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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  January 23, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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as a candidate trump plans to slash social programs and people are worried programs that help the homeless could be a target. today at 9:00, president trump gets to work. >> we're going to make america greater than ever before. . >> and ts a record year in the sierra. checking in with coop as the resorts get hit with 72 inches in 72 hours. plus, we take a look at the bay area's role in the most popular movies of all-time. a monday morning during which we are already looking forward to the weekend at least weather wise. we have been through it these past few weeks when it comes to storms and rain and wind. >> thunder and lightning. >> everything. we have seen it but thankfully the wicked weather should be
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okay. >> can you imagine a week and sunny weekend. >> i don't know what to do with myself. >> what about the future chief of san francisco coming from sunny la. william scott in here. >> we usually have better weather than this. >> you're getting a ton of rain in the south as well. los angeles and all over california, weather wise it's clearing up. first, let's follow breaking news we have been reporting. vallejo police are investigating a deadly officer involved shooting. investigators say it happened shortly after midnight while officers were responding a large party on sacramento street. officers were forced to shoot a 21-year old suspect threatening someone else with a knife. we have our alex savage heading to the scene. we'll bring him in for a live report at 9:30. massive clean up efforts underway to clear a 150-foot tall eucalyptus tree that fell in the east bay.
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allie rasmus is there with more on the time line when the tree will be cut up and taken away. >> reporter: they expect it will take several days to get through this. we're in lafayette in the parking lot of the restaurant near downtown lafayette and look at the mess. you can see some of the branches have been sawed off and the tree trimming service got here an hour ago and they have made quite a bit of progress since this. they had to take a break. take a look at the back of the truck. it's almost full and still a lot more tree branches to go through. one worker estimates they will probably fill oup 3464 truckloads like this by the end of the day -- -- fill up. during the heavy rain around 5:00 this eucalyptus tree that stood 150 feet tall came tumbling down in the parking lot. several cars were crushed. you could see the cars a short time ago when they cleared the branches. the base of the tree is 15 feet
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wide. earlier this morning when crews arrived we asked them how they would clear it up and how long it would take. >> we'll try to get most of the brush off first and work our way back with the wood and try to clear upmost of the cars and it will take us a while to do this. >> the estimate we heard was two days. do you think it will be longer? >> much longer probably. >> a week maybe? >> hopefully we'll try to get it done by thursday. >> you can see back out here live, they have made progress. about an hour ago we couldn't see the silver sufficient off to the right. -- -- suv. it was covered with branchs and leaves and totally invisible from the street. they have cleared the brush but again, you don't hear the tree trimmer going because they're taking a break. one of the workers said that this bin is almost full of mulch and they're probably going to go through 3-4
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truckloads of mulch and debris by the end of the day. a lot of work ahead but the good news is nobody was hurt. amazing when this tree came down, nobody was hurt. back to you guys. search crews starting to assemble nile canyon in fremont. >> they may go into the water to recover the body of an 18- year old woman who drove off the road into the creek during storms. >> live from niels canyon this morning to explain more -- -- niles. >> reporter: we just saw firefighters drive by here on niles canyon road. their swift water rescue team is out here and they're helping assess the situation. mrair planning on getting in the water today. we saw their boat but because of the water current level that may not happen. -- -- they're. firefighters are meeting here at 10:00 a.m. to see if it's safe to send divers into the water to conduct a recovery effort.
