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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  January 26, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning. it if you are just waking up with us beautiful start to the day. there is a live look at the bay bridge in to the city. traffic moving along. >> yeah. >> not quickly. it's moving. that's the good news. it sounds like a nice weekend in store. >> yeah. >> it's thursday january 26th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's go to steve to find out about your weather. the day before friday. >> looking good. we are get that break. the all sunshine and warmer temperatures won't kick in until the weekend. we have a weak system over us. you remember all that rain we have had. jim you have heard it. california drought from december to january. see you, good-bye. only 2% rehe mains in in exceptional and i they that will gear. we haven't got tone february, march and the now melt yet. we are out. you can always conserve. you know dry conditions will 
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come back. when you have a pretty fast moving system over us and it could produce a light shower or two but i don't expect much. we he will get clearing late morn, early afternoon. dry air. 30s. 40s but more 40s because of the cloud cover up north. there is 30s there but they were down around 29 to 32. we are up five to seven degrees. includeds in the north and for nuts morning but by the afternoon we look good. this system will spread clouds over us but weaken by the time it arrives on friday. 50s on your temperatures. let's get right tot. we have some things. this is a look at westbound 80. the bay bridge. we will start there. traffic is going to be busy at the toll plaza. the traffic is okay once you make it onto the span. not a bad drive on 880 northbound. past the oakland coliseum. some slow of take i can in haywood heading south to 92. i want to mention that mix boulevard at niles canyon road closed for an accident.
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that area may be hard to get through. i would stick with the freeway. 680a slow. at 6:02 let's go back to the desk. this morning the president traveling to philadelphia to speak to congressional republicans who are gathered for a three day retreat. him following busy day hats the white house. the president signed several orders. doug live in washington with more. >> reporter: good morning. of course a lot of talk about immigration reform and bile that border wall with mexico. the timing here is interesting because mexico's president was set to visit with trump here in washington next week. will that meeting happen? trump a few minutes ago on twitter saying that if mexico is unwilling to pay for the wall then it would be better to cancel the meeting. protests outside the white house. even a giant sign hung from a crane a few blocks away. all in response to the
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president's actions during his first full week in office. >> i'm working long hours. the country has a lot of problems. >> reporter: he said in his first interview he felt that he had to move forward on a border wall almost immediately after taking office considering how prominent that issue had been on the campaign trail. what we still don't know today is how he will pay for it or rather force mexico to pay as he promise. >> i'm just telling you there will be a payment. it'll be in a form, perhaps a couple apply indicated form and you have to understand what i'm doing is good for the united states. it's also good for mexico. >> reporter: the wall push hastening ed mexico's president who may cancel a united states visit next week. here at home trump has targeted sanctuary cities threatening to with hold federal money from those who don't cooperate with immigration enforcement. next up is he expected to scale back refugee programs. still even his critics acknowledge that none of this is a surprise. >> what he said will have it's
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popular appeal because the immigration was a problem that he fueled the flame in his campaign. >> reporter: today trump will head to philadelphia where republican lawmakers holding a retreat. no doubt discussing another trump issue that will require executive orders and acts congress as well. repealing and replacing obama care. look the issue of the border wall may come up at that meeting as well. specifically how to pay fort. if there isn't a way to get mexico to do it would cost tax pay s quite a bit. back to you. >> all right. in washington. thank you. protesters took to the streets of philadelphia last night ahead of the president's arrival there today. they say they want to send a mess aim to the president and the republicans in town for their retreat that they are -- they is great opposition to the policies supported by the new
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president. >> there is been such a heavy weight since his inauguration. so many people see trump's inauguration as just against their survival and it's heavy and depressing. >> more protests are expected today and tomorrow in philadelphia when the republican retreat wraps up. here in the the bay area agencies serving immigrants say the president is causing fear. the alliance sevens the spanish speaking community is the director of the agency said that since election day people have been afraid. he is worry that now many undocumented immigrants will go in hiding. >> that's what happen is when this type of environment happen and people have a tendency to stay in the shadows. other social problems appear with that. the people are victims of crime and may not want to go talk to the police. >> at last count there were more than 40,000 latinos in marin. half of them are undocumented.
