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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  January 25, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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jersey, number 20. congratulations there. steph's father played in charlotte for the hornets. >> and a coalition of groups and community members come together to try to keep the raiders in oakland. plus, our celebration of oakland restaurant week continues with the first produce only menu. >> welcome to the 9. i have two working dads with me. a lot of dads would be willing to give up some of the paycheck if it meant less work and time at the office. kind of be more fresh and willing to play when they get home. >> i would take a pay cut in it meant more time with the
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family. >> maybe a 20% cut and 20% fewer hours. >> i don't know if i could put a number on it. it is your family. >> you would have to know that you are indeed getting more time. >> right. >> don't just pay me less. >> yes. let me spend more time with my family. i would consider it. >> it is hard because we have young families but these are our hard charging career years. you want to hit pause on family or career to let one develop and pick up the other. >> an easy decision. family is my inspiration. the more time i spend with my family, the marin spired i am in mica -- the more inspired i am in my career. >> i like that. boats are going into the water here coast guard crews are in the air searching for someone who disappeared right near the dumbarton bridge in
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the water. again, rescue crews have been looking for the man, 32-year- old kenneth maldonado since his kayak tipped over yesterday afternoon. no signs of maldonado so far. he went out with a bay and they ran into trouble. while his friend was rescued, maldonado has not been seen since. the cutter searched for him all night. we're going to bring in alex savidge at 9:30 with a live report on a rescue boat in the search operation. now to politics. president donald trump moving forward on a border wall today. his latest executive action is expected to follow through on what became a major campaign issue. but his action filled week is beginning to rattle critics. doug luzader from washington with the story. >> reporter: candidate donald trump promised to work on a border wall from day one. he is not too far behind. that is just one aspect to the immigration measures he is expected to sign later today. the wall is coming.
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president trump in a tweet last night, big day planned on national security tomorrow. among other things, we will build the wall. the president is expected to make the announcement and perhaps sign the executive order at the department of homeland security later today. a clear priority according to the white house. >> he is doing everything that he can to direct agencies and congress to commence with that work as soon as possible. >> reporter: for now it looks like taxpayers will foot the bill. it is something that trump promised again and again on the campaign trail. >> a physical, tall, powerful, beautiful southern border wall. >> reporter: and trump may go further, targeting so-called sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with the federal government to enforce immigration laws and may also talk about stemming the flow of refugees. his executive actions have already riled critics. environmental activists protested outside of the white house last night after he signed an executive order to clear the way for the keystone
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xl and dakota access oil pipeline projects. the administration has reportedly clamped down on communications from executive agencies, including the epa. coming soon, a supreme court pick to replace justice antonin scalia. these are the three likely candidates. candidates. >> we will pick a truly great supreme court justice. but i'll be announcing it sometime next week. >> reporter: and that is a decision with long-term ramifications. the average age of the three judges, just 51. which means any one could serve on the court for a long time. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. yesterday the san francisco board of supervisors approved giving an additional $1.5 million to nonprofits to help with legal defense services for undocumented immigrants. the funding will be in addition to $3.2 million already provided for in the city's
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budget. the supervisors say the additional funding will help san francisco maintain its sanctuary protections in the face of threats by the trump administration to deport undocumented immigrants. so this morning, a group of community leaders will deliver a letter to david livingston asking him to stop colloborating with federal immigration agents to deport people. this follows a report in the east bay express that the office has been working closely with federal agents to locate, arrest and deport individuals. >> in the meantime, dozens of restaurants across the country are declaring themselves sanctuary restaurants to protect their workers that may be in the country illegally. this restaurant in texas says they have always had a no discrimination policy in the workplace. this is one more way that they are spreading that message. >> it's definitely more about showcasing where business does the right thing and does the right thing by our workers and
