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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  January 30, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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very nice, even though high pressure really strong. high clouds continue to work their way in here, and there they are, still coming up. so mostly fair. one of.least favorite words. i have two, fair and showers, but mostly fair, mostly sunny. next system will be here, but not until wednesday night or thursday, so there's still plenty of 30s on the mix here, and 38 in san jose. east bay temperatures, danville is down to 32, walnut creek is close. if you get a puff of a breeze, that temperature has definitely held up. that makes for pretty nice conditions, especially over towards santa cruz. mostly fair today. we'll focus our attention on wednesday morning on this guy, which will eventually swing in here and bring us some rain. 60s on your temperatures. all right, sal. what can you tell me? >> well, we do have some is
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pictures of this tree down now. i do want to mention it, eastbound 24, as you come up on the orinda cross roads. looks like the two right lanes blocked here by this huge tree that came down. traffic is getting by, but you can see they still have to get that tree out of the way. again, this is eastbound 24, near the orinda crossroads, right there in that area. westbound 24 not affected,py does look like they've had a few lanes -- but does look like they've had a few lanes open. traffic on the off ramp there is slow, but some improvement, because at one point, it was set to be blocking all the lanes. let's look at the solano community. traffic on 80 westbound between vacaville, taylor, vallejo is looking -- fairfield, and vallejo is looking pretty good.
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delta aprils set 80 more flights have shy airlines set 80 more flights have been canceled today due to an outage on a computer that started yesterday. they are warning that mortgage are cancellations are possible later today, though said the problem was fixed at midnight. >> they made sure everybody had a water or something, but we've been out for hours, literally. >> the airline is advising people to check the flights ahead of time. >> now to our continuing coverage of the pros against president trump's executive order that temporary prevents people from certain countries
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from entering the united states. yesterday, hundreds of people filled terminal b at the sacramento airport, denouncing the president's order. sheriff's deputies and officials put barriers out for crowd control. and there was this in pennsylvania. hundreds of people inside philadelphia international airport making their voices heard. this is individual video from outside. some of the report -- this is video from outside. some of the reports say protesters swarm is add term natural, causing some passengers to miss their flights. and that protest was similar to others around the country, includes at seattle, where about 3,000 people showed up at the airport there. polices forked them out of the airport into the parking garage. reportedly up to 35 people were
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arrested. walnut creek republican party chair is weighing in on the escobar -- executive order. he said it is similar to guidelines from the obama administration, but, rushed into place with little explanation. >> it should have been a prior announcement to the public at large, explaining why it has to be done this way, and invariablely, some very -- invariablely, some very innocent type people will fall through the cracks, but we're going to do our best to mitigate that. >> now, he says quote it's not so much what you say or do, it's how you say or do it. last night on our 10:00 news, we talked with a professor, and a constitutional expert, about the legalle challenges to the president's -- legal challenges to the president's executive order person >> the government will say the
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president has broad range in these matters, and the prosecutors will say yes, but this is a president, not a king. >> the establishment clause says the government cannot officially act in a manner that shows preference or discrimination of one religion over another. our coverage continues on, where you'll see the latest updates as they happen. later this morning, we'll have a senior attorney from aclu of southern california. she'll talk about the executive order, the stay by a judge out of new york. >> president trump may announce
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his nominee for the supreme court as early as today. the president originally tweeted it would happen thursday, but the associated press said that timeline may have been moved up. the two most talked about are judge gorsuch, and thomas hardeman. president trump said he would want senator mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader to use the so-called nuclear option, and change them senate rules to allow for a simple majority choice in the senate if democrats try to stop his selection. >> we are going to treat this from knee fairly, but we -- this nominee fairly, but we want to know that they are in the mainstream of american
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thinking. the trump administration is blaming the delay in his cabinet appointments on the democrats dragging are in feet. -- dragging their feet. >> president trump continues to reach out to leaders from around the world. yesterday he called the king of saudi arabia. he was joined in his of face by homeland security advisor -- in his office by homeland security advisor mike flynn, and steve bannen. we don't know what they talked about. education actty visits are organizing a rally this week to show opposition to president trump's pick for engel edgele case secretary -- pick for
