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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 24, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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will be closed for the day as the investigation gets underway. squad released a statement saying the team at squaw valley
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is deeply saddened by this tragic event and we would like to express our deepest sympathies to the family and friends affected. >> back here in the bay area, right now the alameda county sheriff's office is what to pull a vehicle from a fremont creek and hopefully recover the body of a young woman was behind the wheel. >> alex savage is live now with that carbon into the water. >>it is an unusual situation here for rest yours. nails canyon road is shut down in both directions here as rescuers begin the process of pulling a scar from alameda creek, where it has been since this weekend. the sheriff's office says they just had to wait for these rushing waters to recede somewhat before they could even attempt this recovery. what they did was, the water department shut several floodgates upstream from where we are to lessen the flow of water. just within the last hour, this was the scene as alameda county sheriff's deputies and firefighters began the process
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of removing that carter. it is upside down in the water, and authorities believe the body of an 18-year-old woman is still inside the car. that young woman was driving the car when it collided with another car on saturday morning on niles canyon road, and her car be veered into the creek. now, before they began lifting the car from the water here this morning, the victim's family and rescuers paused for a moment of silence. >> what it shows here is that we are willing to go to any and for families, shut water system is down, to stay on the scene for four days, for one person he cousin matters to families. that is the goal here and that is the message that we are trying to send. the sheriff's office said today, family of this young women were instrumental in helping to locate this car in the first place. it was written a relative that
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spotted what was believed to have been a entire in the water, and again that was because the car was upside down. the 18-year-old who was presumed dead has not been identified by authorities. we do know that this young woman is from tracy and she was driving to visit family and menlo park on saturday morning when again, she collided with another car and went into the creek. authorities are still investigating the exact circumstances of the accident. they say they have spoken with the other driver involved and they are still sorting that out from an investigative standpoint. but again, in this area of fremont, whilst chain canyon road be remains closed down as they continue this recovery effort, trying to pull this car from alameda creek. the expectation is that niles canyon road could stay closed until 3 o'clock this afternoon. caltrans clue crews are busy continuing to repair a sinkhole that opened up which
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was caused by a drainage pipe that ran under the connector. a a chp officer trying to get people's attention started calling the sinkhole steve and has been getting updates on the sink was well. let for now only one lane open and as you can see, top caltrans hopes to finish repairs in time for this evening's commute. much of it does depend on how quickly the ground below the sinkhole does dry up. now to livermore where crews finished repairing a a giant pothole on interstate 580 and the westbound direction. all liens are back open but earlier a quick created quite a backup. caltrans says the problem across the bay area are worse than they seem because rainwater seeps into the asphalt creating fissures. >>and a problem on a normally busy commute.
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officials say that king tides as we predicted for the next few days could make the situation even worse. the chp says it can't estimate in the lanes will reopen. governor. brown has declared a state of emergency for most of california , because of damage caused by our recent storms and flooding. 50 of the state's 58 counties are in this emergency proclamation, including all i'm bay area counties. the state of emergency can't help city governments get money to repair the storm damage. he chartered and optimistic course for california and also called precaution. ted rowland joins us live from our newsroom with more on the state of california. >>governor. brown delivered his state of the state and is simply chamber before lawmakers and other elected state officials at several points . he focused on washington dc. >> members and guests, please welcome the 39th governor.
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of the state of california. >>the governor talked about a number of issues including health care and he vowed to fight to protect planned parenthood which is being threatened by cuts under the trump administration. that includes a $27 billion deficit. >> when california does well, america does well. and when california hurts, america hurts. >>on -- in his speech he forcefully defended dreamers and the rights of anyone who has come into this country illegally. >> we will fight on the state of our state. we will do so in the much broader context of our country and the challenge it basis.