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by our patrons. if it means that we have to sign a letter that says we approve the most basic civil liberties of going out to eat dinner and not being harassed, we will do that. >> more than 80 restaurants have signed up nationwide. the participating restaurants put up signs in the window. they also receive training that includes how to ask immigration agents for proper paperwork if there is an attempted raid. our question of the day is about president trump's immigration policies and specifically the proposed wall along the u.s.-mexico border. we want to know, do you think the plan to build a wall along the mexican border will become a reality? matthew tweeted i do not now how that will reduce crime. building a wall is a waste of taxpayer money. >> on the flip side, another user says i hope so. time for america to wake up and see what is happening. >> audio 1 says, quote, he is all talk. he needs to get off twitter. immigrants will always be the back bone of america. >> we will keep taking your responses throughout the day and share them with you at
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9:30. we appreciate item you using #ktvuthe9. >> yesterday president trump signed executive orders that revive the pipeline and dakota access pipeline after they were put on hold under the obama administration. now according to the president, a key point is creating jobs. >> we will see if we can get that pipeline built. a lot of jobs. 28,000 jobs. great construction jobs. construction jobs. >> part of that executive order was making sure that the steel pipes used in the project would be made in the united states. people here in the bay area who are opposed to the projects are asking california to divest any holdings in the pipeline companies. >> calpers has $50 million of the money of those who work for the public in california that is threatening the water, land and tribal rights of the
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standing rock sioux people. >> it is being organized for tomorrow in front of the federal building in san francisco. environmental groups lashed out after the trump administration told the e pa to stop issuing press releases updating blogs and posting on social media. the epa was also ordered to take down the climate change web pages to make sure that what goes out reflects the priorities of the new administration. president trump also tweeted just this morning he is ordering a major investigation into voter fraud. the investigation he says will look at those registered to vote in more than one state. quote, those who are illegal and even those registered to vote who are dead, end quote. depending on the results, president trump says we will strengthen up voting procedures. he has said he lost the popular vote in the election because of illegal votes. no evidence of widespread voter fraud has been found. and right now a group of protesters are actually on top of a construction crane in washington, d.c. to protest
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against president trump. these protesters have been up there for about the past four hours. 7 demonstrators belong to the environmental group green peace. this is footage of them unfurling a banner that reads resist. the crane is located on the old "washington post" building and just blocks from the white house. support is growing for the idea of california succeeding from the united states and becoming its own country. you may have heard it referred to as cal exit. one-third of californians support the idea. still half of the state's residents are opposed to the map. the cal exit campaign needs half a million signatures to qualify for the ballot in 2018. even if most vote to succeed, congress and two-thirds of the other states would still have to approve it. the sink hole nicknamed steve burst open on monday. the connector ramp from
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eastbound 24 to southbound 13 was closed until the repairs were complete. but it was finally reopened yesterday afternoon. the sink hole was probably caused by a broken pipe combined with all of the wet weather we've had. crews are hopeful they will be able to reopen 37 in the north bay this upcoming weekend. the road has been closed since saturday because of extreme flooding. officials hope a break in the weather will allow the water to subside and hope to have it back open this weekend after it is fixed. transportation officials say this is the third time in 20 years that road has been flooded. county officials say a new road possibly elevated is needed. transportation officials say the road is also sinking, making matters worse. >> i don't think i've ever seen that. new at 9:00 an arrest has been made in the murder of the 14-year-old back in 1982. when she did not return home by
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can you few, her mother called police. her body was discovered the next day, visible from her family home. the lead detective on the case and the mother will be speaking this morning at 11:00. we will have a camera there and we will have an update for you coming up at noon. coming up here on mornings on 2 the 9, teaming up to save the oakland raiders. coming up at 9:00, the coalition formed to keep the team from moving to las vegas. ♪
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who amongst you goes by the name fenwick? tell me and the rest of you will be spared. i am fenwick. i am fenwick. i am fenwick. hey, fenwick, have you seen my shield? this one's got vertical stripes and mine had horizontal. wanna get away? now you can with southwest fares as low as 59 dollars one-way. yes to low fares with nothing to hide. [sfx]:clap, clap, ding that's transfarency. ♪[music] >> my goodness, we talked about it. the dow hovered around it. here it is over the dow 20,000 mark. passing that mark for the first time ever this morning. donald trump tweeted about it from his potus account. one word, great. some calling it the trump effect. so businesses are happy.