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education secretary. protest organizers say she's unqualified for the position particular what they call her lack of knowledge about public education, and potential conflict of interests. >> president trump kind another executive order that gives his chief strategyis a more prom month roll. steve ban license now have a regular seat at security meetings. it also diminished the role of military and intelligence leader are ship. according to the washington post, the director of national intelligence and the joint chiefs of staff will only attend the high level meetings when the topics of discussion relate to their responsibilities and expertise. >> starbucks is responding to the president's travel ban, pledging to hire 10,000 refugees. the chairman and ceo said the company plans to hire refuse few is in the 75 countries where starbucks conducts
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business. he said it will first focus on people who have is served wet american troops as interpret thes and support personnel. >> it's taken a long time, but several reports now the 49ers have a surprising no general manager. we're told its fox nfl analyst john lynch who has no experience as a general manager, but does have connections to the 49ers. he played college football at stanford under coach bill walsh, and spent four of his 15 nfl seasons under mike shanahan. mike shanahan's son, kyle, is expected to be the named the 49ers head coach at -- 49ers head coach after the super bowl. lynch earned a super bowl ring with tampa bay for the 2002 season. >> we're less than a week away from super bowl 51. the falcons are in houston this
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morning, after arriving yesterday. the patriots arrived today. both teams will participate in media interviews tonight. people who live in houston are taking time to attend all of the festivities surrounding the big game. >> we're going to come down early before all of the out of towners come, and then it's going to be really packed. >> i love this. this is amazing to be around something like this. >> well, the patriots right now are 3-point favorites according to las vegas. you can watch super bowl li on fox 2 this sunday. kickoff is at 3:30 p.m. pacific time. our coverage starts at 8:00 in the morning. happening today, the city of pacifica is expected to tear down another big apartment building on a seaside cliff. it has been vacant more than a year. a state of emergency was
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declared when the cliff started to give away last year. a drone operator spent most of yesterday practicing for the demolition today. that drone will be used today to keep an eye on the side of the building that's closest to the ocean, as that tear down work progresses. it is 4:41. it's been nearly 30 years since her disappearance from the streets of dublin. coming up, what eileen mitchellhoff's family plans to do today to keep the search for her going. >> but first a woman killed and her home set on fire. what clues may give some insight into the case. the morning commute look okay right now driving up to the tunnel. and remember last week when
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phoenix and l.a. were colder than new york and washington? well, that trend has reversed itself. it's even cool all the way down to the southeast. ♪
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welcome back. it is an unsolved case involving a castro valley woman killed in her own home. now her family is speaking out about the case. >> they are hoping new surveillance video will lead to an arrest. >> it's senseless. it -- i'll never understand it. >> reporter: six weeks have passed since be in somebody be called 59-year-old an treia st. john and then torched her home to cover it up. her body was found in the gorge after firefighters put out a --
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in the garage after firefighters put out a fire. they say she was an unlikely victim. >> andrea was by all accounts a model citizen. she it is a mother, a grandmother, a daughter, a sister, and is as far as, you know, why this happened? a mote infor this crime -- a mote be infor this crime? we're -- a motive for this crime? we're still trying to put that together. >> it still doesn't sink in. i just look at these pictures of this beautiful woman, and it doesn't connect with me that this would be how things happened. >> reporter: but investigators do have this surveillance video which they shared with ktvu. it shows a man walking in one direction, only to walk back from where he came near her home. >> someone may recognize not only maybe even the clothing, but the way in which this person walks. >> reporter: the man has been
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linked to a silver 2011 to 2013 toyota corolla like this one. >> i just hope someone does the right thing. it's not hard. if there's anything that can -- not make it boater, but give us some --bit better, but give us some sense of peace knowing that the person responsible is brought to justice. >> reporter: the couple of 40 years raised their two daughters in this home. st. john was especially proud of being a grandmother. >> i just want my mom in to be remembered for the kind heart she had, the tolerance, acceptance, her love for her family, her love for everything family. >> reporter: if you recognize that toyota corolla, or man man
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in the video -- or that man in the video, you're asked to call the police department immediately. 4:46 is the time. let's check in with sal. an early look at the commute on this monday morning. how is it so far, sal? >> it does look okay. die want to mention the traffic is getting busier around the bay area, and we will look at some of these commutes for you. first of all, we have to check in with that trayvon commute, and traffic is actually go -- tracy commute, and traffic is actually going to be a little slow there. you can see traffic is a little slow here as you drive up there 580, getting to tracy and the livermore area. no major problems getting over to dublin. eastbound 24 near the orinda crossroads, you see cal trans crews have the chainsaws out.
