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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 30, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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that is exactly why they were wrong and worse than that is dangerous. >> democratic lawmakers and their supporters are taking a stance tonight as the uproar continues over the travel ban. >> refugees are not your enemy. your enemy is the one who will manage the refugees. >> the executive order will help protect the united states from terrorism, but opponents are fighting back in the courts
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and in congress. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. tonight president trump abruptly fired the acting u.s. attorney general. she was a holdover from the obama administration. late today she refused to support his executive order. ktvu amber lee and leigh martinez have been talking to people about the fear and confusion that came with the executive order. but first we turn to ktvu's jana katsuyama with late developments from washington. >> reporter: julie and frank this all came to ahead tonight after a weekend of mass protest. tonight senate democrats decided to push through a vote to overturn the executive order locked by the public majority. >> reporter: the battle line was clear. congressional democrats stood with hundreds in front of the u.s. supreme court building monday night. they blasted president donald trump's executive order temporarily banning refugees and stopping immigration from
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six arab countries and iran. >> we must choose to fight, we must choose to resist, we must choose to stand up for what we believe in. >> reporter: early monday acting u.s. general sally yates said she and the justice department would not enforce the travel ban, prompting president trump to fire her. u.s. attorney dana boente of the district was named in her place until the vote on attorney general nominee jeff sessions takes place. the controversy comes after a weekend of chaos and confusion at u.s. airports. homeland security and the customs and border protection agents initially detained green cardholders until the white house clarified the order's intent. john mccain and lindsey graham wrote, "it is clear from the confusion at our airports
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across the nation that president trump's executive order was not properly vetted. this may do more to help than improve our security." the president fired back on twitter saying, "the joint statement of formal presidential candidates john mccain and lindsey graham is wrong. they are sadly weak on immigration." >> i think this has been blown way out of proportion and exaggerated. >> reporter: sean spicer said out of the 325,000 arrivals, 109 people were detained for questioning over the weekend. vetting the trump administration says is test to prevent terrorists from entering the country. >> it's a shame people were inconvenienced obviously, but at the end of the day we are talking about a couple of hours. >> reporter: the battle is not just on capitol hills. legal challenges have been filed to either delay the executive order or prevent any deportations. in washington state 16 attorney generals have filed lawsuit. claiming it violates the law. tonight we understand san francisco's city attorney might be making an announcement of
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some legal action. >> the legal challenges are mounting. jana, thank you. despite the waive of protest over the weekend -- wave of protests over the weekend, the majority of the americans support president trump's travel ban. a survey by the polling company found 57% of the americans approve. 33% are opposed to the ban. 10% are undecided. the poll was conducted last week in the two days before the executive order was issued. today during the 4 on 2:00 a campaign surrogate said the travel ban should not have come as a surprise. >> everything he is doing now is exactly what he said he was going to do should he be elected president. so for me to see him come in and make all of these executive orders is exactly what he's been saying he would do. >> i don't think it's a religious thing. what we have here in america is the greatest thing, i think and we should protect it. >> day three of the travel ban drew a much smaller crowd of
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protesters at sfo. but more immigration attorneys showed up. this time to organize a longaer stay at the international terminal -- a longer stay at the international terminal. leigh martinez is there for us. >> reporter: at this point it is less of a protest and more like a collection of greeters for the passengers coming into the international terminal. there are still immigration attorneys here. they say the big question is whether or not people are going into some sort of detention or just into a secondary inspection. some people are being released very quickly and some are being held as long as 30 hours. so it is likely we're going to see some immigration attorneys stay much longer than protesters. the crowd of protesters acted more like a welcoming committee to people arriving in san francisco. >> they are very kind, yes. i cried when i saw them. >> reporter: but this afternoon