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the dow jones is happy. we are waiting to see if it will close above 20,000. we will have that answer for you at noon. >> there are a list of stocks. i keep a list of. >> that you should have bought. >> i should have bought. >> yes. >> for example, home depot is $138 today. a few years ago it was $60. >> there you go. >> nice investment, sal. >> mental investment. >> we know that we need the rain and the snow. the recent storms indeed caused millions in dollars in damage. the state office of emergency services will have a preliminary total. in the meantime there is a state of emergency in 50 of the 58 counties in california, including the entire bay area in order to seek federal relief funds. east bay has declared a district emergency. the agency spent half a million dollars to shore up an area where a landslide hit near the aqua duct two weeks ago. >> we just want to make sure that it doesn't get any closer
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to the aqua duct and compromise it. it it was a proactive response and quick response to make sure it is secure. >> the state says when damage figures are counted, the costs will likely be tens of millions of dollars. for more on some of the other headlines we have been working on, let's go to dave clark in the news room. >> thank you, sal. here are some of the top stories we're following. a prayer vigil planned for 4:00 this afternoon for a teenager from vallejo who vanished ten months ago. she vanished on may 25th on her way to school. a witness says an armed man grabbed her as she was walking across a bridge over interstate 780. the day after she went missing, the suspect was killed in a police shootout in santa barbara county. still no sign of pearl. the individual i will will be this -- vigil will be at 4:00 over the interstate where she
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was last seen. another search continues today for 18-year-old jada jenkins who has been missing since saturday. her car crashed and ended up in alameda creek. yesterday her car was recovered from the creek along niles canyon. she was not inside of the car. because of the dangerous water, rescue teams were not able to get to the submerged car until yesterday. again, the search resumes today. squaw valley ski resort is reopening a day after the tragic death of a ski patrolling. judge he was killed by an explosive he was using for avalanche control. that area has been under an avalanche warning for two weeks. more than 20 feet of snow have fallen out there. the head of the resort says that he was well trained and had been working at the resort since 2012. those are just a couple of your morning headlines from the news room. mike, sal, gasia, back to you.
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>> thank you, dave. usain bolt has been stripped of one of his medals because of a doping investigation. the case involves a teammate carter. the international olympic committee says he tested positive for a banned stimulant in a reanalysis of samples from the 2008 beijing olympics. carter and bolt were teammates on the relay team. the ioc says all four gentleman makian sprinters are disqualified. carter can appeal the decision. coming up on morn morning the 9 -- mornings on 2 the 9. are you trying to lose weight? what about your pets? how to keep your pets health . directv now! the future of tv is now.
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you last let your heart decide a whole new world welcome to aulani it's hawaii with a touch of disney magic. for special offers visit or call your travel agent >> the oscar nominations came out yesterday and included a
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big honor for the film documentary film program. >> two cal graduates are among the finalists nominated in the best documentary short. >> deborah talked to both of the honorees and has more on their work. >> congratulations. >> how are you? >> daphne and dan krauss came back to their alma mater for a book launch and lecture by a former professor. >> both dan and daphne are here tonight. >> reporter: with news the two are among only five finalists for best documentary short at next month's academy awards. >> daphne just graduated. where are you. >> reporter: her film is a day in the life of a coast guard captain in her native greece as he rescues those from drowning in the mediterranean. >> i have never seen children in so much fear.
