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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  January 26, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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on other pieces of his agenda. including the repeal of the affordable care act. were told the president is also getting ready to host his 1st world leader at the white house. >> reporter: touching down in philadelphia just after noon for a meeting with republican lawmakers. the annual congressional gop retreat is a trans -- chance to strategize about moving the agenda forward. >> we have been working with the administration on a daily basis to plan an agenda. >> reporter: at the top of the list is the affordable care act. barack obama's signature legislation which expanded access to healthcare to millions. republicans argue it also expanded the cost of providing the healthcare. and they are looking at ways to simultaneously repeal the law and replace it with a plan of their own. >> obamacare is a disaster. the democrats are saying, the putting up signs like it's wonderful.
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it's a disaster. >> reporter: trump has spent much of his 1st week in office signing executive orders. and will do so again later this afternoon. >> it's time that the american people had a president fighting hard for its citizens like other countries do for there's. >> reporter: also meeting with gop lawmakers is british prime minister theresa may. the 1st foreign leader to meet with trump when he hosts are at the white house tomorrow. back to the developing news. there is an hours long backup on highway 17 following a bank robbery. a police chase and shots fired. the started as a bank robbery in scotts valley in santa cruz county. this is the suspect authorities are looking for. not much to go on. the suspect has his face covered. the search is going on right now in the redwood estates area.
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that is near the reservoir on highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains. jesse gary joins us live. >> reporter: i have learned highway 17 southbound, it goes up the hill and down into santa cruz, that will open possibly by 6:00. the southbound lane will possibly be open. the northbound will take longer. you can see we have chp officers, sheriff's deputies because the search for the suspect is on the northbound side in the wooded area. let's take a look at our video. around 10 am investigators say this man dressed in all black wearing a face mask tried to rob a bank of america on scotts valley boulevard in scotts valley.
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a police officer intervened firing multiple shots. it's unknown if the suspect was hurt. that suspect jumped into a white ford or chrysler and sped away onto the 17 freeway. >> there was an officer involved shooting. a scotts valley pd officer. it's unknown how many rounds were discharged. we have no reports of any injuries of officers. the suspect is a large. >> reporter: witnesses say pursuing officers were able to catch up to the suspect on northbound 17 in the redwood estates area and use their patrol cruisers to ram his car into the median on highway 17 slowing the vehicle down. the suspect dumped out of the car as it coasted down the freeway and ran into a wooded section to the east. >> all of that happened in front of me. it's hard to explain because i was shocked. that's exactly how it went down.
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i live in a pretty peaceful area here. it's usually very quiet. i'm not happy to be in this car for over 3 hours at this point. >> reporter: law officers from scotts valley and both counties responded by shutting down both the north and southbound lanes of 17. hundreds of motorists were stuck with no food, water or bathroom access for 6 hours. the elementary school was locked down for a portion of the day but parents have since been able to pick up their children. >> it's scary to her -- here that there was a shooter nearby in your school is in lockdown and you can't get to your child. i was concerned. >> reporter: live here in 17, the headline of the hour is that southbound could open in the next hour, northbound remains closed. right now they have been doing
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a search. now they have a -- they have to process the scene because this is where officers used police cruisers to force the subject into the median to slow it down and that is where he jumped out. i moved down the roadway before coming to arrest. -- coming to rest. they hope southbound will be open by 6 pm. we'll have an update coming up at 6 pm. >> any estimate for that northbound lanes? >> reporter: new estimates. this is the part they have to process and do that diligently. whatever is gathered will be used for the case. not only what happened at the bake -- bank but also what happened here. i'm told southbound 1st and then northbound. at least another hour for the southbound. >> perhaps we will know more
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later at 6. thank you. for the 2nd time in a week a car slipped off of niles canyon road into alameda creek near fremont. the driver in this morning's accident was able to escape and rescuers say the driver said he fell asleep as he was driving the twisting road before 5 am this morning he lost control and plunged into the creek. fremont emergency workers say the driver made it out on his own. >> this road is dangerous. there are sharp corners the people underestimate. i think it's a combination of that, slick roads in the morning. it was dark. i think without together and made the spot bad. >> crews were out again today looking for jayda jenkins. on saturday her car plunged into the creek.