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they're looking for a silver honda and the body of the driver. on saturday morning an 18-year old woman was driving on niles canyon when she lost control and went over the double yellow lines and hit another car. right now the sheriff's office doesn't know where along the creek the car or the driver is. it wasn't safe for divers to go into the creek yesterday because of the water current. it was too strong and the creek level was too high. that's what's measured this morning by the alameda water district. they say really their biggest risk today even though they're worried about the water current -- they're worried about the tree branches and debris that may be flowing in the creek. if there's a diver that's underneath the water, one of the branches just might knock them out. so they're really going to have to assess the situation and hopefully we will know more in the next hour. back to you. >> thank you janine. president trump begins his
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first work week in office today with a busy schedule and aggressive agenda. lauren has more this morning from washington. >> reporter: president trump meeting with business leaders this morning at the white house reiterating his promise to cut taxes and regulations while repeating his campaign threat to impose a tax on u.s. companies that move manufacturing overseas yet sell their products domestically. >> we want to start making products again. we want to make them here. >> a busy week in the white house. in addition to this morning's meeting with business executives he's also sitting down with union leaders. meanwhile, the white house is preparing for the president's first visit by a foreign leader. britain's prime minister teresa may on friday. the senate is likely to confirm two top cabinet nominees, rex tillerson for secretary of state and mike pompeo as cia director. >> this was the largest audience to witness an
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inauguration period. >> reporter: but one member of the president's inner circle coming under fire one day into the job. shawn spicer scolded reporters who rightfully noted this year's inauguration had significant smaller turn out than president obama's in 20009. a simple side by side comparison of photos showed the white house's claim is false. >> the press is going to fact check the press secretary. so don't use a fact unless you're 100% certain you have it nailed down. already this morning president trump has signed a memorandum that freezes hires for federal workers and also stated a ban on groups that perform abortions as options. he did s going to leave the pacific rim deal known as the trans pacific partnership.
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>> joining us this morning, brie i don't know andrews, he looks like he's getting right to it. >> this guy by all accounts is a work aalcoholic and he's got a lot on his agenda and he made promises about the first 100 days to executive recorders and rolling back some things. we're going to i think see a flurry of activity. >> this morning, real quick sal, he met with business leaders. like lockheed martin and he threatened the border tax on them. would he follow through with that? >> well, part of a negotiation is that you threaten in a nice way and certain consequences will occur if you don't play ball. trump's an expert at that. so he brought in these executives and will continue to bring them in and make that kind of threat. >> over the weekend a lot of
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people talked about the add ver ver ver israeli tone shawn spicer took to the media with the crowd size. what does this say about the way the administration is treating the press? >> i think he got off to a bad start with the media. they are going to apparently a media conference later today, maybe that begins the process of kind of taking down the rhetoric a bit. but it was this back and forth -- everybody has to just i think chill a little bit. >> was that shawn spicer or president trump? >> well, spicer is delivering the president's message so. >> i think what he's saying is was shawn told to read that statement? >> sure. >> it could have been trump wrote it. >> i don't know if he wrote it. but it's the attitude in there about this problem between the media and the president.
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and frankly, as events stars start unfolding they're going to have less time to worry about the color of the curtains and which bust is in the oval office. there's much more important issues to address. frankly those of us in the media have to do a better job too. the issues have to be raised. nobody cares whether winston churchill's bust is in the oval office. we do care whether we have security internationally and taking care of business in the united states in this case it was dr. king. >> right. >> you remember the story came out that the bust had been removed. it hasn't. that's the kind of stuff where trump says you're doing that on purpose and people all the way around have to be more accurate. >> his argument is an obsession by the media to delegitimize the president. does he have a case? >> i think he does. the media continues to cover --
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it's a balancing act -- but this idea that let's go out and cover the impeachment effort. really? there's been 400 efforts to impeach presidents every term. why is this becoming more important than anything else? it's because the country is split right down the middle and there's a lot of people who haven't gotten over the fact that the president is donald trump. i get it. but at a certain point he has to be allowed to govern and then we'll judge him on how he does. that's the important thing. >> his inaugural address -- american carnage littered like tombstones. that's a negative stone. do you expect it to change? >> i hope so. the inaugural was a visit to his campaign rhetoric. it had no soaring rhetoric, nothing that gave anybody real hope until really the final stanza and last few lines where he rose.
