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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  January 30, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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after several months of delays, the trial of a man accused of killing sierra lamar is set to begin today. mornings on 2 continues now. good morning. thank you for joining us. here is a live look at the bay bridge, all lit up, beautiful, clear, nice, although that means it's a spare the air day, because there has not been rain in a little bit, so you should be aware of that. want to let you know about this. this is in orinda. caltrans crews are almost done clearing this tree that came down. >> i passed that tree on the way to work. task was backed up way back to the -- traffic was backed up aback to the tunnel. >> and you can see them
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cleaning it up now eastbound. >> that's right, heading towards orinda. >> heading towards orinda, so not as crowded that side, but they're almost done cleaning than up. thank you for joining us. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. steve is working hard on that forecast. >> i'll be working harder wednesday and thursday. rain comes back in then. but tonight, tomorrow, about the same here. mostly sunny. temperatures are cold for some, not too bad for others. mostly clear. you can see that just offshore, so it's not a big deal, but instead of being sunny, it's mostly sunny, and we'll get temperatures that will get back up into the 60s for many. 30s, 40s, and 50s. 43 in santa cruz. 42 in gilroy. charlotte is still at 35 --
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charlotte -- santa clara is still at 35. highs today in the 60s. do you want to start with orinda, sal? >> that's right. we do have a little bit of orinda traffic to talk about. let's go right to it. eastbound 24, actually, steve, we're going to do a little bit of trayvon -- tracy triangle. and it's looking good there. and there a tree down blocking the lanes, and there was a big backup, as dave said, earlier,
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but now looks like they have the tree out on highway 24. pretty soon all of the lanes will be open. traffic is light. some is lanes are open, and that's enough for traffic right now. when the all of the lanes were closed, there was a backup. here is look at the bay bridge. seems a little slow for this time of the morning. unusual for it to to be backed up, but there it is. let's go back to the desk. >> still following developing news about a deadly shooting at a mosque in quebec, canada, where several people were killed or wounds. 6 were hurt, 8 others killed last night. quebec's premier said there will be solidarity rallies across the area later today. minimum minister true dew said it was a terror attack on all
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muslims. they said they won't give us any more information because the investigation is still very early in its stages. >> after many delays, opening statements are set to again in the trial of antolin garcia torres, who is accused of killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. paul is here to talk about this case from the newsroom. >> it's been nearly 5 years since sierra lamar went missing. today the man suspected in her death will have his day in court. antolin garcia torres is accused of killing her. she was last seen catching a bus from school. some of her belongings have been found, including her cellphone and along with clothes inside the bag. investigators say they found dna evidence connecting to him her disappearance. the trial has been delayed many times, as defense attorneys have asked for more time to
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prepare and go over hundreds of pages of documents, but again, today is that date where he has his day in court. he also faces kidnapping charges related to three other women. we will be on top of this from here in the newsroom today. today is a very hard day for a family in dublin. it has been 28 years since ilene misheloff vanished walking home from school. she was 13 years old at the time. police believe she was kidnapped. police still want to hear any information that anyone may have about her disappearance. a candlele light walk will start tonight. it follows her path from her school, and will end at saint raymond's church with a nondenominationlele prayer versus for her return. >> the political unrest goes on
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this morning around the country in response to president trump's controversial executive order on immigrations that temporary bans people from 7 predominantly muslim countries. >> the white house has defended the action. yesterday the department of homeland security issued an order are allowing people with green cards to have permanent residency in the u.s. to return. the 90-day travel ban names seven countries, with an undefinitely ban on refuse fewgies from syria. it has led to several lawsuits with more than a dozen democrat attorneys general from states across the country invoices to fight the president's order. and we've been following the protests taking place at the nation's airports, including here at sfo. yesterday an estimated 1,000
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protesters marched there through both floors in support of detained travelers. airport officials say five passengers were held, but they have all been released. it was the second day of protests at the airport, which could continue this week. we'll have christian captain out at sfo to see if the protesters still rallying there this morning. >> president donald trump offering condolences after a u.s. navy seal was killed, three others wounded, during a raid in yemen, targeting al- qaida. the president said americans are saddened by the news. that raid was the first time a u.s. service member has died in combat under president trump. the pentagon said the raid was prepared well in advance, and was approved by president trump. not everyone is sharing the sentiment of anger at the
