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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  January 27, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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retalking about your friday morning weather. steve is eight offer there. he knows about it. feeling chipper. >> yes i am. felt like i a night of sleep. >> through do. i know the feeling. we have mostly clear skies. weak says temperature. higher clouds, they won't last long. i have been on vacation but i'm coming back this weekend. mostly sunny. the weekend. no rain. warmer. when is the next rain no maybe late on the first but more likely on the second. next thursday looks like the system will start to come in. this band won't do much. it's weaker than the one we had yesterday. that cleared out the fast. 30s on the temperatures. they are running colder than we had yesterday. though there are some high clouds, south bay temperatures, santa clara 33. they are in there. santa cruz at 38. 32 felton. upper 30s. mid-30s from campbell. still a slight easterly breeze or northerly breeze. patchy fog in the mix. it's a lot of sun here on the weather menu and he we will carry that in to the weekend.
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next one has zero chance. the storm track is way to the north. mostly sunny and warmer into your weekend. translates in to low to mid60s. today upper 50s. >> i like it. >> you got it. nice weekend. get outside. then come back all refreshed. that's what we do. good morning. let's talk about the bay bridge toll plaza. we want to talk about the back ups there. you can see it's backed up for about a ten to 15 minute delay. not to bad. it's a little lighter but a little lighter than normal into san francisco. we are look agent east bay drive in general and it's turning of nicely. it's more congestion but we don't have a lot of it mere in front of the coliseum. i want to mention that the traffic is going to be okay on 580. a little bit of slowing on 238 as you come out of ca, stro valley. 880 southbound. doesn't look bad. the lanes of 580 are open
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again. 580. this morning. these are live pictures. the big story has been all lanes of interstate 580 in dublin that have been open for the drive for about an hour now following a nasty big rig crash that happened last night. all westbound lanes were reopened at about five. this is a live picture of it going on right now. chp had rushed to get the road open for the friday drive. here is the reason why. a big rig hit at least one and possibly several cars on interstate 580. it happened at six. part of the big rig caught fire and blocked all westbound lanes there. were no reports of injuries. it sure did cause a huge january from these pictures as you can see. let's go back to the desk. we have developing news in the south bay. sheriff's deputies still searching for a bank robber who has been on the run since yesterday morning.
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they think he is he hiding somewhere in the the santa cruz mountains. we are in the area where he was last seen. what do you know now? >> reporter: he may have changed clothes. that's what sheriff's deputies saying. as you said he may be still hiding here in the santa cruz mountains. the last thing that the sheriff's deputies from santa clara county said was that he was last seen in the area of locust drive. for people to secure their homes in that area. now the santa clara county sheriff said that just after ten last night they received a 911 call from a woman who said a man broke into her home on locust drive and held a knife up to her. he eventually took off in the woman's van and dumped it. investigators believe the man is the bank robber that they have been searching for since yesterday morning. he was reportedly last seen wearing a green bea n, ie a tale san jose shark shirt and dark pants. in the picture his face is
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completely coved with a mask and that is the problem. police have been working to identity who he is. they say that after he robbed a bank of america yesterday he sped off in a white chrysler on highway 17 and crashed. a police officer fired shots but it's not clear if he was hit. the thief has been on the run ever since. >> all that happened in front of me. i mean it's hard to explain but is was shocked. yes. exactly how it went down. >> reporter: now as authorities search for the robber people in the area were told to stay inside. nearby school was put on lockdown and highway 17 was closed for nine hours. it finally reopened at eight last night. with resupposed to get update from the sheriff's office late their morning. they are he think in the 8:00 hour. we will bring that to you once we have now information. in the meantime they are telling people if they see anything suspicious in this area to please call the police. back to you. >> all right.
