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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  January 26, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PST

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the vote expected today and how students plan to fight it. . thank you for joining us here. it's thursday. january 26th. i'm pam cook. . >> tomorrow is? >> friday. it's the eve before friday. i'm dave clark. we are talking about your weather. doesn't look to bad. steve he is in his office. >> it looks good for a couple days. yeah. a long deserved break and we need it . creek is coming down. river is coming down. let that soil take in that moisture. not as cold as yesterday. keep the eye out for patchy fog. i'm sure there be some. one system moved out. yesterday's system didn't do much but it has cloud cover over us. see a spin in the atmosphere rotating along the coast. kelseyville at 34. 35 glenallen many a few 20s yesterday. not -- don't think we will see
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that. the cloud cover should stop more cooling here. still a slight off shore part on that breeze and if you are up north better opportunity maybe for some light rain. you can see that line there. it's favoring areas up there. one more system but it'll weaken as it moves across. it'll give us cloud cover tonight into tomorrow. a cold morning. watch out for some fog, sun and clouds. 50s he on the temperatures. almost getting to 60 but not until the weekend. good morning. >> good morning to you steve. right now we don't have a lot going on. just like we like it. as we look at the drive here traffic is moving along well. on the pass, 580, 205. not a bad tariff here on the tracy super drive. getting in to livermore and continuing in to the main part of the valley. we are also looking at the drive here on interstate 880. you can see traffic is moving along well as you drive through
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the area. there have been no major issues driving past the controversial self. at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see the laugh traffic is light getting in to san francisco. at 4:02 let's go back to the desk. i just signed two executive orders that will save thousands of lives, millions of jobs and billions and billions of dollars. >> one of the executive orders signed by president trump yesterday specifically calls for a wall or other barrier along the mexican border. another blocks federal grants to sanctuary cities. they include san francisco, san jose, oakland and berkeley which do not cooperate with federal immigration authorities. here in the bay area agencies that serve immigrants say the president's actions are creating a lot of fear. the canal alliance sevens the area's spanish speaking community and the agency's director said since the election day people have been
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afraid. he is concerned that many undocumented immigrants will go into hiding. >> when this type of environment happen and people have a tendency to stay in the shadows and other social problems appear with that. the people are victims of crime. they may not want to go talk to the police because they are afraid. >> at last count there were 40,000 latinos in marin. about half undocumented. the president also signed an order to cut federal grants for sanctuary cities and immediately there was a protest on the steps of san francisco city hall. the san francisco is just one of four bay area city that are among hundreds of cities around the country that protect illegal immigrants. the mayors of san francisco, san jose, oakland and berkeley say that they will take a regional approach to fights the effects of any federal funding cuts that may happen.
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>> the law is interpret they clear. the supreme court has said it more than once that the congress and president cannot put conditions on funding on say transportation funding because of some unrelated reason for example, immigration. >> the president has several options to carry out his order including federal lawsuits and also the power to with hold money from federal grants. for san francisco that could be a billion dollars. some of the nation's biggest cities are also sanctuary cities like new york, los angeles, chicago, philadelphia and phoenix. there is also report that the trump administration has tracted an order to keep syria refugees entering the united states and stop all refugee programs for 120 days. the associated press got a draft of the order that would also suspend issuing any visas for people from seven mostly muslim countries. those are iran, iraq, libya,
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somalis, sudan, syria and yemin. a man we talked to said his sisters and their families have been trapped overseas after their homes in syria were destroyed and now he wonder ifs they will ever make it. the council on american islamic relations said it's ready to fight the order. >> we are also looking at legal strategies to push back against any possible executive order just because it came from the president doesn't mean it is the law of the land. we are he minded that the supreme law of the land is the constitution. >> the president has not commented on the details of the draft order but in the past he has said that he is worried that terrorists would enter the united states posing as refugees. >> you can find more on the orders so far at there is also information about the president's call for a major investigation into possible voter fraud. just look at our website under the politics section. later today the president
