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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  January 23, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> reporter: bernie spent sunday afternoon digging dishes to keep water from running a off to his neighbors down the field. >> i'm going to try to help out as much as i can, so i dug little ditches. >> reporter: he said living up here for several years has prepared him for a lot of weather. >> you're sort of like, well, we should have brought a generator, but there's always -- when first built the house, they told us we didn't have to worry about the roof's. well, the wind blows the rain up the roofs. >> reporter: and the wind saturday is night was pretty strong. >> the windows would go in and out. they're maybe 6 by 4 windows, and it blows so hard, you feel it. >> reporter: highway 17 was shut down by two landslides on either side of the highway. one lane was reopened by the
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afternoon. multiple trees and landslides also came down. bear a creek road collapsed at two separate locations, eroded with the land. the san lorenzo river are widened considerably in the last few days, taking trees down with it. >> i haven't seen this probably in about 10 years. >> reporter: the water swelled to flood the playground, leaving dirt and debris on the basketball court, but locals say landslides are harder to manage than a river. >> a car was struck by a tree. >> reporter: the cleanup is taking a little longer with efforts complicated by the rain, which is why donner says it's best he works on the road now. behind that fence is a san lorenzo river, and all of that debris piled up, well, that's the water mark. that's how high the water got up to on friday, when it took
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over this park here, and beside the water, the town here had trouble with high winds. pg&e said they are working to restore power to almost 700 people. after heavy rains, a major intersection in sonoma, look at this, looked more like a river. i was just out there. the intersection was closed yesterday after the road flooded. one resident said the floods happen out there on the roads often, but it's happened a lot lately. >> usually floods about, i would say, a good 10, 12 days a year, spread out over the months of rain, but this year has probably been the worst i've seen is it. i've been here about 30 years. >> yeah. now, the water has begun to recede, but cal trans can't estimate when it's going to be
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reopening. it's a matter of waiting for the water to go away. >> it is sentencing day for pg&e in the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. pg&e was convicted on six criminal charges for the 2010 disaster that killed several people and destroyed dozens of homes. pg&e faces a maximum fine of $3 million. prosecutors are also expected to ask a federal judge in san francisco to establish an independent monitor to supervise pg&e's national gas operations. >> time is now 4:33. the city of san francisco begins it's latest homeless county this week, and there are some concerns. the new trump administration may provide less federal money for this program. hundreds of city employees and volunteers will go across san francisco, taking the official count of the number of people living on the street. they want to qualify san francisco for the most federal
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money possible. but as a candidate, president trump promise to $slash many social programs, and many homeless activists are worried this program could be one of the targets. well, the first official white house press briefing with reporter questions is scheduled for today. this after a rocky start between the trump administration and the press. we have more from washington. >> reporter: in his first official visit to cia headquarters, president donald trump spent part of his address complaining about press coverage of crowds at his inauguration. >> it looked like a million and a half people. >> the point is not the crowd size. it's the attacks and the attempt to delegitimize this president in one day, and we're not going to sit around and take it. >> reporter: then the white house called a press briefing saturday night. >> photographs of the inaugural
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proceedings were intentionally framed in a way to minimize the enormous support gathered on a national law. this was the largest audience to every witness an inauguration, period, both nationally and around the globe. the president's senior advisor kelly ann conway defended spicer's statements on the sunday morning show%. >> you're saying it's a false hood, and we're saying our press secretary gave alternative facts to that. >> wait a minute. alternative facts? what were the fact his uttered? four of the five facts he ordered were just not true. >> reporter: nielsen television ratings say nearly 31 million viewers tuned in to watch friday's inauguration, drawing larger ratings than
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president obama in 2013, but less than his 200938 million viewers. >> president trump should realize he's not campaigning anymore, he president. he ought to be talking about how many people are going to stay in middle class and move into the middle class, instead of how much many people were art his inauguration. well, president trump went on twitter react took the hundreds of thousands of people who took part in the women's marches over the weekend. on sunday morning, he tweeted: a couple of hours later, he had tweeted again: the women's marches were held all over the country on saturday, including here in the
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bay area. more than a half million people descended on washington d.c., and in one example, protesters say they are worried the trump administration will roll back progress on equal pay for women, reproductive rights, and immigration. >> the stage is now set for super bowl 51 in houston. last night tom brady broke his own franchise record in new england's 36-17 victory over the pittsburgh steelers in the afc championship game. the san mateo native passed for 384 yards, 3 touchdowns. brady missed the first four games of this season because of his deflate-gate suspension. he is now headed to his record 7th super bowl. brady and the patriots will face the atlanta falcons on super bowl sunday. yesterday the falcons defeated the packers in the nfc championship game. matt ryan threw for four touchdowns in atlanta's victory. this will be atlanta's second
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trip to the super bowl. the falcons have never won the nfl's biggest game. >> we will know who is going to sing the national anthem. luke brianian announced on twitter yesterday -- bryan announced on twitter yesterday he is going to sing the national an them for the super bowl. lady gaga is the halftime performer. she will be performing without guests. you can watch super bowl 51 right here on ktvu fox 2. the kickoff for the super bowl between the paris and the falcons, 3:30 p.m., superrer bowl sunday, february 5th. >> all right. it's going to be be a good game. developing news. two cars buried by snow in the sierra. coming up at 5:00, the avalanche that shut down a highway overnight. >> plus earning a high school diploma behind pars.