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president's travel ban. coming up, we'll hear from former giants player huff. good morning. we still see traffic moving along pretty well. if you are driving on the bay bridge into san francisco, it looks good. we'll take a look at that toll plaza coming up. and our weather looks good today and tomorrow, and then the change begins on wednesday. we'll have is more on that to see if there is rain coming in for early february. caltrans lives star wars,
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good morning and welcome back. there may be more protests and disrunses today at many airports after those big protests over the weekend about the president's travel ban. >> the trump administration has tried to clarify the new executive order. doug has more this morning from the scene of one of those protests. you're at dulles airport, a busy airport typically. >> reporter: that's right. we did see some is big protests here over the course of the weekend. they have subsided, largely. we have seen some of the first international arrivals coming here this morning, and they will walk past a table right over there, and that is table staffed with immigrants rights workers. one of whom is an attorney. to deal with any potential issues should they arise. there have been protests at one airport after another, and in
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front of the white house. all of this touched awful by an executive order signed friday by president donald trump that temporary suspended the refugee program and the admitting of residents from seven countries. not an across the board muslim ban, but these are muslim majority countries, and some were detained, stuck in limbo. >> there's elderly, children. men and women are crying. put yourself in our how is, please. >> reporter: in an emergency order, a federal judge said those already here could not be deported. but beyond that, the program will likely continue. the administration has cleared up one point of confuse, going forward, the ban will not generally apply to green card old holders, all though they could still be subject to additional screening. some gop leaders have is criticized the white house over
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the order, put the administration is sticking by the orderer and crashing down on border security is something that candidate trump talked about time and time again on the campaign trail. >> i am told by the officials that anyone who has been detained, if there's no further threat, and they're not dangerous to this country, they can expect to be released in due course, as most of them have already. >> reporter: some democrats in congress are talking about crafting legislation to overturn this ban. of course that would require some republican buy-in, and it's not clear that's going to happen. well, california's senator diane feinstein is working on legislation to strike down president trump's executive order. yesterday she tweeted:
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east bay congressman eric fallwell plans to join democrats today at the supreme court, saying he will stand in solidarity with refugees. >> our country should do whatever we can to keep america safe. this is an unconstitutionalle, across the board, muslim ban. >> he joined protesters at sfo said. he said the president's executive order her make the situation worse, by an tag sunrising those in the muslim world who might want to -- antagonizing those in the muslim world who might want to attack the u.s. tech executives say it could create more tension between the white house and -- mark zuckerberg said the effort
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to keep the nation safe should be done by quote focusing on people who actually pose a threat. zuckerberg said his grandparents came from europe. his wife's family were refugees. apple ceo tim cook sent a letter to apple employees sat said: and google says at least 187 of its employees could be affected by the travel ban. the wall street journal said that google is encouraging those employees to cancel any travel plans outside of the u.s., and did get in touch with
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the company's human resources department if they're right now away from the u.s. and google's co-founders joined protesters at sf o yesterday, only saying he was there for personal reasons, not in a professional capacity. he said he considers himself a refugee, because his country imgreat from the soviet union in 1979 to escape jewish% excuse. well, the golden gate bridge district is considering possible ferry and bus fare increases. one way ferry and bus fares would go up over the next four years. now, adult clipper fares would get a 20% discount.
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if approved, the increases could start on july 1st. a plan to provide golden gate ferry service between t ibron and -- t ibron and san francisco has been delayed. it was delayed after the angel island ferry company threatened to sue, saying they have concerns about safety and environmental damage because of golden gate bridge ferry's bigger vessels. golden gate ferry currently operates to san francisco and back. people in the south bay can learn more about b.a.r.t.'s silicon valley extension tonight. a meeting will be held starting at 6:00 at the hall. the b.a.r.t. extension will add 16 more miles of track to the current system. time is 5:17. sal is right over there. you're busy already. the gilroy commute is already off and running. >> that's right.