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will join congressional republicans at their three day retreat in philadelphia. the president, vice president and british prime minister will address the republicans at the gop strategy retreat. they are expected to talk about aggressive legislation including repealing and replacing the affordable care act. changing the tax system and finding a way to pay for president trump's border wall. well search teams will go back to alameda creek looking for signs of an 18-year-old jayden jenkins who has been missing since her car crashed in to the creek on saturday. teams have found clothing belonging to her and her submerged car was pulled out tuesday. the rushing waters of the creek have slowdown the recovery effort. niles canyon road was closed during the search operation this is week but it did reopen yesterday in both directions. her car on saturday hit another
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car. it veered off the road and then fell into the creek. authorities still haven't found any sign of her. they believe she was under water and that she knocked out her car windows to get out of the car. while the storm its brought relief from the drought some property owners in the bay area worry that their life savings were in danger. in southern san mateo the mountain round of laho nda is reeling the damage caused by the rain. inspectors are red tagged three homes and a 4th is at risk because of a landslide. a road buckled and forced families to evacuate. one man estimates the ground shifted ten feet destroying the foundation to his parent's home. damage includes broken glass and cracks in the sheetrock. >> it's really hard. my parents are the one that own the home. they just lost everything. so that was their retirement. >> the landslide also took down nearby trees and pur
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lines. the family was the red tagged homes asking local and state lawmakers for financial help. the san mateo board is making the road a priority so no more homes are lost. financial help is on the way for another peninsula community hit hard by the storms. the city of pacifica will receive three million dollars from state and federal governments for 12 sites damaged by last year's storms. some money will go to protect infrastructure including the street next to the 300 block of esplanade. the funds won't pay for the demolition of the apartment building that's on the edge of the cliff. happening today the university of california board of regents are scheduled to vote the today on a plan to raise tuition and fees at all ten uc campuses starting this fall. rob roth talked to student who say they are worried and afraid they won't be able to afford the increase. >> reporter: on the campus at berkeley the prospect of a
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tuition hike next fall spells trouble for many. >> it's pretty upsetting. the tuition is already kind of a big strain on us. >> reporter: the board is expected to vote to raise tuition and fees $336 a year. an increase of 2.5%. that would bring the cost to about 12, 600 a year but that doesn't account for rent, meals and books. some tunes say it add up to much. >> it could impact my family to get the liens, secure those, have to find another job maybe. it's hard enough as it is already. >> reporter: uc projects it would bring another $88 million in to the system. a third of that would go to financial aid. the rest to the campuses. >> it would go for things like hiring more staff, more teaching assistants. it would go toward improving mental health services. . >> reporter: if they approve the uc president's recommendation it would be the first increase in six years and
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uc said that it only applies to families earning more than $150,000 a year. >> we are at a point where if we don't invest in the university the quality of quality of the uc education will be hurt. >> reporter: the lieutenant governor is also a member of the board. he said that he is voting against the increase. >> we do a great job to protect those that are very low income but he we do a terrible job of providing resources for middle income family. >> my brother is going into college soon as well. just kind of -- i think everybody will feel that financial impact. >> reporter: at uc berkeley. ktvu fox 2news. ten minutes after four and eat china town is underway right now in san francisco. the long time businesses that are being showcased in this special celebration. >> and there is a new survey show figure bart riders really satisfied with their ride. how it compares to studies in
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the past. >> good morning. we still have a light commute. this is a look at speaker state 80 westbound. it continues to look good heading to the mcarthur maze. >> it's a rain here. eve little system needs to be watched. we have one going over us right now. upper returns on radar. i don't think it'll amount to much. we have a little bit of cloud cover. we will talk about that and your forecast coming up.
