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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  January 23, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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it's not a huge storm. steady traffic moving along there in the lower part of your screen, heading into the city. a bit of a break, and we need it. >> the roads are still wet, but steve paulson is here to tell you about that little break we're getting. steve? >> but they usually don't last long. things are a are a lot better up in the mountains, but still
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and isolated snow showers and high elevation snows here would not surprise one bit. some areas gets the rain, as you can see. there are not heavy showers here. more light rain now than maybe moderate on the peninsula. but you're not done yet. still a ways to go. a lot of this is taking aim, but the very strong low, you get a good look at it there, it's called vertically stacked. it has low pressure at all levels of the atmosphere. it's ban long time since we've seen that. that has to go paralegal to the coast. if it zigs instead of zags, that will keep us in a pattern, but it's too close to not say so, so we'll keep shower activity if there, and some thunderstorms still for another
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day or two. >> 6:02, and the traffic is? >> moderate. we do have some slow traffic out there, steve. thank you very much. we are looking a at commute that is going to be busy out there, as we hid out to the morning drive. bay bridge is backed up to the maze, a little wet at the toll plaza. it looks like a lot of people there are, 20, 25 minute delay. once you make it on to the bridge, it looks good. no problem for the car pool lanes. i want to mention highway 13, some something is causing flat tires in that area. a sig alert has been issued for you to be careful on 13 near highway 4, and just be care there will. you might want to think about just staying on 24, and using 580, just to be on the ultrasafe side. let's move the maps over to novato, because highway 37 once again because of the storms over the weekend closed between attarton avenue, and highway 101 there, and we don't know when it's going to reopen, but
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right now traffic is not getting through. you're going to have to go back to using the alternate routes they had last time when this happened, a couple of weekends at the storms. this is northbound 280, and right there it looks okay, getting up to highway 17. at 6:03, let's go back to the desk. >> as steve has been telling us, we're expecting more rain later after the weekend storm that caused a lot of problems around the bay area. in lafayette, a big tree smashed down on to five cars right outside of a restaurant. ktvu's al ihrams explains that it is lucky no one was hurt. >> reporter: that's right. look at this giant tree that came crashing down on to the parking lot in lafayette at a restaurant. if i stand next to it, it will give you a better perspective of exactly how wide the base of this tree is. i estimate anywhere between 10
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to 15 feet wide. we don't know how old or tall this free was, but luckily the restaurant is right there, to the left of your screen. this tree fell away from the building. there were people inside the restaurant when this happened during the heavy rainfall last night, but luckily no one was hurt. again, it fell on to the parking lot, and according to the officials who came and responded out here, there was no one in those cars in the parking lot. so nobody was hurt in all of this. people who live nearby heard the crash yesterday evening when this all happened. they ran out to see what had occurred. >> it sounded like a bolt of lightning to me. i mean, it was explosive. >> reporter: a huge crash. >> oh, just massive, massive. >> taking a look back out here live, there is a mass bive cleanup effort that will be underway later this morning. we're told it could take as long as two days to break apart and chop up and clear up this mess, this tree that had fallen
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on to the parking lot. we're told anywhere from 5 to 10 cars were damaged in this, but it is really hard to tell because all of the branches, all of the leaves and the tree trunk is so massive, it's just blanketing the parking lot. we could see three cars under some of the debris, but there could be more underneath it, but we know those cars pretty badly damaged, probably totaled, so later today is when they're going to start cleaning all of this up. now, i have to point out, though, the smell is very distinct out here, mills like eucalyptus, that menthol smell out here, but pretty impressive to see a tree of this size topple over into a parking lot. >> and it's wild to think it could have fallen the other way, towards the restaurant. i mean, that tree is just incredible. >> that tree is right next to a restaurant. >> yeah, thanks, al -- >> developing news in the
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sierra where two cars were caught the path of an avalanche. it is the same area where there was an extreme avalanche warning over the weekend. it forced highway 89 to be closed between alpine meadows and tahoe city. the chp posted these photos on facebook. that slide was 200 feet wide, 12 feet high. the good news is no one was hurt. people are being told to stay any high alert, though,  because of the risk of avalanches. experts say this is the highest snow level the sierra has seen in 20 years. in some areas, the snow is piled up so high, it has reached all the way to the freeway overpasss. that has led to several highway closures. strong winds in some areas, reached 154 miles per hour. that forced several ski resorts to shut down during parts of the weekend. if you are planning a trip to the sierra, chains are required at this point. and for the second time in a week, highway 37 in novato is closed because of flooding. after saturday night's rain, the highway flooded in the same