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the president also signed an order to cut grants for sanctuary stipulates and there was a profest on the steps of san francisco's city hall. san francisco is one of four such city that are among hundreds of cities across the include that protect illegal immigrants. the mayors of san francisco, san jose, oakland and berkeley say they will take a regional approach to fight the effects of any federal cut that may happen. >> the law is clear. the court has said it more than once that the congress and president cannot put conditions on funding. on say transportation funding because of some unrelated reason. >> the president has several options to carry out his order including the power to with hold money from grants. move the largest cities
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sanctuarry cities like new york, los angeles, philadelphia and phoenix. you will find more on the president's orders on our website. there is also information about the president's call for a major investigation into possible voter fraud. just look for that under our politics section. we are following a developing story in the south bay. a suspecta clara police officer reportedly was attacked in the city of sunnyvale. we are there and have been there for a while. what is happening? >> reporter: we just learned from a lieutenant that an officer was assaulted but this was not anker involved shooting. no shots were fired. this all happened in this parking lot here near lawrence expressway. this is a parking lot of a 24 hour fit fitness. you can see crime scene techs there. they have been collecting evidence for hours and processing the scene. what we have learned from -- a santa clara police lieutenant
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is that around one in the morning that will was a suspicious vehicle that was in this parking lot. let's go to some video that we have from earlier. that vehicle. a man was inside. he was approached by an officer. they wanted to talk to him more. there was some sort of confrontation that was going on. that suspect inside the car fled but he ended up dragging the officer a little bit while he was taking off in his car. that's why this is considered an assault on anker. fortunately that officer did not receive any sort of major injuries many he is not in the hospital. this was broadcast out to multiple law enforcement agencies and they have been still looking for this suspect that they still want to get ahold of because when he is caught he is going to be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. now at this point as i said nobody is in custody.
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we are going to try to find out some more details. we were shown a picture of this suspect. we will see in the next hour to see if they will release that because they want to make sure that they catch hip and that he doesn't cause any more trouble. back to you. >> all right. thank you. happening today pg&e will be sentenced for the deadly 2010 san bruno pipeline explosion. early their week a judge indicated that he would fine pg&e three million dollars. the maximum allowable for pipeline violations. pg&e is also expected to spend five years on probation under an independent court appointed monitor. the judge may order pg&e to disclose in future ads about safety the details of it's criminal conviction. over the summer a jury convicted them of six charms stemming from that pipeline explosion. in that explosion eight people died.
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more than 50 were hurt and more than 30 homes were destroyed. planning underway for a suicide net on the golden gate bridge. in 15 minutes the traffic disruption that we may see for years to come. >> and super bowl sunday is coming. it's soon. that means a lot of sick calls the day after. up next there is a campaign to make the monday after super bowl sunday a holiday. >> we are getting a holiday from the rain. that's for suret. looks like it'll return middle of next week. until then enjoy the break. looks warmer by the weekend. i can show you the world
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. welcome back. facebook is about to change its trending feature after get something national attention for having fake news. if you have seen the trending feature when you log onto facebook it shows popular topics that are discussed shared on facebook. the changes are aimed to eliminate fake news and misinformation. facebook said that it'll look at the number of publishers posting about the same topic not just the number of people sharing or commenting on a post or article when they put together that list. after a mild flu season last year this year is turning out to we one of the worst. some hospitals in santa clara are taking steps to stop the virus from spreading. ell camino in san jose are
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restricting children. from visiting patients. children have a high risk of getting it and spreading. at regional medical center they are seeing double the cases they saw last year at el camino. >> that's why we put these policies in to place to protect those individuals and also everybody else. those with the vaccine it was quite accurate. the duration of symptoms anden tense ty are less. >> health officials say there have been at least 14 flu deaths in california in recent weeks including the first in ciabatta claire a. here is a question. are we a step closer now to making the monday after super bowl sunday a national holiday. ? >> the feetest guay on earth has been followed immediately by the worst day on earth. >> now i'm playing catch up here. the food giant can kraft hynes is giving its employees monday february 6th as a day off instead of running a super bowl
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commercial this created this ad online about their plan. what would that monday after the super bowl be called? according to them it would be smo nda y. there is a petition to make it a national holiday. more than 16 million people nationwide usually call in sick the day after the super bowl. you can watch it here with us on ktvu fox 2. february 5th. >> are you already feel it. >> i didn't say anything. >> here are some tipsf. you aren't that into the game or -- skiing. >> the slopes are empty. >> that's right. you know --. if you want to watch the game.
