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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  January 24, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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nominations. meryl streep along with the following actresses. the academy awards are on february 26th. >> ktvu's alex savidge is checking out what oakland restaurant week has to offer. plus, ktvu's paul chambers catching up with the stars of your favorite fox shows. >> why would i be jealous of you? ♪[music] ♪ i had the time of my life ♪ >> come on. it's a classic. i know you're smiling at home with us here in the studio. >> mike, i never knew. >> the oscar goes for the best song. >> that's right. >> i had the time of my life won the oscar for best song 29 years ago. i became a fan. i was not a fan of the movie
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back then. my wife made me a fan. nobody puts baby in the corner, gasia. >> you will be shocked to hear this i know but i've never seen the movie. i get the reference. it has been explained to me. >> beverly hills cop 2. that year, a song was up against that song, shakedown. >> i see. >> i haven't seen either one of those. >> like the music from them both. >> does anyone care about the nominees. >> remember last year oscars so white. >> we saw that change thissaer. >> yeah. this year denzel might get in there. i have seen more of the movies this year. i think i care more. >> moonlight, fences, hidden figures. some of the diverse films popping up as part of the nominations. >> i've never been a fan of watching them maybe i will this year. we begin with new information about the search for a missing woman whose car plunged into
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the alameda creek. you can see the water moving southwestly down the creek. the crews will start dredging up the vehicle at 10:00 this morning. water levels have reseated and the vehicle is starting to become visible. we will have a live report in about 15 minutes on the recovery effort and the search for answers. want to bring in steve paulson right now on our weather and finally for crews i guess you could say, steve, that it is getting a break. this allows them to do the work they need to do good we will get about six or seven days of a break and we need it. still fog moving through. we're on the drier side of it. but don't look now. but about six or seven days from now, our forecast model, the gfs brings rain back by
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february 1st. in fact the first week is looking wet. we will see if that materializes. a lot can change between now and then. the trend is your friend. i think it will be right here. we will take what we can as far as a dry stretch goes. it doesn't look like it will last long. there is the system flying out of the picture. a lot of the cloud cover and the rain is falling apart. not a lot left. partly cloudy skies in. unless a breeze picks up, you can see where that is heading, san luis obispo. 30s and 40s on the temps. there's a cold air mass in place. by the way, it should be known that the sierra water equivalent is now all over 200% of normal. there is a lot of snow up there. there's a lot of rain as you know statewide, all the way down to southern california. we desperately need this break. we're going to get one. it will be cold. it will be warmer during the weekend. but the rain pattern has ended for today. it looks good going into the weekend, again, maybe by
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february 1st, we will be back into it. enjoy it while you can. >> thank you, steve. >> you're welcome. important to mention that the governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency for most of california due to damage from recent storms and flooding. 50 of our states 58 counties are in the emergency including all nine bay area counties. it will give money to clean up damage caused by the storms. this sink hole opened up yesterday on eastbound 580. it caused a backup during the early morning commute for those coming into the livermore valley. the hole was over a bridge section of the freeway. you could see it to the ground below. >> caltrans continues to repair a sink hole in the oakland hills. it was caused by a drainage pipe that runs along the highway. a chp officer trying to get
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people's attention started calling the sink hole steve and has been giving updates on the sink hole. good old steve there. only one lane is open on the southbound side. caltrans hopes to finish repairs in time for tonight's commute. a lot depends how quickly the ground dries up so permanent repairs can be made. we're talking about highway 37 between highway 101 up in novato. it remains shut down. this is the second time this month that flooding closed that section of road. the ting tides predicted for the next few days could make the situation worse. the chp can't even estimate when the lanes could reopen. new this morning, president trump signed more executive orders at the white house. he signed two executive actions to advance construction of the keystone xl and dakota access pipelines. both projects were blocked by the obama administration due in part to environmental concerns. the pipeline would run from