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thank you. keep checking back. meantime criminal proceedings against a woman charged in the killing of a member of the explorers in the alameda county sheriff's office have been suspended. yesterday the judge hearing the case against the 23-year-old laura rogers ordered the doctors look at if she is able to stand trial. she and her boyfriend are accused of lowering a luring a girl to a park where she was stabbed, beaten and then set on fire. taylor is expected to give a plea. rogers is due to go back to court in march. both are being held without bail. the president hosted his first world leader later today at the white house. >> theresa may will arrive, both of the countries are going through major transitions now. doug jennings us live from washington with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. not really a surprise the way
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it's timing out. we have long talked about that special relationship between the uk and the united states. in fact that's a phrase we will probably here today as trump hosts his first world leader. trump salutes and walks up the stairs of air force one. his first time as command america chief. is he getting used to the new ride. >> beautiful. great plane. really beautiful. >> reporter: this tool of international diplomary will carry him into a world that's realigningm. that will be clear later today as he meets with theresa may who is shepherding or hundred country through exit negotiation was the eu. she spoke at a republican gathering in philadelphia ahead of today's visit. >> because of that great victory you have won america can be stronger, greater and more confidents in the years ahead. >> reporter: while the united states and uk may get stronger ties to mexico are getting
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worse. the president of mexico canceled a united states visit next week buzz trump is moving forward on a border wall. >> people want protection and a wall does that. >> reporter: how will he pay for it? the white house floating the idea now of a border tax to force payments mexico. that may go over with a thud with many free market republicans in congress though say nothing of democrats. at trump's visit to philadelphia led it large protestsn. washington later today the march for life. the anti abortion event draws thousands each year and the vice president will become the highest ranking administration official to ever attend. and as far as united states relationships with mexico this morning trump's twitter account mexico has taken advantage of the united states for long enough. massive trade deficit and little help on the very weak border must change. now. doesn't an that the
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relationship will improve any time soon. back to you. >> thank you. a 20% import tax on products mexico could mean higher prices here in the united states. at 6:30 christian is going to talk more about the product that would be impacted the most and what is means for consumers here in the bay area. ? will the city of miami florida is complyinw the pre's call to end sanctuary cities many he signed a memo undoing their status as an immigrant sanctuarry. protesters protested. the president has threatened to with hold federal funding cities that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. the sacramento bee is reporting that democratic state lawmakers in sacramento plan to introduce a package of bills that would make california a sanctuarry state. the legislation would restrict state and local law enforcement agencies from helping federal
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immigration authorities around the entire state. this week the mayors of san francisco, oakland, san jose and berkeley vowed they will remain sanctuary cities despite the threat of lawsuits and possible loss of federal funding. an incident in san francisco is creating fear and anger. ice appearings searching for a convicted sex offender wanted for deportation went to a family resources center that includes a preschool in the mission district by accident. the address for the fugitive was next door. when they went next door the man was not there. they left without making any arrests. more than $900,000 was raised for some of the victims the deadly oakland warehouse fire. up next why some still have not seen any of that money. >> and a created embryoy that's half human, half piping. the reason behind the test in
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southern california. >> well there we are. how about that? we have looks like a nice friday and beautiful weekend. we will talk about the temperatures and see when the next rain may show up as well.
