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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  January 27, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PST

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minister today. mornings on 2 starts now. . good morning. >> good to see you. >> good to be here. >> i'm dave clark. we are talking about your weather. steve is right over there. >> hold on dave. be still my heart. claudine is in the house. >> i had to come hang out. >> you were in the neighborhood. >> thought i would swingn. >> hang out with them. >> good morning. happy friday. it's a little cooler out this morning. first let's get to the good news if you didn't hear. zero -- that's a big zero perceptive of california is in exceptional drought. in one month we have destroyed a lot of this. remember always conserve. you know a rainy season is hit
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and miasms there is still some toward santa marina. once we get -- we are getting a few clouds coming in. it they are favoring the north bay. these are week system its. there is huge differences. 30s and 40s. little west wind. east southeast. we don't expect much out of that. partly cloudy and mostly sunny. one more system has to drag across but it's running in to resistance and that's the fair weather friend. cold morning. sun and then some clouds. 50s. we are getting so close to a few near 60. back to you. >> thank you. this morning police are searching for a bank robber in the santa cruz mountains. they believe he is getting more dangerous. overnight they searched the
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area. the santa clara county sheriff said just isn't ten they got a call from a woman who said a man broke into her home. he stole her van before dumping it. investigators believe that intruder is the same man who robbed a bank at 10:00 yesterday morning. he then sped off in a white chrysler on highway 17 after robbing that bank. he hit a car on granite road. a police officer shot at him but it's not clear if he was hit. authorities launched a manhunt and a roadblock on highway 17. >> i saw him run across and hop --. >> i saw him wearing something blackout side. he just ran. like i didn't see his face or anything like that. he had blackout fit. >> as authorities searched for him people in the area were told to stay inside. nearby schools were put on lockdown. highway 17 was closed for nine hours. it was finally reopened at
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eight last night. the time is 4:03. four westbound lanes of interstate 580 in dublin are still closed after a big rig crashed ten hours ago but we are hearing they are about to reopen the lanes. these are live pictures this is what's happening out there right now. you can see traffic is trying to move through the area. those cones are still up but there are things happening. the chp is hoping to reopen all of the lanes by4:30. take a look at the crash scene. a truck hit at least one, maybe several cars and then burst this to flames. crews trying to clear everything out for the tariff this morning. again the situation is changing as we speak. they may be opening shortly. we will watch it and bring you all of the latest details out there on 580. the president will host his
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first world leader later today at the white house. >> theira may arrives as both countries going through major transitions. we have more from washington. >> reporter: we talk about the special relationship between the united states and the uk. this meeting comes as both trump and the prime minister are trying to build some new relationships on the world stage. trumpa lutes and walks up the stairs of air force one. his first time as commander in chief. >> beautiful. really beautiful. >> reporter: this tool of international diplomacy will carry him into a world that's realigning. something that will become clear later today as he meets with theresa may who is shepherding her own country through items from the eu. >> because of that great
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victory you have won america can be stronger, greater and more confident in the years ahead. >> reporter: while their relationship may get stronger ties to mexico are getting worse. the president of mexico canceled a visit next week because trump is moving forward on a border wall. >> people want protection and a wall protects. >> reporter: how will he pay for it? the house floating idea of a border tax to force payments mexico. that may goo over with a thud with many free market republicans in congress to say nothing of democrats. at trump's visit to philadelphia led to large protests. back in washington later today the march for life. the anti abortion event draws thousands each year and the vice president will be the highest ranking administration official to it ever attend. as far as discussion was world leader itself looks like another is on the near horizon.
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a spokesman for putin said that putin and trump are expected to speak by phone as early as tomorrow. in washington. fox news. the trump administration has pulled all advertising to promote insurance sign ups under the affordable care act just the days before the 2017 open enrollment date. the health and human services department had planned to run ads remind people of the january 31st dead live. former obama administration officials are ceusing the new administration of sabotage saying that research shows that the last week tends to be when young healthy people sign up which is important to keeping costs down. here in the bay area groupso opposing the president's policies are speaking out loud and clear. yesterday there were demonstrations on both sides of the bay. hundreds of people gathered outside the federal building in
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san francisco protesting the preses's executive action advancing the keystone excel and dakota access pipelines. they say that the administration is endangering the environment and taking sides with big oil. >> the government at this point isn't even like doing a good job at hiding the corruption that's going down. it's a horrible situation. >> the crowd marched a short distance and for a while blocked an intersection. guarding from the department of homeland security as well as san francisco police were out there but no problems were reported. the construction company be hide the pipeline has submitted a new permit. the application comes after the president's order on tuesday speeding up the project. the pipeline would transport oil from canada to nebraska. from there existing pipes would move it to the gulf coast. the obama administration rejected the permit application in 2015 because of