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international arrivalling flights took a few passengers aside to secondary inspection rooms, causing confusion for immigrant families new to america. >> we don't know what happened. we didn't know what we should do because i have two sons. they are two years and four years. if the government doesn't let him in, i didn't know what i should do with two sons. >> reporter: her husband an iranian jewelry store owner was held for three hours after his flight. >> they were questioning me about my job. >> reporter: he was treated well by u.s. customs and border patrol agents. >> they were very kind to us. >> did they give you food? >> yeah. >> reporter: but over president trump's executive orders by nationals of seven majority countries continues to create
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anxiety among families. >> it's been a horrible nightmare for me the past few days. >> reporter: he was worried his wife wouldn't make it home from iran. >> she went to the airport on friday night and wasn't allowed to board her plane because she was a green cardholder. >> even though she has been here for three years? >> absolutely. >> reporter: several attorneys from various law firms remain at sfo and they are coordinating efforts to continue to stay at the international terminal. >> we were ready to fight for 120 days if we need to. we are hoping it won't, you know, this particular order won't last long, of course. those are the systems we are putting into place right now, to be able to fight for more than 100 days. >> reporter: attorneys said they had clients held for 20 to 30 hours, but they still do not have access through security to meet with clients. once released, some green cardholders say they don't understand why they were held for so long. >> you feel like you're not welcome where you live, you know, because we were just talking about it, we didn't do
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anything wrong. i don't even have a driving ticket. >> reporter: there are no organized protests for tomorrow, but a few attorneys say they will be back here at sfo tomorrow morning. in sfo leigh martinez ktvu fox 2 news. >> now ktvu's amber lee in santa clara. tonight amber spoke with the director of the muslim civil rights group who is working with those affected by the president's executive order. amber? >> reporter: julie, we are outside the office of the council on american islamic relations. the group has been consulting with the families of the muslims delayed at sfo over the weekend. >> people are tired, they're scared, and they're worried. >> reporter: an executive director with care. she told us the questions travelers are being asked. >> some of those people and this is true across the country, but also at sfo like where are you going, where are you coming from, what's the purpose of your visit.
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in other cases we have heard people have been asked about their social media accounts, they have been asked about politics and religion. >> reporter: she attributes the delays sometimes hours long to federal agents uncertain of what to do. >> most of the agents don't know how to interpret it, so there is confusion, fighting amongst the administration on how to interpret it. >> reporter: in a few cases, some people were taken to an off-site location for questioning. initially the attorneys said those detained were people with green cards and visas from the seven countries on president trump's executive order. more recently it appeared green cardholders are no longer being detained. >> i'm worried because there are a lot of unknowns. >> reporter: at the muslim community center in pleasanton, muslims coming for afternoon prayer were filled with uncertainty. fearful of traveling outside the country. >> we don't know if we are going to be allowed back in. i mean if it is not on the list of what has been mentioned, but still i'm a naturalized
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citizen, so i don't want to take a chance. >> reporter: he has two young sons who often ask questions. he knows what he'll teach them. >> if anyone tells you it is okay to marginalize a group of people based on your religion belief or ethnicity what have you is wrong. >> reporter: back at sfo federal agents have been courteous to detainees, expecting to see fewer of them at u.s. airports. >> and what is happening effectively in yemen and in parts of europe even when people are being turned away. >> reporter: as far as she knows they were delayed at customs and sfo on friday and saturday. they have been released. there are more things they would like to ask them, but after a long flight at customs those individuals were encouraged to go be with their families and get much-needed rest. julie? >> amber, thank you. tonight at 10:30 we'll hear
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from a veteran gop strategist. he explains why the trump administration is likely encouraged by the protests, not bothered by them. and backlash against uber is giving a boost for the ride sharing company lift. both companies are based in san francisco. a social media campaign targeted uber over the weekend after uber drivers didn't join other taxi drivers who had refused to go to jfk airport in new york. the taxi driver said they were helping to facilitate protest against their travel ban. the hashtag started trending after the first time ever. lyft surpassed uber for the number of the downloads they would receive. >> and wall street slumped today as they expressed concern about president trump's executive order. the dow dropped 122 points and nasdaq fell 47 and the s&p dropped 13. for analysts say it is the first time there's been a retreat by the markets in response to president trump's actions.