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i want to watch the game. >> it looks like it'll be a good one. >> and pam likes the half time show. >> i do. lady gaga will be there. you can watch the super bowl up at the slopes and the minute that the game is over you can get up there and do a -- no that won't work. good morning everybody. that was stupid. northbound 280 traffic. getting township highway 17. there a crash on niles canyon road. they have it closed between mission boulevard and 680 to get the car out of the water. we will see if we can get more information. the person made it out of the car. nobody is hurt. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge toll
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plaza. you can see traffic here is backed up out to the maze. we had an earlier traffic reported 80 westbound. continued out to not be a major problem for traffic as traffic is still moving by at the normal speed limit there. let's bring is steve in. and some of the bets are being out there -- you can bet on what tie joe buck will way. >> okay. if he wears polks it's 12-1. >> question bet on it? probably not. >> probably not. what do we have here? some cloud cover. that's about it. it'll be with us for the morning and then will clear out in the afternoon and then one more system tomorrow. after that everything looks good on saturday. sunday, monday and probably tuesday. then the rain is on its way back. look like february 1st. we will take the break we get. we just can't get sunny. wall to wall sun not in the mix. that is not happening today. we will have more this afternoon. weak system. when it's a rain gear you have
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to watch everything. to 30s and 40s. 38 livermore. 44 pittsburgh. 40 concord. 38 lafayette. danville, san vamone. pleasanton. 18 in truckee. 40 sacramento. it's still cold. minus two in flagstaff. phoenix at 39. tucson 31. it's warmer on the california desert compared to yesterday. blythe is down to 39. last time it was 111. 111. drove right through. back at the end of july. las vegas 34. there is some cold air to the south and a few clouds. trying to work -- it's moving north splitting actually and high pressure will deflect most of this. that will be tomorrow. then after that we can bring many enmore sunshine. 457 pacifica. 57 san jose. santa cruz. not much change tomorrow.
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then turn that frown upside down. 10's sunday, monday. >> we could use the sun . yeah. it's time. >> thank you. the ridge entities could approve a tuition hike today. how much extra students would have to pay and what the extra money would be use for. >> and homes sliding in a small communities in season mateo. damage from the storms and the help homeowners are now asking for. for
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. welcome back. it's 6:22. while the storms brought some relief from the drought some property owners in the bay area worry their life savings have been put in danger. in southern san mat oh, the mountain community of la honda is reeling the damage caused by the rain. following years of record drought. inspectors have red tagged three homes and a 4th is at risk because of a mudslide. a road buckled and forced families to evacuate. one man estimates the ground shifted ten feet destroying the foundation to his parent's home. damages include broken glass and cracks in the sheetrock. >> it's hard. my parents owned the home. they just lost everything. that was their retirement. >> the landslide also took down nearby trees and power
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lines. the families will asking local and state lawmakers for financial help. the san mateo board is making the road a priority. the city of pacifica. >> they will soon get millions of dollars financial help to recover from all the storm damage. pacifica will get three million dollars from the state and the federal government for the 12 areas damaged by last year's storms. some of the money will go to protect from construct like the -- including the street in the 300 block of esplanade. it'll not pay for tearing down the apartment building that is on the cliff. the clean up is far from over from all the storms. the army corp. of engineers than been busy cleaning debris out of san francisco bay. sky fox flew over where they are dumping that debris. it's made up of big branches that were knocked down by the storms. the corp.