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we will reaffirm the basic principles that have made california the great exception that it is. the trust act, basic employment rights and nondiscriminatory access to private education. this is what made the dreamers and you made it happen. we may be called to defend those laws and defend and we well. and every man, woman and child who has come here for a better life has contributed to the well-being of our state. >>the remarks aimed at the federal government, and governor. brown also urged members of the legislature. governor. brown was introduced by lieutenant. governor. gavin newsom who of course plans to take over for governor. brown.
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>>they were confirmed yesterday by the state tonight, and they were california deputy attorney general before the running for political office. he was zero is the first latino atty. general. >> there were two executive orders to dance construction of the keystone xl and the dakota access pipeline. he also band epa employees from awarding any new contracts or grants. he also spent the morning meeting with neighbor and business leaders as he pushes for more cars to be made here in the united states. born blanchard has details. we are bringing manufacturing back to the united states. president. trump sat down with representatives from the nation . three big automakers, or chrysler and chevrolet. the focus of this is keeping the program in the united
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states. >> the president is also looking to rollback regulations. he says that hinders business growth and makes the united states and hospitable. this morning he signed an executive order and at reviving construction of the keystone xl and dakota pipeline. that, despite protests from environmental activists. meanwhile, mike pompeo the sworn in as cia director last night but, some of the most important jobs within the trump administration have yet to be filled. rex torsten, mr. trump's controversial choice for secretary of state was led along pop party lines elaine chao for transportation secretary and wilbur ross for commerce secretary were all advanced for a vote on the
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senate floor. a committee vote on atty. general. nominee jeff sessions has been delayed by democrats. fox has learned that president. trump intends to keep fbi director james call me on the job despite the sizing calmly during and after the election. we are getting a look at one of the republican plans for replacing the afford will care act, called the patient freedom act. the bill would let states keep president. obama's health insurance plan or opt for a new one , a less expensive program for less coverage. the new plan would allow many of the popular features, like coverage for those folks with pre-existing conditions, and dr. say he's doing much better. mr. bush is 92 years old, and
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the former first lady is 91, treated for bronchitis. the power of love and a picture. thanks for your thoughts. doctors in berkeley are calling it a mystery. and they were talking about an unusual smell. >> at least it's dry. >>and, dozens of twisters unwrapped across the top southeastern part of the united states and thousands of people still remain without power aside for the death toll that continues to ride -- rise.
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berkeley police are investigating the suspicious death two people found in their apartment yesterday. >> this happened in the four plex along the can street where they were found with her to pet. alley rats you rasmussen explains why investigators are calling the deaths a mystery. >>that initially raised concerns about a possible gas
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or carbon monoxide leak, especially since investigators went in and found no sign of entry or foul play. hazmat crews tested for mediation, and the resident of the four plex was evacuated as a precaution after the bodies of the men and women were discovered around 1 o'clock. the other residents were also tested for carbon monoxide poisoning and those tests also came back negative. the coroner's office are not yet released the name of the victim. but we spoke with their next- door neighbor this morning. the men and women were married were married and she believes they operated some sort of business from inside their home but the neighbor wasn't sure what kind of business. >>i know i complained several times about a generator going and there was an order coming through our bedroom. it was like a smelly, rubbery odor. i called the police a few times but they didn't come out and do anything. they said call back when it's
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actually running because it would run for a couple of hours at night around 9 o'clock. it was really strange. i just don't know. >>a neighbor also told us it was a friend of the couple who worked with them who had walked into the apartment yesterday and discovered the man and one of the cats dead. they don't know how long the couple had been dead, that the alameda county coroner's office and the berkeley police spokesperson says that until these results come back it will consider the deaths here are suspicious. >> san jose police say the man crossing the street suffered life-threatening injuries after he was hit by an uber driver on the way to pick up a passenger. the driver of a previous says a pedestrian stepped right in front of a car. the pedestrian was not in the crosswalk at the time. police say they do not think that alcohol or drugs were a
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factor. >>san francisco police are investigating a shooting that injured a a man near the panhandle. the 24-year-old man told police that he was right there in front of his home when he heard someone yell at him to go back inside and that's when shots were fired. three people were seen running away but have not found. we are in the middle of a break from the rain. i'm seeing son and a light breeze. >>i'm we are looking at a dry day, and it will be cool out there. given the view here, that is a beautiful look at all of that blue sky. we have a slight chance of another struggle heading our way and it won't do be anything like we experience that they. the system that brought us the unstable weather yesterday with
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the thunder and lightning and the hill at times is now off of the coast of southern california. we again are in the clear. if we get closer here, partly cloudy skies and it is brisk out there, it started out breezy and cold. fairfield right now reporting a breeze at about 10 miles power, oakland 15 and the nevada the easterly breeze at eight. or portions of the north bay, notably warmer today, and i will show you that in just a moment. not be reporting eight, san jose reporting six and livermore reporting 12. not too bad, a little breezy or at the coast and with the temperatures this cool it feels chilly if you do have the wind. to the north bay we have upper 40s and low 50s, and along the peninsula, right now, 49.
