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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  January 24, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PST

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after being hit by storms and deadly floods. the decision by governor brown and the latest on the damage as mornings on 2 begins. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's tuesday 24th. i'm pam cook. >> it was dry coming in. >> it was. >> i'm dave clark. >> steve busy working in his office. good morning. almost there. almost. >> almost. >> almost. >> there is still a little bit. the low is going along the coast. closer to the coast. there is still showers and pop ups especially around santa cruz. you can see the line. there is not a lot but there is the core as it lifts. you can see from south to north. taking aim at point reyes and over parts of the coast. south san francisco and there you can see cells around santa cruz, watsonville and monterey
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bay. looks like they are washing out a little. the low will continue to work south. it's a cold one out there. 36 in livermore. brentwood 39. wasn't for the cloud cover it would be colder into nevado. kelseyville is 37. low 40s for here. napa at 41. get out so you can see that. once it heads down south. late morning, early afternoon we will be on the dryer side and will start to see improvement. will be a cool day. scattered showers closer to the coast. after this system goes through we will see the improving conditions. mainly dry but for some showers. 50s on the temperatures. still cool here. all right. it's 4:01. good morning. >> good morning. >> we have traffic that's out there. it's a little wet and we have a couple things going on. for the most part right now it's off to a good start. when it comes to the tracy drive already a bit of slow traffic on the pass as you
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drive through. you can see it right here. westbound on 580 as you come over the hill. a little patch of slow traffic. once you get into the main part of livermore it doesn't look bad. no major problems here. looking at a drive here on interstate 880 north and southbound. traffic here is moving nicely. and this morning's drive at the bay bridge toll plaza is light so far. let's go back to the desk. investigators in berkeley are trying to solve the death of two people and two cats inside an apartment building. the bodies were found in the apartment at 1:00 yesterday afternoon on deacon street off ashby near telegraph. authorities evacuated the building and called a hazmat team. tests came back negative. homicide detectives searched the apartment but found in forced entry and no signs of trauma on the bodies.
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officers made the find after someone who knew the people called police to check on them. one of the building owners said that all four apartments in the building aree equipped with smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. the deaths have shocked the neighborhood. >> we walk by it eve morn -- every morning on the way to work. it seems like young people and families in this area. >> the coroner is preforming autopsies on the two people who were found dead inside. the medical examiner working to confirm the identities of the victims but we are told they were in there 30s. a 16-year-old was shot and killed last night just outside the haywood city limits. it may have been a drive by. several shots are were fired less than a mile from haywood city hall. the teen was pronounced dead at
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the scene. there are no suspects or arrests. there is a new legal development in the warehouse fire that killed 36 people. attorneys for the manager said there is evidence that the deadly fire didn't start inside the building. lawyers released the 11 page report saying it was caused by a electrical problem at a building next door. they say it would mean their client isn't responsible. the city of oakland said its working with federal investigators looking for the cause but won't comment further on the report. city officials are also commenting on a another building. they say the owners of a build in the fruitvale district are violating city laws. they have taken action against the owners of the 30 unit building at 1620 fruitvale avenue. and the city said there are problems there. some told investigators that they slept in a closet and on
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the kitchen floor for more than a year to avoid being bitten by bed bugs. others say there is no heat or working smoke alarms. the owners have been cited for sewa ge back ups, broken windows and door locks. the city giving them 40 days to fix it. most of california is now under a state of emergency because of damage caused by storms and flooding. 50 of the 58 counties are in the emergency including all nine bay area counties. it can help local governments get money to help clean up and repair the damage caused by the storms. cal trans still working to repair a sink hole on highway 13 in the oakland hills. this was caused by a drainage pipe. it run under the k between highway 24 and 13. a chp officer trying to get attention started calling the
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sink hole by the name of steve. its been given status updates as well. now only one lane is open on the southbound side between broadway terrace and hillard. cal trans hopes to finish repairing it in time for tonight's drive. a lot of that depends on how quickly the ground dries out so that permanent repairs can be made. also there is a problem on a normally busy north bay route that is still -- the repair work continues this morning. highway 37 between atherton and highway 101 is still shut down. the second time this month flooding has closed that part of the road. officials say the king tides predicted for the next few days may make it worse and the chp can't predict when the lanes will clear. tree trimmer also s will be back at work to try remove a huge tree that fell in downtown lafayette. we were showing you the scene
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yesterday as well on mornings on 2. the 150-foot tall tree fell during sunday a storm next to a restaurant. nobody was hurt but at least five cars in the parking lot were crushed. one woman was checking on her car she just bought. >> i can get another car. as long as nobody was hurt. everybody had just gone inside. a lot of people could have been hurt. >> the tree trimmers say it could take days to cut up the tree and get did out it out of there. the governor will give his state of the state address this morning at ten. it is due to start at ten. we will stream the remarks on and also through the mobile app. just before his state of the state address the governor will swear in congressman basara as
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the new attorney general. he is a graduate of stanford law school. he was the california deputy general before he entered politics. he will be the first latino attorney general. a new survey shows americans worried about rising interest rates after the hike last month by the federal reserve. >> people are worried about what the higher rates may do to the stock market and about the impact it may have on their personal financial situation that -- such as paying more interest or having their monthly payments go up. >> the bank survey found that 49% of americans say they are concerned about rising interest rates. the reserve has indicated that it could raise interest rates three times this year. a search goes on for the 18- year-old who plunged in to alameda creek over the weekend. why crews still haven't been able to get to the car even though they know where it is.