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up next, a special program giving hope for inmates serving time in the san francisco county jail. it's a decent commute so far. it's early. you can get a decent drive in many areas, including highway 24, on the way to the tunnel. >> well, the powerhouse fronts, we're behind on that now, but we have the cold unsettled air, which begins to rotate in. more on your monday and tuesday forecast coming up.
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they may be accused of crimes, but there's a goop group of young men and women who an their dip low mas from behind bars. henry lee has more in today's crime files. >> reporter: in san francisco, 18 men and women, all inmates of the county jail, received their high school diploma has. they walked across the stage at the hall of justice. their orange jail gash just barely visible underneath their gowns. they floor graduates of the five keys charter school, founded by the san francisco sheriff's department. >> started out with restorative justice in english and science, and that's basically it, and what would go through my mind is, once again, that i graduated, thai that i finally graduated. >> reporter: joshua spencer is
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in jail for attempted murder, but their family said they are proud of what he accomplished while in custody. >> i know that when he transitioned back on to the streets, this will give him an opportunity to move towards the next step into his life. >> he's working hard, and he's going to go back into society. >> reporter: he showed his diploma, but wasn't comfortable showing us how he ended up in jail, but he had plenty of energy about the day. >> last 0 accomplishment, a lot of achievement, and a lot of optimist inic goals, you know. >> reporter: it operates at the county grail in san bruno, and focus us an five keys bush education, employment, recovery, family, and community. >> you fry to bring excitement and enjoy document the classroom. hope. >> this is one of the best things that i get to do as sheriff, watch people graduate
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from high school, and see the looks on the faces,s, and friends and family who never thought they would see this day. the golden state warriors remain the hottest team in pro basketball. yesterday they defeated the orlando magic for their 7th straight business. splash brothers led the way. they face the heat in miami tonight. >> and they hit a bunch of three-point shots, making it look so is easy. >> they do make it look easy. time is 4:44. sal is going to help you do your commute nice and easy on a monday morning. >> good morning to you. we're looking at the tracy triangle, though, we do have some slow traffic out there. there have been some pot holes reported that are going to be fixed a little later on in the
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morning. 580 and 205 are getting a little bit busy. you can see some stop and go traffic as you go through. it gets better as you reach livermore, and fur f you're getting on the road in livermore, not a bad drive to the interchange. certainly more people out there, and it's still wet, but for the most part, it has been a nice drive. at the bay bridge, there's not a big crowd. usually that doesn't happen until about 5:30, when they turn those metering lights on. now mr. steve paulson. >> you got me? >> i've got you. >> okay. there we go. >> thought you were doing the mannequin game there for a sec. >> sal, i'm locked out of my account, so i am absolutely blind. >> i see. if you understand. >> and i'm trying everything to get back in and so i can get my information. >> got it. >> now, that you know and i know, let's try and put some lipstick on this pig, as they
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say here. all right. still some unstable air has to move through. very impressive system. the cold core low, which is called vertically stacked, that means there's low pressure in every area of the atmosphere, is still primed to move towards us or the coast over the next 24 hours. coming in on the southern per if friday of that will be rainbow -- periphery of that will be rainbow, and showers. we are on the northern edge of this, and then there's even more just coming right in. so it's one of these midwest weather patterns. again, not a lot going on in the peninsula right now. had had some pretty good bust goes through the santa cruz mountains, but looks nice right now. maybe some snow up on ham had a illton. 40s on the temperatures. there are some pretty cool readings here. low 40s, very cold yesterday. some of 0 those cells came by,
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about 44 or 45 degrees. walnut creek in there, danville, 40. livermore 42. not much of a breeze right now, thankfully, because i think we had enough of that late saturday into is sunday, but still occasionally breezy at times. you can see how the bulk of this is now taking more aim at central california and southern. you can see, but there's still enough in the mix that will keep us in this kind of a pattern. so some rain, bunt the low has to go along the coast on tuesday, and that will keep us in the window for some rain. there's a weak little system going to brush this late wednesday. i think it's more show than go, but every system that comes by has more rain. 50s on the temperatures, pretty cool to the north. don't see much change up there about wednesday, and then we clear its out thursday. and low and behold, it looks like a nice weekend is shaping up. >> okay. >> we'll take it. >> i think we'll need it. >> yes, we do. >> all right, steve, thanks.