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of engineers said big fleeting branches are a danger to boaters opponent bay. the eastbound lanes of highway 37 are open again after being shut down by flooding from the storms. the lanes were shut between atherton and highway 101 after water spilled over from the nearby marches. the westbound lakes still closed. crews work around the clock pumping out the water but we don't know when the westbound lanes will reopen. the second time this month flooding has closed part of highway 37. golden gate bridge district is -- the golden gate bridge district is taking steps today to help traffic disruptions on the bridge during construction of a suicide barrier. construction set to start this year ask a lot of the work will be done at night but some traffic lanes will have to be closed. the bridge district said that the project the may cause traffic problems for up to four years. the district's board today set the to vote on a proposal to approve two million dollars to pay the chp to manage traffic
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during the construction. they will enforce the speed limits and provide traffic breaks. satisfaction ratings for bart at a 20 year low. up next the bingest complaints of bart riders. >> and a drum hotel may becoming to san francisco. the announcement by the hotel chain. >> and we see the photograph sick getting busier in some areas already. san mateo bridge photograph like be okay heading up to the high rice. >> the weather is not getting busy but it's sending in a weak system for cloud cover. all signs point to a warmer weekend. more on that coming up. firefighter ?q
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. good morning. thank you for joining us.
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thursday, january 26. >> it's coming on on 630:67:89 want to check in with steve for a look at the weather. >> some clouds today and tomorrow. then we are okay for the weekend. >> all right. >> signs that february could be wet again. enjoy our break while we request. it'll be maybe -- dare i say, dare, dare, sunday, monday could be warm. at least for end of january, early february as we get closer to it. william said good morning. good morning wt. it's a balmy -- that's hot. looks like a nice day coming in. highway 37 will open sal? will highway 7 ever open sal? >> eastbound has opened. westbound they hope to do it by this weekend. >> okay. >> a lost complaints about that. >> i believe it. making a mess of traffic there. >> correct. by the way not the how he wrote to me. is he on board with weather and traffic. >> i see. i see.
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i see how that goes. you can slip him the little -- that five dollar bill you owe him. >> that's true. thank you. check is on the way. thank you. there is your cloud cover. speaking in. there could be isolated sprinkle or shower. 30s, 40s, more 40s because of the cloud cover. our lows up. still cold. 39atherton. wood side 36. menlo park. 40 in san carlos. cloud cover to the north but it's moving rapidly south. i think we will clear out quick. rest the day looks good. this system will split part north. part soupm. clouds on friday and then clear it out and warm up for the weekend. 350's on the temperatures. cloudy morning and then more sun in the afternoon. sal said the traffic is. . > moderate. this is the time where it starts to change. good morning to you. trying to get to the bay bridge. it's backed up.
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no problems getting onto the span. it's a normal drive in to the city. there is slow traffic on 80 heads there. we will tell you about that as we look at interstate 880 north and southbound. traffic looks good but it starts to slow. 880 southbound and haywood for a start stop drive. westbound 80 we had an earlier accident. that go. the traffic has been slow as you go through this area. from the bridge. we have a lot of slow of take i can. we had a couple of other accidents reported in albany. not a big deal but this morning's drive will be slow. i want to mention highway 37 eastbound is open which is going the other way. it should help the afternoon drive. webinar is still closed. they hope to get that open in the next few days. 6:30. let's go back to the desk. there is a new survey out showing bart passengers are not real happy with the service. alex savage is in the san francisco and the riders loud about what they don't like.