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investigators believe she was swept away by the fast-moving water. new information in the case of a woman who was killed before house was set on fire. we have received surveillance video. it may show the killer walking near the victim's home. henry is here now with more on that video. >> this footage is grainy but shows a man walking near the home that was torched. the victim was a widow who lived by herself. 6 weeks have passed since someone killed 59-year-old andrea at st. john. and then torched her home to cover it up. her body was found in the garage after firefighters put out the fire. authorities won't say how she was killed and whether it was targeted or random. but they say she was an unlikely victim. >> she was by all accounts a mother, grandmother, a daughter. a sister.
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as far as why this happened, the motive for this crime, we're still piecing that together. >> herself oh in car was not taken. no one has used her credit card. but investigators have this video showing a man walking near the victim's home. he walks in one direction only to walk back. >> someone may recognize not only the clothing but the way in which this person walks. >> the man has been linked to a silver toyota corolla like this one. >> as far as the car, i do remember seeing a car like that. >> she was the 3rd homicide victim within a 16 day period. although the cases are connected neighbors are rattled. >> the odds of it happening again in this neighborhood, it's like lightning striking twice.
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we're not too concerned but still concerned. >> castro valley is a tiny community, everyone watches out for everyone else and we waved to people. we don't expect this kind of element. >> st. john lived alone after her husband passed away last spring. despite her pain she showed strength and grace. the couple of 40 years raised their daughters in this home. she was especially proud of being a grandmother. the sheriff's office is asking anyone who recognizes the man in the video or the car to give them a call. any tip matter how small could lead to a big break. live in the newsroom. >> thank you. despite a lot of protests, regions overwhelmingly approve a tuition hike. some students say they won't be able to afford it even with financial help. san francisco mayor when after trump.
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here's the line the got the biggest round of applause. helicopters needed to get to hikers off of a southern california mountain. see the rescue. we are tracking your forecast moving into friday with valley fog. and the next chances for rain.
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in san francisco mayor ed lee touted progress on affordable housing. alex savidge tells us the mayor took aim at donald trump. >> reporter: he said today san francisco will be tested by president trump who has threatened to cut off federal
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funding because this is a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants. the mayor gave his city speech inside the bank and joan street. he says san francisco is not going to lose sight of its values and took a not-so-subtle jab at the new administration. >> people say we live in our own world in california and san francisco. this i have to say is just an alternative fact. let me tell you about air america. our city. in our america people are equal. matter race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. we are a sanctuary city, now, tomorrow, forever. [applause] >> >> reporter: the mayor got the biggest applause when he delivered that line aimed at
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resident trump who is vowing to crack down on illegal immigration and is going after sanctuary cities across the country. the mayor touted san francisco as a beacon of diversity in the city with a vibrant economy. the unemployment rate stands at just under 3 percent. he also said there has been a great deal of progress on tackling homelessness with 10,000 people the longer on the streets. he says the city has made great strides to provide affordable housing. >> today thousands of our city's most low income families of beautiful new homes they can deepen their roots and their children can blossom.[applause] we are now a national model for how other cities can improve public housing. years ago this was just a dream. today, it's a total
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transformation. >> reporter: also during his speech he focused on reforms coming to the san francisco police department. he said the newly sworn in chief bill scott is committed to implementing hundreds of changes recommended by the justice department following a review. those changes will help to improve use of force training for officers and the department's relationship with the community and in particular communities of color. the mayor acknowledged there are many challenges ahead for san francisco but he says the city is on the right path. in san francisco alex savidge ktvu fox2 news. to hikers were injured in a possible avalanche. it happened near mount baldy. the san bernardino county says the hikers slid down the snow and needed help getting off the mountain. 2 of the 3 suffered injuries. they had to be rescued by helicopter. the 3rd hiker were told was not injured. the hikers came prepared using the buddy system and called for
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help. >> there has been so much snow and rain. but then tonight, it's spectacular. i would like to think this nice weather -- >> you've been on vacation. >> in the mountains ridiculous amounts of snow. in some cases 20 feet in 1.5 weeks. averages are well above where they should be. almost 200 percent in some places. a beautiful night in oakland and alameda. looking at the naval air station. just a beautiful day. a beautiful evening. it will be chilly tonight. overnight lows into the low 30s. valley fog may be an issue. you see a lot of weather, look at all of this activity. it's impressive the like i said, what it's doing is rising to the north, but there are big
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storms that will ride to the north and what is not writing to the north is the swell underneath. the clouds or a pie, the surface where the ocean is, the winds are blowing over that service in creating giant serves. high surf advisory's. nothing on the radar. fog tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 50s. it is 57 in concord. 57 in hayward. these temperatures are warmer than yesterday. that is the trend. towards the bay area weekend we are looking for temperatures to get into the 60s. this will happen in the east bay out by parts of livermore. with the temperature, the dewpoint is a temperature based on the humidity in the air. in this case the ground moisture. evaporation at night and moisture increases the humidity.