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48 for you, and, where is it warmer? 50 in nampa this afternoon, petaluma by four and mostly cloudy skies and partly cloudy for the rest of the day. it's a tad cooler in areas like livermore. as we get into the south bay we get into 55 for san jose, with a locations and low 50s in the north bay for us here. it did 50 expected in antioch. temperatures will remain on the cool side as we get into midweek wednesday. midweek wednesday will be a dry day, and we have a weak system that will brush at least the north day, it looks like just a 20% chance of scattered showers at this point so not a big deal. as a get into your bay area
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weekend, we will finally see a return of the low 60s for saturday and sunday. low 60s in the forecast, can forward to that for the weekend. we will talk more about that forecast and the possibility of a few bigger -- sprinkles. a a big strong storm and east coast is causing problems in southern new england. there's a flood watch and rain is expected later this afternoon. enter weather advisories are also posted has an icy mix of sleet and pocket the freezing rain are also expected. that also left homes and businesses without power. the deep -- at least 20 people have died including 15 from southern georgia. the storm prediction center in norman, oklahoma says at least 39 possible tornadoes were reported across the southeast from early saturday through sunday night.
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>>overnight search teams found seven more bodies in the resort town which brings the death toll tweet 14. 15 people are still missing and there were some survivors discovered in the first days after last wednesday's avalanche. searchers have walking side-by- side poking the snow with polls to see if they can discover any more victims in the tons of snow and debris. and having a thick fur coat feet off for five puppies in italy. yesterday rescuers pulled them out in the pups are alive and well. the puppies parents escape the avalanche and they were rescued right away. coming up, a ruling from britain's high court means that could be a big delay in triggering breaks it. details and the reaction from residents in london.
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a number of markets around the world were being thrown into turmoil again today after britain's high score ruled the government must seek parliaments approval >> reporter benjamin hall has details and how supporters and critics are reacting. >>bridges voters narrowly approved a referendum back in june calling for an exit from the european union. but today the british supreme court ruled that the government must go through parliament before starting exit
12:25 pm
negotiations, turning brexit into a political process that could take years. >> this provides the proper role for parliament. it is a bit of a shame that it has taken this long to get that basic principle established. the government will what introduce legislation within days to start the process. sticking to its march timetable to invoke ef 50 and leave the eu. >>although lawyers in london are not going to be able to stop us from leaving the european union. >>here in london, the reaction was predictably next. >>it is likely to damage the uk economy. >>i think it needs to be
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reassessed. >>they say it will seek significant amendment to the bread -- brexit though. pretty good day for our markets here in the states. as you can see, dow jones, and nasdaq also an agreement come up empty points. >>following an interest rate hike last month by the federal reserve. >>the bar concerned about what that my due to the start market and what it might have, and having their monthly payment go up. >> 49% of americans say they are concerned, and that interest rates have changed three times this year.