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>> and it's another busy day in washington for president trump. up next the business leaders invited to the white house this morning and what we are hearing about his supreme court pick. >> good morning. he we we are still seeing wet roads. 80 westbound doesn't look back as you drive through the maze. >> almost done. there will be some morning hit and miss showers north bayh long the coast. overall we are looking for improving conditions. over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today.
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. welcome back. san francisco police look for two people who beat and robbed a 61-year-old woman inside her home. it happened on laguna at 11:00 friday night. the woman heard a knock. when she answered a man and woman pushed inside. the suspects then hit her, one held her down with her cane while the other ransacked the home. the woman was taken to the hospital. she is expected to be okay. no word on what the suspects took from the home. the president has another packed schedule at the white house today. he is meeting with car makers and also signing another executive order. >> however many of his cabinet nominees are stalled on capitol hill. we have that story from washington. >> reporter: what a contrast between the white house and here on capitol hill. progress on cabinet nominees
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has slowed to a crawl. the white house though has been a flurry of activity. it was a whirlwind for the president. meetings with business leaders, and congressional leaders and there were executive orders. among them freezing the federal work force and pulling the united states out of the transpacific partnership. the trade deal struck by president obama. >> great thing for the american worker when we just did. >> reporter: at a reception for congressional leaders the president may have raised eyebrows. the ap said he claimed that illegal immigrants may have cost him millions of votes back in november. >> i take this obligation without mental reservation. >> reporter: his cabinet nominees are making some headway. one sworn in as cia director and his new press secretary tried to tone down the relationship with the media adding that the administration could select a supreme court nominee with in the next week or so to replace justice
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scalia. some speculation around judge neil gorsuch. >> he would be producing exactly what we said he would produce, a younger version of scalia. >> reporter: that could be a real battle ahead though. democrats still angry that republicans wouldn't allow obama to make the pick. in washington. fox news. >> all right. there is a new discussion and debate in washington over if the president's tweets shall -- if he deletes them they should we saved. he tweeted that he was honored to seven as president. the word honored was misspelled. look at it. it was first corrected then deleted. the national archive said it considers his tweeters presidential records that need to be saved for history but
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it's not decided the status of a deleted one.. >> new ground. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. it was serious. >> that's right. right now we do have traffic that is doing okay. if you are driving around. i'm looking at the gilroy drive. we watch it here pam and favorite. it doesn't look bad. it looks good driving in through morgan hill and up through the san jose area. we are looking at highway 17 for you and so far okay here on 17 as you drive from scotch valley into the silicon valley. let's move along and look at the san mateo bridge. westbound 92 traffic not bad. heading out to the high-rise and over to 101. it's dry and there are not a lot of people there. good conditions for you to cross the bridge. let's go to steve.
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we are almost done here. still the low is parallel to the the coast. closer to the coast and currently this morning. favoring the north bay. there is still rain in there and thunderstorms can pop up. yesterday was quite the day. especially around san jose for some. there were -- many reports, hail on blossom hill. that was yesterday. have lived here 50 years and this is the second time i can remember it hailing. many reports. hail at pleasure point. santa cruz into berkeley. it was quite the day. the system is slowly working down the coast and as -- when it gets to about this afternoon it'll be far enough south to take the showers and send them south. there is still a few in the mix. off santa cruz. some of these kind of flirting with just around the coast. doesn't look like they are moving inland yet. you can see the low wrapping up. right over us we would have more issues. because it's off the coast that helps. it bows closer to the coast and inland we are getting shower
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activity. also up toward chico. thunderstorms. not complete thely out of the mix yet. 40s for some. 30s for others. livermore 36. brentwood 39. if it wasn't for the cloud cover it would be colder to the north. upper 30s. lafayette, danville 36. there are many cold read uppings showing up here. if you have any clearing that cold air filters in. an easterly breeze has decided to return. northerly breeze that's a good sign for some. you will start to scour things out. north at napa airport. the low is packing its bags and heading south. before it does we will have to keep some rain in the mix. more favorable coast or bay. you get a good look at how big this circulation is. it goes up into montana and salt lake city. it's on its way to southern california and the four corners. another day of temperatures on the cool side. at least we will get some sun today. little more sun.