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dave and pam, good morning to you. let's take a look at what we have now. northbound 101, as you drive from gilroy to san jose, not a bad commute. it continues to look very good, all the way up through into san jose. no major problems here. traffic also looks good as you drive on 17, getting over the hill into the valley. let's move along to some live pictures of interstate 880 at the coliseum. not a bad drive at all. it is a nice-looking drive all the way up into downtown oakland. if you get on the road early, you should have a very knives commute. bay bridge toll plaza is filling in a little early today. look at that. traffic is not quite stop and go yet in most of those lanes, but it is for for some. let's go to steve now at 5:18. a very good monday morning. a lot of high clouds came in yesterday afternoon and evening, and they continue a little bit this morning. i think they have is thinned out a little bit. a -- i think they have thinned
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out a little bit. coast and bay look to be warm today, maybe tomorrow, as well. the higher clouds will give way to mostly sunny skies today. high pressure still holding it's ground. boy did it ever over the weekend, some high barometer readings. i can't bend my neck high enough to see it. half moon bay, 55? is that right? you're darned toothin' it is. -- tootin' it is. tootin' monterey says 39, but i know there are other 40s
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certainly around santa cruz. sacramento, not as brutally cold as it was. out of those 30s for las vegas. also the desert of southern california, tucson wases 31, 22, phoenix wases 39. we're out of that -- was 39. we're out of that. there's due east at oakland, also down towards san jose. a puff of an early breeze. i think you get the idea. the offshore winds are here. it will kick most of this out of here. when they alive themselves north to south, they do two things. they're slowing down, and it will eventually get here. it will weaken, but it's tapped into some pretty good moisture. so monday, tuesday look pretty good, mild to warm, and then late wednesday into thursday, rain arrives. doesn't look like a gully washer, if you will, but rain
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will start to come back into wednesday, thursday, maybe even friday, as well. there's a huge disagreement for the weekend. one system -- one forecast model has more rain on sunday, one does not, so let me tackle that as we get closer towards the end of the week. nothing that we can't handle, but we get a break from the rain. oops, one more to show you. this is the timing on this. we're okay monday and tuesday, and then wednesday, we start to get some clouds in here, but rain stunt arrive until really late -- rain stunt arrive until really late -- rain doesn't arrive until really late. temperatures in the 60s. if you're on the coast, get the sunscreen out. seriously, about 70 today down near santa cruz. rain wednesday and thursday. let's just leave it there for now. >> steve harvey got it right this time around. coming up, who he announced as
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the new miss universe, and why she said winning is so important to her country. i can show you the world
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paul and bongo march to a different beat. a very different beat. sfx: *cymbalsá they break only for the 100% complete and balanced nutrition of meow mix cat food. no wonder it's the only one cats ask for by name. welcome back. hundreds of people in washington d.c. celebrated the chinese new year over the weekend. they celebrated with dragon dances and fire crackers, and there was a big parade to help
5:25 am
ring in the year of the rooster. one man said why the parade is so important to him and his family. >> first, i'm an american of chinese descent. my grandfather imgreat here in 1892. he struggled so that we can take part in this beautiful thing called a chinese new year's parade and make that very bold statement we're not going anywhere! >> the parade was hosted by the mayor's office on asian and pacific island affairs. well, the warriors won last night. they didn't let a little adversity stop them in portland. they beat the trailblazers 113- 111. it was the warriors second game in two nights, steph curry missed his second game of the
5:26 am
season. he was oust with the flu. so the game it was a showcase for kevin durant. he had 33 points, and klay thompson added 27. the warriors won 113-111. time is 5:26. there are reports the 49ers have found a new general manager who will lead them into staff new era in team history. the pick is a surprise to many people because of his resume. also, protests continue at the nation's airports. christian is live at sfo this morning. he'll tell us what is happening out there. and the weather is rather quiet right now, butt it's going to get busy by wednesday night and thursday. we'll have more.