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dozens of employees at google valued their company's offices outside san francisco today and at their headquarters in mountainview to speak out against their travel ban. they are a part of a group of tech companies, including apple, tesla, and airbnb who have criticized the ban saying they depend on immigration to in-- innovate and thrive. >> they bring a lot to my community and to our users, to the world they hold. >> the tech companies also say they are concerned about possible changes to the visa program under trump administration. many companies in silicon valley would use those visas, enabling you with special technical skills to work in the u.s. for three to six years. at we posted the president's executive order on immigration so you can read it for yourself. you'll find it in the web links section. and today google's home page is honoring a bay area civil rights pioneer who took a
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stand against an execkive order from the president just 75 years ago. during world war ii, president trump signed the order forcing people of japanese ancestry. they refused as he was later convicted of breaking the law. with the help of the aclu, he appealed that case to the u.s. supreme court, which ruled against them. we spoke with his daughter tonight who told us she sees parallels on what's happening today. >> and what i would say for the people that's what my father said to stand up for what's right and don't be afraid to speak up. he said protests are not with violence, otherwise they will not listen to you, but don't be afraid to speak up. >> fred is now recognized in four states including california. his conviction was finally overturned in 1983 when it was shown the government had no evidence japanese people of the united states were helping the enemy. the trial begins in a long- awaited trial at sierra lamar's
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accused killer. why the prosecutor's opening statements left family members visibly upset. we got a little bit of rain in the forecast as we head through this week. a nice day today, mid-60s, but things are changing. i'll have the details. a somber walk through tonight as the community refuses to forget. the disappearance of the 13- year-old girl almost 30 years ago.
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new at 10:00 people
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gathered in dublin tonight to mark the 28th anniversary of eileen's disappearance. they walked along the same route the 13-year-old girl had taken from school when she vanished. the fbi and dublin police believe she was kidnapped. the investigation is still active and they are always looking for any new leads. her parents sate yearly vigil and support from the community was kept going. she would soon be celebrating her 42nd birthday. >> maybe if you are out there and you can see this, we want nothing more than to have you home. >> the march ended as it does every year at st. raymond's church with a nondenominational prayer service. it's been five years since sierra lamar went missing. today the murder trial of her accused killer finally began. no cameras were allowed inside the courtroom, but as ktvu azenith smith was there, she was there as opening statements were delivered. >> reporter: an opening statements in the sierra lamar murder trial, the prosecution's
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first statement to jurors, sierra lamar is dead, this man killed her, 25-year-old antolin garcia-torres. sarah's family visibly upset. >> the families and the friends. the hundreds of searchers that have helped us search for sierra. they are all glad that this day has finally come. >> reporter: it was back in march of 2012 sierra vanished on her way to school. authorities arrested garcia torres two months after the 15- year-old's disappearance saying her dna was found in the car. and prosecutors say garcia torres' dna was found on her clothing in a backpack tossed near a shed not far from her house. the prosecution also revealing
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dirt stains reflected the roads were found on sierra's jeans, indicating she was likely dragged. >> she is reliving everything. that it is just got to be horrendous knowing she is attending the trial for her daughter's murder, still has no idea where his daughter's remains are. >> reporter: he is describing what sierra's mother is going through. search volunteers packed the courtroom. legal analysts steven clark say prosecutors rely heavily on forensic dna evidence since her body has never been found. defense attorneys will likely cast doubts on a murder prosecution, calling sierra a missing person or a runaway. >> what the da needs to do is establish through evidence by calling sierra's mom and her friends. this is not a girl who would run away. this is not a girl who would not communicate with her mom. >> reporter: opening statements are expected to continue tomorrow morning with the defense likely to start some time in the afternoon.
