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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  January 30, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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it is monday morning, almost the end of january. january 30th. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's talk to steve paulson. yeah, there's 30s, 40s, and 50s. for some, you're, like, cold night here. santa cruz around there, down to watsonville, and also monterey. i don't think there will be as many as we had yesterday afternoon and evening.
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brentwood at 35. on the peninsula, 3. the difference, if if -- 33. the difference, if you're driving, you say it's a nice day, but it's freezing. when you get that easterly breeze, though, it will be a nice day, and that's what we're going to have. it's on it's way, but not until late wednesday into thursday for some rain. 60s today. all right, sal, what would you like to start with? a super commute in orinda, or what? >> i would like to start with, hold your breath, the bay bridge toll plaza. >> because it -- >> you know what? all kidding aside, steve, if the toll plaza commute goes bad, this is why i fee hire it so often -- feature it so often, everything else is
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affected. the traffic is just moderate, backed up to the maze. if something happens on the bridge, it starts affecting a whole bunch of other stuff. this is just a very tipicle communicate. ing in you haven't seen if you commute -- nothing you haven't seen if you commute this way every day. sometimes b.a.r.t. gets a little harder to deal with if the bridge bad, because people hear about it, and they get on b.a.r.t. i would suggest using 580 as your alternate. still looks pretty good all the way through, a different way to go, but it's a much better way to go. 6:02. let's go back to the desk. the political unrest continues this morning across the country in response to
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president trump's controversial executive order on immigration that temporarily bans people from 7 are precome inabilitily muslim countries. the white house calls it a massive success that has been carried out seamlessly and with extraordinary professionalism. yesterday the department of homeland security allowed people with green cards to return. the 90-day travel ban names iran -- rack, libya, sudden, with an indefinite -- sudan, with an indefinitely ban of immigrants from syria. we are expecting a third day of protests over the immigration order at san francisco international airport. vince there this morning with the latest on the -- christien is there this morning with the latest on the order and are the response. >> reporter: it's quieter
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today. yesterday, this area was filled with protesters. some are still on guard here, though, officers, monitoring the situation, and there are some barricades that are still up from yesterday, trying to control those crowds ins the international terminalle yesterday. that after reports there were five travelers who were detained here and eventually released from detention. thousands filled the department and arrival gates here at sfo. that protest temporary shut down service in parts of the airport a. activists say they are continuing their protest, because they believe that they may still be holding people. >> there were people are detained even before this executive order, who are either interviewed, asked if they want to withdraw their case for --
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so is there are always a number of reasons why someone would get into secondary inspection, but what is unusual about this executive order is that it is designating people, separating people by nationalty. >> for his part, the president today issued a statement defending the order, say energy part there are over 40 different countries worldwide, and went on to say: . >> reporter: four or part, we'll continue to stay here at a cbs to see if that -- sfo, so see if that third day of protests continues at this terminal, and if it does, how that could affect travel in and out of sfo. time is 6:05. california senator feinstein is working on legislation to strike down president trump's
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executive order. yesterday she tweeted that congress must take swift action in response to president trump's discriminatory order on drafting two bills to introduce tomorrow. the first bill rescinds the president's order, and the the second limits executive authority, which she said will keep the president from you know laterally banning groups of immigrants. eric folwell plans to join democrats today, and the republican said he is standing in solidarity with refugees. >> our country should do whatever we can to keep america safe. this is an unconstitutional across the board muslim ban. >> yesterday, the congressman joined protesters at sfo. he said the president's executive order will make the situation worsepy an tag go neuvirthing the muslim world
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who might want -- an tag go neuvirth -- antagonizing the muslim world who might want to attack the united states.
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yesterday the president called the king of saudi arabia from the oval office. he was joined by mike flynn, as well as steve bannon. no word on what was discussed. >> we are following the deadly shooting attack on a mosque in canada. gunmen killed six people. now 17 people who were hurt. five of them are in criticalle condition after the attack in quebec city. the premier said solidarityralleys will be held across the province today. the canadian prime minister calls the shooting a terror
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attack on muslims. time is now 6:008. happening today after many delays, opening statements are due to begin today in the trial of antolin garcia torres, the man accused of killing teenager sierra lamar. paul joins us with more on this case from the newsroom. >> it's been nearly five years since sierra lamar was last seen and reported missing. today the man suspected if her death will have is his day in court. antolin garcia torres is charged with kidnapping and killing sierra lamar in 2012. the 15-year-old was last seen heading to catch a bus for school. her body was never found. however investigators say they located some of her belongings including her cellphone and the pants she was wearing the day she went missing. torres has been in custody since being arrested in may of
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2012 when dna evidence prosecutors say was found connecting to him her disappearance. without a body, though, prosecute verse a tough road ahead if they want to get a murder connection. he claims he has never met sierra and has pled not billionle. defense attorney argue she may not even be dead. the trial has been trade many times. the trial is expected to last several months. in convicted, torres could be sentenced to death. he also faces three charges of attempted kidnapping with three other women in 2009. we'll have live reports later this morning. thank you, paul. well, that cliff side apartment in pacifica is set to be demolished today. we've been watching this for quite some time. we have more information on the seaside homes that will be destroyed. >> plus the cost of a ferry ride into some out of san
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francisco is about to go up. we'll tell you how much. >> well, we've had three weeks of rain, and we've had a break. change is on the way for february. today, though, pretty good.