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>>sources say sprint paid $2 million for a one third share of title which is known as a premium artist friendly streaming service. other owners include alicia keys, kanye west as well as madonna. still ahead, several families in marin county woke up in new homes. after the break, the organization made it possible for them to move out of shelters and into new housing. our crew was right there for their emotional move-in day. also an investigation is underway after a 16-year-old is gunned down right near the hayward city line.
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now new information about the deadly avalanche control it incident at squaw valley. we have now learned that the man killed has been identified as 42-year-old joe dukas of olympic village. he was a member of the ski patrol since 2012. squaw valley is closed for the day as an investigation gets underway. in marin county, five
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families of woken up today in their new apartment. >> making dinner is one of the things she killed bird missed. with two daughters it has been tough. >>it's exciting to say, go in your room and play with your toys. >> the rent is 775 per month, affordable for this college student. >>we stayed in the shelter for six months, and now that she has a home to get to go to, it's so exciting because this is her first home. >>they were first to arrive at home of village. on my is a pastor and housing advocate. for years, she helped struggling families and is saying that home is their biggest need. >>we don't mean it to be
12:32 pm
something that others would stereotype, a minute to be a beautiful place. >>any materials were donated were dislocated -- donated. >> when i walked in and saw how gracious unlovely they would be, there were tears in my high. >>we are just happy to be here. >>to get in, renters must have children, a job and goals. they can stay as long as they want but, they hope that they can become independent and save up money for someone else. >>we are hoping they can have a dignified place to be and they will have a safe and stable place to live. the key of land and financing. it was paid for by private charitable fund.
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>>it was so nice to have my own house and be able to hang up my own clothes and have my own space, it is like a dream. >>today volunteers and the south bay county, about 200 volunteers checked abandoned buildings, parked cars and encampment. this is video taken early this morning and the city of san jose. that was the lowest total in a decade. officials say they need an accurate count order to reach out for homeless and provide them with the services that they need. some college students in the south bay went on a field trip to learn firsthand what college students are going through. university students visited a homeless and meant in san jose to pass out blankets, food and talk with people who live here. this was all part of a religious studies course. >>it's sad to see this.
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and, they don't want to be here but they are car -- are here. and, the manager of the go ship warehouse now say there is evidence the deadly fire did not start inside of that building. the lawyers released an 11 page report said the fire started with an electrical problem next- door. that would mean the client was not responsible for the fire but the city of oakland says it still working with federal investigators and so far has declined to comment on the report. not far away and different know district, they are taking action against an apartment
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building owner. the owners of the 30 unit building are violating city laws designed to protect tenants. the city says there are a number of problems here and they slept in a cause or -- closet on the kitchen floor for more than a year to avoid being bitten by bedbugs. they say there's no heat or working smoke doctors. the owners have already been notified of sewer backups and broken doors and locks. >>a federal judge in san francisco says he finds -- plans to find peachy andy for the exposure my killed eight people in 2010. this comes after an emotional hearing from the victim's families yesterday. pg andy is expected to be handed down from official sentencing on thursday but right now it doesn't look like -- it looks like the sens will cost the company $3 million. pg andy will pay point 6
12:36 pm
billion in fines from of the proceedings. the company is also expected to find -- get five years of probation. >>it will have the independent watch over their entire operation which is a huge thing for us and everybody. the judge may also order pg andy which will disclose the details whenever it runs ads about safety or in all of its ads. >> police are investigating a deadly shooting of a 16-year- old boy just outside of the city of hayward. and president. proposed trumps cuts to women's health services and
12:37 pm
planned parenthood. they are joining forces with local women's organizations to protect women's access to affordable care. they will form the city's commitment to access representative reproductively planning and sucks will health services. she said she will do it regardless of what cuts lie ahead. >> we hear you, we agree with you and we are very proud for our universal coverage system that we haven't san francisco, for sexual reproductive health and family planning, and we will protect that system treat >> some of those in attendance a president. trump is that need to cut the affordable care act and title funds which would affect planned parenthood. still ahead, the golden state warriors's winning streak is snapped.