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if convicted, garcia-torres could face the death penalty, a decision sierra's family supports. in san jose azenith smith ktvu fox 2 news. the boy scouts of america announced today that they are opening their doors to transgender boys. previously the boy scouts had a policy that relied on the gender listed on a child's birth certificate. a transgender boy in new jersey was kicked out of his troop back in 2015 in accordance with that policy. the boy scouts say this new decision is based on new guidelines in several states that changed the way gender is defined. separations are underwaydowntown houston tonight as they get ready to see the new england patriots take on the atlanta falcons in super bowl li. more than one million people are expected to stream in to houston this week for the eloise brotzman vents leading up to the big game. super bowl live is officially open downtown houston now similar to our super bowl city in san francisco last year. there are interactive exhibits
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and 3-d light shows along with a lot of food and drinks. >> we wanted to come down early before everybody, all the out of towners come and then it will be really packed. >> and you can watch super bowl li right here on ktvu fox 2 this sunday. then immediately after the game the season premier of 24. frank, mark, and i will all be here with complete post-game coverage on all the latest news. today we were tracking a weather system offshore that was going to bring us rain eventually, but not tomorrow. here is the system. it is impressive looking, covering a lot of ground. but it will sit out here for another 48 hours, 42 hours, something like that. tomorrow is going to be another day a lot like today with a few clouds tomorrow. kind of in the mid to upper 50s today in some spots. it will be another mild day. but with kind of a cool start. temperatures in the overnight lows will be down in the mid-
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30s. a few clouds out there right now. these are the current temperatures. 43 in santa rosa and livermore. so these north bay valleys will get down to the mid-30s. we will be above freezing in most locations for the cool spots. so it will be chilly, but i don't anticipate a lot of frost or anything like that. just a cool morning and a mild day tomorrow. 35 in santa rosa, 40 in vallejo. highs will warm up nicely though back into the mid-60s in some places. there is tomorrow morning in san francisco. more sunshine in the afternoon. 60 degrees in san francisco. your sky looks like this in oakland and fremont too. you will be 62 for the high in san francisco for tuesday. chinese new year's is upon us. today they would mark the third day of the year of the rooster. >> three, two, one. >> six large bamboo lanterns were lit up. all it in front of city hall. the observation coincides with
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the 20th anniversary of the hand over hong kong sovereignty from the united kingdom to china back in 1997. the lanterns were designed by an artist in hong kong and will be at the civic center plaza through march 10. bart becomes a part of the discourse on immigration. new at 10:30 how tweets gained both applause and criticism. the 49ers have a new general manager. parting ways with the key billion investor. both teams are making news tonight. mark will have it all next in sports. a prominent south bay man is missing and then found in a shallow grave. the trail of clues, which lead investigators to a suspect now charged with murder. i can show you the world shining, shimmering, splendid tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide
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changing the very world around us. every bright spark deserves a hand to help it become something more. and that's why we are here. for our newest neighbors and the people they become. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers. a south bay handyman is facing murder charges tonight in connection with the killing of a prominent member of cupertino's chinese community.
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the body of tommy was found buried in a shallow grave. ktvu's ann rubin tells us about the trail of evidence, which lead investigators to a suspect. >> authorities believe this man, christopher elbrocks kidnapped and strangled his employers. it all began january 18 when he was reported missing by his family. >> it is incomprehensible to us how something like this could happen to a kind giving man like my father's. >> reporter: she was a real estate investor and school board member who never made it home from the gym. authorities say that same day he was caught on camera at the banks, trying to cash in a forged $10,000 check. later the camera reported him buying a shovel. eventually authorities recovered the van. they say it was filled with clothes and abandoned.
10:26 pm
nearby authorities found his cell phone and a shallow grave. >> any loss of life is a tragedy. but the burial in an effort to cover and evade the pursuit of justice is troublesome. >> reporter: he had been taken into custody for brandishing a knife at the fast food restaurant. in his pocket more evidence linking him. >> the suspect was in possession of the victim's wallet. >> reporter: today he made his first court appearance in this case and prosecutors believe their evidence is strong. >> i think the santa clara's office did a fabulous job. we will prosecute this to the full extent of the law. >> facing charges of murder. financial elder abuse and forgery, being held without bail. the next court date is september for february 23. in san jose ann rubin ktvu fox 2 news. >> in san leandro, police are warning someone is stealing
10:27 pm
license plates. about 25 have been stolen in just the past week or so. >> we anticipate probably other victims out there who may not know their license plates have been stolen. they haven't reported it to us. >> police say the motive isn't clear. they say it is possible the thief is a collector who sells license plates as decorations. but they are also concerned they might be used on stolen cars to help criminals avoid detection. delta canceled more than 100flights today. thousands of travelers were stranded at airports across the country yesterday when they canceled 170 flights. today they canceled another 110 flights. the airline now says the issue has been resolved, but there are no details on the cause of the failure. they also have apologized for the disruption, offering waivers. a cup of coffee. ahead tonight how the innovation would call it the first and how the scholarship
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made it all happen. and reacting to president trump's first big week and why protests might be fueling the fire.