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welcome back. just about 5:30. let's check in with steve. good day, good weekend, just as you called it. on this monday monday, it's not a stormy monday. that's for sure. but it might be a stormy thursday. i don't think there's a song for that, but give it time. we do have clouds over us, though big deal. for some, it's very warm, for others, it's very cold.
5:31 am
not nearly as cold as it was last week for las vegas, much of the desert southwest. so there are warming up each day. this system is on it's way. it will arrive late wednesday to thursday. right now, though, it's a slow mover. so in advance of that, today and tomorrow look pretty good. what will do you actually to start with, orinda? >> yeah, every other day of the week is fine, steve.
5:32 am
good morning, everybody, let's go out and take a look. i hope your monday is doing well. a little bit of slow traffic already on this monday, coming up to the vallejo area, as you approach 780. and then we have the metering lights on. traffic is quickly backing up to the maze. let's go let's go back to the desk now. >> now to our continueing coverage of the nationwide protest in response to president president trump's executive order on immigration. last night thousands of protesters converged on los angeles international airport.
5:33 am
they shut down traffic right in front of the international term natural, and chanted let them in, and love not hate makes america great, as they confronted policemen. yesterday, hundreds of people filled terminal b at the sacramento airport denouncing the president's order. sheriff's deputies and officials put out barriers for crowd patrol. the protest is expected to roll into a third day. san francisco international airport is included in all of the protests. >> yeah, christian is there now with the latest on the executive order and the response to it. what's happening out there? >> reporter: good morning. a quiet morning here at sfo this morning, a sharp contrast to the last two days.
5:34 am
yesterday thousands filled the departure and arrival gates. that protest temporarily shut down service in parts of the airport. activists say they goring to continue their protest because of customs and border protection they say may still be holding people across the country, or not allowing those detakenies to have act access to attorneys. >> there are people who are detained at secondary inspection all the time, even before this executive order, who are either at -- interviewed, asked if they want to withdraw their request for admission, will be to give up their resident status. there are people who get taken into secondary inspection because they are seeking assee allium and want to have a credible and fair interview. so there are a number of reasons that people would get into secondary admission. what is unusual about this executive order is that it is designated -- separating people
5:35 am
by nationallalties. >> reporter: for his part, president trump today issued a statement defending the order, readling in part: -- reading in part: now, for our part, we will continue to stay here at sfo to see if there are further protests today, and if they do arise, whether they could impact travelers. >> all right, christien, thank you. time is now 5:35. there is some support for president trump's order. aubrey huff expressed himself on twitter. he tweeted: >> huff then took aim at the protesters, saying:
5:36 am
huff is retired, but said he does have a new book coming out wednesday. coverage of the protests continues on president trump may announce his selection for the vacant supreme court seat as early as today. the two most talked about nominees are judges neal goresuch, and tom hardeman. president trump set he would want senator mitch mcconle to use the so-called nuclear option and change senate rules to allow for a simple majority
5:37 am
vote in the senate in democrats try to oppose their pick. >> we're going to treat this nominee fairly, but we need to make sure they are in the mainstream of thinking when it comes to american political thought. >> only three of his cabinet members have been confirmed and sworn in, and the president is blaming that on democrats dragging their feet. a busy day is expected tomorrow. five committee members might move on to a full senate vote. bay area education activists are organizing a rally this week to oppose president trump's nominee for treasury second. it is planned right in front of the oakland federal building, the same day betty devos is up for a vote. opponents say she is unqualified for the job because
5:38 am
what they call her lack of knowledge about public education and possible conflict of interests. steve bannon will now have a regular seat is at security meetings, and that shook up the traditionalle make-up of the national security council, diminishing the role of the military and intelligence leadership. according to the washington post, the director of national intelligence and is the joint chiefs of staff will only attend the high level meetings when the topics of discussion relate to their responsibilities and expertise. >> delta airlines says 110 flights have already been canceled today because of a systemwide outage that started yesterday. the airline canceled more than 150 flights yesterday, leaving a lot of people stranded. delta is is warning that more than cancellations are possible later today, as the airline works to get everything back to