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>> reporter: it wasn't easy to witness for her or her audience. >> they are going through this with the captain. >> we don't really understand and realize what is happening. and that's why i made this film. >> she won't wake up from this. >> reporter: extremist is much closer. highland hospital in oakland where dan krauss took on death and dying and the decisions made by doctors, patients and families every day. >> it was a subject that i was deeply uncomfortable with before i began filming. >> reporter: he witnessed things so intimate but so universal. >> if i can make people not feel so alone in this experience, then i think we will have accomplished something special. the film is ultimately about human empathy. the people who chose to participate in the film were seeking a connection with other people. they saw my camera not as an
9:22 am
intrusion but an opportunity. >> they are stories about adversity and human suffering and compassion. and they're also both stories that have, you know, in all of that darkness they find a strange kind of hope. >> i'm thrilled and thrilled for you. i'm thrilled for you. >> thanks so much. >> and i'm thrilled for you. >> so great. both of the documentary film makers will be at the awards when the winner is announced. dan was up and watching when the nominations came out yesterday morning. daphne was sound asleep. that is until her sister called her and woke her with the good news. >> that's a phone call. >> yeah. >> wake up. you've been nominated for an oscar. >> good luck to both. >> coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, the uc board of regents are meeting in san francisco this morning. the topics that will be discussed and the protests expected. the man missing after his kayak capsized near the dumbarton bridge. the search happening right now.
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>> we are looking at your responses on twitter and facebook and elsewhere when it comes to our ktvu question of the day. do you think president donald trump will actually make good on his major campaign promise and build a wall along the u.s.- mexico border? many responses on twitter. i am seeing he is all talk. he needs to get off twitter. immigrants will absolutely the back bone of america. eric writes he will get started. getting it done is another issue when it comes to government involvement and building projects remember we're dealing with government now not a business organization. >> on twitter elliot hernandez says i would rather have my tax dollars pay for health and education. i got a tweet from matt that said sadly yes. i think he means that that wall he thinks will be built. >> michael says the wall will happen because the president
9:26 am
will profit indirectly. he is a businessman too. and then vernon said job won't be done. too expensive, too big. not worth all of the work. >> we will learn more today as he talk below zero it. we will have his comments coming up at noon. thanks for talking with us. we're going to bring in steve paulson. for weeks you've been talking about rain and we're inching toward closer to a break now. aren't we. >> this break feels great. >> pam and dave are in here and bothering us like nobody's business. i can't concentrate. yes, we do get a break, you guys, as get into the weekend. might even see 60s here. things have calmed down. more fog this morning. it was cold. darn cold. but the west is starting to dry out. not just us. this is flagstaff. look at that. where it is also nice and snowy. we will keep it in california. there is snow from seattle and
9:27 am
portland all the way down into the mountains of arizona and of course in the sierra nevada. twin lakes near bridgeport, california, 3 degrees this morning at the lakes and minus 21 at bridgeport. she says she is ready for summer. well, i wonder why. 30s and 40s on your temps. a little puff of a breeze. everything quiet now. you see the system moving out in the four corners and drier air has moved in behind it. there is the system. any precip would be north and that looks light. still 40s here. pretty chilly. we are recovering from 20s and 30s this morning. there's the southeast breeze. northerly breeze towards napa and northwest. pretty chilly air mass. mostly cloudy skies to the north. temperatures in the 50s here. mostly sunny to the south. at least it is dry. this weekend we have warmer weather. that's the good news. what is the bad news?
9:28 am
rain returns february 1st. enjoy the break while you can. >> i wanted to ask you, you said something on your weather cast that kind of stuck with me. once we have a wet year, it stays a wet year because the way the patterns line up. >> we get one day of rain and four or five weeks of high pressure. when it's a rain year and this is a rain year, it comes back quick usually. >> thank you, steve. >> you're welcome. the 49ers are locking in season ticket prices for the next two years. it will be the same price for the 2017 and 2018 seasons. prices have not gone up since levi's stadium opened in 2014. the cheap seats cost at $1,800. >> i thought they were going to raise prices actually. >> really? >> imagine if they did. do you think they would lose more. >> humor, mike. >> it is wednesday, sal. >> what is not funny is that
9:29 am
the raiders still considering leaving oakland. we're going to dive into this this morning. last week the raiders applied to relocate to las vegas. relocation would require approval from 24 of the 32 teams. the earliest they will vote is late march when they meet in phoenix. one local group is looking at ways to block the team from relocating. the group says a move to vegas would hurt the community here and the proposal for the stadium is sufficient enough to keep the team in oakland. there will be a news conference this morning about the plans going forward. we are joined by ray bob. good morning. might as well tell us, what are you going to announce at the news conference in an hour. >> i think most importantly who we are. and we are a group and a collaboration of business owners, residents, season ticket holders, fans. but we specifically are people that live in the surrounding