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time is 16:14. if you're are in the south bay tonight, you can hear more about b.a.r.t.'s silicon valley extension. a meeting will be held at city hall. the b.a.r.t. extension will add 16 more miles of track to the current system. it will it will add three stops. 6:15, usually gets pretty busy out there on the roads around this time. how are things looking, sal? >> well, we'll begin with the east bay. we have traffic getting busier on highway 24. it's also going to be busy as you drive up to the orinda side and get over into oakland. now, when you get to oakland, traffic at the bay bridge has been a little bit slow. it's backed up to the maze. actually a little bit more than the maze. so this is a little bit of a backup here. you can see traffic is going to to be backed up for about a 20-
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minute delay. i want to mention northbound 880 is a little bit slow because of a stalled truck. it's a little slower than usual already. you can use 580 from castro valley to oakland with little to no delay. >> we have mostly clear skies. a few high clouds. most of the 50s are over by the beaches. site looks like a spectacular day, if you can get over there. some higher clouds kind of break through, but i think we're seeing those filter out of the picture here. we're waiting on a system, but that won't be here until wednesday. for some, it's quite cold in hear. santa rosa is 43. 36 in palo alto. 46 in san francisco.
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stanford is 35. woodside is 35. pacifica is 45 degrees. so a little bit of a puff here, but there are some higher elevations where i'm seeing good 15 to 20 miles per hour out of the east, or the northeast, coming back in from the valley, as well, over san pablo bay. we'll focus our attention on this system for wednesday into wednesday night. rain arrives late wednesday into thursday, and maybe friday, as well. next five days feel pretty good about, next seven do not. and the reason being some of our forecast models are essentially clueless right now. they don't have an idea on what is going on after three or four days. we'll get back into rain wednesday, thursday, and
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friday, and after that, we'll have to see. 60s on the temperatures you're by the coast, it will be nice. i told you was going to knives down around santa cruz. it is -- going to be nice down around santa cruz. it is. but then rain arrives thursday, friday, and we're going to leave it right there. >> head to the beach if you can. >> todayed and tomorrow looks pretty -- today and tomorrow looks pretty good. >> thank you, steve. a search is under way for an inmate two escaped from the federal prison in merced county. eric pree was discovered missing yesterday morning. he is serving time for mail fraud. president donald trump offering condolences after a navy seal was killed and three others wounded during a raid in yemen targeting al-qaida. the president said that
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americans are saddened by this news. it's the first time a u.s. service member has died in combat under president trump. the raid has been planned well in advance, but it was approved by president trump. right now it is 6:19. president trump's pick for the supreme court is still up in the air, but more on the possible nominees rumored to be at the top of his list, and just how soon a nomination can be made. >> plus another round of delta flights already canceled this morning after a computer problem. how many are affected right now. [ alarm clock beeping ]
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weather. ♪ [ laughter ] cartoons. wait for it. [ cat screech ] [ laughter ] ♪ [ screaming ] [ laughter ] make everyday awesome with the power of xfinity x1...
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hi grandma! and the fastest internet. [ girl screaming ] [ laughter ] welcome back to mornings on 2. foxborough massachusetts is getting ready to sent the patriots off to the super bowl. delta airlines canceled
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more than 150 flights yesterday because of an out an that left a lot of people stranded. they warning that more cancellations are possible later today, as that airline works to try to get everything back tomorrow. and they came and passed out snacks to everybody. they told us we could get what we want requested, and everybody got a water, but we've been out here for hours, literally. >> the airline is advising people to, especially now, economic ahead with your flight to see if it's on time. >> do you need a new job? well, a big job fair will be held today in san jose. several industries are going to be represented at this career and job fair at the doubletree by hilton hotel. it's on fateway place, hosted by coast to coast career fairs. dozens of companies want to fill hundreds of jobs. the career fair starts at 11:00. it runs until 2:00 p.m., and bring at least 30 copies of
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your resume. >> still la wants it's -- zilla wants it's employees to take some r&r. they are offering six weeks sabbatical for employees who have been with the company for six consecutive years. they are half paid. benefits like healthcare continue during the sabbatical. that live can be taken every six years. absolute vodka wants to hire someone as a full-time drinker. the swedish company wants to bring someone on with a billion dollar nose. the current vodka blender is retiring after 30 years of just sniffing and tasting the alcohol. qualified applicants have to have a history of blending spirits for flavor and quality. >> that's a pretty cool job, if you like vodka. all right.