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and >>
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crews are back to work today continuing to remove that huge you can history that toppled over in downtown lafayette. we showed you the scene yesterday after the 150 foot tall tree fell over during sunday's storm. no one was hurt that at least five vehicles in the parking
12:41 pm
lot were crushed. one woman checked out what was left of her subaru that she bought just last month. >> i can get another car. as long as no one got hurt that's the big thing. a lot of people could have gotten hurt if it had just been a few minutes before. >>tree trimmer say it could take several days to cut up the tree and remove it and when that is done the damage vehicles will be towed away. >>two young men now telling and a cripple story after driving home and getting caught in an avalanche. >>reporter allie wolf talk to them about why they decided to use their time trapped inside taking selfie's. >>it started as a typical drive home in the mountain roads in the sierra, and, first there was some panic. >> ortiz says he and his roommate neil were on alpine meadows road overnight, and
12:42 pm
there is no light coming through any of the windows. we knew it was an avalanche. >>the locals knew what to do. >>once i was on the phone with 911 i knew fire and rescue was coming to get me, i knew they were coming to get me. >>then they started taking selfie's. rescuers say the young men were trapped for about 30 minutes here right along highway 89. recently new they were under a big pile of snow was because they were able to call 911. >>we got there and shoveled out the doors. >>dustin hollingsworth helped bring them young man to safety. and out popped to have the young men. >>hours later, ortiz is still smiling. barely a scratch on his body or his car. he knows things could have ended much differently.
12:43 pm
>>we could not have been luckier. if we had been five seconds further or five seconds behind, he could have been in the river or the car could have flipped over. and now they have a cripple story to tell. >>everyone has that story, back in 82 when the plastic avalanche happened, this is my story. take a look at some snow on the bay area mountaintops. this picture was tweeted out by the national weather service and it shows the lick observatory, snow. >>meteorologist rosemary roscoe joining us now with more on our forecast this week. >> hello to you. we are looking at some dry weather to get to the next couple of days. and how about a live interview of some snow on the local mountaintops. we have cloudy skies over the mountain and the rest of us are dealing with more blue sky. we again have dry weather in
12:44 pm
the forecast for your tuesday afternoon. right now, checking in at 540. san francisco is a cool 49. 52 in oakland, 46 in livermore and san jose checking in at 500. portions over the north they are 5 to 100 warmer. more sunshine right now and it feels good but we do have the wind. it could feel brisk at times. oakland is reporting northeast. 15, and as we shift into the south bay, we have wind here as well. hayward easterly, and for the afternoon, partly cloudy to mostly sunny. temperatures on the cool side and here is a look at storm tracker two. we are not looking at any rain at this point, but we will have to pull you out and send you south to see some of that rain. this is the center of the storm. it quickly moved down to the
12:45 pm
area earlier this morning and it is now off the coast of southern california. it will not be anything like we have seen lately and in fact there's only a very slight chance that we will pick up a a few scattered showers. i will show you this in the future cast model, picking up that afternoon. there is that weak system off of the coastline, and it does move in closer. maybe the north corner of california seeing a few scattered showers thursday morning. you can see for us, it is just off of the coastline. it doesn't look like it will bring us much if anything at all. that will be our final chance for the rest of the week. here is a look. 540 in san francisco, 55 in oakland, 54 and treatment. -- fremont. the inner east a, 54 fairfield,
12:46 pm
55 for antioch. here is a look at the extended forecasts. partly cloudy and temperatures will change a lot as we get into the week wednesday. wednesday night and thursday morning, increasing cloud cover. a slight chance, we are calling 20% wench doesn't add up to a whole lot. he will remain only -- missile changes as it comes into the afternoon. finally see mostly sunny skies and low 60s in the forecast for the afternoon. wind fog to contend with but a very quiet pattern as we get to the next several days. going down to breaking news, that's where crews are battling a a grass fire. these are live pictures of the situation here just north of oklahoma city. we know fire crews from a number of departments on the area are on the scene and we've also been getting reports of a
12:47 pm
structure fire. we can see at least one building burning and i think we are seeing some burned-out buildings there as well. you can see some flame does exist and it does appear that crews have a handle on the wildfire aspect of this all i know homes in the area have been affected but, much of the south has been seeing some severe weather. far too much rain and how wildfires are bubbling up in oklahoma. >>the warriors led the game with the second worst player in the league. he scored a game-high 33 points including the game-winning three-pointer which was just about a half second left. despite the loss, a couple of warriors are receiving a cup they will launch the western conference all-stars. kevin durant and seth curry
12:48 pm
were named starters last week. today he will travel to his native north drawn out and be recognized by his old high school and college, charlotte christian high. and, they have just announced that they have treated to the ottawa senator. is . patrick marleau had one of the best games of his career scoring four goals for the first time in his pro career and all in the third. >>the raiders hope a new hire will make the new defense on the season. despite making the playoffs, the raiders finished at near the bottom and, who got snubbed
12:49 pm
and the local man up for best supporting actor.