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area that caused a closure last week. one customer got stuck in the deep water, was rescued, but the car it was still. >> the chp said there is nowhere for the water to go. >> there is so much water actually going over some of the levees, so right now, really what we have to wait for -- to do is allow this water to subside a little bit, so that we can start pumping and getting some of this water out of there. as long as it's coming over the levees, though, we can't do anything. anything. right now, there's no estimated time for it to reopen. >> time is now 6:07. united airlines planes are flying again. the airline said it fixed a computer problem, one that grounded all of it domestic flights are two two hours yesterday. the wall street journal reports the problem came from a technology that sends text messages to pilots in the cook
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pitt about their departure times, as well as information about the weight and balance of the plane that's needed for the takeoff. and while the computer problem is fixed, united says passengers expect delays today. they're still recovering from all of the delays and cancellations yesterday. many passengers we talked to were frustrated. >> i didn't -- i was here on time, here early, and just to get a voucher are doesn't really help me out. >> it definite shouldn't happen. there should be systems in place to stop this from happening, because it's causes so much disruption. >> on twitter, are united apologized to customers for the inconvenience. it's not the first compute glitch to affect night inspected october, united flights were delayed for hours because of a computer problem. also some delays and san sellations at sfo, who has 19 flight delays and three cancellations this morning because of bad weather here in the bay area and other parts of
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the country. if you have a flight out of sfo, check the status of your flight about you hid out to the airport. time is 6:09. president donald trump beginning his first full work week in office today. he already has a busy schedule, and a very aggressive agenda, and he's closely watching capitol hill. doug has more from washington. >> president donald trump has a number of irons in the fire today, but his team is not yet complete, and that is going to add to the drama here on capitol hill. >> and young americans looking to fulfill their dreams. >> reporter: president donald trump attending the swearing in of his senior staff, setting the stage far busy monday. there will be meetings at the white house with business and labor leaders, meetings with congressional leaders, and signing executive orders, some of which may begin to undue president obama's agenda. >> it's going to be a full week, and this president is going to work hard.
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i've never seen anyone work harder and have more energy than this president. >> reporter: there will also be the first full press briefing with press secretary spicer. >> why did he do that? it undermine this credibility of the entire white house press office on day one. >> no it doesn't. don't be so overly dramatic about it, chuck. you're saying it's a a falsehood, and they're giving sean spicer, our press secretary, gave alternative facts to that. >> reporter: the weekend also included a massive women's march, and the trump white house will have to work to get cabinet members passed through the senate. democrats are committed to slow walking or trying to scuttle million is of them. >> it's a cab it in under like- like any other we've seen. we call it the swamp cabinet, billionaires and banker. >> reporter: republicans,
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though, have the number if their ranks hold. >> i'm optimistic we'll get every member approved. well, a legal watchdog group said it is going to a file a lawsuit today, accusing president trump of violating the constitution by allowing his businesses to accept payments from foreign governments. the group citizens for responsibility and some ethics said president strums violating a clause in the constitution that prohibits his businesses from receiving anything of value from foreign governments. because he did not divest his businesses, they say he is now getting gifts from foreign governments through guests and events at his hotels, leases in his buildings, and real estate deals abroad. an attorney for president trump said there is no conflict of interest. >> a new pole shows how many americans fall somewhere along
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the spectrum of lgbt identity. the 2016 gallup poll youth add random sampleling of adults aged 18 and older, and the result shows more than 10 million american adults now identify as lgbt, up from 4.1% last year. our time is 6:12. a driver is missing near the bay area. after this weekend's storms. coming up at 6:30, a search under areway in niles canyon, two days after that driver went missing. >> plus a new police chief in san francisco. what he says his biggest challenge will be when he is sworn into office today. >> good morning. traffic is going to be busy now. a lot of people on the road. you can look at the bay bridge, the traffic on the bridge itself doesn't look too bad getting into the city. >> well, the beat goes on.