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environmental concerns. people in fremont held a rally to protest the president's orders on immigration. the theme of last night's prayer rally was we are one no matter what race or religion. the protest was in protest to the directives to build a wall and to block people from certain muslim countries entering the united states. the protesters called the orders dangerous. >> i'm afraid that someone will tell me to go back home. i don't have any other home. >> next week it may be you or me. i want to stand up for my neighbors. >> they say they are planning to hold more demonstrations and want people to contact their lawmakers to let their feelings be known. we spoke to the former chair of the republican party and he said he thinks the president's tough talk on immigration is part of a strategy. >> i see it as a
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negligentation tactic that he is using to eventually get a better deal. after this many years it could be improved. >> the president has said he wants to renegate nafta with mexico and can damp the president said its resulted in massive numbers of jobs and companies lost. stay with us for continuing political coverage. you will find a political section on the front page of the website. the wife a man accused of helping the shooters in the california terrorist attack plead guilty to charges of conspiracy and perjury. she was the wife of enrique march questions junior. he is the one accused of buying the guns for the shooters. during the court hearing she admitted that her marriage was a sham so she could come to the united states from russia. officials say that the investigation into the fake marriage is not connected to
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the terror plot. she is facing 20 years and a one million dollar fine. happening today the bay area's latest homeless count will start today in marin. dozens of volunteers will head to homeless camps, parks and other location around the county trying to get the most accurate count possible on the number of people living on the streets in marin. that figure will be used to review local homeless services and also apply for a federal money. more than 1300 people were identified as homeless in marin in the last count. two years ago. police are still searching for whoever killed a woman in her home last month. the video they hope will help solve the case. >> and a new ferry service is supposed to start between berkeley and san francisco but up next the trouble for the company that may delay the scheduled launch. good morning. we do have traffic that is doing very well. we have a couple of closures
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out there. could take you by surprise. we will tell you about those straight ahead. >> just a few clouds starting to work their wayn. we will talk about your friday forecast and take a look down the road. the weekend looks good but what about next week?
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and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today. . all the rain and snow is starting to pay off. close to half the state is out of the drought. the drought monitor reported that severe or extreme drought exists in only 51% of the
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state. if you take a look at these two maps the one on the left shows drought levels at this time last year. one on the right shows the areas still dealing with drought conditions this week. officials say only about 2% of the state remains in extreme drought. mainly near santa barbara and though much of the state is better off than it was a month ago the governor said is he not ready to declare the drought over just yet. a vote set for today on paying for the long delayed golden gate bridge suicide net. the bridge district's board of directors is expected to approve paying the chp two million dollars to provide traffic enforcement while the net is installed. the chp will be in charge of opening and closing the lanes at night when most of the work will take place. the four year project is due to start later this year. a private ferry operator may be facing a delay in the plans to launch a new public service between berkeley and san francisco. the tide line ferry company was
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due to start that new service today. the east bay times reports that the city of berkeley said that tide line hasn't completed its application forms to operate that public service and it may not be allowed to start sending ferries today as scheduled. let's head out to sal for a check of how things looking on the roads. good morning. >> good morning. i tell you there is some construction work out there and we are talking about that truck that we have been saying has been there sent last night. we will talk about that soon. first we will go to the gilroy drive and show you the traffic is move agriculture long well on northbound 101 from gilroy to it san jose. it's not a bad drive. driving through more gain hill and into the main part of san jose. it continues it be a nice looking drive. westbound 580 at the 680 interchange. still a couple of lanes closed here because of an accident that happened. a big rig did catch on fire.
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it happened last night. they are expecting to open all the lanes by 4:30. some lanes for you to get by are already open. some of the right lanes but there is already a back upcoming through dublin there as you pass the scene. if are you driving early i want you to know that it's a little slow in that area. also look at interstate 880 north and southbound. the traffic is move agriculture long well in both directions. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza that is backed up. the posey too closed more tunnel washing. should me open in about 4:30 according to cal trans. 4:16. let's go to steve. >> how long does it take to wash a tunnel? >> apparently all night. >> okay. >> all right. >> thank you. let's get to it here. we had a high surf advisory that ended at 3:00 a.m. take a look at san francisco. we hear ten feet every 15 seconds. wind oud of the north and out of the north you can see the
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air flow arrow. you are like what are you talking? i can't see it. there. right down out of the north and embedded with in that is a weak system. a disturbance and higher clouds. it'll clear out quick. little cooler under mostly clear skies form. partly cloudy to the north. one thing near livermore. a brisk31. there are cooler readings. livermore airport 34. 33 at san ramon but nobody lives at the airport so let's go with 31. 36 at lafayette. one, back to one in truckee. be some below zero temperatures here if you are going to the mountains. it'll be fantastic but the mornings are very cold here. 12 in flagstaff. they warmed up but 33 tucson. phoenix at 39. 45 in los angeles and 22 in bishop. 36 las vegas. not as cold in the desert southwest. north wind the north wind.