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canada to u.s. refineries on the gulf coast. >> subject to a renegotiation of terms by us. we're going to renegotiate some of the terms and if they would like we will see if we can get that pipeline built. a lot of jobs. 28,000 jobs. great construction jobs. >> president trump also signed another executive order requiring that pipelines built in the u.s. must be constructed with pipe made in the united states. earlier this morning, president trump met with auto executives at the white house as part of his push to bring jobs back to the united states. the president told the automakers that he is looking to ease regulations to help auto companies and any other businesses that make their products in the u.s. some of those attending this morning's meetings the top executives of ford, gm and fiat chrysler. we are getting a look at
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the patient freedom act. it would let states keep president obama's health insurance plan or opt for a new less expensive plan with less coverage. the new plan would offer many of the popular features of the affordable care act such as coverage for people with preexisting conditions. the two senators what came up with the plan are calling it a work in progress. this morning governor brown will swear in congressman as california's new attorney general. he was confirmed yesterday by the state senate. he was california's deputy attorney general before running political office. he will be california's first latino attorney general. governor brown will deliver his state of the state address this morning. it is scheduled to begin at 10:00. we will be streaming the remarks on and through our mobile app. so with the state of state happening in about an hour, we're asking you and we have been throughout the mornings on 2 what is your top priority for california? david lopez tweeted me fix our
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roads. lower taxes and make housing affordable for all. >> william gray tweeted cut the state budget and nix the bullet train fiasco for starters. get our infrastructure repaired including highways. cut welfare. >> another twitter user says affordable housing to preserve communities for those like oakland. >> we love hearing from you. keep the responses coming. the hashtag is #ktvuthe9. new this morning, a big boost for auto racing in america. the new owners of formula one plan to hold another street race in the u.s. cities up tore consideration include los angeles, las vegas and miami. there is already one in austin, texas. if you're not familiar with formula one, it has a much larger following outside of the u.s. cars can go over 200 miles per hour. all right. coming up next on the mornings
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>> taking a look at stocks. we see that the dow jones is up by almost 70 points. nasdaq and s&p 500 also up. >> there is new legal development in the oakland warehouse fire that killed 36 people last month. attorneys for the owner of the ghost ship warehouse says there is evidence that the deadly fire did not start inside of that building. the lawyers released an 11-page report that says the fire was started by an electrical problem at a building next
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door. they say that would mean their client is not responsible for the fire. but the city of oakland says it is still working with federal investigators looking for the exact cause of the fire. it will not comment further on the report at this time. oakland officials taking action against an apartment building owner. city leaders say the owners are violating city laws designed to protect tenants. the oakland city attorney has taken legal action against the owners of the 30-unit building at 1620 fruitvale avenue. there are several problems. some tenants say they slept in a closet and on the kitchen floor for more than a year to avoid bed bugs. other tenants say there is no heat or working smoke detectors. the owners have been cited for sewage backups and broken door locks. the city is giving the owners 40 days to fix the problems or face contempt of court charges. a turning point for five
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families who used to be homeless. they are waking up this morning in their brand-new apartments. we have more from novato to show us how it came to be. >> reporter: making dinner is one of the things that she missed for two years. with two daughters, it has been tough. >> it is exciting to say go in your room and go play with your toys. >> reporter: but now the family is unpacking in a two-bedroom, two-bath unit, rent $775 a month. affordable for this coach and college student. >> without this, we didn't know where we were going. we stayed in the shelter for six months yet we were still looking and couldn't find anything. >> now that she has a home she gets to go to, it is so exciting. this is her first home. >> reporter: five tenants are the first to arrive at oma village all coming from shelters run by home ward bound
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of marin. for years they have helped struggling families and seeing that home is their biggest need. >> we don't mean it to be something that others would stereo type. we mean it to be a beautiful place. >> reporter: many items were donated or discounted but the village does not resemble low income housing. >> i had tears in my eyes. >> reporter: clients are bowled over too. >> there are no words. words can't express how happy we are. definitely. and we are just proud to be here. >> reporter: to get in, renters must have children, a job and goals. they can stay as long as they want. but with fixed rent, it is hoped that they will save money and become independent and then free up the space for someone else. >> to really encourage people who are working so they move their lives in the right direction. children can have a safe stable place to live. that's what we all want. >> reporter: the key obstacles, land and financing. oma village was paid for by