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. welcome back aim group of hickories lucky to be alive an affeldt lance tracked them down a mountain in southern california. it happened ino mount baldy. three hiker was own unstable
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snow. eye rescue chopper from the fire department was able to find them and then take them to safety. one of them crawled through the snow until he found cell phone service and called the police for help. while two were able to go home without being hurt the third was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. is surveyors of the deadly warehouse fire in elk land say they are waiting for the financial help they were promised. that fire was eight weeks ago and killed 36 and displaced a dozen. the local nonprofit gray area foundation said its raised almost $900,000 but had to wait to give out the money while it identified fraudulent claims. >> it's pretty complex work and there is no real guide book for it. another good example is the one orlando fund. the orlando shootings and that took three to six months to issue. >> gray area said that 136 people will get checks in the next the two weeks. one survivor we spoke to said that is a long time to wait for
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help. another fundraiser is being held tonight in san leandro. the band known as the fun dude wills preform starting at 5:30 tonight. the band is donating their time and museum be sames to help the victims and their families. they are asking for a ten dollar donation. there say move to make california the first state in the country to offer a third ge nda, option on state documents. a bill by a state senator would allow the option other than male or female on documents like a driver's license or birth certificate. they say that the transgender people face discrimination when they use id's that don't reflect the gender they appear to be. opposing groups say that the documents should reflect biological identities for medical purposes. human cells mixed with pig. now scientists conducted a test in which they grew human cells
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inside pig embroyos. this is an early step to the goal of growing livers and humor begans in animals to transplant into people. they say that the ability to do it in piping social security very faraway still. there are also some ethical concerns about creating a human, animal hybrid. >> that's different. sal is watching the drive on the friday morning. i know are you watching highway 24. >> that's right. good morning. westbound 24. traffic is moderately heavy as you drive over to the tunnel. not to badt. seems to be slightly better today than it was yesterday at this hour. no promises getting over through the tunnel and into oakland. when you get to the bay bridge if you are going that far lue see the traffic has been good so far. little bit of slowing at the toll plaz. ly tell you what looks good is the east bay drive. you look at the green. not a lot of red on the maps.
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580 things seem it be better than normal. that includes the dunbar ton and the san mateo bridge. forecast looks good here and also if you are heading up to the sierra. probably a parking lot getting township 50 and 80. that's true. there are no restrictions. zero. are you good to go. it's cold though. it's four below in truck eye. not as cold in south lake tahoe. around two to six. it'll be sunshine and each day the temperatures will bump up. overnight lows in the single digits to seens. at least it'll be a great weather weekend. mostly sunny. no rain. no rain for your weekend. 61's. next rain. next thursday. >> maybe to the north on the first but it look like the second for us. these higher clouds are almost out of the picture. a few high clouds, maybe partly cloudy briefly up to the mountains. the trend is for mostly sunny. some lower 30s.
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mid-30s. temperatures colder this morning. we had a lot more cloud cover yesterday morning. 33 santa clara. morgan hill is in there. 37socal. there are plenty of 30s. cooper tino at 30 but a slight off shore breeze or a northerly breeze. air flow comes out of the north and then one of these systems swings in but they don't have much to work with and high pressure you can see the signature right there beginning to build in and it'll big time. storm track goes up and oaf for the rest of january. as it builds in it'll be impressive com faired to what we have had lately. low to mid60 he's possible. next rain middle of next week wal-mart rehabilitative deal with that when we get back. 350's on the temperatures. tomorrow after a cold morning. patchy fog though some pretty dry air. we will start to see temperatures in the low to mid60s. >> you did that just for pam. >> i did. >> i heard you say you did it for claudine. which is it? >> i did it for her but now you that are here i did it for you. >> thank you.