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the dewpoint temperature decreases, when this temperature reaches that dewpoint, you have fog. the temperature tonight will reach the dewpoint. say it's 35 degrees, and it's 35 , there you get it. 31 in napa. 31 vallejo. just at freezing, fog as well. tomorrow will be a nice looking day. forecast highs, lots of upper 50s. it will feel warm. we've been dealing with upper 40s and low 50s for the last week. now you're heading for the week. the 5 day forecast, sunday looks good, you're asking about this the other day, what's coming up, models are starting to come together with a really
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aggressive weather pattern. we may be getting into it starting wednesday. it looks like a run of real weather. i don't know if it will be as amazing as what we just saw, but it looks like we will be wet starting wednesday or thursday. this summer marks the 50th anniversary of the summer of love and san francisco. in city hall there is a special exhibit with pictures from 1967. we will tell you about jim marshall. there are 80 pictures by the grateful dead, jefferson airplane, janis joplin and jimi hendrix. >> the show is organized chronologically. you can follow jim's entire schedule for the entire year from january through december. >> organizers say the summer of love helped define san francisco's identity in the historical society hold other
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events all year long to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the summer of love. the cost to attend the university of california schools is going up. the regents voted to raise tuition. we will tell you how much coming up.
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anger over tuition heights affecting tens of thousands of students in the uc school
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system. after discussions and protest the region board voted to approve a tuition hike at the university of california campuses. >> we talked to students who say with financial aid they still face hardships paying for food and rent in high-cost areas like berkeley, san francisco and los angeles. >> in a 16-for decision you see region board approved tuition hike. >> motion carried. >> $282 per year that uc berkeley students like this one who grew up in foster homes says she can't afford. >> over winter break students don't have aid. you're forced to go to food pantries are make go fund me accounts begging people to help you survive. >> beverly and a handful of students spoke out. she is not only strapped by tuition and books, it's not
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enough for food and rent in a neighborhood where rent is between 1220 $500 per month. >> i'm starving, i don't have money for basic needs say many. it's embarrassing. >> under the proposal tuition would go up to $11,500 for the school year. >> this is the 1st time in 7 years the tuition goes up, it had been frozen for 6 years. in the meantime we have had a huge enrollment growth. >> students across the state protested the proposed hikes intuition which is more than double since 2002. the board said it had to take action since one third of its state funding disappears in 2008. >> the federal reserve did a survey asking thousands of americans and found that 46 percent could not find $400 in an emergency without having to
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sell something or get that. >> it would also jumped the student services fee. financial aid would cover the increase for two thirds of the in-state students. the $88 million generated by the tuition hike would go directly to help students. things like hiring more faculty for smaller class sizes, more counselors an improvement to class spaces. but for beverly, the extra $336 per year is something she simply can't spare. >> staying at friends houses, it's hard to ask for the help. >> fox2 news. they dream of coming to the united states but that dream maybe over. coming up tonight, we talked to a man who led or torn syria but now finds himself stuck in a refugee camp in germany. several protests of
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president trump are underway in san francisco. we are live outside of twitter headquarters. ?q ?q
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protests around the country continuing for a 2nd day following trumps executive actions on immigration and the border wall. mexico is adamant it will not pay for the wall. today the white house suggested a 20 percent checks -- tax on
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all imports were mexico. and rational republicans are looking at spending taxpayer money on the construction of the wall. democratic lawmakers are firmly against that idea saying they will do whatever they can to block the president's executive orders from taking effect. >> some of what he says will have its popular appeal because immigration was an issue he fueled the flames with. >> immigrants trying to break the law here, we don't know why they are coming, we release them. that stops under trump. >> it's not clear if the walls construction will be added to the deficit or congress will find ways to offset the cost possibly with the proposed tax on mexican imports. what exactly do we import from mexico? cars and trucks and electronics machinery and oil. mexico is also our 2nd largest supplier of agricultural imports like vegetables, fruits, wine and beer. protests are taking place
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across san francisco as the president is expected to sign an executive order in fomenting a ban on immigrants and refugees. we go live to twitter headquarters where the protesters are gathered. >> reporter: this protest is just getting underway. this group is that twitter headquarters, they say twitter gives trump a platform to share violent speech. they hope to project an image or wording on the side of the building but it's unclear if police will let them do that. whether they consider it a public nuisance. this protest is just getting underway. this is the same group that gathered earlier this afternoon. >> no-trump. >> reporter: the group sent outside the federal building in golden gate avenue and they were joined by a representative.