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private, public and charitable funds. for these families out of homelessness, it is life- changing. >> to have my own house and be able to hang up my own clothes and have my own space, it is like a dream. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news. >> we're turning now to the top story this morning. the search for a missing woman whose vehicle was sent into alameda creek. janine de la vega is joining us live near the search site where recovery efforts are expected to begin any moment here? >> reporter: yeah. at 10:00 a.m. at niles canyon road. it will be shut down so they can start the recovery efforts. we're about two miles away from where the car is in the water. we actually just passed it while we were driving down. they're going to be pulling the car out of the water. it is upside-down right now in alameda creek. they haven't been able to get into the water because yesterday the water level was very high and too dangerous to
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get in. it has gone down significantly. as i mentioned the car is upside-down in alameda creek. and the hope is that the young woman who was driving the car still inside the car. the swift water rescue team will be putting up safety ropes. they will be put up across the creek. then they will turn the car over and pull it out. we're told that the family of the female will be watching the recovery effort. authorities say she collided with another car on saturday morning and her car careened into the water. she was 18 years old and on her way from tracy to visit family in menlo park at the time of the accident. we're also told she attended william jessup university and had dreams of becoming a social worker. we're told that the water is two, two and a half feet deep. it was actually found, the car, about 100 yards away from where it initially went into the
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water over the weekend. no doubt though it is going to be an especially difficult day for the family. they wanted to be here while that car was pulled out of the water. their hope is that her body is inside. back to you guys. >> thank you, janine. coming up next on mornings on 2 the 9, san francisco's new police chief sworn into office. his first order of business as he starts the new job. and can your home survive the next big one? the program launching today that could give you access to thousands of dollars to protect your home.
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>> earthquake brace and bolt is a state supported program launching tomorrow for homeowners in high risk areas for an earthquake. >> the program provides $3,000 for an earthquake retrofit and local referrals for fema trained contractors. >> for more on how to protect
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your home; thanks for joining this morning. >> we did the big earthquake retrofit before our first child was born. thousands and thousands of dollars. i wish we had help like this. >> the house that qualifies is the house that was constructed before 1979. i will tell you typically a house that is constructed before 1940 has this program. the older house is not anchored to the foundation with anchor bolts and it doesn't have stiff strong walls around the crawl space. >> can you show us something here? you wanted to demonstrate. >> i brought a model. this is currently retrofitted. i will pull this out. the existing finishes on your house don't have the strength and stiffness to keep the house on its foundation. >> oh. >> in an earthquake. it can topple off of its foundation. we saw this in napa. we see this in every earthquake. the retrofit that requires a permit and done through a code is essentially going into the crawl space and putting plywood
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around the crawl space so that the -- it now has strong stiff walls in that crawl space that keep it over its foundation. >> they're called shear walls. >> that is exactly right. now you can see that -- i'm simulating an earthquake. the house has more stiffness and stays over its foundation. >> houses constructed after a certain time are built to code. >> right. >> so cal cal has made laws that if you buy a new house, it has to be this way. >> right. california has some of the best building codes in the nation, in the world. unfortunately older houses were constructed before they were readily adopted throughout the state. >> so what cities can be involved in this? if i live in a certain city, can i automatically applied for the $3,000. >> we are in 21 cities in the san francisco bay area. we go on a zip code basis. the zip codes are listed on our website. and we have a lot of information for homeowners to understand if their house
9:22 am
qualifies. >> i hated to part with my precious pennies. once we did the retrofit, i had some measure of peace of mind. what got me going about it, we have a soft story, a living room over a two-car garage. we should be thinking about this. >> yeah. that might need a garage door retrofit and typically involves an engineer. many can be done without engineering design by a contractor or talented do it yourselfer. >> have you seen home that's have with stood earthquakes where the homes may have fallen down after they have done this? in other words, have there been success stories? >> absolutely. in fact there were two houses side by side nearly identical. one retrofit. one not in the napa earthquake.