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in orlando some of the best player in football are showing off amazing new skills. they took part in the first ever probowl skills challenge. look at that catch. the nfc competed against the afc including precision passing the drone drop. wow. giants wide receiver won the drone drop. he caught a ball from a drone from the height of a 12 story building. the competition is tied going in to the final event. elliot eliminated hilton. property bowl game is on sunday. >> they look like they are having fun. >> had to. >> yeah. 6:19 is the time. amtrak engineer involved in that deadly crash in philadelphia two years ago has filed a lawsuit. coming up, the reason he is blaming amtrak for the accident
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and why his argument may not hold up in court. >> and a new bay area ferry is supposed to start service between berkeley and san francisco but up next the trouble for the company that may delay the scheduled launch today. ?q
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. you popping your head? >> that's right. >> it's hip-hop friday. if you want to request a song on our team. this one is requested by general for lee. thank you jennifer for that request. there is a special song you want to hear let you know. ly play yourq. our theme is hip-hop friday. use the hash tag ktvu. >> that will get you going with a smile. thank you. also new, there is a new development in the vw emission scandal. the associated president reports prosecutors now have evidence that the former ceo had knowledge about the cheating earlier than he first claimed. he stepped down in september
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2015, just days after the scandal became public. at the time the vw executive said he was the not aware of any wrongdoing. being was given the maximum sentence of three million dollars for the deadly san bruno explosion in 2010. it happened six and a half years ago in the crest moore district of san bru instructor o. the neighborhood still trying to recover. eight people were killed. many were seriously hurt. dozens of homes were destroyed. officials are happy with the sentence, especially the court appointed monitor who will oversee the company's natural gas operations for five-years. >> all we were working for all of these year social security being transparent and justice. the judge served justice today and the rest will come with the independent monitor over the next five years at least. >> that court appointed monitor will oversee all of pg&e's operations during five- years of probation and other penalties include the maximum
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fine, three million dollars to be paid immediately and ten thousand hours of community service. two thousand of those hours will be preformed by top pg&e executives. a private ferry operator may face a delay in its plan to launch a new service between berkeley and san francisco. the tideline was scheduled to start that new service today but the times report that the city of berkeley said that it's not yet completed the application forms required to operate that ferry service. the rain and snow we have had is really doing a lot of good. now half of the state no longer is dealing a drought. the united states drought monitor said that severe or extreme drought now activities in only 51% of the state. look at these two maps. the one on the left shows drug levels this time last year. the one on the right shows the areas still dealing with some drought condition this is week. very little. officials say only about 3% of the state of california remains
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in extreme drought. mainly around santa barbara. though most of the state is better off than it was just a month ago the governor said that he is not ready to declare that the drought is over just yet. with the dry weekend this is your chance to get outside and there are plenty of events around the bay area to check out. here is rosemary with the weekend watch. >> in to the final weekend of january. here have is some of the events taking place. we will start in the east bay where it's time for the oakland a's fan fest. the a's will host it at jack london square on saturday. some of the highlights include players and coach question and answer, photographs and autographs and a kids game arean. san francisco lue find one of the oldest major dog events. the kennel club dog show will host almost two thousand dogs. this is a bench show which means you can walk around and talk to breeders and see an ma'ams between events. the dog show will be at the cow
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palace saturday and sunday. interested in seeing the future of the world? the world's fair nano will feature a two day festival filled with technology, art, music, food and more. you can find it at pier70. in the south bay. celebrate the year of the rooster at the san jose museum of art this saturday. this modern celebration honors the lunar new year's traditions with interactive art making and a live performance for the family. in the north bay. beer of lover also have the opportunity to taste some of the world's best brews, over 34 breweries are pour. sonoma county food vendors will sell food. it'll be held in a private hanger at the santa rosa airport. in sports sharks have the weekend off. warpyors play at home on saturday. are away on sunday. that is your weekend watch. >> thank you. the nba all-star game roster set now. in 15 minutes which of the
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warriors in and how the team has made history. >> the president is proposing a 20% toriff on imported good from month connection. how some say it could hit consumers in the pocket. immaterial good morning. we still see traffic that is getting busier by the moment. on the golden gate bridge this drive doesn't look bad as you head south. >> and san francisco and all of california is looking very nice this weekend. in fact temperatures will be warming up wal-mart rehabilitative are more on that coming up. (vo) maybe it was here,
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when you hit 300,000 miles. or here, when you walked away without a scratch. maybe it was the day your baby came home. or maybe the day you realized your baby
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was not a baby anymore. every subaru is built to earn your trust. because we know what you're trusting us with. subaru. kelley blue book's most trusted brand. and best overall brand. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. . thank you for joining us here. friday. friday january 27 pght. i'm dave clark. >> yes it is.