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. welcome back. the storms are adding more congestion to busy bay area roads and freeways. want to show you the traffic back up on 101 in redwood city yesterday. cal trans crews have been working around the clock to try to fix some weather related pot holes. cal trans said the freeway from oyster point south is one of the worst stretches in the bay area. >> we have to fix this. someone will get hurt bad. just a matter time. there are some big pot holes out here. >> now cal trans said drivers should slow down. that will help with reaction time and avoiding a pot hole. if you do end up hitting one it damages your car. you can file a claim with the transit agency. we will have more information on how you can do that on the website. that's under the web lynchings section of the home page. also the clean up from the storms is far from over in other areas. the army corp. of engineers has been busy cleaning up debris out of the
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san francisco bay. sky fox is over the area where the agency is dumping that debris. take a look at that pile. it's made up postly of large branches, brought down by recent storms. the agency said that large floating branches pose a danger to boaters on the bay. the eastbound lanes of highway 37 will open again. after being shut down by flooding the storms. the lanes were shout between athertom and highway 101 after water spilled over from the marshes. now the westbound lanes are still closed between lakeville highway and highway 101. the crews are work around the clock pumping out water but we don't know when the eastbound lanes will reopen. it's the second time this month that flooding has closed part of highway 37. new information shows a lot of bart riders are not happy with the transit system. in fact rates at their lowest level in 20 years. a survey released by bart shows that 31% of those who were
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questioned did not like and were not happy with bart service. compared to 26% of rider who say that they were unsatisfied in 2014. some of the main complaints include the reliability of bart and the availability of a seat plus the bart station itself and cleanlessness on the train. it's time to check pack in with sal for the early look at the drive. how is it so far? >> not bad. so far, so good. northbound 101 as you drive up into the gilroy area. not bad. it continues to look very good from gilroy to san jose. all the way in through morgan hill and it could -- nice looking drive. what a difference good weather makes. we don't have any flooding or anything that is helping -- anything that's hurting your drive in to the the valley. the traffic continues to look pretty good here as you drive through. also let's take a look at the san mateo bridge and it's a
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nice drive across to the peninsula. so is the dunbarton. the at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see traffic is light getting in to san francisco. at 4:17 let's go to steve. did you watch any movies last night? >> i was -- i had good intentions but i went to bed early instead. >> i understand. when you do we will chat. thank you sir. i think we have -- there is one movie left of the oscar nominations he hasn't seen. i have seen them all. we are comparing notes. let's get to it. another morning where it's colder ins lo loss and phoenix than in new york and washington dc. even atlanta. maybe new york and washington. 40 and 43. phoenix to la. the colder air. everything is on the west coast. we have just acies temperature zipping on by from the the northwest giving us cloudy skies. radar does indicate some high based returns. i doubt it does much. any time it's there you have to mention if it happens it would
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be brief and right. won't amount to much. the mere fact it's showing up always makes you nervous. 30s and 40s on the temperatures. they are up compared to yesterday. why? because of the cloud cove. you can see this maybe painting the coast. they are fast movers. morning clouds, 30s for some. lafayette. walnut creek. many in the east bay. these relationship six, seven degrees compared to yesterday. yesterday we had low 30s. upper 20s. that's about 13 degrees warmer than yesterday. around lake tahoe. more teens now and 20s compared to the single digit wes had yesterday. state lines at 24 hour degrees. zero in flagstaff. 31 in tucson. 43 in la. warmer toward palm springs. still 20s in the mountains and 35 in las vegas. cold air down to southern california and the four corners. we have that slight easter by breeze. that's not bad for the coast. if you get some of that cold air it can be hard to warm up. especially from the north and also the south.
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there is our system. you can he see there is not a lot do it. it'll be a quick mover. then we will have sun this afternoon. the next system will weaken as it moves over us and it'll split but that will be tomorrow giving us mostly cloudy skies. any rainfall out of this doesn't look like it. we will have to wait. the weekend looks great with mid60s by sunday. monday is okay. tuesday is when we start to see the hint of something up north and then wednesday into thursday we bring in another looks like rainy pattern. we will see. doesn't look like it's very wet but like a return around february 1st or second. 50s on the temperatures. probably nice. mostly cloudy tomorrow and then we clear it out. the weekend looks good. >> you did go. >> not yet but i'm working on it. good weekend to get outside. >> yeah. it'll feel outside. >> bike and hike and everything. thank you. new developments in the search for the missing kayaker.
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the reason the search was called off. >> and a new list is out today compares the best and worst cities for families. the bay area communities that came out on top and those who fell behind.