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6:24 is the time. a record level of donations over the weekend for the aclu, thanks in part to the protests at the airports. the millions of dollars that people are give having to that nonprofit organization. it's getting crowded out there, especially in the east bay, as we look at the mccoy maze. you can see coming -- macarthur maze. you can see coming around the corner there to the bay bridge is getting filled in. >> big changes by wednesday and thursday.
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thank you for joining us on a mornings on 2. >> i'm now is just about 6:30. sunny and mild. >> that's true, but either really cold for some, or really warm right now. there's some below freezing temperatures coming in here. cordlia is also 31 degrees. half moon bay is sitting at 54 degrees. if you are have a barometer at home, you are probably doing this on saturday.
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that has eased up, but the high pressure is still surfacing aloft. the breeze must have turned. santa cruz at 43, 32 in bolder creek. so there are some big differences in areas not that far apart, and this breeze has a lot to do with it now. if you don't like rain, enjoy today and tomorrow, because changes develop on wednesday, and then rain late wednesday into thursday. today 60s to near 70 if you're down near santa cruz, sal, and i don't think you will be. but if you are, sal, if you are
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-- there you are. >> yes? >> it would be near 70 in santa cruz, but i don't think you'll be there. >> maybe not today. it is a monday, after all. >> is it ever. >> yes. but, you know, santa cruz always sounds are nice. thank you, steve. >> you're welcome. >> a lot of us have to do more work and do mundane things, the macarthur maze, getting into the city, perhaps? a big rig has ruptured fuel tanks and is blocking the right lane. it's going to thereby for a while, according to chp. environmental teams are on their way out because of diesel has has spilled. traffic will be backed up for a while.
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might want to think about using 580 instead of northbound 880 getting into the area. it just would be a better commute for you. as we hook at the commutes here on the pen insue la, traffic is not -- peninsula, traffic is not bad. you look at the south bay commute, so far so food with some slowing on 85. 6:31, ritz go back to the desk -- let's go back to the desk. today is destruction day in pacifica. another big apartment building on a crumbling cliff is set to take place, the demolition, about 90 minutes from now. >> reporter: that's right, city officials say it's sits on a bluff that is slow be giving way and eroding. people were forced out of this place one year ago.
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this will be used to monitor any fall debris on the ocean side of the building during demolition. the city of pacifica declared a state of emergency as the cliff underneath this building continued to erode after several strong rainstorms. ultimately, the city decided the building needed to be yellow tagged, and everybody living here had to move out. now, we have seen similar scenes play out here in pacifica before. you'll remember two neighbors apartment buildings also here were demole inished last year, as well, after it was discovered, several years before, that they were on hill sides that were slowly beginning to erode.
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the demolition gets under way later this morning. they expect that the entire building will be demolished by the end of the day today, although there will be debris removal likely happening for the next couple of days. the u.s. tech industry which relies on foreign engineers for a big part of its work force said the travel ban could create even more tension between the white house and one of the nation's most important industries from both economic and cultural standpoints. mark zuckerberg of facebook said the efforts to keep the country safe should be done by quote focusing on people who actually pose a threat. zuckerberg says his grandparents came from europe his and wife's family were refugees. apple's ceo tim cook sent a letter to apple workers saying i share your concerns. it is not a policy we support. we have reached out of to the
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white house. white house. gag's co-founder joined protesters at -- google's co- founder joined protesters yesterday at sfo, but said he was there in for personal reasons, not in a professional capacitiesty. and twitter's ceo said: our time is 6:34.