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good morning. i'm pam cook. it's 6:30. clear roads will take you up to tahoe it sounds like. >> clear roads and dry roads. >> no chain requirements. nice new snow. >> maybe fog in the valley would be the only problem. i don't think that much right now. thank you. yes if you are heading township the mountains. you may want to leave now so you avoid the parking lot. besides that, no restrictions on 50 or 80 and go up and enjoy the snow. the pictures coming back have been incredible. there will be partly cloudy but i'm looking optimistic. it'll be sunny to mostly sunny. the lows in the single digits or below. each day will be generally fair. nice, morning also be cold. the day also be nice. mostly sunny here. warmer and 60s in to the weekend. sunday, monday, mid1's. next rain for february 2nd. excement for this weak band that's clipping northern california and going over us. 30s on the temperatures.
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north bay temperatures still chill with you but not as bad. kelsey valve. windsor. a lot more 40s yearm. areas are picking upper 30s. 40s. there is a slight breeze but not that bad. oaf almostly sunny and then high pressure will prosecute protect us for the weekend as this next system has no chance. look for warmer weathert. starts today but then will kick in more on saturday and take us into sunday with some low to mid60s. modus that grab you? not to bad. we have been waiting for a little bit of weekend haven't we? >> yes. good morning. let's see what we have now with the east shore freeway wal-mart rehabilitative start off and take a look at interstate 80 and it's not bad. 23 minutes for the time from the bridge to the mcarthur maze is pretty good for this time the morning. usually we have more in a couple weeks ago when it was raining was three times as much of a drive. when you get to the bay bridge you will see the photograph sick stacked up.
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it's about a 15 to 20 minute delay. ly have to remind you that highway 37 in the westbound direction is shut down. we are just reminding you of that. there could be have you downs in that area. otherwise marin county traffic looks good. let's go back to the desk. the president is proposing a 20% tariff on mexican imports to pay for his planned border wallm. are warn that could mean higher pricesser consumers. we are live where the produce whole sellers busy this morning. a lot of the produce they are off loading comes mexico. >> reporter: that's right wal- mart rehere at the terminal produce market in oakland. a lot of activity underway right now as workers off load the produce. get it down -- you may imagine a lot of that comes mention do. a lot of folks here keeping a close eye on washington dc. the president and department of commerce to see how it could
6:33 am
affect imports from mention do. the united states government reports that mexico sent $295 billion worth of goods to the united states last year. mexico is the second bingest agriculture supply tore the united states with imports amounting to 21 billion dollars last year. and are saying that a strong dollar will membership mize the pain that united states shopper woulds feel but that mexican industry would pass along the coast of that 20% tariff increase in the form of increased prices on imports. wholesalers say buyers here in the united states that consumers here in the united states could pay for the president's proposed border wall. not mexican producers. >> it would raise my prices. i don't know now a lot but it would raise them. >> reporter: the biggest export from mexico is cars, also machinery and medical supplies and some warn that a sharp increase on taxes on mexican imports could set off a trade
6:34 am
war which could lead to mexico levying a similar tax inanne increase skin creasing costs on both sides for consumers this he are saying that ultimately what could wind up happening that consumers again could wind up paying for that 20% tariff that the president is proposing to impose on mexico to pay for the border wall aim lot of folks saying they don't think that their customers would like that very much. >> i think a lot of people will be very unhappy about that. that's our question of the day too. chime in with the hash tag ktvu. we want to hear from everybody. some california farmers also worried about how the president's immigration policy will affect their business. they say that it's already hard to find workers and trump's actions could cut their work force. some say they scaled back production because of increased deportation. according to a report 20% of
6:35 am
farm workers unauthorized. here in the bay area protest groups are speaking out loud and clear. yesterday demonstrations were held on both sides of the bay. hundreds of people gathered in san francisco outside of the federal building. protesting the president's executive action advancing the keystone e can xcel and dakota access pipelines many they ceus the administration of endangering the environment and taking sides with big oil. >> the government at this point isn't even like doing a good job at hiding the corruption that's going down. it's a horrible situation. >> the crowd marched for a while and briefly blocked the intersection. guard from the department of homeland security and san francisco police were out there but no problems were reported. people in fremont also held a rally to protest the
6:36 am
president's executive orders on immigration. the theme of that rally was a prayer rally last night was we are one. no matter what race or religion. protesters against the president's directives to build a wall along the mexican border and block foam from certain muslim companies coming in to the us. they say that the orders are dangerous. >> i'm afraid that someone will tell me one day to go back home. i don't have any other home. >> when is next? next week it may be you or me. i'm not going to wait. i want to stand up for my neighbors. >> the organizers plan to hold more demonstrations. they are urging people to contact local and state lawmakers and make their feelings known. the trump administration has canceled all advertising to promote health insurance sign ups under the affordable care act. just days before the 2017 open enrollment deadline.