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we're done with the fronts, but we still have the cold unstable air mass today and tomorrow, so possibility of thundershowers for another 48 hours.
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welcome back. happening today, san francisco's new police chief will be formally sworn into office. 52-year-old william scott spent several years with the los angeles police department as an
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officer and as a commander. he said his biggest challenge will be gaining the trust of the rank and file police officers in san francisco, as he is coming in as an outsider. san antonio, texas, a man who tried to stop two thieves who had just robbed a jewelry store at a shopping mall was shot and killed by one of the robbers. it happened yesterday afternoon in rolling oaks mall. shoppers ran for their lives. one of the suspects shot and killed a good samaritan who tried to stop them as the suspects escaped. >> it was a robbery. there were some good samaritans who tried to intervene. one of them was killed. the -- one of the us is pictures was shot. he's -- suspects was shot. he's been transported. >> another food samaritan had a steele concealed gunshot one of
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the suspects. that suspect is in critical condition. >> a man in critical condition after a shooting at a house party in san leandro over the weekend. was at a apartment host bid teenagers on anchorage court. price say 50 people were invited to the party, but the invitation was leaked on social media, and even more people showed up. while responding to the shooting, police chased after a car speeding away from the scene. ended up arrests four people after that car are crashed in san lorenzo. the suspects are between 16 and 20 years old. still not clear what led to that shooting. right now at 6:17, we wants to check back in with sal for a look at traffic this morning. not as intense as we've seen recently, but still could be some problems out there. still a lot of water. >> yeah. still wet roads. more people are back. some of the colleges are back after are the winter break. you will see the traffic is
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backed up to the mccoy maze, 20, 25 minute delay, which is not unusual before you maybe it on to the span. once you make it on to that span, it looks okay. this is a nice look at the traffic on the west side is of the bridge, coming into san francisco. no major problems as you 45 into the city. it's better on the bridge than waiting there. let's move along and take a look at highway 37. remember, still closed in martin county from attarton avenue to highway 101. both directions you're going to have to use detours. also looking at the east bay commute, traffic just moderate. a little bit of slowing. we get a little bit of a
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break here, at least get a break from the trumps, but the cold unstable air mass and the current low, and then a week, week system on wednesday. i have a couple of observers down there that are very sharp. chris enroy i think is about 4/10 shy of 20 inches for are the month. it's the wet it's month ever in morgan hill. think about that much rain in
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morgan hill. santa rosa has 37 inches of rain for an entire season, they average 36, from october 1st. that's the water year, not the rain year. it's too confusing. i would rather just go july 1st, but, anyway. napa, sfo, san francisco, these are january totals so far. as you can see, everyone is doing quite well. thank you very much. we need a break and will get one after wednesday. there's still some cold unstable air coming glob occasionally we can get a shower or thundershower, and already beginning to flare up again. the runners, from novato, highway 37, what's new? continues to get some rain. back over to martin county, to parts of the east bay, martinez, concord, walnut creek. nothing too heavy yet, but cow
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can get bursts of moderate rain on your drive in. looks like things have calmed down a little bit to the south, but now picking up again on the peninsula. look at that line forming. it doesn't take much to get some brief heavy rain, or even thunderstorms. possibility of water spouts. maybe even thunderstorms today. with any breaks in the cloud, you get a little afternoon, and that's the low. the low is tracking parallel to the coast. it is very well stacked, and could trigger some more activity tomorrow. so nothing too heavy. once we get past wednesday night, we'll be all right.