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another big day for president trump. tomorrow he says he will announce his nominee to fill the supreme court seat of the late justice antolin scalia. president trump now says he will announce his decision on live tv tomorrow night at 8:00 eastern or 5:00 here on the west coast. two possible names that are being floated are judges neil korsich and tom hardiman. it's been a turbulent start, but a strategist tells us far
10:31 pm
from being bothered by protest and critics, the trump team is encouraged by them. >> debora villalon is live in san francisco. debora? >> reporter: yes, it was a commonwealth club. kor sitgorsuch -- he's been touched by the executive action all week. you name all the hot button issues. he admitted to the audience he did not vote for donald trump for president. >> chen says anyone who thought trump would be different in office wasn't watching. he promised anti-establishment, promised a shake up. >> when donald trump changes, those are the famous words. i don't think we should expect
10:32 pm
it to. >> barack obama issued about the same number of early executive orders. but with donald trump, the scopes are quite different. >> republicans so far are generally quite pleased with the policy that promotes the first 11 days. the question will be whether this will continue. >> tuesday comes the president's supreme court pick, expect today be a conservative pick. legal abortion might be the issue that turns the march into a movement. but republicans aren't pushing back on trump. >> trump may be more popular than they are, so they need to be a little careful about that. >> and he does see a lack of preparation from the white house. the mass confusion on the muslim ban for example. >> a lot of these things get ironed out and they figure it out. >> it's that temporary immigration ban, if it is the right thing to do. most of them know, he calls the talks hysterical. >> i understand people are very
10:33 pm
strong ask they don't agree with what he has done, but is there anything he has done so far that's been extra constitutional? i don't think so, he has scratched the executive authority. >> the protests will make no difference he says to the trump team executing their plan. >> they will set up a little bit of us verses them that they really see that offer. so i don't think it will bother them if people are in opposition to them in some way they may be inbolden them. >> reporter: the tone has not changed up until now where he acknowledges many people, they have trouble getting past that and julie, he urges them to try to judge the new policy on their merit, not the tone. back to you. >> all right, debora villalon, thanks. a tweet from bart over the weekend is getting attention beyond the bay area. the tweet appeared to encourage people to head to sfo for the protest over the travel ban. robert handa tells us the --
10:34 pm
rob roth tells -- rob malcolm tells us it was tweeted by most. >> he's got the conversations started. >> we put out a special message about not forgetting they would take you to the international airport. they tweeted this, you can take bart to all kinds of weekend events and also direct service was running great right now. the weekend protest drew thousands of demonstrators to san francisco and their airports. the spokesperson says the message was nothing new. >> it is definitely a part of our strategy to engage people when they are on social media. >> several tweets of the personal account also gained traction using the handle, "i write real good." he tweeted they must never position themselves as an enemy of the public. huckabee made no apologies. >> whenever there is a large amount of people moving somewhere for a cause we want to make sure they are getting to where they need to be
10:35 pm
safely. >> reporter: there were positive tweets from michael moore who tweeted, "bart and sf certainly encourage people to come join them at sfo." one brought craft supplies. but bart says their statements tweeted were mocked by the commentators, tweeting all racist colors, religion, genders, racists, orientation, sexists, those of foreign national origin are welcome on bart. through it all bart managed to stay on track. >> it was very positive until last night conservative commentary retweeted our tweets. affirming it is for everybody in a mocking way sending a lot of negativity our way, but we are sticking by it for everybody. >> we don't know who got the last word, but we will leave it with huckabee for now, i have never been more proud for what i have done both behind the scenes and publicly. he says they will have the right to poster the non-
10:36 pm
discrimination clause and they will continue to do so as long as the public is right in the center, ktvu fox 2 news. >> former president george h.b. bush was released from the hospital today after spending more than two weeks there undergoing treatment for pneumonia. a statement said the 92-year- old former president was thankful for all of the get well messages. shortly after he was admitted his wife barbara bush was alts hospitalized because she was experiencing fa -- also hospitalized because she was experiencing fatigue. doctors said former president was eager to return home in time for the super bowl. >> some young patients got a reminder today they are pretty special. members handed out the super bowl capes to the children who are patients at kaiser in santa clara. the capes were made by volunteers with the non-profit group capes for heros, which was started by a mom from the east bay. they got the super bowl certificates and a chance to hang out with the team.
10:37 pm
>> you know, it just makes you feel really good and people care that you're important. >> we could come and spend time with them and let them know we're thinking about them. share our time and make them a super hero for the day to put a smile on their face. i hope it goes a long way for them. >> there were also volunteers on hand to personalize the the capes. welcoming up the demolition day at the condemned apartment building, the special precautions that were taken for all that heavy equipment on a cliff. right after the break i'll show you where it is going to rain and when it will start and how long it will last. new information about a deadly massacre at a mosque in quebec city. the suspect is being called a lone wolf.