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but this tree is rather large, so they'llle have to cut it up before they can get it out of there. we have already kind of a back big backup here, but for the most part, it's light getting on to the bridge. let's bring steve in at 4:48. here. do have some high clouds otherwise, it will be mostly clear. some of these higher clouds seem to bethinning out -- to be thinning out. not a lot left here, so sunny skies today. temperatures starting off in the 30s and 40s for many. we'll get cold in the morning here. a lot of 30s. woodside. although some is elle situations -- some elevations
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are higher. 16 up in treks. 45 down in las vegas. not if as kelly has it has been by -- as cold as it has been by far. still an offshore breeze continues. not that strong, but enough there that gives the coast pretty mild continues, especially san mateo. santa cruz, down right warm for some folks today. a lot of high clouds coming in. high pressure will hold it's ground for another two days. this system will swing in late wednesday into thursday. a couple of systems that we're tracking on this, today and tomorrow, pretty good, and then we'll start to bring cloud cover in wednesday. wednesday night, rain could develop, and then wednesday night, looks like late wednesday into thursday is when we'll deal with this next system. you can see wednesday night starts to rain, moves in. nothing too heavy. take it into friday. a little disagreement as we go
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into the weekend. just stay tuned for that. but these aren't tremendous amounts, but we'll get back into some rain here. february, the models are just boom, boom, one change after another from run to run. so really not much consistency here. 60s on the temperatures. late rain wednesday, more likely thursday into friday. not much confidence for the weekend. not yet. >> looking like rain? >> no, there's just no consensus on which direction it's going to be. >> not much confidence in being able to call it. okay. we'll have to wait in suspense. >> not that long. >> yeah, not too long. last night, the screen actors guild honored some of hollywood's top talent with the aa wards, but when we come back, the political reaction to president trump's travel ban from an a-list actress.
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welcome back. the screen actors guild awards was also a night for expresses political views about president trump's immigration ban. >> everybody in airports that long in my america! >> from personal experiences to just plain anger, almost everyone talked about the
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nationwide protest sparked by the president's temporary ban on immigrants from 7 predominantly muslim nations. >> because i love this country, i am horrified by its blemishes, and this ban is a blemish, and it's unamerican. >> denzel washington won best actor for fences. emma stone's danced away with the best actress win for her role in la la land. >> reporter adam has more from the red carpet in los angeles. >> reporter: it was the actors night to shine as the 23rd annual screen actors guild award brought out the best to sparkle for the cameras. >> to be honored by people who
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understand the craft, it's deeply gratifying. >> it's incredibly exciting. >> reporter: the gals dazzled the red carpet with their colorful and sparkly gowns. >> this is flowy, dreamy, but beautiful and elegant and is female, i just loved it. >> reporter: for the guys, it was classic tuxes, black suits, and a few accessories that stood out. >> the shoes, kent coal, and access accessories -- and accessories. >> reporter: our candy and officials were once feign a big hit. >> what zoo you want? kit kat -- what do you want, kit cat, altoids? >> i'm going to have a little mint. fresh breath. >> reporter: in hollywood,
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adam housely, fox news. >> you probably watched it here. a new miss you knower have was crowned last night in -- miss universe was crowned last night. >> steve harvey who announce they would wrong winner last year, managed to get through the event without error. the new miss universe is france! >> iris mcnair was visibly overwhelmed as the outgoing winner crowned her last night. the 23-year-old winner is a dental student, and she is the first miss universe from france. >> france and europe, there is a lot of time that europe
4:57 am
doesn't have a miss universe, and i think they need a miss universe, because french people love beauty pageants, but never our country win. >>le well, the new miss universe beat out 85 other contestants in the pageant. protesters continue to rally at airports around the country opposing president trump's travel ban. coming up, a response from the white house, where officials safe the investigating process has been a massive success. >> looks like they're making some progress on the tree down on east 24. cal-trans showed up with their saws, and looks like pretty sure we're going to see some is lanes open here. we'll tell you more about what is going on here on 24. the weather is pretty quiet. est heat today and tomorrow. the changes -- it's warm today
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after several months of delays, the trial of a man accused of killing sierra lamar is set to begin today. mornings on 2 continues now. good morning. thank you for joining us. here is a live look at the bay bridge, all lit up, beautiful, clear, nice, although that means it's a spare the air day, because there has not been rain in a little bit, so you should be aware of that. want to let you know about this. this is in orinda. caltrans crews are almost done clearing this tree that came down. >> i passed that tree on the way to work. task was backed up way back to the -- traffic was backed up aback to the tunnel. >> and you can


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