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an iranian man from san francisco said he, detained for several hours after getting off a cruise ship in florida over the weekend because of the president's immigration order. the 22-year-old has a green card, and has been living in the united states for 9 years. shed he fled his native country because of his sexualle orientation, and he's worried he could face violence and% execution if he is sent back. he was returning from a gay cruise in mexico when he was detained. >> in one night, my status changed from a legal person to
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kind of illegal. >> i want to make sure that people that are lgbt that are here seek asame soilium are protected, and they're not sent back to what would for sure be a very, very dangerous situation for them. >> after being detakenned for several hours, he was released. he wrote about his experience on facebook as it was happening. >> our time is 6:36. last night on our 10:00 news, we talked with david levine. he is also a constitutional expert about the legalle challenges to the president's executive order. >> the government going for say the president has broad authority in this area, and the plaintiffs in these cases are going to say yes, but this is a president, not a king, and the president has to act constitutionally. >> the professor said determining whether the president's executive order is constitutional or are not depends on whether it violates what is called the
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establishment clause which says the government cannot officially act in a manner that shows preference or discrimination of one religion over another. donations have poured into the aclu. the fundraising records was shattered over the week wind 247 name said they received more than 350,000 on-line donations totalss 24 million -- totaling $24 million over the weekend. they say they usual live raise $4 million in donations over an entire entire year. google sell asking it's employees to match a company contribution.
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over the weekend, president trump signed an executive order that elevated his controversial chief strategist, steve bannon, giving him a prominent role in the national security council. bannon will now have a seat at security meetings. this shook up the tradition it will makeup of the security council. it's has diminished the role of
6:39 am
military and intelligence leader are ship. -- leadership. we still have that truck that is blocking lanes on 880 northbound. i'll tell you more about that, and we'll be looking at the macarthur maze as we come around to the bay bridge toll plaza. >> some estimates are cold. others are quite mild. it will be a nice monday. we'll take a look at the temperatures. changes, though, for february.
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that's transfarency. (sfx: clap, clap, ding)
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christopher is set to be arraigned for the murder of 70- year-old this afternoon. the south bay realtor was fond buried in a shallow grave earlier this month. a press conference is now set for 10:30 this morning. we will get more details then.
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hundreds of people in washington d.c. celebrated the chinese new year over the weekend. they celebrated with dragon dances. one man explainled why the parade is so imimportant to him and his family. >> first, i'm an american of chinese descent. my grandfather imgreat here when he was four years old in 1892. he struggled so that we can part in this beautiful thing called a chinese new year's parade and make that very bold statement, we're not going anywhere! now, in san francisco, the big chinese new year parade is february 11th.
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mark it down. the warriors had two thing goes against them when they faced off in portland last night. it was the second game in two nights, and steph curry missed his first game of the season because he had the flu. the game started as a showcase for kevin durant's talln't. klay thompson added 27 including a crucial three- pointer late in the game. the oakland as are getting pumped up, ready to promote the upcoming baseball season. the players say it's a great way to connect with the community, the photo shoot. >> when the commercials are all put together, they're funny, and they tend to turn out --
6:45 am
they're a pretty big hit. so it's fun to go through this process. >> the team's very clever commercials are always a fan favorite every year. >> they looked like they were are definitely having some fun out there, too. that's neat. >> i know. good stuff. >> 6:45 is the time, and it's time to check in with gacia. >> when i join you in a few minutes, more than 1 million people have signed an on-line petition to prevent president trump from making a visit to the united kingdom. also as you get ready to tackle your morning commute will you one day be flying to work and school? we'll take a look at all of the companies around the world working on new aircraft that could soar over crowded roadways. from a plane that folds up into
6:46 am
is a street legal car, to aton no muss air taxis. i'll see you in a few, pam and dave. >> well, let's go the usual way, by car. sal is over there watching our commute. sal? >> good morning dave and pam. right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. you will see that traffic is backed up for about a 20-minute delay before you make it on to the bridge. there have been no major problems, but it been slow early this morning. weather is clear, though. you can see traffic is moving along pretty well. san mateo bridge traffic continues to be okay, as well. it's crowded, though, heading over to the peninsula, and there is slow traffic now on the 101 near 92 in san mateo. i want to remind you there's a stalled rig at the exit layne here in san leandro at davis street. that's why traffic is so slow driving on 238 and getting up to san lee an a dough.
6:47 am
you can use -- lee -- leandro. you can use 580 instead. let's bring in steve. >> good morning, everybody. a little cold for some, not too bad for others. last couple of days of january will be like this in the morning. a few high clouds. not as many as we had yesterday evening. 60s to near 70 if you're on the santa cruz coast or month ray coast.
6:48 am
mostly sunny, mostly sunny with night into thursday, your next rain will be here. the forecast models are having a bear of a time trying to latch on to the pattern change in february, from run to run, rain, ridge city. so we'll just take it here a couple of days at a time. today looks good, tomorrow looks good. a few high clouds, kind of bleeding through, if you will, but no big deal. i saw a couple of upper 20s in lake county. hidden valley lake, 28. 34 windsor. 48 at point rays. there are some cold numbers in there. 30s from sacramento, even bakersfield, california. it's not as cold in las vegas.