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. there is a new study ranking the best cities for families, no bay area cities made the top ten. the highest ranking city in the bay area according to the study
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by apartment list was pleasant on. they came at number 18. the next highest, fremont at number 33 and then san ramone at number 41. the lowest ranking cities in the bay area were val johan, number 507 out of a total of 510. oakland came in number 503. berkeley was number 4125. the three top factors considered for the study were crime rates, affordable housing and the quality of education. a big legal victory for wal- mart. a judge in san francisco sided them in a wage dispute with its truck drivers in california. the judge refused to enforce a penalty of $80 million for wal- mart's failure to pay the state's minimum wage to drivers for certain tasks. the judge ruled that the retail giant acted in good faith and reasonablely believed that it was following the state's labor laws. truck drivers not paid by the hour. they are paid based on mileage
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and specific tasks that they do. in july a jury awarded back wages to them find that wal- mart failed to it pay them minimum wage for inspecting their trucks before and after their trips. tesla ceo continues to talk about building a tunnel to reduce traffic congestion. he posted they he is making progress on his plans for a continue schedule will start digging in a month or so. he is talking about his plans to create underground routes in los angeles to help congestion on la freeways. he first mentioned the plan after being is stuck in traffic in december. we don't know if he is being serious or just having some fun on social media. amazon is doing something. they have a new subscription service for stem toys. for $20 a month children will get an age appropriate toy that focuses on science, technology, etching nearing and math. toys for ages two through 13. if you have subscribed you can
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cancel after you want. they will start shipping today. the ceo of the company that makes dipping dots ice cream hopes to end it's cold war with the new press secretary. . several times spicer said that the ice cream isn't the ice cream of the future. that was their slogan. they got a lot of attention on social media but the company is taking in good humor. >> we love the satire. having the headlines, sean spicer has a fight with dipping dots. it's just funny. >> the ceo said that when it is convenient the company will bring a truck of dipping dots to the white house and have a social. he said sean spicer suggested they invite veterans and the military to the party as well. have you have them? >> i have. >> i love them. >> its been a long time. >> they are good.
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that's pretty funny. san francisco mayor ed lee will deliver his state of the city address today. how the president's latest moves could influence what the mayor has to say. >> and developing a trump hotel. right here in san francisco. the planned expansion of the president's luxury hotel chain. >> good morning. we see the traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area this is highway 4. it's off to a good start on the way to concord. >> just a weak system just zipping on by from the northwestt. has given us cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. with rehabilitative see what's in store for friday and into the weekend. ?q
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. good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2.
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live pictures. washington dc and overcast morning and looking at the united states capitol building. the president is due to leave washington today, heading to philadelphia for a republican strategy retreat. there he will be meeting the british prime minister. it's a three day retreat and he will be leaving today. good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. thursday morning, january 26th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. thank you for waking up with us. sounds like it'll be a nice few days. it's hard pressed to really get sunshine. there are still clouds cunning by. we are working on it. . >> it's january. >> it is. though -- here is another system giving us cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. there will be one more coming down the old weather highway. you can see right there. there could be a few showers. not a big deal but radar shows high based returns. a lot of clouds and this system should fly out of here quick. a good look at it. see how -- right on down comes
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in here. it'll rotate out. we will get the a little more sun. we deal with cloudy skies and temperatures are up. still some 30s. a lot more 40s compared to yesterday. you can see a couple returns here along the san mateo coast. 30 a on the pen slam four or five from quad. 35 wood side. stanford is in there. 40s for some including san carlos. 16 in truckee. by about 13 degrees and around lake tahoe there are more teens. yesterday single digits. reno at 27. zero in flagstaff and 35 in lag vegas. slight off shore breeze for us will give way to partly to mostly cloudy skies and then partly sunny this afternoon. one more systemt. will weaken tomorrow. then sunshine for the weekend. 50s today. >> i like that. sunshine for the weekend sounds great. >> yes. good morning. let's go out and take a look at what we have now with the morning drive. we wil


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