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by the time we get to the weekend, it looks sunny and warmer. so some rain monday into tuesday. a week, week system on wednesday. i don't think it will too much except give the bay area some rain. one more system wednesday, and then clears out thursday. happy to say friday, saturday, sunday will be much better than we just had last weekend. >> so pam just has to hang in to this weekend. >> that's good, because we've had restaurant week, right, in oakland and san francisco. >> yeah, usually die live shots for restaurant week. 6:23 is the time across the
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now you can with southwest fares as low as 59 dollars one-way. yes to low fares with nothing to hide. [sfx]:clap, clap, ding that's transfarency. welcome back. at least 18 people killed by severe storms in the southeast, and there were turners, as well. the devastation from georgia to
6:26 am
alabama, mississippi, louisiana, and texas. there were more than 20 tornadoes, hundreds of homes were destroyed. we walked from almost county line road. it was complete devastation. everything along the way is gone. it must have been a big one. >> meantime, here at home, a rock slide causing dangerous conditions outside of sacramento on a popular hiking and biking trail. this was near folsom dam during the storms. park rangers say a lot of people didn't know about the danger some joggers and cyclists have been having fun in the mud. park rangers say that has become a local tourist
6:27 am
attraction. some people are coming out to take pictures with put. >> a four-year-old boy from new jersey was able to take his first steps thanks to a donation from a total stranger. wants to show you the scene. he stood in front of his classmates for think the first time. sierra palmetto caused him -- cerebral palsy. >> 6:27 is the time. a new perk for you b.a.r.t. riders. up next, a program taking effect today as one east bay b.a.r.t. station that will make it easier for certain riders to find a parking spot. >> the search for the body of a young woman in a creek will begin later this morning. we'll tell you what the challenge has been so far for authorities.
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well good morning. welcome back. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. i monday, january 23rd. >> thank you for waking up with us. it is 6:30. are we getting more rain, wind, how much? >> yes, not a lot. >> okay. >> but there's into some bursts of moderate to heavy rain. the thunderstorms are starting to pick up again. so it's going to be that kind of a pattern today and tomorrow. very, very cold unstable air mass coming in. when storm prediction center yesterday painted us for a marginal area of thunderstorm. that's very rare for us, very rare, and they also, for what it's worth, put in a high category for the southeast yesterday. very rare, as well. bg said down power rolling through 6le 80 and 24 right
6:31 am
now, coming down pretty food. sal, watch this. boom. that's pretty heavy. there are multiple airs to show you. it is beginning to pick up, and any heat we go get today is just going to trigger these,, and then stretching from novato, back to mill valley, and then right over towards herculies and martinez in that one cell by concord, and then picking up. just coming in again around half moon buy and highway 1, so the san mateo coast, and picking up now just off of santa cruz. some isolated cells right there. i would not be surprised if there are reports of water spots or more flooding out towards the valley. this unstable air mass continues to rotate in. you'll get waves of this coming
6:32 am
through. that's the key, though, it's finally starting to move south, and that will keep us in the soup today and tomorrow. one more weak little system on wednesday, and then we'll get some dry weather in here and calm things down a little bit. >> it's going to be slow on 24/680, steve, and then the rain moves through, people slow down, as you should. you see that the traffic is moving along slowly at the mccoy maze, a lot of people line -- macarthur maze. a lot of people lining up to get into san francisco. it's 25 to a 30-minute delay here. kind of a big delay as you drive through. the south bay commute, traffic has been very busy. not a lot of stop and go traffic. i do want to mention back to the east buy bay, highway 13 and 4 was a large pot hole
6:33 am
causing flat tires. traffic may be a little bit slow. it also may affect highway 24, as people are driving through, and you'll see some slow traffic in that area. now at 6:33, let's go back to the desk. >> the search for a woman now presumed dead will resume near fremont this morning. the car she was driving veered off a rain-slicked road into alameda creek over the weekend. good morning janine. >> good morning, pam. niles canyon road is reopened now, but in several hours, it's going to close, because crew are coming in here, and they're going to bring diver it is in here to go to alameda creek. over the weekend, crews decide it was just not safe to do so. deputies received a calling that a silver honda hat plunged into alameda creek. dublin chp said the driver was
6:34 am
an 18-year-old woman from tracy. they say her car crossed over the double yellow lines and hit another car before falling into the creek. >> a second witness said they saw the car in the creek, going down the creek before it became fully submerged by the time we got there. >> the car for the woman have been located. er is is ofs have. relying mainly on drones and help comers to try and find them. authorities say the water level and the current have just been too strong for drivers to get into the water for a recovery effort. they have been working first the state water resource agency to reduce how much water is being released into the creek. crew are going to come here, and look around to determine to see is that current too strong. back out here live, it does look like it's flowing pretty good, so we're not sure what they're going to decide, but the plan was to have is divers go in the water and try to hobby the victim. back to 0 to you.