6:31 am
>> reporter: they are. we are hearing some of those complaints. good morning to you amount i lot of riders say they are upset about constant break downs and delays with the system and in other common complaint with this survey, a lot of riders say that it's really hard to find a seat on some of these crowded bart trains. especially during the peak drive times. new survey released by bart show that 31% of those questioned were not completely satisfied with bart's service. that is compared to 26% of riders who said they weren't pleased the service. back in 2014. some of the complaints, parent's reliant and seat availability as we just talked about. people also took issue with the cleanliness of the stipulations and the train cars as well. here is what riders said about their bart experience. >> there is one thing which i know they are working on. i'm highley sensitive to noise. the noise is a factor.
6:32 am
>> my experience is pretty decent. if anything i would like probably more trains. probably fewer delays. >> reporter: according to the san francisco chronicle bart directors were not surprised by the results of this surrender vail. they feel things moving in the right direction as the transit system starts to spend 3.5 billion dollars in bond money. just approve bid the voters that. will go to new train cars, fairly soon here and also some major improvements. one other aspect. get this riders who were surveyed and stood had to stand for at least part of their trip. maybe not surprisingly they gave lower marks for their overall bart experience. >> yeah. i can see that.
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all right. alex savage. happening today the university of california board due to vote on a plan to raise tuition and fees on all ten uc campuses. the board is expected to raise student costs by $336 a year. 2.5% increase. they say that would bring in another $88 million a year. the one third of that money would go to financial aid for students. a spokesman said the rest would be invested in the quality of the uc system. >> they would go for things like hiring more staff, hiring more teaching ace fantasticst. would go for improving mental health. >> it could put a impact on my family to get the loans, secure those, have to find another job maybe. it's hard enough as it is already. >> if they vet to approve the fee and tuition hike itself would be the first increase in six years. also uc said the changes would
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apply to family that earn more than $150,000 a year. sal has within saying 5:00 this morning. another car went into alameda creek off niles canyon road. the chp said the driver was able to get out but the car is still in the water. the driver was taken to the hospital. it's the same spot where an 18- year-old crashed in to the creek on saturday. the search for her will resume today. yesterday recovery crews found her clothing downstream. her carp was pulled out on tuesday. the creek's fast moving waters have slowed the recovery easters. her car hit another car and went off the root road on saturday. authorities have not reindicated her body and believe she was under water and shattered her windows to get out. the coast guard has called off the search for a missing kayaker who disappeared near the dunbar ton bridge. crews searched from the air and on the water looking for the 32-
6:35 am
year-old. in the afternoon water levels saving so low during low tide that boats had trouble getting to the search zone. he has without with a friend when his kay ak tipped. another friend said he was skilled in the water. >> he is very experienced in the water. his lively hood is fishing. he has been fishing since he was a teenager and has been on several fishing trips throughout the bay. >> the coast guard said it was hard to end the search but there were no signs of him. san francisco mayor ed lee will deliver his state of the city address today. we expect him to focus on things he has talked about in the past including jobs, the economy and affordable housing. we expect him to talk about the new police chief. william scott and the battle goes the president to keep san francisco a sanctuary city. the electronic voting machine also be tested this morning to make sure they work properly. the routine testing will be
6:36 am
done in two parts. one focusing on the electronic votes cast on the e slate voting machines. the other will focus on paper ballot voting through a digital scanner. the testing starts at 8:30. it'll be at the county's registration and he elections division office. the public is invited to watch. a trump hotel could becoming to the bay area soon. a spokesperson for the hotel chain said the company wants to expand to 26 major cities in the united states. that includes opening luxury properties in san francisco, seattle and denver. there are eight trump hotels in the united states. the expansion would triple operations. we talked to some people in san francisco this morning. at least one woman said she thinks the hotel in the city would be a success. >> me personally. i'm sure it would do good here. i'm against it. >> reporter: why? >> i'm just not a trump fan. i do like the resort in las
6:37 am
vegas. >> the announcement rapes ethical questions because of trump's connection to the hotel. when he took office he turned the operation of his company over to his two sons but he is refusing to different vest from his businesses. fans are mourning the death of mary tyler moore yesterday. she is remembered as a tv pioneer who changes how women are shun on telll vision. she sure did. she inspired many americans with her role on the mary tyler moore show in the 70s where she played a single career woman. now she first hit the national scene on the dick van dyke show. she was nominated for her role in the the movie ordinary people in 1981. she will best be remembered for this. a trail blazing role model for a generation of working women. >> the idea of a single
6:38 am
professional woman making her way in the world is a great thing to remember. >> she was an unmarried woman, trying to make it in her career and sort of trying to juggle this eternal question. the work line balance for women. >> she won seven emmia warms during her career. she pass away of complication -- she was 80. she did make it after all. >> all of them looked so great. >> they do. >> stayed friends. another busy day for the president. coming up at seven the major topics he plans to discuss this morning during a retreat for republican lawmakers. >> and you can now have a bottle of the secret that mcdonalds uses for big macs. the big give away happening ted at two bay area restaurants. >> good morning. we see that the traffic is going it be busy on some of the drives. you can see 24 westbound here
6:39 am
in lafayette is have youing down. we will tell you more about this and other east bay drives. >> weak system rushing us here. today doesn't look to bad with you we have to wait before we can warm it up but it's on the way.