9:30 am
community of the coliseum. and we are very, very concerned about the missed opportunity for development. we are encouraged by the opportunity for a development that we believe will bring jobs to our community. we will continue to strengthen the community. as you know, we represent fruitvale to elmhurst. that's the coliseum area. we know the challenges in those areas. we're really trying to focus on development. >> if the raiders left, would that area still be developed? could it still have a future for jobs and homes? i love the raiders. i want them to stay. if they leave, is that a possibility. >> from our perspective, we've been here all of our lives. and the raiders and the a's and the entire coliseum complex has been something that has allowed for us to have recurring job creation. it's not just about the raiders. if we do a new stadium, there
9:31 am
will be opportunities for the children within our community to play games there. high schools to play games there. monster truck, day out on the green. there is more of an opportunity and development at this point. it is an ongoing situation. the development provides immediate jobs for the community from everything from apprenticeships and electricians and plumbers and so on and so forth. construction workers. but concessions is a very important piece of our community. most of the concessioners that work there are from the community. >> do you hope that the nfl will look at this community effort that is basically coming up from the ground swell and make a decision based on that? in other words, if they hadn't seen any opposition to the movement, they might say, okay, no one is stepping up. but you are stepping up. your group is stepping up. >> absolutely. let's just be clear. ronnie lott has a plan. the community supports the plan. we're concerned about transparency as it relates to the relocation process.
9:32 am
this process failed us before. in 1982, you could -- may 6th "washington post" article then commissioner rosel said the an be tie trust laws did not contemplate a community supporting 12 sell-out seasons and for the community to lose its franchise. we appealed. the nfl rejected the relocation of the raiders but they moved anyway and they ended up suing the nfl for relocation. so we're concerned about transparency in the process. who decides whether the ronnie lott plan is viable? is there a process? is there a support mechanism through the nfl? >> it seems like the nfl owners will decide that in march. >> the nfl as an institution is not just supposed to support franchises but community customers and fans. >> right. everything that you're saying i've heard in one form or another from raiders fans individually, from mayor libby
9:33 am
schaaf directly and personally. it seems though as mark davis perhaps is not listening to the passion, the immediate, the local concern. would you agree with that? we have all of the care in the world. but it's not the dollars to get it d. >> well, i think that what is different this time is there's an alignment strategically that is different from before. first of all we have ronnie lott who is respected in the nfl. we have a change in the leadership in the a's that reflects visibility. it seems that they are open to being more flexible there. we have the city and county finally together. we have a circumstance in which the fans -- i've read 4.3 of the nfl constitution over and over. if you have fan support, if you have a profitable football operation, you know, you're supposed to qualify. and it's not just about the stadium. it's about the fans. it's about what we do. there is an alignment that is
9:34 am
different that wasn't there before. so we don't like the suggestion that ronnie lott's plan is a carbon copy. i have communicated with eric grubman from the nfl and told him what we plan to do. >> we're going to fight to keep our team. >> i like that attitude. >> 10:30, the news conference here in oakland. >> thank you. >> continue to fight. >> thank you. >> we will have the update on noon on the news conference. >> thank you. >> about 30 minutes ago, uc regents began a two-day meeting in san francisco. >> at the top of the agenda is approving a new budget, one that includes a tuition hike. >> tara moriarty is joining us live from the ucf conference center. any new protesters this morning. >> not a single one we have seen. we were expecting some if you take a look behind me, there are barricades up and officers on stand by. so far no protests, no student protesters have shown up. now, we know that students
9:35 am
protested back here in november. police threatened to arrest them when they refused to leave the meeting room. students had traveled by charter buses to get here. they're obviously angry about a proposed tuition increase that would apply in the fall of 2018. tuition and fees for the 2016 school year averaged $13,500 across the uc system but combined with expenses like books, room and board and health insurance, the average cost for off campus students is $30,000 a year. a survey conducted in 2015 found that 40% of students lack access to healthy meals. a lot of students talking about that. even without tuition increases, the rapidly cost of living has made their lives difficult. the meeting has gotten underway. the teamsters union is here. but they are aren't rowdy. just a table with one person.