6:35 am
>> the weekend storms also key area add lot of damage in the santa cruz mountains. today's rain could mean even more problems. the rain caused two landslides on highway 17. one lane was reopened late yesterday afternoon, but multiple trees came down, and bear creek road actually collapsed at two separate locations because of the erosion. trees were taken down in one area, and locals say they have not seen a storm like this in years if. >> i would say it's probably been about 10 years. we've had highway 9 closed twice this week already. the car was struck by a tree. >> well, pg&e also said nearly 700 customers are without power the santa cruz mountains yesterday because of the downed power play lines. >> after all the heavy rains of major intersections in sonoma, looked like a river. look at that. roads were closed yesterday morning after the road flooded.
6:36 am
one person said this road does flood, but not this often, and not like this. >> usually floods about, i would say, a good 10, 12 days a year, spread out. this is the worst i've seen it, and i've been here about 20 years. >> well, today is sentencing day for pg&e in the deadedly pipeline explosion in san bruno. in august, "pokemon go" was convicted on six criminal charges for the 2010 disaster that killed 8 people and destroyed dozens of homes. five counts linked to violating pipeline safety rules. one involve of course obstruction of the official investigation. cbs facing a maximum fine of $3
6:37 am
million. will's marches were held on saturday all over the country, and many parts of the world, and very big ones here the bay area. more than a half a million people descended on washington d.c., protesters say they're worried at the trump administration will roll back progress on equal pay for women, reproductive rights, and immigration. president trump went on twitter reacting to the marches
6:38 am
on sunday morning. he tweeted: starting today, bart will begin offering free parking spaces to those who car pool to the pleasantton location. >> reporter: according to a b.a.r.t. survey, 99% of riders who drive to a station somewhere on the system, they arrive alone. so this new pilot program is going to try to change that, and to ease what is really a serious parking crunch with b.a.r.t. it can be tough to find a spot.
6:39 am
they can book that ride using an app called scoop, that helps to match people with car pool drivers in their area, going the same way they are. riders who use the app will be guaranteed a parking spot until 10:00 a.m. every day. some commuters we spoke to are skeptic ail bout how effective the program might be. >> i don't know how that is going to work. i don't guess, like i said, by the numbers, people aren't going to disappear who come at 8:00. logistically, don't see how that is going to work. >> reporter: this was a pilot program that was funded in part by a federal grant, and obviously it's a partnership
6:40 am
between b.a.r.t. and scoop technologies. again, the idea is you use this particular app to book a carpool ride to the dublin pleasanton station, and then you will be guaranteed that parking lot every day. the good news is if you don't use the dublin pleasanton station, pam, b.a.r.t. said that they are planning to expand this program to other stations in the future. >> that sounds great, because it will get more people to car pool, hopefully, and nothing lick a guaranteed parking space. >> that's right. as we have talked about this morning, they say there's no guarantees in life. this might be, of those guarantees. we had a chance to talk with b.a.r.t. about the logistics of all of it, but they say a guaranteed spot if you car pool and use the app. >> all right. some good thoughts. thank you, alex. new unemployment figures are out, they continue to show a low jobless rate for the bay area. according to the state
6:41 am
employment development department, san mateo county is at 2.9% unemployment, martin county, 2.9%, and unemployment in san francisco is just about 3%. santa clara county reports unemployment of 3.3. the next lowest rates were there in sonoma county at 3.7, and alameda county at 3.8. the highest unemployment rate in any bay area county is 5.1. that's in solano county. but certainly lower than most of the country. >> trees fell down. there were mudslides around the area. coming up, we'll show you more of the damage from this latest storm. >> but first, dangerous conditions as some of the beaches across northern california, just how high the waves hit over the tweak year- end that set some of the biggest waves on record. >> it's laney in n some areas. it's wet on the roads. you might see some is slow traffic here. this is highway 24 westbound, driving to the tunnels, getting
