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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  January 30, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PST

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teenage earl sierra lamar is set to -- teenager sierra lamar is set to begin today. >> monday morning, january 30th, almost the end 0 of the month. >> it is time to check in with steve paulson on your weather. how does it look, steve? >> pretty good. >> gorgeous over the weekend. >> it was. a couple more of those, and then we'll see a change by midweek. it has been absolutely up in the strat ross fear for some of you, that -- stratosphere for some of you, that might have topped out saturday at 64, and yet those clouds continue to stream through. mostly clear with some higher clouds, but the lows are cold, 30s on the temperatures, 30s and 40s for some.
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napa 36. 43 for mill valley. the higher clouds will continue to filter in. it will be a mild day. on -- wait a minute a, walking out of the screen. it does look like rain will return, we'll deal with that a couple of days later. 60s and 70s near santa cruz. good morning, sal. >> i guess the control room didn't want me to respond to that. i'll go to santa cruz, steve. >> see all see you there. >> all right. good morning to you. there is a tree town at the orinda crossroads forcing traffic off the freeway and back on. this is a tree that came down, also some is sort of an accident in the area. so if you're trying to get to walnut creek from oakland, there will be a detour. we do have more information coming in. we'll let you know a little bit
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more about that. but, again, eastbound 24, watch for are some slow traffic there. let's move the maps over to the 580 commute, the tracy super commute. i want to mention that, as well, since people depend on us here. it does not look too bad right now, nor does 205, gets up to the livermore area. not a bad commute. traffic is moving along very nicely. at the babies toll plaza, it is light. let's go -- bay bridge toll plaza, it is light. let's go. >> a shooting at a canadian mosque. he is shooting is called by the prime minute city, a quote terrorist attack on muslims, and said there will beralleys across the provence -- rallies
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across the province today. they are still in the early stages of investigating the attack. happening today, after many delays here in the bay area, opening statements are set to begin in the trial of the man accused of killing sierra lamar. garcia-torres is charged with kidnapping and killing her in march of 2012. her body has never been found, and the trial has been delayed many times, as defense attorneys asked for more time to prepare, and go over hundreds of pages of court documents submitted by prosecutors. the political unrest continues this morning across the country in response to president trump's controversial order on immigration. that bans people from 7
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predominantly muslim countries. >> the white house calls it a success. yesterday the department of homeland security issued an order letting people with green cards who have permanent residency here in the u.s. to return. the 90-day travel ban names seven countries, with an indefinite ban on refugees from syria. that has led to more than a dozen lawsuits from attorneys general from states around the country. the president issued a statement yesterday defending the order, saying in part: now there have been protests nationwide in response to
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president trump's him grace order, and washington d.c. thousand -- immigration order. if washington d.c., many showed concerns, taking it right to the president's front door, rallying in the park across from the white house, chanting their support for muslims and other refugees. and we've been for lowing the protests that have been taking place at the nation's airports, including at sfo. yesterday, about a thousand protesters marched through both floors of the international terminal in support of those who have been detaped. five passengers were held -- detained. the airport said five passengers were held, but have been released. for hours, those protesters were told to go home, but many stayed right there at the international terminal. leagues martinez talked to elee
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martinez talked to people on both side -- lee martinez talked to people on both sides of the issue. >> we as organizer of this have called it. we said go home, get rest, there's lots more days to fight. but people are really juiced, excited to fight this administration. >> reporter: attorneys say they are staying because they're not sure who may still be held. u.s. customs and border protection does not allow attorneys into secondary inspection. >> there are people who are detained at second early's in all the time, even before this executive order, who are asked if they want to withdraw their request for admission, willing to give up their resident status. there are people that get taken into secondary inspection
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because they are seeking assee allium. so there are always a number of reasons why somebody would get into second early inspection. what is unusual about this -- second early inspection. what is unusual about this exhibit order is that it is separating people by nationality. >> we spoke with a former chairman of the republican party. he supported the executive order, but not how the president handled. >> it's how you say and too it. >> reporter: he said he didn't choose the seven countries to ban out of thin air. he for the the list from president obama's visa waiver program. they're marked as countries of concern, and requires a person from those countries to obtain a visa is before coming to the u.s. >> even the previous administration recognized that through our military leaders it is virtually impossible to properly and adequately vet these people.