9:36 am
they have been sort of in negotiations as well. the uc workers have contracts. so far it seems like a peaceful meeting. live in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty. back to you. >> thank you, tara. many people resolve to lose weight in the new year. what about your pets? >> many people don't think that pets can face weight and diabetes issues like their owner. >> we go over to sal with more on how to keep your pets healthy. >> i'm here with dr. ruth mcpete. i didn't know that dogs could get diabetes. i thought it was a human thing. how can you tell if your dog or -- can cats get it too or just dogs. >> yes. and you're not alope. that's why i'm here helping raise awareness about diabetes. many people are unaware that it exists in dogs and cats. >> how does a dog get diabetes. >> it is just like it is in humans. genetics play a part part.
9:37 am
environmental factors. obesity is a risk factor. we know that is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes particularly. we want to make sure that people are keeping their pets trim and slim and that the big thing that i want to make sure that people know is that it is a manageable condition. just like with humans, diabetes in dogs and cats is manageable. typically managed with a combination of insulin therapy, diet modification and also at home glucose monitoring. >> you have a dog here. i know this dog is not up for adoption. it is a demonstration dog here. >> yes. this is captain. he is from wonder dog rescue in san francisco. he's already been adopted. but he's here, again, just helping me raise awareness about diabetes. >> is he in good shape. >> he is. he is a little heavy. that's one thing that he is here. he has a little extra weight here. and so that's one thing that people want to make sure, again, that they're keeping their pets slim. like other diseases, diabetes
9:38 am
is typically easier to treat the earlier it is diagnosed. we want to make sure that people know about the signs and symptoms. >> i see another dog over there. >> yes. >> does somebody want to bring him in. >> this is tess. cheeses great weight. she is a great example of a dog that is a nice healthy weight. when people see their veterinarian every year, the vet will check your pet to make sure that they're a healthy weight. i want to make sure that people know signs and symptoms of diabetes. >> increased fur. increased urination. if your pet is going to the bathroom more. lethargy and increased appetite. if your pet is eating more but actually losing weight or not gaining. those all can be signs of diabetes. if anybody sees those obviously you want to see your veterinarian right away. and, again, because the earlier you diagnose it, the easier it is to manage the disease in dogs and cats. >> dr. ruth mcpete, thank you very much. these dogs are beautiful. again, watch for signs in your
9:39 am
dog and talk to your vet. >> yeah. and know it is a manageable condition. >> all right. >> if people want more information, there is a great website that tells you all about at home glucose monitoring and more. >> thank you, doctor. >> mike and gasia, back to you. tonight at 9:00 on ktvu fox 2 an all new episode of star will air. paul chambers caught up with some of the stars of star to find out why the show is so special. >> i'm star. we sing together. we're in a group. there are three of us. >> reporter: fox brings you a gritty drama. >> ever since i was little she believes in me. >> this show is about three young women who come from atlanta with a hope and desire to establish themselves in the music business. >> benjamin brat plays the talent agent.