6:49 am
they were there in the mid-to- upper 30s last week. last week they were about 10 degrees colder. so warming up on the desert, stunt take long. some of the higher elevations on the coast. lots of sunshine today, but look at this system. it's very slow moving. it's tapped into a lot of moisture. it will arrive later than sooner, wednesday night into thursday. cloudy on wednesday, late wednesday into thursday, the rain arrives. we'll get some okay amounts out of this. it's what is is after friday. upper 60s to near 70 degrees, certainly around santa cruz to monterey, looks very nice today.
6:50 am
about the same tuesday, clouding up wednesday. we want to take you live to president trump's meeting with small business leaders. of course a lot of people responding to his immigration policies. let's listen in. >> want to simplify and lower taxes, unless you would rather have high taxes. we're getting rid of regulations to massive extend. could be 75%, could be more than that. we do need protection for the consumer, but we don't need 97 rules to take care of one element. they're individual economic success will support american success. we want to end the unfairness
6:51 am
between small and big business caused by regulation. regulation that's actually been horrible for big business, but has been worse for small business. plus small business can't hire the kind of talent that the big businesses can hire, so it's really unfair. i want them to build no plants and sell more cars. we're going to be doing tremendous favors. you saw the head of ford and the head of general motors leaving here last week. they couldn't believe. one of them said win of the freightest meetings we've ever attended. the unions were here last week, representing workers. whether it's union or not. they said it's it was the single greatest meeting they've ever had. that was a nice statement. i didn't ask them to say that, but it was a nice statement. it's unfair to small business. small business has been truthed very, very badly.
6:52 am
it's almost impossible now to start a small business, and it's virtually impossible to expand your existing business because of regulations, and because the banks don't loan you money. dodd frank is a big disaster. we're going to be doing a big number on dodd frank. so what's that's one reason i'll be taking this action, and i'll be taking an action later this morning. if you want to, you can join me as the signing, to begin our effort to reduce federal regulations. and we'll be reducing them big and their devastateenning effects on our small businesses, our economy, and our entrepreneurling spirit. it's been badly damaged. so we are going to create an environment for small business like west had in many, many decades. this isn't a knock on president obama. this is a knock on many presidents. we are listening in live to president trump talking to small business leaders, in
6:53 am
particular, and the media, about fizz. he talked about wants to end unfairness between small and big business, and he is sign something more executive orders. this one focusing on reducing federal regulations. so we're listening in live. some of the big names in silicon valley there as well, and we'll continue to follow the developments throughout the morning. also coming up, the 49ers search for a general manager is over. more on the surprising move to hire fox analyst and form earl nfl safety john lynch. i can show you the world
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welcome back. it has take an long time, but there are several reports the san francisco 49ers have a surprising new general manager. it's fox nflle analyst john lynch who has no front office experience, but does have connections to the 49ers. he played college football under coach bill walsh, and spent four years of his nfl season under mike shanahan. mike shanahan's son kyle is expected to be named as the niners head coach after the super bowl. the list of bets for the super bowl is out today. those are wagers on more than
6:57 am
just the outcome of the score of the game. here are just a few unique ones. how many times will president trump be mentioned during the super bowl? what color will lady gaga's hair be when she comes on stage for the halftime. finally, will houston we have a problem be said on tv during the broadcast? 0,.. probably. we'll have live reports from houston coming up later this week. >> the makers of tostito's has a new bag. it is a special edition version of it packaging with a built-in sensor that can detect alcohol on your breath. if you've been drinking, image of a red steering wheel appears on the black bag with a reminder of don't drive, and a code for an uber discount. san francisco ad agency helped to create these promo bags.
6:58 am
>> love it. is that what is in our newsroom? >> maybe it is. >> there may be more disruptions at airports across the country this in the morning in response to president trump's travel ban. what the department of homeland security is now doing to ease some of those restrictions for people left stranded. >> also, we're still following the latest developments from canada, where several people were shot and killed at an attack at a mosque. the links this may be to terror groups, and how the united states is responding. we're southwest, and we have one word for you... yes. ♪ yes to flying further for less. and yes to new international nonstops.
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that's just one more reason we're the official airline of the "yes" coast. and yes you can now fly to more of your favorite places from right here. that's transfarency. (sfx: clap, clap, ding)
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business as usual one day after a massive protest over president trump's immigration policy. the trial for the lamar murder case is set to begin today. what prosecutors say is key to proving their case. mornings on two continues. taking a look at the bay area as it wakes up to the last few bits of january. it's been a wet one but today


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