9:23 am
the un retrofitted was red tagged. >> here you are giving $3,000 toward a credit. can this go up to $15,000, $20,000. >> the average house, the simple house is about $5,000 statewide. in the bay area, they get tricky. $5,000 to $8,000. but we find that $3,000 is a tipping point for a lot of people. it really gives them a nudge. they know they need to do it. they tell me afterwards that they sleep better at night. >> i do. >> where do you get the funding. >> the funding is now half the california earthquake authority and half the state of california. our partners in managing this is the governor's office of emergency services. >> i know that a lot of people do the mental math between should i spend upfront for the retrofit or buy the earthquake insurance and pay a deductible. help us decide which is better. it is complicated. >> it is. i hope people don't think of one or the other but rather both might be a solution.
9:24 am
there's all kinds of things that we don't know. how big the earthquake will be. all of the characteristics of the house. people need to go to the california earthquake authority website to learn more. so really mitigation is both plywood and financial. >> do you know what percentage of homes are retrofitted or up to code in california. >> our study in napa shows that less than 10% were retrofitted and less than 10% had earthquake insurance. there are more than a million homes that need this retrofit. >> do you get any sense that there are people out there that tend to take advantage of the program. like a contractor who will look for people trying to do the retrofits and maybe they are not recommended by the bbb? do you guys recommend your own
9:25 am
contractors as soon as you award the money to homeowners. >> we have a directory on our website of fema tripped contractors. the homeowner does not have to use the list. these are people who have taken the fema training and we keep in contact with them. we keep them up to date when we learn something new about the retrofit. there are over 600 contractors on the list. lots of opportunities for bay area homeowners. >> do you think you will expand across the state. >> we're in this for the long haul. we're hoping that the state of california can support us. as long as they do, we will keep retrofitting homes. >> that model really shows it. >> thank you so much. we will link your website to ours. >> thank you very much. >> coming up next on mornings on 2 the 9, the story of how the character of peter pan came about. we will talk to the stars of finding neverland. paul chambers talks with stars of your favorite fox
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♪[music] >> there's the twitter music. >> welcome back, everybody. >> governor brown delivering the state of the state in just about 30 minutes. as our question of the day we're playing off the story in regards to what do you think the number one or two priority should be for the governor here in california moving forward this year? one says i would like governor brown to expand free education for the entire state. >> i like it. i like it. anthony writes better water management. maybe some way to use gray
9:29 am
water. great experience. now due to huge property taxes, hi energy costs my wife and i like tens of thousands of retireys in california will be taking our retirement to another state. why can't california government stop this exodus. jonathan says kill the high speed rail to nowhere. money needed in so many other places. and there's one who said that legal protection from federal overreach. he might be concerned about the current administration in washington. as usual, if you want to check in with us, use #ktvuthe9. >> we are streaming his address live on so you can watch it there. >> for more on the other headlines let's go to dave clark in the news room. >> thank you, sal. here are some of the top stories. a man crossing the street in
9:30 am