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but much of that address i thought there were opportunities missed to talk about the promise of america. >> but he was taking to his base. >> right and he was talking to a lot of people who don't feel good about government. that's actually a lot of bernie sanders supporters and other people, they don't think government works for them and washington is the problem. >> is donald trump going to switch out of campaign mode and get into presidential mode? he is not campaigning anymore he is the president. he's got the job. >> somebody needs to keep reminding him mr. president, you are the president. . >> who has the power or the ear of the president to do that? contra costa? kelly an conway? ? >> his son-in-laws, yes. but the rudy giuliani and other
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people need to keep working him and saying hey, it's okay, you got the job. another big story was the remarks in front of the cia. he was criticized for again bringing up the media. >> using that venue to say what he did in front of the wall. >> what are your thoughts on that? >> again, you would love to be a fly on the wall when they're discussing here's what you're going to say and here's the backdrop. all of that is decided before anybody speaks as you all know. so he went through to say to the cia i'm really your friend but it veered off again. so what we hope to see over time is he understands the venue he's in and has remarks appropriate to the venue and people. now, it's also true that presidents have trouble with the intelligence community. probably only george herbert bush would run the cia and have
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this special relationship. everybody else has had issues with the intelligence coming out of the various agencies. >> thanks for joining us here. our question this morning is what do you want to see president trump do during his first 100 days in office? on twitter we see reject the dismantling of the affordable care act. 0. >> we have seen a couple of these twitter accounts resigning -- i'll just resign a couple. >> we're seeing your responses throughout the day. we'll share them here with you at 9:30. a sink hole that's rather large has opened on highway 13 southbound north of broadway terrace. you can see it here and they put a code down. they had to keep people off of it.
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no word on when they will fix it. it's causing a big traffic jam. coming up next, breaking records in the sierras. snow continues to fall. up next, we check in with coop on the conditions at the resorts. with the xfinity tv app,
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all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. snow is piling up so high it's reaching to freeway overpasses that has led to several highway closures. strong winds also in areas. several ski resorts shutting down. if you're planning a trip to the sierra chains are still required. let's check in now live with kevin coop, senior communications manager for vail resorts.
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i'm getting word you're at your home in south shore because the roads are all closed. >> oh no, his audio is not working. >> 36 inches in the last 24 hours. 66 inches since 72 hours. 97 inches for the seven-day total. >> coop, is too much of a good thing? if people can't get there or the resorts are closed, they're not getting the money so maybe a little let up would be something that you would want? >> oh no, i think we lost him. if we bring coop back, we will. a good point because a lot of people hearing the roads are close #d are deciding not to go -- -- closed. we made the plans a month ago. we should be okay but i've heard stories of people being stuck for hours. >> yeah, towards tahoe city
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there's an avalanche there. >> when we talk to steve we'll see if it's settling down out there. look who's back, are you with us coop? >> yeah, sorry about that. >> just grabbing a cup of joe. >> for sure. >> before we left i was asking you if too much snow is too much of a good thing. resorts are closed and people can't get there, do you want a break so people can come up? >> that's a great question. you know what? at times there's too much. state route 88 is opening up. as you know, a high avalanche danger but what we're doing is getting mother nature giving us a break and it's setting up this weekend to be amazing. we are at 168% normal precipitation for the month of january and that's a snow pack total now.
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so that is unbelievable for this day in california. a nice break into the weekend setting up february and march to be great skiing and riding. it's interesting. i'm here and you can't believe how much snow is out here right now. it's crazy. on top of my house, it's been absolutely -- there's more snow than i've ever seen out here, it's crazy. >> and you're in short sleeves? >> i got the hawaiian shirt on today. >> what about june? just based on what we have seen in january, i know there's february and march to go here. >> sugar bowl i was looking at their numbers, 445 inches today. that is five inches less than the season total last year. so what we're looking at is definitely way into april and may and june. squall valley said if they're
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staying open into july. if we get a normal february and march and nice strong april, it's going to be amazing. take your time, don't come up today. let cal trans clear the roads. come up this week because it's going to be good. it's going to be deep and good. >> nice. >> awesome. coop is living the dream. coming up here on mornings on two, a big day in san francisco. the new police chief is sworn into office this afternoon. the biggest challenge he's facing. a lesson in kindness, how students here in the bay area helping the lives of other school children half a world away.
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two dow jones is down by 73 points. some students celebrating a new accomplishment they helped make happen in india.