6:42 am
crowded. >> well, after a little bit of a lull, showers and isolated thundershowers are picking up pretty rapidly. one right over highway 4 right fire by a point. watch for that. ?q
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6:44 am
6:45 am
record sitting waives across the california coast. some areas saw waves up to 30 feet high. in monterey, the waves were the biggest they've seen in 30 years. some of them more than 34 feet. more high waves expected today, but nothing like what we saw over the weekend. >> firefighters in san bernardino county rescued two people from a truck. it became stuck in flood watters yesterday. the rescue operation took just about an hour.
6:46 am
though san mateo county coroner's office is investigating the death of a pair was glider who plummeted into the ocean. 59 beyond a reasonable doubt solomon lee was paragliding and became entangled in his glider. witnesses say that lee hats been riding air currents along the coast, but lost lift and fell into the ocean. bystanders pulled him from the surf on to the beach, and cut him free from his gear. they performed cpr until firefighters arrived, but he could not be revived. let's economic in with georgia and see what is coming up. >> a beer recall involving one of california's best known beer makers. why sierra, nevada, brewing is, is recall something of it's 12- ounce beer bottles. also, the company that builds
6:47 am
apple's iphone could be bringing a plant here to the need. we'll look at the type of operations foxconn is said to be considering, and the tens of thousands of new jobs this move could bring. that and more when i join you in just a few. >> 6:47 is the time. back over to sal to take check in on any problems before people head out on the road. what do they need to know, salle? >> well, some colleges are back this week, after a long break. first let's talk a look at the commute at the toll plaza. it is a tough one, trying to get into san francisco, especially if you're just trying to pay cash here at the toll plaza. 25 to 30 minute delay. the car poolers do have an advantage, and the fast track people do, as well. not as much of one. once you maybe it on the bridge, it's moderate in san francisco.
6:48 am
also looking at highway 13 southbound at 24. a large pot hole that was causing flat tires. chp decided to close that left lane, and not allow more cars to drive in the lane because of the flat tires. you're going to see some slow traffic there. as you push back a little bit, you can see 24 is slow, and so is 80 coming down to the main. so this part of the east bay shoot and going to are busy. i want to check out 37 in novato. it's still closed from the overneat weekend storms over to 101, so that the two spots here are going to be be kind of a tough commute in novato on highway 37, and this will also affect highway 101. let's talk about the south bay now. today's weather, let's bring steve in at 6:00:48. >> thank you, sal. all right. let's get to it here. we have another day and a half or two before we finally can
6:49 am
say, yes, we're going to get a break. there are still some flood concerns, yolo causeway, from 37 up to the runners. flash flood watch is still out. we can get some occasional bursts of moderate rain due to thunderstorms. a pretty good cell past bay point, heading parallel to highway 4 and antioch. watch out for that. 680/24 exchange there, but rotating in. does not look too heavy, but maybe some snow mix coming in on some of the higher elevations up in lake county. these cells are now starting to work their way through. i don't see anything too heavy there but tie on the peninsula. maybe sal will talk to that in just a second. looks like santa cruz proper starting to move in with more
6:50 am
moving in. there are arizona controls now to myers. so i'm not surprised by that, although things are winding down in the sierras. it's not the white outor blizzard conditions that they have. we're stillle so close that we have to keep -- it's lather, rinse, repeat, is pretty much what it -- in five minutes, you'll see sun, clouds, rainbow, as this makes it's way down the coast, it can make a huge difference. so some rain sun and tuesday. one weak system. i think the weekend looks dry and warmer. next five days, another half inch, maybe 3/4 looks nobody the mix. we're going to get a break certainly after wednesday, and what's left here in the next