san jose suffered life threatening injury. he was hit by an uber driver on the way to pick up a passenger. it happened around 3:40 this morning. the driver of a prius said the pedestrian walked right in front of the car. the pedestrian reportedly was not in the crosswalk at the time. the driver did stop and has been cooperating with investigators. right now police don't believe that alcohol or drugs were involved in that crash. in the meantime last night just outside of hayward, a 16- year-old boy was shot and killed. this may have been a drive-by shooting. several shots were fired about 6:45 p.m. at princeton street and smalley avenue about a mile from hayward city hall. that teenager died there at the scene. now, the investigation goes on. so far there are no suspects. no arrests have been made. and happening now, they are counting the homeless in santa clara county. about 200 volunteers are checking abandoned buildings,
9:31 am
parked cars, even homeless camps. back in 2015, there were 6500 homeless people in santa clara county. the lowest number in a decade. but the numbers went up in places like gilroy and morgan hill. officials need an accurate count of the homeless so they can reach and help them. and an investigation goes on in vallejo after a 21-year- old man was shot and killed by police who say the man had a knife and was fight withing a teenager. family members and friends say that ramos was defending his brother during a fight early yesterday morning. vallejo police responded to 911 calls complaining about a big house party, people fighting and a woman screaming for help. some of the witnesses claim that ramos did not have a knife and that the teenager was not in danger. the officer involved in the shooting is now on paid leave during the investigation. those are just some of your morning headlines from the news
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room. mike, sal, gasia, i'll send it back to you. >> thank you, gave. berkeley police consider the deaths of two people found in their apartment yesterday suspicious. the long time residents of the four plex were found dead along with their two cats. allie rasmus explains why investigators are calling the cause of death a mystery. >> reporter: the fact that the couple's pets were also found dead in different parts of the apartment initially raised concerns about a possible gas or carbon monoxide leak, especially when investigators went inside, they found no sign of forced entry or violence or foul play. however, hazmat trues tested for chemicals and found nothing. the other residents of the four plex where this apartment is located were evacuated as a precaution after the bodies of the man and woman were discovered around 1:00. the other residents were event ited for carbon monoxide poisoning and those tests were also negative. police and the coroner's office are not releasing the names of the victims. we spoke with their next-door
9:33 am
neighbor this morning. the neighbor says the man and woman were married and had lived in the apartment for about 7 years. she says she believed they operated some sort of business from inside the home but wasn't sure what kind of business. >> i know i complained several times about a generator going. and there was an odor coming there you our bedroom. it was like a smelly, rubbery odor. and i called the police a few times. they didn't come out and do anything. they said call back when it is actually running. because it would run for a couple of hours at night, around 9:00. it was just really strange. you know. so i just don't know. >> and that neighbor also told us that it was a friend of the couple who worked with them who had walked into the apartment yesterday and discovered the man and one of the cats dead. she then called police for help. we don't know how long the couple had been dead by the time the bodies were discovered. the coroner's office is conducting autopsies and toxicology tests and a spokesperson tells me until the results come back, they will
9:34 am
continue to consider the deaths here suspicious. in berkeley, allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. crews will be back to work today trying to remove a huge eucalyptus tree that came down in lafayette. we showed you the scene here on mornings on 2 yesterday. the tree fell over during sunday's storm right next to the restaurant. no one was hurt but at least five vehicles in the parking lot were crushed. one woman checked out what was left of her subaru that she bought just last month. >> i can get another car. as long as nobody got hurt, that's the main thing. >> luckily everybody had just gone inside. a lot of people could have gotten hurt if it was a few minutes before. >> the tree trimmer says it could take several days to cut up the tree and remove it. once that is done, the damaged vehicles will be towed away. a judge plans to fine pg&e the maximum amount allowable