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>> they came up with a way to help students their age who live half a world away and can't wait to do it again. >> ken williams has more on this story. >> reporter: the students at spring hill school in petaluma aren't much different than other kids. >> they're hungry to learn about who is out there and what are children like in china and other parts of the world. when you tell them stories they start to realize what they have and they start to think outside of themselves. >> gene hicks told her students about the school she started in the slums of india and how she was planning to return over the holidays to check on things. that sparked class discussion about the simple needs of kids just like them. >> they didn't have many materials. each one baefkly had one pencil and a book -- -- basically. >> reporter: his family is from india and he's been there many times.
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the seeds of the idea germinated. >> it made me think they should have the same things we do. they're the same except they live in a poorer country. >> reporter: but the students themselves paid for medical and dental check ups that most of them haven't had. >> it's unfair that we get such good lives and they don't. >> spring hill students tend to their own garden and thought maybe the students in india would want to grow their own food and flowers. the seed bank donated pacts of seed suitable for the climate in india. >> it's about getting kids and the community together and helping this movement of growing your own food along as best we can. >> with fundraising complete and donations gathered, half a dozen spring hill teachers and parents along with nishan travel to the school to deliver $2,000 so all 86 students can get check ups. they not only donated the seeds
9:26 am
but they helped plant them. >> everybody laid their own brick and dumped the soil and helped remove trash from the dirt and just helped to make this space beautiful for themselves. >> i feel good about it. i feel like we were helping people that probably don't have as good as legs as us and we should all have the same stuff. >> maybe we can keep helping them. maybe we can help them even more. >> their teacher says this is a learning experience for students on both sides of the world. >> there are children in the slums learning english. they have a wonderful curriculum and uniforms which they're so proud of. >> it makes me think more about how i have this life and how other people don't have the best so it makes me stop wanting more. >> ken wayne, fox two news. coming up on mornings on two at nine.
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>> a show for support for president trump. one man's large reason for a large tattoo front and center on his body. we're learning more this morning about a police shooting that happened in vallejo early this morning that left a 21- year old man dead. we'll tell you what police say the man was holding in his hand when he was shot and killed. ?q
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following up on breaking news we brought you earlier on mornings on two, a 21-year old man is dead after being shot by veterans day lay ho police early this morning. the man was attacking a teenager with a knife -- -- vallejo police. good morning, police say the man who was shot and killed early this morning here in vallejo was holding a knife and threatening a 16-year old boy
9:30 am
who he had pinned down on the ground. this was outside of a house opt onthe 1700-block of sacramento street. one police officer opened fire on the man with the knife. the 21-year old man was hit several times and died at the scene. the shooting happened after 12:30 this morning. police were equalled after reports of a large party. several people called 911 to report people with weapons fighting outside of this home. neighbors we're talking to this morning tell us they did hear the party going on and one man heard the gun fire. . >> i hear a shooting. like a clear shooting only. that's it. and the cops came.
9:31 am
>> now vallejo police officers got here within a couple minutes after getting the reports. they say right away officers spotted the man with the knife attacking the 16-year old boy. the boy was on his back and on the ground and that again is what police say prompted this deadly shooting here this morning by one officer who opened fire. this is now being investigated jointly by the vallejo police department and district attorney office. we have reached out to the vallejo police department and their spokes person to get more information on this case. we are still waiting to hear back. back to you guys were now. >> alex savage live in vallejo, thank you. our question of the day is what do you want the president to accomplish in his first 100 days in office? he's assigned an order to withdraw from the trans pacific
9:32 am
trade deal. what are you guys seeing? >> debbie walsh rye walsh writes, "i would like for the president to show his tax returns in the first 100 100 days." keep talking to us on twitter and facebook. . back now to a big story for the past 3-4 weeks -- rain and storms. you're telling me by the weekend we should be okay? >> yes, i think rain returns early in february. >> wow. >> i do. >> all right. >> as you know, march can be a critical month. snow reports here, a couple coming in on low elevations in the santa cruz mountains. reports showing in the livermore hills. now it's confirmed snow on loma looking west. people are sending impages of
9:33 am
that. that's low and also coming in from snowing on the south livermore hills -- -- images. you can see that from livermore mountain. mount hamilton has a lot of snow. looks like things are calming down but still more rotating through. you can see right here over loma pieta. that was their brief snow. a good line of storms moving through. also snow up in mendocino and lake county. a lot of that turning. cobb has had snow as well. from north to south, getting low snow levels. the line of thunderstorms going through the peninsula started in pacifica and daly city and went over well mont. things have calmed down over fremont. weakened considerably but many lines to go through. fremont still getting rain and even into the santa cruz mountains, there's isolated cells there.