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nevado north wind. that's a dryer pattern but also brings in the higher clouds, next system into a lot of resistance in the form of high pressure. storm track goes up and over. mostly sunny. we will have but for those few high clouds and everything says sunshine and warmth. we had to -- dust this guy off. we haven't had warmer -- in a long time to get that up there. however the pacific remains very active. we will be great all the way into monday, tuesday but there are signs that around february 1st the pattern will change. we are okay. all the way into probably mob and then tuesday i think we will see increasing clouds. want to watch here and then wednesday we start and then wednesday night. thursday into friday. now this were a dry year i would be saying look at these numbers but this year i mean these are okay but they are not off the charts. we will see. just could be a good old fashioned rainer nothing we have to worry about. 50s on the temperatures. so close to a 60. i think we will see it more tomorrow and then nice weather
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into saturday, sunday and claw dine's next day off is monday. >> no. no. i'm on a -- this is my day off. >> that's kind of you to comen. >> i know. i get confused i just -- i was in the area. i happened to be up at 4:00 a.m. couldn't sleep. figured where else would i rather be. >> get warmer on the weekend. >> thank you. take a look at this video. >> wow. >> a lot of surfers out waiting for that big wave. this is mavericks yesterday which is off the san mateo coast. that famous surf contest hasn't been called but surfers didn't need a contest to take advantage of the big swells. the contest window closes on march 31st. still some time. with a dry weekend ahead this is your chance to get outside. there are plenty of events to check out. here is rosemary with your weekend watch. >> reporter: we are into the final weekend of january and here are the events.
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we will start in the east bay where it's time for the a's fan fest. the a's will host the free event on saturday from 11 to 2. some highlights include players and coach question and answer and a kids game area. >> in san francisco you will find one of the oldest events. the kennel club show will host almost two thousand jobs of 150 different breeds. this is say ben of show meaning you can walk around and talk to breeders and see animals between events. the kennel club dog show will be at the cow palace. >> interested in seeing the future the world in the world's fair will have a two day festival with technology, art, music, food and more. you can find world's fair nano at pier70. in the south bay celebrate the year of the rooster at the museum of art this saturday. this celebration honors the lunar new year tradition was interactive art making and live performance for the family.
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in the north bay beer of lover also have the opportunity to taste some of the world's best brews over 34 breweries will be pouring at the rate beer best fest. sonoma county food vend ears will be selling food. it'll be held in a private hangar at the santa rosa airport. in sports sharks have the weekend off. warriors play at home on saturday. that is your weekend watch. >> all right. the president still saying a border wall will be built and mexico's president just canceled a planned meeting with the president. how california farmers reacting to all of this and why they are worried about their industry. >> and hundreds of thousands of dollars raised to help victims of the warehouse fire. why the nonprofit collect that money hasn't been able to give out a dime and when the checks may finally come.
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it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today. . police in san jose arrested a suspected serial rob e. the 45-year-old robert rainbow is accused of robbing banks, pharmacies and check cashing stores. they were reported between december 19th and january 10th. police say rainbow would hand a demand note over first. police say they identified him through surveillance video and also reports from witnesses.
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wrap. >> survivors of the warehouse fire are still waiting for the help they were promised. the fire killed 36 and displace aid dozen. a local nonprofit said its raised almost $900,000 in donations but it hasn't given the money out. they said they had to wait while fraudulent claims were identified. >> it's pretty complex work and there is no real guide book for it. another good example is the one orlando fund. the orlando shootings and that took three to six months to issue. >> gray hair said 136 people will get checks in the next two weeks. one said that's a long time to wait for help. another fundraiser is being held tonight in san leandro. the band known as the fun dudes will preform on bancroft starting at 5:30. it's donating their time and
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help and they want a ten dollar donation. today in india thousands of h ind us took a holy dip in the river showing their faith. the calendar said that today is a day to attain salvation. it's believed the water and in the river turns in to nectar on this day. after they bathe they preform rituals and then give donations to the priests or the needy. here is a story that should brighten your day. the cincinnati zoo released new video showing a premature hippo getting i had first bath. she was only two days old. she was born six days early. she needs 24 hour attention until she gets stronger. think she likes it? i think she is thinking about it. they want her to build her muscles so they needs a little more time in the the pool. the practice also keeps her at an optimal body temperature.
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pg&e was given the maximum sentence more than six years after the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion and fire. coming up why officials in san bruno say they are pleased with that punishment. >> for the first time in six years uc student also see a tuition hike. how much more they will pay and what the money will be used for. >> we have a good-looking friday morning as you can see. northbound 101 traffic looks good. approaching the 80 split. >> pretty quiet. with are in store for a nice weekend. another morning where it's colder in the southwest than in the northeast. phoenix is 39. washington dc41 and new york city 43.
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. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning to you. we are look live from our
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emoryville camr. right at the bay bridge. looking like a christmas picture. it's a beautiful start to a friday morning. traffic appears to be moving well. we will check on that and the weekend should be nice as well. welcome back. it's friday. january 27 pght. i'm dave clark. >> in for pam cook. steve here. you know steve, went to get the my car washed. >> what's the problem? >> i had to do it myself. the line was around the block. >> i did that on wednesday. i knew in advance i would be okay. >> he now. >> you waited until all the crowds were there. >> you didn't call me and say, hey, get ont. i was working. sorry. >> okay. thank you. if you want to wash your car it's a perfect time. are you good until next wednesday or thursday. the good news is onto drought. it has disappeared in about 21 days for much of california if not all northern cal amount it has. no more heavy


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