9:35 am
after the san bruno pipeline explosion that killed 8 people in 2010. pg&e expected to be hit with the sentencing on thursday. it looks like it will cost the company $3 million. pg&e has already paid $1.6 billion in fines from other proceedings. the company is also expected to spend five years on probation under the watchful eye of an independent court appointed monitor which was san bruno's main priority. san francisco's new police chief is starting his first full day on the job today. >> right. 52-year-old william scott was sworn in by mayor ed lee yesterday at city hall. >> tara moriarty was there and she joins us live from the hall of justice with more. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. there was a lot of pomp and circumstance to the ceremony yesterday. it actually reminded me a lot of heather quan's ceremony
9:36 am
where they had a bagpiper. the city made a big deal out of quan because she was the first female chief in its history. the same could be same for yesterday. chief scott was very gracious and thanked mayor ed lee for picking him for the job. >> i think you made a wise decision. [laughter] >> reporter: the former l.a. deputy chief leads the sfpd in the wake of a tough time. they are undertaking key reforms after a justice report. in a one on one interview before the ceremony, the 52- year-old alabama native told us that his first order of business is to order the rank and file. >> it's about building relationships. it's really that elementary. people have to really believe in you as a leader. and they don't when they see
9:37 am
you sitting in an ivory tower pulling the levers like the wizard of oz. >> reporter: now, chief scott is a supporter of tasers which sfpd officers are currently not allowed to carry. scott spent 27 years with lapd and found a home in san francisco where he will live with his wife and child. his two oldest children are grown but hope they will move to the city some day. he always wanted to live in san francisco. when i asked him if he will do sightseeing, he said i would like to jog across the golden gate bridge. he said sometimes it's a walk- jog but he wants to get across and get back. live in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty. back to you. >> tara, i noticed there were some protesters. i saw on the video tape we showed one gentleman was being pulled out. he was wearing a suit. were there more than one protest? >> reporter: yeah. there were actually seven protesters. they really caught everyone off guard. they had dressed up in business
9:38 am
suits and really nicely dressed up. everybody was blending in with the crowd. and then all of a sudden in the middle of scott's speech we heard chanting about police brutality and the officer- involved shootings. there were 7 total. four were from san francisco, two from san mateo. and one didn't have an id. they were all released. most likely they were cited for misdemeanor for disturbing the peace. >> tara moriarty live in san francisco. thank you, tara. oakland mayor schaaf introduced that city's incoming police chief almost three weeks ago. there is still no date for her swearing in ceremony. she has worked in law enforcement for more than 30 years and will focus on reducing violent crime and reforming the department after a year of scandal. oakland has been without a permanent chief since sean went resigned in the midst of the scandal. the fox lineup heats up with a new episode of the mick and bones in its final season.
9:39 am
paul chambers was in los angeles last week catching up with the stars of your favorite shows. >> so i guess you guys are having sex, huh. >> oh, god. are we having the talk? >> reporter: tuesday nights on fox got a bit racier with the mick. she goes from rags to riches. >> we have a warrant for your arrest. >> after her sister tries to avoid federal fraud charges. >> talk to me about your character. you're funny and different. >> me or the character. make the right choice. make the right choice. both. >> yeah. thank you. i don't know. i wanted to do something that was fun and a little outrageous and still kind of grounded but something that you haven't seen on network tv a lot. we try to push the envelope. it is fun. i am close to hitting you in the face. >> i'm going to smack you. >> i use my hands a lot.