9:40 am
all the while battling carlotta played by queen latifah. >> working with him is like a day off work. >> it is the day i look forward to when we have a scene together. it is not often enough. >> reporter: what else would you expect from the show's cocreator who brought you empire lee daniels. >> you have so many shows on fox. what is going on here, my man. >> i'm trying to make the money. >> reporter: and a difference as the show deals with heavy issues. >> we were just at the club. >> girl. >> reporter: openly transgender actress plays cotton. she is thankful to daniels for shining a light on anish other that is near and dear to her. >> i have friends who have been killed and attacked. it was something that was personal to me. >> reporter: daniels says the
9:41 am
show empire and star are important to the fabric of america showing diversity in the community. >> i have just scratched -- scratched the surface of making sure that minorities and women are not only represented in front of the camera, but in back of the camera. >> this is a really good friend of yours. you were on empire and now star. tell us about this guy, stuff that we may not know about him. >> he's got big imagination and he gets -- it all comes to play, it comes true. when he calls you, i trust him. when he calls and says i've got an idea. i trust him. i'll go with it. >> reporter: fox also trusts daniels as he gets a third show. an empire spin-off is in the works. paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, it is a world first produce only restaurant. and it's one of the many eateries participating in oakland restaurant week. up next we see what core
9:42 am
kitchen is serving up. with the xfinity tv app,
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anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr
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and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. >> oakland restaurant week is underway and it runs until january 29th. this morning the 9 is happy to highlight core kitchen on 14th street in oakland. it is the world's first produce only restaurant with 100% of the food made from fresh fruits and vegetables every day. this means no canned goods, no oil and no salt. foremore on core kitchen and some of the dishes they're serving we're joined about i his -- we're joined by the founder, corey. >> i'm a big home cook when it
9:45 am
comes to vegetables. how do you make it taste good without salt. >> we have to learn the character of every fruit and vegetable that we use. so we use many different types of mushrooms and sumac as a spice that has a sour and salty flavor. storage is important to make sure that strawberries are held at the right temperature so fulfill all of the flavors. >> when it comes to being investigate an, do you try to mimic investigate an bacon, investigate an cheese? do you try to mimic things that the general public eats or say that cashew is delicious as it is not cashew cheese. >> yeah. we try not to do fake or substitute stuff. we don't even call this investigate an or vegetarian. it is new america. it is food that is invented here in america that is new. we want to you crave eating healthy. that's what the health food movement has done wrong. >> it felt like a punishment.
9:46 am
i'm being good. i'll have a salad. you want me to crave the salad, not resign myself to it. >> exactly. we have gone further in invasion than just salad. we do pasta and burritos, coconut bowls and vegetable bowls. we want to make you excited about eating this what i. >> i'll show this one to our viewers at home. this is something that mike mibach says his wife has tried to pass off as spaghetti. these are zucchini noodles. >> i recognize those. >> you're not trying to trick people into eating their veggies. >> no. >> embrace eating them. >> you can make long things out of zucchini and sweat potatoes. will are secrets to make it good at home. don't cook did in its own sauce. then it keeps it warm and it gets mushy. >> okay. when you're at home, lightly blanche it in water and that's
9:47 am
it. >> are you listen mrs. mike mibach. this is a coconut. i have never done this. explain to me. i put it over this. >> yes. and hit this a punch of times. >> more. >> more. yeah. yeah. >> okay. >> that's good. >> okay, good. >> you will use the back as a lever. >> oh, geez. >> pull back. pull back. okay. exactly. >> i have never done it before. >> okay. that's good. >> let me assist. >> give it a whack. >> yeah. >> all righty. >> nice job, gasia. >> thank you. >> i feel so much better. >> you see the fresh coconut water. bring it right over here. >> i would love to. >> we're going to strain it. >> strain out any bits in the fresh coconut. >> wow. okay. then you have to get ready. >> i never have. are you going to poura glass.