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and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive. shining, shimmering, splendid tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide a whole new world welcome to aulani it's hawaii with a touch of disney magic. for special offers visit or call your travel agent . welcome back. we want to take you live to wall street this morning. continuing to watch that record run. the dow jones up another 10
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points. up ..05%. the nasdaq and s&p500 up in record territory as well. certainly a vote of confidence in the trump administration from wall street. also a lot of good corporate earnings continue to comen. the latest caterpillar and ford helping stocks out today. sad news. italian search teams have recovered the bodies of the last victims that avalanche last week in central italy. firefighters say that 29 people died in that disaster. autopsies on the first six show they died from died from the trauma of the hotel collapses but there were signs of suffocation. nine were pulled out alive from the hotel during the first days of that rescue. two mississippi deputies are expected to survive. that's after being shot during a robbie and attempted carjacking over nightt. happened in the town of south haven just after a reported carjacking across the state
6:43 am
line in memphis. there are reports that the deputies recognized the stolen car, saw a man matching the suspect's description and approached him. he fired at them and the suspect was then killed at the scene. the two were hurt. >> officer will have to stay a few days. he will make a complete recovery. he had some damage to his lungs. >> the sheriff said that the deputy was hit by gun fire in an area not protected by his bullet proof vest and reportedly has a collapsed lung. the other deputy was shot in the foot and doctor its hope to release him from the hospital today. he is also expected to make a full recovey. santa clara county she have's deputies will get body cameras by the end of this year. they approved giving deputies on patrol and those who work at the county jail these new cameras. this comes after the beating
6:44 am
death of a mentally ill inmate in 2015. three jail guards are on trial for his death. we want to check in with the news at seven. >> good morning. when i joan you little more than a week to go before the superbowl. we are learning snickers is breaking new ground many when it comes to commercial the on that big day. its going to air a live commercial during the super bowl. we will talk about the theme behind the ad and why star wars fans attention pam cook, will be a familiar face in a whole new way. also the president as you have likely never seen him before. a traditional doll celebrating girl's day in japan is made in the likeness of the president. eve year a doll maker picks the most influential people to make as dolls. why they picked trump despite his comments about women.