6:37 am
now the -- health and human services planned to run ads reminding people of the january 31st deadline. former obama administration officials ceus the new administration of sabotage saying that research shows that the last week of open enroll member tends to be when young healthy people sign up many which is important to keeping the costs down. despite opposition berkeley still plans to allow a controversial jewellist to -- report tore speak on the campus. he is due to appear next wednesday at an event oranged by the berkeley college republicans. the chance already said he doesn't agree with the views or actions of reporter but said he has the right to speak. the sold out event set for wednesday night. demonstrations are expected. he made headlines when he was banned from twitter after some abusive comments about leslie jones. the engineer who was
6:38 am
running an amtrak train involved in a deadly crash in philadelphia almost two years ago is now suing the company. said he was knocked out by something just before the crash in may of 2015. investigators say that he wasn't hit by anything. he was doing 106 miles an hour around a 50-mile an hour curve. in that crash eight people were killed. the engineer wants $50,000 for his injuries. it's now 6:38 and the search for a bang robbery suspect continues in the ciabatta cruz mountains. coming up at seven we will have the latest on the investigation that led to chaos for drivers on highway 17. >> and a mysterious case in castro valley. a woman killed. her home set on fire. the new clue police are looking at more than a month after her death. >> it's get age little busier out there. today's drive doesn't seem that bad in general this a live look at eastbound and westbound 80.
6:39 am
berkeley you can see traffic is busy. >> well we can say the last weekend in january will not have rain. its going to be sunny and warmer. we will have the temperatures coming up.
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. welcome back. homicide investigators hope is surveillance video will lead to the arrest in the killing of a woman in castro valley. the body of the 459-year-old was found in the garage of her
6:42 am
home december 13th. investigators believe that her killer set fire to her house to cover up the crime. still no word about a possible motive. sheriff's deputies released this surveillance video showing a man walking near her home. he is scene walking in one direction and then turning around. >> someone may recognize not only maybe even the clothing but the way in which the person walks. >> reporter: that man may have been driving a 2011 to 2013 cleverer toyota. ? an effort is underway to see how many homeless are in mari news. we are more on the volunteers working on this. >> reporter: good morning to
6:43 am
you. the goal is to get an accurate picture and snap shot. we are ride agriculture long. we are in the back set of a car and ride agriculture long with a couple of members of the marin county health department the who are taking part in this count and they are searching for anyone who may be living an the streets. it has every year this is obviously spearheaded by the marin county health department. let me show you video. early this morning at pack 30 this morning 350 or so volunteers and guides, many much them are formerly homeless. they gathered at san rafael city hall this he went through the orientation. they will be searching for anyone on the streets. they will check in camps and looking at shelters to find people who are homeless and to
6:44 am
count them. >> it's important to know what the numbers so we can plan -- our goal is to end homelessness in marin. do we need more family housing, more housing for people who have been homeless for a significant period of time and have high service needs. do we need more just short term rentals for people who are just down on their luck and need a little hand up. >> reporter: during the last count here two years ago there were one thousand three hundred and nine homeless people who were counted and obviously county officials hoping that number has gone down here.