9:48 am
>> yes. >> i'm so excited. >> i like coconut. >> this is like from heaven, nature. >> incredible. >> isn't that amazing. >> wow. >> i know we're sickment of i don't want to pass the cold back to you guys. sal, go for it. >> he didn't need help. he's going to drink it straight from the pitcher. i'll let you help. >> i don't want to hijack your interview here. >> as you guys work on that, so many people go to a restaurant and except a soda or except a beer. you're going super clean even with your drinks and not just with the coconut juice. you have sprinkling ginger something that people can enjoy at the restaurant as well. >> totally. so soda doesn't have to be unhealthy. >> right. >> this beverage is just water that is sparkling that we infuse with carbonated air and we muddle herbs and fruit. >> can i take some. >> yeah. drink it right ow of the cocoa
9:49 am
-- right out of the coconut if you would like. >> a lot of people say i didn't think i would like it but i do. >> yes. >> people realize after coming to the restaurant how much salt is in the food all around them and how it is overwhelming to your taste buds. your taste buds change every couple days. after people start eating here, they start craving it more and more. when they go to a fast food restaurant after that, it's like intense. >> i have been eating this all my life. did you dry it. >> yes. >> it is delicious. >> excellent. >> i'm going to hang on this. corey, thank you. core kitchen especially, all -- core kitchen, look for it under our under the mornings on 2 tab. it is waiting for you on the mobile app as well. you have nothing to cheers us with corey. cheers to you to core kitchen and oakland kitchen week. i'm impressed. ?q
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
>> well, a search continues at this hour for a missing kayaker in san francisco bay, right near the dumbarton bridge. >> hope is fading as the map has been in the water for 17 hours. >> alex savidge has talked to rescuers throughout the morning on the developing story and has a report from the bay. >> reporter: we are on board the menlo park fire
9:53 am
department's air boat. this was one of a dozen rescue boats that responded last night to try to find that missing kayaker. and, again, they still have not found the man. there is a major search continuing this morning just south of the dumbarton bridge. everybody is searching for kevin maldonado. he was out with a friend yesterday afternoon. his friend was on a raft and he was on a kayak. they ran into trouble. emergency calls went in about 4:30 in the afternoon. maldonado's friend called up and said his kayak had tipped over and that maldonado had gone into the water without a life jacket on. now, there were boats put in the water, helicopters in the air yesterday but nobody has been able to find kenneth maldonado up until now. but the coast guard is searching with its helicopter this morning. again, other rescue boats, including the men low fire department's air boat are in the water, searching different
9:54 am
areas. again, the search is focused just south of the dumbarton bridge close to the fremont side. a major search effort underway still today to try to find this missing kayaker who went into the water late yesterday. i'm alex savidge, ktvu fox 2 news. >> so you know, as alex was on the boat reporting, something was spotted in the water by the searchers. so the searchers dropped him off. they're now going to check it out. alex is staying on the scene. we will have what they find coming up at noon. switching gears a bit, we head off to the east coast where the warriors are taking on the hornets which for steph curry is a trip back home. his high school honored him by retiring his jersey number 20 during a halftime ceremony. he joked that number 30 was too big for him back then. he wished he had pushed himself harder and tried out for high school varsity when he was a
9:55 am
freshman. he admitted he always had dreams of playing in the nba. the super bowl is just 11 days away. the patriots and the falcons are expected to arrive over the weekend in texas. ground crews are already getting the field ready. they painted the field at nrg stadium. the nfl wants the roof open for the super bowl. >> we are on track and where away want to be at this point in time and continuing to push to get everything ready and set for super bowl sunday. >> nrg stadium used to be called reliance stadium. it hosted in 2004 when the patriots won 32-29 against the panthers. watch the super bowl right here on ktvu. tom brady and the patriots look to win another nfl title as they face the atlanta falcons. kickoff is february 5th at 3:30 pacific time. some people love the super
9:56 am
bowl. i love the tv commercials. you don't even have to wait for the big game. this is a teenage romeo trying to get the attention of a girl she really likes but trying to do it without disturbing her family. then watch. >> katie. katie. katie. >> mmm. >> mmm. >> katie. katie. >> mmm. >> katie. >> mmm. >> katie. >> mmm. >> mmm. >> katie. >> even grandma is in on it. >> a burglar, police officer. we will all be watching the commercials and/or the game. that is a week from sunday. i am a commercial watcher. >> i like that. i loo i can that commercial because i have done that. i used to throw rocks. >> little pebbles. >> little pebbles. >> nice. >> i hope you're with us on the 9 as well.
9:57 am
we're walking about changes to the oakland a's fan fest including a new location. we will be live with a group of bay area teachers making a name for themselves in the music world. i'm going to finish the coconut juice right from the coconut. >> the first time that you have done that. >> yes. thank you for joining us on the 9. core kitchen part of oakland restaurant week. go out and give it a try. delicious, fresh, straight from nature. thanks for joining us. >> see you at noon. directv now! the future of tv is now.
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it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? we don't judge. but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. >> now, here's wendy! ♪ >> wendy: thank you for watching. and my wonderful co-host, my studio audience.


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