6:45 am
the stories and more when see new just a few minutes. >> all right. thank you. if you love mcdonalds big macs pay attention. they are give away ten thousand bottles of its big mac special sauce. at two bay area restaurants to celebrate the roll out of the newest big macs which now come in two additional sizes. the special sauce is not sold anywhere. these bottles are rare. the give away begins at noontime. this will be held at the mcdonalds on front street and the union street restaurant in san jose. you have to say the words there is a big mac for that and win a chance to take home that bolt of sauce. this morning los angeles is one step closer to bringing the olympics back. the la city council voted to back the games. that vote means they will sign a contract freeing to cover any financial loss ifs la is
6:46 am
picked. hungry and france are also competing to host the games. we will find out who won in september. the last time the warriors lost back to back games was april of 2015. after loosing to miami on monday there was some doubt last night that they could keep their record alive. charlotte hornets almost spoiled churchy's homecoming many they are lead after three but durant got hot and scored 16 of his 33 points as they are won again. 113-103. the nice three-pointer. he as make itself look easy. 28 points for him. the warriors haven't lost back to back in the regular sea sob for 132 day games. the will know if thompson or green are picked to next month's all-star game. they will be announced. thompson has 21 points a game. 40% behind the three point line. green in contention for the defensive play of the year
6:47 am
leading them both rebounds and assists. unusual happened during the game last night. sal said he went to bed early. clay thompson smiled. >> he smiled. >> he just keeps stoic. >> he is in the game. is he in the moment. >> he is. >> he smiled. >> he takes his -- just like i never smile. when i'm doing traffic. >> raining. environment when you look at highway 24. >> i lied. highway 24 with dave and pam we have a minor accident reported westbound 24 near central lafayette. you can tell something is off with this drive. it is not usually this slow. it's usually slow but not this slow. another five or ten minutes. it doesn't sound like it's a serious crash and it could already be gone out of the lanes. it did cause its share of back up as you can see. bay bridge. the same thing goes. it's a normal back up unless are you using the carpool lane. those lanes moving well.
6:48 am
the rest of the slow down here is backed up all the way out to the maze. 20 minutes or so. westbound 80 a lot of people are stuck in earlier problems. we had some earlier issues on the east shore freeway. that's gone. some of these accidents have clear. the traffic is slow. just after the bridge on the way down to the maze. southbound 880 already slow out of haywood into union city. northbound 101. fire department responding for a fire that's off the free way but can be seen from the freeway. could affect slow trave be or could make traffic slow on northbound 101 coming up past 280. it's normally slow there any way. can 48. speaking of the nba will there are issues in cleveland. >> the cleveland cavaliers have lost three in a row. they lost to the the kings last night. >> they did. overtime. new orleans before that. thank you. we have cloud cover spreading sore us again. more bark than bite or show
6:49 am
than go. this is just morning event and then out of here. one more system on friday. then then we can build in high pressure and get warmer temperatures certainly on sunday and monday. the rest of january looks quiet. february starting to look cold and wet. some of the projections they are seeing in the forecast models trending in that direction. what they are trending with is that it's weak. mostly cloudy. then more sunshine in the afternoon. you can see how this is just zooming out through the picture. its right over us. 30s. 40s. more 40s for the cloud cover than yesterday. we had upper 20s yesterday. lot of low 30s. now it's upper 30s and 40s. socal upper 30s. scotts valley. felton. boulder creek. santa clara 38. san martin as well. 18 in truckee which is 17 warmer than yesterday when they were 140. monterey. 41. santa basha 34.