10:38 pm
10:39 pm
10:40 pm
a canadian collection student has been charged with a deadly mosque shooting. the killed people ranged in age from 39 to 60 years old. including a professor, a government i.t. worker, and a father of four who owned a local butcher shop. 50 people were gathered for sunday evening prayer. police called the suspect alexandre bissonnette a lone wolf. >> this was a group of innocence targeted for practicing -- innocents practiced for targeting their -- innocents targeted for practicing their faith. this wastries attack. >> security is being stepped up at mosques around the world. president trump called canada's prime minister offering condolences and u.s. government resources. santa clara county sheriff's department identified the man who went on a crime spree last week that began with a bank robbery. this is the booking photo of 21- year-old cruz vargas.
10:41 pm
investigators say he held up a bank of america last thursday and that lead to a chase and a man hunt that closed highway 17. investigators say the robbery suspect escaped on foot after officers used a pit maneuver to stop his car on 17. they ended up shutting down the highway, but they couldn't find it. vargas later broke into a home and stole a minivan, then reportedly ditched that vehicle and stole an unmarked police car. police tracked down that vehicle on friday and arrested vargas. a cliff side apartment building in pacifica at risk of falling into the ocean was demolished today. crews worked through the day to demolish the 20-unit building. it was evacuated in january, but last year recent storms made the cliffs more unstable. the city decided to go ahead with the demolition to eliminate the hazard. crews had to be extra careful with all that heavy equipment. >> the structural drawings call out for the equipment.
10:42 pm
and so i mean these are heavy pieces of equipment, 80,000 pounds each. you get close it could give way at any time. >> a drone was used to monitor demolition. since the owner went bankrupt and gave up the property, the city was paying $330,000 for the work. city officials say they will seek reimbursement. coming up next coffee made- to-order by a robot. see the innovation created by a young inventor. bill martin is tracking the return of rain. details are coming up next with his complete forecast. always .
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you swipe what you like. there are different coffee beans there and you can customize it and use whatever flavors. then enter your phone number and we will text you the four- digit code and you pick up your coffee whenever it is ready. >> phu dropped out of college and won a $100,000 scholarship to develop his cafe. he is reportedly in talks with several high-tech companies to place cafe x kiosk inside their office buildings. all right, tracking the weather across the major hubs around the country. our weather is nice right here, you knew that. we are looking at the major
10:46 pm
hubs, chicago, dallas, the big spots of new york. seattle might have a few delays and a few showers out there, pretty much an easy travel day for you out there. the couple of days should be easy, especially in the midwest and the east. there is our system, we talked about it, a nice looking weather. you would look at that and say gosh that has to get there for any minute. the jet stream is going up high, so they will take a while to erode away and swing underneath that taking to wednesday night. that's when we've got the chance for showers around here. in the meantime it's about transitioning to that. tomorrow is a beautiful day with a few more clouds. wednesday is not a bad day, but cloudy, cloudy, then by wednesday night it's raining with some wind too. there are the clouds on out there right now, a mild evening as we talked about for this time of the year. that's almost february as we are talking about temperatures that are going to be in the mid to upper 30s. 42 in livermore. temperatures are showing you the beautiful golden gate
10:47 pm
bridge. just amazing >> this is great. it is stunning, oakland at 47 degrees, a few clouds. a few afternoon in oakland and fremont, it will be partly cloudy and sunny, even though i said mostly sunny there and you end up in oakland at 62 degrees. we will see plenty of temperatures in the mid-60s. there is tomorrow. here comes wednesday with increasing clouds and then wednesday evening the rain will arrive. so that is the diagram, here is the model. tomorrow morning there's your day. that's on tuesday. here comes wednesday. it is still okay on wednesday morning. then right about the afternoon commute it starts to drizzle a little bit. overnight on wednesday into thursday morning is when you would get the rain and wind. they will linger for your
10:48 pm
thursday afternoon commute. the forecast high is is tomorrow and your five-day forecast is coming up right there and it is a good one. real well they would get the rain common before we head through your bay area weekend. so you know you would have rain. three inches of rain, in places like santa rosa over the course of the 42 hours, 48 hours. that will be good. but most of us will see an inch and a half. >> that is not too bad. thanks, bill. well mark is up next with sports. we'll be right back. you have to be here, with us. there's only one way to travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing. and that's with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now.