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few clouds, showers, by tonight it'll be south and mostly sunny. one weak system on thursday and but for fog the weekend looks good. >> that doesn't sound bad. >> yeah. >> thank you. they found more bodies in central italy where an avalanche covered a mountain resort. coming up the latest on the search for possible survivors. >> we were definitely in a position where -- a need of a miracle. this is one. >> it was move in day for homeless families in marin who now have permanent housing. coming up the new found hope that comes with their new home.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. divers have recovered a woman's body after her car went in to the squabbing river a week ago. the 28-year-old of bay point was on her way to visit her sister in sacramento when her car veered off highway 160. divers couldn't recover her until saturday because it was to dangerous. in marin there is been a turning point for five family who were homeless. now they are in an apartment. >> we have more to show you how oma village came to be. >> reporter: making dinner is one of the things she missed. for two years moving among
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friends and relatives, motels and shelters. with two daughters its been hard. >> siting to say -- go in your room and go play with your toys. >> reporter: now the family is unpacking in a two bedroom, two bath unit. affordable for this coach and college student. >> without this we didn't know where we were going. we stayed in the shelter for six months but were still looking. couldn't find anything. >> now that she was a home she gets to go to it. it's exciting because this is her first home. >> reporter: five tenants the firsta to arrive. all coming from shelters run by home ward bound of marin. oma is a pastor. for years helping struggling families and seeing that home is their biggest need. >> we don't mean it to be something that others would stereotype. it's a beautiful place. >> reporter: many materials were donated or discounted but
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the village doesn't look like low income. >> when i saw how lovely they would be i had tears in my ice. >> reporter: clients bowled over too many. >> there is no word. words can't express how happy we are. we are proud to be here. >> reporter: to get in they must have children, a job and goals. they can stay as long as they want. it's home they will save money and become independent and then free up the space for someone else. >> to encourage people who were working, that are moving their lives in the right direction so they can have a place to be and their children can have a safe place to stay. that's what we want. >> reporter: the key hurdles, land and financing. oma village was paid for with private, public and charity funds. for these families out of homelessness its life changing. >> have my own house and be able to hang up my own clothes and have my own space. it's like a dream. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2news.
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a bike sharing service plans to launch in san francisco this week but with a couple of changes. the company is blue go go. it said it'll not let people leave bikes on street corners. instayed they will only allow them to be parked at private locations that are legally rented. they have been criticized because of rumor rumors it would launch and let users leave their bikes anywhere they wanted. they said that would be a nuisance and threatened to take legal action. they said they want to cooperate with the city and hopes to meet with city officials soon. minnesota's governor plans to be back at work today after fainting during his state of the state address last night. >> [inaudible] >> scary moments as the governor hit his head on the podium.
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he did appear to be awake as he was helped to a back room. his staff said that he walked out on his own and had a check by medical techs at his home. is he a 69-year-old democrat. he has a history of health problems and fainted last year during a hot and crowded event. former president george hw bush is now moved out of the icu in houston texas and is said to be doing much better. his wife was released from the hospital in houston yesterday. you can see they posed together in a photograph that was posted on social social media. he is 92. barbara is 91 and was treated for bronchitis. he could be well enough to be released from the hospital on friday. a fine of $3 million recommended for pg&e. the punishment they may face in connection with the deadly san
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bruno pipeline explosion. >> first how some college students got a new perspective on life. >> we see the traffic is doing okay for the most part. when you hit the south bay, northbound 280 looks good. up highway 17. >> the low is responsible for our hail yesterday and lighting. whatever is making a trek slowly to the south. it's still spinning in some rain.
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. good morning. we have breaking news. these are live pictures san jose. a very serious pedestrian accident there in san jose. happened just before four this morning. you can see the scene. you can see the police there.
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we won't get to close but you can see what we are talking about. a pedestrian accident in san jose. we just arrived. we will bring you the live report in just a couple minutes. obviously it's a serious pedestrian incident in san jose. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's tuesday, january 24 pght. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. thank you for waking up with us. are we going to get rain today? let's check in with steve. i got -- i headed out with the dog. it was sunny. i thought okay. we will head out. we had rain and hail. >> a lot of rainbows yesterday. >> it was rainbow weather. >> may be a few today. after today things look quiet. there will be a weak system on late wednesday and thursday. the low is just going parallel to the coast and it's still spinning in. some shower activity. take a look. you can see it right there. it's off about -- the cape, sonoma coast. it's working its way soupt.
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continues to send in some bands. some of these will clip the coast and bay. yesterday was one for rainbows. that's for sure. mcneal a good way to end monday. a rainbow over the bay bridge. even had hail at pleasure point. there were so many. half moon bay took the honors. lasted about 15 minutes yesterday morning. i sat here and watched it. some rain along the sonoma coast. wrapping back into parts of sonoma and marin. then just off the coast as well from looks like point reyes back over to the west of san francisco. some of these south san francisco and a little continues to flirt with santa cruz. at least near the coast. so far not moving inland. we will take that for now yes. seeing some thunderstorm activity up into the valley. again still holding on here. 30s and 40s on the temperatures. 37 san carlos. atherton. menlo park. we get a little off shore breeze and a le


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