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a a new weather satellite is starting to send back its
12:52 pm
first high-definition video of earth. the video is four times more clear than other satellites currently in orbit and scientists are calling it high- definition from the heavens. the news that like skin the entire western hemisphere and at that speed will help forecasters make that are whether decisions during severe weather events. and check out this new video of pluto, just released by nasa. this footage was taken by the new horizons spacecraft as it approached the door plan it, back in 2015. the images were taken over a six-month timecode -- time.. following developing stories all around the bay area today in our newsroom and reader on we will have more on that mysterious, suspicious death of two people in ugly. >> also the recovery effort underway in the state. the body of a young woman is believed to have been trapped
12:53 pm
inside, and updates a way just -- coming up. the dow jones up 114 and the nasdaq is up 15. the s&p 500 is up 15 points. >> oakland restaurant week is now underway. it offers special menus at special prices for a number of restaurants throughout the state of oakland to try to get people to try new places. they were checking out them menu at dragon gate. the restaurant serves what it calls taiwanese street food. >> what are the characteristics? >>in taiwan and most asian places, we like to have my ties and sit in the street and have beers. this is the food we call outside food or street food. >>it's a very popular spot, so golden state warriors stopped by for a meal.
12:54 pm
they enjoyed the food and post for a few photographs as well. >> today the 89th annual oscar nominations were revealed. >>ashley has more on who got denied. here is to those who'd dream. the front runner for academy awards his lala land with a record-tying 14 total. that joins titanic and all about he, -- e for the most total. that includes one in the coveted category of best picture. >>you have to decide who you are going to be for yourself. >> in second place our fellow best picture nominees moonlight and arrival, each with eight. >> you are a janitor. you could do that anywhere.
12:55 pm
>> also up for the best picture prize, the emotional drama manchester by the sea. the based on real life drama, lion. the world war ii epic, hacks are rich. the modern-day western hell or high water, and the broadway to film adaptation, senses. diversity amongst nominees is still a big part of the conversation, after the oscars controversy that has surrounded the show for the past few years. >> there is still a story and not, maybe they fixed it for at least this year. we have six black nominees this year. lots of actors of color this year. so maybe this year is not an oscar white controversy. >>joining gosling in the best actor category are denzel washington for fences. hacks are rich, and somewhat of
12:56 pm
a surprise, captain. fantastic, vigo mortensen. up for best actress with emma stone are isabel the pair for now, and natalie portland as jackie, and meryl streep as her own 20th record nomination for florence foster jenkins. this is one category that has a surprise snub. >> it's somewhat surprising to see a net heading not get nominated for best actor for 20th century when. but that is a crowded field this year. >>the countdown to the biggest night, the academy's award. bay area native ursula ali was nominated as best supporting actor for his role in the light, and as you can
12:57 pm
see, the oakland a's are one of the local organizations taking to twitter today to congratulate him. >>good luck to all. but especially him. ask for joining us here at noon. we will see you right back here at 4 o'clock.
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