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time is 4:48. a tough weekend brought something really strange to the north bay. look at this. that is a funnel cloud. this it was taken about 1:45 yesterday afternoon, near the solano county city of dixon. the photographer said the cloud was over farm land and nowhere near homes when he was taking these picture. the cloud never touched down, which means it never officially became a tornado. well, the weekend storm caused record-setting waves across the northern california coast. according to are the national weather service, some areas along the coast saw waves up to 30 feet high. in monterey, the waves for the biggest they've seen in 30 years some of them were more than 34 feet. the old record was 32.8 neat 2008. more high waves expected today, but nothing like what we saw over the weekend. >> well, right now, it is 4:49. and a mosque was vandalized in
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davis. we're going to show you what was the left behind that led police to classify this as a hate crime. ♪
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being listed as a hate crime. bacon was draped over doorhandleles. pork is a for bidden meat in the muslim religion, leading police to believe this is a hate crime. the mosque leaders said they are not angry. >> we don't respond to hate with hate. our relynnion is very peaceful -- religion is very peaceful. time is now 4:52. some north ball school kids celebrating a new accomplishment that they helped had a make happen near calle cutta, inde-- cal cutta india. >> reporter: the students at spring hill school aren't much different than other kids. >> they're hungry to learn about who is out there. you know, what are children like in china, india, and other
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parts of the world. and when you tell them stories, they start to realize what they have. they start to think outside of themselves. >> reporter: jean hicks recently told her students about the school she started in the slums of up decontra, and how she was planning to return there over the holidays to check on things. that sparked class discussion about the simple needs of kids just like them. >> they didn't have any materials. each one basically had one pencil and a book. >> reporter: his family is from india, and he's been there many types then seeds of an idea jermaineated. raise money to -- germ nateed. raise money to not just help the school -- >> it made in me think they should have the things we do. >> reporter: -- but the students themselves we paying for dental and medical checkups that most of them had never
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had. spring hill students also tend their own garden, and thought maybe the students in india would want to grow their own food and flowers. into the petaluma sea bank, which donated packets of seeds suitable for the climate in india. th about getting kids, geting community together, and helping this movement of growing your own food along as best we can. >> reporter: with fund-raising complete, and donations gathered, half a dozen spring hill teachers and parents along with meshon traveled to the school to give over $2 million so everyone there could get checkups. they not only donated the seeds, but helped plant them. >> everybody helped them, everybody helped remove trash from the dirt, and just helped to make this space beautiful for themselves. >> i feel good about it, because i feel like we were helping people that probably don't have is [ indiscernible ]
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as us, and that we all should have is the same rights and stuff. >> maybe we can keep going. maybe help them even more. >> reporter: their teacher said this is a learning experience for students on both sides of the world. >> these are children in the slums that are learning english, and they have uniforms, which they're so proud of. >> it maybes me think more about how i have this life, and how other people don't have the best, so it kind of makes me stop wanting more. well, two major league baseball tragedies in two separate incidents on the same day. the kansas city royals are mourning the dead of 25-year- old pitch ervinture a, who was killed in a car crash early yesterday morning in the dominican republic. the cause of the crash is under investigation. he played four seasons with the royals.
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he also played in two world series. meantime, about 50 miles away, former major league infielder andy mark died in a separate car crash. his car veered off the road and slammed into is a house. he last played for arizona in 2014. he also played for the braves and indians. he was only 33 years old. coming up, the stormy weather is tied to a tragedy in the east bay. coming up next, the search for a young driver who skidded off the road and into a creek. >> plus, san francisco's new police chief will be sworn in today. what the veteran officer from los angeles feels is his biggest challenge on his new job. east bay is is still wet, even thoughth not raining right now. you will see some slow traffic here and there, as you drive up and down the east bay freeway, south bay, north bay, we'll wrap it all up for you, when we
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come back. with all the rush in the morning,
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i don't have time to hashtag my breakfast. light & fit nonfat yogurt drinks. nutrition that fits my crazy life. nine grams of protein, 90 calories, no added sugar. light & fit. do what fits you. we're live in niles canyon, where a car crashed into a creek over the weekend. we'll tell you why divers still haven't been able to recover
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the victim. and president trump beginning his first full week in office. we'll tell you what on his "to do" list. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. here is live look downtown oakland. you can see traffic moving a along there pretty well p in the mid-of your picture, and we are not waking up to big storms or heavy rains. so that is good on this monday morning, january 23rd. thanks for joining us. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. we need to talk about your weather. steve paulson is in his office right there. >> well, a little of everything today. sun, clouds, showers, rain bose. we still have about another day and a half, maybe two, to keep some of this unsettled conditions in the forecast. after wednesday, it does look better, bought really vigorous, if you will, low off the coast,
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which is starting to dive south. you can see you can get some clearing, rain, and maybe even some snow in some of the higher elevations. possibility of hail, thunderstorms, as well. brief downpours. right now, it's not that active, but there are some hit and miss guys, and moving into marin county, and san francisco. so that's kind of the theme here. quiets down. you say are we done and and then it starts raining again. looks like things have finally called dune little bit, at least for now, for the santa cruz mountains. you can see some higher elle situation snows here. it's cold enough, thought for sure. 40s on the temperatures. not much of a breeze. here is the unstable air mass coming in rapidly, just to the south. a lot of this is now taking aim towards central and southern california more so than us, but this is tracking parallel to the coast. so that will keep some off and on rain into the mix, and occasionally some thunderstorms. 50s on the temperatures. what do you have, sal? >> well, a


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