6:45 am
other counts have happened across the country. we are again talking through san rafael this morning. with officials from marin. this is the best time to make sure that people are stationary if you will. once you get -- move later in to the day people who may be homeless are more likely to be out and about. maybe on the move and it becomes more difficult to accurately count the homeless population. that's why this point and time count happens so early in the morning. a lot of volunteers doing very important work this morning here in marin. back to you. >> certainly. that makes sense. san francisco mayor ed lee promised to stand up to the president during his state of the city address. his speech came just a day after the president threatened to with hold federal grants city that do not cooperate with federal immigration
6:46 am
authorities. the mayor said that san francisco will not be bullied will remain a sanctuary city. >> people say that we live in our own world here in california and san francisco. well this i have to say is just an alternative fact. let me tell you about our america, our city. in our america people are equal no matter race, religion gender. we are a sanctuary city, now, tomorrow, forever. >> the mayor also said that he will expand homeless and affordable housing services in san francisco if in the year ahead. former california school superintendent now wants to be the state's's first female governor. she entered the race for governor.
6:47 am
she began her political career as a union city councilwoman back in 1980. she then represented the fremont area in the state assembly before serving eight years as superintendent of public instruction. she is joining a crowded field who want to replace the governor in 2018. the candidates include lieutenant governor, state treasurer and former la mayor. durant. now green and thompson have been picked as reserves this is thompson's third all-star appearance. green's second trip and it's the 8th time that one team has four players in the all-star game. no team has sent five. we should mention that -- the sharks unfortunately lost last night but they are on a break right now. >> all right. sal is not taking any breaks.
6:48 am
is he watching the drive and how does it look? >> after today i will take two days off. you booked that. >> okay. i will let you do that. >> ly do the same. >> all right. highway 4. westbound. you can see that the traffic on highway 4 is going to be busy now. coming up and over that hill to concord. it's slow into pittsburgh. most the slowing in pittsburgh. when you get to 60 it's not to bad. we do have very little slowing right now. let's talk about the bay bridge. you can see the traffic is going to be busy as you drive township the toll plaza. it's a normal drive. nothing out of the ordinary on the bridge. i want to show you that east bay drive. our maps showing up pretty green. green means traffic that's move agriculture long well. that includes the dublin area. 880. a little bit of slowing in haywood but it does seem to be just a little lighter today. 6:49. something happened to me
6:49 am
yesterday that is has never happened before. >> not that. get the your mind out of the gutter. immaterial you know how we are rated on social media. i bet frank. >> my gosh. >> for the first time ever. >> you are doing something right. >> how about that? >> congratulations. >> they don't participate it doesn't happen. >> right. number one. >> well. here. thank you. i feel very proud. thank you -- you have to hit like and respond and i try to do that as much as possible. let's get to it. how are the roads in. >> clear all the way take tahoe. >> if pam said it's good to go you can go. not have to worry. the morning lows cold. truckee was four belowt. will be mostly sunny and looks good but just remember it's going to be tough getting up there. i'm sure a lot of people are packing up and ready to go. mostly sunny. no rain on the weekend. next rain on tap for february continued. the forecast models are
6:50 am
wrestling big time with february. trends wetter. back and forth. there is a lot going on. a big time ridge is going to build back into alaska. if that happens we will have a wet pattern. we will see. there is a lot changing right now. we today -- in to the weekend it's -- it's very quiet. band of high clouds over us. no big deal. make for a nice sunrise. 30s. 40s on the temperatures. san jose 38. santa rosa 35. 32 walnut creek. 32 san ramone. 32 dublin. zero in truckee. they zipped to four below briefly. 34, 36 from there to sacramento. not as cold but still interpret they cold in flagstaff. look at phoenix. 37. tucson 31. las vegas 37. don't go down and say they didn't say it would be this cole. yes i did or we did. little bit of the off shore breeze which will take care of this system and high pressure
6:51 am
is building in and it'll be dominate into probably monday if not tuesday. jet stream, storm track is heading up and over to the north. warmer weather. i know -- dust this guy off. we haven't use that in a long time. that warmer weather. the pacific remains active. february, they -- the forecasts are all over the place. it's trending wetter but we will tackle that next week. between now and tuesday we tonight have to worry about rain. take to you monday. now tuesday. we bring some rain in and thursday it gets wet this to friday. again this is nothing. no big deal but compared to what we have had. any rain now is -- needs to be watched for excessive amounts but nothing like that yet. 50s on the temperatures. upper 50s for a few. but for maybe a bit of patchy fog. cold morning. it'll be sunshine and warmer temperatures paml. >> that sounds lovely. >> you got it. we could use it.