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group members say they condemn trumps orders and plans of action. especially the executive orders that would create a border wall between the us and mexico. and that would pull federal funding from sanctuary cities. they want trump -- twitter to shut down his social media account. >> twitter has rules that ban people who have violent speech from having twitter handles. were saying, make good on your own rules. stop giving a mouthpiece to this violent fascist. >> reporter: trump is expected to sign an executive order that would stop accepting syrian refugees into the f -- us. and stop issuing visas from people from predominantly muslim countries. that potential executive order has many community groups and civil rights fearful. it would be a ban on muslims entering the us and several of those people gathered today
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saying they plan to challenge the constitutionality of trumps orders. and stand in solidarity. >> we are omitted to providing rights information to communities. getting good information out there and providing services that the community needs. >> here's another live look of protest gatherings outside of twitter headquarters. it is a small and peaceful group thus far. and much bigger group is expected to form a couple blocks away. at 6 pm there is another federal building that about 2000 people are expected to gather in front of. that will be against trumps plans to move forward with the access pipelines. that is expected to last for 2 hours. we will head over there and bring your update at 6. many syrian refugees who had hoped to someday come to america are afraid that will never happen.
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under the trump administration. this 21-year-old left or torn syria back in 2012. he is living alone at a refugee camp in germany. his closest relative, his brother is several hours away. german law prohibits either one of her moving. >> they can't do anything right now. they are just trading news from america. >> most of his family is in lebanon. they are all registered with the united nations as refugees and they all received approval notice for their visas back in 2013. leaders in chicago are responding to trump tweeting he wants to reduce violence in that city. it started with a tweet by trump saying if chicago doesn't fix the carnage he will "send in the feds" but the chicago mayor is against the idea of federal agents in the city saying it would hurt efforts being made by police.
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>> were going through a process of reinvigorating community policing. building trust between the community and the law enforcement. >> white house press secretary says there is not a concrete plan on how to help. the president wants to provide resources. the mayor said he would rather have federal aid in the form of money, job programs in education. he is also not contacted the white house since the tweet. joining us now is a law professor at uc hastings. what's talk about these executive orders. in practical terms how much impact do they have? >> it depends. some of them are for show. the president looks good signing those orders and holding up those binders. the one regarding immigration, stopping pieces from sir -- certain countries is effective.
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but something like affordable healthcare or building a wall, it's more show than reality just yet. converse must weigh in. >> to any raise constitutional questions for you? >> if the executive branch were to try to implement some of these without authorization from congress, for example they couldn't start spending huge amounts of money on a border wall without appropriations from congress then we have a constitutional problem. at this point it's a combination of things that are valid and things for show. indicating the direction he wants to go. >> what about sanctuary cities? >> the real issue it seems to me is how the legislation is written in the sense of which cities are eligible for money for different purposes. if the city of san francisco is eligible for money for police or education, i don't think the president and stop that with an executive order. he would have to go back to congress. >> when you look at the number of executive orders, this is something that presidents have been doing.
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going back as far as everyone can remember, president obama had several executive orders. how is this different? >> he's making more of a show it. when you have a new president, the going to initiative -- issue executive orders. president reagan did it, president bush did it. it's nothing special. i think the potential here is really what is at issue. if it really leads to major legislation from congress, that is where the big effects will happen. otherwise, it's business as usual except the cameras are there so it looks like a bigger deal. >> going back to the border law, -- border wall, that would be the case. it looks like a big deal but it's not until congress appropriates the money. >> $15 billion, unless the mexican government is going to send us a credit card number to
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pay for this directly, money has to come from somewhere. the only place it will come from is from congress appropriating the money, setting attacks, something like that. the president can't just open up to build the wall. >> we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us. >> thank you for inviting me. a cash penalty included with pg&e's penalty for the explosion is much bigger than just that. it also includes advertising. it's a day she says she never thought would come. after waiting for more than 34 years, and mom finally sees the man accused of killing her daughter appear in court. why the suspect made his 1st court appearance today in a juvenile court.