6:51 am
couple of days is just more scattered. 50s on the temperatures. pretty chilly in this. and i don't see any change until after this. then there are signs it will be cleared up, a lot of fog, but it will be dryer and warmer as we go into the weekend. >> 6:51 is the time. also happening today, the trial for three santa clara jail guards accused of killing a mentally ill inmate. police say the three beat inmate michael tyree to death if august. they say the guards also assaulted up mate juan via. the defendants are on leave from the sheriff's office and have interested not guilty pleas. the trial is expected to last from 4 weeks to four months. >> the stage is now set for pro footballs biggest game. coming up, how one san mateo native will be making super
6:52 am
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the warriors remain the hottest team in pro basketball. yesterday they defeated the orlando magic for their 7th straight victory. the splash brothers led the warriors to victory. curry scored 27 points, thompson had 21. the stage is now is it for
6:55 am
super bowl 51 in houston. tom brady led the patriots to a victory. the san mateo native passed for three touchdowns and 384 yards mitch missed the first four games of the season because of his deflate gate suspension. he is now headed to a record 7th super bowl. >> some excited fans in boost within, and across new england. they erupted in cheers following the paris victory. many chanted where is roger? boat during and after the game, their anger was pointed towards nfl commissioner roger goodell, who has not paid a visit to the patriots home field since decides to suspend tom brady last year. and the falcons defeated the green bay packers yesterday in the nfc championship game.
6:56 am
falcons quarterback matt ryan threw for four touchdowns in atlanta's victory. this will be their second trip to the super bowl, but they have not won the super bowl. and we know who is going to sing the national an them at this year's super bowl. like brewian has said he will sing the anthem and kick off this year's super bowl. lady gaga will be the super bowl halftime performer, and she will have no other guests with us. you can watch super bowl 51 right here on cabrera fox 2. the kickoff for the big game is 3:30 p.m. super bowl sunday, february 5th. well, a tragic story. two major league baseball tragedies and two separate incidents on the very same day. the kansas city royals mourning the dead of 25-year-old pitch ervinture a, who was killed in a car crash early yesterday morning in the dominican republic. the cause of the crash is still
6:57 am
being investigated. he played four seasons with the royals. and even played in two world series. meantime, about 50 miles away, former major league infielder andy marte was killed in a separate car accident. his car veered off the road and rammed into a house. he last played for arizona back in 2014. he also played for the braves and the indians mitch was only 33 years old. >> well, we're coming up on our 7:00 hour now, and there are dangerous conditions up in the sierra with all of the snow they have received. the overnight affordable care act that has two drivers feeling lucky to be alive. >> plus we have to show you some storm damage. would you look at this? this was in lafayette. someone is checking for their car right now. a big tree slammed down on to several car nhl lafayette. we'll tell you more about that. >> and it's still wet out there.
6:58 am
it's not raining in? areas, but you're still going to have to deal with a wet commute as you look at the pay bridge toll plaza, there is quite a backup. >> and it is raining in other areas, and that's what we're going to have over the next couple of days. could be some brief, heavy downpours, and lines of thunderstorms possible today and tomorrow.
6:59 am
7:00 am
president trump donald trump gets to work today as we kick off the full work week for the new administration. we'll take a look at the controversy getting attention. this and more as mornings on two continue. another soggy day, taking a look at sfo already delays to report. 19 of them this morning as we're keeping an eye on air travel and three cancellations at sfo alone due to weather in the bay area or other parts of the country. we're keeping an eye on air travel on the roads. it's tricky. >> call ahead to t


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