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some of whom are as honest or legitimate ass you or i -- as you or i, but because of the impossibility of investigating them, they had to do it this way. >> reporter: he said he would like to hear from more congressionalle republicans on the exhibitive orders. >> there -- executive orders. >> there should be more vocalle gop members. >> reporter: the crowd at sfo spent hours granting every person coming into america. well, california senator feinstein is working on legislation to strike down president trump's executive order. yesterday she tweeted: now, the first bill immediately rescinds the order. the second one limits executive
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authority under the immigration and nationality act. east bay congressman eric followwell plans to join democrats today. he said he will stand in solidarity with refugees. >> we should do whatever we can to keep america safe. this is an unconstitutional across the board muslim ban. >> he joined protesters at sfo yesterday. he said the president's executive order will make the situation worse by antagonizing those in the muslim world who might want to attack the u.s. >> the trump administration has tried to clarify the new executive order. doug has more this morning from the scene of one of those protests at dulles airport in if virginia is. >> reporter: the protests have subsided here at dulles airport, put the legalle battle
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is going to continue. the trump administration said this is a security issue, and critics say this is religious discrimination there have been protests at one airport after argument, and if front of the white house. all of this touched off by an executive order signed troy by president donald trump temporarily suspending the country's refugee program and the spree of citizens from 7 countries. not an across the board muslim ban, but these are are aare predominantly -- but these are precome inabilitily muslim countries. >> reporter: a federal judge said those already here could not be deported, but beyond that, the program will likely continue. the administration has cleared up one point of confusion. going forward, the ban will not generally apply to green card
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holders, or legal u.s. residents. some republicans, senators john mccain and lindsey graham among them, and criticized the administration over the order, but the white house is sticking by the policy, and cracking down on border security is something that candidate trump spoke about again and again on the campaign trail. >> i think in terms of the up side being greater protection of our boredders and our people, it's a small price to pay. i'm told by the officials that anyone that has been detained, if if there is no further threat, they're not dangerous to this country, be they v can expect to be release understands due court, as many of them have been already. >> reporter: the real question is whether the democrats will get any republicans to sign on a plan to stop this executive order. we'll continue to follow all of the aspects of that story. also, president trump could name his pick for supreme court justice as early as today, and
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coming up in our next half hour, we're going to tell you who is on the short list. >> plus a u.s. navy seal killed in yemen during an al-qaida raid. we'll have the response from president trump of the first u.s. service member to die under command. >> we see that traffic is off to a decent start, except for one spot in the bay, but the east shore traffic looks good. >> and our weather looks pretty good, although we have some changes midweek.
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welcome back. president donald trump offering condolences after a u.s. navy seal was killed, three others were wounded during a raid in yemen targeting al-qaida. the president released a statement saying that americans are saddened by the news. that raid marks the first time a u.s. service member died in combat under president trump. the raid has been planned well in advance, but it was approved by president trump. iraqi forces are preparing to retake western mosul from isis militants. last week iraqi forces listen rated the east side of mosul after a two and a half month battle, but the western half is still under isis control. it is expected to be a very
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hard fought battle. >> today has been declared a spare the air day. that means the air is expected to be at unhealthy levels, especially for those with breathing problems. the golden gate bridge district is considering possible ferry and bus fare increases. under the plan, one-way first would go up from 25 to 50 cents annually. another option being considered is a plan that would give a break to commuters paying the highest fares while raising fares on the shorter routes. a plan to provide golden great ferry service has been delayed. golden gate ferry was set to take over service from blue and gold fleet today, but it was delayed after one ferry company
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threatened to sue. blue and gold fleet will continue to serve tiberon until further notice. time is 4:16. sal, now you're watching the roads and the bridges. and i saw that mess on highway 24 earlier this morning. some traffic is getting through, but it's a big slow down on eastbound 24 as you drive to orinda. has the driving towards walnut creek. as a dave said, though, people can see it from the other side of the freeway, and there couldable momentary slowdown as people wonder what's going on in the area. we're also looking at the commute into gilroy, the gilroy super commute, and right now the commute between gilroy and san jose doesn't look bad.