6:50 am
la44. blythe39. two be lue in flagstaff. 34 cold degrees. cloud cove clearing out rapidly to the forth. this next system is stretching out to the south. it doesn't have a lot of support. it'll split. we will get cloud cover out and then after that we will see a break. high pressure building in for the weekend. we will fine friday, saturday and sunday. sunday, monday looks like mid60s for some which will feel very warm. by the 1st of february look what happens here on wednesday. right there. wednesday into thursday. looks like rain comes back. doesn't look very wet right now but there are sin sign that a wetter pattern could kickn. under mostly cloudy skies, partly sunny by this afternoon. 50s on the temperatures and stuck in these for a long time. we will see after friday, high pressure build in and mid60s sunday and monday. >> thank you. we are going to learn more about the save the world when this year's dooms day clock is
6:51 am
revealed. up next the current event that could take us closer to the stroke midnight. ?q we're told to live large, but with princess cruises
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directv now! the f[ now echos ]s now. 'now' does not mean now. 'future' is a relative term. nfl sunday ticket, red zone and the nfl network are not included. cbs and showtime, again, not included. most live local stations only available in select markets - fingers crossed. streaming to more than two devices at once is a subject we'd rather not talk about. dvr and downloading on the go, yeah, good luck with that. all other terms and frustrations apply. so why wait? call now. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. choose xfinity and get more to stream to any screen. . welcome back. it's 6:53. a woman charged with driving azlon cab that was going the wrong way on the bay bridge was convicted on all charges. carry morgan was found guilty
6:54 am
of three felonies including driving under the influence and causing great injury. two people were hurt back in november of 2015 when the cab that morgan was driving slammed in to oncoming traffic. sentencing date for her has not been scheduled yet. the american lung association said that many parts of the barry are improving it comes to reduce the use of tobacco. in a new report the group gives an a it berkeley, el sorito, dub lip, daily eye, union and santa clara. six others were praised for improving their scores. solano was at the bottom of the list with most of its citing getting abhijit f grade. the lung association said that tobacco related ill nets are the single most preventable cause of disease and death in california. in just the a few hour was he will find out what the sciencist who operate what's called the doomsday clock think
6:55 am
of the world. it's symbolic and represents how close they believe mankind is to wiping out the planet. midnight is considered doomsday and it's at three minutes until midnight. analysts expect it to move one minute closer today. the experts say climate change, united states tensions with russia and nuclear worries top concerns. if they make that change it'll be closest the clock has been since 1953 at the height of the cold wart. will be reset at 10:00 this morning. tesla still talking about biling a tunnel in los angeles to reduce traffic jams. he posted on twitter he is making progress on plans for a tunnel and will start digging in a month. he is talking about plans to create underground routes in to reduce traffic on freeways. he first mentioned this plan after he was stuck in traffic back in december. we aren't sure if he is serious
6:56 am
or just having fun on social media. amazon has a new service for stem toys. for about $20 a month children will get an age appropriate toy focusing on science, technology, engineering and math. they are for two through 2313. if you subscribe you can cancel when you want. they are starting to ship the first orders today. chinese new year start this is saturday as and and there is a campaign to promote san francisco's china town. a photograph exhibit showcases historic businesses, especially restaurants to highlight the influence of tradition and food in the culture. the exhibit is called eat china town and focuses on the immigrant who came to the united states and worked their way from servers to owners. >> hopefully this exhibit will shine eye light on their back story to tell people about the history of the spaces and the
6:57 am
community of china town. >> the creators of the exhibit say that it was built by immigrants trying to gain a foot hold in their country. restaurants and bakeries became gathering places and a way to build a better life in a new country and living the american dream. the eat china town photograph exhibit is located at 41 ross alley in the heart of san francisco's china town and admission is free. the new year parade, san francisco, february 1st. you can watch it here with us. ktvu fox 2. we will be on the parade -- in the parade on the cable car waving. we love to see you out there and our coverage starts at 5:00. pat raid starts at six. >> all right. we are following breaking news that's happening in fremont. another car veered off the road and landed in a creek in niles canyon. the same area where another car went in to the creek on saturday. >> we are following immigration just one of the topics the president plans to
6:58 am
discuss today in philadelphia. how people here in the bay area are responding to his order. lives star wars,
6:59 am
this is the place where star wars lives. move along. come join us...during season of the force. now at disneyland resort. (from x-wing) hyperspace!
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>> president trump travels to philadelphia today to meet with congressional republicans. a lot of work ahead. i'm doug lieu stayedner washington. we will have more on that coming up. >> a police officer is dragged by a suspect making a get away in sunnyvale this morning. we will tell you what led up to the assault. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 7:00 on a very cold thursday morning. >> yeah. >> january 26th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. i was just about to say it's cold outside. >> uh-huh. >> steve paulson is working on the forecast. >> we're working on that drier forecast. thank you, gasia and dave. we have fog out there. want to mention that. up to petaluma. some of the cloud cover over -- [audio difficulties] >> we might have to check


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