9:34 am
morgan hill, it won't stop raining there. it keeps raining for some. many numerous cells embedded within the flow coming down. very cold here. 40s for temps even at the 9:00 hour. look at glenn allen and kelseyville, they're in the upper 30s so this is a really cold air mass. that low sliding in could give us low snow levels along with severe weather today. funnel clouds would not surprise me out in the valley. look at that line forming swinging in later tonight and tomorrow. the evening commute could be in for a rough go again. we'll keep this going tuesday. one more system late thursday. there's our break. a ton of fog but we'll take the dry and go from there. >> how long is the break? >> there's some hints of rain around february 1st. maybe 5-7 days at the most. it's been my experience when it's a dry air you get one system coming in and building back in for a month. a wet year and it comes right
9:35 am
back. >> i wonder what phil is thinking in early february? six more weeks of winter? >> we have seen miracle marches. not sure if we want to see that this time. for more on other headlines, let's go to dave clark in the newsroom. here are some of the other top stories. san francisco's new police chief is sworn in today. 52 year old william scott is the new chief. he spent 25 years with the los angeles police department as an officer and commander. he told the chronicle his biggest challenge is earning the trust of the rank in file officers as an outsider. he's only the third police chief hired from outside the san francisco police department in 167 years. scott replaces chief greg sur who resigned last year after several controversial officer involved shootings. the trial of three santa
9:36 am
clara guards accused of killing a mentally ill inmate will begin today. prosecutors say the men fatally beat an inmate last august. the guards are also accused of beating another inmate at the main county jail in san jose. the accused jail guards are on leave now from the sheriff's office and have pled not guilty. the trial may last as long as four months. daly city police want your help in identifying this man accused of holding up a restaurant. these camera images of the suspect were released after the restaurant was robbed ten days ago. police say this man stole a big box from amazon before the restaurant opened and was last seen wearing a black jacket with the words "security" on the back. he was also wearing a uc berkeley cap. those are some of your morning headlines from our newsroom.
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mike and sal, back to you. samsung has announced the cause of the battery problem in its samsung galaxy. the problems caused new phones to catch fire and forced the recall of more than 3 million phones. samsung blames a design fall. they estimate the problem will cost the company more than 5 billion dollars. . sierra nevada brewing says the recall applies to their beer in the midwest. california is not included. the brie ri says a limited number of bottles may have a problem that could cause a small piece of glass to break off and fall into the bottle after its opened. they were packaged in north carolina in december and january. bart will begin offering guaranteed parking spaces to people who car pool to the dublin pleasanton station. this program was funded by a federal grant and part of the
9:38 am
new partnership between bart and an app called scoop. it helps match people with car pool drivers. riders will be guaranteed a parking spot until 10:00 every day. movie awards seasons and these next ones didn't win major awards but hold a special place in the minds of bay area history buffs. we took a look at how movies are made in the bay area in our virtual time capsule. . >> reporter: if you want to see how san francisco has changed since the 1970s look no further than the dirty harry movies starring clint eastwood. the director seem to want to make the most out of the seenic views including the bridges. some directors go for the obvious. >> the los angeles film schools actually teach students to shoot the painted ladies, the cable car, the golden gate
9:39 am
bridge and make sure you get a cable car bell in a place where no cable cars go but some movie productions have stayed away from the golden gate bridge and cable cars. this scene looks like real san francisco with fog and a cold ocean beach. it's featured in woody allen's 2013 movie, "blue jasmine". >> when a director comes here it's lake a playground for them. they will come and use san francisco to the fullest. every scene you have hills and weather fluctuation. you can add to your film if you come and shoot here. >> san francisco chronicle writer has kept track of the major hollywood movies made here. he said from classics like "vertigo" to movies that would never be called classics, many locals watch them anyway over and over again. in a recent poll in the chronicles readers voted mrs.