5:39 am
normal. >> they told us we could take what we wanted, made sure everybody had a water, but beef been out here for hour -- but we've been out here for hours, literally. time is now 5:39. it's take an long time, but we're hearing reports the 49ers have a surprising new general manager. he is fox analyst john lynch who has no experience as a general manager, but does have connections to the 49ers. he applied college football at stanford under coach bill walsh, and spent four seasons under mike shanahan. and mike's son, kyle shanahan, is expected to be named the 49ers head coach after the super bowl. lynch was named to the pro bowl 9 times. he also earned a super bowl ring with tampa bay for the
5:40 am
2002 season. we're less than a week away now from super bowl li. the atlanta falcons arrived yesterday in houston, texas. the patriots will arrive today. both teams will take part in media interviews tonight. and we'll talk about the awards, those awards later, but don't forget you can watch super bowl li right here on ktvu fox 2 this sunday. our coverage of the big game starts at 8:00 a.m. also happening today, the city of pacifica is expected to tear down another apartment building on a seaside cliff. that building has been empty for more than a year. pacifica officials declared a state of emergency when the cliff started to give way last january. experts say it will take most of the day to remove the building. it has been cleared already of
5:41 am
asbestos and lead. a drone will be used today to monitor are the side is of the building closest to the ocean as that work progresses. and is crews in martinez have capped a gas leak that caused part of the downtown area to be evacuated yesterday afternoon. a driver actually put the car in drive, and hit a gas meter, causing the leak. no one was hurt. the leak was catched in just about 90 minutes. several bay area companies staking step no, sir tow help refuse few -- steps now to help refugees. but first, the screen actors guild awards get political. when we come back, what some top hollywood stars had to say about president trump's action unimmigration.
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welcome back. politics was center stage last night at the screen actors guild awards. >> we embody the worth and humanity of all people. >> reporter: the 23rd annualle screen actors guild award celebrated the best actors in television and film, but it was also a night for many to get political. >> everyone in airports that belong in my america! >> because i love this country, i am horrified by its blemishes, and this immigrant ban is a blemish, and it is unamerican. any money they have to spare, please donate to the aclu hidden figures. >> reporter: winning for best
5:45 am
ensemble cast is hidden figures. best actor was a surprise when denzel washington won for fences, and emma stone danced away with best actress win for her role in la la land. viola davis did what most predicted, and won for fences. the room almost emptied when orange is the new black won for best ensemble comedy, and stranger things picked up a trophy in the draw mat -- drama category. >> you see how people are being energized and protesting and all of that, but i think this is an opportunity for us to look at ourselves as a country and say are we together, really? and is are we holding our elected officials accountable? >> i think that right now is an unprecedented time. so i don't know if i would say forever yes, but i think if
5:46 am
we're human beings, and we see injustice, we have to speak up. >> we find ourselves, wow, interestingly enough, 1962 again almost, right? but the beautiful thing about where we are today in 2017 is a majority of humanity is on the right side of history, so we have to celebrate that, and fear not. fear not. because if you have faith, fear and faith cannot co-exist. you have to choose your side, pick your battle. i choose faith. you may have seen it right here on ktvu fox 2. a new miss universe was crowned last night in manila. >> and steve harvey who announced the wrong winner last year, he got it right. >> okay. >> here we go. the new miss universe is
5:47 am
france! >> she looked stunned and surprised, overwhelmed adam the outgoing winner, miss philippines, crowned her last night. the 23-year-old winner is a dental student and the first miss universe from france. >> france and europe, i really need to win miss universe, because there is a lot of time, europe don't have miss universe, and i think they need a miss universe, because you know french people love beauty pageants, but they don't really know miss universe, because never have our country win. >> she beat out 85 other contestants in the pageant. forgeious. >> and she's stunning. >> sal, any problems in our commute this morning? it's early. >> it's slow out there.