9:40 am
>> that is true love. >> how is it working with the young enters. >> they are sweet. that is one of the main reasons that i wanted to produce it. i needed to cast the other actors. it is really important in an ensemble to have good chemistry. >> the mick is on at 8:30 on tuesdays. >> bones the final chapter. this year they will focus on wrapping up loosens between bones and booth. >> there's a wedding. >> uh-huh. >> yeah. there's some sad things that happen. >> a lot happening in the 12 especially ows. >> during the show's final chapters, fans will see the return of fan favorite all- stars. >> what can we expect? >> we go to a retirement home with ed and june. we go undercover in demolition
9:41 am
derby. >> bones airs tuesday night at 10:00. paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. i hope you were with us last week when we talked to the comedian who grew up in san francisco now making his mark on stage and on the screen. he joked about how he likes to use his family life in his act and says that his girlfriend makes the occasional appearance in his stand-up act. saturday night that happened and for a good reason. take a look. >> is that shock or delight on his face? he puts a ring on it after proposing to the love of his life. hannibal says she was excited and never advice and shocked -- nervous and shocked. congratulations to the happy couple. with a bleep in there. >> coming up next on mornings on 2 the 9, it is being called
9:42 am
the daughter-daddy movement. the message that one toy maker is trying to send when it comes to dads and barbie. plus, we are in the middle of restaurant week here in oakland. and this morning, we are enjoying some taiwanese street food. yum. chicken. this looks delicious. we will take you inside a popular spot in jack london square ask tell you about it and talk with the owner coming up. ♪
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who amongst you goes by the name fenwick? tell me and the rest of you will be spared. i am fenwick. i am fenwick. i am fenwick. hey, fenwick, have you seen my shield? this one's got vertical stripes and mine had horizontal. wanna get away? now you can with southwest fares as low as 59 dollars one-way. yes to low fares with nothing to hide. [sfx]:clap, clap, ding that's transfarency. >> oakland restaurant week is now underway, running through sunday, january 29th. >> it offers special menus at modified prices at a number of restaurants throughout oakland to try to encourage people to try new places. >> alex savidge checking out the menu at dragon gate there
9:45 am
on broadway. pretty good, alex? >> reporter: yeah. i just tasted the popcorn chicken a minute ago. spice on it. fantastic. i'm always into trying new places in the bay area. so many little spots that you just don't know are out there. we're inside a real popular restaurant here in jack london square called dragon gate restaurant. i'm with the owner here and head chef. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> yes. >> hi. >> what you're serving here is taiwanese street food. >> yes. >> explain what that means. >> in taiwan, we like to go out at nighttime and sit on the streets and swap beers. this is outside food. street food. >> what is the soup here? this soup looks spicey. i can tell. >> yes. it is kind of spicy. >> i'm going to taste the broth there.
9:46 am
what is that called? it's got a little kick to it. no doubt about it. >> beautiful. and this is fried rice here with shrimp. >> yes. >> the pineapple and some vegetables. >> okay. let me try a little taste of that one. that is wonderful. now, i know you get some bests here from time to time from the war -- some guests here from time to time from the warriors. is that right. >> yes. >> sorry. my mouth is full. >> they popped in to enjoy some of your food. >> yes. >> so, johnny, tell me for restaurant week, you have a couple of different prefixed menus. tell me about those. >> yes. we have a range of the menus. $20, $30, and also $40. the dishes also include certain
9:47 am
drinks. >> okay. >> one of those is called the dragon lord. i moved behind the bar here. darlene is going to help me make the drink. what goes into a dragon lord. >> a dragon lord is a tequila based drink. >> right. >> we will go ahead and grab a glass. >> okay. >> come over to the ice bin. >> got ice. yep. i'll do that. >> sounds good. all right. we will be putting hibsc us tequila in it. >> yes. >> what goes into this. >> how much of this tequila here? >> so it's going to be eight ounces -- two ounces. i'm going to actually pour the ice into the shaker. >> okay. >> and then if you grab that. >> yes, i will do that.
9:48 am
>> all right. so it's got the tequila and also lime juice. >> yes. >> this is one of the drinks that you can get along with the price fixed menu if you come here to dragon gate in oakland. >> right. >> all right. let's shake this thing up here and we will -- we will try to give this thing a shot. again, we are at dragon gate restaurant at the corner of 3rd and broadway. here we go. we're going to pour the dragon lord cocktail. this is the signature cocktail here at the restaurant. we are in the middle of restaurant week in oakland. lots of good deals out there and lots of restaurants that maybe you haven't tried before. it's a good time to try that restaurant that we've been meaning to check out. i'm going to check out this drink here. that is delicious. perfect amount of tequila on that. >> that was a baby sip there.