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hi, mark is here now with a big player in the raiders possible move to las vegas, pulled the plug today. >> yeah, it's one of those things where we knew it was going to be a long road to get the raiders to vegas or not. and this is one of those twists in the story. it doesn't necessarily mean they will not go to vegas. there are either players that will become available, but right now it's pretty clear once the raiders realize that billionaire mogul down in las vegas adelson was going to want a piece of the team was starting to get their ducks in line in another area looking for financing elsewhere and it seems like that financing appears to be goldman sachs. last week the raiders did submit a proposed lease agreement to the folks in las
10:52 pm
vegas, the contents of which they are absolutely shocked as we would quote adelson there. they did not like it at all and their reaction today have cleared the raiders, deciding the path will move and they did not include the adelson family. we will no longer be allowed to be involved in any faucets that will be remained to be seen with the goldman sachs group and what they would want for the raiders. by the way adelson was not going to be able to get an ownership piece because right now they do not allow the casino owners to have any involvement in the ownership of the nfl team. there were all kinds of problems there. in the meantime we need to wait to see how they would pan out. but i've got to say on the surface of it, i'm liking that john lynch move as the new 49ers manager. this is a guy with a lot of presence and great football views. he is about to become the hall of famer it looks like this weekend and he is a stanford
10:53 pm
man, an educated guy, a great nfl career as a player both with denver and tampa and to learn the ropes a little bit, inspired to become a front office by john elway who said he knows how to leave and to deal with the media and unlike what we have seen from the 49ers leadership in recent years, it does not seem to be on the surface as they feel that need to be the matter guy in the room all the time. >> we are going to go out there and require and require some of the best talents to make us even stronger. i'm smart enough to know what i don't know. but what i do know, i know football and i know people and leaderships to succeed in everything they have done. i'm just reading and seeing everything. i get it, it is new to them. but it has been so long on john lynch. you could have the stuff as they would go just as we all do. but you are going from person to person and john lynch, he succeeded in everything else.
10:54 pm
>> when you take into consideration the 49ers and last team to pick a coach, i think it is all falling into place for them. a couple of guys who were winners and definitely to bring some presence to the 49ers not only in the front office. and on the playing field as well. it seems like kyle shanahan is definitely now going to be the head coach, but they need to wait until the super bowl. along the story line, we have a super bowl media day. they need to do it at night now. the last couple of years where we were with the sat center on this evening doing the pm these days, and they left that hype to begin. and the falcons, they would play the role of the underdog to go against the patriots as you need to say the experience of new england needs to account for some of that including, of course the great tom brady and his 7th super bowl. atlanta's defensive backfield does respect brady, but they are not in awe. the point for them.
10:55 pm
>> nah it will not be for real. i am interested in aaron rodgers last week and every day. it is nothing, you know, like over the top of it. tom brady is really good, probably one of the best quarterbacks to ever do it. and out of respect for that, i have respect for him and the way they need to do it. to get out there to play ball is the competition to come here to win. i know that kind of stuff. i'm trying to win a game. >> they definitely respect that there and of course you know by now it needs to be the broadcast of the game. howie long will of course, as always do the pre and post-game shows. we have a lot to talk about including his son chris long who is the lineman. >> there is no catching him. he's got the gold jacket. this is one way to even the score. so unlike my playoff super bowl
10:56 pm
race, it's better than his. every time i've been in the playoffs i've been in the super bowl, so you need to factor that in, which will make me better than him. yeah. well statistics, you could throw them out the window. >> and the playoffs they won that officially. and it is for one he's got his dad's sense of humor too. frank you've got to pay attention to this story. what happens with the celebrities trying to play hockey? they will participate with the celebrity game and the crunch. one of the toughest guys ever to play in the nhl and plastering them into the blast. and then i think a smile on him. they will need to tell you what that is all about. look at him smiling. he's got to be about five-foot- five. >> yes. he did score a goal. >> wow. we'll see you later, good night. >> thanks for joining us, good night.
10:57 pm
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