5:48 am
as we look at 5800, we see is a lot of 0 slow traffic, but also on 205, as you drive through this area, so please give yourself plenty of extra time. this is down to 8 miles an hour here, and then you go over to the altamont pass. by the time you reach livermore, it is a nice-looking drive. let's look at some of the other freeways here. traffic is busy on 880, but it's not stop and go here in oakland. it does get a little slower in haves as you hold -- hayward as you head south. we have about 15-minute delay right now before you make it on to the bay bridge. let's go to steve. we have pretty nice weather here for the end of january. we had three weeks of crazy rain.
5:49 am
mid-50s for 134. these higher -- for some. these higher clouds breaking through an incredibly strong ridge of high pressure. the barometer has been very high. 35 in santa rosa. 54 in half moon bay. 37 fremont, 37 in concord, and so there are some is very cold readings. low-to-mid 30s in san ramon, dublin. over towards the coast, you have monterey, not in on that
5:50 am
yet, 39. easterly breeze, early component. and that makes for a nice day, again if you're closing to the bay or the coast, but inland, it takes a while to warm up. i'll go out five days. after that, it's just too much uncertainty. let's let them iron out the details. i'm tackle the weekend as we get closer to it.
5:51 am
>> 5:50 is the time right now. we do continue to see the impact of president trump's immigration policy. coming up next, reaction from an iranian man from the bay area who was pulled off a cruise in florida because of the order. with the xfinity tv app,
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anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. welcome back. an iranian man in san francisco said he was detained for several hours after getting off
5:54 am
a cruise ship over the weekend because of the president's immigration order. he has a green card, and has been living in the united states for 9 years. he said his fled his native country because of his sexual orientation, and fears he could face persecution if he is sent back. >> in one night, my status changed from a legal person to kind of illegal. >> i want to make sure that people who are lgbt, who are here seeking asameium because of their -- asylum because of their gender identity 0 are protected, and not sent back to what would be a very dangerous situation for them. >> he was released, and wrote about his experience on facebook as it was happening. time is 5:54. in walnut creek, the chairman of the republican party, received the president's executive order is similar to what the obama administration
5:55 am
did, but it was rush into place with little explanation. >> it should not have been done so pro siptusly. there should have been a prior announce document the puck lake at large, explaining -- announcement to the public at large, explaining why it had to be done this way, saying we're going to do our best to mitigate any problems with the measure. >> he said it's not solve what you say or do, but how you say and do it. last night we talked with david levine, a professor, and a constitution isle expert, about the legal challenges to the president's executive order. >> the government is going to say the president has broad authority in this area, and the plaintiff in these cases are going to say yes, but this is a president, not a king, and the president has to act
5:56 am
constitutionally. >> the professor said determines whether the president's death bive order is constitutional or not depends on whether it violates what is called the establishment cause. that means the government can't act in a manner that shows preference or discrimination of one religion over another. later this morning, we will have a senior attorney from aclu here. she'll talk about the president's executive order, the stay granted by a federal judge from new york, and what could happen next in this political debate. >> starbucks is responding to the president's travel ban by pledging to hire 10,000 refugees. this from the 75 countries where starbucks does business. it will first focus on people who have served with u.s. troops as interpreters and support personnel. >> our time is 5:56. a u.s. service member was killed in yemen. we have more details on what happened in that counter- terrorism raid that turned
5:57 am
deadly. ager and chaos at airports across the -- anger and chaos at airports across the country. we are for lowing the protests of people -- following the protests of people dehanding the immigration ban be reversed. it's cold for some. 30s inland, put coast and bay, 40s to 50s. mid-50s over in half moon bay already. a breakdown on your monday temperatures.
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it is monday morning, almost the end of january. january 30th. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's talk to steve paulson. yeah, there's 30s, 40s, and 50s. for some, you're, like, cold night here. santa cruz around there, down to watsonville, and also monterey. i don't think there will be as many as we had yesterday afternoon


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