. it is sentencing day for pg&e in the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. coming up in 15 minutes, the penalty that prosecutors are look for, in addition to a $3 million fine. >> just run, run, gun shots, run. >> plus a jewelry store robbery in texas turns deadly inside a crowded mall in texas. up next, what happened when good samaritans tried to stop the robbers.
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the man is in critical condition at aary shoot ising in a house party in san leandro over the weekend. it happened early sunday morning at a party hosted by some teenagers. police say 50 people were invited, but the envytation was leaked on social media, which attracted more people. while responding to the shooting, police chased after a car speeding away from the scene. they ended up arresting four people after the car crashed. >> all four people, ranging in age as between 16 and 20, coming from cities surrounding here in the bay area, but also from northern california, are being held on suspicion involved in that shooting last night, which has -- police don't know whether the suspect were invited, or if the
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shooting had any gang connections. they are still investigating. a second suspect now in custody in texas after a deadly jewelry store hold-up at a crowded shopping mall in san antonio. police say two good samaritans tried to stop the robbery. one was killed. the other good samaritan shot one of the suspects. reporter kellley wright has more details. >> i heard two pops and then heard customers running, and then i heard the shotgun shots and closer and closer to the doors. >> two suspects attempted to rob the kay jewelers aft the rolling oaks mall sunday. the two men ran into two good samaritans as they left the jewelry store. >> it was a robbery. there were some good samaritan was tried to intervene. one of them was killed. one of the suspects was shot. he's been transported. >> the other good samaritan had a gun and shot one of the
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suspects who was taken to the hospital. >> we encountered two citizens who tried to intervene. one of those citizens was shot by the suspect. the other who tried to intervene had a concealed carry license. >> the other suspect fled, firing shots as he ran away, injuring several other people. one store worker tried to helping shoppers escape from the mall. >> i just turned around, i just started tell it will the customer, just run, run, gunshots, run. >> plus p but police eventually had everyone -- but police eventually had everyone shelter in place. a father rushed to the mall where her his daughter it was still inside. >> she's inside the store, and i'm worried sick. i texted her and told her daddy was out here, and just worried sick. it's my baby girl. >> police have search they have had mall, and helped everyone evacuate. the fbi is now assisting in the investigation.
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well, one of california's best known beer maker seniors recalling about 12 -- some 12- ounce bottles because of bottles that may break. sierra nevada brewing company said it involving 8 style of it's beer across over 20 state. they say a small piece of glass could break off and fall into the bottle after it's opened. they were packaged in north carolina and december and january. time is 4:24. the santa cruz mountains has been inundated by the rains lately. up next, we'll show you some of the damage, and how residents are helping each other. >> and based on the crowd,, the rocky start between the trump administration and the media. >> the east bay commute, still see some slow traffic out there, although it's wet, and right now it's just a moderate commute. we'll see what happens when it
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it is 4 : 27. let's check in with steve. you called it exactly right over the weekend. had a lot, but the -- >> is the worst of the fronts are over, but a couple of days here, and then we'll be on the drier side, but it's not going to clear out rapidly. monday, tuesday, all the way to wednesday. still occasionally, though, we'll get the sun, cloud, showers. rainbow weather is what we have. there's not a lot to the north. some of it is pushing off
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towards solano county, vallejo, herb youlies, back over to highway -- h ercules. towards the east bay, and then just some -- stretching from marin county. just wait five minutes, things will probably start to pick up again, and then morgan hills, gilroy, quiet, thank goodness. it's pretty cold in the santa cruz mountains. 40s. 35 up in kelseyville. there are are some very slow numbers. sun clouds, rain, and then you can see what's going on. i'll send it over to sal now.
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>> all right, steve, right now, traffic is going to be moderate, if you're driving on 80 westbound. not a bad commute. as a matter of fact, here in vacaville, fair field, vallejo, it looks pretty good as you drive into this area. traffic is busy, but not stop is and go yet. a lot of truck traffic coming in as you head out to the east shore freeway. if you're driving in san jose forth bound 280 traffic -- northbound 28 traffic is looking good. >> the weekend storms caused a lot of damage in the santa cruz mountains, and today's rain may make things even worse.
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>> reporter: bernie spent sunday afternoon digging dishes to keep water from running a off to his neighbors down the field. >> i'm going to try to help out as much as i can, so i dug little ditches. >> reporter: he said living up here for several years has prepared him for a lot of weather. >> you're sort of like, well, we should have brought a generator, but there's always -- when first built the house, they told us we didn't have to worry about the roof's. well, the wind blows the rain up the roofs. >> reporter: and the wind saturday is night was pretty strong. >> the windows would go in and out. they're maybe 6 by 4 windows, and it blows so hard, you feel it. >> reporter: highway 17 was shut down by two landslides on either side of the highway. one lane


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