9:40 am
doubt fire the best comedy movie shot in san francisco. scenes were also shot here right at ktvu. this scene from "the god father" in ross because he thought it could pass for an east coast suburb. raiders of the lost arc wasn't supposed to be in san francisco but he thought he could get away with it looking like washington d.c. >> one of the most iconic scene started here on columbus as the cars made a left on to chestnut street. "bullet" and "dirty harry" are the two pillars of movies where you look around and see all kinds of neighborhoods that are not the ones you see in the film today -- not the table car
9:41 am
and telegraph hill. >> this this movie you can see how different the market looks. in the movie american graffiti, george lucas uses the diner which is now long gone. locals say they use these films to remind them of how things have changed. >> to reminisce and see what's its like when we were kids again. that's what i do. >> kind of like a time capsule because not only the movies but i mean, the streets of san francisco, they run that still and i look down and i'm like wow, skyline is a lot different. >> right. >> people watch these movies over and over again not because they're great but because they can see our city. >> when i see a new movie come out and the scenes of the city i get more excited to go see it probably because it's based here, the bay area. >> i love it. she's a beauty.
9:42 am
coming up on mornings on 2, inspired by the weekend marches bruce springsteen gets political while on tour. the pledge for him and his band for the next four years. some people are viewing america as a nation divided. the call for acceptance and kindness as we move forward. i can show you the world
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shining, shimmering, splendid tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide a whole new world welcome to aulani it's hawaii with a touch of disney magic. for special offers visit or call your travel agent
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directv now! the f[ now echos ]s now. 'now' does not mean now. 'future' is a relative term. nfl sunday ticket, red zone and the nfl network are not included. cbs and showtime, again, not included. most live local stations only available in select markets - fingers crossed. streaming to more than two devices at once is a subject we'd rather not talk about. dvr and downloading on the go, yeah, good luck with that. all other terms and frustrations apply. so why wait? call now. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. choose xfinity and get more to stream to any screen. womens were held owl over the country and world including here in the bay area. more than half a million descended on washington d.c.. protestors are worried the trump administration will roll back progress on equal pay for women.
9:45 am
president trump went to twitter reacting to the marches sunday morning. a couple howevers later the president added more. -- -- hours. . >> rock star bruce string steen had something to say -- -- springsteen. he spoke to reporters in australia. >> our hearts and spirits are with the millions of people that marched yesterday. the east street band, we're part of the new retans. >> he says he supported hillary clinton and his bands line up of songs have been influenced by the presidential campaign and the election of donald trump. at the other end, here's a man that went to extreme to sho support for trump.
9:46 am
he had his name tattooed on his neck. he wanted to get the tattoo somewhere people could see it. he believes donald trump is the best president the country has ever had. the 2016 presidential race was one of the most divisive we have ever seen. >> it's more important than ever to exercise acts of patience, acceptance and kindness. joining us this morning is jill, international speaker and author of profit of kindness. good morning, welcome. >> good to be here, thank you. >> let's talk about the word kindness. i read that you wrote once kindness does not mean weakness as some may interpret. >> to be kind a strength. whether you agree with the person you're speaking with but practicing kindness is essential today as we have been seeing. >> so many people think you wh you start a business you have to get out there and swim with the sharks.