9:49 am
a baby sip. >> that is called a tv ship. >> i'll have the rest once we're done. >> thank you, alex. we have more information on oakland restaurant week right there on the home page of you can also find it on the ktvu mobile app. finding neverland is the first show coming to san francisco's shn theater for 2017. >> based on the academy award winning movie. >> joining us this morning is kevin and crystal. i saw finding neverland on opening night. i went home to my two young children fast asleep. i kissed their hands and feet and they wanted nothing to do with me. this show makes me want to be a better parent. >> oh, yeah. i have four kids of my own and we were saying i'm on this tour and i don't get to see them all
9:50 am
the time. it crushes you to do the show every night and not be able to go home and see them. but it's -- you know, but we face time and do all of that kind of stuff. i see them a lot. it is a great show about family. >> uh-huh. >> that's sort of really the main theme. >> and time just whizzing by. >> yeah. >> before you know it, they're off to college and you're a grumpy old mommy and think what could i have done differently. >> yes. >> you have been to san francisco before. >> yes in the kinky boots national tour. i love the city. >> do you go airbnb. >> i have actually done airbnb. >> we usually have an option. >> i'm sleeping out on the street. when in san francisco. >> right. >> he does that everywhere. >> i'm trying to save money, guys. i have all these kids to send to college. >> you mentioned you're a father and this play obviously has a lot of family themes. is there anything that you have
9:51 am
learned that has made you a better father playing this role? >> you know, that is such a great question actually. from another angle, i feel like i do this role or come to this role with a unique perspective because i'm a father. so i have done a lot of different things throughout my career. i sort of feel like what really -- i can really dig into this. i have spent 15 years just, you know, making myself ready for this role. you know. and really having -- being able to kind of share with other people that experience every day, it really does make me, you know, think about my kids growing up all the time. it is crazy. >> for people in the bay area who will see this at the theater, how different is it from the broadway production? >> they took this opportunity as the first national tour to kind of revamp things. they have changed one of the
9:52 am
beginning songs. but for the most part, the whole story is still there. the whole concept of it. the message and everything like that. >> yeah. we changed a couple songs. my part wasn't long enough so they added a couple of songs. i did it in new york too but i was like this is evening longer now. >> there were a ton of children in the audience. sometimes they cough and giggle and unwrap a piece of gum. does that bother you. >> i love that. when there are funny parts that happen, you hear a child giggle in the audience. >> the giggles from the kids are hilarious. it sounds -- it sounds like we're pandering. >> yeah. >> there were no crickets. but there were a lot of tears. >> we feed off of your tears. we want you to cry. >> i hadn't seen the movie. >> great. let's go. >> it takes you very low and
9:53 am
you sort of question what have i been doing all their lives. you're sent off with hope and you think i can be better. >> it is honestly such a beautiful story of that, of just like you've got this special moment with your kids. >> yeah. >> and it's just fleeting. and you know it is when it starts. but it is nice to have the moments to remember that oz -- >> it is beautiful. >> kevin, thank you. crystal. >> thank you. >> thank you for having us. >> congratulations on the success. we put more information for tickets on the home page of look for it under the web links section on the mornings on 2 tab and also on our ktvu mobile app. with that, we will be right back. with the xfinity tv app,
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>> a commercial that ran during last sunday's afc championship game is getting a lot of buzz because of the relationship between dads and their daughters. >> there's a fire in my building. help. >> amanda, what qualities do you need to be an astronaut. >> good eyesight. >> mattel launched this new ad campaign promoting barbie. it shows that dads can display a softer side by skipping football and spending quality time with their daughters.
9:57 am
>> i agree. i love it. >> as a dad of a daughter. >> i have a son too. you try to do the best that you can to go 50/50. sometimes it goes 60/40. i love my daughter. i think about her every time that my heartbeats. >> you are so sweet. >> my child. i'm sure that you love your child just as much. >> i do but i've never said that. the state of the state address starts right now on ?q
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it's "the wendy williams show." now, here's wendy! >> wendy: thank you, thank you. thank you. >> thank you for watching. say hello to my co-hosts, my studio audience.


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