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a man accused of killing a teenager 34 years ago made his 1st court appearance today. he was arrested on tuesday for the 1982 death of deanna johnson. >> reporter: a day after her mother fear they never see the arrest of her daughters killer she appeared alongside friends and family for the killers court appearance. he is currently serving an 80 year sentence for a woman and
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is charged with the 1982 death. she was 14 at the time. cameras were not allowed inside the courtroom. he appeared there because he was 17 at the time of the murder. >> it's an unusual process. he is 51. but the crime was committed when he was a juvenile. have to go through the juvenile process. >> reporter: he will need to be transferred to adult court. >> am hoping there is a waiver of the transfer hearing. he is 51 years old. it's a serious crime. >> reporter: he was assigned a public defender. his arraignment is february 2. he'll be held in this jail. police in the south bay are searching for a suspect who assaulted an officer in a car. it happened in the parking lot of a 24 hour fitness in sunnyvale. police say they spotted of spaces vehicle. -- suspicious vehicle. officers approached determined
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he was wanted for several warrants. when officers tried to get the man into custody they say he started driving off. >> the officers grabbed, reached in the vehicle and grabbed the suspect to try to get him out. at that point the suspect started the car engine and put it in drive. the officer was holding onto him and running along with him. and let go to avoid getting dragged. the suspect fled the scene. >> the officer was not injured. crime scene technicians collected evidence in the parking lot. it appears the suspect was living in his car and a lot of belongings were thrown from the vehicle. both doors were open. the man was driving a silver sedan. lease aren't releasing his name because they don't want to jeopardize the investigation. when he is caught he will face charges of assault with a deadly weapon. following the city council to approve a contract to bring
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the olympics back to the city they spoke about how it will benefit the city. if la is selected to host the games, it would beautify the city and not burden it. members add they will not rely on public investment and will use the existing sports parks in the city. >> the concept includes a for sports parks spread out through the city of los angeles. with entertainment and art in diverse neighborhoods. these parks embrace the entirety of the city of la and unify our city like 1984. >> the committee group will make presentations the international committee before the host city is chosen. other contenders include paris and budapest. pg&e learned it's punishment for the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. why the punishment is more than just about money. it also includes forcing pg&e to advertise its guilt. we're getting close to the bay area weekend.
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we will talk about what you can expect. maybe frost, maybe fog and a chance of rain.
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the minute hand on the doomsday clock hit closer to midnight. in an unprecedented move scientists moved it 30 seconds closer to midnight. the symbolic countdown to the end of the world is 2.5 minutes away from the so-called
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apocalypse. they are seeing an increase in danger to humanity. they cited cyber threats and trumps comments a nuclear arms and climate issues. >> the cavalier and reckless language used across the globe especially in the united states during the presidential election and after. around nuclear weapons and threats. >> in 2015 the clock was moved from 5-3 minutes to midnight. this is the closest the clock has come to midnight since 1953 when scientists moved it to 2 minutes from midnight after seeing the us and the soviet union test hydrogen bombs. pg&e's criminal sentenced was finalized today. after the 2010 san bruno pipeline explosion fire. >> reporter: 6.5 years after the deadly natural gas blast that killed 8 people in the
5:48 pm
crest more neighborhood, construction continues. at the same time san francisco federal court assessed pg&e the maximum criminal sentence. >> all we were striving for all these years is transparency and justice. the judge served justice today and transparency will come with the independent monitor. >> the court-appointed monitor will oversee all of pg&e's business for's probation business period. 5 years. it must pay the maximum $3 million fine immediately. 10,000 hours of community service, 2000 by top executives. but there is no closure for sue who lost her husband, mother-in- law and son whose body was never recovered. >> because this is happened in more than san bruno i think your credibility is damaged it will be hard for them to restore trust. >> pg&e must run full-page ads
5:49 pm
in the wall street journal and san francisco chronicle explaining and it must run tv ads doing the same over a period of 3 months all the paid for by shareholders. 4 of the burned out lots will never be rebuilt. instead they will be airborne in the form of a memorial park dedicated to the memory of those who gave their lives here in the hope that it never happens again. >> we are very appreciative to the contribution and the design of the park. >> we have going in in the place where my house was, a park. >> for its part pg&e released a statement reading in part, you want san bruno and all the communities we serve that we had pg&e have committed ourselves to a goal of
5:50 pm
transforming this happening into the safest and most reliable energy provider in america. but pg&e said nothing of its right to appeal which could forestall or even got a sentence. tracking the weather, it's a beautiful morning. this shot taken on social media. this is from palo alto. a few clouds at the early on. this is this afternoon. you see a few clouds out there. golden gate bridge. it's interesting, if you look down in here, when abc bumps like that, you can see it in the deep water, we used to call it corduroy, when you see a deep channel you have big surf along the coast. that shot is live, that is right now. that is a stunning shot along the coast.