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let's take a look at some pictures now. san mateo bridge, live picture. traffic moving well out to highway 101, and at the bay bridge, traffic is light so far, getting into san francisco. let's bring steve in. >> sal, did you finish watching louisiana land? >> -- la la land? >> i did. and i liked it. and it won a bunch of awards. >> we have high clouds coming in, all to the it's mild, but the mornings are cold. you know that be. i know that -- you know that. i know that. with massive high pressure over us, it's not getting that warm. because the nights are a little longer still, and the days are shot, we get the clouds coming in in. 30s on the temperatures to 40s
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to 55, must be a little breeze. i'll have to dig deep to see what is going on in half moon bay. probably a little breeze, though. it's still cold, but not crazy cold or anything. we are waiting on a system, we're waiting on this guy to get here, and eventually it will, but probably not until wednesday afternoon or evening. so today and tomorrow, a lot of high clouds, and then this system will sweep through. forecast models still struggling to get through the details here. it's good until wednesday night and thursday, will be rain. february looks a little unsettled, as we say. wednesday night, thursday, probably. >> so the weekend? >> there's a huge disagreement on what's going on. we'll know more tomorrow.
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chinese new year celebrations continue around the world. coming up, the reason one man considers the holiday an important part of his heritage.
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welcome back. time is 4:22. hundreds in washington d.c. celebrated the chinese new year over the weekend. that's beautiful. they celebrated with
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traditionalle dragon dances and fire -- traditional dragon dances and firecrackers. one man talked about why this parade is so important to him and his family. >> first, i'm an american of chinese descent. my father immigrated here. he struggled so that we can take part in this beautiful thing called a new year's chinese parade, and make that very bold statement, we're not going anywhere! >> and this was in hong kong, people celebrated the lunar new year with fireworks-the fireworks show lasted about 20 minutes. and san francisco's chinese new year's parade is set for be
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february 11th. you can watch the parade right they're on fox 2. well, the warriors had two things going against them when they faced off against portland last night. it was the second game in two nights, and steph curry missed his first game of the season because he had that flu, but the warriors momentum seemed unchanged. the game started as a showcase for kevin durant's talents. heed up with 33 -- he ended up with 33 points. golden state gets the victory. the oakland a's are getting ready to promote the upcoming baseball season. this year players got off the field, took to the city in a series of photo shoots. the pitcher said it's a great way to connect with the community. >> when the commercials are all put it to, they're really funny, and they tend to turn
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out -- they're a pretty big hit, so it's fun to go through this process. >> the team's witty commercials are always a favorite among fans. our time is 4:24. bargain hunters flocked to a warehouse over the weekend for a white elephant preview sale, which benefits the oakland museum. shoppers wanted to get a jump on that sale, so there was a preview sale. it is held in a warehouse on lancaster street. it also attracts an army of dedicated volunteers. >> because it's fun! i really enjoy working the white elephant sale. i found the first time i did it, it was kind of like playing store all day. it's a little overwhelming, is but because i know there's such good stuff, i like it. >> they say there is something
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for everybody, all donated by the public. so popular, the museum has raised more than $2 million in each of the past two years. >> that looks like a fun thing to go through. >> you would love that. >> i would love that. after a long search, it appears the 49ers have a new general -- 49ers have a new general manager. coming up, what john lynch can bring to the team. looking at a commute that is off to a decent start here on highway 24 westbound. we'll tell you what is happening eastbound 24 in orinda. >> and what's happening with the weather, it's still pretty nice, even though high pressure continues to be large and in charge. changes this week? yes, but we'll tell you when.
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why are you bouncing your head >> >> i love blondie -- bouncing your head? >> i love blondie. going back to the 1980s. >> enjoy the sunshine today, because it will change soon, in a couple of days. steve will be here in a moment. thanks for joining us for mornings on 2. >> thank you for waking up with us. did you see the picture of the water? looked like glass. looks calm and pretty and nice out there. >> it is. a couple of days of nice, and then we'll change it. some clouds over us. if you're by the coast, though,
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very nice, even though high pressure really strong. high clouds continue to work their way in here, and there they are, still coming up. so mostly fair. one of.least favorite words. i have two, fair and showers, but mostly fair, mostly sunny. next system will be here, but not until wednesday night or thursday, so there's still plenty of 30s on the mix here, and 38 in san jose. east bay temperatures, danville is down to 32, walnut creek is close. if you get a puff of a breeze, that temperature has definitely held up. that makes for pretty nice conditions, especially over towards santa cruz. mostly fair today. we'll focus our attention on wednesday morning on this guy, which will eventually swing in here and bring us some rain. 60s on your temperatures. all right, sal. what can you tell me? >> well, we do have


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