9:47 am
we have heard that term and you like it to being a dog eat dog world. that's not the way it has to be. >> it's not. companies are spending millions of dollars on new campaigns for kindness. kleenex just did a big piece. people and major companies are showing kindness works in business and creates more revenues and makes more profit. >> if we can think on the individual level, let's say i'm looking for a job or a better job. how do you advise someone like me to interact with this world that is so impersonal -- the online resumes and a thousand people applying for this one spot, how can being nice set me apart? interestingly enough, the nice does win. as one would see when you're making calls and going to company interviews when you're the one who is practicing kindness and you're the one who is showing up as one who wants to be the nice person, you are
9:48 am
remembered and interestingly enough the focus is on that person -- you remember that person because they were nice. that wins. i say let's stop practicing random acts of keendness. let's prek practice acts of kindness. >> of course as a father i teach my children kindness all the time. i've never run my own company but i would go the other way. i feel like if you're tighter and you got the eye of the tiger you're going the succeed because you're running a company and you want to be successful for your employees too, are you throwing that out the door? because in relationships when a girl would say you're so kind -- well, it's just not going to work. that could work in business. you guys are so nice but you're not making me money. i feel like you could lose in
9:49 am
that way as well-being too kind. >> interestingly enough employees who are happy and being treated kindly, the company is making more money. the companies i've been consulting with have me in to create more teams and more people who are interactive and excellent to each other inside the company. >> so within the company but not necessarily the people they want to sell a product to or looking to. >> it starts in the company and moves outward, right? so hence the profit of kindness. we were interviewing tons of kind companies -- like kleenex and mcdonald's and air bnb. >> who are turning huge profits. >> yes, and people are buying them because the employees are so happy inside the company that everyone who deals with the company buying products from the company feels that and it works outwards. >> employees being happy where they are is a money safer because you don't want to have to replace me because that job
9:50 am
search is extensive and expensive and difficult. so i think when companies realize they have good people and want to keep them, that's a benefit for everybody. >> huge, absolutely. kindness works. you don't have to agree on all aspects but it's a new form of respect and as a time to be more kind more than ever. >> do you find this is replacing -- is there a problem we're fixing or is this just something new and positive? >> i think it's always been around. the golden rule we were all taught -- i think it's time to come back to it particularly of what's happening in our world now. that kindness is the new remedy for what's been happening. companies are picking up on and campaigns on it and watching commercials about it. it's in the public domain now and the good news is it's all over the place. >> wouldn't it be nice to see elected leaders be kind. during this campaign it wasn't always kind.
9:51 am
a lot of us are looking up at those who run for office and starts there and can trickle down to companies and us as individuals. >> that's the point. we have gotten divided and it's time to bring us back. the more we practice in that every day simple thing like smiling at others as you cross the street and opening the doors -- the woman with the stroller -- get in front of her and open the door. >> and the woman with the stroller -- i appreciate that. >> even if you don't veterans day stroller i'll open the door for you. being kind is the right thing to do. >> thank you for joining us this morning. thank you. coming up here on mornings on 2, 2 teams have been determined who is going to the super bowl -- the patriots and falcons. next highlights from this weekend's championship game. ?q
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9:54 am
. the golden state warriors remain the hottest team in professional basketball. yesterday they dismantled the orlando magic 198-98. they led the mar yours to victory, steph curry scoring 27 points. the warriors face the heat tonight. it was a weird game on at 9:00 a.m. pacific time on a sunday morning. that's not usual. nice to watch the warriors do that for the magic. >> very nice. the stage is now set for super bowl li in houston.
9:55 am
tom brady broke his record when new england beat the steelers 36-17 to win the afc championship. he passed for three touchdowns and missed the first four of the season for being suspended now he's headed to his record setting 7th super bowl. 0. >> bars in boston really across new england erupted in cheers following the victory. many people were saying, "where is roger"? before and after the game. he hasn't been to the field sense suspended tom brady last year. yesterday the falcons took down the green bay packers 44- 21. matt ryan through for four touchdowns in the victory. this is atlanta's second trip to the super bowl. the falcons have never won it though. .
9:56 am
>> we also know who is singing the national anthem at this year's super bowl. luke brian announced on twitter he will be singing the national anthem to open up. -- -- bryan. he will be joining lady gaga in the line up. she's the half time show performer and we're told she's performing without any other guests. >> think she can do it? >> i'm sure she can. she nailed the national anthem. watch intould on here from the comfort on your own couch -- -- super bowl li. before we go, big news for star wars fans. just this morning disney announced that the name of the 8th movie will be called skt ed star wars: the last jedi" a little concerning. maybe it's not i don't know. disney throwing a curve ball on
9:57 am
a personal note. before we leave, i want to say a happy birthday to our producer here on the nine, chelsea plumber. i've been with her since the weekend morning show and we moved together when we launched the nine. i won't say how old you are. we appreciate all your hard work. >> we love you, chelsea. >> i'll give you a ten second countdown. happy birthday, chelsea. see you back here tomorrow.
9:58 am
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? we don't judge. but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. >> now, here's wendy! >> wendy: thank you so


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