6:52 am
could use the outside time this weekend. getting to work late or on time. coming up in 20 minutes the new trend in the office and the shocking response from some employers. >> and a cease and desist for the facility for the compost is dumped. up next the health concern that prompted it. (vo) maybe it was here,
6:53 am
when you hit 300,000 miles. or here, when you walked away without a scratch. maybe it was the day your baby came home. or maybe the day you realized your baby was not a baby anymore. every subaru is built to earn your trust. because we know what you're trusting us with. subaru. kelley blue book's most trusted brand. and best overall brand. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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. it's on. >> it's on. >> waiting for you sal. >> waiting for that song. >> it's on. i'm playing. oh well. >> so far i like it. >> we look forward to his traffic jam. >> i don't know what's going on. i'm playing. you know i won't sing for it. you know what? let's go back to you. there we go. question by will johnson off our facebook page. thank you for interacting with us on facebook. there is a special song you want us to play our team is hip- hop. i will play it every friday morning. just use the hash tag ktvu. >> hip-hop friday. thank you. tuition for uc student social security going up. the board approved the increase in a 16-4 vet during it's meeting in san francisco yesterday.
6:56 am
tuition set to increase 2.5% in the 2017, 2018 school year. that's a 282-dollar increase for each student per year. this means tuition will be roughly 11, 5$00 for the year. the first increase in six years but students say they are not happy about it. >> students don't have aid. what happen social security that are you forsed to go to food pantries, to make go fund me accounts on your social media begging people to help you. >> a spokesman for the uc system said enrollment has increased since the tuition freeze six years ago. the university said that the $88 million generate bid the increase will help lower class sizes, provide more counselors and update classrooms. health officials issued a cease and desist to a composting plant in richmond. this affects the republic service landfill. it hand manies green waste from
6:57 am
resident. inspectors say was taking in more waste than was permitted which they say caused unsafe build up and even some fires at that site. hundreds of people even complained about a bad smell coming out of that plant. >> there were a total of four hundred call that came into our facility and to the air board and the city of richmond. we received some reports of people with headache, nausea and throat irritation. >> the county has ordered the landfill operators to submit a plan on how they will fix the problems. right now it's up on the 7:00 hour and there is a massive manhunt underway in the santa cruz mountainsw. he will have the the latest on the search for a baching robber and the warning for people who live nearby. >> and shut down for more than ten hours. why it took crews out there so long to clear a really bad accident on interstate 580 in the east bay.
6:58 am
6:59 am
sheriff deputies searched overnight for a robber on the loose. we'll tell you about the last tip authorities received about
7:00 am
his whereabouts. plus, president trump meeting with the british prime minister today. more on what they will talk about as he tries to strengthen ties with one country while worsening with mexico. mornings on two starts now. good morning, what a beautiful sunrise over the bay this morning. very colorful and nice. it is an indication of a very nice weekend ahead. thank you for joining us here on mornings on two. it's friday january 27th. >> that's a great way to start a friday morning. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk more about our weather. . >> i think that said it all right there. >> a nice friday and a better weekend as temperatures slowly begin to warm up pushing upper 40s today. if you're heading to the mountains you're good to go. no restrictions on 50 or 80.


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