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a beautiful sunset at the ocean beach. pacifica and half moon bay. across the country, a little activity slowing you down in the great lakes region. chicago, a little ice and rain. not that great all the way to new york. i don't see anything that will slow you up in your travels tomorrow. that is what i'm looking for. where is the big airport delay, i don't see anything. it should be a good travel day. we talked about the swell along the coast coming from the pacific. even know they are present they are generating swells hitting us, the storms are not hitting us. the storms are going high and far to the north. that is san francisco tomorrow morning. i like this for the sky cover. it san francisco, but that's how it will look in oakland in san rafael. a beautiful day. the storm track stays north. we stay mostly sunny and warm.
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warmer. and it warms up, temperatures on the weekend will get into the mid-60s. that is pretty warm. monday and tuesday, mid-60s. everyone changes -- everything changes tuesday and wednesday and it will go back to cleaning the gutters. take a look at the next run. the next 4 days, enjoy them. 62 degrees on sunday. it will feel warm. is there any football this weekend? >> pro bowl maybe. >> there is no football this weekend. [laughter] >> i love the playoffs, i love football on sundays. >> the came back from houston and the city is geared up for the super bowl. big signs at the airport in the highways. it will be a good game. right here. >> i am leaning falcons.
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>> tom brady, he is beyond belief. >> thank you. it seems like almost everyone has an opinion on >> reporter:. the latest survey shows about rider satisfaction. and their biggest complaints.
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5:55 pm
results of a new passenger survey of writers -- writers.
5:56 pm
-- writers. bart ridership maybe writing. passenger satisfaction is falling. the lowest level since the survey started 20 years ago. >> 30 cars. >> parts reaction? >> it's not a surprise. >> one of the biggest complaints was overcrowding. finding a seat is mission impossible. >> it gets stuffy and it's hard to move around. especially people who have bikes and backpacks. it's annoying. >> the survey is given every 2 years. 69 percent of passengers were satisfied. that is down 5 points from 2014. another key complaint, many of
5:57 pm
the escalators don't work. hasten point, here at the downtown berkeley station. is woman just had knee surgery. i really want to go up the escalator and not walk to the end of the station to find the stairs. it hurts. >> the largest increase in dissatisfaction was the screeching noise. bart is working on a fix. it says the increase in ridership coincides with the low customer grades. >> we get it. we understand and have a plan in place. >> bart says help is on the way. it's buying new train cars that will be gradually introduced into the system. it's addressing the broken escalator an elevator problem. and measure our are the voters approved, $3.5 billion of infrastructure improvements for track replacement and train control systems. writers say they have to be
5:58 pm
forgiven if they seem skeptical about improvements. >> it won't believe it until a seat. highway 17 has been shut down for several hours. not because of weather related problems, but because of the search for a dangerous robbery suspect. good evening. >> traffic is at a virtual standstill on highway 17 near redwood estates. a manhunt for a robbery suspect is underway. the highway has been shut down in both directions since 11 am. we go to highway 17 northbound, it's been a horrendous commute. >> reporter: that is an understatement. i want to show you what the traffic looks like. it is at a dead stop.
5:59 pm
it has taken us nearly 2 hours just to get to this point from campbell. it is literally a parking lot. it has been this way for most of the afternoon. sky fox was overhead and it captured the backup during the day. it all began at 11 am. that is when authorities searched for a robbery suspect who is accused of robbing a bank of america in scotts valley. police say the suspect took off on highway 17 toward san jose leading them on a chase before crashing north of madrone drive. an officer opened fire, the suspect ran off into the woods. sheriff's deputies have spent most of the day looking for him. near redwood estates searching homes and backyards. spoke to a driver trying to get from palo alto to scotts valley trying to pick up his children. >> about 2.5 hours.
6:00 pm
like last week when we had the mudslide, it looks like it's going to be a long commute tonight. >> reporter: i want to mention we spoke to some drivers who were passing the time trying to rebook in their car. authorities do not believe the suspect was armed but they are not taking chances. he the suspect was last seen wearing a dark jacket and black mask. i want to show you the sign, highway 17 is closed at bear creek road. you are asked to take alternate routes. it is closed northbound at summit road and southbound at bear creek road. chp tells me they are turning drivers away. i checked in with them 5 minutes ago and as of now they do not have an estimated time


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